PROOF Hunter Biden’s sketchy deals were true ALL ALONG

John Solomon, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Just the News, recently underwent a thorough investigation by The Hill for articles he had published concerning Hunter Biden's sketchy business deals overseas. But, Solomon tells Glenn, the news publication found NOTHING factually false with his reporting, which proves what we’ve known for over a year now: What Glenn (and many others) have told you about Hunter Biden is TRUE. Solomon provides the details to his latest damning story on the president’s son, and he reminds us that this corruption goes far beyond Hunter: these deals criminalize JOE Biden, too…


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GLENN: Let me -- let me start with something that has come out just a few days ago. And it revolves around John Solomon. John Solomon is a -- an award-winning journalist. He has been in the business forever. And he has been horribly smeared by tech, and by the mainstream media. For telling the truth.

He just published a statement, because he's been under investigation, at the Hill, where he was hired to be the main guy to run their digital work. And he started printing stories about Ukraine and about Hunter Biden. And what was going on. And also, the laptop. So the Hill said, then we got to get rid of him. We're going to have to review everything that he does and says. Well, the Hill has published an update to review all of the work that he did in Ukraine. His reporting and other articles. They did not find a conflict of interest. Also, the Hill's newsroom review did not identify a single factual error in any of his columns. Indeed, after months of digging into claims from liberal media, and impeachment witnesses, that my reporting was false, the Hill found nothing false in my reporting. They didn't interview him. But why would you do that, when you're trying to get to the truth? Why would you interview the principle of person involved?

STU: Seems like too much work.

GLENN: Yeah. It does. But it doesn't matter. They have cleared all of his reporting. Now, how much damage has this done? To John, I don't think very much. Because he started And I will tell you, it is a go-to source every day for me. You want real journalism. Real reporting, does it. John Solomon joins us now. Hi, John.

JOHN: Hey, good to be with you guys.

GLENN: Yeah. Congratulations.

JOHN: Thank you. Thank you. Listen, you're only as good as the next story.

GLENN: I know. I know.

JOHN: The truth of the matter is the avalanche of facts that were held behind the dam of censorship. Which, by the way, at your Reagan dinner speech at CPAC, you really hit it on the head with this is the danger of this censorship. But you know what, the dam is breaking. And the facts are flowing and overrunning the dam now. And, soon, the American people are going to know the truth in spite of the news media, and that's a good thing for all of us.

GLENN: So just so our audience knows. Because I think these are all -- these are earth-shattering, now all confirmed. Top Ukrainian justice officials says, the U.S. ambassador gave him a do not prosecute list. That's huge. Been denied over and over again. The ambassador is clearly a liar on this. Senior Ukrainian official says, he opened a probe into U.S. election interference. As Russian collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton marriages. U.S. embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros during the 2016 election. Joe Biden's 2020, Ukrainian nightmare. A closed probe is revived. Ukrainians to U.S. prosecutors. Why don't you want our evidence on the Democrats? How Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost. Ukrainian embassy confirms DNC contractor, solicited Trump dirt in 2016. God. FBI warned early and often, that Manafort file might be fake. But they used it anyway. How Muller deputy Andrew Weissmann's offer to an oligarch could boomerang on the DOJ. I mean, this just goes on and on. Those stories, somebody has to pay a price. Because those people are still in -- this administration. Many of them.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And doing possibly, this or worse, because nobody has paid a price.

JOHN: Yeah. You couldn't have said it better, Glenn. That's really -- and all of that smoke. All of those stories and the counterattacks against me and Peter Schweizer. Think about this. There were people in the news media, calling Peter Schweizer, a conspiracy theorist. This guy is the best researcher in American history. He doesn't do it any better. But, you know what, all of that incoming fire, was to keep us from the truth of what we really wanted to get, which was that Hunter Biden was running an influence peddling scheme, enriching his family, cashing in on his father's day. And the other day, I put together a story that I think is my favorite one of the last four or five years.

It looks at how, as the war is beginning in Ukraine. The first war, when Russia invaded in 2014, on Biden/Obama spots. As they're taking over Crimea. Hunter Biden is sitting with his business partner, saying, all right. Let's get one oligarch on each side of this conflict, and let's go make some money.

