In Joe Biden’s America we IGNORE pro-choice TERRORISM?

The closest the Biden administration has come to calling out Jane’s Revenge — a group of violent, pro-choice activists — came when the Department of Homeland Security published a terror advisory warning of crime on BOTH sides of the Roe v. Wade debate. But when’s the last time you’ve heard of pro-life supporters protesting — or even worse — outside the homes of Supreme Court justices? But there have been SEVERAL violent instances from pro-choice proponents, and the Biden administration remains SILENT in calling them out. So, how FAR must this go before the president does his job?


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GLENN: What I'm about to talk to you about today, will not be mentioned by the mainstream media. They definitely will not be addressing it in the Biden administration. And I doubt the Department of Justice is doing Jack squat. This is the closest to a mainstream media outlet that anyone will get for Jane's Revenge. Two weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism threat advisory bulletin, where they warned. And I quote, individuals who advocate both for and against abortion, have on public forums encouraged violence. So if you are pro-life, apparently you're just as dangerous as some of these insane abortion enthusiasts, that are showing up to the Supreme Court justice's home. Biden's DOJ has equated the current breakout of violent acts surrounding abortion, to both sides of the equation.

How many participants of the march of life, have shown up to a Supreme Court justice's home, you know, to even march, let alone to even kill? The Family Research Council tallied up over the recent violent attacks, and found that there have been over 40 incidents, involving pro-life organizations. And churches, since the leak on the Dobbs decision. And the attacks span the entire country. Washington, DC. Washington State. Georgia, Texas. Maryland. Virginia. Wisconsin. New York. Michigan. It's everywhere. Now, imagine if a wave of terror attacks, spanning the entire country, began breaking out over the cause considered right-wing or conservative. How do you think Biden's DOJ would react? How do you think the media would react to this?

We know the answer. But this is a relatively new phenomena, when it comes to terror. Back in the 1960s, '70s. We knew exactly what the left-wing extremists were all about. We were fighting a war against global communism. And we knew that fear was their weapon. In both the government and the media called them on it. Here's just a short list of some of the left-wing extremist groups. The Weather Underground. The Symbionese Liberation Army. The United Freedom Front. F-L-A-N. And the May 19th Communist organization, that included members of the Black Panthers. Even with an active campaign, to expose them, and catch them, and prosecute them, these left-wing terrorists were responsible for an insane amount of criminal acts and bombings and murders. Imagine if the media of today, were operating back then. Well, we have a little taste. As the Democrats began to turn a blind eye to the left-wing violence in the 1990s. Things began to spiral out of control. Have you ever heard of the Animal Liberation Front, or the Earth Liberation Front? Most haven't.

But between 1996 and 2002, they were responsible for 600 criminal acts that caused over $42 million, in damages. But those guys are rookies. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence in 2020 alone, resulted in multiple deaths, and one to $2 billion in damage. We went from a nation of laws and law enforcement, to a nation of, no, I'm reimagining this violence, as mostly peaceful. It's mostly peaceful firebombs, murders, and chaos.

The problem is that the Democratic Party just stopped caring. They realized that fear is a very powerful weapon. And in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Patty Hearst to help one radical Marxist group commit armed robberies.

Then he pardoned Weather Underground members, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans. Rosenberg was convicted of possessing 740 pounds of dynamite. And Evans was convicted for helping to bomb the U.S. Capitol. We've seen the pictures recently. It was much, much, much worse than anything that happened on January 6th. So in 2017, Obama then commuted the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera. He helped lead the Marxist group FLAN. That group from 1974 to 1983, as he was leader, they were responsible for more than 130 bombs, four deaths, and dozens wounded.

Are you noticing a pattern here? The people who are getting released by our Democratic presidents, are all terrorists. This is the modern American left. They pardon or commute the sentences for Marxist terrorists. But a nationwide campaign to attack churches and pro-life organization. That goes on now, in silence. Why? Well, I think it's consistent. They've refused to bat an eye. When the son of two Weather Underground members, Chesa -- how do you say his last name? Boudin? Yeah. Chesa Boudin, who runs for district attorney in San Francisco. That is -- that is the son. Then they try and run PR, as he's blamed for massive crime waves, that ultimately ended in his recall.

