Why are woke CEOs using ESG to DESTROY our free market?

Americans already have trust issues. But now, woke CEOs are making it worse. Business leaders of major corporations often are in support of far-left measures publicly but say the opposite behind closed doors. And because so many leaders in society are too afraid to take a stand, ESG — the ‘largest social credit scoring system in human history’ — is destroying our free market. Vivek Ramaswamy, author of ‘Woke, Inc.,’ joins Glenn to discuss how the Great Reset, ESG, and the ‘ideological cartels’ pushing such measures are seeping into societies around the world faster than you may think. Plus. Ramaswamy explains what he believes will be the defining political struggle of our time — something he calls the ‘Great Uprising’ — and it’s NOT about political parties…


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GLENN: Hello, America. And welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. There is a massive lie that you're being told. And that is that ESG and the great reset is not what you think it is. It's not what these crazy people say it is.

Well, those crazy people that say what it really is, are the people that are at the top of the food chain. The elites that have put it together, and put it into action.

And, you know, when we were working on this ESG legislation, up in -- up in Idaho. We were working with 20 different states.

Idaho folded like the a cheap suit. And it's because the lobbyists are coming out. And they're spending a fortune, to lobby against anyone who is trying to pass any kind of legislation against ESG.

It's a lie, when they say, oh, no. This is just the free market. No, it's not. No, it's not.

It's the opposite of the free market. It is 21st century fascism. Vivek Ramaswamy is with us. He's the author of Woke, Inc.

And, Vivek, I wanted to get you on, because you had a couple of really good articles and tweets lately. And I just kind of wanted to mine this and have you explain what you mean by this. I wish CEOs would say in public, what they say in private, about their views on ESG, and DEI. It would go a long way towards restoring our trust in leaders.

ESG represents the greatest social credit scoring system, in human history. Wow.

Welcome to the program. You want to go into that?

VIVEK: Yeah. Absolutely, Glenn. Thanks for having me. And I'm really glad that a voice like yours is on top of what I feel is a defining issue of our time.

GLENN: Amen.

VIVEK: Which is the use of the private sector to do through the back door, what governments cannot do through the front door.

That is what -- I call this the three-letter acronomized version of capitalism. Some call it ESG. Some will say TEI. Some will say CCR. Behind it all, is the CCP.

But whatever three-letter acronym you prefer, it's actually the definition of modern crony capitalism, which works in reverse.

It's not the companies bribing the government to do their work. It's also the government bribing companies in return, to do their work back for them.

And so, you know, look, I'm an author. I've written these books. But I've also been a CEO. Right? I'm a founder and CEO, fortunately of a multi-billion-dollar company.

I was a hedge fund partner for years before that. I wasn't born (inaudible) in America, but I've lived it for the last 15 years. I know how the game is played.

I will tell you, I had lunch with the CEO of one of the largest companies in his industry. And it was actually the day that I put out that first tweet.

I was so frustrated coming out of it. I felt like his therapist the whole time. Where he had read my book. And wanted to complain to me, about all the things that he had to go through. He's the CEO of the company, mind you.

Yet, at the end of the day, actually I look at some of the statements he had been making. It's a carbon footprint of diversity and inclusion must be part of our agenda. ESG is a part of our future.

It's clear to me, he doesn't mean the things he's saying. But the actual loss of public trust in many ways, comes from the fact, that even when the words are coming out of the CEO's mouth, whether you're on the right or the left, you know you can't believe them. That's what I meant by that. That particular remark.

GLENN: It is truly terrifying. When I was working against these lobbyists. Small banks. Local banks. Were coming to the -- the representatives in the state. And saying, please. I cannot say this out loud.

But please, pass anti-ESG legislation. Or we're all toast.

Please, pass this. People are not willing to say it out loud. And that's killing us. It's killing us.

VIVEK: That's the culture of feature. And to me, the best measure of any democracy, especially the American democracy, are the percentage of people, are willing to say what they actually think in public.

When there's no doubt, that we're doing worse than any time that I can remember in my lifetime on that metric.

Because we have combined the use of economic force, with the normative questions that we settle through a democracy. And so you look at democracy. You're supposed to settle questions through persuasion and free speech and open debate in the public square.

Maybe you and I would have one view on climate change and appropriate policy towards it, and maybe somebody else would have a different view. Or how do we correct for racial injustice? Somebody else has a different view, great.

In democracy, we talk in the open, in the civic sphere and persuade each other with ESG and the related stakeholder capitalist movement do.

They substitute economic force, fire in you, excluding you from the economy. Et cetera. They use that force, as a substitute for free speech and open debate.

And the ESG movement, in particular, uses the force of capital ownership in companies to do it. Where you have an ideological cartel of $20 trillion in the hands of the top three asset managers in the country.

BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard. That go to the top companies in this country. Show up as the shareholder, and say that, we are the shareholders. We want you to implement diversity, equity, inclusion.

Cut your carbon emissions. If you're an oil company, stop producing oil.

But guess what, the people whose money they're using to wield that power, are your listeners. Are me. Are you. Are everyday Americans, whose money is being weaponized back against them, in ways that would make their blood boil. If they actually knew what was going on.

We're teaching them what's going on.

GLENN: That's why -- well, that's why it is so frustrating.

We just had a secretary of -- or, the State Treasurer of Idaho, fold. And take a tough ESG bill. And just put one in it, without any teeth. And the whole idea was, don't invest in places like BlackRock. That are working against the people of our state.

By --

VIVEK: Is this Julie Ellsworth you're talking about?

GLENN: Why do you ask?

VIVEK: Oh, it was the State Treasurer of Idaho you're mentioning.

GLENN: Yeah. Do you know her?

VIVEK: I mean, I spoke to a conference of the State Treasurers a couple months ago, and most of them were in the audience. And I was explaining to them, look. It's not BlackRock's money. It's not your money either. It is the money of your citizens.

GLENN: Thank you.

VIVEK: That ultimately, actually finds their way into the public's fist, which in turn, finds its way into the fist of BlackRock. Which then uses that money to vote those shares and to whisper campaign into the ears of the top 500 CEOs of the country to say, this is what we, as the investors, want, betraying the idea that it's not the State Treasurer's money. Actually, it's not the BlackRock manager's money. It is the money of those everyday citizens. Here's what I will say about State Treasurers. Is many of their hearts are in the right place. Actually, many of them are starting to wake up to the phenomenon, because they're hearing from their constituents.

GLENN: Many are.

VIVEK: Unlike BlackRock's CEO, unlike Larry Fink, they are politically accountable, and that is a good thing. That is how a democracy works. So that mechanism of political accountability, has caused them to wake up.

But they're also accountable to the force of dollars through lobbying and political contributions that pull them at the other direction.
But I think at the end of the day, they're accountable to the people.

And what we need to educate people on, is the fact that it is their own money, that they get to vote as well.

Not just vote every November at the ballot box. But their second vote and their third vote comes from the capital they spend, the way their shares are voted in the marketplace of corporate America. And I think that that tide is getting ready to shift.

So I'm optimistic, that even though many of these people -- it will take a lot of courage for the first few state treasurers to sort of jump into the deep end of the pool, and go the other way. But I think that that's what the people are demanding.

And the more we shine a sunlight on a problem, the more we make progress towards the solution. I'm personally working on creating alternatives in the marketplace, to provide consumers with actually bringing a voice to the table. I think that's the most important problem of our time.

GLENN: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I agree.

This is it. If this is implemented, we become China.

And it's over. The freedom that we have. The Constitution means nothing. And I think the best example of this. And people aren't tying this together.

We're not the ones that -- that have decided to go to war against Russia.

These sanctions, these are not governmental sanctions. This is ESG.

McDonald's pulling out, after they said they didn't want to, and then they -- they -- they announced, I thought this was amazing, that they had real reputational risk, that they had to consider. So they closed McDonald's.

These decisions are --

VIVEK: I'm glad, yes.

GLENN: These decisions are not being made through public pressure. They're not being made through our elected officials. They're not being made by voters, regular people. They are being made by the boardrooms, after they get the calls from the banks and the financial industry.

VIVEK: Exactly. And, you know what, this is how both sides are duped into submission. Liberals and conservatives.

Liberals used to be skeptical of corporate power. But they've accepted it as corporate powers, used to advance their own objectives.

We, conservatives, for our part, are duped into submission within because they say, that the free market can do no wrong.

Without recognizing, that free market does not exist today. And both sides are due to the rise of this woke industrial -- ESG industrial complex.

That's actually far more powerful than big government alone, because it can work with the private sector to do what big government cannot do.

I think you're -- I feel a little shy preaching to you. But I think the -- I think the defining political force of our time and struggle, is not left versus right, actually.

It is the everyday citizen, versus the managerial class. It's The Great Reset, which calls for dissolving the boundaries between institutions globally, and see those institutional leaders work together towards their vision of the common good, versus what I call the great uprising. Which is also a transnational movement of everyday citizens, who are beginning to say, no. We make those decisions in a democracy together.

It's our voice that matters, equally. To Larry Fink, or anyone else sitting in a corner office. And those two forces, Glenn, I believe are on a collision force.

You know, we won't see it in 2022. Because it's the let's go Brandon agenda or whatever. Partisan politics in the United States, that is boring to me.

But in the couple of years after, this is coming to a head. It's an existential question for democracies in the West.

