UKRAINE WHISTLEBLOWER: He knows ALL the dirty secrets of Joe Biden, Obama, Comey, Hunter, Schiff...

Democrats and the media are working overtime to convince the American people that releasing the name of the Ukraine whistleblower will put his life in danger from those on the right. But actually, conservatives are the ones who want him alive to testify. If the Ukraine whistleblower's life is in danger at all, it's from those on the left. Why? Because he's the key that holds all their secrets together. He knows of all the corruption done in Ukraine by Joe Biden, President Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, and more. He knows everything about Fusion GPS, Hunter Biden, and Burisma. So, if any group wants the whistleblower gone, it's those on the left. This whistleblower is in the same spot as Al Capone's accountant was decades ago. And it's not a good spot to be in.

The Most SHOCKING Line From Trump’s Verdict Reaction Speech

The Most SHOCKING Line From Trump’s Verdict Reaction Speech

In a speech from Trump Tower, former president Donald Trump responded to his “guilty” conviction in his New York hush money trial. He slammed the trial as “rigged” and even called the Biden administration “fascist” — something that Glenn says was “appropriate, but shocking to hear.” Glenn, his chief researcher Jason Buttrill, and BlazeTV contributor Jill Savage break down the biggest moments from the speech. Plus, Glenn reveals the one thing he would have changed about it.


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GLENN: Well, let's -- as he walks away, into the Trump Tower, I think there was one miss. And that was right at the beginning. He should have walked down with Melania down the escalator, exactly the same way he did in 2016. I noticed that speech ran about 34 minutes. And within the first ten, the mainstream media had already broken away, except for Fox.

He was telling a story, and doing what Trump does best. Just goes out and just wings it. I wish he would have been a little more focused towards the beginning when everybody was watching.

But it was a real embarrassment for our country, the things that he was saying. And I took pages and pages of notes here of it. And we're not going to have time to go over it all. But we're going to move the three of us into the TV studio after this. And we'll record a special Friday episode of Glenn Beck TV. And you'll be able to download that as soon as we're done, with it. We have Steve Deace coming up next. So we can't do it live.

What were your impressions?

JILL: I loved the way that he did come out and say, you know, they -- they were coming after me, and he called them a group of fascists. And he was using very strong language at the beginning.

GLENN: Yeah.

JILL: But then it felt like he hasn't been on the campaign trail for so long, and he wanted to get back out there. That it felt like everything was just spewing out of his mouth. Things that he wish he could have been saying, instead of talking about the trial for the last month. We got all of it in one speech.

GLENN: Yeah. Right. Right.

JILL: But this wasn't necessarily the time for that. This is, I am a political prisoner time.

GLENN: I thought the first few minutes. Maybe the first five were very effective. Because he said things that were very powerful, like fascists. I can't talk about this because of gag order.

You know, what's happening in the country, between our finances and the border.

Italy those were all really, really strong.

JASON: He said, this is bigger than my presidency, which that was really strong.

GLENN: Really strong. Several times, he said, it's my honor. It's not pleasant. But it is my honor to do this.

Because somebody has to.

JASON: Yeah. Somebody has to.

Democrats and Bragg released the kraken. Absolutely did. I saw a couple of Twitter posts. One from the Trump campaign. That it took screen shots of every single network that was covering this. And they said, wall-to-wall. ABC.


Everyone had this. At least the first ten minutes of this.

Everyone. And it's been a complete blackout on him. For, what?

Years now.

Since he left office.

A complete blackout. Now they're forced to cover it. They're forced to allow the American people to listen to what they did to him. It's a big screwup, in my opinion.

GLENN: You know, the one thing that would have made this much more fair.

If they would have covered the trial. The one thing I would like to have seen, if it could have ever been done. Is to release the video footage that we know was taken in the courtroom. They were watching it. Some of the press watching it in the hallways. But we weren't allowed to see it.

What could be more important to the American people?

And that is why they didn't do it. Because they -- they know. If Americans actually pay attention to this, and go, well, is anything that he is saying. Is that true.

