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Glenn: THIS part of Paul Pelosi's attack ‘doesn’t make sense’

More information from the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, has been released, including a statement given by the attacker, David DePape. In this clip, Glenn details his affidavit, plus one part of DePape’s story that Glenn says ‘doesn’t make sense.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

Okay. Let me give you just some of the highlights from the affidavit.

The important part of the affidavit. This is the story now from the police. That Paul Pelosi had a break-in at his house, and they arrested this guy named DePape.
And he spilled his guts. He sang like a bird. As soon as they read him his Miranda Rights, he's what he said. DePape says he pulled a hammer from Pelosi's hand and swung the hammer, striking Pelosi in the head.

Now, I want to go back just a little bit here, because I need you to hear what the police said at first.

At 2:31 a.m. San Francisco Police Department, the Officer Colby Willems responded to the Pelosi residence, knocked on the front door.

Now, listen to this.

Because this is odd. When the door was opened, Pelosi and DePape were both holding a hammer with one hand and DePape had his other hand, holding on to Pelosi's firearm.

Pelosi greeted the officers. Now, wait a minute.

Hang on just a second. First of all, what do you mean the door was opened?

Who opened the door? Was Stretch Armstrong there? What happened? Who opened the door?

And when they opened it, Pelosi and DePape were both holding a hammer with one hand. DePape had his other, holding on to Pelosi's forearm.

So we know it couldn't be DePape that opened the door. And, again, unless Pelosi is Stretch Armstrong, who opened the door?

Pelosi greeted the officers. Hey, how are you doing? The officers asked, what was going on? DePape responded that everything was good. Officers then asked Pelosi and DePape to drop the hammer. Here's the affidavit now: DePape pulled a hammer from Pelosi's hand, swung the hammer, striking Pelosi in the head.

Officers immediately went inside, and were able to restrain DePape. While the officers were restraining DePape, Pelosi appeared to be unconscious on the ground. Officers removed a cell phone, cash, clipper cards, and an unidentified card from DePape's right shorts pocket. So he wasn't in underpants. He was in shorts. DePape provided officers his first and last name, after officers asked DePape had ID on him. DePape said, yeah, it might be in my backpack on the back porch. He later stated. My backpack is near the broken glass, dudes.

When officers removed DePape from Pelosi's residence, police body worn camera footage showed a glass door, that appeared to be laminated glass, broken near the door handle. San Francisco police department uncovered zip ties in the Pelosi bedroom, and also near the hallway near the front door of the Pelosi residence. In addition, in addition, law enforcement searched DePape's backpack, at the Pelosi residence. They found among other things, a roll of tape. White rope. One hammer of. One pair of rubber and cloth gloves. And one journal. So there were two hammers, but one was in the backpack.

Witness statements, San Francisco Police Officer Colby Willems was able to interview a witness, who saw an individual all in black, carrying a large black bag on his back, walking near the Pelosi residence, where witness one was parked.

Okay. So hang on just a second. So if he was all dressed in black, did he put black face on his legs?

Because we just found out he was wearing shorts.

STU: I -- I -- well, you could be dressed in black. And have your very white skin showing.

GLENN: Yeah. It would be weird.

Witness number one, was working private security and at an address nearby.

Witness one had heard what sounded like a banging on either the door or the car, and heard sirens within a minute or two. Pelosi was interviewed by the police officer, Adrienne Stark, in the ambulance during the transport to San Francisco General Hospital.

Pelosi stated, he had never seen DePape before. Pelosi was asleep, when he came into his bedroom. And stated, he wanted to talk to Nancy. When Pelosi told him that Nancy was not there. He just told them, well, we'll just sit and wait.

When he then said, Nancy is not going to be home for several days, DePape reiterated, he would wait. Pelosi was unable to go into the bathroom, in which he was able to call 911.

He stated when the officers arrived, that was when DePape struck him with a hammer.

In subsequent interview with law enforcement officers, he said, that the hammer did not belong to the Pelosi family.

In a Mirandized and recorded interviews by San Francisco Police, DePape stated, he was going to hold Nancy hostage and talk to her. If Nancy were to tell DePape the truth, he would let her go.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: If she lied, he was going to break her kneecaps. DePape was certain that Nancy would not have told the truth. In the course of the interview, DePape articulated he viewed Nancy as the leader of the pack of lies, told by the Democratic Party. DePape also later explained that by breaking Nancy's kneecaps, she would then have to be wheeled into Congress, which would show other members of Congress, there were consequences to actions. DePape also explained generally, that he wanted to use Nancy to lure another individual, to DePape. DePape stated, that he broke into the house, through the back door, which was a difficult task, and requires the use of a hammer. DePape stated that Pelosi was in bed, appeared surprised by DePape.

STU: Yeah. I'm sure.

GLENN: Yeah. DePape told Pelosi to wake up. DePape told Pelosi that he was looking for Nancy. Pelosi responded, she wasn't present. Pelosi asked how they could resolve the situation.

And let's see. And what DePape wanted to do. He stated, he wanted to tie DePape up. So DePape could go to sleep.

As he was pretty tired, because he had to carry a backpack to the residence.

Doesn't that seem like your average hippie? Yeah. I had to walk up all these hills. I'm sleepy. You keep your eye out for the Coppers, while I take a nap.

Around this time, DePape started taking out twist ties from his pocket, so he could restrain Pelosi.

Pelosi moved towards another part of the house, but DePape stopped him. Together they went back to the bedroom. While talking with each other, Pelosi went into the bathroom, where he grabbed a phone to call 911.