And look, I'm on the side of the great uprising. I want to channel that energy in a productive direction.

GLENN: Me too.

VIVEK: And I think we can do that. And I think it's the most important question of our time.

GLENN: I just said, a couple minutes ago. Republicans, you better wake up to this right now.

Because the people will go -- if they don't find somebody, that is reasonable to lead them, and to tell them the truth, I'm telling you, both sides. Both sides. Of reasonable people, that work for a living.

I don't care how you voted. They're going to find out what this is all about. And they're going to be hurting financially.

And God help us. About to do help us.

We're headed for real trouble.

VIVEK: Amen.

GLENN: And, you know what, Vivek, you're the only person that I've heard that really talks about the whole world is in it.

We're so focused on ourselves, that we don't understand that Brexit is about the same kind of thing.

VIVEK: That's right. And the truckers in Canada.


VIVEK: Know the same thing in their bones, this is a trans partisan, transnational issue. And, you know what, I don't have much faith in the Republicans actually. I think, at the end of the day, most of them are institutionalists. Most of them are bought and sold, just like the other side.

GLENN: I don't either. Yeah.

VIVEK: That's why the partisan politics of this is boring. It misses the issue. It almost deflects the issue by retrofitting a model -- a historical model on to a phenomenon right now that is totally different.

It is the everyday citizen, versus the managerial class, and there are members of both parties in each task. You and I both spoke at CPAC. Tulsi Gabbard, she spoke at CPAC. She ran for president of the United States on the Democratic party ticket. She still was the best I could tell, from her comments, on the side of the everyday citizen. So there's people -- and God knows, there's a lot of Republicans on the side of the managerial class.

So I think we will need to rethink the boundaries, and I think it's everyday citizens versus managerial class. It is Great Reset versus great uprising.

That's the way we need to be recognizing, this beyond partisan, beyond national boundary issue.
And last point, I will make. Glenn, you're one of the few people, who I've heard, who put his finger on the international dimension of this. You just did it a little bit ago. But in China, it's really, really important to watch for. Because they understand, that capitalism, all right? Is the Trojan horse, through which they win the great power struggle.

If Greece would have never defeated Troy militarily, China will never defeat the United States militarily. But they have recognized that the ESG link movement, creates an opportunity to turn our multi-national companies based here, into Trojan horses, to undermine our own agenda from within.

I'll give you a very specific example. I can give you countless examples. But a recent one. For my book. Not from my book.

Is BlackRock.

Okay? They take three seats. Three changed seats on the board of Exxon.


And they tell Exxon that you need to cut oil production. They call that ESG-friendly. Let's see what that's done for gas prices here. Let's see what it's done for our reliance on foreign producers of oil, one year later. But put that to one side.

You think those projects are still going to happen? Or will they not happen? Whatever you think about climate change and carbon emission. Those projects are still going to happen, and better positioned to take on those projects. Are going to be none other than the likes of PetroChina. Which can take on the projects, that -- and if we say who is an almost equally large shareholder of PetroChina. I'm sure you can guess. It's the same guys, who wanted us to cut oil production in the United States. BlackRock.

GLENN: Unbelievable. Unbelievable believable.

DAVID: So this is unbelievable. At the end of the day, China is able to use capital force from the terror market access, to the golden goose of the Chinese market, as a weapon, to get those same companies to weaken the United States within, by applying so-called ESG standards, without applying those same standards to China broad. So that's how they've been playing this game. And they're playing us like a Chinese mandolin, and it's working. But it will only work as long as we're not seeing it.

GLENN: Vivek, I would love to have you on again soon. You 100 percent get it, and your voice needs to be heard. Vivek Ramaswamy. He's the author of Woke, Inc.

If you haven't read it yet, you should get it. Great to talk to you, Vivek. We'll talk again hopefully soon.

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Kamala Meets With a Man in a Dress While Putin & Kim Jong Un Conspire?!

Kamala Meets With a Man in a Dress While Putin & Kim Jong Un Conspire?!

Russia's Vladimir Putin, who's seemingly getting friendly with all of America's enemies, recently met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. So, what is the White House doing in the meantime? Well, for starters, Vice President Kamala Harris invited the "fabulous" cast of "Queer Eye" to the White House to celebrate Pride Month. Then, there's Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre, who insists that we must get rid of Trump's tax cuts to fund their endless spending. And to top it all off, President Biden is insisting that the overwhelming majority of Americans want to give illegal immigrants amnesty when the exact opposite is true. Yep...everything's normal! Nothing to see here!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Yesterday, I don't know if you saw the cover going around of New York magazine.

Do we have it here?

It is the New York magazine cover. Mocking MAGA women.

And what does that headline say, Pat?

I can't read it from here. Are Republican women okay?

