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What’s REALLY inside Democrats' HUGE climate/inflation bill

By now, most Americans know the Democrats’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ bill will not ACTUALLY reduce inflation or miraculously end climate change. But you may not be aware of several, specific clauses — HIDDEN deep inside the bill’s 700+ pages — that exist simply to benefit the Democrat Party (like huge payouts to special interest groups that helped Joe Biden win the White House, for example). Economist Stephen Moore, Co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, joins Glenn to detail what he found hidden inside this HUGE bill…


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GLENN: Stephen, tell me what you found, that was hidden in this bill.

STEPHEN: Well, how much time you have, Glenn?
This is something like 800 pages. But I don't even kind of know where to start. But the --

GLENN: Can we start with this: Did you find on page, like, 683.

We found the EPA is now authorized, has the money and the teeth to create their own ESG framework for farmers. Did you see that?

STEPHEN: Yeah. Yeah.

I did, and I'll give you another one, that I think is outrageous. We found that, for example, they have $3 billion for something called environmental justice grants. You heard about that. Now, I'll tell you what that is. It's just a payoff to all the liberal special interest groups. All the -- you know, the groups that made Joe Biden's -- this is graft. This is graft. It's basically paying the people who elected Biden money. And the whole bill is graft. All it does is give money to all the groups that gave Joe Biden money. And I'll give you an example of that.

They have 87,000 new IRS agents. Twenty to $30 billion more they're going to spend in doubling the size of the IRS.

Do you know the IRS employees have a PAC, a Political Action Committee.

Do you know where -- which party, 99 percent of that money goes to?

GLENN: Yeah.

STEPHEN: The Democrats. Then let's get this right. The Democrats will have $40 billion to the IRS to hire 87,000 more agents.

Those 87,000 more agents are going to give money to the Political Action Committee of the employees, and the employees will give the money back to the -- to the -- to the Democrats, who -- who -- who gave the money in the first place. This is like a third world country we're turning into.

GLENN: I know. I know.

You know, it really bothers me as well, Stephen, that they've made it a pull of government action, to sign up new voters. And register new voters. So every agency is now doing it. And with the flood of money, that is coming into these agencies. You know, I don't know what's real and what's not anymore. Because we don't -- nobody is following it.

STEPHEN: Yeah. So you asked me about some other read crazy stuff in this bill. They wanted to give all this money for the electric battery industry, so everybody could go out and buy electric cars. By the way, if you have a car that runs on gasoline.

You might want to hold on to that. Because I'm not making this up. My prediction within 5 to 10 years, they're going to abolish any new cars that are gas powered.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

STEPHEN: They're going to make -- you're not going to have any choice. You're going to have to buy an electric vehicle, whether you want to or not. And, by the way, do you know what percentage of new car sales, in the last three months were electric vehicles? What percentage. 5 percent.

So 95 percent of the people, want and are buying, are not electric vehicles. I don't have anything against electric vengeance. But I don't want the government telling me, I have to buy one.

GLENN: Right. And I also would like to see the plan. I've talked to energy people, and they're like, you put the entire fleet on electricity. We're out. We're out. Okay. Hang on. Hang on. Stephen Moore is with us. We're going to continue our conversation here in just a second. Stand by for more.
If -- if we have time, to get to this, with Stephen, I would love to talk to him, and hear his thoughts on the new economic system. That the brick condition. Or countries are putting together. China, Russia, all of them. Brazil. And they are challenging the U.S. dollar. It is coming. You know, I know you might have money in the bank. But if the currency continues to deflate. I don't care if you're Warren Buffett. If your currency. If you have it all in dollars. As it inflates. And we have a challenge. And our reserve currency status goes away. It's paper. That's all it is.

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STU: The promo code is Glenn. We're back with more of where your trillions of dollars are going, next.
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GLENN: All right. We're talking to Stephen Moore, who has gone through the inflation reduction act. Which, can we stop with this?

If it's named the, oh, sweet little puppy did you guys want to give you a hug act, you know it's riddled with bad things. Okay?

Let's go to Stephen Moore, who has been going through this, and you found a few things that maybe we should have paid attention to, or at least read before we signed the bill and voted for it.

STEPHEN: By the way, let me just confess, I tried to make it through the whole bill. It's something like 800 pages.


STEPHEN: So I'm not all the way through it. But I want to make a point here. Glenn, seriously, how many members of Congress do you think read this bill?

