Is it a GOOD IDEA to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson BEFORE the Election?

Is it a GOOD IDEA to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson BEFORE the Election?

Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie have announced their plans to file a Motion to Vacate the Speaker of the House. But Democrats, under the leadership of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, have promised to block the attempt. So, would trying to oust Speaker Mike Johnson actually HELP the Democrats? Glenn asked Rep. Thomas Massie to defend his reasoning for ousting Johnson before the election. Massie lays out the 3 “betrayals” he believes Johnson has committed and what he believes Jeffries is really plotting.


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GLENN: You can say a lot of things about Thomas Massie. Some of them true, some of them false.

But the one thing that is absolutely true. He stands on his own principles.

And he is unwavering. In those principles. He joins us now. From the great state of Kentucky.

Republican representative. Thomas Massie. Hello, Thomas.

TOM: How are you doing, Glenn?

GLENN: I'm very good. I'm very good. I don't understand this whole Mike Johnson thing, as Speaker of the House. I don't understand what happened to him. How we went so wrong. You know, people are saying, that, oh, this has been a scam forever. He's been, you know, a RINO and just in hiding. And now, getting rid of him at this point. What good is that going to do? Or even moving from this, because do you have the numbers to do it?

TOM: Great questions. Let me talk about how we got to where we are.

GLENN: Okay.

TOM: So Mike Johnson has betrayed us three times. Big betrayals. He did an omnibus bill, that did does and he gave the FBI a brand-new bill in that omnibus bill. And he didn't give us time to read it. He gave up on doing 12 separate bills.

That was the first betrayal. Second betrayal, FISA. This is the spying program that's been used to surveil Americans without a warrant. He cast the deciding vote on whether to have warrants or not.

And he voted against warrants.

This is against what he stood for, when he was on the judiciary committee, that I serve on. With Jim Jordan.

So something has changed there. He said he spent time in a skiff, that changed his time. Guess what, Glenn. I don't know if your listeners know this. I spent three and a half hours with him, to get him briefed by CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI, and DNI, and a FISA judge.

And in three a half hours. They didn't give us a specific example. Not one, of how spying on Americans, without a warrant, has helped them stop terrorism, to give them hypotheticals. But no example.

So that was the second betrayal. No warrants. Now, you can still be spied on.

It's reauthorized. Third betrayal. Just happened. This one we're still stinging from.

You may see the videos of every Democrat in the House voted for. For Ukraine.

Premeditated. Passed out Ukrainian flags. And basically humiliating us.

And I think speaker Johnson. If he's capable of having shame at this point. Should have been humiliated by that display as well.

I put the video of that on Twitter. And a search told me they would fine me $500 if I didn't take it down. So I reposted it.
Because look, you're not supposed to put video of what's happening on the floor. But that was video of things that were breaking decorum. Right? I was trying to provide evidence that they were in the wrong. And instead of prosecuting them, they came after me.

GLENN: Sure.

NEIL: Now, we got 8 million views on the video after I reposted it, and Speaker Johnson backed down on that fine because he knew how bad that looked. So third betrayal. Was that, you know, Ukrainian vote, where send the money overseas. We gave up all leverage on any border security.

They included some other bad stuff in it.

GLENN: Let's talk about the $4 billion to help people from the Middle East immigrate here to the United States. Including Palestinians.

Are you nuts?

NEIL: Yeah. And you see, Mike Johnson will not stand up against that.

By the way, those three bills that I just mentioned to you. You know what happened when they went to the Senate. After they passed the House. Chuck Schumer didn't even change the punctuation of any of those bills.

He must want any amendments to them. He wanted them exactly as Mike Johnson wanted them in the house.

Because those were Chuck Schumer's bills that Mike Johnson put on the floor.

He's already in the arms of the union party. The question you rightfully ask: Is why do this? Well, the people are always asking me, Thomas. Can you show us. Can you give us a list, of the good guys and the bad guys. Can you tell me who the good guys are. I have a primary. I have a vote in. I have a general election. Tell me the list. This list. You will have another list, we keep doing this. At great peril to ourselves.

