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Glenn Beck: How Donald Trump Can Beat Biden at the CNN Presidential Debate

Glenn Beck: How Donald Trump Can Beat Biden at the CNN Presidential Debate

Glenn Beck explains what former president Donald Trump should say in order to win his first 2024 presidential debate against President Biden. The media will likely do everything it can to insist that Biden won the debate, and Biden will do all he can to insist that the economy is great, foreign policy is going well, and Trump is a danger. But there’s one way for Trump to bypass the propaganda and address the American public directly. Glenn advises Trump to ignore Biden altogether. Instead, there’s someone else he should speak to: YOU.


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GLENN: Now, let me just -- let me be so bold, to address how I think president Trump, should handle the debates. With Joe Biden.

Let me play cut six here. This is Joe Biden's campaign spokesperson.

Talking about his accomplishments.

Here we go.

VOICE: I think you have to, first of all, take a step back. And look at what President Biden has done for the economy. He's created over 50 million jobs at GDP, and has been at a record high. Unemployment has been low, especially among black Americans and Hispanic-Americans. So you will see President Biden talking about his accomplishments.

GLENN: Uh-huh. Now, Donald Trump could come in and debate with Joe Biden. I wouldn't.
I wouldn't. I wouldn't debate with Joe Biden. I wouldn't debate with Joe -- with Jake tapper. I would just say, look, what was your question, Jake?

It was about Ukraine. And what we're going to do with Ukraine?

Okay. I'm not going to debate a guy on foreign policy.

He's responsible for the disaster of Afghanistan. For the Taliban of being back.

For the Russia Ukraine war.

For the Middle East.

The Russia/Ukraine and now the Middle East has brought our gas prices. Our food prices. And inflation to record highs!

So I'm not going to -- I'm not going to even talk about what he's doing.

I'm just telling you right now, the American people, cannot take it anymore.

The American people cannot afford these kinds of decisions coming again. Well, what do you talk about, he's created X-number of jobs? No. He hasn't. And have the facts. The New York Times even says. The -- the Los Angeles Times just reported. And you could find them. There's been no job growth in California.

The last year of all of the reported job growth in California, was bogus. If you look at our job growth right now, you know who is getting jobs? Illegals. You know who is not? There has not been any job growth since this man got into office, with Americans. Other than part-time jobs. More and more people have to take part-time work. Work two, three, even four jobs just to support the family.

They can't afford rent. Why? Why did all of this happen?

Because of his policies. So don't ask me to debate him on any of these things. He's so wrong, it's not worth anyone's time. Here's what I promise the American people: Your inflation is going to take a while to turn around. But I -- I agree, it exists. This man told you, it didn't exist.

It exists. And it's dire. And we're losing the dollar because of his relationship with the Saudis, and all of the problems that we have had here.

We're going to lose the dollar. I will tell you that I -- and I have done it before, I have created jobs. I have helped -- and, you know, the best way the president can create jobs?

Get out of the way. This president creates jobs that are all in the United States government. I would like to make the unemployment rate in the United States government high.

I would like to make the employment rate for citizens of this country, very low.

What's that mean? It means the government is not going to be spending all the money, creating new jobs in the government.

We're going to cut that. I -- I would -- I would -- this guy is a real estate mogul. I would say, right now. You can't afford housing. Well, I will tell you, there's a place where you will be able to buy housing dirt cheap. And that is in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

Because I'm going to cut this government size so dramatically, that houses will be up for sale like never before.

It will be a mass evacuation of Washington, DC. Only rivaled by the mass evacuation of California that these policies from the left have caused.

I -- I would just talk about gas prices. Food prices. Jobs. No matter what the -- what the question is. These are the actual facts!

You know, were you better off when I was in charge of the economy?

Let's take COVID out of it. On both sides!

Were you better off now, or better before COVID? Were you working? Did you have hope? The government is creating these jobs by spending the money that they take from you. And that's not creating any new wealth.

The way to create jobs, for the government. The president to do it. Is free the people to work the way they want to work! Reduce all of the -- of these ridiculous climate changing, global, all these special favors to unions. Let people work and create! Let them choose the path and design their own life.

It's their life. Not the life of the government of the United States of America.

