Want to Help Stop Sex Trafficking in Thailand? Here’s Your Chance

Bangkok remains a lightning rod for sex trafficking with one of the most active networks for selling and buying children. Tim Ballard with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) likened the ease of buying a child for sex with ordering Chinese food from a menu.

“You walk down the street, you’re going to see window displays of half nude women and minors dancing. If you go into the places . . . you’re going to see a stage with minors and adults mixed,” Ballard explained about an upcoming trip he’ll be taking to that very spot with Glenn.

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“You’re going to see westerners everywhere. You’re going to see people, they’re going to come up to you with a laminated menu like they’re selling Chinese food. Would you like number one, two or four, and you’re going to see on the laminated menu sex acts.”

Glenn’s response was visceral.

“Oh, my god. Why do they not shut this down?” he asked.

Ballard is trying to do just that in partnership with the government of Thailand — but he needs help.

“We’re looking for somebody that we desperately need,” Ballard appealed.

OUR is currently looking to hire someone with experience in undercover work, child exploitation and digital forensic, preferably a former undercover operator from the government who is perhaps retired. The cherry on top would be someone who speaks Thai.

“It’s kind of a long list, but we need someone over there . . . the Thai government wants it. They want us to provide someone who can provide guidance. They would work as an informant, signed up and certified by the Thai police.”

Interested parties may contact OUR online.