Chris Matthews is considered by many the gift who just keeps on giving. Far removed from the mostly sane person he was approximately a decade ago, Matthews has turned into one of the most bizarre figures on television. Not just because he’s gone flaming liberal, but because he says some of the most downright crazy things in the history of the planet. From crying racism to belittling anyone who believes in creation, to bashing Mormons and anyone who lives in the south, Chris Matthews is a special kind of crazy. Matthews also appears as a ‘journalist’ on MSNBC despite his obvious blind love for President Obama, which was apparent in his epic serination to the President in which he declared he was a ‘perfect American’ who had ‘never done anything wrong’ in his life. What makes this lunacy even more bizarre is the audio evidence of where Chris Matthews was mentally just years earlier – he actually had a young Glenn Beck on his program and amicably described Glenn as ‘one of the smartest guys’ on radio who he claimed to listen to on a regular basis. What in the world happened to Chris Matthews? We may never know the answer – but for now, we can enjoy the gaffes.

Here are the top Chris Matthews smackdowns of 2012: