Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies

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Part 1 of Glenn’s monologue is above. Part 2 is at the bottom of this page.

Tonight on his TV show, Glenn examined all the evidence that has emerged from the attacks on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. While some in the media are happy to report the pieces as they emerge, no one is stepping back to take a look at the big picture to see what it all means: The President and his administration knew what was going on during the attacks, they knew who was responsible, they didn’t send in the aid or take the security measures needed to stop it. Glenn believes it has also become clear that the White House is covering up the real reason that Stevens was in Libya. And worst of all: President Barack Obama and his team are lying to the American people about all of it.

In recent history, there have been three major scandals from sitting Presidents: Nixon/Watergate, Reagan/Iran-Contra, and Clinton/Lewinsky. In most of those cases, especially Nixon and Clinton, the argument could be made that critics were simply playing politics. And while no one was killed as a result, they undeniably broke the trust of the American people.

Glenn believes that a similar scandal is unfolding today. President Barack Obama is lying to the American people on several issues. Some of them may appear small, like on Romney’s record on the auto-bailout, but others are far, far worse. In fact, Glenn believes that President Obama and his administration is covering the truth behind the murder of Libyan Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans by radical jihadists.

The Romney Op-Ed claim demonstrates his unrepentant ability to lie,” Glenn said. “The President has lied about the attack that killed a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans. And if we can’t get him to tell us the simple truth at the very beginning then there is something wrong, and at the very best it is just a very deep callousness that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before from a sitting President. This man is putting American lives in danger and he doesn’t even seem to care about the consequence of his own actions. He doesn’t care about the lies that he’s telling,” Glenn said.

While Glenn has never believed the official story from the White House on the Libya story, things keep getting worse. Last night, a series of e-mail reveal that the White House was told that the embassy in Benghazi was attacked by al Qaeda-linked radicals two hours after the attack began. The information conflicts with the instances when senior White House officials placed the blame for the attacks and the deaths on an anti-Islamic YouTube video.

The Blaze reports:

White House and State Department officials were informed just two hours after the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11 began that a radical Islamic militant group had claimed responsibility, according to official emails obtained by Reuters.

The emails, reportedly put out by the State Department, specifically mention that the Libyan militant group Ansar al-Sharia had taken credit for the attack almost immediately and called for additional terrorist acts.

The correspondence provides a glimpse into how U.S. diplomats described the fiery assault, as it was happening, to officials in Washington, D.C.

Glenn could not understand why the White House stuck to the YoutTube excuse for the attacks, nor did he know why a Quick Response Force was not deployed from our base in Sicily to help the attacked Americans. He also didn’t understand why Stevens was in Libya to begin with if it was so volatile.

Glenn also reviewed the timeline for the attacks, showing the ample time the military had to not only help once the attack began but to know better than to send the ambassador over there to begin with.

Glenn said that mounting evidence supports a theory he presented on September 17th: That the United States and Ambassador Stevens were providing weaponry to the Libyan rebels to overthrow Ghadaffi. Those guns then fell into the hands of the same radicals who launched the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi.

Glenn said there are too many unanswered questions emerging as we get further and further away from the attacks in Libya. Why was Stevens in Libya? Why was he not helped by American troops? Where was President Obama when the attacks were happening? Was he given the e-mails reporting on the attacks? If not, why? Why did the administration continue to push the YouTube story? Why was Hillary the one to take the fall for the attacks? Why has an Islamist sympathizer tied to Iran and CAIR appointed to investigate the Libyan situation? And where is the press holding President Obama accountable?

“I started the show today from the Oval Office because you have to know if you’re President is a crook. You have to know what our President is up to,” Glenn said.

“Obama is not telling you the truth on these terrorist attacks yet he continues to look you in the eye and say ‘Trust me. I’m your president. Trust me’ and he does it in the same cold calculating way Bill Clinton did it and Nixon did it. I’m sorry America but your President is a liar and this time it is different. It is not about politics, it is not about a personal relationship. This is about your children’s security. No way around this one. Whether you think its important about him lying on the campaign trail or when it ends with four Americans dead and a nightmare to follow there is no way around it. The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies.”

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    President Obama:

    Pathological liar

    He hates this nation and everything about it to the core of his being. In his growing madness he has progressed past compassion, caring and even a trace of humanity to anyone other than himself.

    He sees himself as America, the only one who can fix what has become (to him) unfixable and thus must be destroyed. To Obama we are still a colonial power who has stolen the wealth of the world to deny all others the opportunity to achieve their own equality, and suppressed them for generations.

    Israel, due to the connections of originating from the British Protectate of post WW2, and the support and recognition given it by America, is another mistake to be wiped out. He is using the very means that created the nation in the first place – the UN – to isolate Israel.

    We have a certifiable madman at the head of our country, who controls the armed forces, a private army in the Homeland Security and Americorp, and commands our nations nuclear forces.

    A madman growing more desperate, more uncontrolled and more unstable with each passing day.

    • landofaahs

      And a racist…”typical white woman”.

      • ArthurHopson

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      • Tatyana Solovey

         Thank you,landofaahs,I omited this-RACIST _BIG TIME!!!

    • Matt Driscoll

      Hahaha. The only one who is delusional is you. President Obama and Gov. Romney both stated that they support Israel you ignorant fool. For the love of god please surgically remove your head from Glenn Becks arse and listen to other formats of media around you. Jesus you are the most one sided, delusional, paranoid, sociopaths I have ever encountered in my life. You do not even present real arguments in your posts. All you do is take something Beck says and run with it, then you call it your own hypothesis. At least some of the people on here counter me with facts and actual personal insight, not just crazy ramblings with no actual basis or fact. Explain how he is a “certifiable madman.” Just because you disagree with him as a president? You paint cats in peoples clothes. You have repeatedly expressed that you live alone which must mean you are incapable of having normal human relationships. You obsessively post on this website. You ramble like a conspiracy theorist. You are the certifiable madman Snowleopard. It is you and no one else. I would not even call Greywolf, who seems to have a massive vendetta against me, a madman. You are the one who is a mad man and I think everyone on this site, while they may support some of your ramblings will admit that you seem to be a little off. 

      • NotSoFancyPants

        How mean.  The story is about what
        happened in Libya and why we are not getting the truth from our
        president and why the media is not holding the administration’s
        collective feet to the fire over it. All you did was viciously attack
        another poster because you disagree with her.  Isn’t that what you yelled at her for?  Where’s YOUR “real argument”?   And by the way, Obama
        supports Israel when pigs fly…  That was just another bold face lie by
        our president.  He regularly snubbs and insults Netanyahu.  His pastor of decades,
        the man who married him and baptised his children, is a self-admitted,
        strong anti-semite.  Wow.  What does this guy have to do to get you to
        see the truth about him??  Talk about blinders…. 

