Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are helping raise money for terrorist organization

Muslims in Congress are not the issue, Islamists are a whole other matter. Watch this clip and hear Glenn talk about why Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar speaking to raise money for CAIR is a serious problem.


WARNING: The far-left will put CHRISTIANS 'on trial' SOON

The far-left is coming for Christians, Glenn says. In fact, they’re targeting ANYONE who disagrees with their dangerous ideology, but Glenn believes Christians will be put ‘on trial’ next. But that ‘trial’ will only be a kangaroo court, Glenn says, with the far-left calling only the witnesses who agree with them to testify. In this clip, Glenn explains why Christians MUST understand what’s coming next…


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GLENN: That audio that we just played, on the spokesperson at the White House? Not really able to -- really able to explain why they called it the Inflation Reduction Bill. Here it is.

VOICE: But if you passed a bill called the Fill Every Pot Hill Act, I mean voters should expect you to fill every pothole. So should voters measure the success of this bill, on how much you reduce inflation in the next couple of years?

VOICE: So this bill spreads out over several years. And so the tax provisions. For example, some of the tax revenue will happen immediately. Some of the benefits, in terms of deficit reduction, will materialize over time.

So, again, this is really an investment, in our economy. It represents the president's economic vision for transitioning to an economy that works better for American families. By generating the kind of growth that's based on stable, steady, productivity gains in the language of economists. So that kind of growth that we know we need to be making, in order to ensure that we continue progressing for the decades to come.

VOICE: Yeah, but a name is just a name. But there are definitely a lot of other names you could have named this bill.
STU: We just lied.
It's so funny how you lied to the American people.

GLENN: You lied. You raped us. And you left us for dead. Oh, man, that is funny.

STU: Oh, that's so funny. That's a problem that's affecting real people and ruining their financial lives, and you acted like you were addressing it.

GLENN: You put a sign on the door that it said, safe space. And we all went in, and there were killers and rapists in the room. That's funny that you put safe space on the door.

STU: What a joy you are.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. These people are evil.

Anyway, the CBO came out yesterday, and were talking about how it's not going to reduce inflation. It's not going to reduce the deficit. In fact, it's going to add to the deficit. It's not going to help the GDP. In fact, it will hurt the GDP.

STU: And it will raise taxes on the middle class, as they promised it would not do.

GLENN: Yeah. The whole IRS thing. Yeah, that's -- yeah. That is coming out. They're going to come out after you. Because they have to. This is what the CBO said yesterday. Thank you for the timely update.

And, by the way, the CBO is known for making things look better than they actually become. So that fills me with -- we're in for a hell scape.

STU: I will say, Glenn, I did hear some pretty important things about the IRS. And this is important. Because they said, before, I don't know if you ever called the IRS before, which I'm sure you have.

GLENN: Oh, yeah, no. I called him back in 1986. I'm still on hold.

STU: Okay. Well, that was the big selling point on this bill.

They said, because they were hiring 80,000 new employees, someone might answer the phone when you call.

GLENN: Well, that is fantastic. And you know what is really great? Is they're going to be so efficient, you're not even going to have to call them. They'll call and come visit you.

Anyway, this is all about -- the -- the United States government has a -- no. I shouldn't say that. The United States president, the administration includes the Department of Education, agriculture. Commerce. All of it. They all have -- they all have private armies. Let me ask you: Why does the Department of Agriculture have armed officers.

I mean, sure, sure. I mean, the -- the very well-known wars that go between the corn farmers and the Amish, you know, when they -- when they get their extremist yogurt feud going on with the Amish, there's nothing that will quell that, other than a United States Department of Agriculture army. What -- they are developing things, and they are putting you into the extremist position. Look at -- over in Europe. They're -- they're already forcing the farmers to live on these ESG rules. Which are, by the way, completely nonsensical. That is not -- that's not even happening. This is a conspiracy theory. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

They're already protesting. And the farmers are being called the extremists. Have you forgotten who grows your food? Grows food?

No. I gave my food from the supermarket. Oh, okay. Well, then don't worry about the farmers. They are targeting anyone who disagrees with them, as an extremist. And this is why the special tonight, on TheBlaze TV, is so important.