He said DePape said, he felt like Pelosi's actions compelled him to respond. He remembered thinking, there was no way police were going to forget about that phone call. DePape explained, he did not leave, after Pelosi's call to 911. Because much like the American Founding Fathers with the British, he was fighting against tyranny without an option of surrender.

Okay. Now, here's the interesting thing: DePape stated that they went down stairs to the front door. The police arrived and knocked on the door. And Pelosi ran over, to open it.

Pelosi then grabbed on to DePape's hammer, which was in DePape's hand. At this point in the interview, he repeated that DePape did not plan to surrender, and he would go through Pelosi.

Okay. Wait. Why would you go back to the hammer? Police are there. Why would you go back to the hammer. That doesn't make any sense.

There's something wrong with the door thing. I don't know what it is. And it might just be an error somewhere.

But there's something wrong with that.

STU: We should eventually know. We should see the video. Right?

GLENN: We should see the video. We should see the video.

Now, when he's talking about Founding Fathers.

That's weird. Because remember that thing we fixed after 9/11. When people overstay their Visas, we kick them out right away. So we know who's here. Yeah, and Department of Homeland Security. That's what they do.

This guy, long-time overstay. He's a Canadian. He's an illegal Canadian from Canada. So he's really into our Founding Fathers?

This hippie, that has Black Lives Matter, on his -- on his house.


STU: An interesting profile of a person, I'll tell you that.

GLENN: It sure is. It sure is.

My guess is, he's crazy. But I just want to point out, how good it is of the media. You know, they haven't figured out the January 6th pipe bomber.

Can't find him. Don't know where he is. Don't know who he is. What?

Yeah. We have video, but what are we going to do with video?

I mean, it's not like we have facial recognition or anything like that. We couldn't. He's not on the phone at the time. There's no way we could triangulate, and find out, you know, where he was, who he was, by just using a phone like that.

Of course we haven't found the Supreme Court leaker. A single one of Epstein's clients. We don't know the motive of the Las Vegas shooter.

But Paul Pelosi, that midnight visitor. Man, they knew he was a Republican, that fast. And it was -- it's good to know. It's good to know. By the way, the mainstream media, here's the problem: The mainstream media picks and chooses. If it was -- if it was you know fair and honest and balanced and they told the truth about everything. You know you wouldn't have this argument.

But you know the right-wing is out of control. It's weird, because I don't think it was the ones who was responsible for burning cities down.

And hundreds of attacks on Republicans. So, I mean, I don't know if, you know, this, but there are 639 receipts for their violence. And mass shooting.

There was the time that Jane Fonda promoted kidnapping, caging, and raping Barron Trump. I love that one. That was a favorite. They attacked Roger Stone's handicapped wife, while walking a dog.

Vandalized the homes of political opponents, tried to kick in the door of Tucker Carlson.

Journalist that stabbed two Trump supporters. The home of a Trump supporter that was bombed.

They drove through a crowd of Trump supporters. They've left dead animals, and threats outside of Republican homes.

They've threatened to burn down the homes of Trump supporters. Shot at Trump supporters. Fired a gun at a march.

Beat a 77-year-old for wearing a MAGA hat. Threatened Republicans on Twitter, every day. Sent Ricen to Trump. Taught leftists to hate students.

They've defaced property of Trump supporters. They egged children at a Trump rally. Teachers threatened death on G.O.P. They've beaten a 12-year-old boy, for a Trump sign.

Beat a woman for wearing a Trump hat. They've destroyed property. We have 300 stories like that. Just thought I would -- you know, but that -- real quick, that New York Post hacker last Friday. The guy who wrote Rufo. He took over the feed of the New York Post.

He worked at the New York Post. He's apologized. He said, oh, man. It was just the utmost betrayal of my people. I pretended to hack into the New York Post website. And you know it was my job. But I let my stupidity get the best of me. But I want you to know, I deserve to get fired. But it wasn't politically motivated. Uh-huh.

Let me just give you a few of the post. Rufo, we must destroy and imprison union teachers. Zeldin. Eric Adams is New York City's fried chicken eating monkey.

Governor Abbott. I'll order Border Patrol to start slaughtering illegals. Zeldin, I'll rape and batter Hochul's sorry ass. The New York Post, he also posted, we must assassinate AOC for America.

Divine. We must murder Joe and Hunter Biden. New York Post, that he posted -- Frank, I'll beat up the sorry ass Burgin bitches like Gotheimer and his family.

I don't know why people say that those were politically motivated.

STU: I mean, maybe there's the slightest hint of politics involved.

But it's difficult to detect, unless you're really a trained observer.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. I could go on. I have 135 attacks on pro-life people. Just between May 3rd and September 24th.

But, remember, it is the Republicans, that are conspiracy theorists. One more thing. Just one more thing. I'm sorry.

Kathy Hochul, has come out yesterday. With a very important thing. She says, that the people who mention you know anything to do with the race being fixed. Data deniers. And conspiracy theorists.

She said, these are master manipulators. And you know there's a conspiracy that they're pedaling now, that they -- there's this conspiracy going all across America, to convince people, that in democratic states, they're not safe.

Wow. What a conspiracy, that is. Who is the conspiracy theorist?


Was John Fetterman’s health COVERED UP in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvanians had ‘no idea that John Fetterman was in this bad of a condition’ until they watched him on the debate stage this week, reporter Salena Zito tells Glenn. And when those voters became 'angry' when they realized that they’d been lied to — by both the media AND other Democrats in office. Zito shares with Glenn how most journalists covered up Fetterman’s health by simply ‘omitting [it] as an issue,’ and she explains why she believes Dr. Oz will win in the end…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let's go to Salena Zito. Hello, Salena. How are you?
SALENA: Hello, sunshine. How are you?