And they go, and they actually look for the information themselves, they'll be horrified. And they will understand how -- how much trouble a republic is in.

We're running out of time.

JILL: It goes back to your point of storytelling. And why that is so important. If you're able to sit there and watch it for yourself. You have a completely different view of what this trial would have been.

But they had the ability to manipulate it, and spin it in a way to where they present it to you. And that is a completely different viewing experience, you know, when you're -- when you're watching somebody with a biased agenda. Giving you the facts. Quote, unquote, facts of the case.

You're not going to say, okay. This is exactly from the mouth of the judge. From the mouth of the witnesses. From the mouth of the judge. It's completely different.

GLENN: You know, and I found it interesting. Because he just speaks.

And you can show that -- you can see that there was so much for him to say. You know, I had an experience with George Bush, towards the end of his presidency. And, you know, we were -- we were just -- he was underwater. And, you know, he was like, and -- and another thing. Shoes. And you were like, what the -- every time he would talk. He was just all over the board.

And he said to me, because he was talking to ever in the Oval Office. Privately.

And there were a few of us in there. And I was sitting right to his chair on the couch.

And, man, he was strong. And told me, what was going on, on the ground and everything else.

And I said, no offense, Mr. President. But this is what the American people need to hear. What you just said.

And he gave a couple of caveats that aren't worth getting into now. But the one thing he said was, everything a president says is watched and monitored by Intel all over the world.

And they interpret the shift of my eyes, the shift of my weight when I say it. He said, there are so many things that I can't say, that I'm calculating all the time.

Donald Trump never seems to calculate. However, you could see the subtle calculation there.

When he was talking about -- when he was talking about, you know, that very great guy. That was just raked over the coals.

And yada, yada, yada.

That was Bob Costello.

He said it later, but I think that is, again, him. Where is the line on what will get me in trouble?

Bob Costello, when they cleared the courtroom, I talked to Alan Dershowitz, the very next day. He was sitting in the front row. And he was allowed to see what nobody else saw. They cleared the courtroom.

And he berated him, because when the judge made a ruling, that was an unusual ruling, in fact.

Alan Dershowitz said, one of the only -- I've never heard a ruling like that. It made no sense. He said, Bob looked up at the judge. And raised his eyebrows. Like, really.

And then he cleared the courtroom. And berated him.

You will -- you will not do that.

I think he might have even threatened him with jail.

If he raises his eyebrows again. This guy is unhinged. Just unhinged.

And, you know, Donald Trump is going to continue to tell the story as much as he can.

But the American people should have seen it themselves.

The other things that I think were important, that he said he continued to come back to the border. He continued to talk about the terrorists that are in. He said something I've never heard him say before.

You know, 2019.

And this was good for me. But they said in 2019, no terrorist entered the country.

But I don't believe that to be true.

I've never heard him take a compliment. And say, I don't believe that.

But I agree with him.

I don't either.

But now we're at the highest level.

He also talked about our debt. Our dependence on oil.

He called -- he not only called Biden stupid. And worse -- the worst president we've ever had.

He referred to the president and those who were in the administration as fascists. Which I thought was really strong language. And appropriate, but shocking to hear.

JASON: It will be shocking for many people on the left that don't even know the definition of the word, that have been throwing it around willy-nilly to hear that about themselves.

GLENN: Yeah.

JASON: I hope there's a little bit of self-reflection.

GLENN: Yeah. There won't be. But the definition of a fascist is an authoritarian state that partners with corporations and the media to control. And that's exactly what we're doing.

It's exactly what bide citizen doing. He is technically 100 percent accurate.

On his labeling of this administration. Fascistic.

We Must DECIDE: Glenn’s Response to Trump’s “Guilty” Verdict

We Must DECIDE: Glenn’s Response to Trump’s “Guilty” Verdict

“Today is the day of choosing,” Glenn declares. When a Manhattan jury convicted former president Donald Trump on 34 counts after a trial that every credible attorney said was ridiculous, Glenn asked himself: Is America witnessing a rising sun or a setting sun? Will we step up and save our republic or will the world watch us fall? As for Glenn, his answer is clear: He will NOT surrender to bullies and tyrants who won’t stop at Trump. He will stand and declare, “May God save the republic.” So, what do you choose?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Yesterday, I asked myself something that Ben Franklin asked himself.