So he goes to Yelena Baturina, the billionaire, Russian oligarch, and then he goes to Mykola Zlochevsky, the Burisma owner, and they're working to get both of them to pay them lots of money. And they actually write the middle of this scheme. That's really what it is. This is going to be life-changing for us. Meaning the amount of money they're going to get. As long as Ukraine doesn't fall to Russia, before we get our money. They literally knew they were hedging a bet on the war to enrich the Biden machinery. And you go through all the emails. Hunter Biden is on a first name basis with the Russian oligarch. He's working for a company that his father's own administration considers corrupt. It's all okay, because it was a great way for them to make money. The idea that Hunter Biden, the vice president's son is profiteering off a Russian war on Ukraine, the first one, is really the ultimate thing that all those people who are attacking us, have been trying to hide. They didn't want that story out there.

GLENN: So, John, by the way, congratulations, that is a tremendous story. The -- the oligarch, the Russian oligarch, is that the Moscow mayor's wife.

JOHN: Sure was. You're right. Yeah. The one that -- a few months ago. Or maybe a year ago. All the Democrats and their Democratic media allies are saying, that there's no evidence that Hunter Biden was in contact with it. It had nothing to do with it. The only evidence after that was that Ron Johnson and Craig Chuck Grassley (phonetic) showed a $3.5 million payment from that -- well, we just put a new document. It is the board minutes. One of Hunter Biden's company. It's called Burnham. According to Burnham, Hunter Biden was a vice president. Devon Archer, his convicted sidekick, is the head of it.

In this board minutes, in the spring of 20 -- plus, summer of 2014, they boasted that Yelena Baturina didn't give them 3.5 million. She gave them $200 million. That is a document, that the FBI seized. A document that FBI has put into court files. Good luck trying to find any mainstream media that was willing to print that. But Hunter Biden was calling Baturina by her first name, Yelena. Meeting with her at a hotel. Scheming up ideas to tap her money for real estate deals and other things. A cocoa initiative in Latin America, and when he's talking about the cocoa initiative. Him and Devon Archer joked, maybe we can get some money for Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president. By the way, Ukrainian president who fired the prosecutor, at Joe Biden's request. Hunter Biden was on a first name basis. A year ago, the Democrats are telling us, there was nothing that connected us. They were lying.

GLENN: So, John, may I take you into possibly, you have information on this. But probable speculation. What -- so what is happening, really in Ukraine, now? I mean, this is -- I believe that, you know, Putin -- I don't know. Misjudged. Or whatever. And went into Ukraine. And there's nothing bogus there. But with all of the -- with all of the facts and all of the really nasty stuff, really tied directly to Biden and Clinton there, is there anything else, do you think, possibly going on? Is evidence being destroyed? Is there anything?

JOHN: Yeah. Probably not. It's hard to erase evidence today. Right? Because there's so many digital copies upon digital copies. And someone has hacked them somewhere along the way. Listen, I think the war -- the second invasion of Ukraine on Joe Biden's watch. Because the first one also occurs on his watch, when he was VP in charge of the region, is a reflection that -- of three things. One, that Vladimir Putin has always thought Joe Biden to be weak. So if you're going to do something, you always want to do it on the weak guy's watch. The second part is, Devon Nunez said this on my television show last night. And it's really resonated in my mind, all night. Into the morning today.

He said, that listen, the greatest crime of the Russia collusion scandal, the effort by Hillary Clinton to hang a fake story on Donald Trump, is that it handicapped two or three years of the presidency of Donald Trump. And Donald Trump has an opportunity to realign the relations between Russia and Ukraine.

He was willing to give lethal aid to Ukraine, which Obama was too chicken to do. He was willing to sanction Putin. And he probably would have been willing to get a sort of grand bargain between the two sides. That would lower the tensions. But because Russia collusion took Russia off the table, for a president, he and his team couldn't execute a peace to strength policy. And as a result, Joe Biden gets in. And now we're doing peace to appeasement. And we see what happens when we do peace to appeasement. The European model. The bullies like Putin get aggressive. And we sit back, and we're counterpunching it best. I think what Devin Nunes was trying to say. Is all these scandals that were faked by the media, kept President Trump from maybe creating an Alaskan peace solution, like he did in the Middle East, with the Abrahamic Accords. Very interesting way to look at the last five years of history.

