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EXPLAINED: How far-left AGENTS OF CHAOS are destroying us all

A recent poll from the State Policy Network Survey shows that Americans are BEYOND worried about nearly everything: Food affordability and shortages, inflation, rising energy prices, and possible nuclear war. But living in this kind of fear is destructive to not only our health, Glenn says, but our country as well. So what’s causing the fear? In this clip, Glenn uses recent stories to show how far-left ‘agents of chaos’ are to blame. They’re only concerned about their own power, he explains, and they’ll shut down anyone who disagrees. So it’s time to call them out. ‘There’s a great evil happening in our country,’ Glenn says. ‘And it’s easy to define. We just have to start saying it out loud.’


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GLENN: Let me give you a couple of stories here that I think are -- say everything that you need to say.

There's a new poll out. The state policy network survey. And they are asking, in this national poll, what are you concerned about. And they found that 68 percent of the people are concerned about, you know, being able to afford their food.

They are concerned about inflation -- inflation. They are concerned about rising energy prices. And job loss.

However, the researchers found that 71 percent say they worry about international conflicts escalating into a nuclear war.

70 percent are worried, that there will be food shortages. 88 percent of respondents say they're concerned about energy shortages.

79 percent say they worry about the collapse of the US government. We are more concerned today about what shoe is going to drop next. This is the reason America has always been successful.

The people have been good. As a nation, we're not making good choices.

So that's faltering. We have always been blessed. Because we have an endless supply of cheap energy. That's going away.

We've had people who wanted to work and innovate. Where is that attitude?

So we are now worried about the things that are causing our instability, but we're doing a lot of the instability-making, you know. If your kids aren't out working, if you're not holding down that moral fort in your own life, and in your own family. Your kids are going to get lost, to riots in the streets, and everything else.

And the collapse of the US government happens, and that's the final straw. People put money into America, over most places in the world. Because we're stable.

But we're unstable now. Now, I want you to listen. Because there is a -- there is somebody that commented on this. Who is with the new state policy network. And -- and he is with the morning consult.

And he said, if fear comes from political issue, like climate change. You can see these symptoms come out. And how people talk about the issues or debate it.

Often debates that are just shouting matches are people trying to find a way to release the anxiety they feel. Mental health issues are another consequence of long-term fear.

Given the rise in mental health conditions, and the way we engage in political discussions in the US, it might be fair to say, we aren't dealing with our fears, particularly well.

And listen to this: And need to find ways to cut off sources, that feed them, for political gain or profit.

What -- what does that mean, exactly? What are you -- huh?

Now, I don't know exactly what he meant by that. But my mind goes immediately to, we have to censor people.

That is the worst thing we can do. The reason why we have conspiracy theories, is, one, nobody is being held accountable. Two, everybody seems to be dirty, because they're not transparent.

Three, when questions -- or answers to questions don't make sense, and no one will show you any kind of transparency. You know, hey, I learned this. You know, in second grade math. Show your work. When they won't show their work, and you don't have trust, and their answers don't make sense. I'm sorry.

There's got to be another answer. And when you ask, is there another reason, this is going on?

They silence you. It's the worst thing that can happen. If you want an open society, to quote George Soros.

So protecting speech from Government Interference Act. This is something the Republicans in the House oversight committee, have tried to pass. They're trying to pass it now.

And it prohibits political activity by federal employees, to prohibit the use of official authority to influence or coerce any interactive computer service. Or to remove or suppress lawful speech. Well, the Democrats are very upset about this.

They say, this is the Putin Protection Act. I am so sick of hearing this.

This will just empower election deniers. COVID deniers. And white supremacists.

Shut up. Shut up.

We seem to have done fine since Woodrow Wilson. We had a little blip in the '50s, where we were putting people like Dalton Trump in jail. For what he believed.

But other than that, we've been pretty good. With freedom of speech.

Let me give you -- let me give you some examples. Nike has the unmitigated gall, to send a letter to the Portland mayor, at the end of the day, wheeler, and city officials, ask community Nike store.

Now, this thing has been closed for months. Why?

Because you don't arrest anybody who is stealing. So people come in, and your private security, cannot touch or stop anyone.

You can only report it to the police. But the police aren't showing up. So they've gone and said, hey. We are so with BLM, and the all things that have destroyed law and order in this country. We are so with you. We will continue to fund that.

But could we fund some police too?

Oh, good. Some private Nike police. Wouldn't that be great?

So they want to directly fund full-time police officers.

Well, the city is saying, no. You can't do that. Because, why?

We have a shortage of police officers. We're already paying them over time, just to do regular stuff. We don't have enough to then put them at the Nike story.

And Nike is saying, well, I can't open a store in your -- I mean, we already have been closed two years. We want to come back, Portland, but it's too dangerous for our employees, and we're hemorrhaging product.

Now, let me ask you. What's the problem there? What's the cause of that problem?

The cause of that problem is all of the ridiculous bullcrap about the police being reimagined.

About -- about defending the perpetrator. Well, I don't know. How did they grow up? What kind of hassles have they had in their life?

Shut up! Breaking the law. Justice is blind. I don't care if you're a leper, that's just been healed by Jesus. And I should really like you. You broke the law, you're going to jail.

No. We know that. We know that our police, are not able to do their job, because the left has turned America against the police.

Did you know that 50 percent of murders in the US are going unsolved now? 50 percent.

If there's somebody you want to off, now would probably be a good time. At least even odds. Okay?

50 percent.

Now, it's called homicide clearance rates, when they clear a murder. You know, the rate at which they're solving them.

It dropped from 71 percent, to an all-time low of 50 percent. Okay. This is according to the FBI.

All right. So what's the problem with that? Well, they would like you to understand between 1919 -- sorry, 2019 and 2020, law enforcement solved 1200 more homicides than the previous year.

Wait a minute. I thought it just dropped. Well, I mean, they're solving more crimes, but homicides increased by 30 percent.

So they're not, they're overwhelmed. And why are they overwhelmed?

Because there's not enough qualified police. Why is that?

BLM. And all that bullcrap, that you knew was bullcrap. And so did your neighbor, who is a Democrat, and voted Democrats.

