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Kari Lake: Arizona is 'DRAGGING OUT' election results, but CAN'T stop her victory

With hundreds of thousands of votes left to count in Arizona, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joins the Glenn Beck Program to explain why she's "100% confident" that she will win. Lake gives her thoughts on why the ballot counting has been so slow, why that's "embarrassing" for Arizona, and whether Republican candidate for senator Blake Masters will also win his election.


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GLENN: Kari, welcome to the program.

KARI: Hey, how are you, Glenn? Good to talk to you this morning.

GLENN: I'm trying to figure out, if I can let myself be happy about your victory.

KARI: Let me help you be happy, how is that?

GLENN: Good. Do it. Do it.

KARI: Well, first of all, you know, I think what we've learned in our past several election cycles, is that our election officials can control the narrative.

It's real easy, by the amount of votes they release. By the amount of results they release. And that's what we have going on here. It's become politicized. We're going to win. I'm 100 percent confident at that. I'm looking right now at the latest numbers I got, and there are 621 -- a little -- almost 622,000 votes left to be counted here in Arizona. And they're slow rolling to count. Twenty-four hours more, than 24 hours past the election. Yesterday, they only counted less than 60,000 votes.

This is outrageous. They're doing this intentionally, in my opinion. They're not speeding this up, as they should.

There are -- let me just tell you why we should win. 384,414 Election Day mail-in ballot drop-offs. Now, these are the people who don't trust bringing it down and putting it down in these drop boxes.

These are the people who don't necessarily trust even the Postal Service, with their ballots. They walked it into a polling place on Election Day.

We already know those will trend heavily toward us. Two to one. Maybe even three to one.

And there's a huge majority left to be counted there. We also have 17,000 drawer three. Those were the ones, when they showed up at their polling place, on Election Day, oh, wow. The machines aren't working. Just put your ballot over here, in drawer number three.

And we have a provisional ballot -- 16,000 -- these are ballots, the vast majority, that are to be counted, that will go heavily to us.

And we know we will win this. They're trying to delay the inevitable. And they're really embarrassing Arizona, once again. On just a national stage. But a global stage. They wanted to write the obituary of the America first movement, on election night.

And the America first movement is alive and well. They haven't taken anything away from this movement. We are still strong. And we are still going to win and continue to fight for America first ideas.

GLENN: If you have those kinds of numbers still yet to come. And they do indeed fall like that, there is a good chance that we have a senator from Arizona, as well.

KARI: I do believe, that these could push Blake over the top. I really do. I talked to Blake yesterday. He's in pretty good spirits. He's a little bit closer than I am. Mine will definitely fall, and I think we could end up with a very nice victory.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

KARI: His would be a little bit more of a squeaker. But I think they're going to go his direction.

When you look at 384,000 votes that are people who dropped them off on Election Day, I mean, there is a chance we could get 80 percent or more of those, if we want to be very conservative, we'll get you know two out of --

GLENN: 50 percent.

KARI: More than 50 percent. And so, the ballots that are left to be counted, and there's a lot of them.

Like I said, 622,000 ballots left to be counted. They're going to skew heavily in our favor. And I'm only down by a few thousand votes right now.

GLENN: So -- so people understand, and the rest of the country, Arizona. Arizona does it the reverse way. Than everybody else does. Everybody else counts the night.

And then they count the other ballots, that are coming in. Arizona, for some reason, counts the -- the preelection night ballots. And then counts the day, right?

And then the day ballots.

KARI: Uh-huh, yep. And they dragged their feet doing this. This is the same thing they did in the primary, Glenn.

GLENN: What is their reasoning to do that? Why do you think they would do that?

KARI: Well, you're asking me to get into the head of a man named Steven Richter and Bill Gates, who is on our board of supervisors. And, frankly, that's not a place I want to be.

GLENN: Right.

KARI: All I will say, it's the same thing. They have slow rolled the results during the primary. Took them days.

