Aaron Watson: One of the Greatest American Entrepreneurs Alive Today

Country music sensation Aaron Watson made it the old fashioned way: through hard work, grit and determination. The only recording artist to make it without a record label, Watson credits his parents for teaching him about hard work and never giving up. He treasures one story, in particular, about the heartbreaking day a record producer told him he didn't have the right stuff.

"After he said we didn't have what it takes, I went back home, and I was pretty heart broke," Watson said. "And I told my dad, 'They don't like my songs.' And he said, 'That's alright. They said the same thing to Willie.' And then dad said, 'When Willie turned 45 years old, he made it.'"

At the time, Watson was 21 years old.

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"I'm thinking, 'Whoa, dad, so are you saying that it's going to take me 24 years to make it?' He said 'Yeah, if you want it bad enough.'" Watson recalled.

Eighteen years, 13 albums and 2,500 shows later, Watson is at the top of his game.

"I just applied all the principles that my mom and dad taught me growing up of being all heart, all hustle, giving God all the glory, and I used all of those things they taught me. My business model is very simple: Faith, Family and Fans," Watson said.

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GLENN: Hello, America. It is Friday. And I know there's a ton going on today. And we're going to get to it but this hour, I want to introduce you to a guy that I believe is one of the greatest American entrepreneurs alive today. How you can apply what he has learned to your life and rock the world. Aaron Watson joins us right now.

Aaron Watson is here. Aaron, in case you don't know. In case you're not a country music fan, Aaron Watson put out an album called the under dog a couple of years ago and was a guy who walked in to -- can I say what company?

AARON: We walked into all the companies.

GLENN: All the companies. And he is a Texas-born guy, and he just knows who he is and walked into all of the record companies and all of them said "You ain't got it, kid."

He decided to go and do it on his own, and you are the very first artist of any format, if I'm not mistaken, that has been independent. No record label, nobody, and you've made it to number one.

AARON: It's incredible. I mean, such a blessing. I mean, it was two years ago pretty much this week, and it's still hard for me to believe. We have an exhibit at the country music Hall of Fame.

GLENN: That he was amazing.

AARON: It's exciting because I get this a lot. I'm up and coming. 18 years, 13 albums, and 2,500 shows later, I'm still up and coming. They introduced me as up and coming as this big radio get together in Nashville, and he said, yes, I'm up and coming 18 years, 13 albums, 2,500 shows later, and I'm flattered that you still find me young and fresh, you know?

So we have fun with it. But it's just -- we've been so blessed. It's incredible.

GLENN: I will tell you. I can't wait -- because Pat doesn't really know anything about you and I am so excited to have the audience get to know you because you're one of the most genuine people that I know.

AARON: Thank you.

GLENN: And one of the really truly good guys. You're -- the way you run your business alone speaks volumes. You have three principles.

AARON: Faith, family, and fans.

GLENN: Explain.

AARON: Well, that's my brand. I mean, that's my manifesto. And in everything I do, I ask myself am I staying truth to my faith, my family, and my fans?

I mean, just like you said, we've been turned down, rejected by every record label there is. And at some point, I just was, like, I'm going to do this. They can't tell me that I can't do this. Like, I believe in myself. I'm willing to put in the hard work and, you know, the greatest thing now is that now that we've divide the system, it gives me this wonderful platform to tell all these people, these other people that are shooting for their dreams, like, listen, I don't care what career path you want. If you want it, you go get it. Don't you dare let somebody discourage you from your dreams. No one has the right to discourage you from your dreams.

GLENN: Would you guys just play a little of -- is it outcast? No, underdog.

AARON: Underdog. Yeah, we can play. So much part are you talking about?

GLENN: Isn't that the one with the --

AARON: Oh, you're talking about my fence post. You're talking about my --

GLENN: You're not changing anything.

AARON: Oh, you're talking about this one. Oh, absolutely. So I was driving back from Austin.

LENN: Okay.