As they were writing the Declaration of Independence and as they were going through what they went through, he sat in his chair, after the Constitution.

And he had been looking at John Hancock's chair. And it had a sun on it. Half a sun.

And he said, this whole time, I have been sitting here, thinking, wondering, praying, is that a setting sun, or a rising sun?

He deemed at the end, it was a rising sun. I asked myself yesterday with be is this a setting sun or a rising sun?

Is this the day historians will write down as the end of America, where its people were still asleep, and just didn't really recognize it?

Or is it the beginning of a new chapter?

We are in our history. And in our lives, faced with challenges, that test our resolve. All the time.

Push us to the limits.

And it's in these moments, where everything seems unwinnable. Everything seems so steep.

The odds are all against us.

And those are the times you discover who you really are.

Those are the times you forge your character.

We as a nation, because we have been fat and lazy and we have had everything handed to us. Don't really know who we are.

Most people never change because they're afraid, at least I'll speak for myself.

When I was at my worst, I was afraid there was nothing good in me.

There was nothing good to discover. So I was afraid to look.

But you'll never find those things unless you look, unless you embrace the hard things.

You have to understand, that every trial, every setback. Will make you stronger. Will make you wiser.

Will make you more gentle. America, today is the day of choosing. Today is the day. It is now our turn, to step up, and save the republic.

And the world. Make no mistake. The world is watching. And I hope you feel the weight of that expectation.

I hope you realize the sting of failure. That will come, if we don't step up.

I thought a lot about Rudyard Kipling last night. I thought a lot about Teddy Roosevelt.

If I may paraphrase his poem, in the man of the arena. It's not the critic who counts. But the one who dares to step into the ring. To risk everything.

Who will fail over and over and over again. But continues to get up.

Tired. Face marred with blood and mud. But he goes up again and again and again and again.

It's really easy to quit. It is. It's easy to say, well, we have no chance.

Easy to be knocked down. And as humiliating as it is, to lie face down in the dirt, that's exactly what every bully wants you to do. That's why every bully, they command, stay down! Don't get up again! Stay down, or I'll give you a bigger beating!

But the man who inspires others to stand, continues to get up.

Wobbly. Barely able to fight. But he refuses to bend the knee.

Refuses to surrender to the bully. Failure is not the end.

Nor was this stain on American I couldn't wait yesterday. It is simply a steppingstone to the path of greatness.

A steppingstone to make America great again.

That's not just a slogan for a campaign.

That is true. We have lost our way. We have become an embarrassment for everything we say we stand for.

Each fall teaches us resilience.

Each setback strengthens our determination.

Every time the bully knocks us down and says, stay down! Every time, we get up, there's someone in the crowd watching who then turns our way, and sees the bully for who they really are.

Oh, Lord, hear the words of my mouth. Save our republic. But he will only match us, if we don't get up. He will not help us.

If we don't follow him, he will not. He cannot help us. So what we have in front of us today, is a decision. Do we get up? Or do we lie down, face down in the dirt?

What is possibly worth taking these beatings?

Donald Trump is just a symbol. He's a symbol of what bullies do to anyone who refuses to play it my way. To stay down.

Bullies come to town all the time. And they teach everybody in town, go along, get along.

Whisper. Don't you even whisper! Don't you try to help that beaten man to stand up. Don't you do it. We must decide, will we stand idly by, while the crowds chant Barabbas. We want Barabbas.

Building anything of value, whether it's a country, a career, a relationship.

We're simply our own character.

Requires unwavering dedication.

We have to be willing to get back up, time and time again, to face our fears. To face our doubts. To press on, no matter what happens to us.

It is through that relentless effort, that we become Americans.

We discover our true potential!

Not just as people.

But as a people, the world has always known, as Americans.

Not the kind of Americans we've become! But the kind of Americans we've all striven to be!

