These 4 STEPS to anti-semitism are ALREADY HAPPENING

For the first time in his life, Glenn says, America has become a force for darkness: ‘We are knowingly on the wrong side in so many ways.’ So many Americans, Glenn explains, are DUPED. They’re not properly learning some of the most important lessons from history. But some lessons we must NEVER forget. So, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Founding Editor of Cross Currents and Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, joins Glenn to detail the four ‘rungs’ of anti-semitism: how movements against Jews begin and then spread. The last rung, Rabbi Alderstein explains, is ALREADY happening in some places around the United States. He details it all in this clip…


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GLENN: Hello, America. I am going to introduce you to a man who changed the course of what I do. Changed my life, and didn't know about it, until about 60 seconds ago, when he walked into the studio. I haven't seen him for six years. He is a remarkable man. And going to talk to us a little bit about Ukraine, anti-Semitism, what is really going on in the world. And your calling, to stand against it.

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein. Welcome.

RABBI: It's great to be here. A little shocked by your intro.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, you sat in my office six years ago.

RABBI: Right.

GLENN: And you shocked me. Because you said, I would like to ask you to -- I appreciate what you've said about Jews and anti-Semitism. But I would like to concentrate a little bit more on the Christians, because they're coming for you guys first this time. And that shocked me. And I know who you are. And, you know, I respect you and your opinion. And I put that into practice. And we have been all over the world, trying to save any persecuted religious minority, that is coming under fire. Because you're right. I mean, it's -- it's going to be all of us. And now, you come to me, and it's interesting. Because now, you're -- you're saying, okay. Maybe it's -- maybe it's time. This is at least what I'm reading in your visit. Maybe it's time to also really start talking about the Jews. Because we're at a critical stage. It's getting bad.

RABBI: It is. I'll stand by what I told you six years ago, that the most endangered religious minority today is Christians and Christianity. Those are the people who venture out of their houses and sometimes within their houses, and are getting picked off. Look what's going on in Nigeria, really. A whole swath of territory, from western Africa.

GLENN: Happening in China too.

RABBI: China.

GLENN: They're rewriting the Bible. I mean, you would probably know this. It took the churches in Germany, about six months, before they started taking Hitler's advice on maybe the Old Testament is a little too Jewish. So we should drop that from -- that's crazy. When people hear that, they don't believe it. But that's what China is doing right now. They're rewriting the Bible.

RABBI: And there are so many people that think you can get away with that. You know, the Soviet persecution of minorities, 70 years, and yet 2006, a poll in Russia, this is post-Iron Curtain Russia showed that 84 percent of Russians claimed they believed in God. How does that happen?

And some people think that that's surprising. But it's not. Because people really can't live without God. Some of them unfortunately don't realize it. But without God, our societies are not stable. Our families are not stable.

GLENN: It's what's happening here in America. It's what's happening.

RABBI: You bet.

GLENN: So can we talk about Ukraine, just a little bit?

RABBI: Sure.

GLENN: I thought of -- I actually thought of you the other day. When I was watching Ukraine, and I thought, for the first time, for the first time really, Jews are escaping a country, not because of persecution, but because the Russians are coming. And they have a place to go. They have a place to go. Israel. Where nobody can stop them from going there. Once they get out of the country. They don't have to worry about what country will take me. That's a miracle. That's a huge change.

RABBI: In fact, Natan Teranski (phonetic), the iconic figure of resistance to Soviet Russia said when he grew up in Ukraine, there were lots of nationalities. Everyone got along. Everybody was equal. Except for one group. If you had Jew on your identity card, you took a lot of garbage. And you didn't get into schools. And you didn't get jobs. And he said, look at God's revenge. Today, it's the opposite. People -- the pictures are horrifying. People are crossing the border, no idea where they go, next, and one group has the privilege of knowing that they have family around the world.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: There was a time that Christians felt like they were all one big family. And we've lost so much of that.

GLENN: What -- so -- because the president of Ukraine, who is Jewish, said, you know, Israel. You've got to help us out here. Look at what we've done. Look at what we've done in the past for Jews. Now, I'm a student of history. Maybe not that good a student of history. Because Ukraine was a killing field for Jews. Right? World War II.

RABBI: Absolutely. It goes back a lot further than World War II, 17th century. Essentially, the founder of Ukraine killed more than half of all the Jews in the Ukraine.

GLENN: My gosh.

RABBI: 300 communities, totally decimated in World War II. Everybody knows about Bobby R. When Ukrainians watched while the Nazis, and eager Ukrainian volunteers massacred, shot, all those people. And put them in that massive ravine. While they were eating ice cream. And watching.

GLENN: Right. So they're saying that we're -- you know, we're supporting them because -- because they're a good country, good people, et cetera, et cetera. And we deny the existence of the Nazis. But we helped train those people, during the -- right after the last -- the last revolution. This guy now, the president is a Jew. The Nazis do exist. But it's not like the Nazis. It's a small group. Or are there -- is there a real problem of Nazis there?

RABBI: It's a small group, that people in the Ukraine, Jews in the Ukraine, report that they have grown up, without any feeling of anti-Semitism. They feel it may be there beneath the surface. But it's there in every country, including the United States. And critics will point to the Azoff group, which is a paramilitary group, which ties in to neo-Nazi groups. But then on the other side, you have the Wagner group. Putin's own paramilitary private army that is equally named.

GLENN: Yeah. Named Wagner. I love people saying, it's Wagner. No. It's Wagner. Wagner. Named after the composures, Hitler's favorite composer.

RABBI: But at the same time, we do have to appreciate the fact that the vast, vast majority of people screaming out of Ukraine today are innocent people. Are not tied into whatever their grandparents did. These are older people. Younger people whose lives have been disrupted overnight. They certainly, certainly require and should be getting our sympathy.

GLENN: I am -- I am concerned. Well, before we leave Ukraine. There's another controversy. And that controversy is the iron dome. Israel will not give the iron dome to Ukraine. How do you respond to that?

RABBI: You know, I live in Jerusalem. In the valley just below my home, there's an iron dome installation. In -- last -- in the Gaza war last spring, we essentially ran out of iron dome missiles. We had to be resupplied.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

RABBI: You know, a couple of our friends on the squad were against resupplying us. People forget that Israel lives with existential angst every day. There are people out to destroy us. Not the least of which is in Iran, which is benefiting from this war, because somehow our administration is so bent on signing a -- a counterproductive treaty, that is not going to do anything, other than release billions of dollars to them. Israel needs iron dome. It would do relatively little in a country as vast and as big as Ukraine. Iron dome is meant for small areas, where you know the direction of incoming missiles.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: Not the kind of really modern missiles, that Russia is lobbing in, including hypersonic weapons. And where a vast border means they can come from any direction at all.

GLENN: So let's talk about the Iranian deal. This is horrifying to me. Horrifying. I mean, we were making such progress in the Middle East. Under Donald Trump. And that's all gone. And now, we've hacked off Saudi Arabia, by doing this deal. They're not happy with us. In fact, they're not even returning our president's phone call. And I think that Israel is going to have to respond, when this deal is done. Because we are allowing the Russians to come in and build more plants for them. This is insanity.

RABBI: Add to that, the fact that Americans, and most of the -- all the free world sees what one madman can do.

GLENN: Yeah.

RABBI: The kind of devastation, that he can bring down upon people, if there's nothing holding him back. Now, add to that, in Iran, where you have in addition to that, religious fervor. People who are not afraid of absorbing nuclear bombs. Because it is part of the mission. It will bring the 11th imam.

GLENN: Yes. Those who -- those who are a part of that 12er sect. Are terrifying. And the average person in Iran, might not be. But, America, think of it this way. Are you for the things that are going on in Washington?

Are you like, yeah. That's what I voted for. They listened to me. Imagine in Iran, you don't have any say, on what they're doing. It could be a crazy sect at the top, which it is. That believe, we're going to hasten the return of the promised one.

RABBI: And one high-ranking official. I don't remember his name, a couple of years ago. Said, Israel is a one-bomb country. Meaning, we can finish it off with just one well-placed nuclear weapon. But -- and Iran will absorb a few.