        • TheRealObamaCoverUpClickHere

           Now is the time to vote out Obama and put an end to his commie-unity organizing agenda…
          New World Order leaders have been exposed
          Obama Osama
          Biden BI nla DEN
          Americans are waking up to the truth and the cover up

        • Tatyana Solovey

          Obama is the worst anti-semite of all American presidents.
          Demagoge and Liyer!

          If he and Hillary will get away with Libya,I don’t know what to say
          The media cover up and play-it-down is disquasting and stupid.

          Feel terrible sorry for these young guys-heroes who lost their lives because of the ignorance,unprofessionalism and G-d knows what from this so called Administration.
          I hope this tragedy will be investigated real good,and the justice will be served!
          Obama must resign or be impeached for this nightmare.

      • Anonymous

        Your an uninformed idiot. If you dont like it and you get so pissed off you rant about things you have no clue about you should look else where to find like minded dilusional pathetic Obama supporters… theres a few out there. You talk about facts and yet in all your rambling you have no facts of your own. Pull your head out of your own arse dumba–. I think everyone on here can think and rationalize for themselves

      • Xander

        Matt, I understand what you desire in a conversation regarding the facts and insight. However, I question why you would comment this on someone’s ramblings and venting. You say, “Explain how he is a “certifiable madman.” and then 2 or 3 sentences later you call this Snowleopard guy a certifiable madman, with no “real” basis either.
        No worries, but kinda funny. Reminds me of kindergarten.

      • Anonymous

         you make a good point, if you only listen to people you agree with then you can convince yourself of anything

      • Debora Cintron  You will find humor in this video.

      • Sam Fisher

        But Obama doesn’t support Israel. It is funny that you actually believe him despite the facts not only he told them to go back to 1967 broader that would leave Israel could be attack easily by Iran. That does not sound like a friend.

        • Winston Blake

          Sodom Hussein Obama

      • greywolfrs

         I have a vendetta against you? Believe me, if I did, you would know it. Your stupidity is the problem, nothing else.

      • Anonymous

        Saying one thing but doing something entirely different is enough for any intelligent person to know that Obama does not support Israel.  His remarks with Sarcosy. His proposal to return to the 67 border.  Leaving the head of Israel to cool his wheels while Obama went off to dinner elsewhere. Refusing a meeting with Netanyahoo when all hell is breaking loose. Has never met with Israel’s head in Israel. Then there is his conversation with Medveded; tell Putin that I’ll have more flexability after I am re-elected!  Matt Driscoll you are a fool and a troll.

      • DietNot


      • David Bowman

        Matt, there is a genuine difference. We hear what Romney says, but we SEE what Obama does, which does not agree with what he says. Open your eyes.

      • Tatyana Solovey

         Instead of insulting of wise people,first learn how to read and understand what you read
        Also would be cool to know what does it mean “to live alone -means to be uncapeble of having normal human relationship?”
        Surprised even to see you on Glenn’s site-GO to Nikolodeon.
        We will survive without your dumb comments.

      • Anonymous

        It’s relatively easy to say you support something: it doesn’t make it true though.

    • Tatyana Solovey

      I’d like to add something to Obama’s picture,that snowleopard omitted occasionally:

      Friend and great pupil of Jeremy Wright
      Marxist(watch” 2016 Obama’s America” movie)
      Patalogical Liyer
      No class,No style ,No manners!
      Sorry,if I omitted something.

      Disaster and disgrace for our country!
      Should be impeached for Bengazi,not to have an option for re-election!!!

      Can he get away with these murders?!!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    President Obama:

    Pathological liar

    He hates this nation and everything about it to the core of his being. In his growing madness he has progressed past compassion, caring and even a trace of humanity to anyone other than himself.

    He sees himself as America, the only one who can fix what has become (to him) unfixable and thus must be destroyed. To Obama we are still a colonial power who has stolen the wealth of the world to deny all others the opportunity to achieve their own equality, and suppressed them for generations.

    Israel, due to the connections of originating from the British Protectate of post WW2, and the support and recognition given it by America, is another mistake to be wiped out. He is using the very means that created the nation in the first place – the UN – to isolate Israel.

    We have a certifiable madman at the head of our country, who controls the armed forces, a private army in the Homeland Security and Americorp, and commands our nations nuclear forces.

    A madman growing more desperate, more uncontrolled and more unstable with each passing day.

  • Steven Chandler

    Great reporting.  Where is CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC etc.?

  • Anonymous

    I hope Glenn ,Stu ,Pat and your viewers ponder over this thought that obama might of be doing this hidden agenda  on purpose he know that  he knows that be found out at sometime that he is arming terrorists!!! Is to give the Muslim Brotherhood,extremists radicals and Iran a more free rein in the free world !!!  Because what obama is doing by arming terrorists is losing United Stated creditability in the eyes of the free world and at the U.N so United State cannot keep it’s leadership in keeping up a united free world front against terrorists and sanctions against rogue state that sponsor terrorists!!! .  How can U.S complain about Iran sponsoring and arming terrorists fractions while we are doing the same in Libya,Syria, military aid to Egypt and now Jordan,don’t forget the Mexican drug gangs with ties to terrorists fractions !! It like the pot calling the kettle black we have no grounds for filing complaints against Iran !!  By destroying U.S creditability and making our leadership as a joke ,,he also destroying the free world united front on terror to give them more of a free rein for Muslims caliphate to rule the world !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way this can be reformatted to include the transcripts for the two monologues? It would make it much better for emailing. This needs to get out, quick! Thanks!

    • Judy C. Pierce


  • Anonymous

    What will happen to us if Obama is re-elected. Please share this story with your friends on face book and twitter. We must get the word out so that we can get this man out of the oval office. 

  • Jake

    i thinki have soildmyself, sickend to the core, stresed to the maxand mad  as hell, what have we done?what has america becom? such sarro for all who have spilt thair blood to give us freedom ,and we let them take it away, god bless us all! and all who have sacraficed it all, god bless america, and ower alies, god bless ower children and children to come.  so we see the truth as it unfolds before us, and do nothing , so obama must have thaught the ambassador was exspedable for the cause, and lies be for us all s if we are nothing, i predickt that mrs. clinton to will be sacraficed for obamas cause before she has a chance to leak the truth and maybe many more, he will eclai marshall law, and terrorist will roam ower streets,ape ower weman ad chldren, as  are masacured and over taken from within, when will we take a stand all for one and one for all? as one americaand take ower county back? take over the white house, and give him a just and speedy tryal? when? or will we just set and waight as we all just wach and do nothing , we need to stand togather like w have befor and rebuild americaas the greate place it it once was,

  • Anonymous

    Why should anyone believe glenn beck’s criticism of the President?
    glenn has already called the President a racist!
    glenn has already attacked the President’s innocent daughter!!
    glenn continues to promote and praise ann coulter who doesn’t see any problem in minimizing the work of Americans who are mentally challenged!!!

