Why the FBI's Mar-A-Lago Classified Documents Photo is A SHAM

Why the FBI's Mar-A-Lago Classified Documents Photo is A SHAM

This story should disturb every single American, Glenn says, no matter if you support or hate Donald Trump. Reports reveal that the FBI placed “cover sheets” onto alleged classified documents found during its raid of Mar-a-Lago in order make the photo it took of the documents seem even more scary. The media then fell right in line and used the doctored evidence to slam Trump. The judge presiding over Trump’s classified documents trial has now delayed the trial indefinitely. So, not only did Biden’s FBI raid the house of his likely political opponent and arrange a photo session, but they basically planted evidence. “That is at best propaganda,” Glenn says, and neither party should be comfortable with our government doing this.


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GLENN: I think there's a few things that should concern every American.

Take Donald Trump. Take Joe Biden out. Let's just look at the system. Whoever you're for. Would you be cool with this being done by the president of the United States, to anyone? Okay?

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Okay. Last August, 2022, Department of Justice released stunning photograph depicting alleged contraband seized from Donald Trump's Palm Beach estate that day.

It showed colored sheets representing scary classifications and their classified levels attached to files, discovered in Trump's private office.

Right. You remember that?

STU: I do remember that. It was a big story, Glenn. I remember the pictures. They were everywhere.

GLENN: Huh. Huh. Okay. So at the time, one ex-CIA officer told ABC News the cover sheets indicated the highest levels of secrecy. And in the wrong hands, they could have resulted in murder.

STU: I remember this. You know, the case was Donald Trump so egregious at this particular matter. He didn't care about the security of the nation. He didn't care about our nuclear secrets. He just took a bunch of stuff labeled top secret and brought it to his house and put it in his shower. Remember that?

That was terrible. Why would he do such a thing?

GLENN: Thirteen boxes or containers contain documents with classification markers. And in all, over 100 unique documents with classification markings were seized.

Okay. Certain -- certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. Okay. The DOJ's clever wordsmithing, however, did not accurately describe the origin of the cover sheets, in what must be considered not only an act of doctoring evidence, but willfully misleading the American people into believing the former president is a criminal and a threat to national security. Agents involved in the raid attached the cover sheets to at least seven files to stage that photo.

Here's what they did.

STU: Incredible.

GLENN: Classified cover sheets were not recovered in the container. Contrary to what the FBI originally said.

In fact, after being busted recently by defense attorneys for mishandling evidence in the case. Rhett (phonetic) had to fess up about how the cover sheets actually ended up on the documents. The new version of the story, where he admits kind of a critical detail that he failed to disclose. If the investigation team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a place holder sheet.

The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose. But before the official cover sheets were used as a place holder, agents apparently used them as props.

FBI agents took it upon themselves to paperclip the sheets to the documents, something evident, given the uniform nature of how each cover sheet is clipped to a file in the photo.

They laid them out on the floor, and then snapped a picture of it. This is never done.

STU: You don't think?

GLENN: No. No.

This is never done. Now, the federal judge that is looking at this case, which is now in court, they have postponed the document trial. Because they've said, there are too many things here that don't add up. There are too many things the FBI did, that they never did, nor should they have ever thought of doing.

So there's too many irregularities. Whether this thing even goes through or not. But here's the point.

If I said to a Democrat, how would you feel if Donald Trump, when he was in office, wanted to get Joe Biden so badly, that he went into the house and he had the FBI arrange a photo session, and change documents and made them look much scarier than they were.

Basically planting evidence that was not there. They came in with that evidence. Would you be okay with that?

STU: Planting evidence?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: No.

GLENN: No. Isn't that what they did.

STU: I mean, certainly to manipulate public opinion, right?

GLENN: Yeah. They walked in with the things they photographed. That said, were in Donald Trump's home.

They were not marked that way. They did not have those covers.

STU: That's incredible. I mean, I definitely thought -- my impression upon seeing that photo.

GLENN: Is that is what they pulled out.

STU: That that's what they pulled out. They basically made it more egregious for Trump. He saw that it said top secret all over it. And still took it. And when you -- if you don't know anything about this. You say, well, he should have known. It said top secret all over the place. But it didn't say top secret all over the place. They just added that later for these photos. That's what we're arguing. That is incredible.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Yes. That is, at best, propaganda. At best, propaganda.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Would you be happy as a Democrat, if Donald Trump was engaged in that sort of at best, propaganda to sway people his way? You would say no.

I would say no.

I say no now.

Why aren't you saying no?

Here's the next one. Do you remember the name Robert Malley?

Robert Malley was the subject of some controversy and some scrutiny last year. Because he is our envoy to Iran. And all of a sudden, we're going to Iran, and then all of a sudden the envoy was like, he can't go. Why?

Well, he's taking some time off. Why?

Well, he just is. Why?

Well, we're not sure.

What do you mean you're not sure?

Well, we can't tell you.

What the hell was going on with that? Well, we just found out. Now, this on the heels of what I just talked to you about with Donald Trump. He was -- he lost his top secret classification.

And when they finally came out with that. Why?

Well, he just did. Why?

He just did. Specifically, now and this did not come from the Biden administration. This came from whistle-blowers, we believe.

He was suspended because he allegedly transferred classified documents to his personal email account, downloaded the documents to his personal cell phone, and somebody received them. But we don't know who yet.

It's unclear whom he intended to provide these documents. But it's believed that a hostile cyber actor was able to gain access to his email and his phone. And obtain downloaded information.

These were top secret. These allegations have a substantial impact on our national security, and people should be held accountable swiftly and strongly.

But we're not doing anything about him. We just downgraded his security clearance. And he was suspended for a while.

Are you -- are you kidding me? This guy is a spy, for the Iranians.

You're trying Donald Trump, and you are using propaganda techniques to make it -- to hype it up, and this guy, you won't even tell the American people, what he did.

How he did it?

We have to find out through whistle-blowers. And nothing is happening to him.

STU: Honest question to anyone who might have, you know, a passion against Donald Trump. Which one are you more concerned about?

Someone who is doing this with Iran. Or classified documents being in the private home of the former president of the United States.

GLENN: They say Donald Trump.

STU: How?

You have to be insane to say that.

GLENN: Correct. Correct.

And we keep letting these people go. We keep letting them go!

Try this on for size. The Republican governors of Texas and Florida, have penned letters, condemn a proposal that would effectively allow the democratic administration or any president, to rest control of the National Guard units away from their states without governor's permission.

This is the US Air Force Legislative Proposal 480. It's not just Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott against us. Forty-eight governors are against this.

Joe Biden wants it. Why?

The National Guard cannot be called away from their home state without the permission of the governor. Now, let's just say you are on the left, and you have always argued, hey, a well-regulated militia. That means the National Guard.

Okay. Then that makes this even stronger. If that's the well-regulated militia for each state. The federal government cannot take it from the governors or the state.

Because it is their last defense. And who -- what states do you think he would take those from? I'm guessing Texas and Florida.

And they would be off fighting some war in God knows where. And Texas and Florida wouldn't have access to their home state defense.

Do you want Republican -- Democrats, do you want a Donald Trump to have the power to take your National Guard away from you on his whim?

Of course you answer no. And I answer no, as well.

Why am I saying no now, would say no under Trump, but you don't seem to care when it's Biden?

Who is really protecting democracy and the republic? Here's another one: Biden administration hid the pause in arm sales to Israel from Congress.

Wait. The javelin missiles going to Ukraine. Donald Trump was -- paused those. They say, only for his personal or political enrichment. He was going to be able to get dirt on Joe Biden.

And that can't ever happen. Okay. Well, we all know there is corruption over there. But why worry about that, then and now?