GLENN: None. Yeah.

STEPHEN: Zero. They had no idea what's in it. It's some way to run a country, isn't it? Where you're taxing and spending $700 billion more money, and none of them have any idea what's in the bill.

GLENN: I talked to members of Congress and the Senate, all the time. And they tell me. There are only four people, that run the place up there.

And it's McCarthy, Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell. And they get together, and they make all of it. And they say, this is what you're doing. And they put it out, and you don't even get a chance to read it.

STEPHEN: It's worse than that, Glenn. Because the truth is that McCarthy, McConnell, Pelosi. They don't even know what is in this bill. In other words, they didn't write the bill. This is written by some 24-year-old, you know, graduate of, you know, Wesleyan college, who is a left-winger. How do you think this stuff gets in the bill?

GLENN: Well, I would like to know which organizations actually did the bulk of work on it. Because like, the health care bill you remember. I mean, it was not written by anybody actually in the government. When they --

STEPHEN: Exactly.

GLENN: If God forbid, they actually pass regulation on these social media companies, it will all be written by them. It will be.

STEPHEN: Yeah. Yeah. These lobbyists virtually are writing the bills. That's how bad it is.

No. You asked me, what some other stuff in here, that's outrageous. So this is more kind of humorous. So they had this bill -- you know, the bill. It's giving all this money for electric batteries and Tesla. And all the electric cars. But the problem is, of course, that guess where those batteries are made.

GLENN: China.

STEPHEN: China. So then they realize, whoops, we have a problem here. This is a big subsidy program to China. So then they realized, okay. We'll not let you get the subsidies if they were made in China. Then they found that 85 percent of the cars aren't eligible --

GLENN: Right. I think it was the auto industry.

They knew about this. It's weird. The American people didn't know about it. But the auto industry knew about it, and they were like, whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't do that.

STEPHEN: So without China, we have these cars. Right? And, look, it's lunacy.

We have more coal. We have more oil. More gas, than any other country in the world. You know, and natural gas, by the way, is reducing pollution levels.

And so this bill constricts the amount of energy we can -- and don't believe for one minute, this line that this is going to increase our -- you know, our production of oil, gas, and coal. Do you think any of those permits are ever going to get permitted?


STEPHEN: Zero. I mean, the Democrats have already said that.

GLENN: Can you take that on, in any way that relates to this bill, if you can.

You know, people actually believe that it's the oil companies, that aren't doing it. And, you know, we've already talked about ESG, and how that funding has dried up for exploration.

But the government -- is this bill actually opening anything, or is it -- is it designed to hurt the oil and gas industry?

STEPHEN: Well, I mean, just asking the question, answers it, right? This is a president, the one promise that he made, that he's kept, is that remember, when he said, we're having this debate against Trump. I mean to close down the oil and gas industry. And that's exactly what he is doing.

We have a new study out, by my friend Casey mull the ban, who is one of the top economists in the country. University of Chicago. We estimated we would be producing 3 million more barrels a day. A day, if Trump were still president. And we have the laws in place, that we did then. And think about that.

One hundred million -- $100 a barrel. Math is pretty easy here, Glenn. One hundred dollars, times 300. Three million.

That's 300 million dollars a day. A day, the country is losing. Because these lunatics, energy policy.

That's over 100 billion dollars a year, this is costing us.

And I'm sorry, folks. Anyone who actually believes for one minute, that you can run a 23 trillion-dollar economy, that makes cars and steel and manufacture products. And construction products. And the technology industry.

You're going to run that on windmills? It is -- it is -- it is so preposterous.

GLENN: Here's the thing. The reason why we really change the world, and also had that moment in America, after the war. Was because, we had three things. We had -- we had all of the riches of the earth, in -- in here. And we were using them.

We had cheap energy. Not just energy. But cheap energy.


GLENN: And we had educated cheaper labor. Well, the unions got rid of the labor. The education got rid of the other half. The brain power of labor.

STEPHEN: Yep. Yep.

GLENN: We no longer have cheap energy. In fact, we'll have no energy. And we will not take any mineral out of the ground. You got nothing left.

STEPHEN: And, by the way, if -- and you're exactly right about that. We have more mineral resources. This country was incredibly endowed by God with amazing resources. No other country in the world has --

GLENN: White Christian nationalism.

STEPHEN: Yeah. It's like -- it's like there's a 60 trillion-dollar treasury chest, under this country. And the left is saying, don't. Don't dig it up. Don't dig it up.