You have to understand what is coming for you as a Christian. Now, as somebody who is in a faith that's not the most popular, I will tell you, you're going to -- you're going to look at these days, if you were let's say, a Mormon. Or a Jehovah's Witness. You're going to look at these times, for those -- for those people, as those days don't come back.

I mean, it's not going to be easy to be a Christian soon.

And it all starts with white Christian nationalism. They are making Christians into extremists. And they are lying about our faith. Christians are the next one in line, in line. And your faith is now on trial.

But it's a -- it's a kangaroo court. They're not calling any witnesses on the other side. They're calling witnesses that agree with them. It is so misleading, and so dangerous. You need to understand, how they are painting Christianity in America.

That's what we're going to do tonight. Show you where this all breaks down. Give you the rebuttals to these things, so you can share them with your friend, to -- and I did -- I didn't say friends. I did say, share it with your friend. Because if you're actually Christian today. And willing to stand up for it. You probably have one friend. But you need to be able to answer and tell your friends. And have them share with others. This is an amateur smear campaign. But it is going to be relentless. CNN came out with an article last week. We're going to debunk that tonight. And also, look at this one. Catholics weaponized the rosary. From the Atlantic.

The AR-15 is a sacred object among Christian nationalists. Now, you would ask yourself, what is a Christian nationalist?

Stu, if I asked you this, I said, what is a Christian nationalist, what would you say?

STU: A Republican.

GLENN: Okay. Okay. Wow, the brainwashing has worked even on you. What would you -- honestly, what would you say a Christian nationalist is?

STU: There's a vision of a Christian nationalist, that basically is an idea of -- an America that is built on Christian principles, but is closer really to a theocracy, and is exclusionary toward other faiths. Other races. Usually is included in that as well.

The idea that --

GLENN: Can you give me a country in history, that might be labeled a Christian nationalist country? Labeled. Not actually won. But one labeled that.

STU: An example that was named -- I mean, certainly, they liked to say that, about Hitler, back in the day. Germany. Of course, it's completely ridiculous. We've covered that many times. We don't need to go back into it. Hitler, not a Christian. Not a fan of Christianity. Wanted to end all of the churches. Was literally outspoken, throughout his -- not only comments -- commentary with close advisers. But, you know, admitted much of this publicly. That this was a long-term goal. Of fascism. But --

GLENN: Wiped it out.

STU: But let's call it Christian nationalism, anyway, I think is the approach of the --

GLENN: Okay. So Christian nationalism, they've defined this. And you'll find out all of this tonight on Blaze TV. If you are not a member, may I ask you to join us: We are in the fight for our life, right now.

And I would ask that you would join Blaze TV. And I know your money is tight. I know. I know. I think and pray about you all the time. I -- I honestly -- every time I go to the grocery store, or -- or go fill up a tank, I wonder, how are you making it? How -- how is the average person making it? And so I know it's tight. But we really try to give you much more than your money's worth on Blaze TV. And even if you just watch our Wednesday night special, you get so much more and so many more talent. You get Mark Levin and Steven Crowder and everybody else. But we really depend on you.

It is going to get harder and harder for all of us to survive soon. And if we can stick together, we will -- we will be able to make it. We will be able to make it. But you need to know the truth. And my staff, I think we do more research on my staff, than any other talk show on radio or television.

And we sure would like your support, at Blaze TV. Just sign up now. Become a member of the family. You'll save 10 percent. Use the promo code Glenn. So tonight, we're going to be talking about this. And you need to arm yourself with it. But let me continue with this, from the Atlantic. The AR-15 is a sacred object among Christian nationalists. Is it? Now the radical traditional Catholics, are bringing a sacrament of their own to the movement.

On this extremist fringe, rosary beads, have been woven in to a conspiratorial politic, and an absolutist gun culture. You know, I have to tell you, I can remember -- I can remember Sister Shavon and Sister Uno and Sister Julie, as they would be whispering the rosary on their knees.

I remember walking in to the church as a kid. Candles. The smell of the church. Incense. And they were there. You could just barely hear them. And I would walk up behind them, because I didn't want to disturb them.

But then one of them heard me, and they were surprised. And all I heard was (sound effect), and they took their ARs out. And they were like, stand down. Stand down. And I was like, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry, sister. I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Oh, they're so radical. Those rosary people. The armed radical traditionalists have taken a spiritual notion that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil.

