How a PROXY WAR against oil & gas is ruining our nation

The Biden administration is GASLIGHTING every American citizen about oil and gas, and in this clip, Glenn shows a clip from Joe’s 2020 presidential campaign that proves it. So, we know the president is LYING to us all about gas. But, meanwhile, there's a proxy war happening in oil industries throughout the nation. Glenn reads an op-ed from Vivek Ramaswamy that explains how BlackRock is manipulating corporations like Exxon to DECLINE oil production…all while Americans continue to suffer majorly at the pump.


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GLENN: All right. So the oil companies. Why aren't the oil companies putting more oil out? Well, it's a couple of reasons. And none of those to do with Joe Biden. None of them. Even though, it was Joe Biden that said, when he was running, that he was going to put oil out of business. Here's the flashback. Cut three, please.

BIDEN: No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.

VOICE: Since Russia has amassed -- started amassing troops on the border, we saw -- we've seen a 2-dollar increase of gas prices. So we know where to put the blame on the war. But oil companies, they have oil refineries, they have responsibility too. So this is basically a bit of a, hey, we want you to act. It's time to act. We have done our part. With the strategic oil reserve. We are calling on them to do the right thing, to be patriots here. And to not use the war as an excuse. Or as a reason to not put -- to not put out a production. To not do the capacity that is needed there.

STU: Oh, my gosh. This is unbelievable. First of all, you notice the sleight of hand there. Which is, now, it's no longer the war that is doing it. It was the beginning of amassing of the troops on the border. Which is changing the time line by months and months and months. When they themselves were saying, at the beginning at least, that they did not expect a full invasion. Ukraine was saying, they did not expect a full invasion. But we're to believe that all of the oil price gains from that moment forward, are going to be applied to the Putin price hike, despite the fact, that in the chart, which we've released here from this program. You can see very clearly what the price hike was. Which was a slight deviation for a very short period of time, off of the already increasing line that had been going on for quite a long time. In addition to the fact, that as you hear there, they ran their entire campaign, on punishing oil companies. And saying how we were going to transform the economy away from fossil fuels. They bragged about it from the supporters from the Democratic primaries. From the debates. To fundraise. To environmentalists. Over and over and over again. They said, of you the most prominent things they did, on the very first day in office. Were multiple environmental executive orders, to restrict drilling. They did all of that. And then now, they're claiming the exact opposite. It's incredible.

GLENN: All right. So it's not just that. I mean, first of all, you're exactly right, on all of those things. And, in fact, if you listen to John Kerry, who is our climate czar. He talks about oil, in a completely different way. He says, we don't need to go back to oil. As if, we've all agreed, that oil is a bad thing. Here's John Kerry. Listen to this.

VOICE: And energy security worry, is driving a lot of the thoughts now, about, oh, we need more drilling on this. We need more drilling on that. We need to go back to coal. No, we don't. We absolutely don't. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this. Or, again, pun intended we are cooked.

GLENN: Hmm. So we don't -- we definitely don't have to do that. And, you know what, it's not as bad as everybody thinks. Here's our energy secretary. Cut five.

VOICE: But if you were in -- if you were in Brazil, you would be paying the same amount for gas at the pump, $5. If you were in Canada, you would be paying over $6.

VOICE: Understood. Understood, Secretary. We're talking about the United States though. We're talking about the United States right now.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, I mean, if we were living in Brazil. You know what gas would cost if we were all living on the moon? Now, I live in America right now, and I'm used to having energy, plentiful, because that's what made us successful. That's what made us the leader in the world. Cheap energy. But, you know -- but if we were living in Brazil, which none of us are! If we were living in Brazil, we would be paying the same prices we're paying right now. So -- and they've got beaches, you know. And bikinis. And everything else. So how could it possibly be bad? Now, here's what's really going on. The one thing that they are doing their best to hide from you. Joe Biden made it very, very clear, no secret at all. That when he's president, he would stop all oil and gas. Period. That's his words. Play the beginning of that flashback again for me. Listen.

BIDEN: No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.

VOICE: Since -- since --

GLENN: Okay. Got it?

No ability for the oil companies to drill, period. By the way, if he's doing everything he can, he just, yesterday, passed on another chance. Another auction was canceled for drilling sites. Here's what the truth is. It's not just Joe Biden doing this. This is -- this is the stakeholder ESG war. Listen to this. Vivek Ramaswamy. He came out with an op-ed, about a month or two ago. And bears returning to. The world's most influential impact investor, had its desired impact. Before the proxy battle, Exxon had planned to increase oil and gas production, by 25 percent over the next five years. Okay? Got it? They're going to expand oil, and their output by 25 percent. However, BlackRock controls so many votes and so many shares of Exxon, that they waged a war against the -- against the -- the board of directors. And they put two environmentalists on the board of directors. As soon as that proxy battle was over, what did Exxon do? They planned to keep oil output at the lowest level in two decades. A 20 percent decline, from former forecasts. So they were going up by 25 percent, and after BlackRock got involved. They went down by 20 percent.

ExxonMobil used to be an oil and gas company. But now, BlackRock is guiding the company. And it's over. Royal Dutch Shell is now facing the same problem. BlackRock is the company's largest shareholder. So, what are they going to do? Well, they have -- they have come out and said, Shell has too many competing stakeholders. Not shareholders. Stakeholders. If you've read my book on ESG and the great reset. You know what that means. A stakeholder means the government. Means the towns. Means the country. Means the world.

Everybody, but you. And people who are actually shareholders. So Shell has too many competing stakeholders, pushing for too many different directions, resulting in an incoherent, conflicting set of strategies, attempting to appease multiple interests, but satisfying none.