GLENN: You sound tired. Been working hard?

SALENA: I sound like -- I have the (inaudible) thing going. That's called spending a lot of time on the road and talking to a lot of people.

GLENN: Thank you for that, by the way. You're the Washington Examiner political reporter. You're also a columnist for the New York Post and the coauthor for the Great Revolt, which explained what happened in 2016. You get it, because you actually talk to people.

SALENA: Right.

GLENN: You wrote an amazing article, that has been just come out. The painful story on how John Fetterman arrived at Tuesday night's humiliation.

I read it on the air, just last hour. I want to get to that. But I first want to get your reaction on what are people saying -- what are the voters saying? What's really happening on the ground there?

SALENA: Well, you know, funny story. I drove all the way out to the debate, from Pittsburgh, to Harrisburg.

I got there. Realized that the only people that I would be watching the debate with, was other reporters. And I'm like, yes. I'm not going to learn anything here.

So on the way back, halfway across the state. And stopped in a bar. And just sat back, and observed people watching the debate. And I think the most powerful saying, about watching those reactions, was watching the realization under cases that they had no idea, that John Fetterman was in this bad of a condition. They understood, because he would do a rally here or there. Spoke a couple of times. They understood there was somewhat of a problem.

But they didn't -- they thought it was speech-related, as opposed to cognitively related. And when he was put into a position where he had to answer questions, and provided all the tools available to him, and he still struggled, they now realized, nobody has been telling them this. I mean, I have. Dasha Burns has. But that's about it. All the other reporters have just omitted that this is an issue. And so as they were talking among each other, they were really frustrated and angry, at my profession for not being -- demonstrating exactly what the problem is. And being honest with what they've seen over the past couple months. But also, really mad at other Democrats like Senator Bob Casey, who stood on the dais, with him, in about half a dozen events. Maybe more. And talked about how terrific shape he is in. And he even had the audacity to go on national news after the debate, and say, he did a terrific job. And you add that with the Philadelphia Enquirer saying, he won the debate. And CNN saying he won the debate. And -- and -- and you add all that together, and -- and there's this sort of invisible and quiet thing with voters saying, y'all are gaslighting us, and we all are tired of it.

GLENN: So is it going to change the way -- we are so set in our camps now, that I wonder if anything would change anybody's minds? Would this change their mind?

SALENA: Yeah. Absolutely. I saw it happening in realtime. Look, one of the things that was so important about the book, the Great Revolt. Is that it was understood, this coalition. And this conservative populace coalition. That formed, long before Donald Trump ever stepped on the stage.

And remained intact. You look at Pennsylvania, in 2020. So what happened?

Joe Biden won. Joe Biden won barely. What people did not talk about, was that there was a significant red wave down ballot in their own congressional races.

In the statewide Roe office races. In the statehouse, in the state Senate. That coalition remained together.

Once again, proving that this was not about Trump. But it was about their lives. Their communities. And how they were impacting. And I think that remains to be the underlying -- or, the story that is consistently missed in -- in reporting. And I'll give you an example of that. The other day, did you see the Kentucky coal miner, who came -- was --

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

SALENA: Okay. By the way, that's the thing I see all the time. To me, that's like, yeah. That's what people do. Everybody was like, oh, my God.

That image started to be shared across social media, at the exact same time, the Washington Post wrote a story and said, why rural Americans are so angry and resentful, and why they're voting Republican.

And I thought, this is the perfect example. These two moments together, of how my -- my profession does not understand the very people that they're covering.

That coal miner was angry or resentful that he had to go through the game like that. He was appreciative that he had a job to go to, and the ability to leave that job and go sit in a basketball game.

GLENN: Yeah. So you -- you bring up in your -- wait a minute. Before I go on to this. The polls show that Oz is now up two to three points. Normal times, I would expect that to be six, seven, eight.

Who knows. But what are you thinking about?

Is Fetterman going to win? Is there going to be enough space between them?

SALENA: Look, here's the challenge for Fetterman. And, by the way, I've been reporting this since September. Dr. Oz, who I'm incredibly skeptical of, in the beginning, when he first announced he was running. Has actually proved -- and matured as a very good candidate. Someone who goes into those places. As I call the middle of somewhere. And -- and talks to the voters, that nobody thinks about.

And I listens to them.

I have logged on thousands of miles in the back roads with Oz. Watched him in rural areas.

Watched him in a majority, minority areas. Just listening to voters. Who, by the way, no other reporter would be. So he's not there to get a photo-on. No one is there. I'm there.

And -- and he's actually doing it, because he wants to understand what the issues are.

So that was a long way of telling you, that I have always thought, that John Fetterman was losing voters. Incrementally. But losing them.

Remember, he was up 12 percentage points.

GLENN: Yeah.

SALENA: But he also has no ability to gain voters. And it's not just based on his -- on his illness.

You know, I've been doing. I don't know if anybody is reading it. But I've bin reporting that as mayor, the whole sort of elevated story that you saw in the Atlantic, New York Times. These glossy, beautiful pieces about how he saved this bureau in southwestern Pennsylvania.

I've been covering him since 2005. He didn't say that then. He was barely ever there. He did these events. He really had very little power to begin with. Crime went up. Population declined.

And the heart and soul of that town, the hospital, where there was the only sitdown restaurant, for people to go to in the cafeteria. Was -- was torn down.