When they finally -- when I finally got a tiny bit over, where I was beating my opponent. They announced it right then and there, to the headlines read, Kari Lake wins in a squeaker, with you know half a percentage point. Then they finished counting the rest of the ballots, which were all in my favor. I actually won the primary by five points. That's a nice win, especially when I was up against spending of my opponent spending 3:1 on me. She spent $30 million. So they want the story. They want the narrative to look like, there's no energy here. We have a massive movement. We have energy that if you could -- if you could somehow contain this energy, you could make you know the most powerful energy source in Arizona right now.

GLENN: Yeah.

KARI: None of that has changed. We're just waiting for incompetent people to do their job. And we're willing to wait. I will tell you this, when I get into office, it will be at the top of my list, on day one. We'll start to reform our elections, so we're not the butt of all jokes. And of our great, wonderful citizens aren't waiting for days, to find out who won an election.

GLENN: It's inexcusable.

KARI: It's inexcusable and disrespectful to the people of this great state. And we're not going to have it anymore. We're not going to have it anymore.

GLENN: Kari, best of luck to you.

I -- I think you've -- I think you're over the hurdle. If -- if, you know -- it turns out the way it usually turns out in these situations, for Republicans. That they have a lot more of the share on the final -- final polls, which I think is true.

KARI: Yeah.

GLENN: I can't wait to see you in office, and see what you're going to do.

There are three parties, I just. There is the Republican, Democrat, and the DeSantis kind of style of party. And you are -- you are part of that.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, we're going to do big things for Arizona.

I already am working. We have a transition team working to do big things.

I'm not going to slow down because Maricopa county can't get their act together.

We are moving towards governing this state. And I'm not going to slow down because they can't count ballots, and they're dragging this out.

GLENN: Do you have a result at all, on the attorney general?

KARI: Well, Abe, I think he just passed across from me. He actually announced that he's won, because he is now ahead.

GLENN: Okay. Good. Good. Glad to hear that. You can't about it in there without it. With somebody who wants to sue you from day one.

KARI: These are a big, big drop of ballots, that have yet to be counted. That are going to go our way. And I want people out there to know, that we will win this. And we will do great things for Arizona. And they have unfortunately, taken a lot of people, who are already pissed off. I can say that word.

And they've pissed us off, even further.

So we are even more motivated to do big things. And do them quickly.

GLENN: Yeah. Good.

Kari, best of luck. Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate it. God bless. Kari Lake, that's good news.


Glenn: 3 HUGE lessons from the midterms & 1 path forward

The 2022 midterm elections didn’t go quite as well as Republicans hoped. But that means that — now more than ever — we just examine what happened, what went wrong, and how we still can save our republic. In this clip, Glenn shares the three biggest lessons he learned from election night. Plus, he explains the one path forward he believes still exists for conservative Republicans and for America…


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GLENN: Okay. So what did we learn last night?

I think we learned three really important things. One, Ron DeSantis is the model.

Any Republican that is not willing to look at Ron DeSantis, and see what he did. And how he did it. And begin to model themselves after that. Is a fool.

An absolute fool. He is not angry. He -- he is not divisive. At least intentionally divisive. That's not his goal.

His goal is to be decisive. And decisive people are perceived sometimes, as divisive. Because a lot of people don't want to make changes. It is time to make changes.

20 points. The largest distance between he and a competitor, in the history of Florida. Twenty points. This was the story last night. And this is the path forward.

My question is: Are there any Republican G.O.P. governors that care to join him. Anyone.

Does anybody that is a governor, watching last night, and going, you know what, damn it. I really -- I need to step up my game.

Because that's what people are looking for. They're not looking for another mealy-mouthed person. They are looking for people that take decisive action.

And I will tell you, that's on both sides. Look at people who took decisive action, that we thought was divisive, because we don't agree with them.

A lot of them were reelected. Reelected.