I think it was.

And it's this whole story about Republican women.

And, you know, questioning them. New York magazine.

Don't lecture us on women.

Don't. I mean, you know what your idea of a woman is?

Could we please play the cut from the White House?

Cut 28, please.

VOICE: Some questions. Go ahead. I'm ready.

VOICE: JBN. Is it true, that's your natural hair?

VOICE: Yes. I can confirm this is not a wig.

VOICE: Final question, do you use your own hair products?

GLENN: So stop.

So this is the Queer Eye for the straight guy, thing. And, you know, fine. But he did a video with the vice president.

Here he is, standing behind the podium at the White House. And then he does the deal with the vice president.

Where he knocks on her door. And she opens it up. In the -- in the West Wing. And she's like, hello

And his like, surprise!

And they come in. He's wearing a dress and heels and everything else. Don't lecture me about women.

Don't. Don't.

You have no idea.

You -- your own Supreme Court justice said, you couldn't identify a woman!

So don't tell me how the -- the right, there's something wrong with the women, who are voting for MAGA.

You don't even.

You can't identify a woman. So shut the pie hole.

Okay. Now that I have that off my chest.

There's something else, that yesterday, the lies, that just keep continuing.

That we all know are lies.

And I -- I just am so anxious to see how this all works out, this -- this fall.

Because we're either going to recognize lies, and start standing for the truth, or not.

But here's Joe Biden yesterday, talking about mass amnesty.

VOICE: The actions I'm announcing today. Will go into effect later this summer.

And, by the way, just as it was true, the protection of dreamers. Steps not taken today. Are overwhelmingly supported by the American people.

No matter what the other team says.

PAT: No. No. No. They do not overwhelmingly support. Nope.

It is quite the opposite.

In fact, nearly six in ten voters. Including a third of Democrats. And nine out of ten endorse mass deportation of illegals.

Not making them citizens.

We want to send them home!

The American people overwhelmingly favor send them home!

Close the border.

Or at least secure it.

You know, let's -- let's please stop the flood across the border.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

It's absolutely unbelievable.

PAT: Yeah. The lies really are. Really are. Unbelievable.

GLENN: Yeah. Let me give you another lie. This one also coming from the White House, yesterday.

Here's KJP on the deficit.

VOICE: This president has a strong agenda, and to reduce the deficit. You hear them talk about this, very often. Instead of blowing it up, again, by extending the Trump tax cuts which would cost $5 trillion. $5 trillion.

PAT: No. They would not. While the last administration increased the debt by a record $8 trillion. And didn't sign a single law to reduce the deficit.

And what we have done, what this president has done, he's signed legislation to reduce the deficit by $1 trillion since the office.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Stop! Stop!

PAT: It's hard to take, isn't it?

GLENN: We just got the CBO today, or yesterday afternoon. They came out and said, we're adding another $400 billion to the already out of control one and a half billion.

Trillion dollar deficit. This year!

PAT: Right.

GLENN: Which will bring it up to 1.9 trillion dollars, in deficit, this year.

And they said, if Joe Biden goes through, with the rest of his student loan thing, it will be a cool $2 trillion. So don't talk to me about how you've reduced the deficit.

How are you reducing the deficit. When it's growing?

I don't even.

I mean, I --

PAT: The lies. Again, it's just -- they just stand there. And bald-faced lie to us, every day.

Every day.

GLENN: And -- and then, we sit here, and we -- we listen to them, lie to us, about how Ukraine is ready to win the war.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: No, they're not.

PAT: Yeah, no.

It's --

GLENN: I mean --

PAT: And I love how -- the -- at a the tax cut is costing us.

It's costing I say 5 trillion.

Yeah. If our -- all of our money belongs to you, to begin with.

It costs 5 trillion.

That's not your money to begin with.

So it does want cost you anything.

It's just money you won't want to receive.

Get it from somewhere else.

GLENN: So what do you do?

When you lose money. When you have lost money. Because the employer says, yeah. I've got to cut your salary. What do you do?

PAT: Stop spending as much.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: Don't spend.

GLENN: You cut back. Or you say, I'm getting another job!

PAT: Right.

GLENN: Congress and White House. They are all welcomed to get another job.

Please do.

Go out into the private world. And do something.

But they're not losing money. They stop taking it. From the individual.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on. Putin, just landed in North Korea.

Cut 16.
There's Putin's airplane. And there's Kim Jong-un.

Meeting him. On the tarmac. In North Korea.

Now, North Korea, just violated the north and South Korean border. With soldiers.

Just this weekend.

Nobody talked about it.

They are also upping all of their missile technology. And their nuclear technology.

Putin is over, making friends, with Iran, China, North Korea.

All of the known enemies of the United States.