We just keep sending hundreds of billions of dollars over to Ukraine. This time, with the American people, are for the arms sales. When Congress passed the sales.

President Biden secretly stops the arm sales to Israel. Even though it was passed by Congress, approved by the people as much as you could possibly approve anything anymore.

Well, why isn't he -- well, because he really believes this. Oh. And Trump didn't?

You can read the hearts of men? Hmm.

And you don't think this has anything to do with the election. You don't think that Mr. Flip-flop on Israel. I love him. I hate him. I HOV him. I hate him.

Hey. What are the Muslims saying in Dearborn, Michigan. Yeah. That's right. I remember. I hate him.

That's not a political move?

Why am I against somebody doing political moves, unless it is -- because it is not in national -- the national interests. If it is in the national interest, we should have a conversation about it. Wait. The president did something. Why did he do it? Can he do that?

This one, pure political. Pure political.

That's it. We know it. But you don't have a problem with it this time.



Artificial intelligence has made some incredible advancements, from ChatGPT 4o's newest voice conversation features to a new device that can isolate someone's voice from across a room. But how crazy will things get? How long will it be until your autonomous car can make money on its own by driving people around while you're not using it? Will it ever start investing that money on its own? And if it's effecting the economy and making its own decisions...will people argue that it should have voting rights?! "The things that are coming ... nobody's prepared for this," Glenn warns. Plus, Glenn reveals that he bought a flamethrowing robot dog ... and is planning on running a few tests.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

STU: We were talking about all this new technology coming out with the new version of ChatGPT and everything else. One of the things they've had is the realtime translation. And we've kind of seen these apps. Like, you get it on your phone. You can say something. It will translate. Then you can hold it up for the person, and you can hear it. It's now basically to the point where it's basically realtime. And they were having conversations between Italian and English in realtime conversation. And you think about how many jobs get eliminated by this stuff. Why would a translator be needed?

I mean, it's seemingly like gone now. Maybe with the exception of like high level international, you know, discussions.

GLENN: You mean people might need to have universal basic income?

This is what we talked about, remember? Ten years ago, I said, there's going to come a time, no job. You're going to have to have universal basic income. My solution to that is own your own information. And sell it to these big, huge companies to Google, if you want to. That way, we all share in the information that they've just stolen from us.

But, anyway, there's -- I'll go one better. You now -- there is now a system out.

I've been doing research on security. Because we're rebuilding our ranch.

And, I mean, I'm putting a skiff in it. And everything else.

But I've been looking at all this different security.

And one thing I found just last night. It's amazing. Is you could sit in a restaurant, and you could target somebody, at a table.

You could have an earpiece in.

And you're talking to your device. And you look at the table. And they're across the room.

And you can say, please enhance the female's responses. The voice.

And it will turn their voice up, if you still can't hear, remove the sound of all other talking in the room.

And it will cancel all of the room, talking. Remove the sound of the dishes. Focus only on their conversation. I've seen it in realtime.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: I'll bring the video in tomorrow. I'll show you. It will do it in realtime.

And then, they're speaking a different language. Translate to English.

And you're hearing their voice, speaking in English.

And that's the only thing in the crowded restaurant you can hear.

STU: My God.

PAT: Unbelievable.


GLENN: It's incredible. And it's all in realtime.

STU: Is there going to be any need to learn a foreign language anymore? With this, you don't need to, right?

GLENN: No. Uh-uh.

STU: Of course, you go down a generation, when no one knows the language, and who will check the AI?

PAT: Yeah. Nobody is.

GLENN: Remember when I had the conversation 12 years ago with Ray Kurzweil. And I said, Ray, all of this technology makes us weaker. And he said, no. It will make us stronger.

Because you won't have to worry about keeping all this other stuff in your brain. And I said, really?

When GPS goes down, tell my kids to find their way to the store with a map. You have no skill without that.

And he thinks that we're just going to be learning so much more. Yeah, and television will be the greatest teacher on earth. What are you talking about?