And -- and that's insanity. And, by the way, how are you going to -- here's the other thing. These people are so stupid. Or else mendacious. How are you going to get the batteries, and all of the -- the -- the solar panels, and the wind turbines, if you don't have these pretty sure metals?

GLENN: Flying monkeys.

STEPHEN: I mean -- really. I mean, my mind is spinning. I want to pull my hair out of the stupidity of these policies. And I'm going to warn people. We are going to have brownouts and blackouts around this country in the next two or three years. If these insane energy policies go forward. No doubt about it, in my mind.

GLENN: I think you're going to see people start to freeze to death in America. In possibly this winter. Just because they won't be able to afford the energy prices.

STEPHEN: And, by the way, just so people don't think you're exaggerating. Did you see the story of what happened in Spain this week?

GLENN: No. Oh, about 80 degrees.

STEPHEN: Yeah. They want to set -- they want to make it illegal, in Spain, because they have a heat wave going on in Europe. To set the temperature of your air conditioner, at less than 80 degrees. 80 degrees.

And, by the way, if we have the same on energy. On electricity, how are we going to power all these electric vehicles?

GLENN: Yeah. So let me ask you this, Stephen. With what we did with Russia. Could we have avoided -- if -- if Trump were still in, and none of this with Russia would have happened. But if this exact situation was happening. But we kept the same energy policies, as Trump had. Would we -- would Europe be in the trouble that it's in today?

STEPHEN: No. But Europe deserves a lot of the blame for itself. It was Donald Trump, remember, a few years ago. Who waved his finger at -- by the way, one of the most overrated people in the last 100 years, is Angela Merkel. She destroyed Germany. She was TIME magazine's person of the year, five years ago.

And Germany is a complete mess right now, and talk about worshiping false gods. And so you're right. Europe fell into this trap of saying, oh, we're going to go with green energy. And then we'll get our natural gas from Russia.

Russia now -- just as Trump predicted. The -- the western Europeans are now dependent on Russia. And Putin for energy. We should be -- we should be exporting our massive amounts of -- of natural gas. To Europe. They should be dependent on the United States. Not Russia. But that's a decision they made. But now we can't export it. Because we can't produce it here in America right now.

GLENN: I'll tell you, what's really frightening and immoral. Besides all of the out of control government that we're having right now. That we're not living our own laws, Constitution, that the American people are being called terrorists now. Beyond all that. The -- the most immoral thing I have seen our country do since the civil rights era, is -- is clampdown on our farmers. Tell our farmers not to grow. Tell our farmers exactly how they need to farm. Take await fertilizer, which will cut our crop yield about 30 percent. Plus, all of the things that we're doing with energy, right now.

The people that will freeze to death, and starve. All around the world. Because the United States is taking this path, all of the people, that we could save from death, starvation, heat, cold, all of that. It is immoral! Because we're the ones that always come in and rescue people. The world has no one to rescue -- rescue them from this. No one.

GABRIEL: It is immoral. It is immoral. And they add to that. For our State Department. And John Kerry, who is the second dumbest person on the planet. To go around to these Third World countries where they don't -- where they literally don't have, you know, electric power. And the women have to still, you know, go a mile. And carry the jugs of water. You know, back to their village. Then we go to these -- and our State Department is saying, don't build coal plants here. They don't have electric power. They don't have clean water.

You should be worrying about climate change. I mean, climate change is something that people, country clubs in America, who make million dollar salaries worry about.

People in Third World countries, who live day to day in deprivation. You want to help people around the world. Let's get them clean water and secure forms of energy. That will move people out of -- and we're not doing that.

GLENN: I'll tell you, Stephen, I think these guys are Malthusian.


GLENN: Every death that happens, reduces what they believe is the surplus population.

And -- and helps also, you know, clean the air. You know, we would be much better off, if we didn't have all these people.

And it's an unspoken thing, for -- for most.

But there are those who actually speak those words. And it is -- it's evil, what is happening. It's just evil. Stephen, thank you so much for all your work. And I don't know why we don't have you on more. I really enjoy talking to you. Good talking to you.

STEPHEN: Good talking with you, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Buh-bye.


‘New research’ finds THIS is fueling monkeypox outbreaks

Thanks to political correctness, we've been told for months now that monkeypox outbreaks simply have been fueled by skin-to-skin contact. But now, as NBC News reports, 'new research' finds there's a more accurate reason for the virus' spread. Glenn details the important update in this clip, and he explains that those telling us to 'follow the science,' maybe weren't following the science...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Give me the monkey pox update music!