But wouldn't say it, couldn't say it, because they were all wrapped up in politics.

So we have abandoned common sense. And now, murder rate is up. And you've got even odds. Fifty-50 chance of getting caught, if you kill somebody.

Huh. Huh.

By the way, national clearance rates for rape, were 30 percent.

So you've got a 70 percent chance of getting away with rape. Assault, 47 percent.

Robbery, they catch you about 27 percent of the time.

Burglaries, theft, and arsons. Have the lowest clearance rate, between 14 and 21.

You go ahead. Keep your store open there in Portland. You can't do it!

You can't do it.

So, what is causing this?

It is being caused by all of the lies, that we have been told, and we have told ourselves.

Well, society can go on.

I mean, yes. We shouldn't have allowed that. But we're reimagining things.

No. You don't need to reimagine law and order. We've been working on the law and order thing, for a long time.

What works? Well, not gulags. Not -- not police, that will just beat you on the street corner.

We don't want any of that. We want equal justice. Now, we've not gotten there. Because there's always somebody, that somebody has a problem with.

Well, I don't like them, because of their race.

Okay. Are we solving that? No.

Because what's happening is, more people are being made racist, just against a different race.

I thought the objective here was to stop racism. That's not the objective. You know it, and I know it.

Because this antiracist nonsense states that. But we don't talk about that. You can't, or you'll be silenced.

More in just a second.
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All right. Let me play -- let me play a couple of things here. Let's first hit the -- hmm. Let me go with the woman who has lost her children, to fentanyl because of the border.

VOICE: 100,000 die every year, and nothing is being done. Not enough is being done. Numbers are going up! Not down.

And you talk about children being taken away from their parents! My children have been taken away from me.

GLENN: Stop. This is -- this is a woman testifying yesterday in front of Congress, two of her children were killed by fentanyl. Two.

The -- the problem with fentanyl is just the beginning. We are in a replay of the opioid wars.

That Britain did to China. They're doing it to us. And they're on our border. Shipping of these things to the drug cartels. And it's coming in, like never before.

And our government and our press is telling us, the border is secure.

It's not secure. And you know it, or our children would not be dying from fentanyl overdoses at the rate they are.

The border is not secure. We know it. And I don't care who tells you. The G.O.P. or the DNC. It is an out-and-out lie.

I don't accept it. Children are dying. America is being destroyed from within. Our government is complicit in the trafficking of the drugs. But also the trafficking of humans.

The trafficking -- you know, we know Iran has sent terrorists, that we have by chance caught. That are on the FBI's most wanted list for terrorism.

We haven't even begun to pay for the open border through terrorism. But mark my words, it's coming.

We must stop accepting the lies. And have the courage to say, it's just not true.

I'm sorry. The emperor has no clothes.

More in just a second.

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The police officers and the fire department, that are critically injured or die. They take care of those families.

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Please, donate, and help them do their job. Eleven dollars a month is what they're asking at That's

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GLENN: We better make up our minds on war, pretty quickly.

China is now considering arming Russia.

Did you know that Biden quadrupled US troop presence in Taiwan.

Quadrupled it?

Also Biden in talks with Poland to increase our boots on the ground in Poland.

Russian state TV is declaring the United States has declared war over on Russia.

And all of the things I just said to you, have happened in the last seven days.

We are marching towards real trouble.

When will they consult with us? Or Congress?

When? Have you made up your mind, and are you comfortable with the outcome, that it might mean sending your kids overseas?

Tonight, is a time for choosing. Are we willing to risk an all-out war in Ukraine?

I don't want the government to continue this escalation. But I do want to understand their side of it. Tonight, on the Wednesday night special, I'm talking to real lions on both sides.

I have invited Jerry Boykin. The -- what? Two-star general Jerry Boykin to join me. He is for the weapons and what we're doing in Iran -- or, in Ukraine.

And I have Andy Biggs on.

And he disagrees with even the funding of it. I want to hear those two separately.

I want to talk to each of them. Get Jerry's, you know, pros and cons.

And get Biggs' pros and cons. And let you actually decide. Hopefully, this debate will be strong enough, that maybe even I would change my mind. I don't know.

The debate, is it time to stop arming Ukraine tonight?

9:00 p.m. BlazeTV.

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STU: Right.

After a brand-new Stu does America!

I think it's interesting -- I'm interested to hear Jerry Boykin's perspective on this. Because I think to summarize it as, does he agree with what the Biden administration is doing, is probably completely unfair.

GLENN: No. But I believe he believes that we need to show force here. I don't know how far. But he is hawkish on this.

STU: Right. Yeah.

He -- he believes admission is important. And there's something to gain there for the good of the United States.

GLENN: Right.

So I want to know where that -- where does that line end with him?

STU: And what are we doing wrong, right?

GLENN: Correct. Correct.

STU: Even if that mission is correct, what are we screwing up?

GLENN: By the way, the work that we're doing now at Blaze TV is so incredibly critical. You know, we don't ever talk about this.

But as far as people touched -- you know, people that are hearing, watching. Listening. Podcast. Radio. Television. Internet. All of this stuff.

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We're not seeing just these few people on TV. You have a whole host. But we have expanded our reach, dramatically in the last about three years.

And I can't --

STU: And our waistlines.

GLENN: And our waistlines. And I cannot thank you enough, for helping us build this network. We are just starting to do what I think are the work, that this network was born to do.

So join us, please. And, by the way, there's all kinds of extra things that you get. And we're working hard on coming up with some new things. We just started one, a couple of months ago, called off the record. It is a private Q and A, exclusively only for Blaze TV subscribers.

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It's for us. And I want you to feel comfortable, asking any question.

And I want to feel comfortable answering any question. So whatever topic is on your mind. We'll address it.

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Only for Blaze TV subscribers.

Okay. I -- I want to -- I want to go back to what we were talking about. You know, the -- the -- the problems, that you are worried about, according to this new survey, are enormous.

And I think reasonable.

We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. People can't live like that.

It's very -- it's destructive to our health, and our country.

We can't live like this. So what is the cause of all of this?

