SPYING VACUUMS: Roomba collects floor plan data, sells it to companies

SPYING VACUUMS: Roomba collects floor plan data, sells it to companies

It's a Brave New World, with the "Internet of Things." Smart products are just beginning, and they're infringing on your privacy in ways you may not understand. For example, Roomba vacuums are spying in your home -- they collect data like your floor plan, and sell it back to interested companies, like parent iRobot. Sleep Number Mattresses do the same, recording your respiration and heart rates while you sleep.

Why Glenn Beck Predicts America Has Reached PEAK WOKENESS

Why Glenn Beck Predicts America Has Reached PEAK WOKENESS

Woke progressivism has taken over much of America, from our schools to our corporations, and of course, many aspects of our government. But Glenn is optimistic that the pendulum may be starting to swing back. As Americans wake up to how wokeness has destroyed the country, they are standing up and pushing back. So, have we already reached "peak wokeness?" And can we change course without going too far in the opposite direction? Glenn and Stu give their predictions.


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GLENN: our problems are so easy to fix. You could go into any coffee shop in America. And you could grab, you just the five -- people who are paying attention. Out of everybody. There are five people here who could name the president. And the three branches of government. Can you come on over to my table. We would be able to fix this. If you were put this charge, you would be able to fix this. A lot of this stuff is so common sense.

STU: That's interesting. Because I think if applied. If applied, common sense would solve a lot of these problems.


STU: But think about that in the real world. In this world that we live in. How? Even if you convinced the medical establishment. Which I think is a real goal here. And I think it is, something that is potentially achievable. The medical establishment. Look, what you guys have done over the past 15 years. With all this gender stuff, and all this is bad.

We're seeing it happen in foreign countries. Right? The reversing path.

GLENN: France. Sweden.

STU: Yeah. The UK.

But we're seeing progress in that world.

To get back to some sort of rational view here. But even if you were to accomplish that, there are so many people, with so many goals, that are at odds with that approach. You think the mainstream media will abandon this. Because the medical establishment changes? I doubt it.

Think about all the sites and bloggers and influencers. And all the people, that people actually get their news from. That would continue down this road anyway. And would still -- would still create people, like the person who seems to be in this case today. What we know of them. Those many examples.

GLENN: Those people existed before. They just didn't have positions of power. So the first thing that has to be done. Is you fire a lot of people. I'm sorry. You know, here's -- here's the problem. Common sense. Common sense should always rule with rare exception. You know, there are times, that you are like, okay. I know that makes sense. However, this time, cut the white wire. You know what I mean? You know. No. It should be the green wire. No. No, no, no. Usually red and green. But this time, don't cut the green wire. But the problem is: Everything is so over Ivy Leagued, that the average person goes, well, I don't know. You know what I mean? Because they'll be like...

STU: Right.

GLENN: You're like, what?

STU: Well, we saw this with the Claudine gay situation. Everybody knows, when you steal other people's work, you will get fired as an academic. And yet every institution went to bat for this woman, to explain why what she -- how what she did was not actually bad. And it was actually racism. And you guys don't understand the systemic racism that pushed her to have to do this. And why we should ignore.

GLENN: Right.

STU: And everybody is like, all right. I just don't want to get involved in that.

GLENN: And the thing is. Most people will back away from it. Because they will feel stupid. I don't know. Who am I to argue against Harvard.

STU: Fewer and fewer.

I think that's going away.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

Because we used to have. You know, there's balance in all things.

Balance in all things.

There's somebody to be pushed and pull. If you don't have that. There is no growth.

So what happened is, we had common sense.

And then common sense was looked down upon from an Ivy League. Isn't that cute? Well, I have uncommon knowledge.

And everybody was like, well, he must know something, that I don't know.

No. Really. Really, the only thing that you may know, that he doesn't know, is humility. And the one thing that he may know, that you don't know is arrogance. You know, I know.

Me and my people. We know. You need to be taken care of.

STU: Are you concerned that the balance is not something we're finding right now?

GLENN: No. Because I think it's coming.

STU: Is it coming. And is it closer to what you've talked about for a long time. More of a pendulum effect.