The Democratic party. They see fear as a weapon. Maxine Waters told her supporters to follow the G.O.P. politicians, everywhere they go. It's why Keith Ellison tweeted a photo of himself, holding a copy of the Antifa handbook. It's why Jen Psaki would never say the Biden administration condemned the abortion protest, outside of Kavanaugh's home. They want you to be afraid. They want you to be subdued. They want you to be broken. Over 40 attacks on pro-life organizations and churches. And it appears, that the Justice Department is ignoring it. Where are they?

Let me show you again, a poster from the night of rage. This is a poster that is on the streets of the District of Columbia today, as we wait for more results from the Supreme Court.

Posters everywhere in New York, DC Call to Action, Night of Rage. The night SCOTUS overturns Roe vs. Wade, hit the streets. You said you would riot. To our oppressors: If abortions aren't safe, neither are you. Jane's Revenge.

Well, where is the DOJ on this? In May, a pro-life organization Madison Wisconsin, attacked with a mazel tov cocktail. Also, vandalized with the words "abortions aren't safe, then neither are you." Hmm. Sound familiar? Now, it wasn't immediately known, who was responsible. But an anonymous, intermediary, reached out to investigate journalist Robert Evans, claiming responsibility. I'm sorry. They reached to an investigative reporter, Robert Evans, claiming responsibility. It was titled the first communiqué. And that first communiqué. Was found on the dark web. You know, where nobody I know, lives. The group calls themselves Jane's Revenge. That comes from a 1970's era group that performed illegal abortions, called the Jane's Collective.

Now, listen to some of their own words, from the first communiqué. Quote, this is not a declaration of war. War has been upon us for decades. This was only a warning. As you continue to bomb clinics and assassinate doctors with impunity. So too, shall we adopt increasing extreme tactics to maintain freedom over our own bodies. We are forced to adopt the minimum military requirement, for a political struggle. Again, this was only a warning. Next time, the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. Medical imperialism will not face a passive enemy. Wisconsin is the first flash point. But we are all over the US. And we will issue no further warnings. And we will not stop. We will not back down. Nor will we hesitate to strike. We are not one group. But many. We are in your city, we are in every city. Jane's Revenge.

Is that not terror? Is that not the very definition of a terrorist group? This warning came out May 8th. On May 30th. Jane's Revenge issued another communiqué, announcing a night of rage, which they are holding secret for the near term, and the near future. We believe, because of the posters that have just been put out, that that is for the night of broken glass, if you will. The riot. The night that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned.

Now, imagine, what would happen if the Weather Underground. Or May 19th Communist organization bombed a government building? Then announced a night of rage in the near future. If they were stalking our Supreme Court justices, the FBI, the DOJ and every other alphabet agency, would have been all hands on deck, in all of government response within to find them, and to take them down. Again, where is the Department of Justice? Where was Joe Biden's address to let the public know, that they condemned this group, and they're actively investigating? The warnings have gone unanswered. And one week later, a pro-life facility operated by compass care, in Buffalo was the next to be firebombed. One week later, Jane's Revenge took credit for the attack. They were also listing other attacks that they were involved with. Quote, you may have seen us in Madison, Wisconsin. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Riser Town, Massachusetts. Olympia, Washington. Des Moines, Iowa. Lynnwood, Washington. Washington, DC. Asheville. Buffalo. Hollywood, Florida. Vancouver, Washington. Frederick, Maryland. Denton, Texas. Gresham, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. And upon many others.

And we work in countless locations invisibly. Quoting, your 30 days expired yesterday. We offered an honorable way out. You could have away, but now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for you to campaign and continue your campaign of aggression, oppression. We have demonstrated in the past month, how easy and fun it is to attack. From here forward, any anti-choice group, who closes their doors and stops operating. Will no longer be a target. But until you do, it is open season. And we know where your operations are.

Again, where is the department of justice? They've already claimed responsibility for at least 17 attacks. There are more than 2800 pregnancy clinics in the country. How hard -- how far does this have to go, before Biden does his job? We've been looking into this organization, trying to find its funding. It appears, their structure is specifically designed to be vague. It's also suspiciously exactly the way Antifa operates. We spoke to some pro-life organizations, that voiced suspicion, that Jane's Revenge could, in fact, be members of Antifa. We're still looking into it. But their organization, as well as their graffiti, is very telling. Some of the buildings they've attacked have been tagged with the anarchist A, common with Antifa. They also spray-painted the numbers 1312, which stands for ACAB. ACAB, All Cops Are Bastards. Does that sound like a pro-abortion person talking to you?