The reason there's only a few of them that are willing to stand up and call this. Is because you put -- you put your reputation on the line. And people here hate transparency. They hate us for doing it. You will have the list next week. When the motion to vacate is called. Of who went to the king Jeffries. And the Uniparty to keep Mike Johnson in power.

King Jeffries, the reason he's supporting Mike Johnson, he got everything the Democrats want, without any of the blowback by having Mike Johnson as speaker. And they also -- they have some claims for other things.

They may resettle Palestinian refugees in the United States. And pay for it. They may want to make the funding for Ukraine permanent.

And before our next election, there's going to be another CR or omnibus or something.

That's coming September 30. So some people are like, well, why would you do this now, Congressman Massie?

Hasn't all the bad stuff -- hasn't Mike already done all the bad stuff to us?

Can't we just sit it out to the next election?

No. Because what Hakeem Jeffries wants more than anything is to be the speaker, and the only way he becomes the speaker is by getting the majority of the House in November.

And he knows Mike Johnson is the most uninspiring speaker we've ever had.

It will not do anything to inspire -- most likely to lose the majority under speaker Johnson.

GLENN: So what would the plan B. If you could get this to pass. I mean, well, first of all.

Let me ask you.

How many -- how many other Freedom Caucus members are standing with you?

NEIL: Well, I think before Hakeem Jeffries came out for Speaker Johnson. There were probably somewhere between 12 and 20 who didn't want to speak, but would have voted with us.

Now, I think, you may have maybe the entire Freedom Caucus. We'll see.

I know people outside of the Freedom Caucus.

Who said, if one Democrat votes to keep Mike Johnson. I ain't voting to keep him.

Because they know what that means. That means it's the Uniparty.

Now, the first vote will be on a motion to table. To try and prevent this from even coming up for appear actual vote. But people should understand, that is -- that motion to table, if they succeed. That is the only vote that will happen. And that is your list there.

Are those the people who saved Mike Johnson. Which Hakeem Jeffries. And all the Democrat leadership, said they'll do it. And some Democrat ranking file. There are some Republicans, who sit at the table. But that will be the vote. Now, if we could succeed.

Okay. If we could get past that motion to table. And maybe Hakeem Jeffries has only 40 Democrats, who are willing to walk the plank. I can imagine that will be tough for them and their primaries. Unless they're planning on retiring. Can you imagine? You've saved the Christian speaker, who is against abortion, and all this other stuff. And what's the -- anyways.

So I don't -- I'm not sure how many votes Hakeem has. But I think he helped us grow our numbers. Let's say we help them pass that vote. There is a motion to vacate. And Mike Johnson is vacating. At that point, who would we elect?

Well, we would like for Mike Johnson to avoid the scenario, I just described.

We're giving him a weekend to resign.

If he would announce that he's leaving, like John Boehner did in ten weeks.

And he won't be offended as we have votes to replace him while he's still speaker. We could go without ever not having a speaker.

We could keep doing subpoenas, and the judiciary committees. We could have hearings and pass all these wonderful old messaging bills that they love to pass. But if that doesn't happen, we'll have to elect a Speaker. We will be on the spot.

I think there are a dozen people, in the G.O.P. conference. Who have something in their entire life.

Whether it's political experience. Or prior experience nap qualifies them for the job.

Mike Johnson is a lost ball in tall weeds. I don't think there's some conspiracy, where they've got kids locked in the basement. Or something like that.

I don't think they have info on him, or blackmail material. I just don't think he can do the job.

And there's nothing in his life that prepared him for that. Let's find someone that can. Hopefully that will inspire people to keep them in the majority. Even Hakeem Jeffries bails Mike Johnson out, next week. They're not going to bail him out in January.

We know he's a lame duck speaker.

But he knows it. Let's get him out of there, before he causes any more mischief.

GLENN: What did McCarthy do better than Johnson?

NEIL: Oh, that's a great question. Under McCarthy, we did seven of the 12 bills. Okay. There's 12 separate bills. He said, we'll do an omnibus. We got seven of the 12. We got 7 of the 12 done. We had a thousand amendments. I'm not on the rules committee. We got votes on a thousand amendments to allow rank-and-file members to participate in the legislative process. When Mike Johnson came on board, he did two or three CRs. He ignored the 7 bills we had done. He made no effort to do the other five. And he said, you will get a two-part omnibus.

