The Saga Continues: Day Two of Stu Defending Douche Hall of Famer Chris Cuomo

Will this ever end? If only CNN's Chris Cuomo would shut his trap this could all be over.

"I will attempt, I think, a Guinness Book of World Record here today on the program for the most consecutive days a human being has ever defended Chris Cuomo. And, of course, the record would be two," Co-host Stu Burguiere said Friday on radio.

The background here is that Chris Cuomo interview Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT), asking him about the false claim made that he'd served in Vietnam. President Trump evidently missed that portion of the interview and scolded Cuomo via Twitter about fake news, prompting the sensitive reporter to go on multiple news outlets comparing the insult to a minority hear the "N-word." Got that?

"Everyone who heard this knows he was not comparing the pain of a racial slur to saying fake news is insulting to journalists. It is not the same thing," Stu said.

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

PAT: All right. So yesterday Stu defended Chris Cuomo from CNN.

STU: It's not something I'm going to put in the family history, I'll tell you that. It was not a proud moment.

JEFFY: We didn't believe that yesterday.

PAT: This was a week of shame for you.

STU: It is.

PAT: A week of incredible shame. This guy is in the douche Hall of Fame.

STU: Chris Cuomo, 97 percent of the voters or something like that. It's difficult to defend at times.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: But I will attempt I think a Guinness Book of World Record here today on the program.

PAT: Uh-huh.

STU: For the most consecutive days a human being has ever defended Chris Cuomo. And of course the record would be two. That is. That's it. Yesterday he -- Chris Cuomo was tweeted about by Donald Trump, and he said -- Trump said he wouldn't even ask Richard Blumenthal about his Vietnam service; right? That was the controversy yesterday. I'm not saying this happens often. But I happened to be listening to that interview.

PAT: As I said, I think you've fallen in love with Chris Cuomo --

STU: Let me get the facts out there.

PAT: Get the facts out.

STU: Literally the first question of the interview was about the Vietnam service of Richard Blumenthal. It was the first question.

PAT: Yeah. There's a lot to criticize about Chris Cuomo. You don't need to make stuff up.

STU: Yes, exactly. Trump probably joined the interview late. But some of his advisers should probably tell him wait a minute. Before you tweet that, just so you know, that was the first question. So I think that was a defense of Chris Cuomo.

JEFFY: Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you listened to Chris Cuomo?

PAT: It was on the 12th of never.

STU: At never o'clock? Yeah, I caught that one too. Normally that's the one that I catch. That's the airing of the show that I catch. But I happened to catch that one. Okay?

So that turned Chris Cuomo -- and, look, he was handed a gift; right? Everyone's saying that Donald Trump is saying all of these fake things. It's his interview. He obviously has video of him asking the question. So all day yesterday he was all over the media saying, hey, Donald Trump lied about me. Donald Trump lied about me, and he came up with this point that he thought was a great point, and he made it on several different mediums. He made it on his show, apparently Mike Smerconish's show on Sirius XM. Here's a version of it. And, again, it's not a loud point.

I see being called fake news as the equivalent of the N word for journalists. The equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity. That's what fake news is to a journalist. It is an ugly insult, and you better be right if you're going to charge a journalist with lying on purpose. And the president was not right here, and he has not been right in the past.

PAT: Okay. So the uproar. I haven't even paid attention to the uproar. But it's the comparison. Compares African-Americans to journalists.

STU: Exactly. And it's sad for Chris because he goes on his victory tour on the media to show how he was actually right for once.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: And what happens? He says this. And he said very similar thing on CNN. Similar to a racial slur to a journalist. You're comparing African-Americans to fake news. Accusation of journalists.

No, everyone on earth knows what he's doing. What he's saying is if you know a journalist is lying to a journalist, it's a really big insult. And here's another example of a really big insult. I love the fact that he can't even bring himself to say what these words are. Obviously, we're all at the point where we say the N word; right? Which is fine with me. But he can't even bring himself -- and he is Italian; right? He can't even bring himself to say one of the slurs. It's like one of those slurs against Italians that people come up with.


PAT: One of them begins with a letter near the end of the alphabet.

STU: Wait, what? No, of course. This is the media's creation; right?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: The reason why he can't say number one why he can't say the word that he wants to say about Italians. Number two, it's also a media creation that he has to now come up and apologize today or -- actually, yesterday. He said I was wrong. Calling a journalist fake. Nothing compared to the pain of a racial slur. I should not have said it. I apologize.