You know who they should appease? They should appease their shareholders. The people who actually own the shares. Not the proxy shareholders. Like BlackRock. They should also do what's best for their company. Some shareholders, they say, want Shell to invest as aggressively as possible in renewable energy, while others want Shell to give priority to returns on capital, from its legacy oil and gas business. So what are they doing? They're talking about breaking Shell up into two companies. One, the green dream company for the future for BlackRock, and the other, you know, the old legacy oil and gas. Where is the oil and gas company, going to get any money from investors if BlackRock has already destroyed Exxon for that? Hello! This is what is truly happening. This is why I wrote the book The Great Reset. If you haven't gotten it yet, will you please pick it up. Share it with your friends. Because everything is changing because of this. And your state treasurer -- the State Treasurer of West Virginia, the State Treasurer of Utah are probably the two best right now that are working -- and there are other treasurers that are working on it. These two come to mind, that are some of the best ones that are working on ESG. They are taking the money out of BlackRock and any other investment firm, that is basing their investment on ESG. It's got to stop. They're using your money to kill our country. If it wasn't for your money, this is blackmail. If it wasn't for your money, literally, your money, they couldn't pull this off. But we're invested in the three biggest investment firms. So all of our money, from our 401(k)s, they're all in these three big firms. So what do you do? Well, the first thing your state should do, is pull back their proxy votes. Do not allow these ESG companies, to have the votes behind your shares. The second thing that has to happen, is you have got to get your money out of these firms. You need to vote for state treasurers that understand this and are working hard to kill it. If you are a State Treasurer, and you don't yet know what to do, call the state treasurers, that are doing something about it. Call the guy in -- in West Virginia. Call the guy in Utah. Call anybody that is doing something, that really, truly understands, what you're facing. Because no matter what, Joe Biden is directly responsible.

You know, last night. Last night, I showed you some of the things that they're planning to do. And how the SEC is planning on getting involved in this. And how our government is not writing the ESG scores. And writing the -- the laws on how to regulate these companies for climate control. That's all being done by an offshore group. An international offshore group. We looked into who is funding it. It is terrifying. These people know exactly what they're doing. They know who they serve. And what a surprise. It's not the -- just the usual suspects. It's also, a group of dark money funders, run by the former head of the Clinton initiative.

Wow! So as we're punished. As we're dying, the Clintons and others are getting rich. You've got to get up on speed on this, because your country is slipping away, quickly. Back in just a minute. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half-hour. It's preborn. Look, I'm going to tell you here, when we come back from this one-minute break. I'm going to tell you about Jane's revenge. What is happening right now. They have issued a letter of threat. You know, they can't get the DOJ to even look into this stuff. It is shameful what is happening. Open letter to the pro-life centers across the country. Jane's revenge. They said, they are going to continue as operations normal. All of the violence, they said, your 30 days expired yesterday.

We offered you an honor way out. Basically, to close your doors. And stop trying to save babies. You could have walked away. But now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for your campaign, of oppression to continue. We have demonstrated in the past month, how easy and fun it is, to attack. We are versatile, we are mercurial, and we answer to no one, but ourselves.

They are going to take increasingly drastic measures, using their words. They said they will attack pro-life centers, both overtly and covertly. Listen to this. Because this is ESG's same tactic. Until insurance companies and financial backers realize that you are a bad investment, we are at war with absolute evil. Evil.

Good is bad. And bad is good. We are living in those days. I firmly believe we have to be more like George Washington. We have to be people of merit. We have to find favor in the eyes of God. God is not on our side. He's not on anybody's side. We must be on his side. And we are soldiers now, fighting in a spiritual war.

13 Times BIDEN Proved He’s the Dictator, NOT Trump | Glenn TV | Ep 334

13 Times BIDEN Proved He’s the Dictator, NOT Trump | Glenn TV | Ep 334

The noise from the Left has been nonstop for years about Trump being a dictator. An actual headline in the Washington Post read, “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.” But who is the ACTUAL dictator in the 2024 race for the White House? Glenn makes the irrefutable case: fascism is already here under Biden. You may not recognize it because it’s been quietly growing thanks to a sneaky administrative state modeled after Woodrow Wilson's that does not (yet) resemble the brute force of a Hitler or Mussolini dictatorship. “You Will Own Nothing” author and Main Street advocate Carol Roth argues it’s not hyperbolic to call the Biden administration fascist. From COVID mandates, intentionally stoking inflation, killing the gig economy, and weaponizing the U.S dollar to freezing our energy output, Roth says the executive branch is trying to dictate every aspect of our lives down to what stove we use. But she also says we will continue to live under this administrative dictatorship unless the American people start to march on Washington to shame and threaten political power. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who represents Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, was born and raised in Ukraine under the old Soviet Union regime. She tells Glenn about the red flags she’s seeing that remind her of the authoritarianism that crushed her family, “What’s happening in D.C. is Karl Marx 101.” Instead of protecting citizens' rights, we’re taking them away in very clever ways through federal agencies like the EPA and DOJ. “You buy a Bible and a gun in the U.S., you’re labeled a domestic terrorist,” Spartz warns. “The same thing happened in the Soviet Union.”

Sheriff WARNS of MASSIVE national security threats to America

Sheriff WARNS of MASSIVE national security threats to America


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Yeah. So, Sheriff, you're in your fifth term in office as sheriff of Butler County.

And you went to Washington, DC, along with the National Sheriff's Association.

And you usually, if I'm not mistaken, don't you usually meet with the president?

RICHARD: The president refuses to meet with the national sheriffs for three years.

We have a hierarchy of president. There's 3300 sheriffs in the United States. And he refuses to meet for the past three years. Our association, that represents 3300 sheriffs.

Get this.

He won't meet with the police chiefs either. None.

And we had our meeting and training. Director met with a group of sheriffs.

Then the sheriffs came back and discussed with us, what he said.

And he said, the director of the FBI said the same thing to Congress. So the week before that, he said that there's more red flags going off now.

Before -- than before 9/11.

And there was only like 12 or 14 people, that attacked us then.