Sex between men.

STU: There we go.

GLENN: Not skin contact.

STU: Uh-oh.

GLENN: Is fueling monkey pox. This is according to NBC News and, quote, new research.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Since the outset of the global monkey pox outbreak in May, public health and infectious disease experts have told the public that the virus is largely transmitting through skin-to-skin contact.

In particular, during sex between men. Now, however, an expanding cadre of experts, have come to believe -- have come to believe that sex between men itself, is likely the main driver of the global monkey pox transmission.

STU: No. I won't hear it.

GLENN: Yes. Now, I won't believe how they're differentiated here. Because I think sex requires some skin to skin contact.

STU: Usually does, yeah.

GLENN: I mean, unless they're doing it differently than I am.

STU: Well, I believe they are, in this case.

GLENN: Good. I'm too tired to do this show today. Very good point. A growing body of scientific evidence, follow the science, including a trio of studies published in peer-reviewed journals. So you know you can trust it. As well as reports from national, regional, and global health authorities. Well, now you got me. This is absolutely true. Has suggested that experts may have framed monkey pox's typical transmission route, precisely backward.

STU: But other than that be with they're nailing another pandemic in action.

GLENN: Why was this backward? We all know.

STU: Oh, PC. They didn't want to say.

GLENN: They come from sex. Actual sex. And part of it you can understand, because you didn't want to do it with HIV. Because HIV, remember, it became a gay thing. It wasn't a gay thing. I mean, if you get it through blood, et cetera, et cetera. So they didn't want to make monkey pox a gay thing. Well, that and they also wanted to be politically correct. I mean, if they did want to make it a gay thing. They should have also said, you know what. But it's happening in the homosexual community. By and large. And so you should just avoid, you know, the orgies and the bath spas and stuff like that. But they didn't do it.

STU: It wasn't just the LGBTQIA+ conservatives here. It was also they couldn't even say, how about just stop some promiscuous sex for a while. They couldn't even say that.

GLENN: Just be with a monogamous partner.

STU: Yeah. Protect yourself and don't do it for now.

GLENN: Yes. They didn't do it. So what a surprise, those who tell us, follow the science. Didn't follow the science. And got it precisely, quote, backwards.

STU: Shocking.

GLENN: Which, I'm not going to. I'm not going to...

GLENN: I've got another monkey pox update.

STU: Well, we still have the theme.

GLENN: We do? We have the theme for it?

STU: Yes. It's still available. The monkey pox theme is available. We can play it as many times as we want.

GLENN: Should we save it, or should we do it? You're right, Stu, this is science.

STU: People are suffering.


STU: You know, we have to get the facts out.

GLENN: Right. Now -- this is such a stupid show.

STU: It is.

GLENN: Don't worry, the world is burning down. But we're doing this.

STU: I just love this. Because I know this has happened to me several times. You're walking down the aisle of the grocery store and you're just saying, monkey pox. Monkey pox. And how weird that must look, to a passerby.

GLENN: Okay. So in a completely unrelated story, to the last monkey pox update, gerbils, I'm not making this up -- gerbils and hamsters may have to be put down, in order to control the spread of monkey pox. Now, it's not everybody's gerbil. It is just the gerbils that are found in the houses of people with monkey pox.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes truth is uncomfortable.

STU: And sometimes more detail of a news story is not necessarily --

GLENN: I swear to you, that is an actual news story today.

EXPOSED: Big Gov FAILS to contain HUGE COVID relief fraud

When you have a federal government that operates as if it has an unlimited checkbook, it’s not rocket science to assume some fraud will be involved. But the amount of fraud that took place after D.C. administered HUGE COVID relief checks and programs is SHOCKING. Glenn describes the BILLIONS of dollars of fraud that took place, the failure of government to control it today, and he explains why this is just another example to NOT trust Big Gov…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Now, I don't want to give you another reason to be freaked out by the size and power of our federal government. You know, I think the IRS adding, you know, 87,000 new agents, and the FBI's latest episode at Mar-a-Lago, you know, had been enough. Had been enough. But the New York Times has more great news about what they call, quote, a tidal wave of pandemic fraud. Now, I don't also want to be the guy who says, I told you so. Half of America told you this was a bad idea! But I told you so. And so did half of America. This was a bad idea. The pandemic checks, when they started rolling off the press, there was a lot of people who said, this was the greatest thing ever!

