THIS lawyer proves the FBI is FAR TOO FRIENDLY with Big Tech

Thanks to Elon Musk releasing the ‘Twitter Files,’ conservatives now know that everything we thought was once happening inside Twitter actually WAS happening…despite what the mainstream media once claimed. But this story actually gets even WORSE. In this clip, Glenn introduces you to James Baker. He’s a former FBI lawyer — and now a former Twitter lawyer — who demonstrates just how ASTOUNDING the revolving door between the FBI and Big Tech truly is…


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STU: These are all the things that were under the ban of shadow bans, that they deny over and over.

GLENN: Yep. Yep. So it just goes on and on, but it is more of the same. Everything that we knew.

Now, this story, you would think can't get any worse. Right?

Well, if you remember back in June 23, 2022, there were a number of people that pointed out that Twitter was hiring an alarming number of FBI agents.

And this is something we pointed out in a special just recently, that all of them had doing this. The revolving door from the FBI to Amazon to Google to Zuckerberg's Facebook and to Twitter, is astounding. One of the guys who went to Twitter is James Baker.

Now, I'm thinking about an old poster, a propaganda poster from the Soviet Union. Vladimir Lenin stands in front of a giant red Soviet emblem with his right arm stretching forward, and the caption reads, to the bright future of communist society. Universal prosperity, and enduring peace.

The words to the bright future, would be -- would be used to -- by some, at the Politburo. Policy officials in the KGB, as an excuse, when they asserted their heavy hand on their people.

You don't like reporting nothing but propaganda and lies in the Soviet media? Don't worry. It's for your safety. To the bright future. You don't want your family going to the reeducation camp? To the bright future.

For others, all the others suffering under communist control. The phrase became a sort of coping mechanism.

Sure, this all sucks. But to the bright future.

Now, Soviets did that because the ends justify the means.

They had a plan. The bright future. And that -- that allowed them to justify anything.

We see this happening everywhere. Now, think about that, the next time you use a phone that was made by Huawei. Or you fire up TikTok.

The product you're using can be used to support Chinese national intelligence work. But it's not just Chinese/Russian. It is also Americans. The FBI is the political commissars. They admitted recently to holding regular meetings with all the big social meeting companies. They maintain, quote, relationships and met weekly.

Mark Zuckerberg gave a hint on a Joe Rogan podcast that some of the meetings contained information that would warn them against things like the Hunter Biden laptop.

Now, they knew it wasn't Russian propaganda. So why was the FBI feeding misinformation to social media companies? We know the FBI didn't want Donald Trump to become president. Because we saw that when an FBI lawyer was caught, falsifying evidence in order to get a FISA warrant, to spy on the Trump campaign, Carter Page. Nothing happened to him.

Speaking of FBI lawyers, it was the FBI's top lawyer James Baker that helped facilitate the meeting between the democratic operative, Michael Sussmann, and the FBI investigators, to look into the bogus Trump alpha bank smear. Okay?

That was the top FBI lawyer. James baker. He then left the FBI. And guess who hired him?

Twitter. Now, this is before Elon Musk. Now, we know from the Twitter file disclosure, that James Baker now Twitter's top lawyer, helped suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. So he went from the FBI, to Twitter. To help shape all of the news, that you would get off of Twitter. But wait. There's more.

When Musk tried to release the files showing how Twitter suppressed the story. Baker intercepted the evidence, to vet what was about to be released.

We're talking realtime here, gang. Was it to take out the parts that showed the FBI was involved? Musk this week, was not mused. And fired James baker. But don't be surprised if he goes right back to the FBI or to Facebook or to Google or to Amazon.

The Twitter files show how outside political actors usually from the left, have a far too friendly relationship with big tech. And these companies are all too willing to do their bidding.

We knew all of this already. It was obvious. But it is truly remarkable to see in their own emails.

Because it leads one to ask the question, what is the difference between China and the Soviet Union and us?

Here's the bad news, the people in the Soviet Union, and China, had this kind of behavior forced on them. Today, Silicon Valley and the media, do it voluntary, for the bright future.


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