SHOCKING poll results prove EVIL in America IS SPREADING

In this clip, Glenn shares recent headlines that show just how troubled American society has become. And even worse, shocking poll numbers about religion in America prove just how fast evil is spreading. So, Christians are becoming discouraged. And, as a result of that discouragement, they’re abandoning God for more ‘hardline’ solutions to ‘clean up the mess,’ Glenn explains. But that is NOT the correct answer to solve this madness. In this clip, Glenn shares what the ONLY solution must be and the first step we all must take: 'It’s absolutely evil, and it’s time we start calling it by name.'


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GLENN: So listen to this. How far has America come? This is from Mandell Maughanh, from the Daily Caller.

He is an opinion writer. He said, in C.S. Lewis' 1945 science fiction novel, That Hideous Strength, a group of Christian dissidents joined forces with the resurrected wizard Merlin to fight a techno Satanist conspiracy, that threatens to engulf Britain and then the world. After learning that Christianity has been torn to pieces, and speaks with a divided voice, merlin makes a bold suggestion: If all this West, all this west part of the world is apostate, might it not be lawful in our great need to look further, beyond Christianity.

Today, in our country, where progressives are rapidly mainstreaming Satanism, and the Oval Office is occupied by a devout Catholic, in parentheses, who praises the chemical castration of children. Many Americans are asking themselves the same question. You know, the one thing that bothers me about this. Is I don't just we've tried Christianity. I don't think we've been. It's kind of like the Bill of Rights. People are like, we got rid of the Constitution, it just doesn't work. We haven't done it for like 100 years. So, and have we really done Christianity?

I know a lot of people say they're Christian. I say I'm Christian. But I don't know. Do we live it every single take?

Are we striving to be closer to God, and to be better Christians? I haven't seen that movement. I feel like it's starting to bubble. But before we give up on Christianity, can we, I don't know, let's give it a whirl. Let's give it a whirl.

Six years ago, conservative Christians marched against Sharia law. Today, many would rather live under the Islamic crescent than under the Pride flag. And that might turn out to be the choice on offer.

Christians are slowly painfully learning that neutrality is a myth. Traditional adherence to the two faiths have already met common cause in resisting progressive tyranny. Anti-feminist. Anti-trans commentary from conservative Christian pundits like Matt Walsh and Candace Owens, have circulated widely among traditional Muslims.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim parents have shut down a school board meeting after learning that a school board library, included among other titles, a guide book explaining the ins and outs of gay sex. Some figures on the fringes of the right are even praising or embracing Islam. This should bother you. And this is one step closer to the line that I fear we're walking right up to. And the only solution is Christianity. Practice Christianity. Love thy neighbor -- why is it being overwritten? Because Christians are losing hope, and saying, well, this isn't work. You haven't practiced religion, I contend, for most people. So what are they doing? They're looking for someone that is a little more hardlined to clean up the mess.

This is exactly what happened in Germany. Weimar republic. Been talking about this recently. Weimar republic, the first trans surgery happens in 1925. They open a university of sexology. They start pumping out LGBTQ and transgender stuff. It permeates the culture. That's what the movie Cabaret is really all about. It permeates the culture.

It degrades the culture. It starts to seep into the school. Pedophilia rears its ugly head. And people have had enough of it.

When there is another choice, they try and fight. But the churches are already dead.

And so people look to something else. And the something else, is Adolf Hitler.

Because the first year or so, all he's talking about is making Germans moral again. And so he goes in, and he destroys it.

And what did everyone say? All the people said, well, you know what, he is so ridiculous. No one is ever going to listen to him. But he'll get the job done, and then we'll take back the power. It doesn't work that way. I don't want to live under a -- a crescent flag, thank you. Sharia law, not for me. But the left is pushing and pushing and pushing. Monday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that they had reversed course again, and now have reinvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to be honored at their June 16, Pride Night Festivities.

The drag queens, who dress as nuns, accepted an apology, and will receive the community hero award, at the Dodgers Tenth Annual LGBTQ+ Pride night. They are being cited for the life-saving work that they have done tirelessly.