Well, I would say the cause of it, is a lack of trust.

Why? Because we have a lack of faith in the truth of God. The eternal truths. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal. Love your neighbor. All that stuff is out.

And we are going -- we are worshiping, literally, I believe, doing ancient Moloch rituals in our lives.

Evil thinks it's winning. It's not going to. But thinks it's winning. And it is causing chaos. Now, who are the agents of chaos?

Well, I will tell you, the ones who are the agents of chaos, are fighting to limit speech.

That will only make things worse. Okay.

So some of the problems that we are facing, let's start with medicine. You hear that Amazon is now buying up huge medical company and -- Amazon will have control of your medical records. That doesn't seem like a good thing to me.

Because they always seem to miss all of the bullets. But Amazon, its original investor. One of its original investors was the CIA, only?

They also are the cloud for our Pentagon and everything else.

And where is -- where are our doctors going?

The American College of OB-GYN. Is now banning pro-life doctors.

So, again, this is like banning your free speech. They don't want any diversity. They say this is all about diversity. But not where it counts.

Where it counts is what people think, and who they are!

That's real diversity. Skin color makes no difference. I don't -- I can't believe, we're people who grew up with Martin Luther King, I have to explain this to you.

It's the content of your character. That matters. You care about skin color, you have become the racist.

So now, they're -- imagine where this is going.

Now if you're pro-life, the college of OB-GYN doesn't want you.

What will that lead to, when there's no one in that crew saying, wait a minute, can we -- can we step on the brakes here for a second?

The FBI, medicine. FBI came out, this is Christopher Ray. When was the last time Christopher Ray just got up on the stand and just vomited information?

Well, he did yesterday. He reiterated, FBI has done a lot of stuff. And we think it's really, the most likely that the Chinese lab leak was the one that caused that.

Excuse me?

Excuse me? People were canceled for that. People's lives. Doctors. Their entire careers, destroyed.

Because that is absolutely not true. And how dare you. You racist!

How dare you. Let's just keep going back. How dare you for saying that, because you're a racist. Oh, my gosh.

How -- how dare you say this about abortion. Because it's racist.

How dare you. How dare you say that the border is a mess. You racist!

All of it treks back to the same agents of chaos.

All of it!

When -- when are we going to get this, and all of us, Republican, Democrats, and independents say, to hell with politics. I don't care about politics.

This is a universal lie. So the reason why he -- they're now coming out and saying, yeah. Chinese lab leak, I think, because they're playing a war game with China.

If China wasn't thinking about arming Russia, they would be saying this. They would still be saying.

We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. They're not looking for the truth. Where is the truth with Fauci, and the Wuhan lab?

Where is EcoHealth? And the Wuhan lab. No mention of that. No, no, no, no.

Just the lab in Wuhan. Just the Chinese. Think Chinese. Think Chinese. That's racist.

And Elon Musk came out yesterday and said, yeah. And the Chinese said that he was breaking the pot of China, which is an expression for the Chinese of don't bite the hand that feeds you.

And they want him to stop drawing attention to the origins. Uh-huh. Fauci is still saying, no. We'll never know. We will never know.

Agents of chaos. They have one thing in common. They're all looking for their own power, and they're all trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

What is causing the stress in your life?

According to the latest poll everything!

Because you don't know what will happen tomorrow! Well, that's crazy conspiracy.


Because if I told you ten years ago, that they were going to say that men could have babies too, you would have said, how dare you say that. You're just using hyperbolic language. And you're going to get everybody stirred up.

And now?

You're silenced if you say that's not true.

Nine-year-old child taught by Debra Rosenquist, at Terryville Road Elementary School, Long Island, identifies as a girl, but was being called a boy's name and given male pronouns in class. The damning lawsuit now wielded by her parents, claims that the teacher started call the fifth grader Leo, using he/him pronouns in class, October 21, unbeknownst to the girl's parents.

It was only months later, in January 22, when the girl was caught drawing a picture of a suicidal girl with the words, I want to kill myself, that the parents finally went, wait a minute.

What -- over what?

And went to school.

They said that they had heard their child being called Leo by her friends before. But that was in reference to an astrological sign. And they didn't associate it with the male. Oh, my gosh.

It was then that the parents believed something wasn't right. They decided to look into her. They found that this teacher, on the day when the school asked pupils and teachers to wear blue in support of two police officers who were shot and killed, the teacher instead wore a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

Gee, let's trace it back again. Can it be traced back?

Oh, yes. They revealed that Rosenquist had not only gone beyond the curriculum, teaching children about transgender. But actively encouraged the fifth graders to try being gay. Superintendent Jennifer Quinn and the school's principle both admitted to the parents in a meeting, that they knew Rosenquist was peddling this mentality in the classroom.

But because she was -- because she was tender. Tenured, they couldn't do anything about it.

Gee, teacher's unions. Huh.

She was putting books into the classroom, that were not in the curriculum, an LGBTQI2. I'm neither. She read to students also, When Aidan Becomes a Brother, which is about transitioning surgery and hormones.

She was telling the kids, that -- by the way, that book has just been banned in Florida. Oh, the outrage.

She was telling the kids, try -- try being gay. Just try being gay. Just try it out. Who knows, you might like it.

They transferred the girl to another class. But apparently, she was being bullied there, because I -- quote, I would want to kill myself too, if I didn't know if I were a boy or a girl. Literally, what is she?

This is from the kids. Literally, what is she?

Boy, girl. One day her name is Leo. And the next day her name is like, what? What is it? I don't know. What to call it.

They have dehumanized a child and taught that it, is a proper pronoun, for people you don't know the sex of.

It! There's a great evil happening in our country. And it is easy to define. We just have to start saying it, out loud.


Glenn: This TAKE DOWN of a LYING nominee means ’NOTHING’

President Biden’s nominee to be America’s national archivist, Colleen Shogan, has promised to be non-partisan if granted the role. But when she faced the Senate Homeland Security and Governmenting Affairs Committee earlier this week, Senator Josh Hawley proved the opposite may be true. In fact, Senator Hawley, used Shogan's tweets, PROVED before the committee that she was lying to them all — UNDER OATH! The take down was ‘SO SATISFYING,’ Glenn says, but it will likely amount to NOTHING. In this clip, Glenn explains why…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Oh, my goodness. Hello, and welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. We've got a lot to do today. I'm going to show you some things from this week, from a couple of hearings, that I just -- I mean, I cheer.