GLENN: Well, here's what the Iranian revolutionary guard Corp commander-in-chief, general Hussein Salami said yesterday, in Iran. Iran's enemies such as Israel and the United States, have an expiration date, as the New World Order is upon us. That's a little frightening.

RABBI: Just a little.

GLENN: Just a little.

All right. I want to take a quick break. Then I want to ask you, because you did something -- is it the ladder or the rungs of anti-Semitism? And I have been concerned, seeing this grow overseas, but it is growing in a great number of people, who are our neighbors. But I don't think they even understand it, as anti-Semitism. And I want to talk to you about those rungs. And what they are. They are the -- the four rungs of anti-Semitism. Do I have it right? Four rungs of anti-Semitism. We'll go there in just a second.

GLENN: So sitting in my studio is the director of interfaith affairs, at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. His name is Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, and it's a pleasure to have you here.

RABBI: Thank you.

GLENN: So let's talk about what's happening. First in -- in Europe. How bad is it getting in Europe?

RABBI: Anti-Semitism?


RABBI: It's pretty bad. Jews are not so comfortable walking around in the street with anything identifying them as Jews. Not true of everyone, of course. But people are increasingly conscious of it. The attacks on religious institutions. Something we've never talked about in the United States. How many churches have burned in the year in France. But it's worse with synagogues. By grandchildren in Berlin attend a school, where they are guarded by German police. Which is kind of ironic.

GLENN: Yeah.

RABBI: And when -- when you have a continent, where people have -- people show -- people stated years ago, that the single biggest threat to peace, not Iran. Not China. But Israel.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

RABBI: Then you know something is going on beneath the surface. Europeans never liked Jews too much to begin with. It's not like the United States. And things are getting bad.

GLENN: The United States though, I think is -- I mean, policy-wise. I don't know what our friendship is with Israel, or -- it seemed -- it seems to be a little anti-Semitic, on the left now. In fact, a lot of anti-Semitic on the left. And anti-Semitic lighter, if you will, in the Democratic Party.

RABBI: There's still a lot of bipartisan support of Israel. Perhaps the threat to that is that so many young people are listening, not to anything Jewish. But to what they hear from professors on campus. That they've swallowed. They've swallowed the whole -- the whole theory out there, that the -- that the Jews are the last colonialist power conceived in sin, and the world will not be a safe place until we get rid of it.

GLENN: That's crazy.

RABBI: It is crazy.

GLENN: You know, it is -- I never understood -- I'll get to this in a second. But I never understood how Jewish people could live in Germany, with all of the things that were being done. Led up to just the mass slaughter. And how they would always say, yeah. But it's not going to get worse than this. It's not going to get worse than this. And how so many people said, look, I'm a patriot of this country. They're not going to do that to me. I never understood it, until recently. Because some of the same things are being said about Christians. And people who vote differently. They're saying crazy things, but you're like, yeah. But that will never happen here. And there's this disconnect -- there's just this like -- I don't know where the bridge is. But there's a bridge somewhere, to where that becomes real. And I don't know what the last signs are. I don't know what it is, that makes you go, you know, I don't think I should be here. Do you know what I'm saying?

RABBI: Absolutely.

GLENN: Can you help me with that?

RABBI: Well, of course, there's a human reticence to believe that their whole world and everything that they are in, could fall apart. So you avoid even listening to news that works in that direction.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: But I don't know how many more years Jews have in America, how many years Americans have in America.

GLENN: That is -- that is terribly frightening. Okay. We're going to -- he's going to compare and show us, where we are, and where Europe is, the rest of the world, on the ladder of anti-Semitism. And it is pretty shocking. We'll go there, in just a minute. Stand by.

GLENN: So Stu and I were just having a chat here, off -- you know, off-air. We were talking to a guy who truly changed my life. He's the director of interfaith affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He's also the founding editor of Cross Currents. He's Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein. And I just said to Stu a minute ago, that for the first time in my life, I feel that America is a force for darkness or evil. I just think, we are knowingly on the wrong side in many ways. And that scares me because God's protection leaves us. But also because so many people are duped. There's a lot of people that just don't -- I mean, I've read enough history. And if you read enough history, you can see -- it's like reading the Bible. You read the Bible, and you're like, what? Three pages ago, you guys learned this lesson. What happened? It's that. It's, you -- somehow or another, we forget, and we make exactly the same mistakes. I want to talk to you about the Abrahamic Accords. But first, can you give they the rungs? The anti-Semitic rungs?

RABBI: Sure, this is something we observed starting a number of years ago. The anti-Semitism of the left was progressing in a -- in a given direction. Anti-Semitism on the right, we sort of know how to deal with.

GLENN: It's pretty obvious. They come in brown shirts.

RABBI: Right. And they are marginal. They're never going to attract the majority of Americans. They're not going to have a recreation of Hitler's brown shirts in the US. The left is a different matter. It started, the first rung was we are going to boycott the settlements. Not Israel, mind you. Israel is a Democratic state. It has a lot of support, so we can't get away with that. So it's just settlements. And that became popular with main line Christian churches, who have now dwindled to about 36 people collectively. But -- but another historic force. And especially on campus. The second rung was, well, of course, it's the settlements, which is the real problem there. Ignoring about 100 years of history, in the region, including attempts to drive Israel into the sea, before there was anything.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: But now we have to talk about boycotting Israel in general, because Israel supports it is settlements. Now, we're still talking about Israel. And we're talking about Zionist expansionism, and things like that. Whatever they can get to stick to the wall. And some churches got into that. Even doing things like changing the literature, to make it clear, that all Biblical references to Israel, have nothing to do with the modern state, which, of course --

GLENN: Did they actually do that?

RABBI: Than three nominations.

GLENN: Really? That's what they did in Nazi Germany.

RABBI: Well, different -- different motives.

GLENN: Yeah. Wow.

RABBI: But the third rung -- and a lot of people are still -- are still there. You know, that's what Ben & Jerry's was.

GLENN: Yeah.

RABBI: Ostensibly, they said, pull out of the settlements. Knowing that you can't pull out of the settlements, without pulling out of all of Israel. So effectively, they were boycotting all of Israel.

GLENN: And divesting.

RABBI: Yeah. So the third rung, things get even scarier. Then the assumption is, we're not talking about Israel anymore. But the assumption now is that Zionists are a fair target, no matter where they are. People started coming after Hillals (phonetic) on campus. Hillals are a pro-Zionist group, although pretty left-wing and always willing to consider both sides of the argument. They're not rah-rah rightest groups. But Zionists became a fair target. All Zionists. And you have groups including I think the last one Tufts. Asking to ban all student groups, that won't take a -- an oath that they don't support Zionism. Because Zionism. Because Zionism, per se. So now you have like crossing --

GLENN: Yeah. Now it's not a country.

RABBI: Right.

GLENN: It's closer to the individual.

RABBI: And the fourth rung, which some groups have, the Bay Area spokeswoman for CAIR. Which we consider to be a full terrorist organization.

GLENN: Yes. So do I.

RABBI: Said a couple of weeks ago, warned the members of CAIR, that you have to watch out for synagogue groups. Now, not Zionist groups. But synagogue groups.

GLENN: Well, what -- who belongs to a synagogue group?

RABBI: I wonder.

GLENN: I'm usually not put into that category.

RABBI: It's a Greek word. So maybe it has something to do with ancient Greece. But what happens here is that Jews, per se, the average Jew in the street becomes a target. So you see the targeting of Jews who look like Jews. In Brooklyn. Daily.

GLENN: I bet. We're seeing this cross a lot of lines. And the same thing happened in the past. Where, first it was, oh, you're a conservative. You're a Republican. Oh, you were a voter for Donald Trump. To, oh, you're a person that won't support this, this, and this. And it is directly targeting the person.

RABBI: The person. The person.

GLENN: That's when it gets really scary.

RABBI: And the assumption contrary to everything that America stood for. For 200 years.

GLENN: Yeah. I know.

RABBI: That you don't teal with group identities. But you consider the person a person. That now, at least in terms of Jews, pushed by groups on the left, and by Nation of Islam. Farrakhan. Which is -- who has done a lot of harm, in inner city black communities.