STU: Yeah, it's like, it's not really learning. Right?

You could be the best at -- you know, Italian speaker in the world without learning one word of Italian.

And You're right. If this infrastructure were to collapse, or degrade in some major way, there's nothing to fall back on. We don't know how to do anything.

GLENN: There are things you can do.

There's -- in -- in my -- in my ranch, I'm really getting serious about security.

And I'm putting in -- it's not -- I can't remember what it's called. But it's like Alexa. But it's not connected to the internet at all. And it can control the house.

So you say, hey, Eric. I need to speak to everybody at the -- on the outdoors. And it will open up the microphone, and you can talk to everybody in the whole house, if you want.

Eric, call 911. It will do everything. But it's not connected to the internet.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: The -- I'm looking for things to protect the family, honestly.

My robot dog comes in two weeks.

STU: Wait. The thing that we talked about on the air, a couple weeks ago with the flame-throwing robot dog? You've purchased a flame-throwing robot dog? Oh, we have the video, in case people --

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: Are you putting gasoline in it?

GLENN: I don't think I will use the flamethrower. However, they did it in the mountains. And they said, it's great to clear snow.

So look at this thing.

And at night -- look at, the laser.

It has a light on it.

PAT: On, wow. That's cool.

GLENN: The cameras. It will sense body heat.

So it will identify things.

STU: Wait. If you're not going to use the flamethrower.

Why would you want the robot dog.

GLENN: Well, I'm not saying that it won't be ready to use the flame throwing dog.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: For one reason, it can go and prowl around.

We have mountain lines. One thing.

And I would like it to prowl for the mountain lions.

But also, I think that would freak people out.

STU: Yeah. Yes.

PAT: I think it would.

GLENN: Freak people out.

And that, and we're getting a drone called, I think it's the -- one of the ones we're looking at. Is the sunflower.

And it -- you put devices in the ground, of up to 4 acres around your house. Okay.

And it geofences it. And if it senses anything moving on the property, and it can tell the difference between an animal and a human, and if it senses anything moving on your property, it automatically deploys and holds them in place.

Which I just think is -- I mean, technology is so amazing. On the things that you can do. I mean, you spend that.

And you -- you don't have to worry. My family is different. We spend a lot on our security.

And man security. The one thing. When we're at the ranch at night. There's animals and everything else.

We had a mountain lion that was about probably I don't know. 15 yards from me.

Going into the studio the other day. You know, a couple of months ago. And it was freaky. And you're out. And you don't know.

And if you need security. I mean, the stuff that we have now. And it's all autonomous. That's what's so weird.

My son begging me. Please, Dad, let's not put all this autonomous things in there. No. The Chinese are fine. What are you talking about? It will be great.

PAT: So what does it autonomously do then? It just goes out and patrols? It decides where to go and what to do, when it sees something amiss?

GLENN: Yeah. It patrols, and it learns. And it can automatically deploy. Everything will automatically deploy, if there's a breach of the property.

It deploys. It alerts you, then tracks whatever is moving.

And, you know, I -- I just have a feeling, that if you're -- you're coming at night. And you're on my property. And you think you're going to steal something or whatever.

I don't know. The flame-throwing dog might freak you out. Then the drone above your head.

PAT: Yeah. Wow.

STU: I think what's fascinating too. We've all been used to seeing a Boston dynamics video, and jumping. And we think, wow. Imagine when that happens, in the year 2035. That will be available.

This is coming to your house in two weeks? This robot dog?

GLENN: Yeah. I will do a show on it. When we get it and I go up to the ranch this summer and we have it all deployed, I will do a show on it. The technology that is available today, is absolutely, it's -- I mean, it's futuristic. We're living in that weird world now. That we've watched in movies forever.

PAT: What are the odds though, that something can go wrong with it. And it uses its flame-throwing ability to burn your house down. Are there precautions?