Now, North Korea is proud that they can launch missiles. What happens, when they launch missiles, if they launch missiles, to the United States?

What would happen? We know that if Putin wanted to get into a nuclear fight, or -- God forbid, at this point, you know, Biden wanted to get into a nuclear fight. They would all start fighting together. Right?

But they might use a proxy like North Korea, to launch the first strike.

So they don't look like the bad guys.

But if we respond, I guess, we could use Triton nuclear tipped missiles from submarines, if we're around.

But if they're launching missiles at us. We launch missiles.

And the fastest way to North Korea, from North Dakota, is over the polar cap. And then through or over either China or Russia! What do you think that would start?

I mean, we are dealing with -- we're just dealing with madmen.

Absolute madness!

PAT: Really dangerous time. Really bad.

And we've got occasion we've got a cadaver in chief. Who is incapable of dealing with any of it.

That's the good thing.

GLENN: I know.

PAT: And we played the sentence he tried to utter yesterday.

Just, you get --

GLENN: It's terrifying. To ever.

PAT: You can't even understand what the guy is saying.

GLENN: Can you play it again, please? Play it again.

Cut ten.

PAT: Joe Biden, cut ten.

From --

BIDEN: All the members of Congress. And homeless security secretary.

PAT: I mean, that is madness.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. That is -- and he just -- when the look on his face, it's terrifying.

PAT: Yeah. It is.

GLENN: It is terrifying.

And this is who we have running things.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Meanwhile, as we are racking up another 400 billion dollars. Half a trillion dollars, in deficit, spending like it's out of control.

Yesterday, we found out that more and more businesses, in fact, 25 percent more businesses already this year, compared to all of last year.

25 percent more businesses have gone out of business, already, this year.

And they're -- they're claiming, it is inflation.

And the high cost of things. Which is absolutely true.

Our consumer spending was only up .1 percent.

Because people can't spend anything. Because the government is taking it all.

Spending it themselves. And running up inflation. And at the same time, what does the guy in -- in the mayor in Chicago, want to do?

Just play a little clip. I think it's cut 22.

The Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson.

VOICE: Chicago still bears the scars of systemic racism and injustices that have been inflicted in our communities. We have seen them in highways that cut through black neighborhoods.

And the industries that, of course, flock to these neighborhoods, often contributing to increased pollution and poor health outcomes. We see it in the trauma.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Stop. So what is he heading for?

What is he driving at for this?

He wants a committee, to study reparations.

And how many -- how much we can pay in reparations.

They don't have any money in Chicago!

Where are they going to get that money?

And, by the way, speaking of this. This came out last week. And it drives me nuts. We should -- we should get Elizabeth in.

Elizabeth, our makeup artist. Can you come into the studio for a second?

Because the mayor, they just went through his -- you know, his budget from last year.

He spent for him.

PAT: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: He spent 30,000 dollars, on makeup, last year.

PAT: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Hair and makeup. Look at how fabulous his hair was.

I mean, it was -- it was --

GLENN: $30,000.

I don't think -- I'm on television, every day. And they have to do makeup.

I don't -- I want to know how much makeup, you have to put on, to spend 30,000 dollars in a year. How is that possible.

PAT: He made 30 trips to the business.

So that's a thousand dollars per trip.

A thousand dollars for makeup and hair.

Each trip. To that business.

And he thinks it's fine. It's fine. For him to be.

So did Lori Lightfoot, you remember.

During the pandemic, the previous hair.

GLENN: Lori Lightfoot. That's probably 100,000 dollar job.

Are Scientists Harvesting Human Embryos to Power Supercomputers?!

Are Scientists Harvesting Human Embryos to Power Supercomputers?!

In a story straight out of The Matrix or Terminator, environmentalist scientists are harvesting human stem cells to build "batteries" for A.I. supercomputers. But what makes this even more terrifying is how it works: The most sought-after source of the stem cells for these "organoids" is embryos, and they only last about 100 days until they die. So, are we harvesting God's creation to power man's "creation?" Blaze Media editor-at-large James Poulos joins Glenn to explain the whole story ...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: He is TheBlaze media editor at-large.

And TheBlaze TV host of Zero Hour. He's also the founder and editorial director of Return, which is a new vertical on

We have several different things that we're working on. And one of them is return, just like on your keyboard, when you hit return.

It's all about tech.

He wrote a story that is one of the more disturbing, dystopian stories. And we've done our homework on this, to some degree.

Enough to go, oh, no. This is actually in practice, and being used by the University of Michigan, right now.

This is not some, you know, some day. And it's a little like the Matrix.

Environmentalists are worried about, how do we make enough power to be able to power AI?

Well, they have found a way. Called organoids.

Wait until you hear this.

James is with us now. Hello, James.