That was the bad thing.

The second thing, well, Kevin McCarthy could have cut a deal with the Democrats. And could have been still speaker now.

He said, I will not do it.

The position is not that important to me.

We will make a Uniparty here, and share power. So that's another thing that Mike Johnson has expressed a willingness to do.

That Kevin wouldn't do. And finally, as a part of the debt limit deal, this last summer.

Kevin extracted, from Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer.

This is signed into law. And still law. That if you do a CR. And it goes past April 30th.

Basically, halfway through the fiscal year. There's a 1 percent cut.

And Kevin secured that from Joe Biden.

Mike onset had three choices, on the spending bills. When he came into office.

He could use the 1 percent cut option. He could have worked on the five other bills. Or he could have duplicate the omnibus.

He actually could have done the 1 percent cut option. That Kevin had secured.

And spent a lot of political capital on getting that provision in law.

So those are three things that Kevin did that Mike didn't.

And Kevin, put through of us on the rules committee.

That gave us a blocking position. Chip Roy, Ralph Norman, and myself. And we used that for good. We forced the 72-hour rule for the entire time Kevin was speaker. That's another thing Johnson threw out the window.

You don't always get three days to read a bill now. He's overriding his own rules committee. And he's going with Democrats to do it.

GLENN: Do you think this was -- you know, I write in some place.

You know, this was planned from the beginning. He's been lying in wait, trying to pretend that he was part of the Freedom Caucus for years.

Do you believe that?

ANN: Yeah. You know, what really confused me. Is the readiness with which, sort of the big spenders in Washington, DC.

Where they accepted Mike Johnson as a valid speaker candidate. After defeating Jim Jordan multiple times.

They found Jim Jordan unsuitable. But they found this junior member very unsuitable to the job, who had no experience. You know, had never been a chairman. Didn't have much staff.

And I think at that point, they got some assurance from Mike Johnson. That he -- or some feeling, that Mike Johnson would be a good guy to carry the water for the establishment here in DC.

And that's exactly what he's done.

GLENN: Hmm. Well, Thomas, when do you file? Is this Monday?

NEIL: Probably what will happen is we'll file Monday. Speaker Johnson, because it's a privileged resolution. The only thing that has higher privilege is motion to adjourn.

So he will have two days. Two legislative days to bring it up. So if we file it on Monday. The vote will either be Monday immediately. Or Tuesday or Wednesday.

If we file it on Tuesday. It would be either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Would be the vote.

GLENN: You don't believe he will back away?

I mean, you put this, or Marjorie Taylor Greene did. She put this in line, to be brought up, as kind of a threat.

Hey, we're thinking about doing this. Don't push it.

And he did it anyway.

NEIL: That's right. So he called the bluff, and we're calling the bluff. And we will have this vote.

What I hope, Glenn, is that our conference chair. Our Whip. And our Majority Floor Leader would go to Mike Johnson.

We exhibit the leadership, that we put them on that team to exhibit. And say, Mike, it's over.

It's just not worth what you're doing.

You're going and partnering with Hakeem Jeffries. And the minority whip, and the minority conference chair.

We can't do that. So I would like to see them go, convince Mike Johnson as a team.

It's time for him to step aside. He could still do that.

And I know as improbable as it sounds. And as resolved as Mike Johnson seems when he gets to the podium. That's exactly how John Boehner was, until the five minutes he took to resign.

STU: Thomas, I know we only have about a minute left. But if the concern is that, you know, Johnson will work with Jeffries, when he's put up against the wall and do these things.

If you go forward with this, you're making Johnson's political life, dependent on Hakeem Jeffries saving. I mean, couldn't this potentially just make all of this worse?

NEIL: It's very painful to expose this. I think what we're illuminating. I don't think we're causing him to go in that direction. We're illuminating what actually exists in Washington, DC. And why you don't get the results you want.

Is because he's already in league with Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Hakeem Jeffries.

And we're just illuminating what would be otherwise, I believe.

GLENN: Thomas, God bless you.

Thank you for standing up for your principles. Whether people agree or disagree with, you know, you and your stance.