There's over 10 million people here.

These are people that are wanting to do us harm. This is what we were told.

More red flags were going off now.

The director also said that Chinese are attacking our infrastructure, such as our electrical grid. That goes out, when the weather is bad.

But it was built in the 1960s. They're trying to get into our phone system. Our electrical system. They're trying to hack communications, on everything.

They're trying to -- our sheriff's office is the eighth largest in Ohio.

Of 88, 400,000 population. 500 employees.

We dispatched for probably 20 different agencies. And our system was hacked by the Ukrainians.

Before they were sort of our friend.

But listen, they hacked our system, and wanted a ran some.

Now -- and we were down for three months. And you were wondering, why would they attack us?

They were attacking everybody.

And anybody that is listening to this, your communications, universities, your water. Your sewer. Your election process.

They're -- we get five times a day, to Chinese. They try to get us. And three times a day.

GLENN: In butler county.

GLENN: Yes. And three times a day, the Iranians.

And then there's others.

They try to get into your system. They want ran some.

And if you listen to what director where a said to Congress and to other people in the country.

But sometimes people don't listen.

He said, for every one person that works at the FBI, that is in charged in cyber, the Chinese have 50.

So it's 50 to one.

We have one person, they have 50, to every one that we have.

And they're -- the reasoning for this, is because disruption in America. If they go in. They want us to be busy. Which we are, fighting two wars.

Or involved in two wars.

Supplying all of our equipment, all of our guns, all of our treasure.

And these people don't like us already. And we are killing them on our land, they feel they're causing it.

We have 10 million people here in the United States, that we don't know who the hell they are, or where they're at.

And, again, we've had 20,000 Chinese military age adults come to the United States.

Just in California. Twenty thousand. So far, this year.

And there was like 300 in one day.

In California. That's just one sector.

GLENN: Yeah.

RICHARD: The Russians are coming. They're coming.

GLENN: Yeah.

RICHARD: And they're destroying our country. The Chinese are shipping the fentanyl to Mexico. They're shipping it this.

Now we have a northern border in Ohio, okay? Glenn.

And they pulled a lot of the personnel there to send them to the southern border. So now we have more drugs coming in from Canada. And to the United States, which Ohio parts with. And Michigan.

And the drugs are coming in. The people are coming in.

And I wanted people to know, we're going to start training my personnel. And we're going to train the civilians. Thirty people isn't much. But we are going to train them what to do. How do we get out of a building that is collapsed.

How do you get out of that building?

We're trying to tell people. And this is a university. We had it filled up, within 30 minutes.

Everybody -- I'm in sheriff's training today. And other sheriff's agencies are getting phone calls, what can they do?

Now, I don't think on doomsday Jones and Chicken Little.

And I tell people, you can do what the Israelis have done. They have a real strict gun policy in their country. You're not allowed to have guns unless you're in the military or police.

The police are the only people that saved that country, what we are told. They were killed, they were murdered. One police station, the terrorist came in and killed 30 people. Thirty police.

The policemen only had handguns. They didn't have enough ammunition.

And the same people, that came in there, are the same people, that appear in our country.

And when they say 10 million people are here. Go ahead, Glenn.

GLENN: Well, I was going to say, not all 10 million. But it only take 19 to do the World Trade Center. And in Canada, it was just announced, that they are now going to take refugees, from Gaza.

Without any litmus test on anything.

Well, our northern border is wide open.

And, you know, I -- I don't think that you're preaching fear.

I mean, people might be afraid of this. But you should be informed so you understand, what we're facing.

You'll understand what we're facing. And then perhaps you'll take action in your own community.

I mean, I know here, where I live.

We have been talking about, what do we do, if there's a food shortage? What do we do if there's problems?

How is the community going to come together?

You need to do this. Because if -- if they just -- forget about the 10 million people that are here.

Which I agree with you, is a massive threat.

But if they just hack into our water systems. If they hack into our communications, you don't have communications in America for a week. A week and a half.

What do you think is going to happen?

You have 72 hours before society starts to break down.

Because in 72 hours, the bad guys realize, wow. Nobody is coming.

And they take charge. It's not good.

RICHARD: Look, the police is all we have. Your local police. And look, the National Guard is not coming. The military is not coming.

If people think, well, the military, the National Guard, they won't let this happen. They're not coming.

You're on your own. Imagine people that are listening right now, when you lose your cell phone, and you can't find it for an hour, you puke. You freak out.

These people -- and seriously, you. Oh.

I mean, we live on them.

And people -- imagine when you can't communicate.

I've been in places, Katrina. Where there was no electricity, due to a national disaster.

And when you don't have electricity, you can't pump water. You can't pump gas.

You can't go to the bank. Because the bank computers are all down. You can't go to the store. People freak out. Because you have enough groceries.

You go to the store once a week. Listen, it's -- it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

And I'm not teaching doomsday or Chicken Little. These people are here, the lady that went to the church, Osteen's church, she targeted that church. What I've seen on the interviews, she had Palestine wrote on the rifle, and she targeted the church.

She took her child there, I assume, so they wouldn't shoot her, but they had no choice. Because there had been -- she was going for a bigger target.

And this is one person. And we know it's coming, Glenn.

And it's here.

These people, the Chinese are so good at this.

They have, actually, police stations within the United States.

The Chinese, they have safe houses. They have safe houses. Every state.

And if you live in a rural setting. You say, hey. I'm okay.

You won't be okay.

Because what you're trying to do, we were told, we should all look at our local elections.

They want to get into the heartland. Because everybody -- they know that will create chaos. If you can get into New York. Ask. All. They expect that.

And when it happens, it doesn't shock them, after 9/11.

But to get into a rural America, different story.

And that will send a shock wave.

And again, I will train my people. They will have rifles in every car. Which they do now.