AARON: And I was just -- it's in the middle of us recording the underdog. And we were almost finished with it, and I got to thinking about my career path and how things were starting to take off, and I was, like, man, we've got -- I've got to share my story more on the underdog. So I went in, and I wrote this song. And my producer didn't even know I was putting it on the record. I mean, I'm paying him out of pocket, so it doesn't matter at the end of the day. We did two takes of it on a little SM58 mic just like this. And I told the kid that was engineering it just pick the best take of the two. I'm only going to sing it twice. I want this to feel like I'm singing this song on my back porch.

And we haven't sang this song in forever so, you know, nothing quite like not rehearsing a song in front of Mr. Glenn Beck.

STU: Now you know how our day is every day. Every day we deal with this.

AARON: And I wrote this song for that record executive that sent me back home. And what's interesting is that when I went -- after he said we didn't have what it takes, I went back home, and I was pretty heart broke. And I told my dad they don't like my songs. And he said that's all right. They said the same thing to Willie. And then dad said "When Willie turned 45 years old, he made it."

And at the time I was, like, 21. And I'm thinking whoa, dad. So are you saying that it's going to take me 24 years to make it?

He said "Yeah, if you want it bad enough."

And that changed the way I was thinking. I realized then I was going to have to be a go-getter. I was not going to be able to run that dream down sitting on my can. I was going to have to go after it, go get it. And really, I just applied all the principles that my mom and dad taught me growing up of being all heart, all hustle, giving God all the glory, and I used all of those things they taught me. My business model is very simple. People are, like, what's your musical background? And I'm, like, I grew up listening to Willie and Waley on my dad's vinyl records and my mom would thump me on the head not singing in church. Those are my musical influences, but that's everything I am today.

Everything my mom and dad surrounded me with are loving, supportive, it was all heart and all soul. And I have a story. Remind me to tell you this story about what changed me. It happened at 10 years old and what made me who I am today. But I'll sing this. I wrote this for that ol' boy at the record label.

He said some don't get offended by about what I'm about to say. I can see you have a passion for the songs you write and play. You like what we all call commercial milk. We just don't have what it takes to make it here in Nashville. Ouch.

Well, my heartfelt like a train wreck, but I wore a smile on my face. I said thank you for your time, sir, and I'll put this old guitar back in its case. Well, our little conversation was like a revelation redirecting my dreams because God knows I would never sell my soul to rock 'n' roll or rap or wear those tight fitting skinny genes.

Yeah, you know I pray the prayer of my own song up on a string. I wear what I want to wear. I'm going to sing what I want to sing. Heaven knows all I need is my faith, my fans, my friends, and my family. Besides, I rather be an old fence post in Texas than the king of Tennessee.


GLENN: And explains everything. And now what excites me about you so much is that you are progressive that the old model isn't even necessary.

AARON: Absolutely. I mean, absolutely. It's not necessary, and it's one of those things I'm honored to be, like, the poster boy for hard work. Persistence. The grind. I mean --

GLENN: Nobody's willing. It seems as though nobody's willing to do that anymore. They want the instant YouTube hit and just be a star tomorrow.

AARON: You know, so I was telling you about my dad. So a defining moment in my childhood, my dad's 100 percent disabled from serving the country in the Vietnam war. My dad's my hero. My dad has made so many sacrifices not just for this country but for my family. And I am who I am today because of my dad. And my dad was a custodian. And one summer, all of my friends were swimming at the swimming pool across the street from the church that dad was cleaning, and I wanted to go over there, and I wanted to be with my buddies, and I wanted to swim. I mean, I'm 10, 11 years old, I just want to be with my buddies naturally. And my dad was, like, well, I would really like you to help me out. And of course I'm 10, so I'm complaining about it. And we were cleaning the men's bathroom, and my dad was in one stall, and I'm in the next, and I can remember those big, yellow gloves, and we're cleaning away. And I'm just griping. I'm just complaining about having to clean toilets and not getting to swim with my buddies.