JAMES: Hey, Glenn. How are you?

GLENN: Well, I was better before I read your story on organoids. Yeah, I know.

This is bizarre and terrifying.

JAMES: Yeah. It's really disturbing. And it's been around for a little while. But it's really starting to kick into gear.

As you said, you know, AI consumes a ton of electricity. A lot of energy. You know, environmentalists have always hated nuclear power for pretty perverse reasons, I think.

So they're so afraid of using nuclear power, that what would invoke now is turning to us.

To be the batteries. Just take the stem cells out of embryos. Out of the labs. Sometimes out of tumors.

Turn them into brain cells, basically.

And use those as batteries, to power what they're calling bio processors. They say, it will use about a million times less power than a typical digital processor. And that's a good thing, they say.

You can access them remotely. And this is the new hype. You know, it's from the same folks who brought you the idea of going to carbon zero. Net zero carbon use. They look at human beings as a waste of space. A waste of energy.

And they want to harness that, to run AI that is supposed to be smarter than anyone can understand.

GLENN: So on final sparks website, this is the company that is doing this.

This linked to a daily mail article, that says organoids are tiny, self-organized, three-dimensional tissue cultures made from stem cells.

Stanford's website says stem cells come from two sources. Embryonic stem cells.

And then, you know, that's unused embryos, and they are then donated to science, or adult stem cells.

But those are really limited, and can only generate certain type of cells.

So they also say, final sparks website say, these organoids live for about 100 days.

So are we harvesting embryos? Using them to power a supercomputer for 100 days?

And then killing them, and looking for more embryo stem cells?

JAMES: Well, right.

So if you are uncomfortable as IFD, this is going to drive you nuts. There's an extra category of extra stem cells they've created called induced pluripotent cells. And basically, what you do, you start the embryonic process.

But you arrest it before it gets too far.

And then you harvest the stem cells out of this artificially induced embryonic organism, right? Human organism, and then you create a fork, and you just grow those cells.

You know, sort of the way in the way they grow fake meat cells. You know, it's really akin to cancerous cells, and the way that they grow.

Right. So this is something that is not one and done.

It's not like, well, maybe once upon a time, there was an embryo who had to die for the greater good.

No. This is a perpetual motion machine.

You have to keep harvesting.

GLENN: Yeah, every 100 days.

This is not a hypothetical, by the way.

Final Spark says, the University of Michigan already using this neuroplatform.

And this is -- this is because there's not enough energy, and these -- these organoids, use so much less energy, that if we just harvest these embryos, we can then -- AI can go on and live forever.

And we don't have energy problems.

Good Lord. That's terrifying!

JAMES: Yeah. At a certain point, if we were created in the image of God. How far can you stray from that, before something horrible happens?

None of this is a surprise. Nikola Tesla infamously said, you will live to see manmade horrors beyond your comprehension, and we're getting pretty close.

GLENN: Yeah.

You have -- you now have scientists who don't -- don't necessarily believe in God.

Think that they are creating a God. In AI.

Now, harvesting God's creation to power their new God.

Good Lord, help us.

JAMES: Yeah. Ask if you cross that Rubicon, where you say, we're going to turn these brain cells into cyborgs. Into Frankenstein cells. Then it's not very long before you say, well, gosh.

Why don't we just turn the whole human race into this kind of cyborg entity. You know.

The terminator, at least the machines are stomping around, looking to wipe us out.

These machines look at us more as the solution than the problem. They just suck all our energy out of us.

GLENN: You know, I was reading a book about energy. And how all of this is going.

And it will. I mean, if it's an entity. That needs food. Needs energy.

To live. Just like us. You're trapped in the mountains.

You know, in -- in a snowstorm. And there's 20 of you. And you start dying.

You're going to start eating each other.

You have to survive. And that is what happens.

The same thing, it will eat whatever will give it the energy.

I would rather not train it to eat people. Or anything with -- to do with people.

JAMES: Well, especially when you have nuclear power there.

And to their credit, there are some tech guys out there who are working on advanced forms of nuclear power, clean energy coming out of things that you can do.

Splitting up atoms.

Yeah. There are Rhode Island risks there. But, gosh, if we are going to go down this road to any degree, where we will need significantly more energy, in order to -- you know, whether it's stay ahead of China, or whatever excuse you want to come up with.

Or for just the sake of -- of more human flourishing. Imagine that. Gosh, you have to -- you have to take a look at nuclear, before you start looking at the guy sitting next to you, as your source of energy.

GLENN: I saw a story yesterday, about here in Idaho. That they're shutting down the water on -- because of environmental reasons.

They're shutting down the water for I don't even remember. Half a million acres. Or more. Of farmland here.