    • landofaahs

      Obama is a racist.  He called his grandmother a typical white woman.  But then he is a typical liberal.

    • landofaahs

      By mentally challenged I assume you mean liberals.

    • VindicatorX

      He is a racist, and so are you.

      We can’t help you with Ann Coulter. Face the reality that you have limitations, adapt and overcome.

    • SoThere

      Again with the fixation on little children strtlk!  You’re sick!

      Are you upset with Coulter because you’re mentally challenged strtlk.  You put your ignorance on display here almost daily.

      Friends, strtlk is a bigoted hate monger and he posts his garbage here for everyone to see.

      The cockroach is back!

    • VindicatorX

      Your continual idiocy has, of course, been flagged. I flag all of your comments because they are always loaded with lies, and you are a pathological liar. There was no attack of Obama’s child, that has been disproven by rational thinking people – which you are not.

      You are the mentally challenged here, and what you do cannot be characterized as work, unless you consider being a world class idiot and liar work.

      Screams of racist coming from you are about as effective as firing a slingshot loaded with cotton balls at a terrorist toting an AK-47. 

      Why don’t you show some mercy for yourself and quit? Oh, back to the mental limitations you suffer from, I suppose. 

      “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

    • greywolfrs

       Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. Still spouting the same lies. You are a complete moron.

  • landofaahs

    You forgot to add that he is a crook…and a trojan horse muslim…and hopefully a one termer.

    • Anonymous

      Let hope if looks like obama going to lose big time in the election. I hope that we don’t have a October surprise by the Muslims cells in our  country !!! Ya both obama and radicals Muslims are putting on good act playing that they are enemies and the Muslims Brother Hood are falsely playing the good Muslims to be the White House communication link and with obama help infiltration of our government departments and super tools provided by obama of greatly expanded patriot powers to snoop on  every e-mail,phone call,fax ,texts ,every movement by drone scan that can ID us and make records for complete control. Let say obama got he chess pieces in position for October surprise move of check mate of complete control of U.S  individuals  citizens with stealthy taking away our rights!  The move will be that his cohorts of radical Muslims cells to save their Trojan horse in the White House will stage  numerous attacks  in our malls,movie theaters,nightclubs etc !  Then obama will declare marshal law ,cancel elections ,attain a another illegal four years to seize more power taking away more of our rights and freedoms and slipping in Shari Law !!! Or during obama lamb duck session have this terrorist outbreak and claim Marshal Law and say during  War it’s not time to change leadership !!!!   Let face the facts obama is capable of doing anything and stooping to any level to get what he wants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The downfall of U.S as we know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coach

    Obama Voter Fraud Starts in North Carolina! October 24; GREENSBORO, N.C.–The presidential election is just around the corner and voting issues have already become a problem in Guilford County, N.C.

    On Monday, several voters complained that their electronic ballot machine cast the wrong vote. All the complaints were made by people who voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location.

    One of the voters, Sher Coromalis, says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote the machine “defaulted” to President Obama.

    “I was so upset that this could happen,” said Coromalis.

    Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says the problem arises every election. It can be resolved after the machine is re-calibrated by poll workers.

    “It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Gilbert said.

    Yeah, right. The voting machines just need to be “recalibrated” after the MASSIVE FRAUD IS EXPOSED. Those “poll workers” need to be polygraphed.

    After the third try, Coromalis says she was able to get her vote counted for Gov. Romney but was still annoyed. “I should have just mailed it in,” Coromalis said.

    Marie Haydock, who also voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location, had the same problem. “The frustration is that every vote counts,” said Haydock.

    Similar problems were later reported in Jamestown and Pleasant Garden, but elections officials say the machines have since been fixed and no more problems have been reported.

    So far, more than 930,000 people have cast their ballot in North Carolina, 12 percent of the states registered voters. But how many Romney voters didn’t notice their votes had been changed to Obama, and then went home thinking they voted for Romney? How many? Hundreds? Thousands? A hundred thousand? More?

    And if it happened in N.C., where else is it happening? How many hundreds of thousands or millions of early votes have already been changed? Voters beware! Obama will stop at nothing to defraud the American people and be re-elected.
    See the video:

  • Coach

    Dear Abby: 

    I am a crack dealer in Beaumont,
    Texas, who has recently been
    diagnosed as a carrier of HIV virus. My
    parents live in Fort Worth. 

    One of my sisters lives in Pflugerville and is married to a transvestite. My
    father and mother have recently been arrested for growing and selling
    marijuana. They are financially dependent on my other two sisters, who are
    prostitutes in Dallas. 

    I have two brothers: one is
    currently serving a life sentence at Huntsville
    for the murder of a teenage boy in 1994. My other brother is currently in jail
    awaiting charges of sexual misconduct with his three children.

    I have recently become engaged to marry a former prostitute who lives in Longview. She is a part time ‘working girl’. 

    All things considered, my problem is this. I love my fiancée and look forward
    to bringing her into the family. I certainly want to be totally open and honest
    with her. 

    Should I tell her about my cousin who supports Barack Obama for President? 


    Worried About My Reputation

    • Carly Guerrero


    • Scott Young


  • Coach

    Obama’s Muslim Religion

    you ever wondered how Obama, who was born and raised as a Muslim, was/is able
    to supposedly choose to become a Christian and thus renounce Islam? Simple. A
    Muslim’s right to renounce Islam and to join another religion is called
    apostasy, and it is not permitted for Muslims to reject their faith. So if a
    Muslim were to leave Islam and adopt another religion, they would thereby be
    committing an unpardonable sin in the eyes of Islam.

    fact, and according to the Grand Mufti, “Islam prohibits a Muslim from changing
    his religion and it’s a crime that must be punished.” Changing religions from
    Islam to another faith is interpreted as an act of apostasy, and the Islamic
    mindset dictates that all such apostasies can undermine the foundations of
    Muslim societies.

    clarification, an apostate in Islam is a Muslim who rejects Islam after being
    either born into it or after embracing it as a convert from some other
    religion.  An apostate is looked upon as worse than an infidel who has
    never professed faith in Allah and Mohammad as his prophet or in any way
    practiced Islam. 

    in Islam is equal to treason. In Islam, politics and religion are
    inseparably intertwined. A famous fundamental expression in Islam says it all,
    “Islam is a religion and a state,” and the Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever
    changes his (Islamic) religion, kill him.” In other words, imprisonment,
    torture (the cutting off of hands and feet), and execution.

    are, however, a few types of situations in which Muslims would not be counted
    as liable for rejecting the faith. Ignorant mistakes, misunderstandings about
    Sharia Law and instances of coercion to renounce Islam would fall into this
    category. And of course the principle of Al Taqeyya makes the provision
    that any Muslim who renounces Allah and/or his prophet Mohammad to preserve his
    own life or to infiltrate the camp of his enemies, is not guilty of apostasy.
    Such is solely permitted in situations wherein the Muslim was giving lip
    service as opposed to the true feelings of his heart.  (See Sura 16:106)

    To be specific, and
    according to the principle of Al Tageyya, a Muslim can pretend to be one of
    them … to befriend infidels (in violation of the teachings of Islam) and
    display adherence with their unbelief to prevent them from harming him.