Now, this is a new thing? Because I am pretty sure. I mean, maybe it's just me. I was raised Catholic. I always thought the rosary and doing things like praying was a weapon in the fight against evil.

Yes, but now they're taking it literally. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

It's a Garat. That's what it really is. I've seen him. I've seen him before.

Jason Bourne. I mean, they've changed it from reality. But the real Jason Bourne. When he goes and he chokes people out. He uses a rosary. And what do you think the pope is doing?

When he has to kill people, he uses a rosary. Anyway, social media pages are saturated with images of rosaries draped over firearms. How many times have you seen that?

STU: Oh, I hate that. This is the thing they do now, to show a movement, when they can't find one. Like the other day, they were saying, after the raid on the -- the Mar-a-Lago residents of Donald Trump. They said, the words Civil War were being tweeted once a minute.

Now, there are 400 million people on Twitter. You're getting one tweet every 60 seconds. This is not a news story. Okay?

Any combination of words is being tweeted once a minute, on Twitter.

GLENN: Not hot cheerleader.

STU: No. Yeah. You couldn't find that.

GLENN: Nope. Not hang.

STU: This is so ridiculous. But this is what they want to do.

GLENN: All right. So here's something. And I just want to point this out. If you are a non-traditional Catholic theologian. So you're for this, you know, new more open progressive, hey, everybody can be whoever they want to be. And we should marry everyone and everything.

You should not be written about, and you might want to reconsider your name. The theologian, Massimo Faggioli has described a network of conservative Catholic bloggers. And commentary organizations as the Catholic cyber militia, that actively campaigns against LGBTQ, and the acceptance of them in the church. These rad trad -- this is a new word.

Rad trad. Their radical traditionalists. These rad trad rosary as a weapon memes, represent a social media diffusion of such messaging. And they work to integrate ultra conservative Catholicism, and other aspects of online far right culture. The rosary in these hands is anything, but holy, says Mr. Fagoli. Wow. It's like Dr. Seuss. But for millions of believers, the beads which provide -- provide for a sequence of devotional prayers. That have always been traditionally looked at, as a source of strength. Now take on a new meaning.


NO, the midterms WON’T BE EASY for Republicans. Here’s why.

It may be easy to look at the economy and President Biden’s AWFUL approval ratings and therefore assume the midterm elections will be a piece of cake for Republicans. But that’s actually NOT the case. In fact, because of how the 2022 midterms are broken down structurally, winning a Senate majority could be an uphill battle for the GOP. Glenn and Stu explain why it won’t be an ‘obvious home run’ for the right. PLUS, Glenn details a possible theory as to why Democrats now are choosing to focus on President Trump once again…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So, Stu, I saw some really disturbing things. Here's -- here's one headline. This one is coming from the Guardian.

The Republican Party has reason to fear the midterms. Oh. Okay. And then, 2022 Senate election forecast from FiveThirtyEight.

Democrats win 61 in 100. Republicans win 39 in 100.

STU: Yeah. That's not good.

GLENN: No. That's not good.

STU: That's not good. And the Republicans were ahead on that breakdown earlier. It's always been close. And we did our first Senate preview a couple months ago, on Stu Does America. In which I said, look, this is not easy. Like, what -- I think it feels easy, because I talked to a lot of my conservative friends who look at Biden and his approval rating, and think, obviously, this is a home run. You take the house and Senate back. Part of it is structural, in which seats don't line up particularly well for Republicans this cycle.

This goes back and forth. In 2024, it's a very good cycle for Republicans.

So they have a real advantage structurally in 2024. That's not the case here. In 2022, the Democrats have an advantage structurally. It's just a matter of which seats are up, in which states.

So it's harder for Republicans to -- to take those -- those purple opportunities, those blue-leaning opportunities, and grab them. In a the climate, in which they are favored.

GLENN: Yes. However, the House is the opposite. Where the House is basically all climate. That's how it's decided every single time. Now, individual candidates can affect races.

And you may lose a race or two, because you nominated a crappy candidate. But generally speaking, that should be much easier for Republicans to win. Now, they have to win up of these two. If they don't win one of these two. That's really, really bad.

