How TERRIFYING new ESG rules will transform the ENTIRE WORLD

ESG is here, and now, it could fundamentally transform the entire Western World OVERNIGHT. New ESG reporting rules from the European Union (EU) will affect nearly every major American corporation — meaning YOUR life likely will fundamentally change as well. In this clip, Glenn is joined by The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins to discuss these new standards. Together, they explain how the EU's plan will affect U.S. businesses, how it will affect YOUR life, and why — when it comes to the transformation of society — this is the MOST IMPORTANT story, period...


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GLENN: ESG. It's the scoring system. It's about ton codified in the EU. And here's how this is going to affect you.

They're about -- I can't remember what the standard is. But there's about 15 companies that will fall under this umbrella. Ford is one. McDonald's is another one.

JUSTIN: Oh, it's way more than that.

GLENN: American companies.

JUSTIN: Oh, yeah, yeah.

We're talking probably at least hundreds, probably thousands of --

GLENN: I only saw about 15.

Okay. So here's what -- here's how this is going to affect.

If you read the first book, The Great Reset. You know that one of its -- one of its benefits to the other side, the dark side, is it has tentacles. Everywhere.

And the -- the insidious part of it, is it just doesn't affect the company. It affects everyone in the chain of that company. So every -- every company that drives a truck for that company. They're delivering the goods.

Everybody that makes a widget for that company. Makes paper for that company.

Whatever it is. Every single company must be part of the ESG program, or they cannot do business with them.

Now, just -- let's just imagine McDonald's. And this is coming. Because Europe is adopting the ESG standards.

JUSTIN: As law, mandatory. Yes.

GLENN: So every company, that does business in Europe, will have to adhere to those standards.

So think about McDonald's.

Every corporation. Every company. Every mom and pop farmer that grows potatoes or meat, will have to they're to the EU standards.

Otherwise, you'll lose McDonald's.

But it's not just that you have to grow they believe the way they want grown. And on top of the their, you know, environmental and social justice standards.

But even the potato farmer, anyone who supplies him, also has to abide by ESG standards. The tentacles of this thing, will change America, just because we do business with the EU.

JUSTIN: Yes. Yes.

This is a fundamental transformation of the entire Western World, of all of Europe, Canada, and the United States. Essentially, overnight.

They've already moved it through. There's sort of three bodies in the European Union, that are involved in lawmaking.

And it's already been approved by all three of them, in some degree. Right now, they're just trying to figure out, how do we reconcile our slight differences?

I've looked at all of them. They're all basically the same, with just small changes.

You're exactly right.

The way it works, is large companies that operate in Europe, which is basically the vast majority of companies in the United States have a certain amount of revenue in Europe. That means they have to adhere to the ESG system. Which means they have to impose it on everyone in their entire supply chain globally, no matter who they are, where they work, how large they are, et cetera.

GLENN: And if they don't have an ESG score for that company, because the company is like, I'm not doing it. They cannot buy the products.

So the score has to be done in America.

It has to be done, or you can't do business with -- for instance, Ford.

Ford doesn't make all of the parts to everything. Ford doesn't make the rubber. Doesn't make the radios. Doesn't make the seats.

All of that is outsourced.

If -- if that company wants to continue to work with Ford, then they must have a score. They must be EU. ESG compliant. And every company they work with, also -- so you're buying leather from somebody. You're making seats.

That leather company, if that leather is working with a farmer, to get the raw leather, that farmer has to ESG compliant.


You can just be the transportation company, that transports the leather to the factory. That's part of the supply chain.

And so Europe isn't going to be imposing the rules on those people. They're going to be imposing it on Ford.

And then Ford will impose it on all of these people down the supply chain. They will have no choice.

GLENN: They will have to.

JUSTIN: And what they'll do, is they'll reach out to all their suppliers. And we have -- we know the examples of this happening.

I just had a lawmaker tell me this yesterday or the day before. They know of specific examples of this already starting to occur.

But you'll have these big companies. They'll go to the smaller ones.

And they say, how many electric cars do you have? How many this?

They have a whole survey of questions.

And then depending on how you answer it, they'll say, okay. Well, if you want to keep doing business with us, you'll have to improve X, Y, and Z. Otherwise, you can't do business with us anymore.

And that's all from this entire -- because it goes up the supply chain.

Somebody at the top, whether it's the European Union at some point in the future, or it's BlackRock who owns most of the shares of the company. Or whatever it is. Someone is saying, you have to enforce this all the way down the line. So this is not just about Ford. This is not just about McDonald's. It is about every other part of the economy, that is going to get wrapped up in this.

And by the time you count up all the different companies, and you go down the chain of every big company in America, that's going to be forced to adhere to this in Europe. Because it's only big countries, 150 million euros, revenue in Europe.

That are going to be forced to adhere to the specific European Union version of this.

But by the time you count them all up, and you go down their supply chains. It's basically everybody.

There's almost no one who will be caught up in this. And that's the whole point. That's the point.

That's why they're doing this. So this is, in my opinion, even though, you're not going to hear this story everywhere. You have to listen to shows like this to hear it. You have to listen to Glenn Beck and the Blaze and things like that.