Everyone who heard this knows he was not comparing the pain of a racial slur to saying fake news is insulting to journalists. It is not the same thing. Essaying that it's a real insult to me personally when you say that I -- I would make something up like that. And it's just as offensive to me as it is to other people who are offended in other ways.

PAT: So he's not saying he's now been through slavery because he was accused of fake news?

STU: Journalists victims of Jim Crow laws. He's not saying that. He's not saying he was hit by a firehose at any point in the day. Does he really need to make disclaimers? Knows exactly what he was saying. And I know this is trying to set a Chris Cuomo defense record here. But if this happened with someone else, Chris Cuomo would be critical of them.

And just like everybody else in the media would act as if they didn't understand what was going on, and they would all criticize some Republican politician. It certainly happened to us and other talk show hosts. It's happened to comedians. It has happened to everyone. No one believes that Chris Cuomo was comparing his actual plight to that of racial slurs and racial animus that has happened over the past couple hundred years.

No, he was just saying one of the biggest criticisms, the most offensive thing you can say to a journalist is to say that they're making up news because that's their line of work. It's like any industry could make this point. If you were to say, you know, a chef wasn't using fresh ingredients. That's like saying a racial slur. It's just him saying that's what's important to me in my job. I want people to believe I'm credible. And he did absolutely nothing wrong there. Absolutely nothing wrong. Yet, we all have to act as if we think he was saying this crazy thing and minimizing the plight of African-Americans. He was not minimizing the plight. He was saying it was important to him in a colorful way.

The same thing someone brings up a point about the Nazis. Everyone says how dare you. Is Jerry Seinfeld comparing his experience at a soup restaurant to the plight of the Nazis? No, soup Nazi is just a way saying the guy was tough. Has stringent rules to fall.

Everybody knew that. Nobody thought wow is he saying the person at the soup restaurant is putting people into concentration camps?

No, so for whatever reason, we have chosen as a society with the media leading this process to all be children. And to all act as if we don't understand what other people saying so that we can feel some weird outrage that for whatever reason we want to feel. I don't understand why people want to go through life feeling outraged from this like this. But, man, do they and Chris Cuomo plays to his apology. Which I'm sorry someone at CNN said you guys need to apologize over there. And he went out, and he did it.

And I can't imagine -- because he said it on multiple shows. This was not the only time he said it. He obviously thought it was a fine point to make. It's just ridiculous. You know, society gets boring if you live by these standards.

PAT: On the other hand, I will say that he is now being bitten by his own standards. Because he helped create that. He helped create that society in which we can't. He's saying that was offense to him just as being called a racial slur is offensive to other people of different ethnicities. So it's almost -- it's almost poetic justice.

STU: It is, I guess. But I am, it's still wrong. They've been Chris Cuomo deserves it. Everyone in the media deserves it. It's still wrong.

PAT: He does deserve it.

STU: And the reason why you do that is because it's an interesting way of phrasing it. It makes you think about it a little bit. If you were to say this. You know, calling a journalist fake news is the same as calling a doorman as someone who let's in people who don't -- haven't filled out correct paperwork.

That's interesting. I would assume a doorman wants to be responsible and says, hey, I only let the right people in the door. But no one cares about that. It's a terrible example. Everybody would be, like, why the hell -- a doorman? No, you use the example everyone seems to know, and you -- by the way, that's my wife calling in the middle of the show. Thank you, honey. Gee, I don't know. What do you think I'm doing right now?


PAT: Surprise that we're on this time of the day.

STU: Shocking development.

PAT: When did that begin? What? 15, 20 years ago?


STU: It's weird, we met each other I was doing a show at this time, and I'm currently doing a show at this time. But that's just dumb. You're right, though. It is a creation of the media.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: It is a creation of --

PAT: It's liberals eating their own, and I always love that.

STU: I know.

PAT: So I'm not nearly as passionate about this as you are because he deserves every bit of it. Every bit of it.

STU: In two weeks, some host Mr. Will say something like this, and Chris Cuomo will do a show where he's bashing the guy.

PAT: Yes, he will.

STU: And that's the problem. This is the moment I like to talk about it. Because it's not one of our own, but it's still wrong. It's still ridiculous. Our society is ridiculous on something like that. This is a guy who has been voted into the Pat and Stu douche Hall of Fame. This is not a guy I like defending. It's really problematic. Really, my life history. This is going to be a mark on my family's history.

PAT: No doubt about it. There's a lot of shame.

STU: Yeah, it is. There was a lot of shame associated. Just so you know, I think it's still the right thing to do.