    Under the concept of
    Tageyya and short of killing another human being, if under the threat of force
    or when attempting to infiltrate an enemy camp or fool an enemy (infidel), it
    is legitimate for Muslims to act contrary to their faith. In this case, his
    mission will have been sanctioned by a high-ranking religious cleric and the
    following actions are acceptable:

    Drink wine, eat pork flesh, and skip fasting during
    Renounce belief in Allah and abandon prayers.
    Kneel in homage to a deity other than Allah.
    Utter insincere oaths.

    And who might do such a thing?
    Muslims migrating to Western countries such as the United States under the guise of
    being political refugees or students. They will live and work in our
    communities, attend our schools, join the military, infiltrate our government
    and intelligence agencies, become citizens, run for public office, and pretend
    to be one of us … but they’re not … for in reality they are and will always be
    our most deadly enemies. Get the picture?

  • Coach

    Obama’s “Forward” Plan for the


    In the
    beginning was the Plan.

    And then
    came the Assumptions.

    And the
    Assumptions were without form.

    And the
    Plan was completely without substance.

    And the
    darkness was upon the face of the Democrats.

    And they
    spoke amongst themselves saying:

    “It is a
    Crock of Crap, and it stinketh.”

    And so the
    Democrats went unto the Campaign Managers and said:

    “It is a
    pail of dung and none may abide the odor thereof.”

    And the
    Campaign Managers went unto the Presidential Advisors and said unto them:

    “It is a
    container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”

    And the
    Presidential Advisors went unto the Chief of Staff and said:

    “It is a
    vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength.”

    And the Chief
    of Staff went unto the Vice President and said unto him:

    contains that which aids growth, and it is very strong.”

    And the
    Vice President, a powerful but stupid individual, went unto the First Lady and proclaimed:

    promotes growth and is extremely powerful.”

    And so the
    First Lady, ignorant as always, went unto her husband, the President, and
    whispered unto him:

    “This new
    plan will actively promote the growth and efficiency of this entire Administration,
    and in the areas of same-sex marriage, abortion, welfare, and immigration in

    And the incompetent
    and self-infatuated President looked upon the Plan and saw that it was good,
    and so the Plan became Policy.


    And this is
    how Poop becomes White House Policy.


    Courtesy of

  • landofaahs

    Obama; The blame America first candidate.  Obama is the first black Jimmy Carter.

  • Anonymous

    “Is it too late for a beer summit?”

    “Joe Doakes”

    October 25, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    As I reflect on your “Presidency” it is difficult for me to accept the veracity of your criticisms of then President George W. Bush as anything other then an attempt to get citizens to vote for you on the basis of a series of lies.  These lies were, and are, legion.  Global Warming.  Ending lobbyist influence.  Being transparent. Bringing the troops home.  Closing Guantanamo.  Ending “torture,” your term of office is far worse than water boarding by the way.  The debts and the deficit.  One wonders if we need a government agency to regulate what you say because it is so damaging to the country!  The fact is we do.  That governmental agency is constituted of “We The People.”  Let’s call it WTP for short.  You see when things really go awry in this nation and Gloria Allred and Donald Trump have dueling insanity then you know it is time for the WTP to step in and elect citizens who will work to solve our problems and not make them worse by lying about them.

    WTP have had it.  I see so many people around me checking out, some permanently, one wonders what you liberal democrats truly want.  Do you want to protect the American family or cause the heads of them to blow their brains out on their kids swing set?  Because this nation has been committing suicide since you assumed office.  Voices on the left have floated every piece of malarky that could bob along the nations consciousness held up by a left wing media whose only mission is to keep the lies floating long enough to obtain goals that will sink this nation financially if allowed to extend to their natural conclusion.  Kind of reminds me of a marriage gone bad.  Both parties try to keep up appearances, but in the end, all they have done is waste time while the family goes broke – seen this act – and I do not wish it on this nation for one flat second, but here we are.

    The generation assuming control of this nation was ripped off by your generation.  You accomplished this because we were too young and we thought you had our best interests at heart.  What we have realized is that you are only interested in your interest not ours.  Your only concern is enriching yourself at our expense; not for some productive purpose like Steve Jobs or Mitt Romney did.  We are so flat tired of getting the shaft by people like you it is almost intolerable.  But, thieves and liars will steal and cheat until somebody steps in to stop them.  I’ve tried to do my part to stop this as I review my effort I wonder if I gave it the “maximum effort” that was required.  It’s wrong to promise something you are not prepared to deliver personally to people who are destitute and suffering.  In fact it’s a moral crime.

    On November 6, 2012, “We The People” will be choosing a man that stuck by his wife, stuck by his church, and when he saw a need to serve as the Governor of a troubled state he sought to lead it, and then worked hard to accomplish those goals that that state desired to be met.  I cannot fathom a better guy for this job at this point in history then that guy.  You had your chance.  You blew it.  Time for us to fix it.

    We will.


    Joe Doakes

  • Anonymous

    You are the American Taliban…
    Ideological purity

    Compromise as weakness

    A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism

    Denying science

    Unmoved by facts

    Undeterred by new information

    A hostile fear of progress

    A demonization of education

    A need to control women’s bodies

    Severe xenophobia

    Tribal mentality

    Intolerance of dissent

    A pathological hatred of the US government

    You can call yourselves the Tea Party. You can call yourselves
    Conservatives. You can even call yourselves Republicans. But we should call you what you are:
    The American Taliban.

    • Anonymous

       You crack me up, or is it your arrogance that amuses me?

      Let the debunking of the debunker begin.

      “Ideological purity” – it’s true, conservatives are willing to compromise and work across the political isle

      “Compromise as weakness” – compromise does not mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it might mean, seeking a new solution for emptying the tub.

      “A fundamental belief in scripture literalism” – If one listens to God, instead of the many doctrines of men – one finds the bible literally means what it says.

      “Denying science” – science not only backs up the word of God 100%, one also finds God is the master scientist”

      “Unmoved by facts” – right – he who has the facts is unmovable.

      “Undeterred by new information” – right again, as long as the information is based on facts.

      “A hostile fear of progress” – Holding on to that which is proven to work, is somehow inferior to that which is proven not to work?

      “A demonization of education” – only when children are forced to see only one side of the argument.

      “A need to control women’s bodies” – Allowing all women access to birth control and securing the safety of an innocent baby, in fact stopping the act of murder  on the unborn is controlling in what way?.