Let them free them. To make their own decisions.

Free them. I have so much belief in the American people. That they can dig out of any hole.

Do we need to talk about the greatest generation? Dig them out of every hole? The government didn't do that.

The people did. The people did. Well, we're in trouble again. And the world is being divvied up between Marxists and globalists and those who want power for themselves.

I think I've taken it on chin long enough.

And I'm only getting hammered the way I am. Because I am the biggest obstacle standing in the globalists way.

I don't believe that any of this stuff is good for America.

And I'm sorry. You know, I keep hearing America first is so -- you know, Nazi or whatever.

It's not.

I love my country. I believe my country is the greatest beacon of freedom. How do I know that? Where do all the people around the world have always wanted to go? To America. They recognize the freedom here. That we are now on the edge of losing.

So they can talk a good game.

I'm going to actually do these things. Anybody who didn't vote for me last time. Because you didn't think you would do the things I said I was going to do. I did them. I did them. Was your border more secure? Was our world more secure? Were your classrooms more sane for your children? And could you afford groceries?

Is THIS the Shady Reason Joe Biden Keeps Refinancing His Home?!

Is THIS the Shady Reason Joe Biden Keeps Refinancing His Home?!

A report has come out in the Daily Mail that claims, “Joe and Jill Biden have been using their Delaware house for fast cash - refinancing 20 times with loans totaling $4.2 million since buying the $350k home.” That’s a little weird, Glenn says. Why would the Bidens do that? And also, how did the Bidens – a career politician and a teacher – amass a reported $10 million net worth? Well, Glenn decides to see what ChatGPT has to say about this. Why would someone do all this refinancing…if it were a TV show, of course? Well, A.I. gave quite a telling answer …


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GLENN: So, Stu, you're -- you know, you like to play around with money and look for different ways of -- of, you know, financing and everything else.

See if this makes any sense to you. Joe Biden and First Lady Jill have been using their home as an ATM, taking out multiple mortgages and refinancing their Delaware property, an astonishing 35 times.

The president has lived in two houses in his home state, since 1975, when he bought his first property in Wilmington, that he later sold in the 1990s. But records obtained by show the couple have a habit of negotiating a new mortgage or credit deal on both homes, every 17 months.

Over the decades, the Bidens have borrowed a total sum of $6 million on both properties.

There's still an outstanding $541,000 mortgage on their current three-bedroom four-and-a-half Wilmington mansion nearly 30 years after they bought it. The constant refinancing raises the question of, why?

Why the Bidens who have a reported net worth of $10 million need a constant flow of extra cash?

It doesn't make a lot of sense, says financial experts.

Unless, they're desperate for cash. The revelation comes as questions grow. The president's involvement with his son Hunter's shady business dealings.

According to the mortgage documents, the president and First Lady purchased their current 4-acre lot for $350,000 in 1996. But have since saddled it with 20 different home credit agreements and mortgages. Totaling $4.23 million.

Their previous five-bedroom, two and a half bath home in the same town was purchased for 185,000 in '75.

It sold, strangely, controversially, for $1.2 million in 1996 by the head of one of the biggest employers, in Delaware.

Records show the property had a total of 15 mortgages and lines of credit, attached to it.

The Bidens also owned a summer home in Rehoboth Beach, which they scooped up in June of 2017 for $2.7 million.

The property has no mortgages attached to it yet. It was revealed last year to have been a cash purchase.

Hmm. The property data suggests the 46th president and his wife '73 have needed money fast, and used their homes as equity, as the main source of credit over the year. However, listen to this line.

However, Biden a career politician and Jill, a college professor, are worth an estimated $10 million. Now, how is that?

STU: That's so weird.

GLENN: That is weird. Yeah. That is weird.

He says, it's from book deals. However, there's no -- there's no record of him ever getting payment, except for the signing bonus.

Because nobody reads the books.

STU: Yeah. It's fascinating. Because everybody who has way more money, than they're supposed to have. And, you know, writes books, claims their money came from book deals.

And everyone else, who actually writes books and knows anything about the book industry, knows it can't possibly be true.

It's something people say all the time. If you're in the book industry, you know the mechanics of it. It's not -- we've gone through multiple contracts with it. It can be a good business. You can make some money on it.