GLENN: Yeah. I mean, I don't want to say end of republic. But end of republic kind of stuff.

STU: It feels that way.

GLENN: We talk about this every election. People say, most important election of our lifetime. I think this is the last one of the republic, if the -- if the Democrats win both houses and have the presidency. And there is no stopping them. There's no speed bump. It's just all going to be left up to the states.

STU: Well, speed bump this time has been their own party. Joe Manchin. Kyrsten Sinema.

GLENN: Yeah. That worked out well.

STU: And as we promised you from the beginning. Joe Manchin will never save you. He'll never come to your rescue. He'll never be on a horse there, to make sure you're just a-okay in the end. He will always screw you, every single time. That's how this story ends. Just want to remind voters in West Virginia, who voted for Donald Trump by 39 points last election! That maybe Joe Manchin should not be the choice next time, if he chooses to run again. Just a little request from the rest of the country. We have tons of crappy senators all around the rest of the country, but really, we shouldn't have any from West Virginia. That shouldn't be an option.


STU: So hopefully, that one gets rectified.

GLENN: While he's on that the topic. I would just like to say, next election, will someone please run against Mitt Romney. And throw him the hell out too?

STU: That would be nice. That would be nice.

GLENN: Your turn.

STU: Okay. Now that we're done with our bitching.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: So the Republicans are favored to win the House. Again, it's a 4:1 type of thing. It's about 80-20, according to FiveThirtyEight. Which again, it's no sure thing. Though it is -- there are heavy favorites at this point. There has been some -- a big media push, to try to come up with reasons why this is going to turn around, and Democrats are going to win. One of the big ones is the abortion thing. They're trying to make the Kansas election into this beacon of hope for Democrats.

That they will be able to get all that energy behind their base. And they will all come out and vote. Because they're so sad, that they can't kill children anymore. That they'll wind up winning this election. I think the Kansas thing. We talked about this right after. I think the Kansas thing was a very isolated, weird answer. It wasn't particularly written well. It was right after the overturn. Which was not planned. It was supposed to happen before an overturn of Roe vs. Wade happened. That was the idea behind it. The energy was all with the Democrats, in an on off election, during a primary. Where not everyone is focused on it. Blah, blah, blah. I think if you brought that same thing up in Kansas in two years, it will pass on our side. But we'll see. Because they will try it again surely. I don't think on an Election Day, where everyone is going to be focused on it. That you'll get more energy out of the left on abortion, than on the right, for Biden's performance, for inflation, for the economy, for raiding the former president's house. For all the things that Republicans are fired up about. I don't think there's any chance that that works.

GLENN: So I heard speculation, that over the weekend, they wanted Donald Trump to win.

They want Donald Trump. They want him. They want him up in the polls. They want his people, very excited. And they said that they thought -- this person that I was talking to, thought that this was intentional from the left.

Because they wanted to make this campaign as well, about Donald Trump.

STU: I don't think that that is crazy. Now, I don't know that you would say -- it doesn't make any --

GLENN: Stu. Stu. It's 2022. Nothing is crazy.

STU: That's a good point. There's two ways to look at this, right? If you're a Democrat. Number one, you have Donald Trump, who is a known quantity. You know for sure, that 45 percent of the country hates his guts. And will never vote for him, no matter what. Like, that is the starting point of this election, okay?

You also know that 45 percent of the country, will walk through a wall of fire to vote for the guy. So you take your chance with the few people in the middle, and hope that you can squeak out a relatively close election, with those people, generally speaking, in the suburbs. And generally speaking, women, who in 2016, lean towards Trump. In 2020, lean towards Biden.

And you say, they're not going to go back to Trump. The things that turned them off from Trump in 2020, have not gone away. He will be decisive as he's ever been. And we can walk that same line.

The other side of this is, in support of your friend's theory here. Is the idea that we don't know how to fight that battle against Ron DeSantis. We have shown no ability to put a dent in what he's tried to do in Florida. Now, they -- this is a risky strategy for Democrats.

Because, again, if you believe Democrats, they will tell you that Donald Trump is actually Hitler. So to promote his candidacy, would be something that is against every human --

GLENN: Well, I have read, Ron -- Trump is Hitler. Ron DeSantis is worse.