They're just going to shut the water off. So all these farmers will lose their farmland. Coincidentally what is also happening, and exactly the same time, is they are opening up cobalt mines in Idaho. And these cobalt mines need tons of water to keep the drills cool and everything else.

And those are for batteries. So it appears, as if the state of Idaho, shafted the farmers. And said, forget about the food.

Transfer the water, to the cobalt mines. So we can have batteries.

That's more important.

And nobody has tied these two together yet.

It -- we're in trouble. We've misplaced our values.

JAMES: It's a big problem. And you know what else is crazy about Idaho, Glenn?

Right now, there's bitcoin mining going on in Idaho. A lot of people started to understand how Bitcoin works.

They're skeptical. But this is something that is still a first rate technology, that ordinary Americans can use, starting right now.

Takes maybe a minute or two to learn how to do it. But you can do it. When the Bitcoin miners take the energy that they need, in order to do what they do.

Legislators get upset. Oh, I don't know. This is using a lot of energy. So they're looking at curbing, the ability of the miners to lose electricity.

Or even charging them more for their electric lease. Meanwhile, when Facebook comes to town in Idaho and they say, hey, we're building a gigantic data center.

It's going to consume tons and tons of energy. The legislators say, well, if you're creating jobs, we will actually give you a tax cut.

This is how messed up our priorities are right now.

GLENN: Wow. I don't know if you saw The Godfather of AI.

But Jeffrey Hinton, he's the guy who left Google, if I remember right.

And he left -- he left Google, because he said, they were going into some unethical things. Is it was becoming a real danger. Do you remember this story?

JAMES: Yeah. That's right.

GLENN: Yeah. And he said he had real fear, at Google. That the -- that AI would fall into the hands of bad actors.

He just did an interview, where he -- he said that he was asked the question here.

If he was in favor of a super intelligent AI destroying humanity, and replacing it with something objectively better in terms of consciousness. He said, I'm actually for it.

But I think I would be wiser for me to say. That I'm against it.

He was then pressed on, and asked him, can you elaborate. And he said, well, people don't like being replaced. Well, yeah. No.

I'm good. He said, it's not -- it's -- it's not clear, that we're the best form of intelligence, that there is.

Obviously, from a person's perspective. Everything relates to people. But it may be that there comes a point, when we see things like humanist, as a racist term.

We're dealing with people, who are very, very smart and very, very clever.

But many of these people are anti-human. And they hide behind the environmentalist thing. To -- to get away with it.

JAMES: It's really diabolical. If you're looking for an intelligence that's higher than human intelligence. That actually doesn't want to kill us, but in fact loves us with a love beyond human comprehension. It's right there, in the form of God the creator.

And if you reject the existence of God, then it's just really looking like, these days only a matter of time, before you reject the existence of human beings too. I know it's not everyone.

I know there's some -- some atheists out there, that think human beings are still good. But it's looking like they're outnumbered.

And they're losing the battle for the soul of the atheist if you will -- these guys, they have really just -- they do hate humanity.

And they think that intelligence is more important than -- than love.

They think the brain is more important than the heart. And, you know, it all sounds interesting, when it's at the level of theory. But when you ask them to develop it out of practice. It doesn't mean replacing humans. It means wiping them out.

GLENN: So which -- which movie do I think is more likely?

I mean, I never thought the Matrix. But the Matrix, you know, batteries. Human batteries. And it creating a utopia. In people's minds.

Or do you see us.

I mean, remember, the beginning of Skynet. And the terminator.

The first line, I think in that movie, is the machines rose from the ashes in the nuclear fire.

And it was AI that had been used by the Pentagon, and the world's war machines.

And then we blew ourselves up.

And AI decided, we were the problem. And started to wipe us out.

Here we are, talking about the absolute unthinkable. World War III.

Which would end in nuclear war.

And wipe almost all life off the planet.

And we're giving the keys to much of our work.

We just had Jack Carr on yesterday.

Where he was talking about -- you know, he said, nobody would tell me exactly.

But if I talk to enough people. They're putting it all together. And they can look at it.

Oh, we're turning the keys over. To our -- of our killing machines.

Over to AI soon.

That -- that is not -- that can't be a good thing. Which -- which movie are we -- are we going towards? It's kind of like, you know, Brave New World. Or 1984.

I think we're 1984.

Are we headed more towards the terminator, or the Matrix?

VOICE: Well, you know, we have lots of sci-fi movies to choose from. I would point toward. We have sci-fi horror films that we can look to. We got movies like Event Horizon.

We have series like Hell Raiser.

Where the bad guys are inter-dimensional demons, who get summoned by human beings and lead them into hell.

We have David Cronenberg.

He has other films, that really show you, that there is that side of technology they can't be makes you sort of -- fills you with child like wonder.