Or thought we did.

I've always believed the American was defined by a can-do spirit.

A people who crossed the Rockies.

Tamed the West.

Changed the world!

Rescued and healed. I didn't realize how much until I studied history.

Real history. Not the crap they teach you in school.

Real history.

I never really understood how stained our name is. From those in power. Those who only serve through corruption and greed and sometimes out and out evil.

That I have truly always believed. And I -- I still do today. That the American truly believes in honor and integrity and truth and justice. That that is the American way.

I will tell you this: Yesterday, for those who live in the shadow of fear around the world. Yesterday may have changed that belief for those people.

But it did not change it for me. I will not surrender to those words. I will not surrender to the belief, that puts me and other Americans into action. Yesterday, was a defeat. But we are not done!

Each of us coming together, you're not going to do anything grand. I'm not going to do anything grand.

I'm not telling you today anything you don't know. We just have to remember, every step forward, no matter how small, contributes to the journey.

Where people who continue to stand up, those people who refuse to give in, always end up winning.

The value is not in just the destination, but the courage and perseverance that we show along the way. It wasn't that we always one with no cost. Americans have always paid a high cost!

For what we believed in. That's what's admirable. And, quite honestly, that's what Americans have lost that put us into this position.

By doing the hard things, by refusing to give up. We build a legacy of strength and integrity. And I fear we've squandered it. Because we must understand it.

That's what we've lost.

That is what the world will lose, should we fail.

Should America fail.

Color Revolution: The Underground, Anti-Trump Cabal Threatening Our Republic | Ep 356

Color Revolution: The Underground, Anti-Trump Cabal Threatening Our Republic | Ep 356

Are we in the beginning of a DOMESTIC color revolution? If you think the pro-Gaza/anti-Israel college campus protests were totally organic and grassroots, you may want to think again. Helping spur regime change in foreign countries like Ukraine and Libya has been United States policy for decades. Covert CIA operations to manipulate foreign media, meddle in elections, and topple governments go back to the opening salvos of the Cold War. But NOTHING the CIA pulled off even comes close to what the agency's successors began doing. NGOs, trade unions, and people like George Soros had their fingerprints all over color revolutions in the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. They trained and mobilized street movements, toppled regimes, and they did it all out in the open. They bragged about it! In this episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck reveals the players, the playbook, and the warning signs that point to the same cabal activating HERE in the United States. They seem to pop up every four years, and coincidentally, their money and activism usually come at a time of mass civil unrest. Glenn had two big predictions at Fox News related to the color revolutions and the Arab Spring protests. At the time, he was widely mocked by mainstream media and called “crazy.” But … those predictions turned out to be true, and with global consequences. Will anyone listen now?

Was COVID-19 Research an INTELLIGENCE Operation?!

Was COVID-19 Research an INTELLIGENCE Operation?!

For years, Glenn has been exposing the things that didn’t add up about COVID-19: If it DIDN’T come from a lab, why is there so much evidence pointing to a coverup? Why was Dr. Fauci so insistent that anyone who mentioned gain-of-function research — including Senator Rand Paul — was a liar? Well, BlazeTV host and “Free The People” president Matt Kibbe did a deep dive into the latest evidence that FAUCI was the liar, and what he found was shocking. He lays out the truth in his new docuseries, “The Coverup,” available NOW for BlazeTV subscribers. And he joins Glenn to review some of the most shocking revelations, including why he believes we’ve been looking in the wrong places: Those who facilitated the coverup didn’t work for the NIH or CDC. They worked for the DHS, FBI, and Intelligence Community…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: What we knew, by piecing things together, without -- without really anyone releasing documents. Listen.

And this is why it's a cover-up. We know that US taxpayer dollars were going to Wuhan China through EcoHealth. So here we have a virology expert that claimed the consensus among their peers was that COVID was not natural. Part of his research was done via funding from the US government to Peter Daszak, an EcoHealth Alliance, directly to Dr. Xi in China.

He responds with, quote, I spent New Year's Eve, talking with our China contacts.

I've got a lot more information.