We are actually starting to find a spine in this country.

And that is so great! So great!

However, we have to do more than cheer and yell at people. And when I say yell at people, I'm going to play some things, where it was insane. Well, let me start here. Let me just start with this.

Because you'll understand how good it feels.

Let's go to cut eight, with Senator Hawley, talking to the person that is going to be the -- our national archivist. Now, remember, the national archives, should just be somebody collecting all of the stuff, and preserving it.


I don't want a political ideologue. I don't even -- I don't -- shh. I want somebody that nobody even cares to meet. Okay?

This is like, you know, you'll have to meet the archivist, just to get that paper. Oh, they're so boring.

But just tolerate it, because the stuff in the vault is really cool. Okay?

That's who I want. But that's not who we're getting. Remember, the national archives are now saying, this document here is very triggering.

Yes, if you're King George III, it shouldn't be triggering to you now. But I don't know, the national archives, it's kind of dicey. So who do we have? We have somebody who is a lefty.

And on the second hearing, in the Senate, she was kind of caught in a little trap. Because on her first one, they had some tweets from her, that were like, you know who I just hate? All Republicans.

I mean, just crazy stuff, that she just tweeted out.

And so she made her Twitter feed, private, the day before she went to the hearing.

And they only had a couple of her tweets. And they were going to use them, but they only had a couple of them, that they had printed off. Because she left it all open. Then the night before, she closes it down, so they don't have everything. So Hawley asks her. Can you tell me -- what's on your tweets. I mean, you closed them down.

We have two of them here. What's on your tweets?

She was under oath. Well, she was back. And I would just like to say, Senator Hawley, I -- I mean, whatever you need. Whatever you need. I mean, if you need my wife to make you some lasagna, bring it over, I'll personally put it on the fork and feed it to you. If that's what makes you happy.

This exchange made me very happy.

VOICE: Dr. Shogan, when you were here last year, a number of senators asked you, including me, a series of questions about an article you had written, public statements that you had made on social media, that were pretty grossly partisan, and I thought offensive.

And you and I went back and forth about it. After that, a number of us asked you questions, relating to these statements.

I want to follow up on one of them. I, in particular, asked you to give a full accounting of the public posts that you had made on Twitter. You had locked your Twitter account, before you came before this committee. It previously had been public.

I asked you to provide the public posts, that previously had been made on Twitter. Because the ones we had were pretty disturbing. You responded, as follows. Quote, my personal Twitter account is comprised of posts about my history novels, events at the White House Historical Association, Pittsburgh sports teams, travels, and my dog.

Let's talk a little bit about your Twitter posts then, that I was asking you about. On February 18th, 2022, you posted on Twitter, bemoaning the dropping of mask requirements for children, including those under the age of five. Do you remember that post?

VOICE: No, Senator. Those tweets were in my personal capacity.

VOICE: No, no, no. No.

I asked you, would you give all public posts, that you had made on Twitter. You said no, effectively.

And you said, that your Twitter posts consisted of mystery novels, events at the White House Historical Association, Pittsburgh sports teams, and my dog.

You just told me now under oath, that you stood by that. Now, let's talk about your Twitter post.

On February 18th, 2022, you posted bemoaning the fact that mask requirements for children, under the age of five, one of whom I happen to have by the way, has been dropped. Is that a post about your dog or sports teams?

VOICE: My social media is my personal capacity, sir?

VOICE: Answer my question, please. Because you've testified under oath, that you only posted about your dog, sports teams, and novels. And you also said you wouldn't give this committee, any of your public posts. So is your posts on February 18th, 2022, bemoaning the lifting of mask requirements, for children under the age of five. Who I might just ask, all the data has said, is extremely harmful to children, these mask requirements. We'll leave that aside for now.

Is that a post about your dog or sports teams? Yes or no?

VOICE: My social media is in my personal capacity, Senator.

VOICE: Yes or no, Ms. Shogan.

You are under oath before this committee, and I have to say, you have placed this issue squarely in record by repeatedly refusing to answer. Yes or no?

GLENN: I love you.

VOICE: My personal -- my social media is in my personal capacity, Senator.

VOICE: So you're not answering my question.

Let's talk about another post.

Twenty-sixth of May, 2022, you talk about an assaults weapon ban. Retweet a post, ban assault weapons now. You say you agree this idea, you have to be a certain age to buy assault weapons in America. Is that a post about sports teams and your dog or mystery novels?

VOICE: My social media is in my personal capacity, Senator.

VOICE: I have to say, I have been here for four years. I have never seen a witness stonewall like this before. Never. I've seen a lot. This is extraordinary.

I mean, this is unbelievable. And you want to be the archives of the United States. You lied to us, under oath.

You lied to us in your QFRs. You just lied to me a second ago under oath. And now you're sitting here stonewalling, not answering questions about public posts that you made.

Dr. Shogan, I will ask you again: Will you give to this committee your public posts on Twitter? Will you make them available?

VOICE: My social media is in my personal capacity.

VOICE: Mr. Chairman, I have to tell you, this is the most extraordinary thing I have seen in my brief time in the Senate. I have never seen a witness blatantly lie under oath, like Dr. Shogan has just done to this committee, stonewalled this committee, and just repeatedly just refused to answer my questions about her own posts that are in public. For these reasons, I will oppose your nomination. And I strongly, strongly urge this committee, to take action on this, and own up to the fact that she's misleading us, right before our eyes, Mr. Chairman.

GLENN: I mean, don't you love him?

Now, here's the thing that I want to point out.

That was a shortened version. The long version is like eight minutes. And it is so satisfying. It is so satisfying.

He's the first person that I have heard. I shouldn't say that. There's -- this has been a good week for this kind of stuff. That were actually holding people's feet to the fire!