GLENN: And Karl Marx. You know. And Karl Marx. Karl Marx is -- his philosophies -- I mean, socialism doesn't usually lead to -- I mean, you could be socialist, and not anti-Semitic. But when you're Karl Marx socialism. When you are aiming for pitting groups against each other, it's almost always socialist.

RABBI: I think I'll have to disagree with you. Because Karl Marx talked about actively pitting them. He said the forces of history would do that. It was inevitable. And they would -- they would conflict with each other. But here you have people, who are prodding young Americans. Americans on campus.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: And urging them to think with groupthink. And reject certain people and certain identities. Especially starting with Jews.

GLENN: So we were -- I thought headed in the right direction. Making progress like I've never seen in my life. I mean, the Abrahamic Accords were literally, I think a miracle. Never thought I would see that in my life. You were part of that, weren't you? You were for ten years on those accords.

RABBI: Correct.

GLENN: And it was Trump that was the last piece that put it over the top?

RABBI: Trump was the last piece that put it over the top. It was the support of a lot of people in -- in the Emirates, and in -- in Bahrain.

GLENN: Right.

RABBI: Bahrain, which has its critics, nonetheless had a history of over 100 years of genuine religious tolerance. They have a street in the capitol, in which you can find the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, a Hindu temple, and a mosque, on the same street. And this is not since the Abrahamic Accords. This is something they used to capitalize on in creating the Abrahamic Accords. And people in the region discovered, you know, United States under Obama, did not prove to be such a reliable ally. Things are changing. Iran is this big Specter, that is looking for domination. I'm going to turn this thing into a Shiite/Sunni War. And if there's anything they hate worse than Jews, it's the other side in that.

GLENN: Yeah. I know.

RABBI: So what it led to is people who had naturally gotten along, to -- to a large extent. Wasn't perfect. But anti-Semitism in the Islamic world was not -- certain times, was not anywhere as intense as it was in Europe. And people do get along in those regions. And they were tired of the Palestinians, kind of crying to the world, about we're the most oppressed people out there. Got other people out there. Got to worry about Iran. And we have to think of a new -- a new collaboration here in the Middle East.

GLENN: So is it still holding together?

RABBI: It is holding together beautifully.

GLENN: What happens when Saudi Arabia turns east, and Iran toward -- points north and east? Or Moscow and China?

RABBI: That -- you know, there's -- there's no predicting where that will lead to. But I can tell you one thing that will be very hard to change. The Abraham Accords led immediately to the opening of doors of two peoples with each other. So now it's not so uncommon to find Muslim visitors to Israel. Who are accepted, and then treated warmly, in the streets of Israel.

GLENN: Is it true -- is it true that one of the big players, a state player went undercover to Israel?

RABBI: Somebody who had been working on it. On behalf of the government in Ukraine. Decided with the permission of the -- of the highers up. That he wanted to see Israel for himself. This was about five years ago. It was before the Abraham Accords. But at one point, I was doing a draft for the king on what became called the Bahrain Declaration. Together with our mutual friend Johnnie Moore, we were working on the first draft.

GLENN: He's a good man.

RABBI: And this person surprised us, told us he had recently came from Israel. He said, I only had time to visit two cities. I went to Tel Aviv. He said, that was cosmopolitan!

GLENN: Oh, it is. It's New York.

RABBI: Urbane. And then he said, and then I went to Jerusalem. And my heart fell. And I said, oh, I'm going to have to defend my city.

GLENN: It's the religious part --

RABBI: Before I could get the words out, he said, you know, Tel Aviv, I just found to be another concrete jungle.


RABBI: He said, in Jerusalem. Practicing Muslim. He said, in Jerusalem, I could feel the presence of God walking in the street.

GLENN: I am telling you, that is true. The first time be with the Temple Mount actually is like a -- is like a pulsar. Where you can feel it. You get anywhere in Israel, at least I can -- you can feel it. You know why everything happens around Israel. It's almost like the world spins with Jerusalem as the center. Or the North Pole, if you will. Because it is God's seat. And you feel it, when you get there. It's amazing.

RABBI: And the Jewish version, on that, always was, that my house will be a house of prayer for all of the nations. This was the Jewish dream. It wasn't to convert the -- the rest of the world. Neither by the sword, nor by persuasion to Judaism. It was to convert the world to -- to a belief in the one God. And incorporating his presence in our lives, at all times. And the place where you can feel the potential for that, is Jerusalem. And it doesn't matter if you're Jewish or you're a Christian or you're a Muslim.

GLENN: No. Yeah. You can feel it. You can feel it. You can feel it. Rabbi, thank you very much. God bless you. The director of the interfaith affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The founding editor of Cross Currents. You can find that at

Why Does Michigan Have MORE Registered Voters Than Citizens?!

Why Does Michigan Have MORE Registered Voters Than Citizens?!

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales has uncovered some massive issues with Michigan’s voting system ahead of the 2024 election. For starters, Michigan’s George Soros-funded Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, tried to allow the state to count ballots received after election day. She has also championed a measure that would allow same-day registration without a photo ID. What could possibly go wrong when there’s ZERO verification, Sara and Glenn say! To make matters worse, the state has also expanded mail-in voting. And the icing on the cake? 105% of the state’s population is registered to vote! Gee, how could that have happened?

But that’s just the beginning of what Sara and the Blaze Originals team discovered. It’s all exposed in the new documentary, “Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen,” available NOW at


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Blaze TV host of Sara Gonzales unfiltered. It was really hard. We started with the name. And then we were like. We have to have to find Sara Gonzales to be able to do this show. We might have thought about doing it a different way. We found her. And she is perfect.

She is the perfect Sara Gonzales host unfiltered.

Sarah, welcome to the program. How are you?

SARA: Thank you. I'm good. I consider that job security. You won't find another Sara Gonzales.

GLENN: Yeah. We looked. We looked. So, anyway, you're doing another Blaze original. We've all been doing this. This is episode five. The documentary has been called voter fraud exposed, how elections can be stolen. I have to tell you, I saw a rough cut of it. I don't even know, a couple weeks ago.

Oh, my gosh, Sara. Oh, my gosh. Just Michigan alone, is -- I mean, you sat down with the woman who was the secretary of state, right?

SARA: Yes. Yeah.

GLENN: I believe she was replaced by secretary of state. A part of the George Soros thing.

SARA: Correct. Correct. Yes. Jocelyn Benson, yes.

GLENN: Uh-huh. And give people a clue, on just Michigan.

SARA: So, yes. In 2018, Jocelyn Benson replaced Ruth Johnson. Ruth Johnson was a Republican, who more importantly was interested in doing the right thing when it came to protecting the voter rolls. And keeping them secure and fresh. You know, dated. Or, I should say, not outdated. And so what Jocelyn Benson did, she is as you pointed out, Soros-funded.

She is former SPLC, just to give you an idea of who she is and what she's about. Yeah, and so she is one of these --

GLENN: Wow, in case you don't know that. That's Southern Poverty Law Center, which is the worst of the worst.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: Okay. Go ahead.

SARA: So she is part of the Secretary of State project that George Soros is funding. So she comes into the state of Michigan.

And she tries to allow Michigan to count ballots that were received after Election Day. She was luckily sued. And lost that battle.

But since then. We've had ballot referendums, that you can have.

Same day registration. Same day registration. And you can register without showing a photo ID in the state of Michigan. And your vote counts.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

WILFRED: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: I mean, you need a photo ID for anything.

SARA: Everything. Everything.

GLENN: Except for the most important thing that a citizen can do.

SARA: Right. Right. And, well, we point out in the documentary. It's like, if I were not just in the state of Michigan. But I would imagine, most other states and cities. If you go to your local library.

You can't get a library card without showing your ID. It is insane. That you shouldn't have to show your ID. In order to participate in the voting process.

And, by the way, this is something else we point out. It's like almost 80 percent of Americans, both left and right agree that you should have to show a photo ID in order to vote. This is not a partisan thing.