Second thing: Our nation is spiritually lost

Completely lost. There's only one savior. And he's not on a ballot. And until we drop the manifest destiny arrogance of, God is on my side. We will continue to suffer defeat, hardships, and darkness.

And I mean as a nation. We are all going to pay for this.

We're all going to pay for it.

We must be on God's side, and that requires humility. And I didn't see anybody humble, yesterday. Did you? I don't see anybody humble today.

And until we humble ourselves we will have it done for us, and the humbling is going to be very, very painful. I believe that I found an answer last night to something I didn't want the answer to. I've said for 20-some-years alcoholics are going to be the ones to save this country. But we are -- we are just like an alcoholic. We just keep going back to the bottle and saying, I want more. No matter how damaging it is, I want more.

And I've said to you, alcoholics cannot be saved. You can't save alcoholics. They have to feel the ramifications of their own mistakes, and then want to live.

And some people, their bottom is death. And I truly believe now the answer is our bottom unfortunately with far too many people is death. The death of our nation, the death of our lifestyle, the death of our culture, the death of the Western way of life.

When you have no gas, no fuel, no heat, no meat, no control, no wealth, don't own anything, that's the death of everything that you know. And maybe then you'll wake up. I don't know. Third thing is Mitch McConnell was and is wrong. Lukewarm Democrats. Lukewarm Republicans are not going to defeat the Democrats. Just not being a Democrat is not enough. And Mitch McConnell should feel the ramifications of this loss. Mitt Romney said, just last week, he tweeted that a red wave was coming, it was all thanks to Mitch McConnell. Well, it turns out he was right. What was coming was all thanks to Mitch McConnell. This is not leadership, Mitch McConnell, Carl Rove, their ilk. They don't offer us anything. There is no vision there. This is thanks to Mitch McConnell.

I have a hard time not calling what he actually proposes, collusion. Where is the path forward? And what is it?

A slower trip to hell is this

Mitch McConnell said over the summer. We don't have to do anything. We just have to not be Democrats.

That's not enough.

Now, let me get off Mitch McConnell here, and ask all of the Republicans, where do you begin to declare who you are?

We need to declare who we are.

The Declaration of Independence didn't just say, we just don't have -- we just don't want to be like the king.

It's not what it said. It was clear. We're different. We want to go a way, that no one else wants to go. Because we believe certain things. Because we have spiritual wisdom.

We have spiritual wisdom. We know what's true. And what is not.

And with that spiritual wisdom, applied. We see things that are self-evident, that you don't!

We don't need to indoctrinate our people, we don't need to stop speech. We don't need to put people in jail, because they disagree.

These things are obvious, when you humble yourself, enough to fight for his will, and not our will.

What do we have now that are self-evident truths?

Seriously, what do we have? There's a portion of the Democrats, that will mouth the words -- all men are created equal. But they don't really live it. They don't believe it. They're just as likely to you know put somebody in -- you know for revenge purposes or whatever. They're just as likely to violate the Constitution as anybody on the left. And the left, they're experts at that.

I know what those truths are. I don't think I know. I know.

Because I know who I am, and I know who God is. And God is a God of the individual. The plan of darkness. The plan of Satan, if you will. Is the plan of collectivism. No individual salvation. No individual choices. We will not allow you to fail.

We will not allow you to feel the consequence of anything.

Because we'll tell you what to do.

Life, as long as the -- as long as the collective agrees, then you have the right to life.

I mean, that's if they agree, your life is worth living. Anybody certainly George Bernard Shaw?

We should just line people up, and ask them: Justify your life.

Collectivism believes liberty. As long as you believe, think, speak, and do what the collective tells you is part of liberty. Pursuit of happiness. No. There's no path for the individual to do what he or she believes, that she was sent here to do, let alone, just have your own business.

Because you're not going to keep any of the spoils. The God of this world, will tell you what to do. And you will praise the God of this world.

You know I know I shared Ephesians with you, a couple of days ago, but there's more to this. Let me just run through this, quickly. Because I want to add on to what I said, the other day.