      “Sever xenophobia” – Its not the race or color of ones skin – but it is what lies between the ears…many people are simply evil.

      “Tribal mentality” – like say for instance, the women’s rights movement, or the unions, let us not forget homosexuals for instance…right you are again

      “Intolerance of decent” – when those of us, who have joined forces with others who want only our destruction – intolerance is a healthy commodity.

      “A pathological hatred of the US government” – only in its current socialistic form, The US has a constitution, we would do well to live by it

      You can call yourself educated and enlightened. You can try to re-invent the wheel, but your efforts inevitably will fall short. You can rename yourself as OWS, or you can call yourself a Liberal or a  Progressive – you can even call yourselves Democrat – but we shall call you what you are – a bunch of spoiled rotten brats, who’s natural affection for truth and understanding for what which works and that what doesn’t work, has never been obtained, and why,  because you are looking in all the wrong places. Frankly speaking – you are un-American in almost every way.

  • Leah Chudnovski

    SAD TRUTH: No matter how valid Glenn Beck’s points are, people will dismiss them because Glenn Beck is making them… talk about being biased


    BlowBack like Monica tells Bill to recommend resigning for Hil on Wheels. She could be held for Treason for ignoring pleas from the Embassiter for the sake of Hussein’s election

  • Linda Kline

    Folks get out and vote, encourage everyone you know to vote Obama out of office. If we don’t we won’t have a country in another four years. 

  • David Grant Robinson

    In today’s world of satellite surveillance,  Sat Phones, world wide radio links, cell phones, secure land line phones,telex and telecom links we are to believe Washington did not watch,hear, and talk with the Embassy under attack for two weeks ?But we are supposed to believe that in a country with less than 25% internet access and limited free speech access that everyone spontaneously happened to find, observe and share an obscure video in English, translate it and were all so upset they spontaneously went out and easily found heavy arms,learned how to use them and then all happened to decide to go attack the embassy at the exact same time.

  • windtalker700

    At this point if Obama said something truthful I would probably drop dead. “Top story of the our” today president Obama actually told the truth about something. ” Bamm” I think I would literally drop dead.

  • Elizabeth

    He was too busy scheduling his tv appearances instead of making sure our diplomats were safe from harm. He doesn’t care who dies, just about his celebrity status!

  • Janice Wood Jordan

    He simply has no conscious. 

  • Sally Henry

    Glenn thank you for bringing us the truth, I knew right from the first time I heard that it was not because of a Utube video that this attack happened, I knew they were lying, not because it came from this administration, but because I felt it in my spirit, it was a God given revelation.  I feel that this untruthful story was a disgrace to the Americans who want to know the truth, and it was like they were saying “If you  believe this one, how blinded the American people have become”?   God is opening the eyes of our hearts to those who want to know the truth, and it will set you free from the darkness of this world!    Thanks again Glenn for standing for the truth and letting God use to bring this truth to us!!  Take heed America!!!

  • Claudinei Gois de Oliveira

    Pure pro-war conspiracy and… of course… anti-Obama…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and it’s Obama who’s pro-war. However, Barack prefers to lob bombs from ships offshore and to “lead from behind” when he overthrows a government. He also prefers drones and assassinations rather than getting all mixed up in trials and what not. All this makes it easier to  live with himself when he looks at that Nobel Peace Prize sitting on his desk. What an enormous fraud he is, in every respect.

  • Sam Grasso
  • VindicatorX

    Murderous lies from a cold blooded narcissist. That is what the ignorati have elected as our President. Vote to remove him from power, and let’s see some prosecutions!

  • Ben

    I honestly would like an answer.  Why did Bill Clinton get impeached yet Obama remains in office with the ability to stay another 4 years? He is guilty of so much more horrible crimes!  Don’t get me wrong I believe Bill Clinton diserved what he got, but what does it take to get this evil man out of office???

    • Anonymous

      Clinton wasn’t impeached, you a-historical fanatic!

      • landofaahs

        He was impeached bu the House of Reps.  Fact.  Do you even know what impeach means.  It does not mean removal from office.

      • greywolfrs

         Clinton was impeached by the House, dunce.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is going to be done about this.  I have NEVER in my lifetime seen so much cover up.  No one dares to touch any information about Obama.  The left wont even read anything negative about him.  They call it propaganda. The are blinded fools.

    • Anonymous

      Never ever in you lifetime? Where you not alive during the Bush years?

      • greywolfrs

         You really shouldn’t drink, your brain is already mush.

        • Anonymous

          No, my friend. I don’t drink. I think you are thinking of yourself.

          • greywolfrs

            My bad, put the crack pipe down. Never do a drug named after a part of your ass.

  • Jim Clement

    Preach it brother Glenn. You’re the only one I truly believe at the end of the day. Wish you were running. Maybe I’ll write you in on my ballot. Actually that seems like a great idea!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies… Glenn finally got around to address the “weapons of mass destruction” conspiracy that led us to a unjustified war that broke our economy. Kudos, Glenn!

    • NotSoFancyPants

      The war didn’t break our economy.  Obama did.

      • Anonymous

        And Mickey Mouse really exists.

        • Anonymous

          Four more years will complete the destruction. Is that the aim of he and his followers. Just think, You are part of the cause. We are part of the solution.

          • Anonymous

            The fantasy you allow yourself to believe!!!

    • greywolfrs

       The war that broke the economy? WOW! Where do you get this shit? Please, do yourself a favor and pull your head out of your ass.

  • Anonymous

    Let me sum this up so its really CLEAR.  Emails sent to everyone including president said what it was and nowhere did it say anything about an attack by a mob because of a video.  So either the president new it was an attack by terrorists because of the now proven intelligence they were all given, and just blatantly lied about it being a video that caused a mob. Or he didn’t really know what went down so they made this story up about a video.  Either way.  The REALITY.  THE PRESIDENT EITHER LIED and if he didn’t lie…  HE SHOULD BE FIRED FROM HIS JOB BECAUSE IF YOU ARE PRESIDENT AND SOMEHOW DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS ACTUALLY GOING ON WHEN EVERY ONE IN YOUR HIRED INTELLIGENCE IS GIVEN THE INFORMATION AND YOU SOMEHOW DON’T GET THIS INFORMATION, AND LETS JUST SAY THEY GIVE YOU A FALSE STORY ABOUT A VIDEO TO SAY.   IT IS YOU WHO HIRED THEM AND IT IS YOU WHO MUST FIRE EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR YOU AND THEN FIRE YOURSELF FOR HIRING ALL OF THEM!!!

    • Anonymous


  • Kisha Deann Majors

    Re-sharing the video clip’s.  Both of them.  My family and friends will be watching.  At least the one’s who actually care to.  I am with you Glenn… This all does “stink” to high hell.  God Bless!  Keep spreading the truth.  We are listening!!!