And, you know, it wasn't rocket science to say, you know, I bet when you have a government that operates as if it has an unlimited checkbook, and you just open the floodgates and just gush money in a panic, with zero oversight, I think you're going to get some fraud. It's even more telling when the New York Times admits that maybe this pandemic relief was a bad idea. Because remember, the New York Times thinks almost every single batcrap crazy democratic spending idea is just genius. So to hear them say, quote, trillions of dollars flowed into federal relief programs with few strings and minimal oversight, resulting in one of the largest frauds in U.S. history. End quote. That's pretty remarkable. To put it into perspective, keep in mind, that the current U.S. national debt is over $28 trillion.

In 2020, our leadership approved $3.1 trillion in relief money. And this was to help the unemployed and boost the economy.

Last year, they approved another $1.9 trillion. And, by the way, relief. The relief insanity, totally bipartisan. I mean, sometimes, I guess, conservatives -- you know, forget that they're conservatives at all. You know, it's a bedtime story they tell themselves.

STU: It's an interesting thing to examine closely though. Because we have a complaint, rightly so, over the $1.9 trillion covid bill that came in with Biden.

And the 740 billion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act that just passed. And that is $2.6 trillion of spending. It's significant, Glenn.

But we do tend to overlook that the Republicans signed on for a 1 trillion-dollar plus stimulus package. They signed on to a 280 billion-dollar chips package. Which was supposedly going to --

GLENN: Corporate welfare.

STU: They've had several other spending bills. And that doesn't even include the multiple trillions of dollars, that they all agreed on, when Trump was still president.

So, yes, inflation is more of the fault of the left.

But like, you know, it's -- especially the moderate Republicans that have crossed the line over and over and over and over again here. There's a lot of blame to be placed there as well.

GLENN: It's time for the Republican Party to either go away, or be reborn. A new baptism. Forgive us our sins. And actually stand up again. Because neither side is serious about any of this stuff, when it comes to money. Anyway, there's been so much fraud, related to the $5 trillion that there are now 500 people from the FBI, Secret Service, IRS, Postal Inspection Service, and offices of various inspector generals, working full-time on pandemic fraud cases. There's nearly 500 government employees doing that now. Across all these agencies. The IRS just hired 87,000. And they've got 500 -- well, not just them. All of these agencies have a total of 500 people. 1500 people have been charged so far. 450 people have been convicted. Investigators say, they've barely scratched the surface. The labor department's IG office alone, has 39,000 investigations open. The Small Business Administration, which, by the way, has its own police. Did you know that?

STU: The small --

GLENN: The Small Business Administration.

STU: Has a police?

GLENN: Has a police. Yeah. I didn't know that.

But, anyway, their way of making their way through 2 million potentially fraudulent loan applications, huh.

The SPA usually gets 800 calls per year on their fraud hotline. This time, they've received 148,000 calls from the first year of the pandemic. Now, this is how dumb apparently, we are. Do you remember that 600-dollar unemployment benefit that the federal government offered on top of whatever amount, a job less person received from the state?

Well, applicants weren't even required to provide proof that they lost their job due to covid. They had just the swear that it was true.

Oh, I promise, I promise, I promise. Our government entrusted 5 trillion dollars, to the honor system, at a time in American history, where there is no honor.

Here's some of the examples of some of the fraud, that they missed. Now, this is, again, according to the New York Times. Twenty-nine states paid unemployment benefits to the same person. Twenty-nine states, to the same person.

A Postal Service employee got an $82,900 loan for a business called the U.S. Postal Service. An individual got ten loans for ten nonexistent bathroom renovation businesses, using the email address of a burrito shop.

Multiple people received relief money for their farms.

They were just defining a farm to be their front yard. One scammer used pandemic relief funds, to buy $57,000 Pokémon trading cards. Three hundred forty-two people managed to get small business loans by listing their name as not available, n/a.

Now, no one has any idea how much -- how much money was really lost to fraud here. One official estimated that the improper unemployment payments alone could be about 200 billion dollars.

Just from one part of it. That's almost a quarter of a trillion dollars. From just unemployment fraud. Hmm.

But don't worry. Government has everything under control. You know, we've got things that we don't believe in, anymore. But we're going to reform them.