But the numbers, at the end of the day, wind up coming out of that, are only incredibly good, if you're selling, you know, millions of books.

Like, it's not. It's not something like, oh, well, I sold 25,000 books. And now I've made $4 million. That's not the way the book business works. It's hard to sell books these days. People don't like to read all that much. I don't know if anybody noticed a country lately.

GLENN: Right. And I don't think that anybody is reading a Joe Biden book.

STU: Right. And we know the sales of these books. Joe Biden books do not sell well.

Yes. He gets sweetheart deals, as you mentioned, Glenn. With the signing bonus. It's much bigger than he could ever sell out. He doesn't ever earn a dime more.

Because everyone knows going in, what you're paying for. You're not paying for book deals with someone like Joe Biden. You're paying for, you know, some sort of marquee name. You're paying for God knows what kind of influence.

All these other things, that are associated and totally separate from him selling enough books to pay off in advance.

GLENN: Books. Yeah. So why does he need all of this money? Why does he need all this cash? Now, I mean, I could have noodled it out.

But I'm not ChatGPT. I don't have access to all information. So I ask ChatGPT. Said, I'm writing a television show.

And I have some questions. In this television show, the president is mortgaging his home over and over and over again and gave him -- you know, gave ChatGPT some of the facts. Didn't fill everything in. And then said, oh. And also, he has had loan repayments, where there are no loans. There's no record of any of the loans.


And he repays these loans to his family. And the family repays loans to him. Okay?

So this is what ChatGPT came up with.

And I think I want to start with the least likely number five.

Gave me five reasons, someone would do this.

You know, for the TV show.

Debt manipulation. Constant refinancing, can be a method to manipulate debt and create the appearance of legitimate financial activity.

This could help in justifying the large sums of money received and repaid.

Reason: The president uses refinancing to take out large sums of money, which are then cycled through as repayments to family members. This creates the facade of debt management.

Making it appear, that the president is simply managing personal debt. Rather than engaging in any illicit activities.

According to ChatGPT. Number four. Tax evasion. Refinancing can provide a way to manipulate taxable income and avoid taxes on illicit funds.

By cycling mortgages, the president could claim interest deductions and reduce their overall taxable income. Reason? The interest payments on the refinancing mortgages can be deducted from taxable income, effectively reducing the president's tax liability.

The repayment to family members can be structured in a way that avoids declaring the foreign income, further aiding in tax evasion.

Number three. Hiding assets.

Frequent refinancing can be used to mask the true financial status and hide assets from investigators or regulatory authorities.

This can help in evading detection of illicit funds. Reason? The president uses the equity extracted from the refinancing to pay off family members, who then transfer the funds back as loan repayments.

This cycle hides the actual wealth, and the source of the funds. Making it seem like the money is tied up in legitimate debt, rather than illicit gains.

By the way, so far, nothing non-nefarious. ChatGPT didn't come up with a single non-nefarious reason. Two, creating a paper trail. Mortgage cycling can create a complex financial paper trail that makes it difficult for investigators to track the true source, and destination of money. This can also help -- hide illegal financial activities.

Reason. By refinancing frequently. The president can create a maze of financial transactions, that obscure the flow of money.

The complexity can make it harder for authorities to detect the link between the foreign payoffs, and the repayment made to family members. Number one, this is ChatGPT's number one reason for having, you know, 17 mortgages. And keep taking out large sums of money. And remortgaging your house, 17 times.

Frequent refinancing of mortgages, can be a method to launder illicit funds.

By continually cycling mortgages, the president could introduce large amounts of cash, into the financial system. Under the guise of legitimate loans.

Which are then repaid using money received from foreign payoffs.

Reason, the president receives large sums of money from foreign entities, through family members.

To legitimatize these funds. They are funneled into mortgage refinancing process.

The constant refinancing, and the large checks written for loan repayments help disguise the origin of the funds. Making them appear as legitimate financial transactions.

That's ChatGPT's opinion on why you might do what the Daily Telegraph has just revealed what the Bidens do.

STU: If you asked it, and put in Biden's name. It probably wouldn't give you any answer. You would have to write it in a way.