For years, we have asked the government to do something about Antifa. President Trump tried to label them as domestic terrorists. But it never went through. That inaction contributed to the Summer of Rage in 2020. And their further inaction has now put pro-life organizations, even at greater risk. And at this point, the only way to get Biden's DOJ to take notice, is if you're a parent who doesn't like CRT. Or sexually explicit material in your kid's schools. Or if you happen to be on Washington, DC's mall on January 6. And that's about it.

If a leftist terrorist group violently attacks a pro-life organization, declares more attacks in the future. No big deal.

If you just follow the trends from the Democrats over the past few decades, this is not surprising. Nor will it be surprising, what happens when the left unleashes war on our streets. For fear is their weapon. And congratulations, who everybody wanted a return to normalcy, with Joe Biden. Welcome to Joe Biden's America.


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The new theme will be on air at a future date, but if you can’t wait, make sure to watch the video for a sneak peak!


Glenn's message to his son's birth mom: THANK YOU

‘I truly thank God for living in these times,’ Glenn says. ‘Look at the miracles that are happening,’ he adds, just moments after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade. No matter how much America changes, it’s still the greatest place on earth…and the Supreme Court victories we’ve witnessed in the last week — by justices who truly value the Constitution — prove it, Glenn explains. But there’s still work to be done. Glenn shares a story about his son’s birth mom — a teenager who decided to give her baby a chance to live — and he gives a message for us all: Now is a time for compassion toward ALL pregnant women, no matter the decisions they make...


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GLENN: You know, I -- I just walked outside. I have a barn here on the ranch. And it's where my broadcast studio is. And I just walked out to get some fresh air a few minutes ago. And it's -- this is a day that you will remember where you were. Whatever side you were on, you will remember this day. And I walk outside, and my son and another guy standing by this enormous tractor. And he is hitching it up to a trailer. Because they're moving a bunch of logs from one field to another, because they're building a corral. And I don't have my glasses on. And I'm looking. And I'm like, is that Raphe? And I can't -- I'm not sure. Because he's a man. This is the first summer, where he's up here. And he is a man. And it was an interesting thought to have about my son. Who now, in a couple months. Eighteen years ago. A very brave young teenager decided not to have an abortion. Decided that he had nothing to do with her mistake, or whatever happened.