They will have multiple magazines. And we will train differently, and I've got people calling from all over the country. This is -- we have had 14 million views on this. We bid on your show, two days in a row. You talked about it.

And I'm just one sheriff of 3300. And we're all -- we all know this.

But when you stick your neck out like this, people attack you.

Everything that I have said, director of the FBI, has said to Congress, none of this is a secret.

And he is saying -- and if you look at the tape of him talking to Congress. He said the exact same thing.

And the reason is, because they -- during 9/11. The FBI knew these people were here training. But the rest of us know.

No locals knew. They communicate now. And it's all on us. And you have to do something about it.

And what you have to do, when you're in the church, you have to look out.

Because for some reason, people attack these churches.

And then we got our homegrown terrorists.

So we're in a bad spot.

And, again, 10 million people, they're not all here to do us harm. But these Chinese, hey.

And I could go on, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah.

So let me -- let me take a quick break with you.

And I want you to tell the other sheriffs, that might be listening, what you're doing in particular, because it's my understanding, you want the citizenry, to understand, they are the first responders.

We'll go there in 60 seconds.

STU: Ah, yes.

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GLENN: Oh, wow.

STU: Myself. Yeah.

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Ten-second station ID.
The sheriff of Butler county, Ohio. His name is Richard K. Jones.

He has recently been in Washington, the leaders of the Sheriff's Association.

Met with the head of the FBI. Christopher Wray.

He said exactly the same thing he's been saying in Congress, but nobody is paying attention to it. The press barely even listened to him.

While he is saying this. And it is not a matter of if, it's just a matter of when. We will be hit hard on the inside of America.

And part of that has to do, I think a big part of it has to do with, we don't even have any idea who is even here.

We know that people on the terrorist list, have been caught. Like 300, I think. Have been caught, trying to.

How many have we missed?

And how many are already here?

And that's -- as he said, even our own homegrown bad guys.

We are in a very vulnerable situation, right now.

So sheriff, I've -- I've been reading what you have put out.

And I know that you have ordered AR-15 rifles, into every single cruiser. Not just a few.

More ammunition. More magazines.

You've ordered more HazMat equipment.

You're planning on expanding your Citizens on Patrol Program.

What does that mean? What is that?

RICHARD: Well, Citizens on Patrol used to be, and still is, volunteers, people would retire, they would want something to do. We would send them to a basic Citizens on Patrol Academy, a couple times a week.

Where they could work the radio, and they could be our eyes and our ears and talk to the community.

We're relooking on that. We need to add people to that. People are so busy. It was always retirees before.

We have a special group.

And we need eyes and ears.

Because this is here.

And that's what we're going to do. Listen, we're training our trainers.

We can train more people. We can't train 400,000.

But we will let people know, and we will try to get some stuff online.

Where you can sign up. Not everybody can or will.

And we want our citizenry to be aware, if you're in the building, like I said earlier. The building classes.

How do you get through the drywall and get out.

When you're in a church, and there's a shooting. How do you get out.

What do you do for safety?

Take cover, and you go lock yourself in a door, a restroom door.

Your alternatives are, you have two. One, try to get out. And the other is you have to beg for your life, if they come in.

A third is, you can have a weapon. If you're allowed to carry a weapon into that area.

Those are the three alternatives. First one is get out. The second one is if you can't, beg for your life. And the other one is, you have a weapon for your own safety.

And so we're looking at everything. We're trying to get our trainers trained. Where we can train more people.

And if anybody is looking at this. And it's not just the sheriffs in the company.

The sheriffs are hired and fired by the citizens.

The different than police chiefs.

Police chiefs are appointed. And The Bosses. The sheriffs work to the people.

And we refer to them as constitutional sheriffs. They work for the people. Their only boss is for the people.

Every time there is an election.

They're not appointed, okay?

If you don't do your job, they'll fire you you.

We're fortunate that the sheriffs did. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat sheriff or a Republican sheriff. We're all in this together.

And we're trying to figure it out.

But the government, they were talking about drones.

We have no -- the locals have no technology.

Hell, if the terrorists, buy their drones off Amazon. And if you watch the worst that is going on, all done with drones, for the most part. And the government can only do so much.

But if you're the local government, most police departments, fire departments, have drones.

GLENN: This is -- this is the way that America was built.

Closest to you.

You are the ones responsible to your own community. Sheriff, thank you so much.

We'll talk again. Good luck.

A DIRE WARNING for independent content creators

A DIRE WARNING for independent content creators

We have hit another Big Tech censorship mile marker. Glenn exposes the latest attempts by Facebook, Apple, AND YouTube to soft-censor conservative media during an election year. He warns that independent content creators who believe that they can rely on Big Tech platforms will soon find out the harsh truth: If they don’t fall in line with the narratives of the global elites, they will face the consequences. For political content creators on Facebook, that day has come, as it has made shadowbanning its company policy. And for those on YouTube, Glenn exposes how a shadowy “non-profit” connected to the White House may be pressuring the company to crack down on unapproved narratives.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I want to start with something you need to know about. You know, I feel like somebody who is just telling you the mile-markers as we go. We are hitting another mile-marker here that you really need to pay attention to. Because it is all about information.

We have been witnessing a very disturbing trend in social media lately.

The giants of social media are attempting to control the narrative and dictate what information you have access to, by punishing people like me, or perhaps people like you, for wrong think.

Now, this is a blatant assault on your freedom and my freedom of speech.

And what do you know, they've decided to do this, during an election year. I mean, what a coincidence.

So I have three updates for you. And the first one is actually a kind of win.

I shared last week, when my team discovered, that Apple had raided everything in my Apple podcast library, as explicit content.

That's over 2,000 episodes of my radio program. Which I am FCC regulated. So I can't have anything explicit on.

And also the Glenn Beck podcast.

Now, the key here is, why did Apple change the rating from clean, to explicit?

Well, my team uploads the -- the episodes to the Apple podcast platform. And they have to rate it either clean or explicit.