But it's all off the record. All find the genome inconsistent with expectations from an evolutionary theory. That means, this was lab made. Two days prior, he said, COVID looked like it was manipulated in a lab.

These are the conversations people like Fauci were having in private. Meanwhile, in public. They were denying everything and diverting attention. The dangerous sentences that were redacted. And that, quote, there was a suspicion, that this mutation was intentionally inserted.

Wait. What?

GLENN: If scientists and idealists spoke out about any of this, they were silenced immediately.
We were demonetized for a very long time, because this network would not play the game. There was too many things wrong. In 2021, I did a special. Just connecting the dots. There is one man, and I think he deserves an awful lot of credit. Rand Paul.

Who was like a dog with a bone. Being a doctor, and a senator, he didn't have to play those games.

And he knew Fauci was lying. Now, with Matt Kibbe, something -- some people are going to pay. Matt Kibbe is a Blaze TV host of Kibbe on Liberty. He's also the president of Free the People, who we have partnered with to air tonight's documentary.

All about the cover-up, as it comes crumbling down.

My friend Matt Kibbe, how are you?

MATT: I feel like we've been working up to this moment for years now.

GLENN: We have. And nobody thinks anybody is going to pay. But I actually believe, because of what you're going to start showing tonight, and with Rand Paul, there's no -- it's going to happen.

MATT: You know, you were right to -- your special in 2021, was one of the -- the triggers that my wife would tell you, that you've made her life insufferable.

Because I'm just obsessed about this stuff.

GLENN: I know, right!

MATT: And I've been obsessed for four-plus years. And I started off just having sort of a Libertarian instinct that these authoritarian measures just didn't make sense. And they were going to create so much collateral damage.

But when you start going down the rabbit hole, you peel away the layers of the onion. And it's something so much bigger than me.

As a cynical Libertarian and always expects government to screw up, but now. Now I'm seeing this big thing.

And I don't have a chalkboard. But I have one of those -- those crazy equivalent things where you used yarn to draw one line to another.

GLENN: Right. Right.

MATT: And that was really the -- a lot of inspirations for the series. A lot of conversations I've had both on camera and off with Rand Paul, who also was a dog with a bone. That just wouldn't let Fauci get away with it. I mean, he's a doctor.

So he instinctually could understand the claims, just didn't make sense.

Me as an economist, I'm way outside of my lane now.

We all had to be epidemiologists, right?

GLENN: Well, the one thing we had in common. You and I, at least. Because you're an economist.

I'm just an alcoholic DJ that just found himself here. But the one thing we had in common was, it doesn't make sense.

And when it doesn't make sense, you can either sit in your little hole, and dream up, you know, conspiracies. Or you can start digging and looking for the facts. And, Matt, I had -- at the time, you know this because you watched it.

At the time, I had just enough of their conversations, and enough of, wait a minute. This guy went into the meeting. These two. Went into the meeting.

And they changed their mind. And they were hard-core. Why did they change their mind?

Wait a minute. This email redacted. Looks as though Fauci and Daszak are -- are colluding to change the narrative. And they know what's going on.

Now you have the goods. Tell me what you have found. And what is now available.

MATT: So, I mean, and it's been some pretty banner couple of weeks on this stuff.

GLENN: Yeah.

MATT: Because a lot of Fauci's deputies are starting to talk.

GLENN: I think they know there is trouble coming.

MATT: Right. They know that trouble is coming.

So now we have a former NIH director. Announce, in testimony. That, of course, we were doing gain-of-function research.

GLENN: Jeez.

MATT: So pretty much a smoking gun. Where Fauci is constantly calling Senator Paul.

GLENN: A liar.

MATT: The oversight. The responsibility. The constitutional responsibility.

You have mid-level bureaucrat calling him a liar. I'm like, okay. There's something there. So you just start to unweave these things. And the scary thing about it. This series is trying to be open-minded about how far we're going to go.

But this is a story much bigger than simply rogue bureaucrats chasing money and power.

It's much bigger than even sort of arrogant scientists saying, I can redesign these viruses, and not cause anything else.