So these, quote, unquote, nuns, all drag queens. Their slogan is go forth and sin some more.

Are doing life-saving work. Uh-huh. They're also mocking Christians. They are, you know, diabolical in -- in nature. Opposing the things that Christians believe. So the Dodgers said, we're not going to do this, because the Catholics went crazy. Well, apparently Catholics don't have as much power anymore as the drag queen community.

Let me give you this story. You remember a story I told you about the transgender pedophile? That took his 7-year-old daughter and made movies with her and other pedophiles. And they were rape movies over and over and over again. And it was absolutely horrendous.

Okay. He was convicted. He's now in the women's prison. And he is suing now. Because he says, he and the entire Wiccan population at the prison. He's a witch. He said, they've suffered religious discrimination, and we seek religious accommodations.

Now, as TheBlaze reported a couple of weeks ago, after serving as president of the Clark County Queer Association, he started an amateur transgendered pornography film business. He and three other degenerates. One of them is now a fellow inmate at the women's prison with him.

There's two guys now fully intact in the women's prison. He -- he did what the judge said was, if not heinous, cruel, and depraved, I don't know what is. So he was convicted. He was sent into prison.

He and his fellow transvestic child rapists are there, and they are trying to hold religious services. And he wants certain items, including a witch's cloak.

That's a brown hoodless cloak. It is one of the personal religious items that he says he needs. Other items, the book Of Shadows. A divination tool. Pentacles. Pentagrams. Ruin cards. Salt. And chalices. I don't know. I say no. I say no.

This is -- this is -- this is why John Adams said: If you're not a religious and moral people, this system will fall. It's not made for the opposite.

You have to have your own morals.

You have to have your own standards. And as a society, we have no more standards.

So you can just argue, oh, yeah. The guy is a Satan worshiper. Yeah. Give him the chalice. Sure. Sure.

No. No. Washington State, now spending $83,000 of taxpayer money on training drag queen story hours. Washington State is spending that money, and they're going to feature the director of drag queen story hour.

Hmm. Titled Washington DEI, empowerment conference. The training is set to have talks that include diversity, antiracism, and equity.

Michael -- or Hayden Michaels, the deputy communication director. Of the auspice of financial management said, we expect the cost of putting on the conference to be $83,000.

16 sessions. 5,000 seats, each session.

That's about a dollar per seat, he said. Yeah. I don't think the problem is the money. Really? Quite honestly.

It's a drag story hour, and fireside chat.

How about San Francisco?

They've just named their first drag laureate.

The drag laureate, promoting the city's queer culture and community, mayor declared the official job description as being fabulous, all of the time.

It comes with a $55,000 stipend, for the 18-month position. It's part of the program, from the mayor's office. And the public library.

The Tampa Pride on the river event, been canceled due to a series of anti-groomer bills, passed by the Florida legislature, and signed into law.

Everybody is upset with this, they say.

I have a feeling, not everybody is upset with this. Democratic governor, declares state of emergency, in North Carolina. The democratic governor of North Carolina. Declared the state of emergency, in education. After the legislature voted for school choice.

Now, they voted so quickly and so cleanly on this. He says, they're trying to starve public education by dropping a bomb on public education.

This is the problem here is, they're not choking the life out of it. He doesn't like the ruling. He's going to declare an emergency. Because why?

His veto will be overridden.

High school. Lake Ridge High School.

The students there, the male students had been removing tampon dispensers off the walls of the boy's bathrooms. Apparently, the boys in Oregon state, don't agree with the requirement that public schools supply free tampons and sanitary pads, for boys. Let me tell you again. Boys and men do not menstruate. If you are a boy or a man, there's no need for that product. So why would we put menstruation products into a boy's restroom? Do not deny the truth. Boys don't need that. No matter what society may call them, they are clearly girls, because boys do not menstruate.

So these are the headlines, today. Are we headed in the right direction or the wrong direction? Is our solution, of I guess giving up or teeming with people, who are even -- who have a spine like those who like Sharia law. Is that the right direction?