GLENN: All right. Back with John Solomon. If you can hang with me, give me one minute. We'll be back with John Solomon. Author of Fall-out. And CEO, editor and chief of

GLENN: So John Solomon, from We are now hearing that, oh, the laptop is true. It's real. It's crazy! But they're -- the White House is still denying that Biden had anything to do with it. They're all -- all these things are now verified. All the really important things are verified, that he was making money, and he knew his son was involved in all of these things. Laws. Big laws were broken just in their financial goings on. Between hunter and Joe Biden. But you're not hearing anyone in the press -- they're all throwing Hunter Biden under the bus. But making sure that everybody knows. But the president is completely clean.

JOHN: Ron Johnson used the Watergate term over the weekend. He used it to get an interview this morning. What the media is engaged in is a limited modified hangout, which is, they're going to now give you some ground, and acknowledge that the false reality that they have created is not totally true. But they're not going to give us the whole truth until the next shoe falls. That's a great public relation strategy that we saw happened again in the Nixon years. I think he's right. Which is, right now, they went from Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. To, oh, he's got a lot of problems. But there's no evidence that Joe Biden did anything. I want to object to that picture that they're portraying right now. We know from the documents that we just made public a couple days ago, on this oligarch story, that Joe Biden agreed to a dinner with his son, where the Russian oligarch, Yelena Baturina was being invited, along with her mayor husband. Moscow mayor husband.

The top senior executive at Burisma was invited. And some Kazakhstan oligarchs were invited. Joe Biden attended that dinner. That's not in dispute. That is facilitating his son's foreign policy. Joe Biden took Hunter Biden on Air Force 2 in 2013, and met with the Chinese businessman from the Communist Party who helped Hunter Biden set up his China fund. Joe Biden is listed as the big guy. Entitled to 10 percent, on the 2017CFC Chinese deal. Joe Biden is far more involved. And the media is just not acknowledging that yet. But I have a funny feeling, when the indictment comes out. We're going to see Joe Biden's name a lot more clearly in the story line.

GLENN: What makes you say that?

JOHN: Well, listen, you can't tell the story, with the operation, without pointing out that the reason Hunter Biden wielded this influence to make this money, was he was promising access to his dad. There's an amazing document, Glenn, that came out in 2020, that no one noticed.

We grabbed it out of the file. Peter Schweizer's operation that I did. It was from one of the business partners. A John Galanis, who worked with Hunter Biden along with his son for many years. And he gets convicted if a tribal scheme, where Hunter Biden walks away. But he writes the court, under penalty of perjury, in an affidavit, in 2020, and said, listen, at the end of the day, Hunter Biden told my family, they were running an influence peddling scheme. Let me read exactly. Jason Galanis gave his interest in this company that the -- Hunter Biden was in. Burnham, to Archer on the prospect, that Archer and Hunter Biden would continue to attract foreign oligarchs on the promise of high-level political contacts. He then goes to call the operation, a political influence peddling operation. That is one of Hunter Biden's own business partner saying, we all know what was going on. Joe Biden can't escape that story line, when -- if and when the indictment comes down.

GLENN: Do you think we'll see something before the election? Or is it going to take the Republicans, taking over, before we see it?

JOHN: Great question. Right? Listen. Chuck Rasni and John Ron Johnson (phonetic) continued to make incredible information. Last night, they had an amazing speech, where they put out a whole bunch of new China stuff. And jaw dropping.

But here -- here's the thing. Right now, the activity before the grand jury in Delaware is very fast, rapid, intense. It's out of pace that you normally see, when an indictment is only a couple of months or a couple weeks out. It looks very much like the activity the grand jury had, with John Durham last summer, before he dropped the Sussmann and Igor Danchenko indictment last fall. So it looks like they're moving to that point of trying to secure an indictment. No one knows what a prosecutor can do. What the grand jury will decide. But the activity suggests that an indictment is in the near often. And I think that will give us the sort of visibility and accountability into what the government now knows.

GLENN: Hmm. John, thank you so much. Thanks for everything you do, really.

JOHN: Honor to be on your show. Thank you. Listen, your speech at CPAC was one of the most important speeches given in that long conference in a long time. And I just want to -- I sat in that audience, I watched you and Tulsi Gabbard back-to-back, and I walked away thinking, they have it right. America can't be America if we continue repressing free speech. So thank you for what you said that night.

GLENN: Wow. You bet. Thank you. John Solomon from More in a second.


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