I'm writing a movie script. To get an answer to that.

GLENN: Correct. And looking for legitimate reasons why you would do this.

Why would a character do this?

17 times?

35 times, overall. But on one house, 17 times.

Why would -- why would that happen?

Well, that's what ChatGPT came up with.

STU: Right. And like, there are reasons to do it. I guess, if you're -- as the rates are falling, right?

You might renegotiate your mortgage. Like, I redid my mortgage, when rates were low, right?

I did it once. Maybe you can even think, potentially because they fell so far from where they started. Maybe you do it twice, right?

But you don't get from 35 with low interest rates. You don't get to 35 with an approving credit score. You don't -- there are reasons you might do it more than once. You don't get to 35.

Maybe -- what's interesting. Let's say, you are a person who has -- if you're Joe Biden, you have $10 million. And let's say, that's locked up in -- you know, in investments.

I don't know.

GLENN: He says, it's pension, book sales, and investments.

STU: Right. So let's say you bought Nvidia stock, and it's gone up a lot. And you don't want to sell it, and take the tax hit. To access the money, you can take some of the equity out of your house to spend. The issue of that. You can't just keep doing it. You have to pay it back each time.

Which means you have to have an influx of cash to keep paying off those borrowing --

GLENN: Yeah. He would pay them off sometimes in months. Sometimes in a year. He would take out, you know, a million dollar loan. And then pay it off within the year.

Excuse me?

On a teacher's salary. And a public servant. Huh!

STU: I know. And, by the way, Glenn, I just want to point out the hypocrisy for a moment of a man who says he's got $10 million in investments and doesn't want to pay the taxes associated with the gains.

Right? Like, he's just avoiding the exact types of taxes he's proposing, and trying to implement on everyone else. And saying everyone else is skipping out on their taxes. He's doing the exact same thing. And that is the best-case scenario, here.

GLENN: Of course. I know. I know.

STU: The real truth seems to fit precisely with what we suspect Joe Biden is doing with his family members, when it comes to essentially, allegedly, laundering money through international sources.

GLENN: That's why these people in Washington, DC, say they're going after the rich. They don't mean it. They don't mean it.

They don't mean the really rich and connected rich. They won't ever tax those people. They mean you. They mean the person that has just started a business. And starting to turn those things around. Those are the people that they're really after. They will never go -- as Donald Trump said, look, you don't like the amount I pay in taxes? Then change the laws! Okay?

He knows. Rich people can play the games of avoiding taxes. And they can shelter their money and everything else that helps them. They can do the things that Joe Biden did. In the pest case scenario. From ChatGPT.

Alex Jones Explains the Real Reason Infowars is Shutting Down

Alex Jones Explains the Real Reason Infowars is Shutting Down

Alex Jones’ bankruptcy trustee has laid out a plan to shut down Infowars and liquidate his assets in order to pay some of the $1.5 billion he owes to Sandy Hook families. But Alex joins Glenn as a guest to explain why he believes it was never about the money. It was always about stopping his speech. So, why is he now planning to shut down Infowars? Alex explains why he agreed to this liquidation plan, why he’s refusing to be silenced, what he plans to do next, and how all this lawfare they’re using against him may soon be turned on the rest of us …


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So there's a new story out today, from the Associated Press.

US bankruptcy court trustee is planning to shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Infowars media platform, and liquidate its assets to help pay the $1.5 billion in lawsuit judgments Jones owes for repeatedly calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.

In an emergency motion, filed Sunday, in Houston, trustee Christopher Murray indicated publicly for the first time, that he intends to conduct an orderly wine down of the operation of Infowars, a parent company, and liquidate its inventory.

Jones has been saying on his website with radio shows, he believes InfoWar will operate for a few more months before it's shut down because of the bankruptcy. Murray also asked the U.S. bankruptcy judge, Christopher Lopez, to put an immediate hold on the Sandy Hook family's efforts to collect the -- how are you going to get $1.5 billion?

To collect the massive amount Jones owes them. Murray said, those efforts would interfere with their plans to close down the parent company.

Free speech systems in Austin, Texas. And sell out the assets, which much of the proceeds would go to the families.