GLENN: Yeah. That's why I won't put gasoline in it.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: You know, I don't think I need the flame throwing part.

What it has though, is the laser. The laser imaging.

The spotlight. The ability to -- it speaks to you.

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: Warning. Turn around. And move back.

You know, security is coming.

And, I mean, it -- I just -- I don't know. I don't think I would mess with a robot to go.

PAT: No. And it's going to be so unusual.

People will be stunned by it I'm sure at first.

But just so it doesn't set one of your neighbors on fire, who goes straight across your property.

That would be maybe a bad thing.

GLENN: You know, I'm sorry.

PAT: Oh, tarn it.

GLENN: My son now looks like fire marshal Bill.

PAT: Yeah. Not good.

GLENN: But it was just a little mistake. A little mistake.

No. I don't want to put anything in the flamethrower. I wanted to buy it without the flamethrower.

But you can't. It comes as a permanent attachment.

You can attach other things to it.

PAT: Wow. Really cool.

GLENN: You know on ARs? They have the gun rail.

It has a rail on top of it.

PAT: Unreal. So can you attach a gun to it, then?

GLENN: I don't think so.

But I have a feeling somebody could find a way. Not me, of course.

STU: No.

GLENN: But somebody could find a way to attach a begin to it.

I would put a Byrna launcher on it, in a second.

STU: What happens, if something goes wrong.

Is not even across your property line. It veterans out on its own. There's an error on it.

It does something, it's not supposed to do.

It shoots somebody. Or lights them on fire out on the street.

Who gets blamed for that know.

Who is the criminal? Is it you?

PAT: Has to be the owner. Yeah.

GLENN: This goes back to autonomous cars. It would probably at this point, be me.

But you could -- you could make the case, that it's not me. It's autonomous.

It's the company. I bought it. It geofenced. Why did it cross the geofence?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: It's not -- if it didn't -- if it did something that it wasn't supposed to do as you purchased it, I can't imagine that it would actually be your fault legally.

I don't know. I guess they go after the company. I don't know. That's a bizarre. We have a lot of these questions. That have been coming up. And a lot of answers.

PAT: And it will happen. It's inevitable.

Something will go wrong with some of them. And something bad will happen.

GLENN: This has been a long time thing coming. On what is free will and everything else.

I've been reading about this since the '90s. When it comes to technology.

Your car eventually is going to be able to make money on its own.

For instance, it's going to be -- you can park it. And then it will Uber all day by itself.

So it will make money. But it will also have so much technology in it, that it could invest that money in the stock market.

So --

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: So whose money is that? Is that the car's money? And if it has the ability to affect the economy, shouldn't it have a right to vote?
I mean, the things that are come, nobody is prepared for this. And it's all going to be here by 2030.

Is THIS How the Government Will CRACK DOWN on Dissent?

Is THIS How the Government Will CRACK DOWN on Dissent?

"Every warning light in me is flashing red," Glenn warns. As government agencies like the FBI and DHS warn of a rise in extremism, Glenn warns that THEY are the ones creating it. Whether they're foreign-born extremists, that our government is allowing to flood across our open border, or supposed home-grown extremists, which our government seems focused on, Glenn believes this might not end well. Will America face an attack in the near future? Will the government use an attack to paint half the country as "extremists," as it is already trying to do? While real criminals are being let off the hook, Glenn tells the story of a woman in Portland, Oregon, who got a harsher sentence than any BLM rioter for committing the "hate crime" of misgendering and confronting a trans person who was trying to use the women's bathroom. So, how long do we have before the crackdown on dissenters really begins?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There are several things. Let me start this.

There are many things, that I believe that I shall never say.

But I shall never say the things that I do not believe.

Immanuel Kant. There are several things that need to be said. And to everything, there is a season.

My job is to inform you, also to entertain you. But to enlighten you, and warn you.

And I have felt this was a calling more than a job. It's the only reason why I still sit here. And there will come a time when those who are trusted voices, will no longer be able to be heard.

