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Bill O’Reilly: THIS Jan 6th prisoner could be released TODAY

Bill O’Reilly joins Glenn to detail some of the ‘stunning’ revelations from the previously unseen January 6th footage that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson aired last week. Some of that footage could even exonerate at least one Jan 6th prisoner TODAY. In this clip, O’Reilly explains why. Plus, he and Glenn discuss the January 6th committee’s ‘petty’ tactics used against Josh Hawley and when we should expect to know the FULL truth of what happened that day…


BREAKING: Big Bank FORCED to Close: What It Means for YOU | Glenn TV | Ep 259

Regulators just forced a massive investment bank to shut down in what is being called the “second largest bank failure” in U.S. history, according to the Independent. What does that mean for the economy and for you? On today’s Friday Exclusive, Glenn speaks with former investment banker Carol Roth, who breaks down what the shutdown of Silicon Valley Bank means and how it will affect the average person’s bank account. But first, Glenn tackles the latest Facebook suppression his social media pages are facing for daring to question the events of January 6 after Tucker Carlson released shocking footage that the January 6 committee desperately tried to keep the public from seeing. This is just the latest example of the corporate media suppressing stories from the general public. Finally, Glenn reacts to Vice President Kamala Harris sharing her unique wisdom on how “climate mental health” affects children.


Gov. Ron DeSantis: 'The Ruling Class Needs to be DEPOSED' | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 176

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes it clear: It’s time for the ruling class to be deposed, and he has the blueprint to do so. Gov. DeSantis joins Glenn to break the whole thing down point by point, in case any other governors are listening. He explains why Florida rejected Fauci's and Birx’s pandemic lockdown “science experiment.” He details how he took Florida from a swing state to a leading red state. And he lays out how he’s winning against the woke Left on every front, from universities and Disney to ESG and Big Tech, while shrinking Florida’s bureaucracy at the same time. But he also has some strong words for the Biden “regime’s” handling of the war in Ukraine, the border, energy, and food crises and the ever-growing Deep State. And as the elites scream about January 6, Gov. DeSantis gives his firsthand account of the 2017 congressional baseball shooting, an attack on our government that the media ignores to this day.


Glenn EXPOSES Facebook’s ‘LYING FAT HEADS’ about January 6

A post Glenn made on Facebook recently — which featured an interview he’d done with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about newly released January 6 video footage — was deemed ‘partly false’ by the Big Tech gods. In this clip, Glenn details why the Facebook fact-checkers (incorrectly) took issue with the post and why he will NOT be ‘issuing a correction,’ even if it means his Facebook page’s distribution may suffer as a result: ‘Go screw yourself, Facebook.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So yesterday, I -- I got a phone call.

I want you to know that you're going to see very few posts from me, or any of your Blaze family, in your Facebook news feed, moving forward. And you deserve to know why.

Tucker Carlson had the release of the January 6th footage.

And I spoke to Tucker Carlson, and I posted. And we posted the video to Facebook, so you could see it, in case you missed.

Well, yesterday, we got a -- a note, on our page, this contains partly false information. Checked by independent fact-checkers. See why.

So then we got a notice, partially false information, on a post shared by your page, contained same information as opposed to checked by independent fact-checkers.

It may have small differences.

But the fact-checkers had PolitiFact say information about the post, shared by Glenn Beck is partially false to stop the spread of fake news. We have added a notice to your post.

Okay. Fine. Well, man, we started talking about it. We started looking into it.

And here's what they -- the propagandists tell us is a fake post.

They sent us a warning, several said that my page is now going to be reduced in distribution. Because of this false information.

What is false?

In the video, Stu, you lying liar. How you lie, all the time.

We discussed the -- the curious case of Ray Epps.

The man who was seen egging on the January 6th protesters. He did it the night before.

He did it the day of.

He was seen on videotape doing it. He was seen whispering in the ear of somebody, just before that somebody went and pushed back the police.

He then wrote a note, to his nephew, saying, I orchestrated -- I orchestrated it.

He was on the top five most wanted list, and then suddenly, everything is okay.

And the New York Times writes this glowing piece about how Ray Epps is just -- he's a good guy. And everybody needs to leave him alone. What?

Okay. So we brought this up. We brought this up. But the lying hacks at politicize fact admitted that, yes. Epps did send the text.

However, it's mostly false. Why?

Because Ray Epps testified to the January 6th committee, that he didn't really mean it. Oh!


STU: It's insane.

GLENN: Oh, thank goodness, you've let me know that. You know what's weird, is I remember if anybody would post that Glenn Beck isn't a racist.

They would probably fact-check that, because, you know, I was a racist. For saying on television, that I thought Obama was a racist.

However, even though my career and everything else was smeared by these lying fat heads, and they still smear me today on this, even though I said the very next sentence, no.