Remember, in Ephesians, it says, look, you cannot -- I'm paraphrasing horribly. You can't live as the people of the world do. As the Gentiles do. You can't. In the futility of their thinking.

Think of that. The futility of their thinkingly. They are darkened in their understanding. And separated from the life of God. Is that true?

Do you believe that people are darkened in their understanding?

How can people not notice what's happening to their lives, because of the way they vote?

They're darkened from their understanding.

They're separated from the life of God. And listen, because of the ignorance that is in them, due to the hardening of their hearts.

Meaning, I'm not listening to you.

I won't listen to reason anymore.

I won't talk to you anymore.

I've hardened my heart to anything that is outside of my worldview. And it goes on opinion

Having lost all sensitivity. Wow.

Think of this. Just with what porn does on the internet. You lose all sensitivity. It's got to get worse and worse and worse. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality, as to indulge in every kind of impurity. And they are full of greed.

This describes today. And then he says, but that's not the way of life you learned.

When you heard about Christ, you were taught -- you were taught in him, accordance with the truth.

So you were taught the truth.

This is not about them. This is about us.

It's not good enough, just not to be them. Nowhere does God say, you know what, just don't be like that guy. Just don't be like those guys.

That's not what he says. He just says, you were taught better than that. You know, better than that.

He goes on, you were taught with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires.

You were taught to be made new in the attitude of your mind. And put on a new self.

So he's really not judging those people. He's judging us. Have you forgotten?

You have to put off all falsehood, and all lies. Speak truthfully, to your neighbor.

For we are members of one body. He doesn't say, speak truthfully to the people you like. He says, to your neighbor, who you are supposed to love. And in your anger, don't sin. Don't let the sun go down when you're still angry. Don't give the devil a foothold.

Anyone who is stealing. Listen to this. Anyone who is stealing, must steal no longer. But must work. Now, that sounds like a Republican policy. You can't steal, you have to work.

But there's not a period after there. There is a comma!

Which the Republicans don't get.

You must work. Doing something useful with your hands, that you might have something to share with those in need.

It's not work, just so you can enrich yourself. It is work, so you can choose to share with others.

We have lost that. We have lost much of this ability.

So now, where do we go from here?

60 seconds.
Let me tell you a little bit about Goldline.

Yeah. I'm the crazy guy, you always hear on the radio. Hollering about how you need to buy some gold, before the world ends or something.

Kind of fine with that. Here's the deal: You need to look at investing at least a portion of your portfolio, anything that you have, into precious metals. I mean, real, physical, precious metals. Don't get paper gold. For the love of Pete, don't do that. It's not going to mean much. I got all this golden paper. And I have a vegetable.

Now? If you don't have actual physical gold, it's time for you to consider getting some gold or silver, or any precious metal. You don't have to put your entire portfolio. And that's madness. Even if you have some gold, it's worth considering whether or not you have enough. There's no more time-tested hedge against economic insanity, than gold. And that's where Goldline comes in. And to celebrate the launch of the new Mayflower, silver and gold round, they want to include, at no cost, five silver coins. Five copper coins. With every tube of the quarter ounce gold Mayflower commemorative. This is something that I designed. It is part of a series. Goldline is asking you to take advantage of this special today. I am as well. You don't get this kind of special very often. It's 866GOLDLINE. 866GOLDLINE or Ten-second station ID.
Here's what you need to learn. This is the last thing, that we need to learn.

That you have everything you need. You have everything you need. You've been enriched in every way, with all kinds of speech and knowledge. You get that from God. You don't lack anything. You need a spiritual gift, you have it.

And God will keep you firm, until the end.

Because he is faithful, to things that are true.

We can't divide ourselves. We have to be united, in truth. And here's what's -- and here's what's great.

The message of salvation, that's -- I mean, that's crazy talk. To people who are you know on the other side, denying all reality.

But that's the point.

God said, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, the intelligence of the intelligent. I will frustrate.

