PROOF? Jeffrey Epstein probably didn't kill himself according to 60 Minutes interview with expert

FINALLY reporters are interested in covering Jeffrey Epstein, his connection with the Clintons, and now, whether or not he killed himself. CBS News just aired an in-depth coverage of the story on '60 Minutes' and interviewed an expert hired by Epstein's brother to help determine whether or not he was murdered. Dr. Michael Baden told reporters that after investigating evidence from thousands of prison suicides, not once did a victim break three vertebrae in the neck...even two was rare! Epstein broke three. Also, why is there blood on Epstein's chest in new pictures, but nowhere on the noose? And, finally, Stu reads part of the suicide note that seems a little bit too ridiculous to believe. Where do you stand?


'The Raven' and 'The Tell-Tale Heart' as read by Glenn

Glenn reads some of his favorite poetic works of Edgar Allen Poe—"The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart"—stories he used to read to his kids every Halloween. He also tells the love story of Edgar Allan Poe and his wife, Virginia, whom he married when she was only 13 years old.


President Honey Badger : The most fearless in all of the animal kingdom

President honey badger doesn't care, he gets stung over and over and he don't give a sh*t. He is the most fearless in all of the animal kingdom.


Restoring the Covenant: History is made again. Make sure your family is there.

Our history is being lost. Our traditions are being deleted. Our God has been chased out of every public space. Now, more than ever, help us restore these things with an Independence Day celebration you and your family will never forget. A three-day tour de force in historic Gettysburg. Space is *extremely limited*. Get all the details here.


Easter Message: 'He died that we might live'

The holiday season leads us through a progression of giving thanks, celebrating the birth of Christ, renewing ourselves and committing to be better and the culminating and crowning event of Easter. He died and conquered death that we might live. Watch this to hear Glenn's Easter message.