Yesterday -- yesterday, Rochelle Walensky raked her agency across the coals. And she outlined a plan to overhaul the CDC. She said, we are in real trouble. So she's created a new executive team, to set priorities, and decide how to spend the CDC's annual budget of $12 billion. $12 billion, every year. Yet over a million Americans died from covid. So it doesn't quite add up. One external review of the CDC recommends improvements, including releasing scientific data more quickly to improve transparency. Translating science into practical and easy to understand policy. No. Improving communication with the public.

No, I think we heard them loudly. Training the CDC work to respond better to public health emergencies. All of that begs the question, what they were doing with the $12 billion before?

I mean, this is the what the CDC is supposed to do? So the CDC admitting that it has been a problem, is the first crucial step. But the other steps matter as well.

Okay. Biden administrations DEI virus, has struck again. This time in the CDC. Part of Rochelle Walensky's proposed overhaul includes creating a new equity office.

Now, I was thinking to myself, as we were watching people die in the nursing home. I thought, you know what, but is there equity here?

It's going to keep an eye on all CDC functions from hiring policy, to improve the agency's diversity.

Thank God. I mean, when somebody answers the phone, I need to know that there's a chance that I'm going to talk to somebody who is a transsexual.

You know what I mean? I have to know that.

At least rest assured. I don't want to ask them questions. I just want to know, do we have the right number of homosexuals, heterosexuals? People who think they're an animal of some sort? And then, of course, all the colors of the rainbow. Because that's following science, you know. I don't think disease actually cares about what color you are or who you sleep with. Dr. Walensky didn't even address the footage --

STU: To be fair, some diseases do care who you sleep with.

GLENN: Monkey pox. Monkey pox. Monkey pox. Dr.Walensky didn't address the footage of President Biden signing the bill on Tuesday. Which is really too bad. Because it perfectly illustrates what the CDC and the federal government is about under Joe Biden. Performative theater. At you see it yesterday?

Joe Biden, wearing a mask, to the podium. Takes it off, to cough in his hand. Then proceeds to sign a bill. Hand the pin to people. And then shake hands with everybody, with the hand he coughed into.

STU: And also look like he's completely senile while he's holding the --

GLENN: Completely.

STU: Like, the eyes are empty. There's nothing behind them. Nothing. That's totally a different story. But it's important to point out. If you've watched this video, you've noticed it.

GLENN: Anyway, I started this segment by saying, I don't want to give you any more reasons to worry about the government. Except for those three reasons.


Glenn uses ALL restraint to give Brian Stelter a friendly goodbye

There are two ways to cover Brian Stelter getting fired and the end of his show, ‘Reliable Sources.’ First, you can roast the guy. Or, second, you can give the now former CNN host a ‘Christ-like’ goodbye. Glenn prefers the latter, but he must use ALL self-restraint when Stu plays one particular Brian Stelter flashback clip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

STU: So what's going on in your world, Glenn? Anything you want to talk about today.

GLENN: I mean, there's obviously something you want to mention.

STU: That I want to mention.

No. I don't have -- lack, I guess what you could do is take an inventory of the news stories of the day, right? And start to think if you had any personal connection to them. Let me think. No. That's going on. Well, no. I don't have any personal connection to those stories, do you?

Is there any personal connection, you might feel to any of the major news stories of the day?

GLENN: You know, for those people who are listening right now, and they may not follow the news or have personal connections to the news. They may be wondering, what are you even talking about?

STU: Oh, well.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: We're talking about a potential story that you might want to discuss today, about --

GLENN: Oh, I want to. Oh, I really want to.

STU: An individual from CNN.

GLENN: Well, there's two ways to go. And the two ways to go, would be -- one would be very fun. Very satisfying.

STU: Sure.

GLENN: Funny. Entertaining.

STU: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: Right? And the other one would be Crist-like.

STU: You know, the Bible not always hilarious, I've noticed. You know.

GLENN: No. But usually right.

STU: Yeah. Almost all the time. Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. So it's not that big of a struggle. It's just I'm fighting the urge to be very, very funny.

STU: Well, maybe it's worth instead of talking about today's news, to look back at history, you know. Like, for example, you can look back at the an always of history, to about four years ago, when I was watching, and there was an interview on.

GLENN: All right.

STU: On TV. And the -- the host of the show.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: The show's name was a reliable source.

GLENN: I believe this was easier.

STU: And I believe the interview was supposed to be about one thing. I can't remember at all what that was, coming together, or something like that.