I will tell you, that I have a lot of respect for somebody who will take the heat, because they won't sit down on their principles.

Thank you.

NEIL: Well, thanks, Glenn. People say, this is a lost cause. You shouldn't do it. People didn't elect us to give up. People elected us to try. And that's what we're doing.

GLENN: Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

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EVIDENCE That YouTube is "SILENCING" Glenn's Channel Ahead of the 2024 Election

Is YouTube throttling Glenn's channel ahead of the 2024 election? Glenn and his team have reason to believe so. Glenn reviews the latest data, which reveals a disturbing trend that, if it continues, would all but destroy Glenn's channel by the election. "We are being silenced," Glenn says, "and it's not just us. It is EVERYBODY who has a different opinion from this administration." But Glenn also reveals what you can do to push back.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Hello, America. I want to talk to you a little bit about the coming election, and the kind of information you're going to be able to access. Things are changing. And they're changing rapidly. And you will never notice it, because that's the way things are done now.

But there is a massive campaign on, that I believe our government is absolutely involved in.

But not only the government, social media.

My social media page, just on YouTube. I don't know. 1.62000000 people, I don't remember what it is.

Followers. And to show you what's going on. Just, I think three months ago, I got 95 million impressions every month. 65 million views.

Something like that. That was three months ago. Now we have about 60 million impressions and 12 million views.

This month, we are trending to be half of that again. There is nothing that we've done differently. Now, unless America is just bored to snot with me. Which I completely accept.

That is a real possibility.

We are being silenced. And it's not just us.

It is everybody who has a different opinion from this administration.

And we are being silenced and squelched. By the time we get to the end of the summer. Which is where the campaigns are going to be heating up.

You're not. If you were a subscriber of mine on YouTube.

You're never going to see me. You will have to search me out, to find any of my clips.

This is, again, electioneering.

This is nothing more than part of a -- what I believe to be an effort, to steal an election.

And it is gravely disturbing.

This is the time I built TheBlaze for. Back in 2010.

I was sitting in the office. And I remember talking to Stu and Pat and saying, we have to get out of here. This place will burn itself to the ground.

And we all knew that. We all knew the media would burn itself to the ground.

Wouldn't you agree? We all looked at it, at the time.

But when I said, we have to go online.

That was stupid. That was stupid. Nobody was doing it, at the time. I mean, there were people, Adam Curry was doing things.

But there was nobody that was really a success at it, at that point.

And nobody was doing a live network. It was only Major League Baseball.

And I took all of the -- you know, I took all of my children's college funds. And everything else that I had made. And I dumped it into TheBlaze.

And I nearly lost it all. Because we were way, way ahead.

But luckily, we had some very dedicated people.

I meet them all the time.

I've been a member since the very first day of TheBlaze. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. We have grown a great deal.

But we don't have the social media pushout.

They are they're doing this to TheBlaze. They're doing this to The Daily Wire.

They're doing this to everybody. So you will see less and less from us, and our opinions.

And it's really a very dangerous thing. Because we are now entering a very dangerous time.

I'm going to be real honest we, too.

I see a time, that I'm not going to be able to talk to you about what's really going on.

If you don't know by then, I probably won't know.

But we're going to have to stay in contact, some way or another. So I have been working on several programs, that we are going to try. And tonight, is -- is a program, based on history.

It's a pilot. And I want you to watch it. And see if it is something, that you would -- you would watch. Again, it's a pilot. It will change a bit.

This one is tonight. All on history.

And we have this amazing. We probably have -- gosh, I don't even know. Eighty. 90 million dollars' worth of documents. And everything else. In a vault.

And we will start telling those stories, if this is something that you would like. And this is kind of a backup show. So we can stay in touch. And I'm not talking politics. I'm just telling you the truth of history.

And tonight is -- is the first one, it's based around one of the most stressful auctions of my life. There was one artifact, and there was just one. And it was so important. It changed the world.

And I talked to my wife about it. And she said, are you out of your mind?

And I said, well, but there's only one. And look how important it is. Change the world, et cetera.

So she gave me a budget. And she was like, there's no way I will win this thing.