STU: Is worse, of course. Every single --

GLENN: It's every single time. So I don't know who -- I mean, Lucifer, I guess.

STU: Right. Now, we do not have. Looking at the DeSantis option, they don't know how to beat him. They have not shown the ability to beat him. They took a situation, where they probably should have beat him for the first the time, when he was running for governor. And lost.

And they have not been able to put a dent in him. He will win this election easily, by all appearances here in Florida for governor. So they don't really -- they don't have a great strategy on this one yet.

The other thing is though, they don't have 45 percent of people, who see Ron DeSantis as a movement. A lot of conservatives like him. But even just in name familiarity, he's nowhere near the situation Donald Trump is. It's a risky strategy, if they believe that Donald Trump is uniquely dangerous. That's their case on all this stuff.

We should be able to do this stuff. You shouldn't worry about us raiding a former president's home, because he's so uniquely terrible and dangerous to the country. That's their entire case. Yet, here they are, theoretically, wanting to run against him, because they think they can defeat him. Now, look, they made that same bet in 2016. They did -- I mean, MSNBC aired every single one of his rallies in full, in 2016.

The same thing with CNN. They went out and gave this guy an incredible amount of free media, during the primary. Which was a big reason why he wound up winning the primary. I mean, you know, that's been well-covered. Then they wound up getting burned by it, in a big, big way.

GLENN: How -- let me get back to the House and Senate race.

How are the people that would vote like Trump -- and I mean that are really dedicated to, all right. Let's abolish. Let's abolish the Department of Education. Let's use every constitutional thing that we have, and I'm tired of Mitch McConnell, and all of this crap.

How many people are running and who are winning, that appear to be those kinds of people. Is there any kind of sense of that yet?

STU: It's pretty mixed. It's mixed on the type of race they're in. We're seeing people who Trump has endorsed doing really well in the places where you kind of expect. Right?

Where more red states. You know, the obvious example of the alternate, is Dr. Oz, who is not doing well against a man who is barely alive. A man who --

GLENN: Oh, he's still alive?

STU: I think. I've seen footage of him recently. And I'm starting to question it. But I mean, Fetterman. You know, the man had -- he wasn't good before this. But he had a massive stroke. He's hidden from the public in Pennsylvania, for months.

GLENN: Do you mean like, he's in his basement?

STU: Like, he's running the Joe Biden 2020 campaign all over again.

GLENN: It's crazy, isn't it?

STU: Sometimes. And it certainly so far, has worked for him. Staying out of the spotlight. And not reminding people who you are. Works really well sometimes. Especially with someone like Dr. Oz, who is so well-known. And, again, immediately sets a giant percentage of the population into two camps.

And unlike Donald Trump, who has a big movement behind him. In support, I'll walk through a wall of fire. There isn't that sort of movement for Dr. Oz.

GLENN: No. Because the people who really knew him, were kind of opera fans. And I don't think the Venn diagram of Oprah and Trump.

STU: To cross over.

GLENN: I would like to see that. It might be 10 feet apart.

STU: So the polls in Pennsylvania show Fetterman up by double digits most of them.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: Now, if you look at the overall Senate, the easy way to understand this, at this very moment. Is to basically start out -- start your process at 46-46. Okay? The seats that aren't up for election. Plus, the ones that should be easy for both sides. There's some -- there's possibilities, that there could be a couple of these races, that would move in future months. But if you start right now, you're at 46-46 with eight races left in the middle. That are theoretically winnable for either side. That would include Pennsylvania, by the way.

GLENN: That's not winnable. Between that and the corruption in Pennsylvania. I'm not convinced they've cleaned that up.

STU: If you take that one and leave the one for a moment, Republicans would have to win five of the eight races to take control. Now, in that race, you're talking about Pennsylvania. You're talking about Wisconsin. You're talking about Nevada. These are not necessarily hard-core red states, that should be easy. Though they are all theoretically winnable. Arizona is another one. Georgia, we talked to Herschel Walker the other day. That race, polling showing him slightly behind. I thought he had a good appearance the other day on the show. And it's important that he win that race, it's crucial.