And my dad looks around the stall, and he's on his knees, and he's got on yellow gloves too. And he said "Hey, do you think that I like cleaning toilets?"

And I said "No, sir."

He said "But God's blessed me with a job. Because of this job, I'm able to take care of my family. So I show up here every day, and I make these the cleanest toilets in Amarillo, Texas."

And that hit me because my dad's my hero, and he's a custodian, and it kind of goes back to that Martin Luther King Jr. street sweeper comment where he says to the street sweeper "Clean those streets. Make them so clean that if Jesus walks down those streets, he says"Man, these are some clean straights.

And that instilled in me work ethical for me to be the best that I can be. And I'm not half the man my dad is. So, for me, I'm pushing myself to be the best that I can be because I just had that role model in my life. And my mom's amazing too. I'm a total mama's boy. If I don't bring up my mom in this, I can't go back home to Buffalo Gap, Texas.

But that instilled in me work ethic. If you want it, go get it. And I'm so proud not just of -- I'm not really -- well, really, I'm not really that proud of my accomplishments. I mean, I'm proud for my guys who work with me. I'm proud for my fans who have stuck with me. I mean, I got asked by rolling stone magazine how in the world does some west Texas boy with no record label outsell mainstream major label artists? And I said "It's simple. God has blessed me with the best fans in the whole wide world."

And I mean that. They take care of me.

GLENN: Between god and all the fans in this program, that's how everything that has been built has been built.

AARON: Absolutely.

GLENN: When you are loyal to your fans, and you're loyal to yourself, your fans see that. And then you're loyal to them, they're loyal to you, it is the greatest. I know people who despise their fans.

AARON: I'll never understand that.

GLENN: I don't understand that.

AARON: I'll never understand that. After every show -- you know, it's midnight. It's 1:00 a.m. I'm tired. I mean, I'm an old married man at this point with kids, you know? It's, like, I would like to go to bed. I would like to get in that bunk on the bus. But I have people lined up at my merchandise booth at every show. So I say, hey, after the show, I'll meet you at the merchandise booth. Hugs and selfies are free tonight.

And I spend time with the fans, and I let them know how much I love them. And when I'm too tired to get out there, I think about my daddy with those yellow gloves on cleaning toilets.

GLENN: His name is Aaron Watson. The name of the CD is Vaquero. He's going to play some stuff with us and talk about how to disrupt whatever industry you're in. He's proof positive, and I also want to tell you I have an ulterior motivate to have him on. And it's for his benefit. I really believe that this man and his group are a source of inspiration for anybody who is -- about to give up on their dream, about to give up and say, man, nobody's getting it. Don't. Look to Aaron Watson.


THIS is why you shouldn’t trust big banks

GLENN: I wanted to give you one more story, that is really disturbing, but I believe to be absolutely true. First of all, the guy who is saying this, is a pretty credible journalist, Will Slayton.

He writes, several weeks ago, I learned that Citibank locked some customers out of their accounts, and refuses to release their money, even if they show up, with ID.

This week, Citi sent an email explicitly affirming its rights to do this, without cause. He tweeted, later, your money is not safe, at Citibank. I would say, your money is not safe in most banks.

Citi, in the email, says, we reserve the right to close an account, at any time, and for any reason, with or without cause.


Bill O’Reilly: Europe wouldn’t be SUFFERING if Trump had won

It’s amazing, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn, just how much destruction Joe BIden has caused in only two years. Europe will be freezing this winter, O’Reilly says, thanks to their poor policy decisions regarding oil, energy, and Putin. But if Trump had won re-election two years ago, Europe would be facing a much different — and better — reality. O’Reilly and Glenn discuss just how much Biden has continued to ‘diminish,’ plus they discuss whether or not Americans are ready to WAKE UP and put responsible leaders into office next month…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So, Bill, the biggest story of the week.