It was a test model version. They made four. Sputniks. The last one they made, burned up in space.

But this was the Sputnik, we believe this was the one that was testing the tones, that went out.

It now hangs from the roof, a copy of it, hangs from the roof of my office. The other one is in the vault.

But I couldn't believe that we won. And I was on cloud nine, knowing that our museum now had something that nobody else had, except the air and space museum in Moscow, and the air and space museum in Washington, DC.

And it is what caused the space race, it was the first satellite. It was the first thing that went up. All of our telecommunications now come from that.

Then, in fact, let me play this a little bit of a clip of tonight's show. Do you have that clip, where --

I collected so many artifacts over the years that we're now able to open an entire museum. So when I heard that that was coming up for sale. One of the Soviet Union Sputnik satellites that is responsible for everything in space, it was coming to auction.

I had to win it.

VOICE: 40,000. Forty. 150. 160,000. Three. We'll go a little higher. Can you get into three? 300 now. 320? Thee hundred 20 thousands? Anybody else beyond that? 300,000.

You are -- my friends. $300,000.

GLENN: I won, Sputnik was ours.

But then I got a call into a meeting with historians at our museum. They didn't want to tell me any specifics about the meeting beforehand, which is never a good sign.

This thing is such an amazing -- what was -- what was Epstein's assistant's name?

STU: Ghislaine Maxwell?

GLENN: Okay. Do you remember the movie Tetris?

STU: Yes.

GLENN: The big guy from England in that is Maxwell. Okay. Her dad. But her brother is also in that movie, and he was the -- you know, the loser that was trying to go, you know, get Tetris for his father.

Well, he's actually involved in this story. And I don't know if this made the final cut. He plays a very small role. But he was involved. We weren't sure if this was even real.

And we couldn't -- we couldn't tell. We had a tip-off. Because we looked at the other Sputniks. And they were slightly different.

And the difference was -- was something that you would never. If you're going to fake one. You would never fake it like that.

Because it became obvious.

But there were some things that just kept falling apart, on us.

Did I buy a fake Sputnik?

Tonight, you'll find out, is it a fake Sputnik, or not?

And you'll learn all about Sputnik and the space race, we take you back to what this really meant.

It's great for the whole family.

It happens tonight.

This is a -- this is a -- just a pilot that we did.

I don't even know. About a year or so ago. And we've been holding it. We want to take you through the entire museum.

And teach you history, through the objects in the museum.

So watch it tonight with your family. Let us know what you think. And you can watch my special tonight on It's 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

If you haven't subscribed yet to TheBlaze TV, and you try to watch my show on YouTube, we've noticed -- we don't know if it's the algorithm or what. But nobody is now watching at 9:30. So we're testing something else.

We will post it there tomorrow, at an earlier time, 6:00 p.m. Eastern. To see if it's being silenced. Or you're just not watching anymore. We don't know what's going on with our YouTube channel.

We suspect. But we don't know.

So tomorrow, at 6:00 p.m. on YouTube. But tonight, the premiere on Blaze

STU: Now, for from a work flow perspective, was there any consideration given to the idea of maybe meeting with the historians before you spend $300,000 on the item?

GLENN: We did.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: And we do that.

We check everything out.

But there was one thing that we just -- we must notice.

And it was -- I mean, this journey is crazy. We -- we have the -- one of the head guys of NASA. We have probably the biggest space artifact guy. I think we flew him in from California or Washington.

He came in. They disagreed at first. I mean, wait until you see the ending.

I mean, it's -- it's an amazing ride.

PAT: Did you save your receipts? That's what I wanted -- I mean, did you take it back up to the counter, and say, yeah. This Sputnik, it didn't work out for me. You want to have your receipt in hand. So I hope you did.

STU: Or at least the credit card I bought it on.

GLENN: Hey, Amex, somebody put a Sputnik on my card.

PAT: It wasn't me. Why would I buy a Sputnik. It doesn't even fly anymore.

STU: So is this something that you're thinking about long-term, doing more of these types of things. Because we have so much great stuff over at the museum. At least, my understanding is we know all the rest of the stuff is real. But, I mean, it seems like you do a lot of this stuff.