I hope people go down to and read the reporting I've been doing. I know I'm not on social media. But that reporting has been -- has been there for --

GLENN: So I saw the -- I saw the story on that, when it came out. And how do the people of the town feel, when they're hearing, hey, he saved our town?

SALENA: Well, that was the beauty of that story. That wasn't me telling everyone that. That was them saying that. They talked about how their town didn't get better. They talked about how no jobs getting in. They talked about the people who have fled, to get out of there. Because there's no hope, and there's no opportunity. And they talked about it always being just about him. And never about them.

And they talked about him going after one of their neighbors. A young black man, who was jogging. And he put a shotgun to his chest, and kept him there. Because he thought he was some sort of --

GLENN: Criminal?

SALENA: Yeah. And, by the way, that young man's life has been destroyed. That young man's life has been destroyed. And he has never been apologized to, or the time that he went up to a local bar, a nightclub, owned by the way -- by a black -- and changed the wording on the sign, at 2 o'clock in the morning. And a camera caught it. Saying that it was closed. And not open. Because he deemed it unworthy to be opened in the town.

These are the stories, that people of Braddock County. Not the stories. Not me saying this, this is them saying this. That's why the reporting is so important.

Let alone, that he didn't pay his taxes. In in the poorest school district, in the state. He didn't pay the school tax.

You know, it's -- it's -- it frustrated me. Every time all these stories were put out there. With him standing in front of the steel mill.

At the same time, his parents were paying for his education. I mean, paying for his family's lifestyle.

GLENN: It's -- you know, it's amazing to me.

He reminds me of -- in many ways, of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a horrible human being. That never paid a dime of his own way.

He -- he practically bankrupted his parents. He lived off his parents, and then his family for his whole life. Never really accomplished anything.

SALENA: Oh, my gosh. That's -- that's astounding. I can't even imagine, not wanting to have purpose in your life, in that way.

GLENN: I know.

SALENA: Other than the purpose of power. Which is what I believed that it has always been about.

GLENN: So Salena, hang on just a second. If you want to hold for one minute, I want to do a commercial, and then come back.

And I want to talk about the press and the Democrats that have stood by. It's what you brought up, in your latest article on the Washington Examiner. And I would love some answers on, what do you think is really happening there?

We'll go to Salena, return with her in 60 seconds.

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Ten-second station ID.

GLENN: Okay. So we're talking to Salena Zito. is her web address. But she writes for the New York Post, and also the Washington Examiner.

When in 2016, when you nailed what was happening, you were the only one that the media went, how did she get this so right?

And you wrote a book about it. You went to work for CNN, as a contributor there. And I know you Salena.

I know you probably walked in, at first, hoping that people will actually listen and get it. And then they didn't.

And thus, they're down the toilet, even more.

Why are they not looking -- why are they not exposing things like Fetterman? Are they afraid?

Or are they afraid of being ostracized by their own -- their own group. Or is it -- is it that they just won't do it, because they're on the bandwagon.

SALENA: Oh, so. I have an entire chapter, about this in my book. And I think it's probably one, that people should really -- it's called a culture craving respect.

And the problem with my profession, is the same problem, that you see in corporate America. In major news organizations.

Also these institutions, and governments. But also even in sports organizations.

In that, the people in the boardroom, all come from the same -- they all live in the same super ZIP codes.

What do I mean by super ZIP codes? The wealthiest counties in the country. They all went to the same great schools. Now, they may have come from Iowa. But they left that far behind once they got to DC or New York.

So what happens is, when they go to, whether it is to write a story or do a commercial. Or make a bone headed decision, like the NFL did.

And let Colin Kaepernick do whatever he wanted. Despite having a contract, that said, you cannot do this, is because they don't -- they are so disconnected from the people who read their stories, who buy their tickets, who sit in their seats.

That is the larger problem. Right? That's where the problem begins.

It began at the same time, where more companies kept buying up smaller companies. So there's less local connection to the people who buy your products.

But also, local news organizations. Started to shudder. And so, people had to gravitate to buying their items, and/or reading their news. From places that don't know them.

They don't know anyone that sits in a pew every Sunday. They don't know anybody that says a prayer before dinner. They don't know anyone that owns a gun. They don't know anyone who uses a gun.

And so because of that, when they plop into a place, they -- it's -- they seem like a freak show. They look at the people, and say, y'all are freak shows.

GLENN: So I have one minute. I have one minute.

The reporter, that her job was threatened. I mean, she was just beat up by everybody from NBC.


GLENN: Yeah. Is -- and she folded.

Was that a message? Did everybody who was covering this know clearly how bad Fetterman was?

SALENA: Yes, they did. I was still -- watched them watch the same things I did. They knew. They always knew.

Dasha Burns is a very good reporter. And I will sing her praises forever. Because she has kept on that story, and she continues to keep on that story. I would keep an eye on her. And I think it's interesting, that as a young woman and a 63-year-old grandma, that they have the nerve to write this stuff.

GLENN: One last question. Ten seconds. Is Fetterman going to win or Oz?

SALENA: I don't think so. I think it's definitely Oz.

GLENN: I hope you're right this time. Thank you so much, Salena. God bless, and we'll follow your reporting.


8 'threats' to democracy according to Democrats & 1 REAL ONE

Today, Democrats LOVE to discuss all the ‘threats’ to democracy our nation faces today. In this clip, Glenn reads an article from the Federalist that lists several of those major ‘threats’ — from Donald Trump and Elon Musk to Ted Cruz and the U.S. Supreme Court. But there is one ACTUAL threat to democracy that Democrats missed, Glenn says. In this clip, he unveils what that danger truly is…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I love this. This comes from the Federalist today. Everything that Democrats claim is a threat to democracy.