Now, it makes no difference, if it's all just words. And let me tell you why: There is a great McIntire piece on the Blaze today. Media acceptance of the lab leak theory is the turning of the COVID ratchet.

This is the most important opinion piece, that I have read, on why the COVID leak is coming out.

And what does it all mean?

They -- he writes, if you thought this monumental collapse of credibility, this sudden implosion of certainty of the science, would give the media moments of hesitation, you were sadly mistaken.

The progressive chattering class spent their days forcing the American public to pretend that men could become women, at cultural gunpoint. Science was never the lodestone of truth. They are not undergoing some sort of dramatic crisis here.

While some would expect a little more coordination between the regime and its media arm to create a smoother narrative transition, this trailing dialectic serves its own purpose.

Our ruling elite secure power through constant invocation of the state of exception.

In theory, we live in a democracy, where the power of the government is constrained through the structure of the Constitution, and the will of the people.

In practice, however, both limiting factors can be removed in the case of an emergency. A cunning leader knows that power once granted, is rarely returned. And it is very difficult for the public to hold anyone accountable, after the fact.

When an emergency presents the opportunity to achieve power, under the state of exception, it is always best to manufacture the narrative, to secure that power as quickly as possible.

And then make the adjustments later, after the power is firmly in hand. The pandemic, allowed for the creation of an indefinite state of exception. During which, the regime could lock down its political opponents, unleash its own supporters, to those who opposed them. Churches, gyms, were shuttered, abortion clinics, Walmarts were deemed essential. Leftist corporate allies like Amazon required near -- acquired near monopoly on -- on commerce. While their local retail competition was driven into bankruptcy.

Trump supporters were forced to attend the funerals of their loved ones on Zoom. While Joe Biden voters, drank champagne in the streets, to celebrate his election.

Politics, after all, is about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies.

He goes on to Trump and The View, et cetera, et cetera. But what we are now observing is the process by which our ruling elite consolidate the power they gained, by reconciling their narrative to something that more closely resembles reality. Bit by bit, the powers have had to admit the truth behind most of the conspiracy theories, that they so violently attacked. This slow drip of truth, is not some admission of failure or culpability. It is instead, designed to turn the political ratchet.

Conservatives and COVID spectics -- skeptics get to feel vindicated. We have a moment of, a-ha! I told you so!

Yet, nothing changes. The power isn't taken back. No one serves a punishment, for the crime.

We must understand, that what holly just did there, is so satisfying. What Ted Cruz and Holly did this week, to Merrick Garland is just -- I mean, it was almost -- I mean, you could rate that as a porn.

STU: We should go through that at some point again.

GLENN: It was so -- it was so good.

STU: Mahauck (phonetic) incident. Yeah.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, we'll play this. We'll play a cut, if you haven't heard it yet. But it was so good. But it means nothing without teeth. They trust -- who was it?

I want to say it was Biggs. Was it the Biggs amendment that was trying to go after Mayorkas. And all of the Republicans have all said, this is out of control. This is crazy.

Well, there are two bills to impeach him. In a Republican House.

And they are a long way from getting anybody to sign on. There's like 41 sponsors.

That's it.

Wait. Excuse me?

Someone must pay the price, for what is happening in our society. Or nothing changes.

You can feel vindicated, you can feel good. You can yell at people, but it doesn't change anything.

That woman should not be in the -- as the archivist for multiple reasons.

But she should pay some price, for lying under oath.

They're all doing it.

If they don't punish those people, why would you care?

Why would you care? What meaning does your testimony even have?


SHOCK: How a pastor deterred ARMED robbers with PRAYER

We all need more good stories in our daily consumption of news, so Glenn is here to help! In this clip, Glenn details the SHOCKING story of how a pastor deterred four armed robbers who entered a Missouri church earlier this month. But the pastor — and his congregation — used quick thinking and PRAYER to stop the potential travesty. THIS is the heartwarming (and also slightly funny) story you need this week…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I got to talk to this man, before the end of the week, I have to do it. I think this is a great story.

Four armed men, wearing masks -- masks, entered a Missouri church earlier this month. With alleged intent to rob it or worse.

STU: Alleged. Is that really necessary?

GLENN: Well, just listen. Listen to the story.

So Mark Quello, I guess, Futrel, he is the pastor at All Creation North View Holiness Family Church. Too many words in that, just cut it down. Just cut it down.

STU: Economy of words.

GLENN: Okay?

It's in Ferguson. He said, he watched these four guys, wearing masks with guns on their waists and empty bags in their hands walking in.

Now, he's a former police officer, and now a pastor. He said, the hairs on my -- back of my neck stood up. And I said, okay. Something is about to happen. It's not going to be good.

He said, me being a former police officer, I noticed the waistbands. And I'm like, okay. Something in their waistbands as well.

So he's up there. And he's preaching. And he's seeing this. Nobody else has seen it yet. And he's like, what do I do? What do I do?

So he does, what I don't think anybody else would do. He's like, hey, you. Yeah, you.

You in the purple jacket. What is your name?

And he starts walking down the aisle towards them, and he engages them directly. What is your name?

I can't hear you. Say your name out loud.

And then he said, you four gentlemen, can you account for yourself? Who sent you here? You just decided, you saw this church. And you just decided, I'm just going to come on in. Talk to me. Why are you here?

Who sent you here?

He said, they found out that they were -- later, they were connected to two robberies from convenience stores. And the preacher just engaged them, and said, turning to the congregation, you know what, let's praise God for them coming in today.

Let's just praise God. I praised God, that God sent them in here because I think the devil meant this for evil.

Then he said, but you are messing with the wrong guy. Don't play with me. I still have a cop anointing. And I still know what's going on, and I know what's about to happen. God is about to change the plan of the enemy. So let's pray on these four.

And he turns to the young men. And he looks at them, and says, lift your voice up to God.

Pray with us, will you? And the young men are like, uh. And then the entire congregation surrounds these would-be robbers. And he's like, bow your heads, bow your heads. We're going to pray on you.

And so the whole congregation comes around, and they put their hands. Nobody is reaching for the gun. They put their hands on the back of these guys. And they are praying that the Holy Ghost will come and just change these men.