PAT: And it does show consistency. I mean, we are consistent with that; right? Almost he find it happens to somebody.

JEFFY: It sure does.

PAT: And it would be nice if we could be adults and realize that's not what's happening. But, again, Chris Cuomo helped create that environment. And now he's being punished by that environment.

STU: It's their standard.

PAT: It is.

STU: It's just a terrible standard.

PAT: (888) 727-Beck. More of the Pat, Stu, and Jeffy on the Glenn Beck program coming up.

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PAT: It's Pat, Stu, and Jeffy on the Glenn Beck program. (888) 727-Beck. They put a hold on the travel ban situation. The Ninth Circuit court came through again with some weird ruling and have decided that this can't happen right now, at least. And that's about all it did; right? It just stopped it for now.

STU: Yeah, just for the month. Basically, Trump wanted to say, well, we should be able to do this until you decide whether it's okay or not. And the other side was saying "Well, no, we need to stop it until we figure out whether it's okay or not."

So they decided with that part of it. They're going to stop it until they figure out whether it's okay or not. Really, this whole story, we should go through this at some point today. It is the biggest story that is actually the smallest story. None of this is all that important, to be perfectly honest. This is not a big -- this is not that big of a deal. You know, it just delays it a little bit. But, you know, we just went through eight years without it. If it's eight years and three months, it's not that big of a deal. And remember, it was only a temporary ban anyway. It only lasted for three months.

PAT: Uh-huh.

STU: So it's not that big of a deal. It's just we can't have a small story anymore. It almost seems like it's impossible for -- especially when it has to do with Donald Trump. Because this all starts with the media freaking out over something that is not that big of a deal.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: And then the Trump administration freaks out because they're freaking out. And it winds up leading to just nonstop craziness.

PAT: And then Bashar Assad,the president of Syria has contributed to hysteria involving the story because he weighed in, and he said -- he told Yahoo News yesterday that some of the refugees that are coming are definitely -- quote definitely terrorists.

Well, thank you very much. But that contributes to the hysteria. He said you can find it on the Internet. Those terrorists in Syria holding the machine gun killing people, they appear as peaceful refugees in Syria or the west. You don't need a significant number to commit atrocities. He noted that the 9/11 attacks were pulled off by fewer than 20 terrorists. Out of maybe millions of immigrants in the United States. So it's not about the number. It's about the quality. It's about the intentions. And he's right about that.

STU: Of course. I mean, you can't you cannot eliminate it. You cannot eliminate the possibility. And, you know, this comes from not only refugees. It comes from immigrants from Mexico, it comes from immigrants from European nations. It comes from your own citizens. You can't eliminate it. You try very hard to make sure you are not importing crime. That is a very reasonable request.

JEFFY: I will say Bashar Assad's motives may be questionable.

PAT: He's cozy with Russia.

STU: With Russia, obviously. So you think he has a reason to do this.

PAT: He might want us a little bit more involved in that civil war.

STU: Right. Not to mention --

JEFFY: Absolutely.

STU: If you're a refugee from Syria, likely what you're saying is the Assad regime is terrible, and I need to leave; right?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: So he has a reason to say that these people, they're not being honest. It's not terrible here. It's not my fault. It's those are the guys are the bad guys. Look at them. They have machine guns, they're terrorists. So he is obviously motivated. But plainly that analysis is true. Almost definitely we're going to miss somebody; right? If we start --

PAT: We've done it in the past, and we'll do it in the future.

STU: Absolutely. If you think government can handle tasks like this, you have a lot more faith in government than I do. However, you can make this statement about everybody coming into this country. You can make it with tourist visas. I mean, any time you're having anyone come visit you theoretically they could be a terrorist, you know? In Syria, and the reason why this travel ban and the reason why they picked these seven countries, by the way, outlined by the Obama administration first as highly risky is you're trying to improve your percentages.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: We all know that someone from Norway could come here and be terrorist. One of the biggest mass shooting on the planet was Norway; right? You never know who you're importing. It's not that. You just try to increase your percentages.

PAT: So the answer of course is don't import anyone. Don't let anyone come visit. Ever.

STU: Ever. Stay off my lawn.

PAT: We're closed.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Hey, I have good news for you. Moody's -- Moody's Investor Service has now downgraded its rating of the entire US banking system. In the latest sign that what president Biden is telling you is not true. Moody's, one of the three major rating entities, downgraded its outlook for the U.S. banking system from stable to negative.