New Hampshire is one that in a wave election, is winnable for Republicans

And it's a close race. The polling should be very close. But will they be able to pull that off?

You have North Carolina in there as well.

You mentioned Ohio. Ohio is one that they will win.

GLENN: That's one.

STU: If you look at Arizona, it could do go either way. Georgia, I think should be one that they be favored on. But they've really gone off Herschel Walker. And they've hurt him. It's a close race. New Hampshire is typically one that you assume would lose. But is winnable and looks like it's a tight race. North Carolina. Again, it's a purple state. It's one of the closest states in the 2020 election.

Nevada, you're trying to take out A Democratic incumbent, but I think it's winnable, especially if this is a Republican-leaning year.

Pennsylvania, I think really was winnable if the primary went the other way. Now is really a question. Then you have Wisconsin and Ohio.

GLENN: Okay. So here's the message from all this: Write it down on your calendar. Make reason you -- I've never said, go pick people up and take them. I've never been. Hey. Maybe we should get a bus.

Get a bus. Everyone you know has got to vote. Has got to vote. Or it doesn't stop.


You won’t BELIEVE this new FBI/DHS bulletin

GLENN: A joint FBI, DHS bulletin:

They have observed an increase, I'm quoting, in threats to federal law enforcement and to a lesser extent, other law enforcement and government officials following the FBI's recent execution of a search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida.


'It's ALL A LIE': Trump Jr. calls out 'DISGUSTING' FBI raid

Far-left tactics being used against his father — including the FBI raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home — is all part of an ‘intimidation package,’ says Donald Trump Jr. He tells Glenn why recent Biden Administration claims about that FBI raid are ‘lies,’ and he calls out the shocking lack of transparency from the federal government: ‘What's going on is absolutely disgusting.’ Plus, Don Jr. explains what Americans MUST do at the ballot box this fall to stop the dangerous, far-left ‘games’ that currently are being played.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Honored to have Donald Trump Jr. on with us, executive vice president of Trump Organization and author of Liberal Privilege.

Welcome, Don. Welcome to the program. How are you?

DON: I'm doing okay. Good to be with you guys.

GLENN: Yeah. I have to tell you, I saw your father at CPAC, and I sat there. And I listened to him, and I thought, there is no one in American history, no one who has gone through what your -- what your father and your family has gone through. And then, Monday, this happens.

Let me -- let me get some -- just some facts here from you. First of all, they have released the warrant, but not the affidavit. Your dad has come out and said, absolutely, I insist that you release it.

Any chance of that happening? Have you heard anything?

DON: You know, I doubt it. You know, you see what happens. It's not our first rodeo. None of this surprises us. Merrick Garland gets up on TV. They want total transparency. And then no. We can't actually do that. They will get our lackeys in the liberal media to run with it. As if that's meaningful or real. And then they do absolutely nothing. Remember, Merrick Garland had no knowledge of it. Then he had knowledge when he signed off. Then it turns out, he's been weighing the decision for months. It's all a lie. And that's it real problem, hey, do this stuff. I think you saw it yesterday, with the passports. They took his passports, which weren't a part of the warrant. They took picture books, which probably weren't part of the warrant. But none of that matters. Then they leak it Norah O'Donnell. No, no, no. We didn't actually do it. It takes about six seconds to prove this stuff.

Meanwhile, the other information and the misinformation that's put out there goes viral, and they pretend this stuff is about (inaudible). I mean, think about it. They used the FBI's HRT. The Hostage Rescue Team, to serve this search warrant. You know, that's like the SEAL team of the FBI. To -- to serve a warrant on an empty house. I understand that three weeks ago, according to the media, Donald Trump apparently choked out two very heavily armed and very young Secret Service agents, to take over, to drive down to his supporters, at -- you know, they heard that from a witness who seemed to have perjured herself, when Secret Service agents themself said, hey, we would like to testify, and say that didn't even come close to happening.

You know, now they don't want to hear from them anymore.

I mean, think about that, they use the HR team, the Hostage Rescue team to try to serve this warrant. Like Donald Trump is going to -- but like --

GLENN: So how many times -- how many times did they -- because they contacted your dad. He put a lock on the door where they were done, at their request. Where was this in the back and forth?