They pray for a while, and then the congregation sits back down. Like, see, brothers, that wasn't so bad. Thank you for letting us pray for you.

We're thankful that for whatever reason, the Lord let you come on in here. And when you walked on this ground, you walked on to the ground of the holy ghost.

You step foot, on the all-creation parking lot. And you encountered the move of the holy ghost. And I don't think any of you are going to be the same.

And they all just kind of looked at him. Looked at the congregation. Wearing the mask.

Looked at each other.

And went, yes, sir.

And turned around and walked out.

Police are still looking for them.

STU: Wow.

GLENN: The pastor said, I've got to find this. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard. And the flood will never be greater than the standard.

I mean, you want to talk about faith in God. That pastor coming out from behind that -- that podium, and seeing him. And knowing, oh, boy. There's trouble.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: I think that's a great story.

STU: What kind of masks were there, do we know?

GLENN: On the evening of February 21st, the number 12 ranked mid-Vermont Christian school Eagles of White River Junction. Again, too many names. Too many names. They were scheduled to take on the number five Long Trail Mountain Lions of Dorset. First round of the Vermont division four girls varsity tournament, the Eagles dropped out. They forfeited the game. Because when they got there, they realize that had one member of the Mountain Lions was actually a male. And so they withdrew from the tournament, because they said, we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male, jeopardizes the fairness of the game, the safety of our players, and allowing biological males to participate in women and children's sports, sets a bad precedent for the future of women's sports in general.

Good for them.

STU: I mean, some school eventually is going to be smart enough to just go out there, and recruit a whole team of dudes.

And just go out there and just kick everybody's butt. And half of the teams will just probably forfeit. I mean, this is a very ultra competitive world there. I want to start this school.

GLENN: I know. I would like to do that. You know, if there was like a -- I don't know. A podcasting, you know, kind of division. We get all the guys here, just put them in skirts.

STU: I don't know how that would -- I mean, that might be something you like, but it's not something that I think would affect the quality of the podcasts.

GLENN: No, no, no. The podcast division. If there was a sports division, with the podcasts. And then there was male/female. We just -- because I don't think our team would be necessarily that good. Playing against men.

But even I could -- come on. Seriously.

Women. Right? That's not too sexist, right? Women.

STU: No. Definitely not.

Certainly not what you're going for. Specifically. I will say though, in sports, you have a little bit of real world evidence, that boys are able to compete in most sports, at a higher level, than girls. Yes, I know.

I mean, you can look at things like track and field, where you're just literally measuring. And you find a lot of these results play out that way.

GLENN: Hmm. So wait a minute.

STU: There's a --

GLENN: You're saying that only a Russian, probably hermaphrodite from the Soviet Union days. That is doing shot put. Is not as good as a male doing that.

STU: I don't know. That's a good point. But usually, that's the way it plays out.

GLENN: Right. Right.

STU: And my understanding, a Herman after tight, no longer the accepted term. I learned this directly from Weird Al Yankovic.

STU: So I know it's true.

GLENN: Okay. Why were -- what? Why were -- how did that happen?

STU: You have a lot of questions on that?

GLENN: Yeah. I do.

STU: No. That's fair. Weird Al has been doing a concert tour over the past few years. Which I have happened to see. And he has a song from many years ago.

GLENN: You went alone, didn't you?

STU: Of course I did.

Who would do that?

GLENN: This is sad. This is sad. A man in his '40s.

STU: Oh, it was the best time of my life. It was fantastic. I would do it again.

GLENN: Play the accordion, Al! Play the accordion! Bring it home!

STU: It was fantastic.

GLENN: I bet it was.

STU: But so he had a song, I can't remember which one it was. But he uses the word hermaphrodite in it. And he goes through the whole segment.

And he actually stops the song in the middle of it. And says, in totally like a -- you know, Weird Al. I don't know what his politics are. He's never been a political guy.

I don't -- that's not what he does.

GLENN: He's Weird Al Yankovic.

STU: I know. But he's a legend, okay? Weird Al is a legend. So he kind of stops it and says, by the way, this is not the term we're supposed to use anymore.

And he goes through this whole thing about how, you know things change over time. And trying not to be canceled. But also acknowledging it. It was a very, very funny way. But I honestly, there's so many terms that have been canceled. I didn't realize that hermaphrodite, apparently, not a term you're supposed to use anymore. Now, I don't care about that at all.

I do think that was interesting. That was one of the things they would use as the defense back in the day. Remember, when they talked about transgender people. What about hermaphrodites. You keep saying there's only two genders. What about hermaphrodites. That's what they used to say. That was the argument. Now they won't even make the argument, because they won't let themselves use the word.

We are screwed up.

GLENN: Let me ask you something. Because you've loved Weird Al for a very long time. Ever since I've known you.

STU: I have loved Weird Al. Loved him since back in the day.

GLENN: I believe he's been on the show.

STU: You know, we met him once when he was in New York. He was in the studios for something else. I don't remember if we brought him on the air or not. I can't remember.

GLENN: Okay. All right. Yeah, I can't remember if we brought him on the air. I also can't remember also even meeting him.

STU: You've had him on the air though.

GLENN: I've had him on the air several times.

But you -- that's a big deal, Weird Al.

STU: Yeah, for sure. I love Weird Al.

GLENN: Did you go backstage to meet him?

STU: No. I did not. I sat in the audience, and enjoyed the show.

GLENN: You can't. You have such little juice, you can't even get a backstage pass to see --

STU: Those are highly --


STU: Highly priced items.

GLENN: I bet. They don't just come on the internet.

STU: Now, look, was there a meet and greet level here? And did I look into it?

I mean, sure. Did I say if there was any availability?

The answer to that was no. There was none available at the time, when I looked.

But I would have proudly gone to meet and greet Weird Al and told you all about it. I love the guy. I love the guy.

GLENN: I know. I know.

How much would you have paid to shake his hand, and get your photo with Weird Al?

STU: No. As I just mentioned, I have met him before.

GLENN: I know. But to get your -- you would have paid for a meet and greet.

How much is that worth to you? A private meeting with Weird Al. I'm just asking. How much would that be worth?