GLENN: I go down the street, from our ranch. There's a big lake across the street.

And I have to go about, I don't know. 5 miles to this little -- great little kind of general store.

I had to get a -- I had to get a fishing license.

I needed ID.

Everybody in there, knows who I am. I needed ID, to be able to get a fishing license!

PAT: Did you guys see Texas Representative Wesley Hunt talk about this yesterday?


PAT: It's brilliant. He shows all of his government-issued -- he's black. He shows all of his government-issued IDs, including a driver's license and, you know, a passport. And he's got like six different forms of ID. Showing how insulting it is. That the left is saying that blacks don't have ID. It's ridiculous.

SARA: Well, this will give you kind of a clue as to how sinister this initiative is, is that Republicans in the state of Michigan, actually they had a bill that they passed. That was going to expand and allow free photo ID for people. So there would be no excuse to say, well, it's too expensive. And, you know, the idea is that minorities can't afford it. Which is inherently racist.

PAT: And we've been told, they don't know where the DMV is.

SARA: Which again seems a little racist to assume. So Governor Gretchen Whitmer actually vetoed that bill, but just to give you an idea of where -- what possible reason, as our friend Steve Deace likes to say. What is the innocent, benign explanation for vetoing such legislation? There isn't one.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So they -- they can't even now, because of this new legislation, they can't even ask for ID.

SARA: Uh-huh. Correct.

GLENN: So you go in, right? To the voting booth.

You want to go into the voting booth.

You go in, and you say, my name is Glenn Beck.

And, you know, they'll probably. Maybe. I don't know. Do they ask for an address?

And they look you up if you're on the roles. Or in the case of Michigan. You can now just register. You can go in, and say, I'm not registered.

I want to register right now.

But none of it is hooked up to the internet. So they can't verify anything.

SARA: Right.

GLENN: So you can go ahead and register. And get a ballot and vote.

PAT: What could go wrong?

GLENN: What could possibly go wrong?

SARA: And it's always from the left, who claims that they care so much about democracy. Which is just so laughable at this point.

Not that we have a democracy, but if you did care about democracy. And you did care, you know, about the state of your country. You would want election integrity and security. That would be at the top of your list. And instead, you know, they're trying to -- in the state of Michigan, again, I will go back to the state of Michigan again.

In the state of Michigan, they now have a constitutional right to vote by mail. I mean, you are talking about such an outdated system. I think France banned it in like 1975. France uses paper.

All of these other First World countries. Civilized countries have decided that mail-in voting is terrible, a horrible way of doing things.

We have -- Jimmy Carter coauthored a bipartisan report that said, we can't have mail-in voting because it makes it more likely to -- you know, to have fraud and all sorts. This was something that we all agreed upon, decades ago. And now all of a sudden, there are states that are run by these left-wing secretary of state, you know, secretaries of state. And they are going in and changing the system to allow these types of things.

GLENN: Let me ask you. Let me ask the average -- the average person. You're driving in your car. And you hear about Glenn's bank.

Say that you knew a Glenn that had any kind of credibility at all. Glenn's bank.

Yeah. And we invite you in, to put your money in our bank.

And we will make it easy for you to write checks.

We will make it easy for you to come in. Withdraw your money.

We're never going to ask you for ID.

Would you put your money in that bank?

SARA: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

GLENN: Right! So why would we do this with elections?

On anything.

On anything. It's crazy.

So give me some white pill news. Can you?

SARA: Yeah. I think so. Everyone will see. When they go and watch these new Blaze originals. That they can go watch right now. They will see some hope in the sense that there are organizations, that are working around the clock to prevent these types of things from happening.

They are largely successful. And the courts, one of them is, of course, PILF. The Public Interest Legal Foundation. I spoke with them. They are suing the crap out of these states and out of these secretaries of states, who are engaging in this business.

They are suing about the -- you know, all of the dead people on the voter rolls in the state of Michigan.

The RNC is now suing the state of Michigan, for the -- you know, why it's that there's 105 percent of Michigan population, that's currently registered to vote.

And, you know, I'm not great at math.

But I'm good enough to know, that there's something a little bit wrong with that.

GLENN: Right. Go ahead.

GLENN: It's hard to have 105 percent of anything. I'm going to have 105 percent of that pie over there. Wow. That's a skill.

SARA: Right. Right stop, you know, in talking to these experts. They say, vote. Don't be discouraged and not vote. Because we can still blow them out. We can still overwhelm the system.

And we should. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Knowledge is power. I mean, we are exposing these people for what they're doing. And the more exposure that we can give them. The less likely it is, that they are able to just commit this in broad daylight.

And like I said, we have these -- these legal foundations, who are suing these states. And in most cases, in a lot of cases. They are largely successful in that.

So if secretary of state Benson isn't going to remove dead people from their voter rolls, until the courts force her to.

Well, you know what, at the end of the day, she will still will be forced to remove these people. So we are making moves. We have organizations that are tackling this.

We have to expose this, for what it really is.

GLENN: I will tell you, I think that there is a -- a good chance that a random slide does happen.

I mean, I -- I just can't imagine going into the booth, and you being a Democrat.

And pulling the lever for more of this. And saying, yeah. I want. And I think Joe Biden. Is the guy to trust with possible World War III.

I think he's got the economy right.

I think, you know, all of the things that he's done. You might pull it for RFK Y. Or Trump.

But, I mean, cannot see people voting for him.

And -- and honestly, when people ask themselves. Am I -- am I -- was I better off four years ago?

Like a lot better off?

The answer is yes!

And we have always asked, I wish somebody would just run this place like a business.

Well, that's what Donald Trump was doing. And look at the results until COVID happened.

So go out and vote.

I think if everybody. They're going to try to plaque pill you.

But if -- if you don't listen to that. And you go out and vote. I think the numbers will be overing. But what do I know.

SARA: Well, I would tell you this, Glenn. There are certain states that have already passed election integrity and voter security laws. And so states like Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida. I mean, the more states that are passing these voter integrity laws, which I know the left will tell you is racist.

And they'll tell you, they are not allowing you to drink water in line, and all of these other lies.

The fact of the matter is, are these states making elections more secure. And we can have other states follow suit in that.

GLENN: All right. Blaze original. Episode number five.

Voter fraud exposed. How elections can be stolen. It's a new doc. And it's out now. If you're Blaze TV subscriber. If you're not, go to And what is the promo code? Is it voter fraud?

SARA: Voter fraud, yes.

GLENN: Voter fraud. And you can watch it now. On Blaze TV. Sara, thank you so much.

What Europe’s REJECTION of Globalism Means for The World

What Europe’s REJECTION of Globalism Means for The World

Left-wing political parties suffered major losses in the recent European Parliament elections, but the media is painting it as a terrifying win for “far-right extremists” who are practically Hitler. Journalist Alex Newman joins Glenn to explain why that’s a “deception.” Newman, who spent over a decade working in Europe, argues that these elections were more proof that people around the world are tired of globalists trying to control their lives. Plus, he explains why French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the lower house of France’s Parliament after the election: Is this an attack on the “democracy” that he claims to love…or is it just how the weird parliamentary system works?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So we have the Liberty media CEO on with us. He's a journalist. Also an author of Indoctrinating Our Children to Death. Alex Newman is with us.

And, Alex, if I'm not mistaken, you've spent almost a decade, working over in different countries in -- in Europe and reporting on Europe and European policies and politics.

And I thought, you could maybe bring us a better understanding what happened over the weekend.

And what's still to come.

ALEX: Well, thank you for having me, Beck. It's great to be with you.

Yes. I spent over a texted working in Europe. And longer than that. Living in Europe, Sweden, Switzerland, and France. And the media, of course, is being pretty dishonest about what has happened on this election. On several fronts.

For one, they're portraying this as a win for the far right. And yet, they don't actually tell you what that means. They want to conjure up images of Adolf Hitler and goose stepping Nazis, and isn't could be further from the truth. The parties that really did very well in this election are not even close to Nazis. In fact, if anything, they're more closely aligned with like the Libertarian Party. Or conservative parties. With some controls on immigration. So right there, we have a fake narrative from the fake media. And another part of the deception, I would say. Is that this will have some sort of devastating effect on the globalist agenda, or the mass migration. I mean, that's simply not true. Either this was an election for the European parliament.