BILL: Got to be Ian. But, you know, how do you cover it? It's, you know, an act of God. And, you know, you lived in Florida. I lived in Florida. You know when you lived there, and California as well, anything could happen.

And then it happens, and everybody is looking at one another. But there is some good news here that the federal and state governments do work in the capacity of getting help to people, obviously. People's whole lives are destroyed now. They have to build. That's a part of life. But, you know, that's the biggest story of the week. The second biggest story of the week, is Joe Biden's continued diminishment.

GLENN: In what way? The mental diminishment or the diminishment on the world stage?

STU: Well, I can't calibrate the world stage. He's doing the right thing in Ukraine because Putin is on the ropes. And we just -- talk about praying. If you're going to pray for something, he's got to go.

And I'm hoping that the Russian people, you know, you don't get a lot of reporting on it there. But nobody can really be supporting Putin. And he looks terrible. And he's hiding out in --

GLENN: So wait. Wait. Wait.

Before you get into that. Let's cover the Nord Stream pipeline. Who did you think did it? Who is responsible?

BILL: Jill. Jill Biden did it.

GLENN: Come on. Come on. Who do you think did it?

BILL: With a giant hat pin. Come on, Beck. I mean, who the deuce knows who did it?

GLENN: Right. But do you think that we would have done that?

Do you think we -- no matter what I think about the left, I do think that there are people that are that nefarious. But I just can't see our Navy SEALs being ordered to do that. And us doing that.

BILL: No. I don't think that happened, okay?

But you know what the real tragedy of this is? You can watch cable news and hear a half an hour of that. I mean, they just make this stuff up. Because the rates are going down so quickly. And they -- come on. Oh, yeah.

This is what -- and you're sitting there going, if there's no facts, which there aren't in this. Okay. All you have to say is, gee. It's possible that maybe Putin went down in a diving bill. But you can't, you know. I mean, come on.

GLENN: Yeah. So we just had Chris Stewart on, and he's a congressman. He's on the Intel committee. And highly decorated Air Force colonel, I think.

And he said, you know, they're -- we just -- we didn't do this.

But he doesn't say, who did it. And he didn't rule out that some of our money, that we're just sending out, with -- with no accountants, might have been used by some nefarious figure to -- to do it. But his point was, it doesn't matter. It means we're at the beginning of something very, very bad. Not the end and wind down of a war.

BILL: Well, look, Europe is going to suffer this winter, as the people of Florida is suffering now. And some of us believe that, okay. You had an opportunity to get away from Russia, and you didn't. And so, this is what happens, when you dine with the devil.

I know you're a big Machiavelli fan, Beck. But there's a very famous quote: If you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon. Because if you get into bed with these evil people, they will turn on you. And that is what is going to happen this winter in Europe. It's going to be chilly over there. Now -- but here's the worst part of it.

Two years ago, and I just want everyone listening to Beck O'Reilly and Stu right now. Think back just two years ago.

The United States had the most vibrant economy on the planet, on earth. We were exporting oil and natural gas, to foreign countries and reaping the benefits financially of that. One man gets elected president, and destroys the entire economy in two years, including the fuel industry of the USA. How is that. So if were energy independent right now, if Trump had been re-elected, we would be making billions and billions of dollars, and the Europeans would not be so chilly this winter.

GLENN: How does -- how does the German government not get overthrown, if tens of thousands of Germans freeze to death, and they're not turning their -- their nuclear power plants back on? How --

BILL: It's up to them. I was in Germany a couple years ago. It's like the United States. If you're -- I don't know what they're doing over there. Okay. But you're getting punished now because foolish policy. And maybe you guys want to wise up. Look, it's about America.

Are we going to wise up in five weeks, Beck? On November 8?

Is this country going to wise up? I think it might.

GLENN: No. I think it will go better than -- well, I don't want to jinx it. I endorse all the Democrats. How is that? Because every time I endorse somebody, they lose. So I endorse every Democrat.

I don't know -- I hope -- my feeling is watching things, people are waking up.