I'm worried, it had seem at times, that we're getting to a place where we're completely ignoring experts. I don't think that's the answer either, right?

GLENN: No. It's not. Until the experts are held by other experts.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Until the medical community can say, you know what, enough is enough.

This COVID thing, it was good here, here, and here. It was really bad here, here, and here.

And we have to stop, you know, just saying that, oh, no.

Now science knows. Because that's happened throughout all of mankind.

And then science learns. And they're like, oh. Well, now we know. As soon as it's cleaned out by its own people, you know. God will clean out his own house first. That's in Isaiah. I will clean out my own house first. And he will. And that's what needs to happen in all of the institutions. In media. It's got to be cleaned up.

Now, it's going to probably take outsiders to do it, or a new generation.

But look, it's already happening. It's already happening.

It's just that there's so much money involved, at the establishment level, and they're just holding on by their fingernails.

And they'll -- I mean, they'll pull all of us down, to stop from drowning themselves.

STU: Are you optimistic about the path here?

Are you optimistic that the pushback that has come from, I think, common sense.

I would argue, that usually equals a lot of conservative-type values.

But like, there has been a pushback in the media. There has been a pushback, when it comes to our institutions.

From more constitutional, common sense type thinking.

Will that result in something that is positive in the end? Are you comfortable with that?

GLENN: We are at the wire. We are coming around the fourth turn. And we're all dead even, as we're coming towards the wire. Who is going to win. And it will be won by a nose. And I think it will happen this year. But what is encouraging is we're seeing things that we haven't seen before. I think we're at peak wokeness.

You know, I had been talking about that pendulum theory that Stu has been saying. I've been saying for a while. 2020 -- what did I say? 2024. 2025. Is where we hit the peak. And then it starts going the opposite way.

I've said that for -- forever. Now, this means, it's going to take just as long, as it did to get here. But we will -- the dog returns to its vomit. We will go back to being a very selfish, me, me, me, you know, forget the collective culture. It will take us 40 years. But we will get right back to where we were. The key is, don't destroy yourself at any of the peaks. Because it's the middle where we really flourish. It's the balance of, no. The individual is really important. But so is the collective. We have to balance that. Right now, we're just not balancing. The individual just doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matter. But I see this coming back, from really important people.

I think Elon Musk has been a turning point on that. You look at what Bill Ackman said this week, or Mark Cuban. What a difference. What a difference.

STU: Well, the Mark Cuban thing, it was bizarre. We should go through that.


STU: I don't even know if he knows what the word mean.

GLENN: He doesn't. He doesn't. He doesn't.

STU: It's weird.

GLENN: Again. It's the arrogance of people thinking they know. That's what Bill Ackman said. He said, I went to talk to the students.

And you realized, what I thought they were saying, is not what they're saying.

I didn't understand it.

Mark Cuban just hasn't gone through that. But he will. Because it's happening. It is happening.

But keep running flat out. Because it's going to be won by a nose.

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What This FLAMETHROWING Robot Dog Means for the Future

What This FLAMETHROWING Robot Dog Means for the Future

Flamethrower company Throwflame has released what could possibly be the coolest and most terrifying product of the year: A flamethrowing robot dog named “Thermonator.” And perhaps just as surprising is its price tag: just over $9,000! Glenn, Stu, and Jason discuss whether this is “the ultimate home security device,” despite being made for things like forest fire control. “You walk up and you’re like, ‘Terminator! Terminator!’” The future is here…and it’s got a flamethrower on its back!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Yeah. So I want to show you, I think this is the ultimate home security device, okay? It's a little pricey.

But watch this.

This is the new robot flame throwing dog.

STU: No.

GLENN: Yeah. So it's a -- it's a robot that just walking around, is enough to scare the hell out of them.

STU: Laser sight.

GLENN: Laser sights. It can prowl the property at night. And it's made for like forest fighting.

Or, you know, war. But it also has a flamethrower strapped to its back.

STU: What the heck?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: There's fires all around it. Did this thing start the fires?

GLENN: No. No. No. This will cause a back burn for forest fires.

STU: Oh, okay.

GLENN: So they sent it out. And they sent it out. And they're watching on their -- watch this.