They did this yesterday, to reflect the rapid deterioration of the operating environment following deposit runs at Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank.

In addition to downgrading the entire banking system, Moody's also issued warnings for several individual banks with substantial unrealized security losses. What is an unrealized security loss?

My son is collecting cards. You know, like baseball cards. And he's like, Dad, this one is worth -- and I said, son, it is only worth it, when you sell it.

You can say it's worth anything. And it can even be marked as worth as this. But until you sell it, you don't know what it's really worth.

In the case of bonds, an unrealized loss is: I'm counting on it on my sheet here, to be worth this.

But if I have to sell it today in a panic, I'll lose 25 percent. That's an unrealized loss.

You haven't realized it yet, because you haven't had to sell it. But you, and everyone else knows, that is not worth what you say it's worth today.

That's what's happening. So they say, there is substantial unrealized security losses. With non-retail and uninsured US depositors, that still may still be more sensitive to depositor competition, or ultimate flight.

What that means is: You're not getting paid for your savings, like you could get at Chase. And Chase is seeing all of these people, that are moving over because they're offering more incentive to put your money there and save your money there and have a checking account there.

And so you're making more money over there. Plus, people are worried about their local bank now. And so they're taking their money out, and going to Chase.

I will tell you, if you are in an FDIC insured bank, don't take your money out of the bank. Don't.

What do you -- if all of these banks start to fail, the first thing that will happen are all the local banks will fail.

And they'll fail, because people panic. And they go and take their money out. It's just like It's a Wonderful Life. Mr. Potter is JP Morgan Chase.

They're offering more for your money. They'll give you money now.

Uh-huh. And what happens? Mr. Potter gets more powerful and more wealthy. Don't take your money out of the local bank. Unless it's not FDIC insured.

Once this collapse comes, and it is going to happen, your money, your dollars are going to be worth less and less.

We are headed towards Venezuela. You have to understand that. Hope you live by a zoo, because you'll get the big cat. You'll be able to make lion stew for a while.

We are headed towards a Venezuelan-style collapse. And I don't know when it happens, but it is coming.

There is no way out of this. Just don't panic. And don't pull your money out, unless it's not insured.

You will get the money, just like the people did in Silicon Valley Bank. If it's insured. However, there won't be any money, so they'll have to print the money so you'll only get a fraction of it.

This is why I've told you, please, consider gold or silver, land, anything that has value.

Now, land will have an unrealized loss. Because if you've got land, and you put all your money in land, if you need that money and sell it. You'll sell it for less than you're paying now.

But your money will become worthless. So they are warning -- Moody's is in Trust Financial, Western Alliance. What is it? Comerica, Zions, and First Republic.

European banks are taking a huge hit today. Credit Suisse looks like they may collapse.

And the Dow is down, I don't have the number right here. Last time I looked, it was down 622 points.

This is nothing to panic about. This is exactly what we told you would come.

I, again, do not think that this -- I'm always wrong. Wouldn't it be wild if I was like, this is not it. It will be, you know, a year from now. And this is it.

I'm always wrong on timing. Always wrong on timing.

But this is what it's going to look like.

Meanwhile, you have conservatives, who are on television. In the House. On radio. Everybody saying, we've got to go after Putin and have war!

Please, please, do not march for war. War powers give people all kinds of tools at their disposal.

One thing you have to do, is get on the phone, with your local -- your state, House member. Your state Senate member. And your governor.

And tell them, you must not pass the UCC legislation. I'll give you all the information on this.

But it is -- it is flying through the House and Senate. And governors are ready to sign this stuff.

It has got to be stopped. That will allow only the digital currency, coming from the central bank, to be considered money.

Once the government has this, they control your life entirely.

That is not an overstatement. You need to understand, that right now, your freedom and the freedom of your children are being decided at the highest levels.

And you are not being told the truth, because they won't trust that you won't panic.

I'm telling you the truth on what is going on. And I'm telling you, don't panic.

We make it, if you don't panic. I trust the American people. Now, in 2022, about 20 percent of the US retirement savings, disappeared. Gone.

You lost 20 percent in your retirement fund last year. This last few days, I don't know what the number is.

But you've lost a lot of your retirement savings again. Also, 1939, what portion of the United States wanted to invade Germany, because they invaded Poland? 1939.

12 percent. After December 7th, that number was 96 percent. We are on the verge of a global disastrous war. Financial collapse, very much like Venezuela, is coming.