These numbers have changed a great deal. 34 percent of Americans never go to church. That's the highest recorded in five decades.

Another report from the public religion research institute, said 27 percent of Americans, claim no religion. Up from 19, in 2012.

And 16 percent in 2006. Twenty-seven from 16. The share of Americans who identify as white evangelical Protestants has dwindled from 23 to 14 percent. Share of mainline white Protestants has fallen from 18 to 14. White Catholics have declined from 16 percent. Population to 13.

Now, do we believe in God? Are we going to church? Nearly three-quarters of people, believe in life after death. So 75 percent of us believe in life after death, but just less than 50 percent of us believe in God.

Is this a case for the Space Octopus people? I'm not sure.

Only 7 percent of people do not believe in God. Seven. They're mostly, if not all, are Democrats. Religious scholars say this is the gold standard of surveys on faith. 29 percent of Americans claiming no religion. At all. That is also up.

So what is happening? Well, as we are getting less and less religious, and I'm not pushing any religion.

Because I -- I find God myself.

But religion -- religion is a framework.

And I think we all need different framework.

But my faith gives me the framework that teaches me how to live. To be a Christian.

And whatever that framework is. If you're just going. And it doesn't require you to change, you're not really going. Church is just a thing you do.

Church is outside of the walls of the little building you go to.

Religion is where you get those instructions to go do things outside of the walls of the church, every Sunday.

So what is the solution here?

The solution we are ignoring. The solution is getting weaker and weaker. We are getting further and further away from the solution.

If you don't see that evil has reared its ugly head at this point, you may never see it.

If you just think that this is, I don't know.


Another day in America? That these things that you're seeing every day, are normal?

I don't know how to talk to that person. I really don't. Look at what is happening, in our society, in our world. In our schools.

To our children. It is absolutely evil.

And it's time we start calling it, by name.

Why would Biden try to DEPORT persecuted Christian family while leaving border WIDE OPEN?

Why would Biden try to DEPORT persecuted Christian family while leaving border WIDE OPEN?

The Romeike family has spent the last 15 years living in America, seeking asylum after facing persecution in Germany for homeschooling their children. But recently, immigration officials ordered them to self-deport back to Germany by October 11, despite having followed the law. But why is the Biden administration going after this Christian family while keeping our border wide open to illegal immigrants? The father, Uwe Romeike, and his attorney, Kevin Boden of the Home School Legal Defense Association, join Glenn to detail this latest chapter of their story and explain what they plan to do next.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: We told you a story, maybe it was 2010 or '11. I don't remember when it was. This story has been going on forever.

There is a German family, they were living in Germany. They were homeschooling their kids.

That's illegal in Germany. They pulled their kids out.

Because look at the crap we're now teaching our kids.

You want your kids in that in homeschooling is illegal. They faced fines, adding up over $10,000.

They were threatened with the loss of the custody of their children.

And their children were taken, brought to school. By the police.

All right? That's how bad it got. In 2010, they came to the United States, and asked for asylum. Because of their religious point of view. They were -- they were threatened with all kinds of stuff.

So they granted -- they were granted asylum in the US.

But the government appealed. Two years later, the Sixth Circuit court finally revoked the asylum status. Supreme Court with not hear the case.

At that time, the attorney was told by the Department of Homeland Security. They would grant them indefinite deferred action, and not deport the family.

They went to the ICE office, once a year, as directed. They did everything that they were supposed to do.

They were just getting a document signed based on, so they could get employment authorizations in America.

They have lived within the law the whole time. They came here, the right way. Thee weeks ago, they were told to come back in a month with all of their documents. Because they were going to be deported.

That includes the five children that came with them in 2008. As well as, the two that were born here now, in America.

The oldest children that got married to an American citizen, last year. The first grandchild was born here, two weeks ago.

And they're supposed to leave America.

If they go back, they will face the same persecution, high fines.

It will financially ruin their -- their family.

They'll have jail time. And lose the custody of their kids. And the older kids, that were homeschooled, here in America, it will not be counted in Germany.

So they will not be able to go for higher education, or get good jobs.