Okay? Have you noticed that? Everything seems to be, well, here is the list. Donald Trump. Of course, right?

Threat to democracy.

Then Republicans.

STU: Just generally.

GLENN: Just generally, threat to democracy. First, it was MAGA Republicans.

And now it's just Republicans. Okay?

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Ted Cruz. Threat to democracy.

Josh Hawley. Hmm. Threat to democracy.

Ron DeSantis. Of course, he is. He's an extreme threat to democracy. Quoting.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Dr. Oz, an impaired Fetterman, who doesn't pose a threat to our democracy is better than a polished Oz, who does.

STU: Hmm. That's what is at stake here. Oz is a threat to our democracy.

STU: They're doing their best to find a path through that.

GLENN: Is this crazy?

Who buys this stuff.

STU: I don't know who buys that. I will say, we have Salena Zito. Who is the reporter in Pennsylvania on this stuff. I have not read it yet. I'm interested to talk to her about it.

GLENN: Oh, I have read this piece. She has a new op-ed piece.

STU: She had the piece.

GLENN: Yeah. She's one of my favorite reporters. Because she actually -- she doesn't live in the big cities. She lives in Pennsylvania.

And she just -- she never takes the freeway. She never takes an airplane. She will drive to wherever she is to report on something. Because she wants to get a feel for the real people. And so when she's doing a story, she just kind of hangs out, where all of the real people are, that way, she's not an outsider. You know, she kind of has a bead on the pulse.

STU: You're describing this like she's an alien. That's journalism. What you're describing is just --

GLENN: No. It is -- that is an alien today.

STU: Yeah. That's what made me laugh. It's like, the typical reporter today, literally looks for Twitter. Searches for their key words. Puts a bunch of tweets to their story, and sends it to the editor.

GLENN: Right. And the actor says, wait. Wait. Wait, wait.

You can't say that. You have to put in there, threat to democracy.

STU: Right. They had -- Salena actually goes and talks to people, and it's why her reporting has been so good, especially over the past couple cycles.

GLENN: And accurate. Accurate. Really accurate. So she's joining us. Talk about the fallout from the Fetterman debate. She's like the only -- I've been waiting to talk to her all week. She's the only voice I will trust on what's really happening on the ground.

Also, threat to democracy now is Tudor Dixon. She's, quote, a huge threat to our democracy. Ron Johnson is a threat to our democracy. I like this: Legitimately conducted elections.

The America -- TIME Magazine. American democracy cannot survive, unless the far right is marginalized. Here's how to do it.

STU: Oh, good.

GLENN: That's an article in TIME Magazine.

STU: Thank you, TIME. Appreciate it.

GLENN: Right. Should Republicans win, they will certainly attempt to end our democracy as we know it, in their states.

STU: Obviously, that's definitely the main thing we're looking for. If anything, the American right has been against the Constitution the whole time.

GLENN: The whole time.

STU: The entire time.

GLENN: We hate it.

STU: And we just don't like it. We talk about it all the time to fool you guys.

Generally speaking, we just dislike our system so much. It's not you guys on the left, that are constantly criticizing it and lighting cities on fire.

That's not --

GLENN: Do you remember, Stu, when I talked about -- let me see if I can pull this up real quick. Do you remember when I talked about the Fabian Society. What do you call from that?

Start with the window. Do you remember the window. Stained glass window. Oh, wow. You didn't know a damn thing. Did you seen watch the show?

STU: I did. I watched the show. I did a lot back then. Then other meaningless information has entered my brain. And has won the battle against that particular series of shows. Apparently.

You'll start talking about --

GLENN: Listen to this. You remember the Fabian socialist. Let me just recap. Fabian socialist was started by George Bernard Shah.

And a couple of other -- they started the London School of Economics. Okay?

Everybody loves -- oh, the London School of Economics. Yeah, you know who is involved in it now?

George Soros. So it was started -- this school was started by the Fabian socialists.

And their -- the shield, or their logo, if you will, is an actual wolf in sheep's clothing. Not real subtle.

I think we got it here. But listen to this. The window -- they're talking about the stained glass window. Which I didn't know -- I was doing some research on this the other day. It was stolen in 1978. And it was gone until like 2002.

They didn't know where it was. Then it shows up at Sotheby's. And they sell it.

And I'm wondering, wait. How do you -- it was stolen.

STU: Usually stolen stuff does not get auctioned.

GLENN: Doesn't get auctioned. I have no idea.

Anyway, the window explicitly reflects the goal of the Fabian Society to portray an outward role, contrary to its real character.

To use deception in pursuing its ultimate aim. Specifically, a wolf in sheep's clothing is the image that appears in the shield, about the world being wrought in the Fabian mold.

The Biblical reference comes from the New Testament. And warning, where Jesus was warning about false prophets that come in sheep's clothing.

But apparently, ravaging wolves. Authors G. Edward Griffin in his book, the Creature from Jekyll Island. Had given voice to this reality, that this shield image highlights the distinguishing figure of the -- feature of the Fabians, as compared to the Communists.

Fabian's desire to create the Socialist state, using subversive tactics, opposed to the communist method of revolution and violence.

We -- we talked about this in 2008. But that's what you're seeing now.

They're just so desperate, and they no longer have the media to give it credibility.

Before, they used to be able to say, that's a threat to democracy. And the media would parrot that. And everybody would go, that's a threat to democracy.

Now, we're on to the game. All of the wolves in sheep -- we're like, guys. We see the teeth. We know you're not a sheep.