And all these promises of flourishing beyond imagination.

There is a dark side too.

If we pretend the dark side is not there.

That's usually the way we get led astray in the worst possible way.

GLENN: So is there anything that can be done, going back to the first topic of using stem cells from embryos for human brains. Into these organoids.

Is there anything we should be looking towards. Or pushing for?

Or what?

GLENN: Well, I think, number one, we have to ask ourselves serious questions about how enslaved we are going to be, if we are always looking to China.

If we look at China. And say, they're taking over.

We can't beat them, unless we join them.

Or we have to fight fire with fire. If we're constantly comparing ourselves with what China is doing. We will lose touch with who we really are, as Americans, and depending as how things shake out as human beings.

That's point one. I think point two.

Is, yeah. Okay. You want to innovate on energy.

Look to nuclear. This is not some bizarre technology. It's been around for a long time.

Some countries. That the French. The Japanese. They have Fukushima. They have tsunamis all the time. Not a problem in the United States.

There are ways of doing points of energy, that don't involve turning human beings into these sort of Frankenstein cyborgs and using them for energy.

GLENN: James, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

White House Says Embarrassing Videos of Biden are FAKE?!

White House Says Embarrassing Videos of Biden are FAKE?!

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre is very upset about all the "edited videos," "cheapfakes," and "deepfakes" going around of President Biden. These deceptive videos are making people think that President Biden is old and senile, instead of the mentally agile symbol of leadership that he is! And the mainstream media is helping her push this narrative! Well, Glenn and Pat discuss the truth: There are plenty of examples of Joe Biden looking old that are NOT taken out of context. As Glenn has warned, there will come a time when your eyes will deceive you. It may be because of AI deepfakes...or, it could be the fault of government propagandists.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Okay. So Jean-Pierre said yesterday she's very upset about the unedited video. I'm sorry. The edited videos that -- the cheap fakes and the deepfakes that are going out.

And confusing Americans about how Joe Biden is handing things mentally. He's as strong as a horse. And probably as much awareness of what he is, as a horse, but that's a different story.

Here she is yesterday, from the White House. Cut two.

VOICE: There's a bunch of videos, that have been edited to make the president appear especially frail, or thinly confused.

I'm wondering if the White House is especially aware of the fact that it appears to be a pattern.

VOICE: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay. Stop. Stop for a second. Listen to that question. Listen to that question.

That question is shaped, that the president is fine, there's no problem with the president.

But are you concerned that there's all of these videos coming out, that make him appear to be incapable of getting off a stage by himself.

Here's their answer.

VOICE: Appears to be a pattern.

VOICE: Yeah. And I think you all have called this. The cheap fakes video.

That's exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video.

They are done in bad faith. And some of your news organization.

GLENN: She's reading, by the way.

VOICE: Have been very clear. Have stressed that these right-wing -- the white-wing (sic) critics of the president have a credibility problem. Because of the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation and disinformation. And so we see this. And this is something coming from your part of the world. Calling them cheap fakes and misinformation.

And I'll quote the Washington Post, what they wrote. They wrote about this.

And they said, how Republicans used misleading videos to attack Biden in a 24-hour period. I think that it tells you everything that we need to know, about how -- how desperate, how desperate Republicans are here.

We're seeing these fakes. These manipulated videos. And it is, again, done in bad faith.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Deep fakes. Deep fakes.

PAT: You know, all I could think of during her spiel here, is you saying, there will come a time when your eyes will deceive you. And this is that time.

They're telling us, we can't believe our very eyes right now. That these aren't real. That they've been edited or manipulated in some way. No!

I mean, taking something out of context means that you've changed what is actually about. Like you're lying about what they're saying. You're lying about what happened.

GLENN: Well, they're saying that this take, that you don't understand. That there was another parachuter, off behind Joe Biden.

We saw that. They showed that.

PAT: We talked about that.

GLENN: Correct.

PAT: And he did warned off. And he did say something to the guy.

He did.

GLENN: Right. Right. But still...

Everyone else was looking the other way.

PAT: Yes. Right.

GLENN: And it was so uncomfortable for the people there. You saw Macron look at him, like, oh, jeez.

Here he goes, and then Maloney saw it. And she walked across all of the world leaders to grab him and turn him around.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So, I mean, were they part of this -- this Deepfake? Were they part of it, saying, we were trying to make him look really old and decrepit? And not carry on a single thought at a time.

No. No.

There's no fake there. That -- he might have had his own intention of, you know -- I need my pudding.

And maybe that soldier is bringing that to me.

I don't know what his intention was. But everybody there. Viewed it the same way, the rest of the country did.

PAT: Yep.

GLENN: It's incredible.

From the people who brought us the video of George Bush, trying to open that door and not be able to do it.