And I remember we prayed so hard for a baby. And I felt almost from the beginning. That we were supposed to adopt.
And this is really hard for moms. Really hard. Baby not from her body. And I think as guys we don't understand that. Because I don't want anything coming out of my body. And if something comes out of my body, I'm not putting it in swaddling clothes, I'm telling you that. And we both wanted her -- how is this going to work? And there is something about God, that he is my son. And there is no difference between him and any of my other children. None. Zero. Not even a shadow.
Just by chance. If his birth mother happens to be listening or his birth grandparents happen to be listening, thank you. Thank you for giving this young man a chance to live. He is -- well, he's been a pain in the ass. But he's also my greatest joy.
We have to look at the things that we do now. Because there's a lot of -- she was 14, I think. Imagine being a 14-year-old. I remember she called her mom, because she -- she went to school. And she had to tell her mom. But she couldn't look her in the eye and tell her. So she called. Didn't know what her mom would say. And her mom was so great. She immediately said, come home, sweetheart. Come home. And they worked it out together what was going to happen.
People who fight for the right to abort children say, you know, who is going to take care of them? There's lots of us. Lots of us. Millions of us. Millions. Millions of us.
You know, today, Roe vs. Wade was -- it came to an end. Catholics would point out on the -- on the feast of the sacred heart of Jesus. And I doubt that they think that's just a coincidence. Because we know that the heart of Christ, I mean, the only thing he really got smoked at, was children. Being abused. It was clear, he liked children, much more, you know, than us adults. But then, again, I don't blame him. I do too. But we can't just think of the children today that are going to be saved, and then say, that's a good thing.
We have to think of the moms. And, you know, I'm like this with Christians who just really want to get people baptized. They don't really care. It's all about the number. You want to bring somebody closer to God, in baptism, that is a fantastic gift. Not from you. But from God. Fantastic. But no one is going to do that. If you don't actually love them. The people who -- the people who need salvation. They don't think anybody loves them. The women who are pregnant, most, not all. But most, who are pregnant. They feel trapped. They don't know what they're going to do. We have to be there for them. Not just during the time they're pregnant. But if they choose to keep the child. To help them. To support them.
You know, it's so funny. I guess we both give up on, you know, once the baby is aborted. Or the baby is saved. Then society auto both sides kind of just turns away. Planned Parenthood, are they concerned about the mental health? Because they deny it. No, no, no. People are celebrating their abortions. I don't think so. I don't think you can do that. And you may have felt like there was absolutely no way out. But at some point, that's going to -- it will haunt you. What could have been. Think about just the mistakes you will make in your life. And how they bother you. I shouldn't have said that. I mean, there were times in my life, where I said things to my mom, or whatever. I carried those things around for 25 years.
We have to have compassion for -- for all of these women. Now, if you're going to use this for contraception. I don't really -- I don't know how to talk to you. I'll try. But I don't know how I can relate. Because -- but I'm hoping most people aren't like that. I'm hoping that's the anomaly in our society. That just thinks, this is the way to have birth control. And one more thing on birth control.
Why is that still a prescription? I would like to say I'm not a doctor. But technically I am. But I'm not sure why that's still a prescription. Don't we know what that does? I mean, are we pretty sure? Yeah. That's what -- that's what happens. This is all it does. It's a pretty safe drug. Do we not just trust people to use only as directed?
I mean, we -- we trust people. I mean, I see stuff all the time. That says, do not drink. Okay. Well, it's turpentine, so I'm not going to drink it. But thank you for trusting me to know I'm smart enough not to do that. Don't put in eyes. Okay. I'm going to make sure that I don't put that -- you know, that cream in my eyes. Thank you. Good safety tip.
I mean, just making contraception over-the-counter. The pill over-the-counter. Would be helpful. Wouldn't it?
It's a lot better to have them get a pill over-the-counter, like that, than have our daughters or anybody else think about the abortion drug, that the FDA now will make sure that everybody can get. That thing is brutal. That is -- that's brutal.
Anyway, I truly -- as I go on vacation in a minute, I truly thank God for living in these times. It's -- would you live at any other time? I mean, I'm a little selfish. Because I'm a whiner. Absolutely, positively nothing before air-conditioning. Nothing before air-conditioning. I even would say, I want to still live in a time where all my meat comes from a counter on a little plastic, Styrofoam tray. Really, that's about as roughing it, as I want to go. I don't want to go past those two things. Indoor toilets. Yeah. But look at the times we live it in now. The miracles that are happening. The miracles of science. The freedoms that we do have.
I have a guy who is on my staff. He's from Scotland. And once in a while, he gets tired of me hearing, this country is just -- and he's like, come to Scotland. Come to England. He's like, I know it's not what it was. But it's still the greatest place on earth. And it is.
And just the victories, just this week. There's going to be more I think next week. Just the victories in the Supreme Court. And it's not -- it's not because of ideology. It's because the people who are put on the court now, actually respect the Constitution of the United States.
You know, Clarence Thomas and Kagan ruled together, on -- I don't know. Something with Medicare today.
What! I don't think they could agree on a dinner menu. But that's not because Thomas sold out. Or Kagan sold out. I know with Thomas, at least, that's because he believes that's what the Constitution says. And that's what is so great about it.
It doesn't cut your way every time.
You don't always win. You don't always get your way. Today is a great day. Praise God. Praise good we have taken this huge step today.
Lord, see your people. And keep them safe. And keep the people who are actually working in these pro-life clinics. Our judges. Our police. Our cities.
Please, keep them safe.


Riots & White House defiance: What may come AFTER Roe ruling

Many members of the far-left already are calling for a ‘Night of Rage’ after the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the White House has been discussing plans to defy the ruling too. In fact, one idea floated by Biden Administration officials, according to the New York Times, includes providing abortions on military bases. So, will America experience another summer of riots? Are YOUR taxpayer dollars at risk? And what does this mean for deep-blue states? Josh Hammer, legal expert and opinion editor for Newsweek, joins Glenn to discuss what may come next...


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GLENN: Josh Hammer, he's the opinion editor of Newsweek. He's the host of the Josh Hammer show. He is really quite brilliant. One of the leading minds in the conservative movement, I think. Josh Hammer joins us now.

To tell us, what did you find in this decision?