So where is that wise person, that we trust? That really is, truly wise now? In the ways of the world?

Is the world wise? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher?

There's no one that fits into those categories, and you're like, oh, yeah. I trust him.

He's really, really wise. Because the world is not wise.

God is wiser than huge wisdom. Weakness of God, is stronger than any strength. When we first started our spiritual life, how many of us were wise by human standards?

How many of us were really influential? How many of us were born to the right family, and had the right wealth?

Very few, I would imagine. Those of us who really converted, probably really struggled for a long time. Because that's how you find the truth.

Through struggle. And that's when you chose God, or God chose you. When you were weak. When you were lowly. When you were despised.

And that's why you have so much power. You have so much power, because you are weak. You are lowly. You're -- you're not part of the wise counsel, that everybody wants to be a part of now. You're not seeking fame.

If we seek the truth, the truth, no matter where it takes us, all will be better than well.

We will heal our nation. That should be our goal. That should be our path. Look to the people, who have done it politically. And that's clear in Florida. And then look inside of yourself and rely on God.

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Glenn’s POWERFUL Election Day message: ‘THIS is why we vote’

Glenn and Stu talk frequently about how certain elected officials continue to desecrate the office they serve. Well, Glenn says, TODAY IS OUR DAY. In this clip, Glenn gives a powerful message for the Election Day, explaining why it’s so important for Americans to vote in the midterms: ‘Vote to EMPOWER people...because I believe there’s endless and extraordinary possibilities in the ordinary person.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Today is the day that we begin this process. Today is the day -- we talk every day -- every day, about how the people in Washington. How the people in our own states or our own cities. Or on our own school boards. How they are desecrating the office. How they are not living up to their promise.

Today is our day. Today is the day we need to be fulfilling the duties of our office.

The most important office, in America. That office of a responsible citizen.

One that just doesn't bitch and moan. One that just doesn't want everyone else to do something for them. But one that understands, what this Constitution is.

When we go out and vote, we should ask ourselves: Is my vote empowering the government to do more, or is my vote empowering individuals to control their own destiny?

Because that's what we really are. But we've been tricked into thinking that, no, no, you don't really have the power. You really can't do the common sense thing.

How many times have you had conversations with people in business or in, you know, building a shed, doing something on your property, and the government gets involved, and you look at your neighbors and you're talking about it, and you're like, eh, that's government?

How many times have you and your friends said, you know, it's really not that hard. I don't know why everybody makes it so complicated. We make it complicated, because we vote in the people who want to grow the government, so the government can do more. Never doubt the power of the people, who have been tricked into thinking, oh. I'm just -- I'm just a mom.

Never doubt the power of the people, who say, I -- I'm just one person. What can I do?

Stop believing the lie. Here's the truth? You are an American citizen. You are the most empowered individual to ever walk the face of the earth.

But only if you believe that. Because if you believe that, you know who the government works for. In every other country, the government doesn't work for the people. And by the people. And of the people.

It's here in America. And people have been trying to convince us, that we're just like every other place. But we're not.

Bad things have happened. Lies have spread about our Founders, our founding. Our founding documents.

Which hardly anyone ever reads anymore.

How can you possibly go to vote, if you don't know what the Declaration of Independence says. Because that's our mission statement.

We told the king, look, we have to go our separate ways, because you don't know us. And we're not just breaking away, because we think there is a better king. We think completely differently than you.

What we're going to create. If we win this battle and separate from you, what we're going to create is completely different. That all men are created equal, and endowed by a creator, with certain inalienable rights. And among them, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And governments are instituted among men, to protect those rights.

Not to protect the king. But to protect those rights. Bad things have happened, because we've listened to experts, and the experts are wrong!

I don't even know why I vote anymore. Well, let me give you a reason. It's the whole thing our republic is based on. I vote because I believe that there is endless and extraordinary possibilities, in the ordinary person. Empower yourself. Empower others.

Because that's truly what made America, America. Vote. To empower people.