DON: Yeah. Listen to me, they have been working with him for months. They said he's been nothing but cooperative. All they had to do was ask.

He clearly said that. And they turn over whatever they were looking for. But they can't do that. They don't want to do that. They wanted to do it under the guise. They create the intimidation factor of going in there with the HR team. You know, we have to really make sure that people learn not to speak out against us. I don't know of an institution in America, that destroyed their credibility more than the FBI. They clearly haven't stopped anything, in -- in months. And then, you know, then they get on TV. How dare they speak out about the FBI. Who functioned so admirably, when Peter Strzok, and Andy McCabe go on TV, and talk about integrity, after lying -- when they sign off on faulty FISA warrants, when others literally get caught lying.

There -- you know, they're back in their jobs, like nothing happened. Because it was against Donald Trump.

You know, what's going on is absolutely disgusting. It's clearly an intimidation package. You know, the Deep State is rearing its head. And imagine the media.

If Donald Trump weaponized the FBI to go after his political enemies, and they did this to Barack Obama. Their heads would explode. There would be nothing else on TV. Because Donald Trump is the only guy that has the guts and is willing to stand up to these clowns. Every other Republican -- there's plenty of them totally fine with all of this. Because either they see it as a window for their political future -- well, you know, Donald Trump is not in the way. Maybe there's a chance for my Milquetoast personalities to ascend to the highest levels of the Republican Party and serve the Democrats dutifully. Because that's what it seems like at it this point. So, you know, all of these facets are designed to intimidate, especially Donald Trump, and anybody else who has the guts to speak out against these people. But what's nice, like all the things they've done lately, it's gone so far. So much of the American public, who have been politically agnostic, who have been quit, who have been silent.

Like, they're watching this stuff. And they can't believe -- I have Democrats. You know, don't forget, I was pro-New York. Even as a lifelong conservative. I was from New York.

I have plenty of Democrat friends that are like, holy crap. What's going on in our government? If this was going on in a banana republic, you know, the warmonger in government, they would be starting a war to overthrow those governments.

GLENN: I will tell you -- I will tell you that when I heard, that they were going after your dad for espionage, I -- I -- I -- my -- I really thought, I have finally entered, you know, the Alison wonderland, upside down. You're a father with espionage?

DON: Russia. Russia. Russia. Part 29. Give me a break. He had the nuclear codes. He probably stole the nuclear phenomenal. And, you know, he's giving those things to -- when does it end? Maybe we would be better off if Donald Trump still had the nuclear football. Because at least our enemies respect him, unlike the laughing stock that's currently occupying the White House. Which is, frankly, you know, his personality and his idiocy is only encouraging our enemies. But, you know, when does it stop? Does it ever -- it's only making me more -- more inclined to be more aggressive. Speak out further. I probably already am rather aggressive. Because this stuff can't happen in America. And for our media to sit idly by. Spread the propaganda. You see what they do every time. Something happens. They lose control of the narrative. They leak to their usual suspects. I want to know, are the FBI agents involved in this one the same ones that were looking into Hillary and the laptop, and the taking of hammers to blackberries and Anthony Weiner. And the top secret stuff that was supposedly on his laptop. Because I wonder, do they have a team -- just a corrupt team that they use to do all these things. Because one has to wonder all these things. Because this just can't be coincidence at this point. I went through great lengths, Glenn, as you noticed. To sort of make the distinction towards these bureaucrats of the FBI. These guys who are lawyers, they never carried a gun. They wouldn't know what to do with one if they did. It would weaponize that formerly great institution. You know, and the door kickers, who come up to me all the time. And they're disgraceful in their organization. Or the retired guys especially. Because they're a little more inclined to be vocal about it. But the regular guys don't start speaking up. Don't start functioning as whistle-blowers.

If they're whistle-blowers for the left. So if you're a whistle-blower for the right, you'll lose your job. Somebody has to start saying something. Because it's getting much harder to defend. Even the rank and file at this point. Who, again, don't seem to be stopping anything.

They've had on the radar every terrorist -- every psychopath in America. They've been on their radar, yet they managed to slip through and kill people all over America. But they certainly had plenty of time weaponize a BS argument against Donald Trump. And do so, ad nauseam.

