Sanctuary City Advocates: You Don’t See the Death and Destruction Required to Get Here

Nine people died inside an overheated truck Sunday in San Antonio after an attempt to smuggle in around 100 illegal immigrants turned deadly. By the time police were called, only 39 people remained in the truck, 17 of whom were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Sanctuary city advocates should not ignore this egregious example of human suffering.

“How dare people who fight for sanctuary cities tell us we don’t care about people. By holding out a carrot and saying ‘just make it here, and you don’t have to go home,’ allows these criminals, coyotes and killers to make thousands of dollars. A quarter of a million dollars was what they paid, the people in that truck,” Glenn said.

Conservatives who advocate for border security and measures like Kate’s Law are aware of the human suffering on the other side of our border.

“Our friends who think they’re doing right by people think that we don’t hear the cries of the people who are living in abject poverty and grave danger. We do. We do. We recognize the human suffering on the other side of our border, but everything has order to it,” Glenn said. “If there is no rule of law, there won’t be anything left for people to strive and swim and risk their lives to come here for.”

The answer to ending human suffering on the other side of the border is not sanctuary cities in the U.S.

“You don’t see the death and destruction on getting to your precious sanctuary city for so many,” Glenn said.