On Friday, the lawyers for the parents in Connecticut asked a judge in Texas to order free speech systems to turn over to the families, certain assets, including the money in the bank accounts and garnish its accounts.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble approved the request, prompting Murray is to have an emergency motion. Alex Jones is here to give us a comment, on this. Hello, Alex.

ALEX: Glenn, thanks for having me on. You know, this is very historic.

The, quote, families who are represented by high-powered Democrat Party law firms, the same ones suing Elon Musk right now for defamation. Different plan, but same lawyers. They went on CNN last week, said we do not want money, we want it immediately closed -- the door is closed. They don't want to sell the millions of dollars of inventory, books, belts, T-shirts, supplements, water filters.

They don't want any -- they want to immediately shut down, and they said because we want to stop his speech. They actually said that on CNN.

If you want me to accepted you the clip.

It's just outrageous how transparent this is. And, again, in Texas and Connecticut in both show trials, two years ago, both judges found me guilty of failure to get any discovery.

But we gave them everything. There was no evidence of what we said they did.

Instead, both judges found me guilty in default, and then had the juries decide how guilty I was.

Then put on evidence, that I had $400 million in the bank. I didn't have 5 million in the bank. All of it was total disinformation.

I was not allowed to put on defense. I was not allowed to respond. People that watched the hearings said, why don't his lawyers defend him? Well, they weren't allowed to.

So this is a very dangerous, very, very oppressive setting. And they've now publicly admitted, we don't want money. We want to shut him down.

So they went and filed a few weeks ago, totally just shut the doors. So I said, fine. I will do an orderly liquidation. That way, the stuff actually gets sold off. The employees might get some severance. They can work for somebody else.

They're not going to silence me. So they immediately ran to the same judge that found me guilty without a jury trial in Texas, and just in a summary hearing, no evidence. Said, boom, seize all the assets. So now the federal trusty is in a fight with them, trying to block them today, grabbing the bank accounts and having the sheriff's departments in order, come and lock the doors. So everybody is already -- got stuff out the building weeks ago.

And remember, when I told people, that they had filings to do this, the media said, oh, it's a conspiracy theory. Nobody wants to silence him. The corporate establishment media. They -- that the leftest media is -- it's always just deny reality.

And then turn around the next day and admit it was actually true. So, Glenn, I really appreciate you having me on to talk about this. Because again, people ask how I'm taking it. This is a big, big deal. Not just for me, but for the whole country. The whole world. They've admitted in the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times. CNN. Everywhere. That they will use this precedent against me and lawfare against everybody else.

So they use you as the beta test to kick the number one talk show host in the world politically at the time. You off of Fox. Using a bunch of threats and misinfo and going after sponsors. And then now they're beta testing lawfare with me. And again, I'm guilty of plenty of stuff. I made plenty of mistakes. But I did not say 99 percent of what I said. But I couldn't defend myself. They entered 22 minutes of video. And both trials were coordinated in Connecticut and Texas. Twenty-two minutes is all they ever had of me talking about it.

They had three times. With callers calling and saying, yeah. I think it's totally staged. I never sent everybody on their houses.

No evidence was given. Nobody went to their houses. Nobody peed on graves. It was literally just like saying, Trump said all Hispanics are criminals, and that white supremacists are nice people.

He never said those things. But the media creates this illusion. That that's the case. And when I was totally kicked off the air. For some radio stations tearing up my platforming. That started five years ago. I couldn't respond anywhere. When they were bombarding me, sometimes on every nightly news channel, hundreds of publications, saying things I never said. I wasn't able to respond. So that's what was so scary.

GLENN: So, Alex, which one do you want to happen then?

The liquidation, the orderly exit.

Or -- I mean, which one is good for you? Either?

ALEX: Absolutely. Well, that's what happened two Fridays ago in court. They filed in court, and told the judge, we want him closed today. And the rogue CRO admitted to the judge in court. That indeed he tried to lock the doors and kick me out.

And the judge told him ten times. Ten. Mr. Jones the owner under law. So you can't do that. But as soon as I declared personal seven, two weeks ago, I accepted the judge appointing this federal liquidator, because that was my on me last move. To get a few months on an orderly shutdown. So that's exactly what's happening. So I agreed to this two Fridays ago. The media basically didn't even report on it. And then when he announced the liquidation a few days ago, the media reported that he was liquidating me.