But then it took a turn, about halfway through. And the interviewer, started talking to the interviewee, about how much trouble his business was in.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: Do we have a clip of it?

GLENN: No, come on. No, no, no. No, no. Come on.

STU: Because I was trying to describe it. I can only do it so well. If we have the actual audio.

GLENN: One is arguing justice. One is arguing mercy. Or they say they are. But they're not. All they're doing is playing politics. And the American people are tired of it. Who is actually talking about a solution on this? Who has actually been consistent and cared when it was a Democrat in office. And cared when it was a Republican in office.

You know, those people exist around the country. And they're watching you two. The media, and Donald Trump, playing this little game back and forth. And they're sick of it. They don't want to hear about it, on either side.

VOICE: Because I invited you on, I'm self-aware enough to know that we need to talk about this because I know it's a problem. The mainstream media is having a very hard time -- the mainstream media is having a very hard time reaching Trump's base. That's a fact. We see that in all the polling.

GLENN: Well, then here's the deal. Brian, you all have my phone number. I've reached out to all of you in the past, and said, let's have a conversation, not on the air. You really want to understand? You want to hear the other side?

VOICE: Why can't our viewers -- why can't you tell our viewers right now?

GLENN: My gosh, this is making so difficult.

Because this is all about ratings. This isn't about ratings.

STU: Is it bringing it back?

GLENN: This is about saving our country. Bringing us together. Stop dividing us.

STU: That's nice. Uh-huh.

GLENN: I mean, you --

VOICE: To be fair, you think I'm dividing the country for ratings by booking you?

GLENN: Brian, stop driving -- look at what you're doing. When did this become about you? This is about the media and the administration. That's what you guys want to make it into.

VOICE: If it was about me --

GLENN: Listening to me. Why?

VOICE: If it was me, I would get --

STU: Oh. Is he being -- is that Christ-like?

GLENN: Well, maybe you should.

VOICE: What do you mean make it about me? I don't know how I've made it about me?

GLENN: You just said -- never mind. Look, Brian, if you want to have a conversation. The media really wants to know. Great, we can have that conversation. But every time I've approached, everybody always says yes. But as soon as it gets tough or uncomfortable, nobody is interested. Nobody is interested in looking at themselves, and saying, what did I do? I know what I've done. I know what I've done. I've tried to make amends.

VOICE: Yes. And we talked about that before. I completely agree with you. And we all do need to be self-reflective. Yeah, I do have to ask you. There's this new headline on the daily beast saying your company is trouble, that you're trying to find a buyer. Is this related to the point about people not talking to each other? That if you want to create that media company there's not interest? What's going on with that?

GLENN: Wow. Brian, thanks a lot. I think that's the most ridiculous question I've ever heard. I'm sitting here, ready to talk to you about the detaining of children and parents and trying to break -- break families apart. Something that has been happening with Janet Reno. That's why it went to the Supreme Court in the first place. With Janet Reno. It's been happening. We want to stop it. And you want to play those games. Have a nice day.

VOICE: What game did I just play?

STU: See, Glenn. Now, of course, as you pointed out, there's two ways to go with the news story. And one of the ways is to be incredibly Crist-like, as you were trying to be in that interview there. But Bryan Stelter was interviewing you about how your company was failing. It's weird, because we're -- we're sitting here, at work. For that company. Right now.

GLENN: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: And I don't know what Brian is doing. But not the same thing. Is there anything that you would want to bring up on that. As you point out, there's two ways to go with that news story. Did that help bring you back to the moment a little bit? Watching that clip once again. And watching the quizzical faces of Brian Stelter?

I don't understand. I don't understand how you don't think -- all right. Let me take a quick break here, and talk to you with about the Tuttle Twins pooks.

If you haven't checked out the American History by the time -- by the Tuttle Twins right now, you're running out of time on their offer.

I'm strong. I'm strong. I'm not going to go --

STU: Tuttle Twins are great books. Did they cover these 2018 interview.

GLENN: The audiobooks, and the workbooks that go on right now. You have one more day. Kids don't learn history in school the way it should be taught.

They most likely learn the dates and the places and the names. And the stupid questions. They -- they need the deep story. They need to learn the ideas that makes our country work. I want you to go right now. Today is your last day. You want your -- it is Friday, isn't it? Thank God it's Friday. By the way, I'm going to Gettysburg. I'm going to Gettysburg.