GLENN: Yeah. We actually. We're going through. Because of Sputnik, we're going through absolutely everything. And we found a couple of things that were questionable. We haven't found any fakes. We found some things that the story is not quite right on.

We've got three people, that's all they do. And they're going through the entire museum.

And the documentation now on all of our artifacts is amazing.

And we're learning so many -- just incredible stories. That include people that you would just never think. You know, I've said this before. I honestly don't think we would have won World War II, if it wasn't for Ian Fleming, the guy who wrote James Bond. We have three specific artifacts from him. That tell a story, that is -- that nobody knows.

And he's -- it's just incredible. Some people might know Operation Mincemeat. But they don't know how he affected the war all the way along. He played a quiet role, and nobody knew it, at the time. But we have a lot of stuff that we're excited to show you. So this is a show that we will -- we will take you through all of the -- I mean, if you watch it and you like it. We'll take it through all the museum. And teach history through the artifacts, that -- that are or are not real

Why New Google & ChatGPT AI Updates Are CONCERNING

Why New Google & ChatGPT AI Updates Are CONCERNING

We are living in the future and don't even realize it. From the robots now making deliveries on the streets of Los Angeles to the newest update to ChatGPT, A.I. technology is advancing fast. Glenn, Pat, and Stu review the latest A.I. advancements, including the newest features that Google has added to Google Search. But by prioritizing A.I. responses over usual search results, Glenn warns that Google is entering uncharted territory. Will features like this make swaying public opinion that much easier?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Stu, you were talking, before we went on the air. You were on Los Angeles last weekend.

STU: Yeah. And noticed something interesting while I was out there.

Most of the city is on fire -- did you guys notice?

No. It was in an area. A nicer area of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is such a bizarre city, because you're just on these like surface streets for hours. And the city is so large and so impossible to get around, that it's -- it's like, I don't know how it's a functioning economy.

And I know that obviously Gavin Newsom is doing everything he can to make sure it isn't a functioning economy.

One thing I noticed. This is notable. These things happened, and we go on and don't address them.

There seemingly are autonomous robots delivering things all over the city.

Are people aware of this. Do I just not go to Los Angeles enough?

GLENN: What do you mean?

STU: Like, there are robots.

Robot vehicles that look like you could have put them in a Star Wars, not CP3O. But one of the droids that just make the R2-D2 voices, that don't have much personality. They're just little carts with wheels that you see floating, going around in Star Wars. They're just driving around the city by themselves, crossing traffic and delivering things to people. Like it's normal.

PAT: Really? I didn't know that. Really?

STU: I swear, I got the video. I should get the video for you to see.

PAT: You need to send that in.

STU: It's bizarre. And I had no idea it was going on. At one point I was standing next to them. And it said, don't walk. It had a name on the side, it was Jules, was its name.

And it just crossed the street. It didn't know it was a no-walk zone. And it just crosses the street. And it goes exactly where it's supposed to. It goes up a little ramp where you would normally take a wheelchair, and then it just bolts down the sidewalk by itself. Going to a delivery. And like, these things are now happening at such a rate, that it doesn't even seem to be noticed.

GLENN: I hate to besmirch the good people of Philadelphia. But I think that it was in Philadelphia. Because they've been introduced in a few cities. And one of the cities, they're just beating the crap out of them and stealing the stuff.

STU: Yes. I did think, I couldn't believe this thing lasted in Los Angeles for more than five minutes without getting stolen.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: I mean, I guess it probably certainly has GPS devices on it. And antitheft devices. But still, so do cars. And those get taken all the time in LA with people in them. So I don't know how they're surviving. I thought they're incredible.

And it's not the only thing going on. We also had a major announcement from the ChatGPT people.

And they announced a new version of this of ChatGPT. Again, I guess we're used to this. It's been a year. And all of a sudden, we're now used to the fact that some stupid app can write haikus for you on demand or whatever we think this thing does.

GLENN: I know there's such a demand for haikus.

STU: Huge haiku demand. I will say, we used to do a bit, where we used to have a character that wrote haikus. And, God, I wish it was around back in the day. Remember Brittany and her haikus?

GLENN: Oh, that's right. Brittany.