I don't know how it plays out. But if everyone who wants to save the country, isn't voting, they -- they're part of the problem.

You've got to go out and vote. You have to!

BILL: I can't understand how anyone can vote for a Democrat. And I'm not a party guy. You know that.

Not just the Republicans. Are these geniuses? No, they're not.

But how could you -- I don't know what the overall campaign slogan, is?

Hey, if you want less money, vote for Democrats!

Is that what they're campaigning on?

If you want more bodies in the streets, vote for us!

We're going to have more dead people. Because we're not going to enforce the law. If you want ten million undocumented migrants. Vote for us. Because we're not shutting anything down.

You likable fentanyl. Vote for us. You'll have plenty of it.

That's the Democratic platform.

And we're at that point. I've been doing it for almost 15 years. I've never seen the kind of political insanity, in America, that I see today.

And it's affecting every person. You are paying more for your cheeseburger. Hello!

GLENN: I can't believe --

BILL: Are you going to vote for Kathy Hochul? And they might. They might.

GLENN: I can't believe, Bill, that we're at a place, where we all agree, five years ago, that pedophilia is bad. Is bad. And should never be normalized. We knew that grooming children, or showing children, what really is pornography, teaching them about sexual acts, in the second grade. Having trans -- drag shows, in school libraries. And have them strip in front of little kids.

We all knew that was wrong. All knew.

I didn't change. You changed. Americans who have, for some reason, have gone down this road. They've gone down this road, so far, that they've had to just accept that this is okay now.

And they know it's not. They know it's not. But if they can't turn the corner now, it's only going to get worse.

BILL: Yeah. They're too distracted to get involved." I don't think you'll see a high turnout in November. I think Republicans will turn out more than Democrats. And here's what the polls never show. If the African-American community, which is getting hammered, worst of all. By the Democrats. If they stay home. And that's not calibrated by polling. Then it's a rout.

It's a rout, and that could very well happen.


THESE stories show how the far-left is CODIFYING HATRED

Do you want to live in a country that’s codifying hatred? That’s what this election is about, Glenn says, because our country is becoming more divided by the second. In this clip, Glenn shares several stories — from a political debate gone wrong to recent comments made by Hillary Clinton — that show how much danger currently faces our republic...


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GLENN:So do you want to live in a country, because this is what this election is all about. Do you want to live in a country, where we're furthering the hatred of one another? And we're codifying it?

We're making it part of our law. It's part of the mantra. You know, people didn't like Donald Trump, because they said he was going to cause violence.

Violence is already happening. You may not know it, if you just listened or watched the mainstream media. But it's already happening. You can look at what happened over -- over last week. 18-year-old kid, run over by a car. Because the guy say maniac. Most likely an alcoholic. They were having a political argument. He gets into the car. He leaves. All in a handcuff. He sees the boy. Calls somebody. He immediately thinks, he's a Republican extremist. And he's calling to get his extremist friends to come kill me. So he runs him over. And then calls the police himself. He leaves the scene of the crime, and he calls the police himself.

And says, I just -- I just hit, and possibly killed an extremist Republican. Is this the kind of country you want to live in?

There was an 83-year-old woman, going door-to-door, passing out pamphlets. And talking about proposition three in Michigan. Which seeks to enshrine abortion rights in the state's Constitution. She was shot. Eighty-three years old. She was in a conversation, I guess a heated conversation at a residence in her neighborhood. The man who shot her was not involved in the conversation. The victim doesn't know his identity or motive, but she had to drive herself to the hospital.

She had to drive herself -- she's an 83-year-old woman. She leaves your door. Somebody in your neighborhood shoots her. And there's no one to take her to the hospital.

She has to take herself? Is this -- I don't care who that is. I don't care who comes to your door. You don't shoot people. Let alone an 83-year-old woman. Is this the America you want?