But in my opinion, this is the most important story period. If you're talking about transforming society. This is the story.

GLENN: Yeah. It is. Because we've only told you half of it. We've just told you half of the story.

Let me give you the other half.

Same story, but there's even more that is going to be affected in 60 seconds.
What do you say, gold, silver? Yes, please. Yes, please.

Go back and listen. If you when I said any of today's radio podcast, make sure you go back and listen to hour number one.

I talked about what is coming. We are at the point now, where there are no good options for the fed.

You either have to print money, or you have to make things very, very painful. To stop inflation. They're not going to -- they're not going to do that. They're not going to suck the money back in. Because the stock market will just collapse. So they'll just inflate the money. And if -- you know, if they go to other way, it's the same. We now -- we now have the end of the petrodollar. Saudi Arabia and Russia. They're saying, you know, you don't need to use a dollar anymore. To buy oil.

Well, that's what we never counting on. So at least half of the world, will say, I have to get rid of my dollars. Okay?

Because I don't need they believe anymore.

What that will do to inflation, is staggering. Please, there are five or six states now. And find out if yours. Five or six states, that are -- are verifying that gold is a currency, it's already in our -- the US Constitution. It is money.

It's not a note. It's money. But they are taking away some of the things likable -- you know, charging to change it into US dollars. Or to be able to use it in stores.

Gold or silver.

Please, consider some of your money in gold or silver. With every tube of the new quarter ounce Mayflower gold commemorative. You will receive 100 of the same Mayflower copper rounds at no additional cost. Don't wait. Call 866GOLDLINE. 866GOLDLINE. Or Ten-second station ID.
So correct me if I'm wrong, but here's the other shoe.

This goes up and down. The supply chain. So you -- let's say you're a Nestle. Which is a giant European company. They buy something from America, to put into their products. That means, the American companies have to change.

This also means every bank that wants to do business, in Europe, has got to be on board, with ESG.

Every bank.

JUSTIN: So interestingly, the most recent version draft of this, put a carve-out, for financial institutions.

GLENN: Thank God.

JUSTIN: And -- but -- but they said, we will allow individual countries in the European Union, to decide, if they're going to enforce that for their company's based in that country.

GLENN: Of course, the banks aren't going to be hurt by any of this. They're going to love all this.

JUSTIN: Of course.

GLENN: But the other shoe is that when Nestle sells, you can't sell to countries. Companies. Et cetera. Et cetera.

That don't have a high ESG. You're not supposed to buy or sell.

JUSTIN: If you're part of the supply chain in any way, at all. Then yes. Now, if you're a customer, they've now tried to change it so that, because then the original one, it was even -- you have to look at your customers, essentially.

GLENN: Right. But if I about it to, let's say I'm providing chocolate milk. I'm Nestle. And I will provide chocolate milk for all the vending machines and all the hospitals. That would supply to ESG standards, would it not?

STU: For individuals.

GLENN: Yeah. For the hospital. Big bulkily buyers.

JUSTIN: I believe so. But it depends on the version. And that's one of the things they're arguing about.

GLENN: That just God.

JUSTIN: Yeah. Because of exactly what you're saying. But in the most radical version of it, which was proposed by the European parliament. Which is really one of the most important parts of this. They wanted, it's the most far-reaching version. It would be, the banks would be included in it.

It would be up and down the supply chain.

GLENN: And the only reason why they won't do that. Is because they need people to buy European products.

They don't care if you're going to sell them stuff to make products, as much as buy the products. Please, buy the products.

Or it will be a complete collapse of their economy. It will end up as a collapse. And total control, of your entire life.

Where you live, what you eat, where you work, how you work. All of it.

All of it. And it's about to be passed in the EU.

JUSTIN: Yes. And this is just -- this is really important for people to understand. As bad as all of that is, it's actually worse.

It's actually worse.

GLENN: See, this is why we're having a hard time naming this book. Because it really is. It's worse than you think.

JUSTIN: It's worse. Because imagine now, all of these issues and concerns we have, but you're 20 years into the future. Or ten years into the future, even.

And now you have all of this new technology, that has been from the very beginning of its development. Embedded with all of this ESG stuff. Right from the very beginning.

You know, imagine what the world would be like, if the internet had been designed with ESG. From the start. And that's the only internet we've ever known.

GLENN: Zero freedom.

JUSTIN: That's what all the technology in the future is being embedded with. That's what the great narrative is all about. Really, that's what the book is going to focus on.

And that's the next part of all of this. And that's the most terrifying aspect of this. You want to taken your life changing. Not think able to escape. Every part -- everything you used to know, just disappearing. It's going -- it's going to happen, if we don't stop it.

GLENN: Buy hardbound copies of books, and preserve things. Really, sincerely.

We'll talk more about this tonight, at 9:00 p.m. on Blaze TV. It's my Wednesday night special.

You do not want to miss tonight.

It is all about control. And it's called -- tonight's special, is called farmland's wars. The global takeover of America's land. It's much, much more than that.

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Don't know what they're going to do with it.


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