JOSH: Glenn, great to be back with you, on such a momentous, and really such an emotional day, honestly. So, you know, look, as you said, this dropped recently. Funny enough, I was in the middle of getting a guest lecture from an organization on the advisory board as to when it drops. So I barely had any time to kind of skim through, let alone guess the concerning dissenting opinions. But it looks like this looks very similar, to the draft opinion that was leaked, by the Politico story, a month and a half ago, in early May. And I think those of us who were praying that the five justices from this leaked draft opinion, would have the fortitude to stiffen their spines against this unprecedented assault. Now knows that our prayers were answered, Glenn. That's really my takeaway right now.

This looks a lot like the leaked opinion. Justice Thomas and Justice Kavanaugh have some reconcurring opinions.

But unbelievable. And really just holding aside the constitutional law stuff for a second hear. Just speaking as pro-lifers, on a day like today, I think we really just need to pause. And I tweeted this out earlier. We need to just be grateful for our half century of pro-life activist forbearers. You know, this -- Glenn, this issue could have gone away after 1973. That was a long time ago. 1973. I mean, this issue could have just gone away. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the pro-life moral activist. Political activist. And, of course, yes. Legal activist. Who fought day in and day out, that makes sure this great injustice stayed front and center of our national, political conscience. And in many days, the culmination of a half century of fighting for truth and justice. But in many ways, it's also a new beginning for the pro-life fight as well, interestingly.

STU: How do you mean a new beginning for the fight? I just it's going to turn, I think we're going to see abortion turn even darker in those states that allow it. Is that -- is that what you're meaning by this?

JOSH: Well, look, for a half century now, Roe vs. Wade, and its project any, specifically, the Planned Parenthood versus Casey case of 1992.

They took away from the states obviously. They arrogated authority away from the states, the ability to attempt to nationally codify one view of the morality of abortion.

It happened to be a profoundly immoral view. So these -- the fight now shifts to the states. And the pro-life activists. And all the 50 states. Especially, obviously in red states. Purple states. I mean, admittedly some blue states like New York and California, probably won't be able to touch them there.

But we have to make sure that our side is well positioned in the state Capitols for every red, purplish, probably even light blue state, to make sure we fight for successful, cogent, and morally consistent pro-life legislation. The state of Oklahoma, actually, just north of Texas. Right where you are now, Glenn. They have been leading on this actually. Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law, a fantastic pro-life bill there in Oklahoma. A few weeks ago. Maybe a month ago or so at this point, that basically just bans abortion straightforward from conception. And there are some -- you know, obviously, likable the mother. So forth. But we really need to start thinking about trying to craft legislation now, at the state level. But to your point, I do fear that the blue states will only double down in their radicalism. Unfortunately within that will only lead to an ever greater divide, in our country, that we have today. But obviously, at the end of the day. We're going to save at the end of the day, millions and millions of unborn children. We are going to save human beings who can grow up to cure cancer, who can win Nobel prices.

I mean, this is just a tremendous win for the human species. I don't know how to say it other than that.

GLENN: I will tell you, I saw the stat, that I think it was last year or the year before. 20 percent of all pregnancies ended in abortion. 20 percent.

JOSH: Wow.

GLENN: That is -- that is a shocking number. And we do have our -- our work cut out for us. Because I -- I think that these states are going to double down. But I think, you know -- God doesn't waste anything. You know, there is no waste with God. Even the -- even the worst things that could possibly happen, turn out to be something good. You know what I mean? You're like, holy cow, how did that just happen.

And I think that evil is going to fully come unmasked. I'm telling you, Josh. I don't know how you feel about this. I think this could be the day of America's Kristallnacht. I can see these pro-life centers being burned to the ground today. They're calling for a night of rage around the country. I think evil is going to show itself. And that will scare the American people, hopefully.

JOSH: You know, I've been thinking about this a lot this week, actually. Because I've been bracing for a new kind of George Floyd summer of love, happening this summer. Coming to a city or suburb near you. Unfortunately, myself. Look, I live in Florida. I know, Glenn, you live in Texas. It is in moments like this, where I do think that where you live matters. And who your mayor is. Who your governor is, matters.

Because law and order and rioting and anarchy is not really a federal issue. It is to a limited extent. June 2020, Tom Cotton wrote this op-ed that was pretty controversial at the time.

I happen to agree with it. Where he said, quote, unquote, send in the troops. And there is some federal legislation from the reconstruction era that would justify that.