An AI revolution is at hand, right now. And what is our government doing? Making sure that their money, their power, their wealth, with all of the wealth of their connected friends, goes up, while you and your friends get poorer.

They're going to do this by continuing to destroy our currency, through inflation. Cut one.

VOICE: I can't talk about next week or even next month, but inflation is the worst thing the economy could have, and I think that people underrate that.

If you look in history, every hegemony has been destroyed by inflation, or almost every one. I mean, just go back to Rome. That's what happens. And we have major problems, I think, in this economy right now.

GLENN: Is inflation. Okay.

Now, where is inflation coming from? Spending.

The United States government is trying to restrain your spending by raising interest rates. They're trying to get your small business to stop hiring people. Meanwhile, what are they doing?

They are spending money at a record unheard of in all of human history. This isn't just out of whack with the United States spending. This is the most any people have ever spent in all of human history.

And then they're telling you things like, there was no risk, Officer, at SVB. Did you hear that?

There was nobody that was in charge of the risk. Well, it depends on how you define risk.

I keep hearing this story over and over again. And I thought, there is -- there was a risk manager there. They just weren't looking at the same risk, that you and I would be looking at. You and I would be looking at the risk, to the bank.

To the depositors.

To all the people that have invested. But that's no longer the risk they care about.

They care about the ESG risk. That's why they can't do business with people. You can't do business with people, because their ESG score is not right. Because they're on the wrong side of an issue.

But if they're on the right side of an issue, an extraordinarily risky, financially speaking, it doesn't matter.

Their risk is not as great, as the ESG risk is. That's what happened.

They had -- they had a CRO. A chief risk officer.

They had a risk -- a risk officer at their -- at their bank in -- their -- their arm in England.

And Jay Ersapah, I think is his name.

He was -- his -- his risk. He was looking over the pro diversity initiatives.

Or is it a she? And I don't know.

I mean, it might be a him, who calls herself a -- I don't know anymore, what people are.

But they were the CRO for the Silicon Valley Bank in Europe and Africa and the Middle East.

And she organized a range of LGBTQ+ initiatives. A month-long pride campaign. A safe space for catch-ups with staff.

She moderated the Pride Town Hall, served as a panelist at the banks Global Pride Town Hall. Shared her experience as a lesbian of color.

Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she's had a very successful career, including at Citibank and Barclays and Deloitte. What risk was she managing?

The risk that is the only risk that matters, to the banks, the insurance companies.

Our -- apparently, every -- every part of our government now. And that's an ESG risk.

This is poison. Everything that you have gone through, in the last 12 years, specifically the last five years, you've known this is poison.

But people haven't been willing to stand up and say, and it is killing all of us.

It will enslave our children. People will die, because of the insanity, that is going on.

Just with oil.

Let alone, with the Pentagon. More in a second.

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Here is the latest on -- from -- sorry.

This is from Joe Biden. Cut five, please.

BIDEN: If we don't keep the temperature from going above 1.5 degrees Celsius, raised. Then we're in real, real trouble. That whole generation is damned. I mean, that's not hyperbole.

Really, truly, in trouble.

GLENN: No. Not hyperbole, to say an entire generation is damned, if we don't stop the temperature from rising.

They actually believed this, or have said it so much, for their own gain, that they now believe it.

Here's what CNN reported, yesterday. Cut four.

VOICE: Look at the fact that oil won't start flowing out of Willow for six years. And at the current rate of electrification and the price of renewables coming way down, the country is not going to need a national petroleum reserve in six years. Experts would say -- energy experts would say.


VOICE: And so practically, who knows how much damage it would do?

GLENN: Who knows how much damage it would do?

But let's go with the experts who have been right about, what?

Tell me what they've been right about. Can you tell me what an expert has been right about in the last five years?

Were they right about COVID? Were they right about global warming?

Because remember, as California is getting dumped on with snow in unbelievable amounts. They were the ones that told you, there would be no snow on any mountaintop in America by 2020.

So what experts has gotten anything right? And we're going to take the word of the experts, that in six years, we're not going to need petroleum.


Well, that doesn't seem like too big of a risk. We're headed towards Venezuela. What happened with Venezuela?

Well, they have an inflation rate of 946 percent.

Their GDP went down 35 percent. Don't worry, only 85 percent of the people live in poverty.

So I wouldn't worry about it.

That's exactly what they did to Venezuela. Is what this group of dangerous clowns, are doing to us now.

It's got to stop!

Please, prepare your family for impact.


How They'll Use the Banking Crisis to Control YOU | Glenn TV

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