I agreed to that. Because it's the only thing I can do, other than just let them put padlocks on the doors today.

GLENN: Now. You don't get anything either way. Right?

They take whatever they can of yours. By declaring bankruptcy. Does this now end your battle for the $1.5 billion judgment?

ALEX: No. Because both of the state courts said that I made a malicious intent to hurt people. Which, of course, wasn't true.

And the law is clear, you have to have a full jury trial to do that. That's why both in Connecticut and in Texas, I -- I have filed appeals. The word is, we will win on both of them. Because these were not real trials that were conducted.

Just like the Supreme Court ruled yesterday. That you have to have a unanimous jury on a criminal thing.

Which will, of course, overturn Trump's New York thing. It's the same thing here. This is 100 percent cut and dry. Their plan is to take all my money away so that I cannot continue the appeals. But I've already prepaid the appeals. I've already got good lawyers on the appeals. And I will just leave it at this.

The word is, they will both be shut down in Connecticut and in Texas. So this has been kind of a race to just get me off the air in the meantime, for this election.

GLENN: Alex, best of luck. We will keep track of the story. Thank you so much.

Alex Jones.

You bet. He is right about one thing.

Judicial warfare, law fare, is the thing of the future now.

Stu will tell you, he can't do a monologue today.

He can't do a show he was going to do. Because of the amount of litigation that we are now facing at the Blaze.

We can't use sound. There's several stories that we wanted to cover. And we have covered the important ones. But you can tell the story, much better when you have them on tape, saying it.

But now, for some strange reason, all fair use and he went else has gone out the window.

Shockingly right before the election, where we can't play people from the campaign trail, saying things to the American people. Wow!

That's interesting. And the litigation is just getting overwhelming. Especially if you don't have the -- the pockets that TheBlaze has.

There's going to -- they will put a lot of people right out of business. With -- with law fare.

That's real. And that's why, I want to make sure I'm pointing out what's happening to Alex. As he said, he made a lot of mistakes.

He did a lot of stupid things. We all have. And, you know, a 1.5. It was in the trillions.

If I remember right, it was like $2 trillion. And then they brought it down to 1.5 billion.

Like that -- like that judgment is -- is even possible for anybody, who is in the media. Anybody.

We don't make billions of dollars. That -- that shuts you down for the rest of your life.

DYSTOPIAN: Canadian Police Threaten Journalist with JAIL Over Bogus “Hate Crime”

DYSTOPIAN: Canadian Police Threaten Journalist with JAIL Over Bogus “Hate Crime”

Toronto, Canada, has experienced “an anti-Semitic crime wave,” Rebel News founder Ezra Levant tells Glenn. But instead of going after the perpetrators, the Toronto police is targeting Ezra and Rebel News! Ezra joins Glenn to explain how he’s now being threatened with jail time for driving a truck that exposed the anti-Semitic hate. The truck — not the real hate crimes — has been declared a hate crime! But Ezra is not backing down.

You can help Ezra take a stand for free speech at


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: A great, great friend of mine.

Ezra Levant. He's the Rebel News Founder up in Canada.

Which is a lot like TheBlaze news in some ways.

And he has been outspoken, and his team is outspoken.

And he's an attorney. So he never -- he never takes anything sitting down.

And the Canadian government have been after these guys for a long time.

Well, he is now having to fight the censorship bill up in Canada.

And it looks like he may be facing prison time, because of hate speech.

Ezra is with us now.

Hello, Ezra.

EZRA: Hi, Glenn. Thanks for having me. I appreciate your very kind words. Like you, I rely on the strength of our viewers. We are an independent group of citizen journalists, and we're fighting against an establishment.

A crazy thing happened to me, just a couple days ago. We tell our stories through video. But also podcasts. And written work. But we also have -- we love billboard trucks. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah.

EZRA: It's like a JumboTron truck.

So Toronto, Canada, where I live, is the site of a pro-Hamas encampment. There's screaming mask-wearing thugs marching through the city every week. Not just in the downtown, but through synagogues and residential areas.