I'm going this weekend. Doing a history thing up in Gettysburg, with a bunch of great people. And that's a sign of a great battlefield right there. Where people just couldn't control their anger. And couldn't work together, to work things out, you know what I mean?

Anyway, so Do it now, before the offer is gone. They're throwing in audiobooks, workbooks, and so much more. You can go there now, and get the deal of the free sample chapter before it's too late. That's Ten-second station ID.
No, it's not.

STU: It's a good exercise.

GLENN: No, it's not good. I just told Stu, as we were taking that ten-second break. That's really hard. Stop it.

STU: Well, I think, you knew I would antagonize you, if you would break on Brian Stelter. But you didn't know that that video was coming. And just to watch you kind of relive those moments. The excited, smug nature of --

GLENN: Don't gloat when your enemy falls. When he stumbles. You do not let your heart rejoice. Or the Lord will see it, and disapprove, and turn his wrath away from him. Just saying.

STU: Look, I would agree --

GLENN: Thought of the day. Thought of the day.

STU: By the way, we should mention Brian Stelter got fired. We didn't mention it. He got let go. 30-year show. Couldn't survive Brian Stelter.

GLENN: I wish him well.

STU: But I will say this, the lesson here is not to do that in 2018. And some of the other things that Brian has done during the last few years. And I pointed it out to people yesterday, who only know Brian Stelter from this recent term. You know, this turn in the Trump era, where he became a left-wing media critic.

GLENN: Let's not get closer to the point.

STU: But like, what I was saying was, I remember him from when we first started on cable news. He reviewed your very first show. It wasn't I would say, a positive review. It wasn't the worst review you've ever had.

GLENN: No, it was fair.

STU: It was fair. And has a written some of the most fair pieces about you, at times.

GLENN: A long time ago.

STU: A long time ago. And I honestly think, he's a really good example of what the Trump era has done to the media. It's broken them. Their anger against Donald Trump, has changed a lot of people who, yes. They may have been liberal. They may have been Democrats. They may have been left-leaning. But it's changed them into completely irrational actors.

GLENN: I don't think that's the only thing. I don't think that's the only thing that has happened. It's also a result of your world being so small. They're in New York City. And New York City comes to New York City. I mean, the world comes to New York City. And, you know, they're working at, you know, these places where you have global reach. And so you think that you are the globe. And you're very informed. And you know everything, because, look, I'm with the best people. And the best people from all over the world. And it's so cosmopolitan here. It's not.

Your friends are all exactly the same.

STU: I agree with you.

GLENN: That's not real life.

STU: I definitely agree with that analysis. But that analysis existed long before 2016.

GLENN: No, I know. But the hatred --

STU: It's changed.

GLENN: But the hatred of Donald Trump.

And the -- and the political agenda. Not everything was political. See, right now, you cannot talk about anything, without it being political. Sports, political. You know, the big Pebble Beach car show, I was watching on CNBC this morning. Big pebble car show. That's political as well. Because they'll be talking about the new cars. The all electric cars, et cetera, et cetera. Why is everyone coming out with an electric car?

Political, politics. I mean, everything now is politics. Who you are, how you see yourself, is now fought out in the political space. That's what's changed.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And the left has gone insane. And people who used to be fairly reasonable, and used to agree with the Bill of Rights. They have been so skewed now, that they -- you know, we have to do things. I'm for the Bill of Rights. But there's things we have to do. No. No. No, there's not. On either side. No, there is not. You don't silence speech. And so they get this -- they just -- just get this snowball rolling, in their own little clique. Where everybody is thinking alike, and you pour hate like gasoline on that fire, and you're done. You're done.

STU: And you're choosing not to go in that direction.

GLENN: Shut up. There's a skin wig right at your finger tips. Our producers went out, and they got skin wigs, and they were like, this is going to be funny. Oh. It would be so funny. It would be so funny. It would be so easy to do, and so good.

STU: But you're choosing to do the right thing. And can we give Glenn a clap.

GLENN: Shut up. You are such a jerk.

STU: He's so well behaved. And such a gentleman.

GLENN: You know you agree with me. Shut up. No. Shut up. You agree. We've talked about it on the air before. You agree with me.

STU: Look, of course, again, I'm easily restrained in a moment like this.

GLENN: Just turn his microphone on off. I don't need this.

STU: This is not a moment I would have trouble. This is a moment I would see how you're struggling. And that's why I want to investigate how you're feeling. Because as a friend, I am concerned, with what you're going through.