We -- we know this. Because of the attack on anybody that just disagrees. If you are for life, and you are praying, you can go to jail for 20 years.

If you are dying job of reporting, you can go to jail.
If -- well, let me give you this story from -- from Portland today.

A woman has now been convicted by a Portland, Oregon, jury of criminal harassment. A hate crime, after she mis-gendered and confronted a trans person using the women's bathroom.

Cassandra McIntyre told Rills Larson, a far left trans activist, formerly known as Ronald Larson, that they're a man.

And to get out after the male allegedly shoved another person to cut in line for the woman's toilet. The jury saw the video of McIntyre lightly shoving Larson during the confrontation.

She was sentenced to two years probation, plus community service.

That's longer than anyone for BLM or Antifa rioters. Or arsonists have ever received in Oregon.

Larson is a self-identified Marxist, queer, demi-binary trans woman. So these things are real. We also that know catch and release, is really happening, in almost everything now. With law enforcement.

It's not just a border thing.

It is also in our cities.

They -- we told you a story yesterday. Where four people who cut up two corpses. And then scattered them in a park.

Were caught. And then released.

Okay. Then we were also told on the same day, that the National Guard was being put into the subways of New York.

Now, the reason this is bad, we don't use the National Guard, for that. Unless it's -- you know, especially on an ongoing basis in a riot, maybe.

But that's your police force now?

The army?

Not good. And I wondered, because of yesterday, as they put the chain-link fence around the Capitol again. I was wondering, is that National Guard there because of crime? Is that National Guard there, to get people used to seeing the guard?

Is that National Guard there because our Department of Homeland Security said, every light is blinking red, because we are headed toward a -- a colossal terrorist attack.

So is the National Guard there for that, and they just don't tell us?

Every light in me, is flashing red, right now.

And my family, we're going through some difficult discussions and -- and we're -- this is going to be a till time.

And until I see the next president, or this president, legitimately sworn into office, I don't think my lights will start -- start flashing green or even yellow for a while.

There are too many things that could go wrong. And last night, our president was, again, setting us up.

Did you know that in Moscow, yesterday, the American embassy told Americans, to stay away from any large gatherings.

Because Intel says, that there are extremists, who want to bomb and kill people in the public square.

Now, who are those extremists?

The president did not talk about the extremists, that made his motorcade stop for ten minutes because they couldn't get through the crowd. With Secret Service, police, everything they had.

They couldn't get the motorcade moving through the crowd for ten minutes.

And the president immediately started to speak about war. And the war internally and externally.

And the war internally are the Trumpers. The war internally are January 6ers.

Well, I was just as mad, if not madder than most people. I warned against January 6.

Don't go. It's a trap.

And I was furious, on January 6th. And I still am furious, to anybody who was there. That broke the windows. Et cetera, et cetera.

And I don't care what political bent you're from.

I don't care. You're not a friend of the republic. But now I also know, that there are things that have already been revealed. And things that are coming, that will show, our government was deeply involved in that.

And it's to paint half the country, as an extremist. I fear, Beslan, or something like it, is coming.

A group of terrorist attacks, that will happen in a week, that will so fundamentally shock the American people. And you heard fear in people I've talked to today.

I am afraid for my wife. I am afraid for my daughters. That will become a reality.

And people will scream, make it stop!

And extremists will be defined by whoever is in power.

And I believe this will happen before there's a change of power. I hope to God not. Pray, and if you can, pray on your knees. Beg for protection of the republic.

But when that happens, I believe that if they're not preparing, they're foolish.

But when the Department of Homeland Security issues the warnings they have been issuing, and nobody is talking about them.

And then the president talks about extremists in the country. And we have open borders. Where we know thousands, who wish us ill. Are now in the country. And we have no idea.

We have no idea, where they are. Who they are. What they're planning.

And we have them from all walks of life. We have them from China. We have them from Iraq.