We know now. And it is -- it's phenomenal to see. Once you wake up, how clear everything becomes.

It's really -- I mean, this is Biblical. This is -- I don't know. We're living in an incredible period of history right now.

STU: It's also helpful when they put the actual wolf in sheep's clothing in their logo. That really is helpful. To help us see it clearly.

GLENN: But see, people in England don't.

STU: People don't.

GLENN: It was the monster from Jekyll island. That book, that was the first to really reveal. Hey, by the way, look at the window.
It's crazy. Let's see. And, you know what, Salena Zito talks about that. Let me just give you this. She talks about that in the Fetterman thing. She -- where is she? Here it is. The painful story of how John Fetterman arrived at Tuesday night's humiliation.

Listen to this. This is amazing.

Most of the voters watching it, surely have seen him speak at small rallies, where he struggled on the best.

But he seemed okay. But now, they were fully realizing that he was just repeating memorized lines, and could not actually comprehend when others tried to converse with him.

Many of those watching, had no idea how bad Fetterman's health was like. Causing disbelief that no one had reported this sooner. Many were angry that Democrats and reporters knew about this the whole time. One reporter, who did mention Fetterman's inability to converse, NBC news reporter, Dasha Burns, was viciously attacked for her dispassionate reporting.

Not just from Fetterman's campaign and supporters, but also blue check journalists on Twitter. And her own NBC News colleagues, Savannah Guthrie. Okay? Unfortunately, the accurate story about Fetterman, instead, became a false story about Burns and even an attempt to destroy her career.

This included a veiled threat from Fetterman's wife, who used her large platform to demand an apology from Burns, while threatening consequences for her reporting.

One has to wonder, what those consequences would have been. And so the truth about John Fetterman's cognitive abilities remain buried. A secret. But a secret well-known to journalists with personal access to him, since late July, and those who have observed him, failing to comprehend anything his supporters say to him on the rope line.

They said and wrote nothing. The question is: Why?

Were they afraid they would receive the vicious cancel treatment and threats that Burns got? Were they afraid they would hurt the political team, that they were not so secretly rooting for? Either reason is a stain on the journalistic profession. Those culpable should really never again mock anyone who question the honesty of the press. Then she goes in to how the Democrats were doing the same thing.

This is the way it used to work. This is why they try everything, to silence you. They do everything they can, to control social media.

Because social media, really is talk radio was the only defense. Before social media, it was programs like this and Rush Limbaugh. That allowed you, to talk.

Allowed the voice of Middle America, to be heard. No other format allowed that.

We also, because of Rush Limbaugh, had millions and millions and millions of listeners. And that hadn't happened before. So that was the beginning of the end. Once -- I mean, I worked, you know, 30 years, to gain an audience. Learn enough to be able to have people want to hear what I have to say.

And trust that I'm not a complete to it. I am an idiot. But not a complete idiot. But the audience now has an audience. You can have an audience. You most likely do. Even if it's a couple hundred on Facebook. You have an audience every day.

That's what they've got to stop. Because that's the regular person. Whether they're the crazy guy, that nobody talks to, down -- you know, on the corner, that everybody is like, hey, kids, don't talk to have. And definitely, don't take any candy from him. He's a teacher.

You know, you've got that guy. Nobody ever heard him. But that guy who is like, you know, pedophilia is not that bad. He's now got 5,000 people. Because there's 5,000 people that believe that.

That's what they try to use as a threat to democracy. Are those people who have lived amongst us forever, but they were quiet. I would rather know who they are. But the media needs to build those voices up, to scare you. To scare you, so you go, somebody has to stop this. And you go running into the arms of the people who are trying to silence everybody.

Not just the pedophiles. Everybody.

But now, because the genie is out of the bottle. And with Elon Musk, yesterday, taking over Twitter. Last night, 11 o'clock, he tweeted, the bird is free.

Things are going to change.

You don't trust the media anymore.

What is sad is, a lot of people now are getting their news from TikTok. TikTok.

I've never seen anybody with a clue on TikTok


Glenn: What I think happened during the Paul Pelosi attack

Details surrounding the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, are murky. There’s still a LOT we don’t know about how it happened, why it happened, and who his attacker — David DePape — truly is. So, in this clip, Glenn details everything we do know so far and the questions that must be answered. Plus, Glenn gives his own theory as to what happened inside that San Francisco home…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Here's a recap for what we know kind of so far. This is the things that have been reported. And I'm not sure we're sure of all of this.

May 20, 2022. Paul Pelosi was in a DUI car crash.

The passenger air bag goes off, even though he was alone. We don't know why. I don't know if that's usual. He pleads guilty on the 23rd of August. On the 24th, there was some random schizo posting that started on a blog, that had been dormant on a blog for 15 years. On September 8th, the -- I think it's friendly friends site, is registered in the name of DePape. He's a hippie, but we'll get into that in a minute.

On September 8th, the site is registering in his name. However, there are no posts. On October 24th, loads of posts are made, on the website.

While posted in October, they're titled February, to make it seem like they were much older.

Then on October 28th, 4 days later, at 2:27 a.m. the police arrived at the Pelosi residence for a welfare check.

Now, this is what they said, at first. Someone opened the door. A third person opened the door for the police. However, they have said, no. That is a mistake. There was no other person in the house, except those two.

The glass door is also busted. It appears to be busted from the inside. I mean, I watched enough Colombo. Excuse me, sir. One more thing. Wouldn't the glass be on the inside of the door, and not the outside of the door. But we don't know what kind of glass it was, we have no idea.