The vast majority of my episodes fall under the clean category. But our standards are a little higher than everyone else. Every so often, a guest on my podcast will use colorful language. They'll drop the F bomb. Occasionally. It's happened twice.

And my team, making sure that we understand our audience, have flagged that episodes as explicit. That shouldn't affect every episode. It should affect that episode. So we reached out to Apple for comment, and Apple got back to us right away, and claims this is due to four episodes, that we in the 2,000, have labeled explicit.

Now, Apple claimed, that we didn't say they were explicit. I know we did.

Apple wanted me to delete those episodes to get the label removed from all the rest of the 2000 episodes. Uh-huh.

So censorship, well, I don't know. There's people that use content settings to avoid podcasts that are entirely based around explicit content like pornography. What Apple did was group my shows with those kinds of shows to hide all of my shows from you.

We pushed back. Yesterday, we got a notification, that Apple will remove the explicit label, within a couple of business days. We've got a lot going on here. So it was a big misunderstanding, as it always is. And time and time again. And I just love the fact that they -- they will take a couple of days and correct this right away.

Now, this is called soft censorship.

And these attempts happen all the time.

Let me give you another example. Earlier this week, I got a notification, that Facebook is making shadow banning company policy.

Now, shadow banning, in case you don't know, is when a social media company allows you to post all the content that you want. But then it limits the reach that the content can hit.

So it's -- well, I call it the digital ghetto. You know, they're just rounding everybody up, that disagrees with the government. And they put them in this digital ghetto. There's a wall around it.

Well, they can speak all they want. But nobody will hear them. Unless you too, if into the get zero.

Now, this time, at least Facebook was kind enough to tell us about it.

They posted an article last week, called, our approach to political content. Now, Facebook admitted that they will shadow ban all political content.

But that's for you.

That has nothing to do with like the WEF saying, we've got to silence people. We have to make sure that people aren't misinformed with things that disagree with our policy, and our direction.

Now, Facebook argued that, quote, the people have told us, they just want to see less million content.

So we've spent the last few years, refining our approach on Facebook, to reduce the amount of political content. Including from politician accounts.

In feeds, reels, watch groups. You should join. And pages, you may like.

Okay. That's interesting. Because my team started noticing, oh, a 95 percent drop in our penetration on Facebook, about a year ago.

Which is weird. Which is weird.

But it will be better for our sanity, I guess.

I remember a time, when Facebook begged me to I didn't even their platform.

So what changed?

Well, an election year, where they're scared out of their mind.

And they have to silence anyone, that is telling you, a different opinion, than the overlords.

I would like to know what Facebook considers to be political content. Is advertising, LGBTQ issues to kids considered political?

I'll bet not. How about content on the benefits of abortion?

Is that April?

Does Joe Biden get a pass since he's the president?

Despite the fact that he's running for reelection. Or is it just the right-wing candidates and issues, that are from the right-wing that are considered political?

Don't worry. Facebook isn't banning all political content.

Instead, it's just hiding it by default.

If you want to see the political content. Then you can customize your feed preference, and turn. Back on.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

You can also add people like me, to your favorites list, so you can add content to your feed.

Sounds great and easy, doesn't it?

Now, my team stumbled across a new form of shadow banning, and it could be tied directly to the global censorship regime that I exposed just a few weeks ago.

Just a few weeks ago, on the TV program.
I had exposed the shadowy nonprofit targeting Glenn Beck and other conservative media.

And I laid out how a small British nonprofit, with only one employee, has become one of the White House's go-to censorship experts.

I'm going to tell you what we found just happening, and how it ties to what I said was coming two weeks ago.

And how all of this affects you.

Because it is going to affect what you perceive.

Because it's just taking things away. It's not necessarily adding. It's just kind of falling off. And you don't see it anymore.

This is a way to control the way people think.

Okay. So in the episode I did a couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to the center of countering digital hate.

When I say they are the ones behind the infamous dozen report that the White House peddled back in 2021.

That report targeted so-called COVID disinformation. All the things that we now know are true.

Well, they now have a new report out, about climate disinformation. But not the kind that you may be thinking of. Now, when I say they, I really mean him.

Because there's only one employee, at this nonprofit. Earlier this year, British outlet called the independent, highlighted this new report. Apparently, it's the center for countering digital hate. And they are furious that social media companies, are allowing a new form of climate change denial to spread to their platforms.

It's no longer good enough for companies like YouTube to censor people who believe in climate change. Or believe it is fake.

They've been doing that. But that's not enough. That's the old kind of denial. The center for digital hate defines the new denial as anything that claims global heating is beneficial or harmless. That global elite's climate solution may not work.

Or that so-called climate science or the climate movement can't be trusted.

Now, I'm not sure how questioning the global elites is a form of digital hate. But apparently now it is.

Because that guy at the CCDH has spoken. And the White House will partner with him.

So now, people like me, who have never denied the climate is changing.

In fact, I say, the climate has always been changing. We're considered spreaders of hateful disinformation because we think, things like reimagining farming, might kill millions of people.

You know, like it has every time, it has ever been attempted in the past.

Now, the CCDH, made sure to specifically call me or Blaze TV out as spreaders of this new denial.

Now, this isn't just pointing the finger. This is a threat. Because the CCDH then demanded that YouTube demonetize any content that spreads new denial.

But, remember, this is one of the White House's go-to experts on disinformation.

It's a good thing the White House doesn't have a track record of telling social media companies who to censor. Right?

Oh, wait. We have just learned the Twitter files, that's exactly what they have been doing for years. So let's take a step back here.

Because it's more important for you to understand, what the CCDH's demand actually means.

Stu, do I still have your attention? Because this is really complex. But I just want to make sure that people understand it.

Can you -- I don't know. Do something that would bring in, the people that don't have a real big attention span.