VOICE: The destroyer of worlds.

GLENN: Okay. That's a little spooky. Look at that thing. Just throwing flames.

STU: That's awesome. Oh, my gosh.

JASON: And that's not even very imaginative. Imagine Hope Hicks.

GLENN: You put that control into the hands of some hope hicks, and they are --

STU: It just jumped.

GLENN: It jump ed. It is an amazing --

STU: How much did this thing cost?

GLENN: You ready? How much did you think? How much did you think?

STU: $100,000.

PAT: I was going to say 20.

GLENN: Nine. Nine grand for a flame-throwing robot dog.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: I want one.

STU: We can finance that. Right?

Go to your bank. I need some financing for a flame-throwing dog.

GLENN: Can you imagine if you had, one of those, like a little box in your yard. And someone comes up to the door you don't like. And just the box opens up. And this dog and this robot dog stands up and puts a laser on you.

I don't think you knock on the door.

STU: I think you knock and you leave.

GLENN: You leave quickly. For nine grand, guys. You could have a robot, flame-throwing dog.

STU: It just seems like there isn't a better purchase on the market.

GLENN: No. Our wives might disagree with us.

STU: You think?

GLENN: Maybe. Maybe. I know mine would.

STU: Well, remember, if you get a normal dog, you have to feed it.

This thing you don't have to feed. You're saving money there.

How long until it pays for itself?

GLENN: You wanted a dog. You wanted a dog.

STU: What about --

GLENN: Your motorcycle is 50 grand. You can have a flame-throwing robot dog for nine.

STU: Or for 59, you can have a flame-throwing dog on the back of your motorcycle.

That's the way to do it.

GLENN: Oh, really? Really? Mr. Biker, you have a problem with me.

Take it up with the robot dog, with the flamethrower.

JASON: I can have ten of those, actually. Now, imagine that. Motorcycle or ten of those robot dogs.

STU: You're not great at math.

GLENN: No. Yeah. That would be 90 who can't understand.

STU: Less than six. You definitely get five. You get five.

Maybe they have a six pack discount.

JASON: Six pack. Imagine like a pack of those bad boys, showing up.

STU: Seriously, how terrifying that would be, if you came around the corner of a parking lot, and six of those walked up to you?

GLENN: Take the flamethrower off. Take the flamethrower off.

Just the dog would freak you out.

STU: Honestly you could get -- I wonder if you could get one without the flame-thrower for five grand. Then put a fake one on the back.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: Get two.

GLENN: Or get two of them.

STU: Imagine being surrounded by those things.

JASON: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: That scared. My German Shepherd is terrifying. Terrifying.

STU: But you can't be talked into -- in the back of your mind. Some dogs are nice. Right?

I've been around your dog. Your dog is very nice to me.

I don't know if it will be nice to an intruder. My guess is no.

One of those things. There's never been an indication that any of those are nice. Boston-style dog walking up to you, you don't start petting it.

GLENN: Terminator. Terminator.

JASON: That is the future. That's where it's going.

GLENN: It is. The war will be using that.

S.W.A.T. teams will be using that. You won't see a cop. Honestly, I mean, you think cops eat doughnuts now. Wait until they have robots.

JASON: Have you seen combat footage in Ukraine? That shows where it's going. You see troops on the ground, doing normal troop stuff.

But then all of a sudden, you'll hear. It's the drones coming in, chasing people.

STU: Those are tanks in Ukraine. They are getting rid of them. Because they're all getting taken out by drones.

GLENN: Have you seen the fastest drone yet.

This thing -- you look it up on YouTube. This thing is just like. You just barely see it.

JASON: That's incredible.

GLENN: It's like, 200 some miles an hour.

It's crazy.

STU: I don't mean to the emperor arguing in favor of the clone wars. Isn't this probably maybe a good thing?

The fact that maybe humans aren't on the battlefield killing each other. And it's a bunch of robots killing each other instead?

GLENN: It may make war likely to happen.

STU: That's true too.

GLENN: Because you could go in. If you're a bad country, and you don't care how many people are killed on the other side. Your people aren't being killed, look out. Get the robot dog.