This isn't a parliament in the sense that we think of, as a sovereign legislative body. In the EU you have the European commission. Which is basically a hybrid legislative executive branch. It's very different from our system.

And the parliament serves more as a rubber stamp, and as a legislative body. So several big, big deceptions. But the results do speak to something very important.

Europeans, I think like Americans are tired of the globalism. They're tired of the mass migration. They're tired of the economic suffering. Because of the inflation and the climate policies and the war on farmers and all the rest.

And they want something different. So from that perspective, this was a very significant election.

GLENN: So what did Macron do, when he called for new elections.

I don't even understand. I don't even understand, that that system. What did he do?

Why was that a big deal?

And how -- you know, how is that going to work out for him?

ALEX: Well, he had to, essentially. After the election results. His party was absolutely crushed.

And I mean crushed. The result was devastating for his globalist establishment political party. And the party that won, by a massive margin, that used to be the national front. Now they call it the national rally, is basically the antithesis of Macron's party.

They're very strong French nationalists. They want to preserve French identity. They want to do deportations. They want to remove criminals and illegal aliens out of France.

In some ways, you might call them anti-Islamic. They are opposed to what they call the Islamization of France. And, you know, they're not necessarily like a conservative Republican Party, if you will. They are on the left, on quite a few issues.

But they want to preserve French identity. In fact, until recently, they wanted to get France out of the European Union. They have now walked that back a little bit. They are more reformist.

Whereas, Macron wants to surrender all French sovereignty to the EU and open up the borders wide for anybody to come in. So the contrast is very clear. And what happens in these parliamentary democracies, like they have across Europe. Is that when you have an election like that in the Prime Minister. Or the president in the case of France, has a party that is decimated in the polls. They really have no choice but to call for a snap election, and then eventually step down. Because they are obviously in a position of weakness. They have clearly lost the support of the public.

And so the correct thing to do then, is to go on an election and let the people decide their fate.

GLENN: So the people that were -- were elected, they remained. They're just reelecting the rest of parliament?

I don't -- I'm sorry, for sounding so naive. But I just don't care about foreign governments. Because to me, they don't make any sense. So what is -- yeah.

ALEX: So the French system, like many of the other European, parliamentary systems. You know, the whole system is different.

Right? In the United States, we have kind of the two-party system. Every congressional district represents a particular group of people.

So when you have elections in most of these European tells me.

What you have is proportional representation in parliament.

Typically you'll have governing coalitions that take shape.

Like the recent government that just took over in the Netherlands. A huge blow to the establishment. They kicked out the liberals. The liberals by American definition.

The globalists. And replaced them with conservative parties. So what happens then, when you have these kinds of -- the same in Canada. Our neighbors in the north, and Australia.

When you have these elections, it becomes very, very clear, that the ruling party. Or the ruling coalition no longer has public support. The and protect proper thing to do is step down and let people have new elections. This election was, like I said for the European parliament. What it showed, the French people are no longer with them. So he has to do the right thing here.


Okay. So this vote that happened over the weekend, see if I follow you, the vote that happened this weekend, has very few teeth, if you will.

But calling for a new election, if the results turn out the way it appears they might turn out, it -- it will have some teeth.

The conservatives will have some teeth.

ALEX: Yeah. So if in this snap election, Marine Le Pen's national rally party performs as well as they did in the European parliament election, France will look very, very difficult when the new government takes over. That's a very real possibility. It's possible that the French voters wanted Marine Le Pen's party in the European parliament, but not governing France. That's possible. We'll see what happens in this election.

But, yeah. This could lead to some very, very profound changes in the way France is governed, and that by extension then would lead to some profound shifts across Europe. France is obviously one of the powerhouses of the European Union.

One of the major economies. One of the most significant military forces.

So this could have a very, very profound affect.

If the election goes the way the European parliamentary election suggests it does.

You're right, when you look at the European parliament. The name is kind of misleading. People assume.

For example, the US Congress, that they will have the power to radically shift the trajectory of things. In the European system, that's just not the case. The parliament is I think best thought of as a rubber stamp, almost like a decoration for the Europeans to be able to do feel like they have some kind of influence.

The EU is really governed by unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats at the European which I guess.

GLENN: So have you heard, there's a new summit that's happening at the united nation's annual meeting.

It's called the summit of the future.

Which kind of sounds a little freaky.

And it is -- it will cover everything from climate change.

International security. Science, technology.


It's the typical bullcrap from the United Nations.

Except, one of the things they're addressing is transforming global governance.

And action 36. We commit to transforming global governance. Global governance.

Action 41. Will reform and strengthen the United Nations.

They go into all kinds of things like our common agenda. And they're giving the United Nations, extra powers, that can be enacted in emergencies.

And so they're getting around the sovereignty, saying, by saying, oh, this would only happen in a global emergency.

But we all know emergencies are always right around the corner.

Do you know much about this?

ALEX: I do, Glenn. Actually, I broke that story on the Epic Times over a year ago.

It's very, very important. I'm glad we're talking about it. In fact, I will be there covering the summit for the New American magazine, so we will be providing live updates from there.

I think of this as kind of an attempted constitutional convention for the UN. They want to throw off the shackles, that kind of have restrained their power grabs over the decades.

And usurp vast new powers, and that's not speculation.

The secretary general, Antonio Guterres, who, by the way, before becoming the head of the UN. Was the leader of the socialist international, which traces its lineage directly back to Karl Marx's family. And he has put out a series of what he calls policy briefs. One of them, as you mentioned, deals with emergencies.

And I urge people to read this document. If I remember correctly, it's only about 24 pages.
And it is just transparent. It basically says, in any declared emergency, global emergency, the secretary general will assume all these new powers. The decision-making entities will be the agencies of the United Nations, that says nation states, governments, civil society, business. All of them will be taking their marching orders from this secretary general and his minions.

And, I mean, it gets worse.

They give a list of possible emergencies.

And it could be anything.

It could be an economic emergency. A climate emergency.

An environmental emergency. It doesn't have to be a global emergency. It could be regional.

So we're talking about here, an incredible power grab. Where all they have to do to say is say emergency, the magic words.

And suddenly we have basically a basic global police state.

So people need to be paying attention to this.

GLENN: And this is something.

We're covering this tonight, on my 9:00 p.m. TV show.

And in -- in doing our homework on it, it is -- is something that a lot of people will go, oh, well, that's no big deal.

They're voting on this and doing this in September.

You know, before we have a vote here in America.

And if they pass this stuff, what you said is absolutely true.

Any emergency, will just circumvent all of our governments. And put all the power into one government. In the UN.

ALEX: Yeah. That's exactly right. That's a proper subscription of what's going on here, Glenn.

The amazing thing. You can actually read these documents. You don't have to read between the lines. You don't really have to read through the UNEs (phonetic). It's just right there in plain sight. They're talking about global restrictions on free speech. They're talking about globally seizing control of economic decisions.

They're talking about incredible powers. Powers that would be flatly unconstitutional. Even for the US government to exercise. And they're talking about now having these powers exercised at the international level, by people who are not elected by any people. It's, frankly, terrifying. I think people really need to be paying attention.

GLENN: It is.

ALEX: Because most people aren't talking about it.

GLENN: Yeah. Thank you so much for everything you do. And if you missed our last podcast. When was it we did that? Do you remember? I have no concept of time.

ALEX: It was --

GLENN: I know. It's like everything -- there's so many things that happen every day. You're like. I don't know. Was that three years ago?

I have no idea.

But we had a fantastic, fantastic conversation.

And if you missed it, go look up the podcast with me and Alex Newman. And let's see.

It was called -- it's a global cabal. A conspiracy theory.

You can -- you can find the podcast with me, and Alex.
And it is well worth your time listening to.

Alex, thank you, as always.

God bless.