GLENN: I will tell you, I have a bazillion questions I could ask you. But I'm just about to run out of time, because I know you're a busy man. So let me -- let me go here.

First of all, there are, I think, 13 or 14 whistle-blowers, which is a really good sign. We need many, many more, but there are whistle-blowers, in the FBI. So they haven't killed it yet. Although, it is on that road.

The New York Times, for some reason, decided to report that your father reached out to Garland. And asked how he could help reduce the heat to calm everybody down. I thought that was a great move.

Yesterday, he came out and said, look, the temperature is getting to a boiling point here. You know, I'll do anything I can, to reduce the temperature.

We are in deep trouble. And I think they are doing this, because they can't find the extremists. They want to make people extremists. And just keep poking them over and over and over again.

DON: Yeah. Well, listen, it certainly sounds likable that. You saw what they did with those meth heads in Michigan. Where they tried to trap a bunch of lunatics. To try to create the assassination plot, rescue Whitmer. Oh, they ran with that right before the election like it's real. You know, the three white supremacists left in America. And they found them all. And they're going to -- give me a break. These are the same clowns that think, that's the greatest threat to American democracy in America. Like, where? What are you talking about?

It's lunacy.

GLENN: I know. So I want to ask you this. I want you to leave us, if you can, with some hope.

What is it that the American people should be doing? They are paying attention. They are calling their senators and congressmen, and are not speaking out. I think Congress and the Senate needs to be very clear on this. But what is your message or your father's message to the American people who are like, I can't take it anymore.

DON: Listen, I think we have to stay in the game. I think it's very purposefully a war of attrition on the other side. If they can intimidate you enough. If they can make you create enough fear. And they have certainly done that. And I can understand why.

But I think -- so much rests on us not letting this just fly. If they do this now, and they try to weaponize it, to prevent Trump from running. Which is clearly what they're doing. They exercise an incredibly broad search warrant. They take picture books, even. Anything they can do, to try to hurt Trump. They don't want his lawyers present.

Because if I'm doing a search warrant, I want the lawyers present, so that there's never anything above -- then when you question why would they do that? How dare you question it.

I don't know. I've been looking at the FBI for the last five or six years. It doesn't seem like they do anything aboveboard lately. Right? I mean, they don't get in trouble for doing the things. They get caught manufacturing things. All these signatures. Lying. Whatever it may be. And we're supposed to believe it's a credible organization. You know, I think we have to actually be engaged in this profit. I think we cannot let it fly. We cannot just say, okay. Well, let's just maybe put a Milquetoast Republican in there. Because that will calm things down. No. That gives them the win. That gives them everything they want. Because nothing will ever be done to prevent this from happening again. I think what you need honestly, you need a Donald Trump in there. And you need to actually drain the swamp. You have to fire the bureaucrats. And you need someone who has the guts to actually do that. I think --

GLENN: Right. But we are not beyond. We are not to the point where we are beyond the ballot box, are we?

DON: You know, I think we have to be at the point where we overwhelm the ballot box. We overwhelm the games that are being played. You saw what happened yesterday, in the -- the recall. You know, the signature ballot recall from George Gaston, you know.

The Democrats in charge, they threw out 30 percent of the signatures. Who I'm sure, people, you know, they're watching what's going on in crime-ridden California. And I'm sure they were real. And really signing off. But it's a 750,000 signatures.

They canceled about 30 percent of them. Said, oh. Now you didn't -- 30 percent. But they want you to believe that the 2020 election. That less than 1 percent of the signatures of these random ballots going out to people, and dozens -- and various -- all over the country. They want you to say, less than 1 percent are faulty. But more than 25. Almost 30 percent of the ones in the California recall election were faulty. That doesn't work. It's not like a sample size of three. It's a sample size of three-quarters of a million people. That was 30 percent. Over 100 million people, it was less than 1 percent. Give me -- we have to overwhelm him. We have to get in there. We have to do everything we can, to save our country, and, you know, the republic. Because it is at stake. And it is on the ballot.

GLENN: Donald Trump Jr. Thank you, sir.

My best to your family and to your father. We are praying for him and you. And the rest of the family. Thank you so much. God bless.

DON: We really appreciate it. Thank you so much, guys.

GLENN: You bet. Buh-bye.