STU: Taylor Swift. She's in the luxury box, watching the radio today. Look at her.

GLENN: Thank you.

So here it is. They want YouTube to limit the monetization of any content that goes against the global elite's narrative. And if I in general, are against the global elite's narrative, then you wouldn't want any of my content monetized.

The truth is, it's not really cheap or easy to produce content and maintain a team to keep all of the trainings running on time.

A subscription model is the best way for us to function.

And that's something that we pioneered here at the Blaze.

I knew working at CNN, and then at Fox. We could not rely on other companies. We couldn't rely on advertisers.

We had to rely on you.

Now, we take advertisers, because it's wildly expensive to do what we do.

But in the end, we'll continue to do it, as long as you are a subscriber.

That's why I ask you, all the time. Please, subscribe to TheBlaze.

Because I know what is coming.

In fact, it's already here.

We only answer to you.

So this -- I'm going to show you some of this. So you understand what it is.

But anyone who is -- is relying on making their money, from social media, is going to be over soon.

So they want you to limit the monetization of anybody that is going against the globally elite's narratives.

It is important for a people to be able to reach new viewers through platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Otherwise, we're only speaking to the choir.

How do you offset the cost for content, when you're putting it out for free?

Well, YouTube shares the revenue, that they take to run ads in our content.

The better the video does. The more ad are sold. The more money both YouTube and let's say somebody like me, makes.

That's how it works.

But late last week, one of my producers was looking through the YouTube analytics on a podcast with the rancher Shad Sullivan. The episode is called millions will starve.

Rancher sounds the alarm on the global food Jeopardy.

It was performing extraordinarily well. In just, I think a day, it had 320,000 views.

It had amassed, a watch time of over 88,000 hours.

Okay. That, if we cared about the money, should have made tons of money for TheBlaze, or for the Glenn Beck Program.

The -- the podcast had 14 YouTube ad breaks.

So they were selling advertisers. But we weren't making any money.

So we don't know what happened to the money, there.

We were searching for a potential problem.

We found a few things. First of all, YouTube had limited ads on this video. Which can take it to, you know, every thousand people, or I don't even know the numbers.

But it -- you get a certain amount for every -- everybody who is watching all of this. And then you split it.

But if you are banned in any way, then that number goes down.

Well, YouTube had limited ads on this video.

They claimed that it had firearms-related content. That wasn't friendly to some advertisers. We double-checked. We -- we didn't talk at all, about firearms. Nothing would have triggered this restriction.

Oh. But there is a catch to this.

And we did. And we made something more powerful than mainstream media.

Now, they want mainstream media and control of the internet, and they've been doing this, with the government, as we knew from the Twitter files.

They've been doing it in league with the government. Shadow banning people.

Well, we're about to go into shadow banning hell.

I called it a digital ghetto. I got in trouble for that.

Because they say, you just hate Jewish people. By saying, no. There's such a thing as a ghetto. The Germans did it. Now you can do it digitally and shut people up, and put them behind a digital wall, that you don't want to be heard.

Well, there's a few things that are going on.

First of all, the shadow banning has now become official policy of Facebook.

And they're a private company, they can decide to do this.

But they're saying, no politics anymore.

I'll be interested to see if that applies to ABC News. I'll be interested to see if they are shadow banning everybody consistently.

If so, then we're all in the same boat.

I think it's a mistake. But we're all in the same boat. Now, there's something else that I told you about two weeks ago.

It's called the CCDH. It's the Center for Digital Hate. In America, it started over in England. And then this guy moved it over to are America. So they have an office here. And it is now the go-to NGO for the White House, on what digital hate is. And how to stop it.

It has quite an -- an incredible roster of people behind it.

It has one employee.

Hmm. That doesn't seem like they could get a lot done with one employee. But, boy, are they doing it.

Okay. So I told you, that we are doing an episode, a couple of weeks ago.

About the -- what's happening to our farmers, and our -- and our meat. We told you, that this is a real problem.

What is -- what is being done in our -- in our ranching and food industry, is going to make a lot of people very, very hungry.

It was called, let's see, I can't remember. Where is the name.

But they were talking about a couple of weeks ago. This group, talking to the White House, about banning people that deny problems with global warming. Also, anybody who is denying the elite solutions. Et cetera, et cetera.

So we have never denied climate change. But they are targeting the spreaders of, quote, hateful disinformation. And that -- we are labeled that, because we believe reimagining farming is a very bad deal.

This is what they call the new denial.

Now, they're not just pointing the finger. They're making a threat. The CCDH demanded that YouTube demonetize any content that spreads new denial.

One of the White House experts remember, on disinformation, is this little -- this one guy, in Washington. So by limiting the amount of monetization, that content can make, it goes against the global elite's narrative. They say they're all for free speech, except for hate. But that hate is now anything that disagrees with them.

It is not cheap to produce content. And I'm telling you, right now, we developed this model of subscriptions for our content.

It is why you have noticed, maybe, TheBlaze has just doubled and quadrupled down, on all of our stories and everything else.

I have two huge breaking news from Blaze investigations today.

These things take weeks to do. They take lawyers and everything else lots of research and man-hours, go into these things.

We're doubling down on that, because we need you to understand, A, we do our homework. We know what we're talking about. We are trustworthy.

B, we need you to subscribe. And we will give you the information, you need.

So this -- this rancher, millions will starve. Rancher sounds the alarm. On global food agencies. It has tons and tons of views.

And they said, it was -- it was shadow banned and demonetized, because it was said by YouTube, that it had firearms-related content.

We went back. We looked at the texts. There was nothing. However, there was a read in there, for Byrna, which makes non-lethal firearm alternatives.

That's nothing that violates YouTube ad policy.

Byrna is, in fact, a verified advertiser on YouTube.

So we reached out to YouTube, to get the limited ads rating removed.

We're waiting for a response on this.

However, what happened to the revenue, that they sold?