Why Hunter Biden's Conviction Could BACKFIRE

Why Hunter Biden's Conviction Could BACKFIRE

Many conservatives celebrated when Hunter Biden was convicted and Glenn think he got a fair trial. But now, there's a chance his trial could be appealed to the Supreme Court and become a gun rights question. So, will gun control activists find a way to spin this? Is there a constitutional argument against this even being a crime? Should conservatives and Second Amendment supporters root for Hunter going to jail for THIS crime? Or will it just distract from all the other evidence we have: "Out of all the stuff he did, this is like the preschool stuff. There's 170 [potential] crimes" he could be tried on! Or...will this all end with Joe Biden pardoning his son after the election?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: The verdict came in. On -- on Hunter Biden. And he was found guilty on all three counts. And I -- I don't know if people were celebrating or what.

I think this is -- as I said to Stu, this is comparing to Donald Trump trial, to this one, is comparing apples to eggs. They are completely different. They don't even -- they both don't come from a tree. One is from a really rotted rooted tree. The Donald Trump trial. And this one, I think just comes from the butt of a chicken.

The Hunter Biden trial, first of all, only happened after the FBI did everything they could, to make this go away.

Then, what do they do?

They take on the least important one. Now, I am all for the rule of law, obviously.

I am a responsible gun owner. You don't lie on your form, when you're doing a background check. You don't lie.

I would go to jail. You would go to jail. Hunter Biden should go to jail. I don't know what the usual is, on jail time for this. I know that it's -- I think it says, on the form, I couldn't find it yesterday. I think it says something like a 20-year prison sentence. Twenty-five-year prison sentence for lying under oath, blah, blah, blah. But I don't know what the usual is for a first time offender. But he should get it now.

There's the constitutional part. And I can't believe this. Because I think the left thinks they're going to win because this is going to go to trial. To the Supreme Court perhaps.

And it's going to become a gun question. A gun rights question.

And if he -- if he wins that, then the -- what? The right will get exactly what they want. More rights. Less regulation?

Okay. I'll take that. Yeah. But he'll lose him not going to jail. Yeah. But he's going to jail out of the worst stuff he did.

This is like the preschool stuff. What are you talking about.

There's 170 crimes, that he has been implicated in.


When he was in Arizona, he was on his way to rehab.

He dropped off his car, at the rental facility, near the airport, where he accidentally left personal ID and a crack pipe. Oh, and a bag of cocaine in the car. And nothing was done.

I don't know. I don't know. That's kind of a big deal. A woman who is currently in jail, in Connecticut, for other crimes, apparently arranged a meeting with Hunter to bring him crack cocaine, later that month.

According to Hunter's texts, which, by the way, all the evidence that was in -- used in this trial, all came from the laptop. So I would like an apology from the mainstream media, that there was nothing there. Nothing credible.

That that was totally hyped up. That that was Russian disinformation. I would like an apology. Because apparently, the court system found that it was okay to look at. And was credible.

Later that month, the texts on his laptop, showed that he was not only consuming drugs, but trafficking them.

As well as arranging sex with women. The sex crimes in Connecticut, are -- let's just say. Wow.

In -- I mean, it would take a drug-fueled -- I mean, I don't know how he performs. Anyway, he solicited women for sex.

One after another, as they would leave his room. Then he solicited more prostitutes. The next day, he solicited a third prostitute.

But he didn't stop there. He continued to solstice prostitutes throughout his time in Connecticut. Even recording a video of him having sex with a prostitute and smoking crack.

The money transfers revealed thousands of dollars paid to these prostitutes.

And is prostitution, is doing all of this, is this legal in Connecticut? Are you cool with that?

By the way, he took his crimes to Delaware, where he was doing drug deals. One with a registered sex offender. And smoked crack with them. Hunter made sure that his crack use was on camera. Again, he was caught naked doing drugs at a public spa. He then bought the fun. Lied about his drug use. And continued to have more fun with prostitutes. In Florida, when Hunter sent money to a Ukrainian escort, the transfer was flagged by JPMorgan as possible human trafficking.

Okay. We haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Okay? I'm just going to -- I'm just going to leave you with the note from JPMorgan.

There were 170 times banks sent out a yellow flag, to the federal government, saying, there's something wrong here.

This is human trafficking. This is money laundering. But there's something wrong. 170 times.

That -- that's the crime here!

That's the crime.

And what they're trying to do is -- they only prosecuted when they absolutely had no other choice.

They couldn't do anything else.

I think justice was served.

We'll see what the -- the sentencing is.

But this is not the thing to prosecute him on.

This is the thing to prosecute him, and then say, oh, come on. He's going to jail. He's doing his time.

And see, he was -- he was convicted of a felony. So -- so was Donald Trump. In fact, the health of our republic has never been stronger.

Because look, Donald Trump, he -- he was president. He's probably going to jail. And the first time ever, the son of a president, is also going to jail on a known. That's not good for the health of a republic in the first place.

That shows, if both are true. Shows we have a real problem with the people in leadership.

But both of them aren't true. Again, apples and eggs.

This one was prosecuted on me when they couldn't get away with everything they were trying to do to get away with sweeping this under the rug.

So then they prosecuted him. He was convicted by a jury of his peers.

The one up in New York, every possible thing, every dirty trick. Every twist of the law. Even to the point of making up a law. Where the federal government said, no.

That's not a violation of the law. But then they took it to a state court. And said, yes. That is against the law.

But it would be a federal crime. And so state courts have no jurisdiction. I mean, they did things that have never, ever been done did before.

And I think Alan Dershowitz was right. When he said, the best thing that could happen, is that Hunter Biden could be set free. Hunter Biden would be found not guilty.

He said, because then, at least people would start to realize, that we are the laughing stock of the world.

Aren't -- our justice system, which used to be the most admired, is now the laughing stock of the world.

I mean, how do you go for him, with -- with this gun charge, when he -- we know what he did with Ukrainian and Chinese patrons. He -- he was soliciting money.

He never registered as a foreign agent. He avoided all oversight and regulation that comes with that. They're completely ignoring the, hey, hold back 10 percent for the big guy.

When under oath, several witnesses have said, the big guy was Joe Biden.

I mean, they -- they raked in millions of dollars, selling our country out!

I don't know. I think that's a bigger crime, myself. You know. Jesse James. You know, he wasn't -- he wasn't wanted for jaywalking. Just -- you know.

I'm just saying.

Bonnie and Clyde. You know, they -- when they were at the bank. They wrote the note that said, give us all your money. And they took the pin along with him. Can we get him on the pin thing.

Am I wrong with this, Stu? Is this how we see this whole thing.

STU: They did take the pen.

GLENN: I know. They did take the pen.

STU: The pen was taken. I find it. Yes. I think it was interesting.

As we said before, the verdict even came out: It's the least interesting of all the things against Hunter Biden. There is a constitutional amendment against -- constitutional argument against this even being a crime in the first place.

But, in theory, he should still go to prison.

You know, the -- the -- the sentencing guidelines for this crime. Are 15 to 21 months.

So 2019 to 2023. Just 53 defendants were sentenced in a similar category, as Hunter Biden. But 92 percent of them were sentenced to serve prison time. Median prison term of 15 months.

Only 8 percent of people in that category received probation or a fine. So he should --

GLENN: I would like to see him go to jail for 18 months.

That's fine. Something to jail for 18 months. And you know why I say this. Not only do I want the fair -- I don't want the judge to take into consideration anything else, other than the crime they've just convicted him for.

And if the average is 18 months, then great. Give him 18 months. Whatever.

But Joe Biden, I believe, after the election, is going to pardon his son. To get him away from prison. He probably will serve maybe a month.

Maybe a month. He's not going to be sentenced, until when? October.

STU: I thought the sentencing will be a little bit more than that. That doesn't mean necessarily he goes to prison. Like for example, he also could stay out, while his appeal is pending, which would definitely push past the election.

GLENN: Correct. Right. And after the election, Joe Biden will do what this dad has done, that has made his son into the monster that he is.

And that is pardon him, lessen the consequences.

You know, help him out, because I really believe in you, son. You know, at times, you just have to let them fall.

STU: Yeah. And that's a normal parenting move, if you don't have a large international illegal business working with the guy that he's the kingpin of.