  • Anonymous

    President Obama is not the only one with blame…don’t misunderstand, there is an army of reporters who routinely give the green light, to go ahead with anything labeled Liberal or Progressive, but, they pull out all the stops when the issue is a Conservative matter. Remember when Bush went into Iraq – the MSM wouldn’t let the story die, reporting continuously that WMD had not yet been found. George Bush the Warmonger, were the daily headlines  featuring front page stories that the president had no reason to start yet another middle east conflict. Today’s press is quite the opposite, they have become as quiet as a mouse in a cheese factory, when it comes to asking the tough questions of why America has not yet, done anything in answer of the attacks perpetrated on 9/11 2012 – mainly, in response to our Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans who butchered to death.

    Why does the press look at the world from the perspective as Conservative or Progressive? When in fact, both stories refereed to from above effect all Americans? The MSM did all that it could possibly do, to cover up any information concerning WMD in Iraq, stockpiles that have now been discovered in Syria, still nothing – why? And when the press should be demanding answers about the Libyan ordeal, again nothing, why?

    The only answer there can possibly be is that – the American Free Press is anything but – for it has its own political agenda regardless of what over half of the country wants.

    • VindicatorX

      I agree with you – they have put on a shameless display of bias this past decade. Before then, (GWB beating Wooden Al), things were a bit more subtle, but the bias toward liberals was still there.

      The press has failed it’s obligations to the people. How can we let them know we aren’t happy with their performance? Newsweek got the message last week when they had to stop the print version. How far behind them can US News and Time be?

      The bad part is there is a whole generation who relies solely on the internet for information, and anyone who has used the web to research anything knows there are gaping holes in the information available to the public. The less accomplished casual user of the internet as an information source is perfectly happy with the information they get. With the move to the internet, there needs to be an understanding relayed to the masses that you don’t get any more accurate of a picture there than you used to get from more traditional media.

      Another consideration is the common search engines even have bias built in. Google is unabashedly liberal. It helps to use multiple search engines when you look things up.

      This site is good because you don’t have to use just one source for information – some are regional, some are specialized but in reality most people just Google or Bing or Yahoo news stories. That’s why opinions a lot of people express seem manipulated – they get only what the search hands them and they don’t question why.

      • Anonymous

         A resulting factor in our left leaning press, is an America that has lost its credibility around the world. We’re not the only nation who rely on facts. Other nations also have their own intelligence agencies, back-checking the so-called reporting done here in the States. It has to be somewhat comical to be a participant in their round-table discussions, when trying to put a finger on the reporting done here across the pond.

        I’ve used the search engine list you’ve supplied – I will frequent “Qrobe” as it uses multiple search engines as well. Other news outlets such as SPIEGEL ONLINE is a good source for international news.Often times I’ll read reliable stories there, well before the hit the press over here.   

  • Anonymous

    I often hear pundits and commentators say they don’t know why Obama does or says the things he does particularly because they are harmful to the best interests of America. This is simple to resolve. If you take an hypothesis that Obama is a Muslim at heart with strong Socialist, Communist and Marxist ideology and compare that to his actions and give less importance to his words you will see that his heritage, friends, collaborators and actions show that he is true to his ideology. His actions are understandable for one whose desire is the downfall of America and the rise of Islam. Making a lot of money and becoming dictator would also be congruent.

  • windtalker700

    I believe the best
    explanation so far was the attack was successful because the Feds were worried
    a strong military or security presence might offend the Libyans. The cover up
    that followed is absolutely irreprehensible.  You cannot be responsible in leadership if you
    are not willing to be held accountable for your mistakes!  People are dead, the cover up continues, and
    the main stream media is still treating the president like some kind of propaganda
    worthy rock star. There are no words to describe how disgraceful this is. I can’t
    help but wonder where Ambassador Steven’s family is on this. Why aren’t they
    speaking out ?

  • @Ricardo Davila

    Ok, #beck has finally become #alex jones.  This is classic conspiracy theory maneuvers. The way beck put this information together is the same way that 9/11 truthers prove an inside job. Also the way we never landed on the moon.  beck, please contact alex jones so you two can hash this out and give us a complete theory. By the way, I believe alex thinks Bengazi was a false flag. 

    • Anonymous

      @ @twitter-22444099:disqus ,

      Please provide an alternate rational explanation.
      I won’t hold my breath………

  • Debora Cintron

    You are a narcissistic fool to think American’s are going to hear you rambling on with no content of what is really a lie? Disparate in your  tactics……miscommunications are always misconceived by the deceivers……DRAMA!

    • Anonymous

      Pot smokers for Romney/Ryan!

  • Haropd Titsonbeli sr

    Who and why(goals).I believe we are witnessing the most threatening(potentially) propaganda campaign in history,thank you. signed humble Harry

  • Anonymous

    the president is being given way too much micromanaging credit on this one.
    and lets not act like this is new for a president to lie like this.  Reagan with Iran-Contra and other dealings (which weren’t bad ideas but he still lied), Bush, whether he personally knew the intelligence was fabricated bullshit or not, used false information to justify the iraq war (which really pissed off powell).
    It’s terrible for the president to try to cover up failures like this but obama is not unique in his doing this.

    • americanathlete

       Don’t forget William Jefferson Clinton.

      • Anonymous

         very true, i only left him out b/c it was a bit of a different situation.
        while we’re at it we can throw in the gulf of tonkin, and the cause of the spanish american war and maybe even the mexican american war.

  • Haropd Titsonbeli sr

    I WOULD OFFER THE “” and view the role of “liberalism in the decline of western civilisation”view the info and see for yourself……humble Harry

  • Debora Cintron

    This is how American thinks about your subliminal horseshit…racist opinions…not facts…OPINIONS are not LIES Glenn Beck. Do you really think people are fools?

    • Anonymous

      I think people who believe in Obama are fools. Cintron = fool.

    • greywolfrs

       You are a fool.

  • Debora Cintron


    Here is how disparate the Republican party is in getting
    American’s to believe more drama. We can’t distinguish fact from
    fictions….opinions from lies? GLEN BECK….. OPINIONS are NOT LIES.

    • Anonymous

      Pot smokers for Romney!

  • Becky Nutter Strong

    Thank you Glenn for telling the truth, it is amazing to me that so many in this country can not believe the truth when they hear it. It is so dark now, if Obama gets re-elected I believe that it will be the beginning of the new dark ages. All we can do is pray, that for the few that are left in this country that still believe that he is in control and can get us through this mess, just like Abraham, and Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah, ( if there be 50 righteous will you save the land all the way down to 10 and there weren’t even 10 righteous.)  We have to depend on the Lord. 

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is, people actually believe that Romney is conservative. They actually believe that he is fundamentally different from Obama.

  • Sam Fisher

    He is lying sack of crap. Obama would sell his own brother into slavery for political points.

  • Ben SmartMouth Keebs

    Don’t Tread On Me Unless Your A Republican!