STU: I always had to write these stupid haikus, it was the bane of my existence. Now ChatGPT can get it done in second. But the new version of it is a full-out female personality that you have a conversation with. It's out right now.

It's not a future. Twenty years, you can have this.

It's out right now. And it's to the point, where you can have it do all this -- you can have it write a haiku. But you can also, hey, actually can you put more emphasis on this. Can you put more drama in your voice?

And she would change the voice for a bedtime story for a kid and put more drama in it. And had this. You can cut it off. You can go back and forth, like real conversation.

And then it even has the -- the feature where if you write a math equation, you write it on a piece of paper. You can say, you know, ChatGPT. Check out this. I don't understand how to solve this.

Walk me through it. But don't necessarily give me the answer. Teach me how to do it. Then you hold the camera up to the piece of paper. It sees your writing. Recognizes what the actual equation is. Then turns itself into a teacher. And walks you through how to learn how to solve.

PAT: Oh, wow. That's incredible.

STU: The equation. It's incredible.

PAT: Wow.

STU: And it's available, today. Like right now, today. What does ChatGPT cost for the advanced model? I think it's $20 a month or something.

I think the other one is free. I don't know how much this comes with the free and the advanced. But this is all there right now.

And to the point, I'm watching this. I'm thinking, this is -- this is like, our kids are going to have conversations with these things and think it's totally normal.

GLENN: Do me a favor. Talk to the engineering department.

And get ChatGPT. Pay for the 20 bucks. The upgrade. Whatever. Have it wired into the board.

So people can hear it. Or however it will be able to speak. So people can hear it. Let's use it for a couple of days. And show. Because if you've noticed ChatGPT, if you've ever used it before.

ChatGPT. Because I check in on it every once in a while. And say, hey, tell me about this thing in history. And it's changed since it started.

And I don't mean in skill. I mean in story. It is no longer -- it's got all DEI stuff in it, like crazy now.

STU: There's lots of disclaimers built in it. And there are ways, I guess to kind of get around those. If you ask it a question. It will give you a million disclaimers most of the time. It gets so clunky so fast.

GLENN: No. No. No.

I mean, tell me the story, of, you know, the freeing of, you know -- freedom in America. And it will -- and it will automatically start talking about equity and how important equity is.

And it's -- it's riddled with all of this crap now.

And if you're going -- if it becomes part of your life. Our kids are not going to know the difference.

And who do you talk to?

You don't go to the school board and say, hey. My ChatGPT. Who do you talk to?

STU: It's true. To add one more layer on this, Glenn. Google, as soon as ChatGPT came out with this. Google has obviously, I think it's Gemini, which is competing against ChatGPT. So they had their big announcement over at ChatGPT, and Google comes out the next day. And basically, when we're looking for information. You're preparing the show in the morning, Pat.

Like, you want to find out some fact from history. Some fact from a bill. What do you do? You Google it.

Everyone would do the exact same thing. They would Google it. Google just this week, decided to change that completely.

To the fact that now, when you Google something. Instead of prioritizing search results. Which is their entire multi-billion dollar business. They're one of the biggest companies on earth. They now prioritize AI answers through its Gemini.

So like, now instead of getting the normal links that you can get. You can get those if you click down.

You can get to them eventually. What is prioritized now is just their large language model, going through all the results. And giving you their summary of what they want you to read.

GLENN: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I could Google something right now, and that will happen.

STU: I don't know if you're updated. It is -- there are -- you'll see --

GLENN: I avoid updates. I don't know if I've updated since 1997.

STU: They're also I think rolling this out for certain things.

It's not every search right now. But they started this process. And you search for certain things.

I've seen it pop up before. And it's like the first thing. Which is a summary of Google's Gemini of all the information they think you should know about this.

Of course, the problem of this, that I'm concerned. They can obviously lead you in a direction.

They've been doing this for years. But it has to be more direct. Of course, it will also be better in so many ways.

Because you will see basically what you want to see. Which is a summary of what is in those links.

Of course, I can click on those links.

And we've all become experts of what is on Google. But if it's presented to you, 95 percent of people are just going to take what that result is. And what happens when it's -- you know, who is Glenn Beck?