GLENN: Yeah. More powerful than God or nature.

MATT: You're just peeling it back. And this is what Jay bat charry told me in the first episode. This wasn't a health response. It certainly wasn't a scientific response. It probably is a national security response. And why are they even involved?

GLENN: Wait. What do you mean by that?

It's a national security response.

MATT: I mean that the actors, and we still don't know who they are all are.

Don't work at NIH. They don't work at the CDC. They work in the alphabet agencies, starting with Homeland Security.

GLENN: So -- fill me in on that. Because I didn't see that coming. I thought we were going to go to the Pentagon. Tell me about Homeland Security.

MATT: Well, the FBI, they use words that don't explicitly say CIA. It's funny.

GLENN: Really? The CIA wouldn't be clear on something?

MATT: You slipped up and -- earlier and said, 2001, instead of 2021, which was a Freudian slip. Because I think this story goes back to the response to anthrax. And the response to the War on Terror. And a bipartisan obsession with bio terrorism.

Both Cheney and the Bush White House.

Joe Biden. A guy you may have heard of before.

GLENN: Yeah. And he, occasionally has heard that word before.

I know that name for some reason.

MATT: I don't know if you would recognize that. But we are discovering, I believe, and uncovering a mad scientist experiment, driven by the security agencies, to come up with these grandiose, mad science experiment, where we're going to imagine what our enemies might do to us. We are going to harvest those viruses. We're going to manipulate them.

And then we're going to come up with the solution to everything.

GLENN: Okay. So wait.

People don't understand. Congress has to do something. No!

The Constitution is meant to slow people down because something happens, we've got to act now.


But can you give anyone, at that time, if that's when you believe that starts, the benefit of the doubt, that they honestly thought they were maybe could go the right thing.

MATT: Oh, I think we should still assume, that arrogance, and misguided people. With too much power.

And too much belief, that they're smart enough tolerance such wild and crazy things.

Were explicitly trying to come up a response to some bio security threat.

Remember, anthrax was a scare.

And we must know who did it, or why they did it. And we probably still don't know who or why.

But they were saying, we need a response.
What if our worst enemies come up with a deadly virus and destroy us?


MATT: You have to ask how we ended up in China, building dangerous viruses. But I think, and I think Jay Bhattacharya who I talked to in this first episode, he believes that it was a well-meaning, but catastrophically dangerous and stupid policy.

GLENN: And I think if Fauci would have come out right away, and said, we were involved.

We were doing this. That's probably at least a chance of that.

But we were well-meaning. He would have paid a big price for it, because it was against the law. But people would have kind of understood. But the minute he started being Draconian, and making us pay for his life. He was doomed. Doomed.

MATT: Yeah. Yeah. So I think there are two pieces to that. He's obviously being a consummate apparatchik. He's a bureaucrat. He's a climber. He's politically savvy on TV. He knows how to lie well.

But I also think, there was this philosophical ideological bent that all of these central planners had.


MATT: They actually believed that they could rationally redesign civil society from the top-down.

Giving scientists and other experts all the power.

GLENN: Civil society 2.0.

MATT: Yeah.

GLENN: That's the whole Colour Revolution thing.

They can redesign!

It's the Fabian socialists.

MATT: It goes all the way back. I mean, the entire progressive movement was this arrogance. It goes back before that. The guy that founded socialism. A French aristocrat. He actually had this vision. Where he would replace civil society with a council of scientists. And they would rearrange the dominoes.

And we were just molecules, I guess, in these scenarios.

GLENN: Right. More in just a minute.

This episode. By the way, it's a pilot episode tonight. Sorry, it's not tonight. It's right now. Sorry, used to TV.

Right now, you can stream it. Blaze TV. It's available for all subs at

If you're not a subscriber go to

Use the promo code Fauci lied. To get $30 off.

It is -- I mean, this is the goods.

This is the goods.

This is the pilot of a series. But they've got the goods.

And, you know, I don't want to get into Rand Paul, who will never let this go, is he?

MATT: He said that to me yesterday.