Hillary Clinton, this weekend, compared Trump supporters to Nazis. If we didn't have such a bad school system, there's a reason why they've buried the Nazis. They buried them, in education. Because we brought a lot of Nazis over here, after the war, we brought all the top scientists over. Oh, well, we -- we're afraid of Nazis. But not that afraid of Nazis. And they made Nazis into the big bogeyman, because the left prefers communism.

But it's the same thing. Except, one is a public/private partnership, which is exactly what the World Economic Forum and Joe Biden are pushing for.

When they say democracy, democracy is at stake. They mean democracy.

They don't mean the republic. They want one man, one vote. And that's the way fascism always starts. You can vote. And they'll vote in who they want, and then there's no more vote. That's why we have a republic. I wish people -- I pray that people will wake up. I pray that people will do their own homework. People are rediscovering the Constitution and the Declaration. And that's a really good thing.

Rediscover your faith to really know what's true. You really have to start at the beginning. And if you don't have a faith, I urge you to find one. But if it's just not for you, okay. What were the things that your parents or your grandparents taught you, that you know to be true?

Just behave that way. Just the things that we all used to know were true. Do that. The next right thing.


Nord Stream attack shows Putin’s war is JUST BEGINNING

Who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline? And what does this mean for the world moving forward? Representative Chris Stewart joins Glenn to dissect it all. He explains why signs suggest Russia may have been responsible for the pipeline attack, and why this event shows Putin’s war is just beginning: ‘And if Russia did this…it shows you that there's a lot of things that they [still] have available to them that are going to make them really difficult for us, through the next six months.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. We're glad you're here. We're being joined by Chris Stewart. A congressman.

He was an Air Force officer, distinguished graduate, top of his class. Officer of the training school. Undergraduate pilot training. Fourteen years as a pilot. Flying both rescue helicopters. Oh, I don't want to get hurt. Oh, my gosh.

And B1, B1 bomber.

He holds the world's speed records, including the world's record for the fastest non-stop flight around the world.

He's written 17 books, national best-sellers, six different languages.

And he's also on some of those super-secret, you know, intelligence committees. So I wanted to get here, and see what we could get from him. Usually nothing. But I thought we would just pump him for information, about what happened with the -- the Nord Stream pipelines. Hello, Chris. How are you?

CHRIS: Hey, Glenn. Good morning within that's the nicest introduction I've had in a long time.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, you're a conservative. So they won't give you nice introductions.

CHRIS: That's true.

GLENN: So, Chris, tell me what you can about -- there's a lot of people -- a lot of people, that their first thought with the Nord Stream pipeline was, oh, my gosh. Did we do this?

CHRIS: Yeah. Yeah. And I think a lot of people had seen the Tucker Carlson piece and some other writings, that had indicated that. And let me tell you, Glenn. First, we genuinely don't know.

Sometimes, when I come on your program, you're kind of saying, you're hungry for information, and I don't tell you anything. Sometimes I know, but can't say. But in this case, we really don't know yet.

GLENN: Right. Okay. Wait. Wait.

So we don't know, who did it. But are we including, we don't know if we did it.

CHRIS: No. I don't think there's any reason to believe that we didn't do it. And, in fact, I can say with a high degree of confidence, as much as you can, in a world that's gone crazy.

And there's times in the past, when I would say, hey, I don't think that's true. And it turns out not to be true, later on. So I don't think we did it. I don't think there's any reason for us to do it.

If we had done that, I think we would know. We would be aware of it. There would be some evidence of it. And I don't believe that's the case.

The biggest thing, Glenn, I mean, you look at this. I feel like the Grinch, if you will. I puzzled and puzzled, until my puzzler is short. It just doesn't make any sense.

If you look at every nation, it's really hard to create a very plausible explanation for why that nation would do it.

It's certainly the case, if you're trying to argue the U.S. did it.

And, by the way, some of the reporting on this is misleading. In the sense, that they take the statement from Victoria Midland, for example. The state Department official. She's clearly talking about Nord Stream 2, and then they're going to try to pressure Germany not to approve opening that pipeline.