STU: I would have paid the ticket premium.

GLENN: Which would have been what?

STU: I don't know. I bet it would have been a couple hundred bucks. A couple hundred bucks. I've been to meet and greets. You're familiar with this process.

GLENN: Is it worth, let's say $500 -- you're not going with a crowd. It would be one-on-one.

STU: I mean, I'm -- I'm conflicted by this. I think you're leading to something, to make fun of me. But I'm very conflicted.

GLENN: I'm just trying to go for your wallet.

STU: Okay. I don't actually want to meet the people that I like.

GLENN: That you like.

STU: I find it to -- I mean, I've met you. I liked you when I was on the air, when I was a kid.

You were the local host. And I was like, this guy sounds funny. And now I've met him, and it ruined the whole thing.

You've destroyed my vision of you.

GLENN: Right. It's like regular people for me. You were a regular person, when we met. You're still a regular person.

And I don't like you. I don't like you.

STU: Right. But you're not like that.

I mean, I know you've had instances where --

GLENN: Yeah. B.B. King. B.B. King. Elton John. Both of them.

STU: You loved them.

GLENN: I loved them.

Elton John, I can't use that word on the air. Not a nice man. And -- and B.B. King hit on my wife.

STU: Right. Right in front of you.

GLENN: I was the fan.

STU: You don't have the juice to stop an artist from hitting on your wife.

GLENN: No. Man can only do so much. But I walk in -- I walk in, and she slept during the concert. She hates B.B. King. I love B.B. King.

And, you know, I walk in, and he doesn't even look up for me. I'm like, Mr. King. He's like, uh-huh.

And I walk closer. I just wanted to shake your hand. And he looks up, and he does -- he looks at me for like half a second.

And then he goes right to Tania, like, come on over here, and sit on B.B.'s lap.

STU: That's an opening line right there.

GLENN: And I shoved her out of the way, and I sat on his lap, and it was very nice.


Glenn: It’s my duty to WARN YOU about THIS threat to America

War continues to loom, especially now with the world’s most sinister nations — Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and others — working toward strengthened nuclear programs with the West as target #1. In this clip, Glenn details the latest in the nuclear arms race…which America seems to be losing. Then, Glenn details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. ’It is, I believe, my calling to warn you of what is possibly coming,’ Glenn says. ‘I can't say this IS coming, but I will tell you that at this point, I can’t tell whether this is a prompting or not.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There is a new story that is out from memory. Memory is a great organization, that translates all of the stuff on Saudi Arabian, Qatar, and all Arabic-speaking channels. Because they don't say the same things in Arabic, that they will in English.

But I want you to be well aware, of what is being said there.

There is just a -- an interview, that happened on Arabia. It's a network from Saudi Arabia. And it was with Aleksandr Dugin. It just happened on the 23rd, and I just got the translation for it. Dugin said -- and all of this is a quote.

This is a very dangerous war, since Russia cannot lose it. This will bring Russia to its end. Russia cannot say, fine. We'll give up the areas we've taken over.

Such a thing would lead to a domestic explosion, and Russia would find itself in a Civil War.

Russia cannot lose under any circumstance, since a single step backward, would lead to a thousand steps backwards.

Russia will fight to the end, because we simply cannot stop. We cannot lose. And we will not be satisfied until Ukraine is fully liberated, from the pro-NATO political elites. Regardless of the cost.

This is what we will consider a victory. Russia itself will not use nuclear weapons. So it has no reason to threaten nuclear war. However, there will be such a threat, if Russia begins to lose. And in such a case, Russia may use nuclear weapons. So if Russia is allowed to win the war, this would still constitute a victory for the West, and defeat for Russia. Except, Russia would survive, and humanity would be saved.

However, in either scenario, there will be no Ukraine.

It will disappear, if we win. And it will disappear, along with all of humanity, if a nuclear apocalypse begins.

Even if we imagine a Ukrainian victory, after so many people die, and the infrastructure is completely destroyed. No one will be ready to rebuild this huge country. Therefore, Ukraine does not actually exist. If only we had refrained from destroying the Soviet Union, or had broken the necks of Gorbachev and Yeltsin at the right time.

In my opinion, this is Aleksandr Dugin on Saudi Arabian television, that has just been translated. In my opinion, the West is the source of absolute evil. Now, think. Saudi Arabia is cozying up, to whom? China and Russia.

They have already dismissed us, and anything we claim on OPEC. We are no longer close allies with Saudi Arabia.

What have we been saying for the longest time to the left? We have been telling the left forever, why are you in bed with all of these horrible people, that are Muslim extremists?

Because they'll kill you first. They don't agree with -- with your -- they don't agree with Jesus. So they'll come for the Christians. But they'll probably kill you first, because you are dumping filth into the atmosphere.

Right? Listen to this. He's telling Saudi Arabian viewers. In my opinion, the West is a source of absolute evil. It uses artificial intelligence to destroy the family, sex, and the nature of human beings. I believe that the Muslims understand me well.

Because I believe that the West is an Antichrist. Or, sorry, is the Antichrist. Putin does not think so at all. He sees the West as a partner who behaves very aggressively for whatever reason. But now we're at war with the West because its ally decided to fight us. But if the West did not decide to fight us, we would be supplying it with cheap oil and gas.

This is apocalyptic kind of language, coming from one of the -- guy who has been described as Putin's brain. Okay?

Now, I want to give you just a little thing on just to urge you to understand what we may be facing. I don't want anybody to freak out. But I do want you to be mentally and physically prepared.

The Biden administration, when they came into office, they said, we're going to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the US strategy. Oh, good. Okay.

So we're doing that. However, there are now four countries, all aligned against America and against the West. And all of them pretty evil.

Iran, North Korea, China, Russia. Vladimir Putin announced on the 21st, that they were suspending the participation and the new start. So there's no arms treaty between the US for the first time since 1972 between the US and Russia.

On February 19th, it was reported that the international atomic energy agency inspectors caught Iran enriching uranium to 84 percent purity. You need 90 percent purity.

They say this is, if it hasn't happened yet, we are within days of them being able to enrich plutonium.