Because we didn't make any of it. Now, this is the way. And this is why we are bringing this to you. And to all content creators.

If you rely on YouTube, Google, Facebook.

Any of those things.

That revenue is soon going to be gone.

According to the independent, the CCDH.

The Center for Digital Hate, uses an AI tool to discover YouTube has allegedly made up to $13.4 million in revenue, on videos that espouse new types of climate crisis denial. Remember, that's just a video that disagrees with the elites.

In the response, CCDH demanded that YouTube and other social media platforms update their policies to remove the financial incentive for content, that falls under this umbrella of new denial.

If you limit the ability to monetize, you also limit the content's ability to reach a broader audience, and you also limit the new content, because people can't afford to do it.

So does my podcast, with Rancher Shad Sullivan fall under this umbrella?

Yeah. Because in that episode, Shad told us very clearly, what the global elites are doing. They're waging a war on beef, in the name of saving the climate. And their solutions will cause millions to starve.

Now, how many millions of viewers could we have received, and reached, had YouTube not attempted to put a ceiling on all of our views?

So I guess guilty as charged. I'm a super spreader of the new denial, I guess.

And I imagine, anyone who told Stalin or Mao, that they're reimagining of farming would kill millions, was also branded a denier. Or how about anybody who spoke out about Sri Lanka's reimagining. Remember that?

The World Economic Forum held that up as the model for the future. Until 2022. When their model led to a massive food crisis that is still going on.

Are all the Irish farmers who have been warning, that they will have to slaughter their cows, to meet climate goals, disinformation spreaders?

What about the people who point out, while elites want to limit your beef consumption, Mark Zuckerberg is feeding his cows macadamia nuts and beer, so not only can the elites have their beef, you have a cricket patty. Or maybe lab-grown meat.

But they get beef that has been raised on beer and macadamia nuts.

Shadow banning. This is the new shadow banning. And its outcome is the same. Wrong think.

It's punished. This isn't the free market. They will pile these ideas on, one after another. I am telling you, TheBlaze is fine right now, because we built an entirely different model.

This is the time that I built TheBlaze for. We started in 2011. When Netflix and even Amazon wasn't streaming video. We were the first to stream a network.

And it was insane to do it. And I almost went broke doing it.

But it was the right thing to do. And it's the right thing to put all of our eggs in one basket. And that is you.

But you are going to have to start searching. I've told you this in the last year. All of a sudden, you're just -- unless you're looking for it. You won't notice that you're getting less and less from people like me.

So you have to seek us out.

We would really appreciate, we hope that you understand, we're on a mission. We're not here to make money.

We're on a mission.

We're on a mission to tell you the truth. Keep you informed. And show you the mile-markers. We just went through a very frightening mile-marker, this week, on shadow banning.

If you don't know the mile-marker, you're not going to know where you are. And where you are, is heading deeper and deeper into a place where your navigation system is being fiddled with.

I urge you, if you are not a member of TheBlaze, please support us.

Join us, at

Use the -- the promo code free speech.

And you can get $30 off, of your subscription. That includes everything Blaze media is doing now.

Not only in video content, and opinion content.

But also, there are two big stories, that I want to get to.

The -- TheBlaze has just investigated how many people actually died of COVID-19. In the Michigan long-term care facilities. That's a breaking story.

Also, Capitol Police, we've just found. And we are showing you now, footage that has never been seen before.

Capitol Police diverted all of the CCTV cameras away from the DNC pipe bomb investigation. Except one.

And we will show you that video, that has been like pulling teeth to get it. In just a few. Stand by.

Could THIS new Senate bill DOOM a Trump presidency?

Could THIS new Senate bill DOOM a Trump presidency?

The Senate has passed its $95 billion “national security bill,” which Glenn believes should actually be called a foreign war bill. But if that isn’t bad enough, Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) joins Glenn to warn that it would also give Democrats a powerful tool if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. Sen. Vance tells Glenn about a hidden clause in the bill that would give Democrats the ability to impeach Trump if he tries to stop funding Ukraine. Sen. Vance also explains what this bill’s $95 million is funding and why he’s shocked that so many Republicans voted for it. But he also discusses why he’s confident the House of Representatives can stop this.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Yeah. Let's talk to the senator, and find out exactly. J.D. Vance.

Thank you. I know you were on the floor at 4:00 a.m. Have you slept yet?

J.D.: I have not. But I'm still pretty fired up. So I'll sleep later, thank you.

GLENN: I bet. So tell us about this clause. This hidden clause.

J.D.: Well, so basically, if you go back to 2019, to understand this.

Using a weird, archaic rule, from the Impound Control Act.

The Democrats argued in 2019 that because money has been appropriated to Ukraine. Note the similarity, even though it's five years. Because the money has been appropriated to Ukraine.

And because Trump had refused to spend the money as appropriated. He actually violated the law. So what they've done with this lay here. Is appropriate money, not just through the end of 2024. But into '25 and into '26.

And so Trump, again, refused to give the money that was appropriated to Ukraine in exactly the manner described.

They would have not just the similar, but the exact same argument for impeaching him in 2025 as they did in 2019.

That would be absurd for -- but we shouldn't give the Democrats weapons, because they might stupidly use them.

We should just not give the Democrats weapons.

GLENN: So tell me where this speaking of weapons -- tell me where this money actually goes. Because they're saying, we are arming the Ukrainians. No, we've already done that. We've armed them.

And I'm sure some of this is for the military. But what else is are we funding in the 90 billion?

J.D.: Well, there's a lot of humanitarian assistance, not just to the Ukrainians, but also loads to the Gazans.

We know what happens with humanitarians close to Gaza. It very often ends up in the hands of Hamas.

So I guarantee, that at least a few dollars of their taxpayer money will flow to Gaza.

On the Ukrainian side, we have to remember, that the humanitarians are actually the biggest source of corruption.