And I think some people misread that. And say, oh, see. They're threatening to blow that up. Ukraine simply doesn't have the capability. And I don't think Ukraine would do it. Because it would stress the capability with the allies so much. Russia, on the other hand. I think you could make the argument, for one thing, they just want to create chaos. That's very, very clear.

And this could be a tool for them. The EU is looking at a deadly winter. I mean, literally, a deadly winter. There's potential for thousands of people. Maybe tens of thousands of people to freeze to death.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

CHRIS: Think about this, Glenn. The average EU home, it will cost more than $3,000 a month, to keep their home, over this next winter. And I think that Russia would have been under enormous pressure, to open up that pipeline.

And this just eliminates that for they believe. They don't have to deal with that international pressure now. But I think more than that, they love the chaos. And my biggest fear, is that this doesn't show, we're not in the wind down phase of this war. We're really in the opening stages of it still. And if Russia did this, and my personal belief is that they probably did.

It shows you that there's a lot of things. A lot of things that they are still -- still have available to them. That are going to make them really difficult for us, through the next six months.

GLENN: And if we don't really know, they can claim, we did it, or anybody else did it. And escalate.

Because they immediately said, well, this -- gloves come off now, if you can do this. Forget about nukes, which they did mention, that justifies nukes.

But forget about that. That means, if they claim we did it. They could hit our energy infrastructure.

CHRIS: Yes, absolutely. And that's one of the largest conclusions is that they would claim that we did it. It's going to open the door for them to retaliate. If you take that with what happened yesterday, and their supposed researched uncle on the floor. For essentially -- essentially state, in eastern Ukraine.

Where, I mean, these -- these numbers sound -- you know, 99 percent of the people who are voted to join with Russia, 92 percent of the people and another region voted to join with Russia again. Those are the kind of numbers that Stalin would win by.

And it's beyond belief, of course. But if you combine these two events of the last few days, you -- you can see that Vladimir Putin is positioning himself.

Again, he's not looking to wind things down. Excuse me.

He's looking to exert more pressure, not less.

GLENN: So I talked to Chad Robichaux, who was in Ukraine, just recently. And he actually walked the mass graves. He told me last night, because I said, before I put you on the air.

In saying this, I have seen the video. But I want to make sure you didn't just see a patch of dirt, or you saw things the Ukrainian government is saying, that this is what it was. That you actually saw these things. And he said, Glenn, I saw women and children with their hands tied behind their back, and bullets in their head, that they tried to bury quickly, because they were leaving. This is crimes against humanity.

CHRIS: Yeah. I don't think there's any question about that. It shows a couple of things. It shows the desperation of Vladimir Putin's leadership. It shows the inhumanity of leadership, which doesn't surprise, I think anyone.

It also shows the result of a hastily assembled and untrained army. This is now not a professional army any longer. Many of them are -- are conscripts that have been in the Army for at least in some cases, a matter of a few weeks. With very little training, if any. And included in that, the laws of war. The disciplines of a professional soldier, that we don't expect from them any longer. Which brings me to one point, that I hope I can make. And I think stepping back from that. Okay. Where are we in the US? And what are we doing there?

I just finished an editorial, that asked this question. Look, in the early days of the war, I supported it. I thought we had to help Ukraine and the Ukraine military. They have shown enormous encourage. They have demonstrated that courage on the battlefield can change a battlefield in ways sometimes weapons can't. But the president of the United States has to tell the American people now, this is our goal in Ukraine.

Because if President Biden agrees with President Zelinsky, that now our objective is to expel every Russian from Eastern Ukraine, including Crimea, then I promise you, we will be at war with Russia.

If that is our goal, Vladimir Putin is not going to live Crimea. I mean, it was part of Russia until 1958. When cruel and unusual he have said, oh, now you're part of Ukraine now.

And the people there genuinely are ethnically Russian.

