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Here at the Glenn Beck Program, we think it’s important to recognize success. When someone does a good job, they deserve to have it pointed out. So we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate Ed Schultz’s move from the dead-end, ratings black hole known as MSNBC primetime and has graduated to the BIG TIME: MSNBC’s expanded weekend line-up. Congrats, Ed.

Here’s what the big guy had to say:

And in the big finish tonight, a big personal and professional announcement. MSNBC will be expanding its weekend programming and this opens a big opportunity for “The Ed Show” and my brand. I will be leaving this time slot at 8 pm ET and moving to Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 7 pm.

I raised my hand for this assignment for a number of personal and professional reasons. My fight on “The Ed Show” has been for the workers and the middle class. This new time slot will give me the opportunity to produce and focus on stories that I care about and are important to American families and American workers.

“Isn’t that truth?  You can’t get to those people week nights in primetime. You only hit them on the Saturday and Sunday nights.  That’s when the real audiences, the much much smaller audience, you can connect with them better,” Pat said.

Using Ed’s mind-bending revelation that a smaller audience in a worse time slot is somehow better, Glenn couldn’t believe how his own personal career had actually been going backwards. He was really at his peak when he started off doing late nights on a local station, not now when he’s nationally syndicated in a prime time slot.

“Obviously it’s a huge step in your career to go from prime time during the week to the weekend.  He wants the intimate venue of weekends,” Stu said.

And, of course, there is the huge benefit that this move does for the Ed Schultz brand…whatever that is.

What makes this completely voluntary promotion such a huge story, however, was how rumors of Ed Schultz being booted from MSNBC’s prime time lineup were vehemently shot down by the man himself just a few months ago.

Remember when Ed said this?

Gosh, there’s a lot going on, isn’t there? (laughs) Ed Schultz being replaced at 8 p.m., not so fast! I just want, here’s the first thing I want to say — Brian Stelter, is that his name? Yeah, S-T-E-L-T-E-R. He’s never talked to me. And if he were to talk to me, I would tell him that I have overperformed in my time period for the third quarter and on my way to do that in the fourth quarter of this year, which puts me in bonus territory. You know, money? I mean, that’s how well we’re doing at 8 o’clock. And so I, I, I have never interviewed with the guy, he’s never called me or asked me anything. I see that Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, has put out a statement saying that, uh, you know, we’re, we’re OK!

See, Phil Griffin is clearly so “OK” with the Ed Schultz brand that he’s allowed Ed to take this amazing, wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to the weekends.

We bet Brian Stelter, one of the biggest names in media reporting, is feeling extra embarrassed today about his article. Sure, he was right about Ed leaving 8pm – but he totally missed the real story! He must have just been blinded by the all-encompassing, omnipresent Ed Schultz brand.

Sorry you’re haters gotta hate there Ed. You really showed them.


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