There was a Jewish school that was shot up a few weeks ago. It's a crime wave. It's an anti-Semitic crime wave. We put some of the images of the crime wave on our billboard truck.

It was actually an ad by a local community group. Called Canadians opposed to the occupation of our streets and compasses.

So we drove this JumboTron truck around the city, showing some of the scenes of Hamas thugs, threatening to kill people, blocking the downtown streets. Having a mass prayer, gridlocking the city.
So I'm just showing scenes from the crime wave.

And the police chief made an announcement on Twitter, that he was investigating us, for a hate crime. Not investigating the people doing the crimes that we put in the video. But the fact that we showed those things, we were conducting the hate crime. And he announced his investigation in advance, declaring it an Islamophobic hate crime and then starting the investigation.

And if we're convicted, God forbid, under this provision of a Canadian criminal code, it's a two-year prison sentence.

So we're not talking about a Human Rights Commission slap on the wrist. Or a fine. Or -- the chief of police, in Canada's largest city has publicly announced that what we did with that truck is a hate crime. Then he announced the investigation.

Well, gee-whiz, I wonder what those police will find. And it's prison time, God forbid, if they succeed.

Well, you know what, Glenn, not -- not if I have anything to say about it.

So the very next day, I got into the JumboTron truck. And I drove it. And I parked it, right outside the headquarters of the police chief, right outside.

And I walked into the main police station in Toronto. And I said, I'm here to see the chief. I hear he's looking for me.

Can you have him come down. And he can either talk to me, about where he gets off about censoring our journalism.

Or he can arrest us. His choice.

And I stood there in the reception of the main headquarters of Toronto for an hour.

And he wouldn't come down. And send anyone else down.

So I eventually left.

Ask we've been driving the truck with those same images for a few days now.

And I don't know what will happen next. I went to his place of work. And he wasn't there.

Maybe he's going to show up at my office. Maybe he's going to show up at my house.

I don't know. They won't talk to me.

They're not communicating with me, even though they've announced they're investigating me.

We have lawyered up. My lawyers are confident that what we've done is still lawful in Canada, even though we're still sliding towards censorship. But this is a risk for hate speech.

Glenn. Hate speech is in the eye of the beholder. So I think there's a hate crime wave in Canada. Anti-Semitic hate.

But by merely showing that and describing that. The government is investigating me for hate speech.

Be aware of people who want to prosecute hate speech. They'll only go after enemies of the state.

GLENN: By the way, if you would like to help Ezra and his team, you can just go to You'll see the story and ways to help.

Ezra, can I ask you. Because you grew up in Canada. I think it was your -- was it your grandfather that came to Canada, in the early 1900s?

EZRA: Yeah. My great grandfather came to a Western province called Alberta before it was an even official part of Canada. So I feel very Canadian. I am Jewish also, which I suppose makes me extra alert to Hamas. But it's the Canadianness in me that says, this hateful crime wave is so un-Canadian. And I feel like a lot of Canadians are blown away by what they see on the streets. And all the establishment people that we used to rely on, all the authorities. The police are turning a blind eye. And I saw that happen in Los Angeles, recently. Just police standing by.

While a kind of positive gram is happening across in America.

GLENN: That's happened a lot in France, just the past few days.

How does it feel to be in a synagogue, or to be Jewish in Canada?

And Toronto with this going on.

EZRA: Toronto has a large Jewish community, one of the largest in North America.

Two hundred thousand people. And until recently, it was so comfortable. And so accepting. And so wonderful.

And, you know, Toronto has had a Jewish mayor. The leaders of industry are Jewish.

And there was nothing. You never had to be shy or embarrassed or scared.

People would walk, you know, Jewish children would walk on the streets to school.

Now they get attacked.

Now they get attacked in classes.

Gunmen shooting at schools.

It's just shock -- part of it is shock, this is happening. But the second shock, is that all the people, that we -- and all the institutions that we thought would be there for us.

Just aren't. Like the university of Toronto.

The largest university in Canada has had a Columbia-style encampment, and no one is stopping it. McGill, the largest English university in the province of Quebec.

The court would not order it shutdown.

The police refused to remove it. The university is begging anyone to remove this thuggish encampment.

And the police, the courts. No one. And people are saying, what? Where? Why? How?

I think it's an astonishment. It's like everyone is stunned. And I don't know. I just -- I don't think -- and like I said. I don't think even non-Jewish Canadians can recognize the response for texting. We've been told, don't -- anti-bullying. And antiracism.

And no one on the left meant it. They just -- they obviously didn't mean it. They're putting. I just don't understand how they can.

There's swastikas flying down the streets.

There were mobs of Islamic extremists wearing masks.

Walking through resident neighborhoods of Jews, looking for Jews, shrieking at them.

Besetting a synagogue. An eight-hour mob, outside of a synagogue. Shouting, screaming. How is that even related to Gaza? They're just Jew hunting here.

GLENN: Isn't it amazing how this -- this is what the government of Canada tried to accuse the truckers of being? And they weren't!

And now here they are, in the streets. And they won't do anything!

EZRA: That's a perfect analogy. The truckers were completely peaceful. The only thing they did was maybe some parking infractions. There wasn't a single act of crime committed by the truckers.

They were flying Canadian flags, may I remind you.

And Trudeau brought in a form of marshal law. He brought out riot horses to stomp on them. He jailed the leaders.

He froze the bank accounts of hundreds of Canadians, who had not been accused of any crime. That was Trudeau's response to citizens who were peacefully protesting forced vaccine mandates. Here you have many noncitizens. Like I saw a video of someone from Pakistan the other day with a thick accent. I don't know if he's a citizen or newcomer or what.

Standing in the middle of downtown Toronto shrieking, whose streets? Our streets! In a very distinct accent. And I -- I was just thinking, who are you? You just arrived here. You're breaking the law so blatantly.

And not a thing. And, by the way, I'm not calling for censorship.

You don't need a hate speech law, to go after people who are committing trespass -- violence, vandalism. Uttering death threats. Assaults.

There's a law in Canada against besetting a church or a synagogue. Police are acting as concierges.

There was a prominent Muslim leader, who offered a 25,000-dollar bounty for someone to --

You know, who could help get me arrested.

It's madness here. And I just -- the left -- I don't think they ever meant it, when they talked about anti bullying. Or antiracism.

They -- they are plenty racist when it believes to their enemies.

And they made the decision. And it's a Marxist decision. Sort of a critical theory decision. That all Jews are oppressors actually, so you can do anything to Jews.

And we saw this in Columbia, and we saw this in other places in America. What's crazy this time is that the police chief has announced, he's investigating me for a crime. That's the crazy part.

Police chief are the biggest city in Canada, has announced he wants to prosecute me. It's crazy.

GLENN: Again, if you would like to help, and make sure that this is stopped. You can go to -- what was it?

Support the truck?

VOICE: Save the truck.

And it's not just a truck. The truck is a symbol. It's a peaceful ad.

But the reason why we marked the truck. Is because we couldn't get anyone to rent -- to rent these trucks.

But the truck companies who love us and deal with us hundred times.

They said, we're afraid of running messages to criticize Hamas. Not because we like Hamas. We're just worried trucks will be attacked. Our drivers will be violently attacked. We're afraid.

We have to say no to any criticism of Hamas. Because we no longer think our trucks are safe. So we bought our own truck.

And now the fear is that the police will be the enforcers. I just don't recognize this.

For 50 plus years, I lived in one of the freest countries in the world. And it's astonishing what's happening. And I appreciate you shining a light on it. Canada is in jeopardy.

GLENN: Yeah. I know. So is America.

Ezra, thank you so much for sharing this. Let me -- let me read to you, what the chief of police wrote. This is on X.

Let me be clear, all incidents of hate are serious. Everyone deserves to feel safe in our great city. The service is investigating this incident. Anyone with information, contact the Toronto police. Or call this number to remain anonymous.

Hateful behavior should have no place in Toronto.

What he was retweeting was, we recognize the community's concern about a truck displaying Islamophobic messaging in Toronto. The tips hate crime unit is investigating. We recognize a concern of the community, about a truck displaying. We're investigating.

Call this number. If you have any information or footage, please contact your local division of Crime Stoppers.

And they give the number of tips out.

That -- that -- that's Canada today.