They speak Russian. They want to be with Russia, and if Putin is not going to surrender Crimea. And if President Biden agreed to Zelinsky, he needs to embrace the American people for a long, long, and potentially deadly war.

If on the other hand, our goal is just to say, go back to the pre-February invasion lines, then he should state that that's our goal, so that Zelinsky knows, he won't support him going beyond that.

I think we're at this point now, where we have to define why we are there. And at what cost, is it going to be to achieve the goals, of that to be there?

And this president hasn't done that at all. And the result of that, Glenn, is 20 years later, we may be in there, just like we were in Iraq or Afghanistan.

GLENN: The Senate just passed a bill last night, to fund the government, which includes another $12 billion, for Ukraine. Chris, this has got to stop. It's got to stop.

CHRIS: Well, and one other thing that a lot of people don't realize, we're not just funding their military efforts. We're funding their entire military operation, including their pension plans. We're funding Ukrainian pension plans.

GLENN: What!

CHRIS: And, look, I want to help them. I am -- I believe the United States needs to help in this situation.

But we have to define the limits of our help. We owe the American people an explanation for how much money we're willing to spend, and how long we're willing to be there, and the goals we're trying to achieve.

GLENN: All right. Chris, Chris. Would you do me a favor?

Would you put me in touch with whomever has all of the information of where this money is going, including the pension plans.

I would love to have you come on the air, and explain it to the American people. Somebody has got to expose all this.

I think, you know, honestly, my first thought when I saw the Nord Stream was, I don't think that we did this, you know, we didn't send our Navy SEALs in to do this. There's no way.

However, I'm not convinced that some rogue party -- somebody -- and it could be for a million different reasons.

I'm not convince that had some of our money, that has been over there, without any accounting, didn't give somebody half a billion dollars. And say go blow these things up.

And we didn't do it. But it was maybe possibly our money.

There's no accountability for any of this.

And now, that would be, what? 75 trillion -- billion dollars that we have sent over there. $5 billion, can change the world.

CHRIS: Yeah. Well, that's one of the things I also point out, in this latest editorial, Glenn. Is that there's no IG. There's no accounting. We just send the money, and hope it ends up with where we say it does.

And, by the way, keep in mind, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. And they have been for generations.

GLENN: I know. I know. They lost $7 billion during the Biden debacle, when he was vice president.

7 billion, just kind of disappeared. And nobody ever said anything about it here.

CHRIS: Yeah. Well, that's because 7 billion is not that much money, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah. I know. I know. I spend that on groceries lately.

Okay. So, Chris, can I have Ricky, my executive producer reach out to you, and see if you can help us put some of this stuff together.

Because I did not know that about their pensions. That's insanity. That's insanity.

CHRIS: Well, and, again, it's one of those things that the American people need to know.

And I think most Americans want to help Ukraine. Again, they've shown enormous courage. We don't want Vladimir Putin to control that nation, but we have to do it in a thoughtful way.

If we don't look back in the last 20 years. And, again, I'm a former airports guy.

But you have to look back on the last 20 years in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, and a number of other places, and say, okay.

What lessons have we learned? How can we do this better?

And we need to apply those lessons to Ukraine. And this is the time to do that. I would be happy to get that information. If you want to know where that money is going, good luck. I don't know who knows that.

But what I can help you do, is what specifically the language allows for.

For example, pension funds in Ukraine. We can help you find that out for sure.

GLENN: Jeez. That's incredible. All right. Chris Stewart, thank you so much. I appreciate everything you do in Congress. Keep strong, buddy. You bet. Buh-bye.

I may disagree with, you know, some of the things that any of these guys in Washington do. But this guy is straight as an arrow. And we may disagree on, you know, this issue or that issue, but I'm glad he's in Washington.

He knows what he's talking about, when it comes to defense. And we need him in those rooms, to speak some sanity.

I'll tell you, if you're going to Washington, if you're thinking about becoming a congressman or senator, do not get on to the Intel community.