  • Anonymous

    o’s a lying , bath house sockcucker .

  • Mr. Sardonicus

    Obama should be impeached and Clinton should go to Prison over this ‘Cover-up’.

  • Mr. Sardonicus

    I forgot to mention “Presidential Pardons”. He will be handing out Pardons like candy all through the Months of November and December. I wonder if he will be as bold as Bill and actually SELL any?

    • Anonymous

      If you remember,,,, many men died while slick willy was prez. There was a list of over 20 men who died mysteriously in cars etc. They all knew too much

  • Rhonda Renee Sessions

    Obama is in cohoots with Turkey, Iran, Egypt (Morsi), Libya, and the Muslim Brotherhood to de-stabilize the Middle East, so that the Islamic Caliphate can take over, resurrected.  Iran is being allowed to continue their nuclear enrichment, so that they can blackmail the rest of the Middle East Islam nations to join forces.  Remember, Obama said when it came down to it, he would side with his Muslim brothers.

    • Anonymous

      How well I remember that.
      I think prez was afraid the ambassador was going to blab something. And hillary is another ‘snake’ in the grass. She wants yomama to dump biden and have her as veep.

      • Anonymous

        vice-dictator is more like it.

  • Anonymous

    It is amazing to think that, (unless the masses wake up) we are possibly witnessing Americas last 12 days.

  • Anonymous

    What does anyone expect from a guy who only knows how to organize communities? Obummer is way over his head in his job. It shows in every project that he gets involved in, even his appearances on talk shows.Take away his teleprompters and he’s a dud. His arguments are nothing but lies and he thinks that everybody will believe him just because he’s president.

  • Anonymous

    Why was the quick reaction team station so far away in northern Italy from most possible erupting hot spots of Northern Africa and Middle East  to protect our citizens ,Embassy, consulate??? Why not in southern Italy or Sicily or amphibious assault ship in the Med which have harrier jump jets,helicopters gunships,??? To me it like having a Ski rescue team station in Brownsville Texas to rescue skiers in our western mountains of CA,CO,AZ,NV,NM don’t make any sense ??? Only if you knew a crisis was coming up to give the enemy time to pull it off and disperse and hid and give your self cover we had no quick reaction team military asset in the area !!! Question did obama set the stage cutting security at the Embassy and not having military assets not station within area to respond quickly of most likely hot spots of northern Africa and Middle East??????????????????????????????????????????????????//  So he had a pre plan cover excuse ??????????????????? he must of had prior knowledge ??????????

    • Anonymous

      I think they were only a one hour flight from Benghazi… they aren’t that far away.
      But we probably also had a carrier in the med along with other ships.

  • Pamela Masterson

    I Believe this, Thank You Glenn for putting it together. I’ve known Obama has been lying I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it out. 

  • windtalker700

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate
    General Colon Powell to the new status he has acquired. For those of us who
    have been paying attention, you sir can now equal yourself to the likes of
    Robert E. Lee. Again, congratulations sir, you are a first class traitor ! 

    I know this does not conform to the story at hand but at the same time I do not
    find Powell’s endorsement of Obama a coincidence. May the Lo-d G-d bless this
    great nation and may he always find us his ever and faithful servants. Thank

  • greywolfrs

    “Tell a lie enough times until it becomes truth.” That is the tactic….

  • Anjelica

    President Obama:
    NarcissistSociopathicPsychopathicPathological liar

    Um, I think you spelled Glenn Beck wrong. 

  • Anonymous
  • Sue Lynn

    I ‘m trying to let as many people know about this as I can!!!

  • Sue Lynn

    know our country is in a pretty bad state. I did some number crunching
    and realized that I have been LOSING money by working and not
    collecting unemployment! Got to pat myself on the back for thinking my
    job is important…but I am getting tired.

  • ronald t

    He sounds like he is channeling Chris Rock.  Rabble-rousing, financially illiterate, morally bankrupt leadership at work.

  • Anonymous

    It is typical of a liar, when being questioned too deep, to start name-calling. It is a reinforcement of the lies. As long as Obama has the media in his back pocket, he might appear to be safe. But, soner or later, truth will prevail. Someone will blow the whistle, especially when facts surface through other means. I recall the fiasco with the Iran contra hearings. Obama wil eventually face the same exposure. By the way, any further news on the SEALS who went in to get Osama? Those are th heroes who deserve all the credit.

  • d.estra

    Obama fits the profile and definition of a sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. I can see it and just don’t understand how you liberal idiots don’t see the truth. Obama takes no responsibility for anything and he thinks he is above the law. He shows no emotion even about the deaths of our Ambassador or the 3 other men who were murdered in Bengazi because of his lack of security under his watch. He also never shows emotion when it comes to fallen soldiers and does photo opts with their coffins just like he did with the men who were murdered in Bengazi. He had even thrown his own grandmother under the bus when he was defending his actions when he was sitting in the pews of Rev. Wrights church for 20yrs. He committed many crimes before he was President like smoking pot and snorting cocaine and selling both. I am sure he has other crimes that he did that we don’t know of yet but will find out soon. He doesn’t even blink an eye when he is covering up both “Fast n Furous” and Embassy Murders. This man is unfit and should have never been President and should be in prison for Espionage and for the Cover Ups of Bengazi, Fast and Furious, and stealing our tax money to funnel the money to his buddies in Chicago.  

  • Anonymous

    “President Obama:
    Pathological liar”
    How about adding to that list “Coke addict”?  Did you see him in the first Presidential debate with Romney?  What was that?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is a very sick coward who will burn in Hell.  Who would want ‘to stand’ with a paranoid scumbag (Beck) who is such a loser that he moved from NYC to Texas after he and his wife got chased out of Bryant Park?

    Beck, and his two gay sidekicks, are the 3 most ignorant jackasses in media today.

    All 3 of them are downright homely/ugly sissies.  Even FOX had enough sense to cancel Beck’s bullshit program.

    America does not need scum such as Beck:  he has been lying since Day One due to his greed, and the fat little punk will burn in Hell.

    Mark my words.

    • Anonymous


    • ratizbad

      You write so brave little one,Get off your ass a read some you jerk.The only liar is the first Black president and his corrupt cronies he hired.Is the wet basement you reside in staying as damp as you!


      Beck has a huge volume of substantive reporting that goes into farther depth than any I have seen.  In taking time to deal with him in your comments, you might have credibility if you put him in some context and made real points.  For example, I cannot stand Obama and what he stands for and does.  However, I do not regard him as stupid or without many skills.  Your viscous slam of Beck signifies to most that you are caught in emotion. Your hate is on display.  Without any meaningful points.  Hate like this is often a projection of how you feel about yourself-subconsciously.  That is not a critique.  That is the nature of all of us.  I wish you wellness, peace and self-reflection.  I wish Obama the same-in his presidential retirement, January, 2013.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see…
      He was right about Egypt, Libya and the whole Arab spring……
      He was right about the economic collapse….
      and it appears he was right about this long before anyone else was.