Pelosi and DePape were inside in their underwear. Now, this too has been changed. Nobody was in their underwear. Now, I would -- I mean, DePape. I mean, Pelosi, he's, what? Eighty-five, 2 o'clock in the morning. I would expect him to be in his jammies or underpants. You know DePape in his underpants is a little weird. But now police say, nobody in their underpants. I think if you saw either one in your underpants, you would be very clear, they were in their underpants.

STU: For the rest of your life.


Pelosi has a hammer. And when the police arrive, DePape manages to take the hammer from Pelosi, and bashes his head multiple times.

All of that happens while the police are there. So while pulping Paul Pelosi, DePape repeatedly says, where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?

Police take him into custody.

The media and the Democrats immediately point to the schizo blog and say, he's a far-right terrorist. Street view images from DePape's home show BLM signs and a Bernie sign. The home is referred to by as a neighbor, as a hippie collective. In fact, we have audio from a neighbor, who is quite clear on who this guy was.

Cut one.

VOICE: Our vehicle was out of commission. I was locking paths. And his son was a small little girl. And he was on the bus. And the little girl --

GLENN: Stop for a second. Please.

We'll take this piece by piece.

His little girl. I'm sorry. His little boy, who was dressed as a girl, was on the bus.

I just want to -- just keep track of all of the things, that you're like, oh, you're clearly. Clearly a conservative.

All right. Go ahead.

VOICE: Bus. And the little girl and the son were walking away from the bus, and the guy remained on the bus.

And that's when I recognized his face. That's the only time I saw his face, was within the last month or so. Or a couple of weeks.

VOICE: Do you know about how long you stayed during that --

VOICE: No. No. We tried to avoid them at all costs, until they bother us.

VOICE: Okay. But so the last time you saw him was a couple months ago. And he was here for a few days?

VOICE: Yeah. Yes.

VOICE: Okay. Anything strange about him? Or anything that stood out?

VOICE: There's something strange about the whole household. The entire household is very, very strange.

VOICE: How about him?

VOICE: He is birds of a feather with -- akin to them. So they are just, you know, nudist drug abusers, and that's who gravitates towards them.

GLENN: Okay. Stop for a second. How many times, Stu, at the GOP meetings you've been to, where it's been attended by all those nudists and drug users.

STU: I know CPAC has that part of --

GLENN: The nudist drug user.

STU: Big part of their --

GLENN: It's trouble when they get those two together.

STU: They are usually right near each other, but they do try to keep them separate.

GLENN: Yeah. And these are usually the people that just to throw people off, have a rainbow flag in the front yard and a BLM sign on their front window.

STU: A lot of hard-core conservatives have that profile.

GLENN: Yeah. A lot of times.

STU: That's just the way it goes.

GLENN: All right. Go ahead. Next.

VOICE: They seem to be underage. Or under 18.

VOICE: I'm not sure how old they are.

VOICE: What would you say their politics are?

VOICE: I'm not sure. I would imagine they're more left-leaning because of their support for support for the gay community and/or -- I'm sorry, for other people.

But it is -- now, I'm not sure what way --

GLENN: Okay. Stop for a second. Look at how she's hesitating. She's calculating the whole time.

STU: She's calculating the whole time.

GLENN: Because of the rainbow flag. Okay. And the BLM sign. So it becomes a gay community, and others.

STU: Right. She couldn't figure out how to say it.

GLENN: She couldn't say it.

STU: And, by the way, what would you say her ethnicity is?

GLENN: White Hispanic.

STU: It doesn't look like the typical white Karen that is next door, upset about the --

GLENN: No, no. She talks about her partner. And I think she says, pretty much everybody in the neighborhood is a lefty.

STU: Yes. And, of course, that's true.

GLENN: Yeah. San Francisco.

All right.

VOICE: Any signs of anti-Semitism?

VOICE: You know they're completely unhinged. So I wouldn't be surprised at all.

GLENN: Completely unhinged.

VOICE: Nothing that they believe in, aligns with their actions. So they'll say that they are pro-black lives. And then they'll call the police on black people. And so -- they don't stand by -- their actions don't stand by --

STU: Just so you know, this is not mutually exclusive. You can actually think a black person is committing a crime, and still be in favor of Black Lives. But I think I get what she's going with it.

GLENN: It's like, Glenn, George Soros is white. Oh, crap.

I should forget about whatever I said about George Soros. Go ahead.

VOICE: And some psychotic behavior too?

VOICE: Yeah. Yeah. It's never changed, how they've acted.

VOICE: David acted the same way?

VOICE: From what I saw of him, he -- he's never approached me or my partner at all. But I have just seen him helping out around the house with yardwork, and then I saw him living on the bus. I've never even heard him speak.

VOICE: Did you know his name, or did you just recognize his picture?

VOICE: I didn't recognize his name, but I also don't know the name of the kids either.

VOICE: And you just recognize his picture?

VOICE: Yes. Yeah.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Okay. So that's who the neighbor says he is. Now, there's a few questions, that have to be answered here.

How did he get into the house?

How did he get into the house?

Did he get into the house through the back door, and did he break it? And is that what Paul first heard? Is this a failure of the Capitol Police?

Remember, she's under Capitol Police protection. Which, because he's third in line for the presidency. God help us all. Can you imagine how bad the country would be, if we have Joe Biden, and then it would go to Kamala. And then she gets sick. And dies.

And we have Nancy Pelosi.

Do we even survive that? Anyway, because she's third in line, she has not only capital police, but she's increased in service. Do you remember when we were in George W. Bush's house, and remember they had the sensors on the ground?