Or uranium. And getting it to bomb ready. The time to act now, against Iran is almost at zero.

Okay? Once they can do it, they can do it.

Biden administration has been trying to negotiate limits on Iran's nuclear program. But then they started breaking down and cracking down on their protesters.

And Biden says, he's willing to use force as a last resort. But the moment of last resort is right now. And as far as we know, we are not readying any military options.

But the Israelis will. Even if they have to go by themselves, they will.

On February 18th, North Korea conducted a test of nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missiles. It demonstrated the ability to reach the continental US.

This is now the third country. We have Iran, and Iran is now in negotiations with Russia. To buy the intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia. And they'll cap them themselves with their atomic bombs. Okay?

So now that's three.

North Korea, as this threat grows, the allies are of America. Are now worried about our credibility. And they're now starting to build their own nuclear arsenals.

South Koreans are in strong support of building an independent nuclear force. On February 7th, the pentagon notified Congress that China now has more ICBMs than we do.

John F. Kennedy in 1962, the only way we're safe is if we're bigger and stronger than everyone else.

This is what happens, when American power is diminished. I've been telling you this for years.

The minute America has no credibility, not only will we rapidly come under attack from everybody who has ever hated us.

But the world will spiral into chaos. You don't have to just think of -- I want to add two more things to this pile. And I'm sorry to do this to you. I really am.

But it is, I believe, my calling to warn you of what is possibly coming. I can't say this is coming.

But I -- I will tell you, that at this point, I can't tell, whether this is a prompting or not.

I can't tell, so I don't know. If this is coming from me. If it's coming from me. It's usually wrong. If it's a prompting, it's never wrong.

But I can't tell which it is. But I feel time is running short. Because we could bomb Israel, not us.

Israel could bomb Iran today.

And that could start things in motion. So you need to know this. There is a nuclear complex. Do you remember in Ukraine, where this nuclear complex came under Russian control for a while?

And everybody was worried that they were going to destabilize it, and use it. And shut it down. Well, unfortunately, we're now starting to consider that that could be a weapon. And not even intentional.

But there's a lot of fighting going on around there. If you have a Chernobyl accident, from fighting, you could have -- it would just be a global catastrophe. The thing that I know, know. Sorry.

One other thing besides the nuclear catastrophe. I told you that there was an ammunition storage facility in Moldova. And I've heard several things about it.

That it's really bad. Holds Soviet air stuff. And then I heard that it's really nothing. And they can't be used.

But it is the largest depository of old Soviet bombs, et cetera, et cetera.

There is a Twitter account.

And I -- I am not claiming this to be true. It's called the open source intelligence monitor. And it has said that the, quote, former military inspector of military defense of Moldova has said the armed forces of some country I've never heard of. Have rigged all arms depot within the breakaway region, including the depot with explosives. So if any military operations begin, it will cause a massive explosion.

Keep your eye on Moldova.

But here's the thing, that you must know. Those are all the possibilities, and they are becoming more and more likely, because we are looking so incredibly weak.

But one that I can tell you, is happening. And will happen, and you must prepare your family for this.

Russian defense ministry, a journal from the Russian defense ministry says Moscow is developing a new type of military strategy, using nuclear weapons to protect against possible US aggression.

Now, they're saying that they are developing, a new strategic response, and they are going with that.

However, that's preparing. This is doing. This is from National Review. For the second time, in a few weeks, listen to this. A federal law enforcement agency suffered a serious cyber attack. And the US Department of Health and Human Services, warned that Russian-linked ransom group called clock, had reportedly taken responsibility for the mass attack on more than 130 organizations, including the health industry. Ransomeware attacks are now common as rainstorms. In a busy news cycle, you might not have heard. But two federal law enforcement agencies have had serious cyber attacks this last month.

CNN reported that the FBI's New York field office was investigating and working to contain malicious cyber incident, a part of its computer network in recent days, involving computer systems used in investigation of images of child sexual exploitation.

Then NBC News reported late yesterday, that the US marshal service, suffered a security breach over a week ago, that compromised sensitive information.

In a statement Monday, US Marshal Service spokesperson Drew Wade acknowledged the breach, telling NBC News, the affected system contains law enforcement sensitive information, including returns from legal processes, administrative information, personally identifiable information, pertaining to subjects of the US marshal's investigation, third parties, and employees.

Wade said the incident occurred February 17th. So far, there's no indication, that the two attacks are connected.

However, the cyber hostage taking ransomeware, that often strong arms institutions into making hefty ransom payments to regain access to their computer systems, is now a fact of life for US corporations and the government.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services warned that Russians and Russian-linked ransomeware groups like Clop had reportedly taken responsibility for a mass attack on more than 130 organizations, including the health care industry.

Okay. It goes on to all of this. However, there's something that you need to know, that tells you everything.

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Remember, it's the promo code Beck, that will give you that savings. 800-966-3117, and get your MyPillow 2.0 now.

Ten-second station ID.
Okay. In last summer, I didn't know this, but a team of Russian hackers within known as Cold River, targeted several institutions, including the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

Now, all of these cyber attacks are connected to Russia, one way or another.

But if you remember in June of 2021, Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin and gave him clear instructions. In fact, gave him a list of critical infrastructure targets that must never be attacked.

Of those 16 critical infrastructure sectors, there is public health, emergency services, and energy.

Quote, I gave him a list. If I'm not mistaken, I don't have it in front of me.

Sixteen specific entities. Sixteen defined as critical infrastructure under US policy from energy to water systems.

Of course, the principle is the one thing. It has to be backed up by practice. Responsible countries need to take action against criminals who conduct ransomeware activities in their territory.

Okay. All right. Is he taking that seriously? No.

No. He has a list. Russian hacker. You don't do this in Russia, without Putin. Russian hackers are not being stopped. They may be encouraged. It may be a state operation at arm's length. But we've already warned him. They are increasing. It is now day after day after day.

That's the thing that you should worry about. Is our critical infrastructure, which our government is doing nothing to prepare.

All we're doing is sending our money, over to the most corrupt country in the world.

And making ourselves a bigger target.