I'm sorry. Iran. We have them from Gaza.

We have them from Russia, everywhere.

And anywhere. The people who hate us, are coming through.

And I'm sorry, they're -- you -- I'm sorry. If you -- show me the majority that are families with children.

They're mainly 20-something men.

And we know, that this is happening now.

I believe our government, at least has a plan, that they should have, perhaps.

To grab control of the country. And issue marshal law.

God forbid, if something like this happens.

And I think it could happen, before January.

And I often say to you, where you are, is where you will be.

When something like this happens, there will be so much chaos, if God forbid, it's a Beslan-like attack.

There will be so much chaos, that the government will have to say, curfew. Think of what they did in Boston. Remember when the Boston bomber was loose?

And they just shut the city down. Everyone, stay in your home. We're looking for him. He could be somewhere. He could even be in your home.

And extremists now, cover so many things. When that happens, are these Islamic extremists?

If there's -- if there's people that see it, because remember, I've said, for years. This is not going to be coordinated. This is going to be people seizing the opportunity. They'll see the weakness.

And they will seize the opportunity.

So I believe things like this. Some of them will be very well-planned out. Others will happen just because it's happening. And they'll say, go. Now! Go, go, go, go! God forbid.

I have no reason to say this, except for my gut. So please don't take this as gospel. Please don't take this as gospel.

This is what I do for a living.

And my job is to connect all the dots. And say, what's a likely outcome?

I don't know how likely this is.

But I will tell you, the people are here. The opportunity is now.

Much more than it will be in January. It solves a ton of problems. Our president last night, I'm not saying he was -- he's involved in anything like this. But he's setting the table for that.

We already have crime in our streets, and people don't feel safe. If you fear this, because you're not mentally prepared, not physically prepared, have not had a meeting place for your family. If things go wrong, here's where we meet.

You will be where you are, and they will be where they are.

Because people will say, dear God, just make it stop.

And when there's that much chaos. When people are afraid, for their own life, Hong Kong can be lost.

And all of those people that were protesting, are just disappeared.

And the world doesn't even see it. This show is not for everybody. And I understand that.

And I've been called all kinds of names for this. And I understand that. My family, at times, will say, dad, come on. And I understand that.

I can only tell you the things that I believe. I can only tell you the things, that I think are true.

I have prayed for 20 years, please, don't let these things be right.

There's nobody that would be more happy than me. And I do believe, there is a way, only if I put on the full armor of God. And shod your feet with the gospel of peace!

We can make it. And we will make it to the other side, of whatever comes our way.

But we'll be in much worse shape, if we're not mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared.

Congress Fights Over EYELASHES While Our Economy is in Shambles?!

Congress Fights Over EYELASHES While Our Economy is in Shambles?!

A House of Representatives committee hearing delved into chaos after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked Rep. Jasmine Crockett's "fake eyelashes." And it didn't take long for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join in. When Glenn first saw the footage, he immediately thought, we've seen this kind of dysfunction before. Was this a weird 2024 version of the 1856 caning of Charles Sumner, which was a prelude to the Civil War? Or, at the very least, is this a sign of Congress' real priorities? While the country is facing a massive wave of inflation, Congress is arguing over ... eyelashes?!

The REAL REASON Harrison Butker’s Catholic College Speech Caused Leftist OUTRAGE

The REAL REASON Harrison Butker’s Catholic College Speech Caused Leftist OUTRAGE

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's commencement address at Benedictine College has infuriated the Left. But while many a TikToker is complaining about his statements about Biden and abortion or women, motherhood, and Taylor Swift, Glenn reveals how their freak-out reveals their true intentions: “They say you have freedom of religion, you just keep it in your church. He’s speaking IN HIS CHURCH!” Butker's speech shouldn't be controversial, Glenn says, especially for Catholics. But yet, here we are... Glenn applauds Butker for having the courage to stand for his faith and speak the truth, no matter the cost.