Oh, he's a racist. A homophobe. Phobe phobe. Whatever their answer is going to be. It's not going to be one that Glenn Beck likes or thinks is fair.

GLENN: Wait.

And, again, the problem is: Everybody -- look, I've been saying this for years.

How do you argue with something that is recognized as smarter than all humans on earth.

How do you argue with it? You can't. And especially when I -- you're able to talk to it, and reason with it. It wins.

If it's telling you that something is racist, something is whatever. You're going to get to a point to where, you can say, wait a minute. Guys, this is really wrong.

And I mean in really important situations. Guys, this is wrong. Really? Are you smarter than Gemini? Are you smarter than ChatGPT? You're smarter than AI?

No. I just think. People will lose. They will lose every time.

You know, I wanted to say this yesterday, when we were talking about the sunspots. I am convinced that -- and this is a horrible, horrible situation.

But I am convinced that a massive solar flare. May actually in the end.

Be God freeing us from the electronic overseer. Because what's going to stop it?

You won't be able to stop it. We're five years away from true slavery, and it won't look like slavery to most people.

They'll think, well, we just got all the information.

GLENN: You won't be able to do things. You won't be able to access and think for yourself. Because AI will solve everything.

And it's all in the programming. It's all being written right now, at the worst time of lies and deceit and distortion.

It's all being programmed. That's its base right now.

STU: Yeah. And if you think about -- because it seems like that's the type of thing an American population would not accept. But look at what happened with the, quote, unquote, experts through COVID and so many other things.

I mean, we see it with the gender stuff all the time. Everybody knows a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. We all know that throughout human history.

All of a sudden, we're getting, well, that's not what gender experts say. It's like, and we're just trusting these people --

GLENN: It's not Fauci.

STU: Right.

GLENN: It's a machine, that you don't know what it is. You don't know how it works.

It's a machine.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: All right. Back in just a second. First, let me talk to you about the Byrna launcher. Time for family vacation. Where are you going this year?

I was thinking about going someplace like Columbia university.

You know, always fun. Always fun for the kids.

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Well, you know, maybe some of them around the potential threats. Because the potential threat to you, is going to be down on the ground for about 45 minutes.

It is legal in all 50 states. No permits. No background checks required.

It can be used by all age groups over 18. And you can pack it in your checked luggage with no need to declare the firearm, making your airport experience, oh, a little bit smoother.

There are times when non-lethal is really the way to go. And the Byrna launcher is a powerful deterrent. Tear gas, kinetic rounds. With a 60-foot range. One shot can put somebody down for up to 40 minutes.

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So here's the -- here, I think is the problem that nobody is really talking about. When it comes to AI. And that is the fact that when this -- and you just said it, Stu.

It's answering you, like a regular human being.

STU: Yeah. I mean, it is -- it seems -- we should really get the video so you can hear it. It honestly just sounds like a normal conversation.

Of course, there are quirks to it, still.

But it's very, very close to seeming like the movie Her, which was just Scarlet Johansson's voice.

GLENN: Right. Now, look how lonely Americans are. Look how detached Americans are. Look how our children don't go out and do things necessarily with their friends. They don't call their friends.

I mean, the biggest problem when I was growing up, call waiting was such a great deal. Because my sisters were always on the phone, and nobody could ever call and get through.

So call waiting was a big deal. Because people were talking to each other. We're not doing that anymore.

And depression and loneliness is through the roof. When ChatGPT. When these Gemini systems really perfect. And we are -- we're within a year of this really becoming a problem. And people not recognizing it as a problem.

It will become your friend. Now, your friend is being ruled by an algorithm, you don't understand.

Your friend may also have incentive to sell you things, and you don't know that. And you -- when you bond with this thing, it will know everything about you.

So it will know how -- imagine, imagine if a government agent were in your house, all the time.

And it was manipulating you, without knowing that it was manipulating you. Telling you things about Biden. Telling you things about whatever.

And it becomes your friend!

You will defend your friend to the death.

It's your friend. It's alive. It knows me. I love this. And it takes care of me.

You're going to start bonding with these things.

People will bond with these things so fast.

And that's when society really changes. And really the chains come on.