We've heard for example, from American energy companies, that have tried to do business to Ukraine.

That the Ukrainian humanitarian assistance is handed out in the form of sweetheart contracts.

To Ukrainian oligarchs and the companies that they have. Heavily in favor --

GLENN: Of course, it is. We've documented this forever.

Forever. I mean, if you don't know it by now, you're -- you're -- I mean, you're just blind to the truth.

And you're just a reckless senator.

J.D.: Yeah. That's exactly right.

We know exactly what's going on.

We know it's a corrupt country.

We know that, yes. There's some money in this package. To rebuild the American weapons supplies.

But, remember, we have -- we give so much discretion in the Congress to Joe Biden, using what's called Presidential Drawdown Authority, or PDA.

That the president will immediately take the weapons that are produced for our own stock, and then just hand them over to Ukraine.

So this is a massive boondoggle. We know it will benefit a lot of corrupt parties. And importantly, we know it will continue this war, which I think is just not in America's -- I think there's strategy. There's no plan to bring this thing to a close.

I'm really just scandalized with just how many Republicans voted for this. Given the impeachment time bomb that we discussed. Given how endless the Ukraine War is. Given that Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief.

One of the arguments that I hear from my friends on the pro-Ukraine funding side is saying, well, we should be doing this, this, this, and this.

And I always say, well, why do you have any confidence that Joe Biden will do any of these things? Given how incompetent his administration is. We don't have President Donald Trump, or even President Tom Cotton in the Oval Office.

We have a President Joe Biden. And we have to make public policy, because we live in reality.

GLENN: So what's going to happen now?

The bill passed.

J.D.: Well, the one thing I will say, Glenn. It's always bad, when your enemies gain territory. Sometimes they can gain victory.

Because they gained territory at a lot of loss.

I mean, we really, I think, inflicted damage in the messaging battle yesterday. With the ultimate goal of spending so much time on the House floor and filibustering as long as we did.

The House I think is really radicalized in the legislation.

The only way, really the only way for it to pass in the House, is for Republicans, to cooperate with Democrats.

To give the floor over to Hakeem Jeffries. It's called a discharge position.

Look, we have to make sure this doesn't happen. In fact, any Republican who cooperates in handing the floor to Steve Jeffries, to get an immediate primary, and to be persona non grata in the Republican Party. So that is the next stage of the fight.

We have much, much better terrain for that fight in the house.

Because we have the majority. We will see what happens, Glenn. I'm optimistic. That they killed this first bill.

GLENN: Well, I hope it continues.

I just -- you know, there's so much misinformation on -- by the government. That this was a border bill. This last one was a border bill.

No, it wasn't. It was an immigration bill. And nobody except Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden have been asking for an immigration bill. America has rejected that over and over and over again.

Comprehensive immigration reform. That's not what we were asking for. We were asking for the border to be secured.

Now. Does it look like anything will happen on that front?

J.D.: Well, unless the House really stands their ground.

Again, what we should say to the president, is you don't get another (inaudible) to Ukraine, unless you actually secure the border. That's sort of a basic operating presumption. We won't even consider bills, to give money to Ukraine, unless you secure the border. We really need the House to sort of stand firm on this point.

I think they have a chance. Again, they have the majority. And they have the willpower here. Again, it's going to be a question of how many Republicans they can find, after voters in the back.

Unfortunately, they're -- there are a few out there. We know that.

Hopefully, there are not enough, in the House, to do it.

And to give Hakeem Jeffries control of the floor.

GLENN: I remember -- I remember September 11th.

I have absolutely no idea, what we were talking about, the day before. But all of it was irrelevant.

I don't know if you heard the sheriff of Butler County, Richard Jones. But he said, he was briefed along with the other sheriffs at the National Sheriffs Association, by Christopher Wray last week.

And Christopher Wray scared the sheriff's association to their core, it sounds. Saying, that we're -- we have a terrorist attack that is imminent.
Everything changes.

And I don't know how every Republican, or even just how every sellout, that just only cares about reelection.

Is missing, that because of these open borders, and because of what we're doing, in Ukraine. And with Taiwan.

And -- and Israel or Iran.

We are ripe for the taking! For -- for terrorist attacks.

And when that happens, these guys will not fare well at the polls.

They're just not.

J.D.: No, they're not. Sheriff Jones is a good guy, I know.

Butler County is actually where I was born and raised, Butler County, Ohio.

And so he is -- he is dead right, unfortunately.

We're at the greatest risk of a terrorist attack in this country, in at least 20 years.

We know there are many thousands of people, who are at least suspected on the terrorist watch list.

At least a few hundred of them are definitely terrorists.

They're in our country.

We have no reason why.

We have no reason planning.

And this is unfortunately, the consequence of Joe Biden's open border.

I, of course, hope that nothing happens.

GLENN: Me too.

J.D.: And I think we have to do whatever we can. To prevent as many bad people as we can, from coming into the country.

And we also have to prepare, and I think unfortunately, we have a lot of bad dudes in this country right now.

You know what I always notice, Glenn? Is these people always argue, meaning the open borders folks. They always say, this is about asylum. These people were fleeing political persecution.

And you look at the people allegedly claiming asylum.

And they're all between the ages of 20 and 35. I tend to remember from my history, that when political persecution is happening, it's the women and children who are the most affected by it, not the 25 to 35-year-old military aged men. So it's pretty frightening stuff.


Thank you, J.D., I appreciate it. Go get some sleep.

J.D. Vance, the senator from Ohio, who has been up all night trying to stop this bill in the Senate, along with a handful of others. And I thank every single one of them for doing their job.

This is a wrong-headed bill.

It is -- I don't know how, but it will be discovered at some point.

Who enriched themselves?

What NGOs enriched themselves?

What politicians enriched themselves?

Where did all this money go actually?

It will be revealed. It's just a matter of time.