They could tell where feet were. It was like a little mini earthquake detector almost. They positioned them all through the yard, so they could see -- or they could hear and see, where people were, on the grounds.

She apparently has that. If she doesn't, then somebody told them not to have that. But that's the kind of security, that number three position has.

So we know, because we've seen photos, this weekend, of video cameras. These are high -- this is government. This isn't like local security.

This isn't like, you know what, I'm just going door-to-door, selling burglar alarms. This was done by the government.

So let's see the tapes. Let's see the tapes. How did the guy get in?

Why have we not seen those tapes? Why haven't we -- why don't we see the vest cameras? From the police?

We --

STU: And it's only been a couple of days. That would be the excuse there.

GLENN: No. I know that. I know that.

Here's what bothers me. The security.

STU: Yeah. Because you mentioned. This is not just some private security.

Well, there's been reports, that they also had that. That the neighborhood came together, to pay for group security for this area. Because they're also rich. And they live in a town, where crime is rampant, because of their policies. So they've paid for private security, to help assist in this area, just in case, and patrol it all the time. So if that's true, and there's been multiple reports to that effect.

So this guy somehow evaded private security, and whatever security measures the government put in, to get in. It's a very strange story.

GLENN: Why did big tech take down DePape's alleged social accounts?

STU: This is the really frustrating part of this. Because, of course, every media source is trying to say this is some right-wing extremist, which does not fit the profile at all.

But like, we can't check any of their reporting.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: They pull this down every time, and I get why they do it with certain people. Like a mass shooter, that might have a manifesto that they don't want to inspire copycats, or whatever. But this is not that case.


STU: Why -- why wouldn't we be able to see all of his postings. This would be important.

GLENN: Yeah. It's really weird. It's really strange.

He is -- he apparently is far right. And this is what the LA Times is telling us. That he is a far right guy.

That is a fan of Glenn Beck.

STU: Everyone is reporting that.

GLENN: Daily Wire.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: I mean, thank you for that. I'm just trying to go through. Now, let me just go back to who he is.

Now, know that he is supposedly a fan of mine. Okay?

He was a nudist. I can see all the nudists just loving this program. He was a hippie. Love it.

He was in San Francisco.

Love it. Black Lives Matter supporter. Love it.

QAnon supporter. Hmm. You don't get a lot of QAnon News from this program, do you?

STU: No. You do not.

GLENN: No. No. He also apparently loved Pizzagate. You mean the thing that I said from the beginning was nonsense? Really? That thing? He was also -- and I mean if you listen to this program, you can see why he was a fan. He hated Jews. Now --

STU: That's weird, that he would be a fan of the person who won the --

GLENN: The defender of Israel award.

STU: It would be weird.

GLENN: It would be really strange.

STU: Weird coincidence.

GLENN: Because I've been talking about anti-Semitism on the right for 20 years. That would be really weird for him to be a big fan of the show.

STU: A big fan of the show? Maybe he was just inspired. Liked your really big event in Israel, about the defense of Israel.

GLENN: Maybe that's what it was.

STU: And the importance of God.

GLENN: Yeah. He also said that equity was a dog whistle for the genocide of the white race.


That's -- that's something that we also took on here recently. And said, that's ridiculous.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

STU: I think equity is a BS social justice sort of term.


STU: And we have pointed out issues with it.

But the genocide. Not a lot of airtime for the genocide of the white race, going on.

GLENN: Right. Right.

So you could see, we have a lot in common.

I could see why he was a fan of this program.

That doesn't really make sense, now, does it?

STU: No. And it would be nice to check the work of the media.

Because we know, they would not tell you the truth, if something else was going on. All right. More on this, in just a second.

JEFFY: American Financing. NMLS 182334.

GLENN: Every morning, after the full moon, the man who had been wolf man at night, would awake in his home. Surrounded by all the things that he had broken, in his dog-like frenzy. Naked as a jail bird. This part was especially disturbing to his neighbors, who frequently jogged by the open window, through which he escaped the night before. He thought to himself, jeez! Being the wolf man is getting expensive! Between making repairs to my house, and having to buy a new wardrobe all the time, I am beginning to regret that that old woman with the gold tooth put a curse on me, in the first place.

But, thankfully, even on Halloween, he knew exactly what to do.

He placed a call to American Financing to send them on the right path. In ten minutes, their salary-based mortgage consultants did a review of their finances, and began the process of getting them out of debt. You would be amazed what the interest rate on what a wolf man's credit card is nowadays. But they took care of it, with a consolidation loan, at a much lower interest rate.

For once, the wolf man was happy unhappy. Usually, he's just unhappy.

Unless he's feasting. He was happy, that he called American Financing, and hoped that it would remain that way.

Until the next full moon. Man, these are scary stories.

Ten-second station ID.

GLENN: Are you scared? Are you a little scared?

STU: That was terrifying, yeah. Really scary.

GLENN: What's going to happen in the third episode? What will happen to the wolf man, I don't know. I just don't know.

STU: I will be here to find out. I'm paid to. So I will be here to find out.

GLENN: It's going to be good.

STU: This is a weird story though. We don't want to jump to conclusions, right?

GLENN: No. And, you know what, here's what I really think happened.

I think, somehow or another, the security was turned off, which needs to be investigated.

But I think this guy is just crazy, crazy, crazy.

He broke in, started going after -- going after Paul. Paul went into the bathroom. And made the phone call. Spoke code, rightly so. To the police officers.

The dispatch was very sharp. Picked up on it. Made for a code red.

They got there. By the way, he's not in jail. Did you know that? Hippie boy. Not in jail.

He's still in the hospital.