That's not right. I don't mean that. I just mean, he seems to have some -- okay?

I said, no!

He's not a racist. That's not right. But did I get a break for that? But Ray Epps, a guy who was on the FBI most wanted list.

Who is seen doing all the things, that are illegal. Inciting violence. That's illegal. Inciting violence. They just take his word for it.

Huh. And that doesn't raise anybody's eyebrows. Nobody's. Like, no, no, no. We know so much about Ray Epps. He's a good guy.

Wait. Wasn't he one of the big grand dragons. Or whatever it is. For Oath Keepers.

Haven't you smeared Oath Keepers. And said, they're the worst. They're worst than Donald Trump!

Okay. But he was running it.

And yet, you believe that he didn't mean it. Okay. What?

That's why, I said, yesterday, when they said, all you have to do is issue a correction, and take it back.

And we'll get rid of all of the penalties. All of them.

And you'll be allowed to be read by your people. And it will be great.

I said, go screw yourself.

I am not changing my opinion, I am not changing the facts.

Those are the facts. You let the American people decide, if they should take Ray Epps at his word or not.


The January 6th committee, which yesterday admitted that they hadn't watched the tapes!

They're going to be the arbiter of truth. Now government is the arbiter of truth. Do you know why we have a First Amendment. It's not so I can say things, you know, out on the street corner. It's so I can question what's going on in Washington.

That is -- that is just my right, it is my duty. To question the government.

Something is not right. These people are normal than propagandists, liars, malignant, despicable liars.

So when I was given the option of the correction, I said, no.


But then, the Blaze. The Blaze was notified, that, well, that will affect more than just you, Glenn.

Facebook says, they have to take -- they have to hit all. I mean, they're going to have to hit Steve Deace too.

What does Steve have to do?

Well, y'all work together at the Blaze. So everybody is going to have to pay that price. And so I said to TheBlaze, well, I know where I stand.

But I don't want everybody else to pay the price. So you do whatever you want. And they left.

Oh. We're telling them to go to hell. I just wanted you to know. Okay.

All right.

We are -- the media, they are drowning. The next thing that you're going to see them do. Mark my words. They are going to try to get government money. To keep their head above water.

They're not going to be able to make it anymore.

There are more people listening to me, on my radio show, than there are watching cable news right now.

That's insanity!

That is a national cable network, that is in 95 percent of the homes.

Nobody is watching it.

Thus, with nobody watching, they can't sell advertising. And without advertising, they can't pay the bills.

But we're so darn important.

I'm telling you, you watch. They will start getting money from the government. And then you'll be able to trust them for sure. Because everybody questions the person who is giving them money to stay alive. We are in the battle of good and evil. Truth and lies.

There is no neutral anymore. Either you fight for the truth, or you enable lies.

We're about to go into some of our biggest battles we've ever had. And I've had big battles.

I would like to ask you, to become a Blaze TV subscriber today.

You are truly the lifeblood of everything, we do.

Without you, we are at the complete mercy of big tech.

We are at the complete mercy that someone will throw us a bone, and give us a break.

I don't want a handout. I want equal justice.

I want my First Amendment rights. Not just as -- I'm going to use this word, because the head of the San Francisco inquirer, we had an argument about it. And he encysted, I'm a journalist. And I said, no. I'm a commentator. You're a journalist. Okay. Then I want my First Amendment rights as a journalist, to be able to question and be heard!

I don't really give a flying crap, what they do. I don't.

I have faith in you. I bet, ten, 12 years ago, on you.

I knew that I would not be able to make it for long. And keep my soul, in that cesspool that's called cable news. I knew I would not be able to keep my soul. So what do we do? Well, they all said, go out on your own. Do a podcast.

I didn't think a podcast was enough. I think we needed to build something, that would have some legs, that would be able to stand, and eventually replace them.

So I started the Blaze. Oh, I was crazy. Nobody is going to do that. Our reach now is far bigger, than it was a, when I was at Fox.

Me personally, my show personally.

Is at its zenith. But things aren't all in one place, like they used to be.

This is why, the press just ignores Joe Rogan.

Oh, he's -- he's just on one of those internet things. But they know the power of Joe Rogan.

They know the power of TheBlaze. And now, they can't take it. So now, they have to rig the system, again.

They don't like fair play. They don't like competition. Because when you're lying, people eventually figure it out.

And we've figured them out. America has figured them out. I bet on you, 12 years ago.

And I've told you, that we took advertising. We did everything else. Because we needed to build it, and we needed you to subscribe, because if everything is pulled out from underneath us, if we're not serving you, and giving you the information that you need.

Well, then, we deserve to go off.

But we work hard every day.

And I know you work hard for your money. But just the -- just the information, I believe, we gave you this week alone, is worth the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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