Like, you need to have him covering for you.

GLENN: On your side. Yeah.

STU: Every step of the way. So you really can't do the thing that a parent should do. And let him fall.

You can't do that.

GLENN: Yeah. So yesterday, Joe Biden gave a speech about gun control. Of all things.

STU: And didn't mention. Incredible that he doesn't mention this at all.

He doesn't mention the Hunter thing at all. While he's pushing for this new restrictive laws. Incredible.

GLENN: Right. Right. Right.

But, again, in this, he talks about.

Let me give you a couple.

Here's the gun sense speech. Cut four.

You can't be pro-law enforcement. And be pro-law enforcement. And abolish the AFT.

GLENN: Now, I don't know what the AFT is. Do you know what the AFT -- I know what the ATF is.

I don't know what the AFT is.

STU: The American Federation of Teachers.

So he's talking. I don't know why that was relevant, per se, to this.

That's what he --

GLENN: Yeah. But he went through.

Cut six, please.

BIDEN: By the way, if they want to take out government, if they get out of line. Which they're talking again about.

Guess what, they need F-15s. They don't need a rifle.

STU: Oh, God.

First of all, it's hard to understand anything anyone says. Secondly, that's the dumbest point in the world.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

Tell that to the people who are now running Afghanistan.

And if anybody should have learned that lesson, it would be Joe Biden.

I don't know. They must have F-15s. They seemed to do pretty well!

STU: They weren't really as well off as the American people are.

GLENN: No. No. They're not.

STU: They were able to do that against the world's most powerful military, because of one terrible leader, who happened to be the commander-in-chief.

GLENN: No. Right.

Let me -- let me go to -- let me go to Biden here. One more time.

Play that. You need F-15s. Play that again.

By the way, if they want to take on government, if we get out of line. Which they're talking again about. If we say what, they need F-15s. They don't need a rifle.

STU: That's so stupid.

GLENN: Is he the Biden. Have we mixed this up? Is he the Biden that is on crack?

STU: I don't know that crack makes you that lethargic. Again, maybe never having done it myself. Just for the show, do something.

Just understand.

GLENN: Right. Let's try to actually -- one more time. Try to understand, what he is actually saying there. Go ahead.

BIDEN: By the way, if they want to take on government, if we get out line, which they're talking again about. Well, guess what, they need F-15s, they don't need rifles.

GLENN: I don't know what he said. I have no idea what he said.

STU: Oh. I think he said, if you want to take on government. And then he says something like an aside where he says, and they're talking about all doing that again.

So he's trying to basically say that they're --

GLENN: Who is talking about that?

STU: Oh, it's a huge piece of conversation.

GLENN: It's happening daily?

STU: A lot of people online, talking about that.

GLENN: Let's take care on the government.

STU: This is so specifically designed to say, they just want that picture.

You look down your driveway. And tanks are rolling up. And all you have is your AR-15.

And it's like, again, I guess there is a scenario, where they could defeat every American by just nuking every city.

But like, what is the use of -- of govern over such a society? After it's a nuclear wasteland.

Like, yeah. The whole point --

GLENN: We won!

STU: Yeah. We won. Hang on, my ear fell off.

STU: I mean, this is -- over and over and over again, we've seen people with small arms, be able to repel.

It's really hard to go door to door and overwhelm a population. Really freaking difficult to do.

We found it very difficult. The land war in Asia from Princess Bride was specifically designed to remind him --

GLENN: Land war in Asia!

The REAL Reason Why Glenn is On a US-Funded Ukrainian 'Enemies' List

The REAL Reason Why Glenn is On a US-Funded Ukrainian 'Enemies' List

Glenn Beck and The Blaze were both placed on a list calling out Americans who DON'T want to endlessly fund Ukraine without oversight. The list, compiled by a Ukrainian NGO called "Texty" or the "Data Journalism Agency," features hundreds of individuals and companies, including U.S. politicians. But why would Glenn — who is no fan of Vladimir Putin — be on the list? Well, Glenn has a good idea why he might be: He recently exposed the U.S. government's long history with fueling color revolutions around the world, including in Ukraine, and how America might be next. And Blaze Media managing editor of RETURN, Peter Gietl joins to expose how all the usual suspects from previous color revolutions are funding this NGO as well...including Spooky Dude himself, George Soros.


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GLENN: So let me just give you this story first.

Ukrainian publication with the editor-in-chief who has ties to the US State Department, has placed dozens of American politicians, activists, and media outlets, including Blaze media and Glenn Beck, on a list of those allegedly known to have shared Russian disinformation or otherwise made anti-Ukrainian statements.

On Thursday,, an independent media outlet. That fuses data journalism projects, with traditional journalistic genres.

This is according to their website. They published an article entitled rollercoaster entitled, From Trumpist to Communist. The forces in the US, impeding aid to Ukraine. And how they do it.

Now, there's 75 of us on this list. But nearly 400 entities, that have opposed sending aid to Ukraine, in its war against Russia.

We were mentioned. Blaze media, and myself. Mentioned on Pages 34 of a 47-page list. The anti-Ukrainian Blaze media links are all from 2023.

They include one which Blaze news article. There's one Blaze news article. Two tweets. One of which is just showing a clip and a tweet from Tucker Carlson. Who is also on the list.

And then three segments with Blaze media's Glenn Beck.

Okay. Okay.

Now, what were the clips?

Well, the first -- the first clip that they had a problem with was that I had said, that the plan to go into Russia, or to have Ukraine fight Russia and us to back them up, was in the works in 2016.

And texty came out and said, that is an absolute lie.

He's just making this stuff up.

Well, the reason why I said that is because we found a clip, that I had never seen before.

This is Lindsey Graham with John McCain in the background. During election 2016 in Ukraine, talking to the general and the troops, listen to what he said.

VOICE: Your fight is our fight.

VOICE: 2017 will be the year of offense.

VOICE: All of us will go back to Washington, and we will push the case against Russia.

VOICE: Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them to pay a heavier price.

Our fight is not with the Russian people, but with Putin.

Our promise to you, is to take your cause to Washington.

Inform the American people of your bravery.

And make the case against Putin to the world.

GLENN: Okay. Isn't that what happened in 2020?

Isn't that exactly -- or 2021?

Isn't that exactly what happened?

Now, Russia did invade.

You know, I -- I am not going to make a case for Vladimir Putin being a good guy.

Because he's an absolute monster.

However, you know, when you have the State Department, doing a Colour Revolution in 2014 in Ukraine, to get rid of the Russian, that they say was running Ukraine.

And then you have Lindsey Graham, and John McCain, during the election. Saying 2017 is the year we go on offense.

It's time they pay a -- a heavier price.

Well, I would say, that that kind of sounds like, you know, we're for going right after Russia.

Our fight is not with the Russian people. Just Vladimir Putin.

That sounds like regime change. Does it not?

Now, why didn't it happen in 2017?

Because the unthinkable happened.

Donald Trump was elected.

That's what happened. Donald Trump was elected. In 2017. He became the president of the United States.

And what happened? He all of a sudden was painted as a guy who was for Russia. And the Russian interference.

Forget the Chinese. Just the Russian interference alone. So the enemy of Hillary Clinton and the State Department and everybody else. The enemy became Russia and Donald Trump, tied closely together. So the offense had to wait for four years.

But they continued to smear Donald Trump with Russia. That was the whole case. Okay. So now let me go on. Let me tell you about a show we did a few weeks ago. Regime change.

It's been United States' policy for a very long time. Covert CIA operations. We go in.

We manipulate the foreign media. We meddle in elections. We topple governments. And then, you know, we go back to saying, we didn't do that. What are you talking about?

This started with the Cold War. But nothing the CIA pulled off comes even close to what their successor began doing.

Who was the successor to the CIA? Covert ops? Well, it was the United States government.

That includes the CIA. Along with NGOs. Trade unions.

And people like George Soros.

Colour Revolutions. The first one that was really successful was the Middle East.

The Arab spring.


I told you, the Arab spring, was -- had its roots in communists.

The European spring. Back after the Communist Manifesto was written.