      Shut your Marxist piehole.

  • Anonymous

    This is disturbing, disillusioning, and gut sinking.  We have entered a realm of surreal events beyond the core comprehension of most.of our consciences and lintelligence.  At this point the question is what do we do?  I believe our country has been hijacked.   It appears to be deliberate but WHY?

  • Anonymous

    President Obama can look the country in the eye and lie as long as he is speaking to us as a mass, as a public at large. Americans as individuals have little or no value in his world.

    But he gave away his true self when he offered his condolences to Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, the former Navy SEAL who gave his life saving Americans from Islamic terrorists in Benghazi.

    Finding himself face to face with the father of a real American hero, Obama could not look him in the eye, but rather looked beyond him, over his shoulder. Honest, God-loving Americans are either not real to Obama or there are so few of them in his rarefied world that he simply cannot look a real one in the eye.

    It is truly disturbing that the man touted to be the most powerful man in the free world cannot look a good man in the eye when he is shaking his hand and offering condolence. Had we not heard it directly from Charles Woods, it would be unbelievable. He too is a hero.

  • David Bowman

    Thank you Mr. Beck for your continued loyalty to America. I might point out that there hasn’t been much coverage about the Ambassador from Turkey visiting with Stevens in Benghazi, either. He left Stevens at the consulate less than an hour before the attack commenced. What was that all about? It is obvious to me that Stevens was not in Benghazi just to appear at an English school opening ceremony as has been claimed. The truth will out, thanks to dedicated people like yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I keep hearing we didn’t have right military assets in the area something very wrong here and we just cannot go and rescue ??????  Why have  a quick deployment rescue team station in U.S & helicopters gunship in Norther Italy ?? What we have mobs that take over government buildings an d terrorists attacks with mortar,rocket propel grenades in United States now???? Ya  I can see if in rotation but have another team station close to trouble spots that are most likely ready to erupt putting U.S citizens life’s  endanger !!!  These team of crack troops  would also consist of their air support of helicopter gunships ,helicopter transports ,air support ground attack aircraft, arm predators drones,five jet fighters to fly top cover,C-130 spectra ,C-130’s to transport troops and helicopter gunships .  Question why not station these crack troops in Sicily or Southern Italy ???Or,on amphibious assault ship in the Mediterranean with flight deck for helicopter gunship,Harrier jump jets,helicopters transport and osprey transport ,or on  bases so they be close  to trouble spots in Norther Africa and Middle East ???? We have should teams in Sicily.Saudi Arabia ,Israel and on ship in the Mediterranean Sea that would cover Norther Africa and the Middle East where this Libya incident likely to happen again at least two of this locations and rotate them with team in U.S or Germany  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff that we cannot just go in !!!!  What you think we forgot the Vietnam War era  where we go into enemy country ,that was at war with us, and setting up ambushes for rescue teams which we overcome by team effort to rescue down pilots oh ya maybe since you think we the people are so forgetful we forgot all about that for Israel Entebbe raid to rescue their citizens and Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To obama arm chair generals who are playing real generals  if they were in-charge of a ski and mountain rescue team & their air transport support  in the winter season to rescue mountain climbers and skiers,lost hikers in the Rocky Mountain states !!With obama and his so call generals with their genius thinking would station them in Miami Florida or Brownsville Texas  during the Sept to March ,that real smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????  For over a year now we have known that the Arabic spring is really the Arabic winter and at any minute our Embassy,consulate and  U.S citizens can be at risk with shaky host of unstable governments not in full control of their country area ,plus not friendly toward U.S !!!!!  You tell me that you don’t have enough brains to send a token rescue force from main force to operate from a forward base near possible outbreak trouble spots to rescue U.S citizens or are following orders of obama fictional scenario that he rather see U.S citizens to die ,than our enemies of radicals Muslims who are attacking U.S citizens on U.S territory ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Token force example couple helicopters gunships,helicopters transports  or osprey transport,couple of predator that can be arm quickly and do recon for ambush etc, C -130  spectra  gunship !!! If you have only one crack troops team & air support personnel  then fly them out by jet transport or C-130 and borrow equip from the closest  air base of helicopters transport and helicopter gunships,CIA drone which can be arm so team coordinated strike ability  be intact not working with different players!!!  The only reason I can see to  station rescue team and their air support so far away to  give obama a cover excuse we  had no asset in the area ????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Beginning to see obama big picture in coverup to have his administration and generals to come with so many phoney  excuses and reasons to muddy the water so U.S citizens cannot focus on obama major blunder or start asking questions what his devious reason for not doing anything to rescue our U.S citizens in need of help on U.S territory ???????????????????????????//

  • Randy Graves

    Obama is one of many people who will tell you the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and will argue with you as to why he is right and you are wrong. He will not sit with you at sunrise or sunset with a compass so he can be proved wrong. The main problem with these people is they forget what lie they told but when you call them on it they will argue thats not what he said you just did not understand or was not smart enough to understand what he was saying.

  • Melissajohnson

    @facebook-100003798718359:disqus  Lois said I'm in shock that a student able to profit $9516 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this web site

  • Aaron Smith

    Glenn Beck.. not really sure if you read these comments or not but after working under the NSA in the Navy for about 3 years my gut tells me something was fishy. I have a good idea how the intel flows in the NSA and I am sure CIA ect.. works the same. Why do I suspect Obama wanted those guys dead or didnt care one way or the other.

    The only person who has the power to stop the military from going in there to help would most likely be the Commander and Chief. I cant see the other branches interfering or agencies unless CIA was in on this as well which may be the case.

    I just have a sneaking feeling this will be unearthed as some ugly gun running scheme gone wrong.

  • Shane

    Obama has been lying since he began his campaign and he has no intention to stop. The liberal media will not expose him, and Obama, like most liberals, has no sense of shame. What fools the American voters who gave us this lying piece of crap are. 

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Half the country for sundry reasons supports President Obama. This is a markedly frightening tribute to those  Americans’ economic ignorance, and their desires to be Lotus Eaters because they deserve it rather than work for it. The only choice for the other Americans is to withdraw support from the Federal government as did Mahatma Gandhi. and along the economic lines of “Atlas Shrugged”. The 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution will be abrogated by one means or the other by Obama and the follow-on liberal administrations. All for the sake of global “cooperation” and “peace”, i.e. Serfdom and the Darkness of the Inquisition.   But the really sad aspect is that the Americans could not keep their Republic as given by the Founders. In 405 AD the barbarians were at the Rhine River waiting to invade / destroy the corrupt Roman Empire. Today there is not a river barrier, just corrupt, ignorant and inane politicians and citizens willing to appease the barbarians by opening “the gates”.

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