But most kind of quelling and quashing of anarchy does happen. Constitutionally speaking, at the state and local level. So at a moment like this, where I fear that you're probably not wrong. I take some solace. That Governor DeSantis is my governor. I think Texans should take some solace, that they are represented by -- by a Republican governor. The legislature there as well. So I -- I fear that you are right. I pray obviously, that no one -- it's hard.

I fear that it's something -- that something bad is happening. At the end of the day, of course. It does not mean that justices cannot do what they are supposed to do. So thank God they did that.

GLENN: So, Josh, have you looked into what the White House has been saying? The White House yesterday. In fact, do we have a clip of -- of this?

What the White House said yesterday, about the guns. And then they were turned to the -- the Scott us ruling, for Roe vs. Wade. Do we have that, please?

JOSH: Will the president accept this decision, even if he disagrees with it?

VOICE: I think it's going to come from the Supreme Court. So it's a decision we certainly are going to respond to. I'll leave it at that. Just like any other Supreme Court decision. Just like the one they did today on guns.

GLENN: So the White House won't say that they're going to accept it.

Which I don't think they will. They're talking now about taking doctors and moving them into places like Oklahoma or Texas, where abortions will be outlawed. And putting doctors on our military bases to perform abortions.

I mean, where does this go, when you have a government, that is in defiance of -- of one branch of the government?

JOSH: So there's a lot to unpack here. So we should start from first principles. The idea of judicial supremacy, and this is a peculiar thing, to say on a day like today, where such a pro-life victory has happened in Italy. But if we're going to be consistent here, the idea of judicial supremacy. The idea that the justices, have the sole and exclusive ability to interpret the Constitution for themselves. And no other Constitutional actor, in article one or article two, let alone the state. Has the ability to tentatively interpret it. That is erroneous. In fact, actually it was really Abraham Lincoln actually, who in the Dred Scott case, famously opposed judicial supremacy and flouted the Dred Scott ruling, at least as it pertains to everybody other than Dred Scott himself. I have actually argued, a former legal scholarship, in a law review article actually, that the Laconian view of how each branch of government should interpret the Constitution for itself, is correct.

Having said that. Having said that, there is a thing called prudence. And there is a thing called comedy. And in a moment like today, when it really does look like -- and I agree with you, that we are now bracing for riots through the streets. When the political rhetoric is at DEFCON one. When people are trying to assassinate Supreme Court justices. I think it would be -- at its bare minimum, a profoundly imprudent act. For the Biden administration, to try to undermine this ruling.

Now, what they might do, is they might try to kind of issue some kind of executive orders, or issue some regulations, that might try to kind of undermine it, at the edges here. But at the end of the day, the idea that this returns to the state. There's not really a whole lot they can do about that. Basically, at this point, throughout the country. Kentucky within West Virginia. Kansas. Whatever. If they want to go ahead and ban abortion, what can the Biden administration literally do about that? I mean, short of sending in the National Guard, to protect Planned Parenthood, if the state legislature of Kentucky goes ahead and bans it. There's not a whole lot they can do. And it's very difficult to envision a world, in which the Biden administration literally sends in troops to red states, to protect Planned Parenthood, if that state legislature goes ahead and bans it. So for practically speaking. This is a lot of tough talk and rhetoric. Obviously the campaign here in 2022. There's not really a whole lot that practically speaking, they can do to actually prevent red and purple states from enacting pro-life legislation.

GLENN: I'm glad to -- I'm glad to hear that. I know that they have been working on things. I mean, he has said, you know, there's executive orders, that I can employ. There are things that I can do. He's talked about a national public health emergency. Which I think is just -- is crazy. But I would hope, that the president would come out and say, we strongly disagree with this. And you're right. The court is not the end all. But the court did not end abortion. It just said, the people should decide. I think that's the best kind of court ruling, on any of it. The people should decide what this is. And send it back to the states. Josh, I thank you very much. Appreciate your time. Was there -- there was another ruling, that came out today. Was it important?

JOSH: Oh, no. In comparison to this. A total nothing burger. A 5-4 decision on Medicare reimbursement related. So nothing, honestly.

GLENN: Great. Thank you very much. Appreciate it, Josh. Josh Hammer, opinion editor for Newsweek. And the host of the Josh Hammer show.


Good vs EVIL seen in Dobbs case reactions

GLENN: There are two things trending on twitter right now.

Number one is praise God.

Number two trend is Night of Rage.

Good verses evil.

Build up or tear down.