They tried to overthrow all of Europe.

And it was called the European spring.

How could this peaceful union, suddenly have the roots in revolutionary Marxism.

Well, Colour Revolutions. Middle East.

Then Latin America.

And eastern Europe.

Ukraine is one of them.

And here's what they do.

The United States. So they can keep their distance. Goes through NGOs. And trade unions.

They train and mobilize street movements.

Kind of like, let's see if I can think of a street movement that seems like it wasn't actually real. BLM. Or the Palestinian street movements.

By the way, as we've shown you, funded by these same kind of people.

So we showed you, all of the evidence on a Colour Revolution. And how it was done.

And they did it all out in the open.

And they even bragged about it. I showed you the people, and the organizations at the top of the Colour Revolution spear.

I also showed you some of these people. NGOs. Trade unions. Are now active here in the United States.

And they seem to pop up every four years. Totally coincidentally.

Their money and their actions usually come at a time of massive civil unrest, right before an election. Now, there's usually some kind of government element at the top. Could be the CIA. Most likely, it's the State Department and USA ID.

But ultimately it's the office of the president.

So we did a chalkboard on this. We showed that that has to happen. You have to have those in the government. That are wanting to overthrow the government.

Then the operation is privatized to give it distance from the government. This is where the NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy come in. Okay.

The NED is composed of four different entities. The National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, the American Center for International Labor Solidarity, and the Center for International Private Enterprise. You see what's happening?

You have both sides. So it looks fair. Republican and Democrat.

Plus, you have labor. And private enterprise. Everybody coming together.

So this is a bipartisan kind of cover story. Next, on the food chain, you have to have the multibillion-dollar financiers, and their organizations, that partner in the entire radiation.

This is where George Soros comes in. The Open Society foundation. The Tides Foundation.

Then there are the people that spread the message. Demonstrate in the streets. And the media to report what the government wants you to report. Wants them to report.

To the masses. This is the blueprint. We've done it over and over and over again.

And I make the case, that these same people are doing it here in America.

So why is the Blaze -- why am I on this list?

I'm on this list, because I believe I'm telling you exactly what's happening.

We have a Color Revolution happening within our own government, within the NGOs and George Soros and all those people.

This is what they're doing. And there's a possibility this time, they succeed, because you have to have a, quote, illegitimate president. You have to have street movements. That are not only saying that it's illegitimate. You also have the media saying it's illegitimate.

And it doesn't work if Donald Trump is the one saying that he stole the election.

It has to be their side saying, the election was stolen.

Now, let me go back to the outlet, and who these people are.

The ones that put this miss, dis, and dangerous information out. You'll be surprised to hear that there's some of the same exact connections, to Colour Revolution.

Okay. So That has provided this list, they do note that they couldn't establish direct proven ties between most of the people and outlets on its list. And the Russian government. Or known Russian propagandist.

Instead, they say, it just gathered evidence that these people same people and outlets have spread Russian advertise information by echoing key messages of Russian propaganda in their arguments against ending Ukraine further aid.


So who is -- who is the -- who are the people behind, the cofounder is Antoli Bonde -- I could say it earlier. Bondenero (phonetic). Still wrong.

Anyway, who is he?

Has he ever been involved in anything?

Well, yeah. He was involved in the tech camp.

A public diplomacy program established by the Bureau of Educational and cultural affairs at the US Department of State.

What is the tech camp?

The tech camp is when they go into these countries, where they'll do a Colour Revolution.

And they find all these tech savvy people. And they show them how to build movements dependence their government.

That's what our State Department is doing.


Do they -- would they like to clarify this?

Would anybody like to make a public statement on why we're there?

And, you know, curious why the editor-in-chief, and the cofounder, was trained by the State Department!

I mean, it's -- it's really interesting, that this organization has ties to the State Department and USAID.

Their founder was part of the tech camps.

I mean, it's weird. It's almost like we're -- we've been outed for saying bad things about the State Department, and the US government, perpetrating Colour Revolutions.

And saying, this is how they do it. And so then they have a Shell organization, that they themselves have created. To what?

Prove me right. Is that what's happening here. In hopes that you will never understand why names are on this list.

They say it's not a kill list. It's not an enemies list. It's just a list demonstrating the evidence supporting the thesis presented in the article. The article is not an accusation, but a study of the political and media context that influences government decisions regarding further support, for the Ukraine and the Ukrainian/Russian War. They don't deny, condemn, or dispute the right of American citizens, media, or institutions to express any opinions or hold any political beliefs.

Well, that is so great of them!

I wonder which State Department class, or USAID class they learned that one from.

Telling you, go back, it was last month. It was on the 29th of last month.

Look for my Thursday night special. It was all about Colour Revolution. And I urge you to watch it.

Because this -- you understand this. It was like -- you remember when I first said, if you understand Woodrow Wilson. You'll understand the progressive movement. And you'll see what they're after. And everything will start to come in clear?

It's the same thing with color revolution.

And I think texty. Just proved that. At least gave me enough -- enough of a nudge to remind you, you should watch that special.

Why would -- I mean, really.

Why -- why would we be on that list?

Hmm. Why would so many be on that list?

Now, some are just really anti-you know, Ukraine.

I'm not. You know, they put -- they put, what was it?

Ten people on the list. That were Congress men and senators, that were just calling for an accountant to be sent.

That's Russian disinformation?

You want an accountant -- you know what that says to me?

If you want to make that person an enemy of your cause, you're doing something with the money that we should know about.

If you're just asking for -- I mean, want accountability.

We'll send the money. I mean, want accountability.

If you call them an enemy. I think they're right. We should have accounts. You know what I mean?

Maybe it's just me and more disinformation.

Peter Gietl is the Blaze media managing editor for return.

And he has been looking into the -- the story that we were just telling you about. That this, put a list together. Of people that, you know -- I don't know, Peter, what -- what do they even say their motivation is? If it's not an enemies list?

PETER: They're trying to claim that, oh, this is just compiling information of people repeating Russian disinformation or propaganda.

But it's clear, they're -- they're conflating, you know, Russia today. With Blaze Pennsylvania and Tucker Carlson.

Anyone else who has any sort of questions about the funding, including left-wing organizations like Code Pink.

GLENN: Yeah. So I've been talking about Colour Revolution.

And I don't know where you stand on that.

But I really believe that that's what's happening in America and the left. And George Soros. And everybody else are doing what they've done in country after country for the last 20 years.

They've just perfected it. Examine now they're doing it here, to the United States. To topple her.

And make her into a democracy, instead of a republic.

But it -- it's interesting to me, that the -- the cofounder, is a guy who has deep ties to the State Department.

And to Colour Revolutions by hosting tech camp.

In one of those countries.

Am I far off base on that?

PETER: No. Absolutely not, Glenn. I completely -- completely agree with you on that.

And I found this weekend, originally, that we had been placed on that list. Along with you, and Blaze media.

But last night, I was able to dig deeper and uncover some pretty interesting stuff about this organization.

GLENN: Okay.

PETER: First of all,, they also go by Data Journalism Agency. Same board. Same email. Same address. And through the data journalism agency, they're funded by the global investigative journalism network. Which, in turn, is funded -- has been given $2 million, by the Open Society Soros Foundation.

So they're tremendously tied in.

GLENN: Right. Right.

PETER: But there's more. So then once you dig deeper. They openly admit.

Again, this organization that has placed dully elected members of Congress.

Media members.

Across America.

This foreign organization. Is also funded by the Eurasia Foundation.

Which is a United State government funding apparatus, including the transparency and accountability in public administration services.
And the US agency for international development.

And those are --

GLENN: On USAID. And those are always -- they're known by anybody who pays attention, as CIA fronts.

This is -- you know, the USAID comes into a country. They start doing things.

And next thing we know, we have a revolution on our hand. Because that's the CIA. Correct?

PETER: Absolutely. Well, and they were also funded by the National Endowment for Ten months. Which is absolutely -- it's also --

GLENN: Also. Also on that list of everybody who has participated in a Colour Revolution.

This is crazy!

PETER: So all the usual suspects were here. Funding this organization.

GLENN: Right.