Nobody Talks About This During Black History Month

To acknowledge Black History Month, Glenn Beck and David Barton kicked off a series taking a deep look at slavery and its roots during several episodes of "The Vault."

Watch the first episode here: The Vault | S2:E5 – Black History Part 1

Because of the politically incorrect nature of what they shared, Glenn admonished his viewers to do their own homework on the topics discussed.

"Don't take anything that we say on this show as gospel," Glenn said. "Go to original sources. That's why we're bringing in the documents and the things in the vault to be able to show you, here it is, the original document, the original story. Now go check it out for yourself."

Do Your Homework

Below is a compilation of research that went into the making of this episode, complete with links to original sources so you can do your own homework. As you watch, consider the following questions:

1. Slavery: How did it start?

2. Where the founders villain slave owners or enlightened?

3. What is the true story of Thomas Jefferson?

4. What is the WHOLE Civil Rights Movement?

5. Constitutional chains OR key to freedom?

6. Who are the black heroes you’ve never heard of?










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