UKRAINE, IMPEACHMENT, NBA, PLYMOUTH AND JAMESTOWN...Why conservatives should keep fighting for truth

Glenn answers an email from Alex, who asks an important question: why should conservatives keep fighting, when the system is so rigged and Republican politicians fail to follow the wishes of their constituents? Glenn says freedom is never free, and every generation needs to continuously fight for it. With everything going on with Ukraine, and the impeachment investigation against Trump, it's up to US, the "good" conservatives, to do everything we can to make sure the truth gets out there and is shared with as many people as possible. Glenn says Americans once had to choose which town represented the origin of America as we know it: Jamestown, or Plymouth. We chose Plymouth because it stood for something, whereas Jamestown only stood for destruction and decay. Today, America is choosing Jamestown. Examples like the recent controversy with the NBA and China shows that we're only concerned with money, and power. But we MUST keep fighting.


The Fed, banks printing money to 'prevent' trouble: Recession WILL come soon

Glenn discusses the current state of the economy with author of "Zero Hour," Harry Dent. He says the federal reserve is still funding big banks daily to increase their excess reserve, signaling that something is wrong with the system. Dent says the banks printed money back in the 1930s to climb out of the Great Depression, which only created an aftershock that was even worse. Banks and the Fed are doing the same thing today, so will the coming economic crisis be worse than the 2008 recession? Economist Dent says it's possible, and that it could come as early as 2020.


Lessons from Bill and Monica: Trump, Biden, Obama, Ukraine, and corruption

Glenn says there's an important lesson we can all learn looking back on the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal: corruption should matter, no matter which political party is to blame. So why are Democrats and the media trying desperately to shame President Trump for alleged corrupt action, but ignoring Joe Biden's clear intention to help his son, Hunter, profit through foreign policy in the Ukraine? How do we fix such a double standard?



During a campaign stop in Aurora, Colorado recently, a woman named Lauren Boebert confronted Beto O'Rourke about his recent statement that "hell yes" certain guns — like the AR 15 — would be confiscated during his presidency. Boebert said "Hell No," then explained to Beto why a gun confiscation will done nothing good for the safety of America.


SEPTEMBER 11th TRIBUTE: Never forget 9/11

Never forget the lives lost on September 11th, 2001. We give tribute to the nearly three thousand people murdered on 9/11 -- whether inside the World Trade Center, the brave men and women who ran towards the danger, or aboard the four planes. And we remember the millions of Americans who stood together in the days after.