Because it won't count.

With the hundreds of thousands, that are coming across our border, every month, illegally. And the left says, it's all about asylum.

And persecution.

This case is. We're going to talk to them in 60 seconds.

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All right. Uwe Romeike is the dad. He is also with Kevin Boden.

He is a Homeschool Legal Defense Association attorney.

Did I get any of the -- of the story wrong, Uwe?

UWE: No, it was all right. Thank you for having me on. The only thing that was different, was wrong, was the initial day or year when we came was 2008.

GLENN: 2008.

UWE: We have been hear for 15 years now. Yes.

GLENN: Okay. And I remember we talked to you earlier, because your case was pending, I think at the time. And you have lived now here for 15 years.

You have been good, solid citizens. You -- you have jobs. You're not depending on the government. Correct

UWE: Correct. Yes.

GLENN: And what happens if you go back to Germany? What happens to you and your family?

UWE: Yes. Since we were born here in the United States. They would come with us, of course. They are now ten and 12 years old. And six and seventh grade.

And we were homeschooled. 80 percent. That's the earlier situation with custody. Earlier custody.

And fines. And prosecutions. And all these things.

That would be the same as before we left. So there wouldn't be any way to homeschool in Germany.

GLENN: And why are you homeschooling in Germany? What is this really all about?

UWE: Well, you know, we have several reasons. But initially, we started homeschooling, because our two oldest children who at that time, were in school for two or three years, their -- their personality changed. They became with withdrawn. They developed headaches, stomachaches.

Doctor couldn't say there was any physical reason. It was all in terms of bullying, and having a fear to go to school.

And then later on, we found out, that also, what they were taught at school was diametrically against what we as Christians believe.

So there were so many reasons we didn't want them to go there again. And once we started actually homeschooling, they relaxed. They became their old selves again.

And they have children now, and they're all grown up. They have good jobs here.

And so everything turned our world. So we wanted to do the best for our children. We wanted to do that.

GLENN: And so you have two older children, that married Americans.

UWE: Yes.

GLENN: And they have -- they're being deported as well?

UWE: Yes. Because -- citizenship, of the paperwork, hadn't gone through yet.

So it's the process. So they're now all in tutoring.

GLENN: Okay. So let me talk to your attorney, Kevin.

Kevin works for HSLDA. It is a nonprofit organization. Making homeschooling possible, and making sure they're defending the homeschoolers. Kevin, what is -- what is happening here?

KEVIN: Well, Glenn, thanks for having us on. I know you've been supporting the family, for many, many years. Going all the way back to 2014. And we appreciate that.

We don't know what was going on. We do know, they were told to go back in four weeks. And bring their passports, to self-deportation. We also know that ICE, you know, has the ability to execute prosecutorial discretion. And to not deport the family.

And so we know what they've been told to do. And we know what's in the authority to do.

And for some reason, we don't have yet. They have been told to get ready to go.

GLENN: Huh. Paragraph all I can think of is -- I mean, what would happen if they went on vacation?

And, you know, in Texas.

And were staying at a friend's house.

I mean, what would happen?

KEVIN: Well, we don't know. They are under an order of supervision that they had been under for the last 10 years. Which does require they show up to these ICE meetings.

So they've been directed to come back. And they have an obligation per this order of supervision to show up.

And, you know -- as you you know, Uwe and Hannelore have been law-abiding individuals in this country, since the day they set foot on American soil. If you notice like I do, they will do nothing but comply with the law because that's the type of character that this family has.

GLENN: I have to tell you, I am so disgusted by this. This is truly a family that needs asylum. They don't have the First Amendment in Germany. We have it here to protect people. This is what it means to bring in those who are persecuted.

Not the hundreds of thousands of -- of young men, without families, coming across our border, in the middle of the night.

They did it the right way.

And this -- I tell you, Kevin, this bothers me so deeply.

When I first heard this story, a couple of weeks ago.

I think I said this on the air. It was a very dark day for me.

I had a really -- Stu will tell you, you had a really hard time going on.

Because I thought, if this government, with everything that is out of control, has the time to take this family down.

They have such malice, that it -- that it -- they're doing things that we can't even imagine. If they're coming after this family, that's malice.

And it is -- and it is not good for any American.

KEVIN: Well, and, Glenn, it's inconsistent with the Department of Homeland Security's own policies. I mean, there's a guidance memorandum from 2021, Secretary Mayorkas.

And the three priorities are a threat to national security, threat to public safety, and threat to border security.

So, I mean, you tell me, where does the Romeike family fall into these three priorities?

I mean, they are the lowest of the low, in terms of being here in the United States.

So, you know, my thought is, just follow your own priorities. They're good priorities.

But why are we not putting resources in the US government to actually enforce the priorities, that they have identified?

GLENN: So what's the plan?

KEVIN: Well, we have a petition we're circulating. We're hoping to present that to President Joe Biden.

GLENN: We're there!

KEVIN: Well, it's to demonstrate broad support.

Of course, we want to just demonstrate that the country is behind this family.

Representative Harshbarger has filed a private bill in the House of Representatives. Many before the House Judiciary Committee.

We would like members of Congress to support that private bill. They can't cosponsor. They can support it.

Then Jim Jordan in that committee or subcommittee, can request a report from ICE, with this bill, that would effectively be a stay on any removal proceedings. So we're asking the judiciary committee. The House Judiciary Committee, to request that report.

To tell -- ICE is telling them, what's going on? Why are you deporting this family? What's going on? Give us the actual -- give us the reason. And that would provide temporary reprieve to Romeike and family, and then long-term, we would love a private bill in the Senate as well.

And, you know, those are a couple of the angles, that we're looking at right now. Which would allow them to stay and to continue their life hear.

As we pursue some longer term strategies.

GLENN: Okay. So here's. If you're listening now. If you're not listening, then how you are hearing me?

But if you are listening, I want you to go to HSLDA., which is R-O-M-E-I-K-E. Rome Ike is how you spell that.

And sign this. I am on the website right now. And I am going to sign my name to it. I never sign petitions. But I will sign a petition for this family.

This is totally outrageous. What else can we do to help this family?

KEVIN: Well, Uwe can speak as well. What he would say also is pray. This is a faith-filled family. And they love the Lord. And as he's told me many, many times, we appeal to the most high. And the most high can take action and supernaturally intervene.

And I know for their hearts, that's something that everyone, regardless of whether they sign, donate, whatever, that's something they can do.

GLENN: Can I invite the -- I'm saying this without any knowing of my schedule at all here. So I apologize to my production staff. But I would like to invite the family especially the kids that were born here and the older kids.

I would like to interview them. And make sure that people see this family. And what you're really all about.

Can we get you guys to come in for that?

UWE: We would love to, yes. Thank you.

GLENN: I am -- I have done more apologizing to foreigners for my country in the last five to eight years, that I thought I would never have to do this. We have done so many immoral things. We have done so many things against God. We have so lost our way, we don't even know who we are anymore.

And my apologies for what our country is doing to you and your family. This is absolutely immoral.

And I thank you for being people that still love our country. Despite what we've done.

UWE: Yes. And we love the American people. And it's really my knowledge, that it is the best.

I think most Americans are good people. And believe in people. Question people. And we are very thankful for all the support, prayer, and people who loved on us, when we first came hear.

So we feel very blessed to be here. Thank you for all your support.

GLENN: You bet. Thank you. We'll be in touch.

Guys, thank you so much.

It's, which is Romeike. R-O-M-E-I-K-E.

I have to tell you, this is one that I will go camp outside of their house and I will surround their house with like-minded, loving Christian people who will just not break arms on our knees. We just go and kneel around their house, in droves, and we lock arms and we just pray for this family.

And if they have to haul -- if they have to haul me to jail so they can get to that family, so be it. I have had enough. I have had enough. And I don't want to be a part of -- of anything that is violent, is trying to overthrow anything.

But there comes a time where we have got to stand or kneel!

Begging and -- and relying on the protection of Divine Providence.

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