David Limbaugh Explains His Intellectual Pivot Point to Christianity

David Limbaugh --- lawyer, nationally syndicated columnist, political commentator and author of six New York Times bestsellers --- joined Glenn in studio today to discuss his latest book, The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospel, which combines the four Gospel stories to guide readers through the Four Evangelists' testimonies of the life of Jesus Christ. Limbaugh shared with Glenn his passion for the messianic prophecies that allowed him to intellectually understand and accept Christ on his own.

Glenn and Limbaugh also dove into the prophecies of Israel being restored.

"At no point in human history has anything like Israel ever happened --- never. It was all foretold thousands of years ago: It's destruction. It's scattering. It's bringing back together from all corners of the earth. It's reestablishment. I mean, that's incredible in and of itself --- and people dismiss it," Glenn said.

"It gives you goose bumps," Limbaugh concurred.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: Was there a pivot in your life, was there a moment where you felt like, I've got to change?


Well, intellectually -- and I don't mean to say I'm real brilliant and this is -- I mean the intellectual thinking through things and studying kind of intellectual. Studied books by Paul Little. Know what and why you believe. Josh McDowell. Norman Guiser (phonetic). All the great apologists. And reading the Bible itself.

The real pivotal moment intellectually was when I was exposed to the Messianic prophesies, the unbelievable prophecies that were written in many cases hundreds of years before Christ's birth, and he realized all of them. He fulfilled all those promises.

GLENN: You talk about some of them.

DAVID: Yes, absolutely. So it was after that that I trusted Christ. But I'm saying intellectually I had to get over these hurdles so that I could open up.

GLENN: Isn't it amazing how so many people dismiss -- just look at the prophecies of Israel being restored.


GLENN: At no point in human history has anything like Israel ever happened. Never.

And then to add on top of it that it was all foretold thousands of years ago. It's destruction. It's scattering. It's bringing back together from all corners of the earth. It's reestablishment. I mean, that's incredible in and of itself. And people dismiss it.

DAVID: It gives you goose bumps. And when God set apart -- or called Abraham -- Abram at the time. He later named Abraham. "Go to the land I will show you. I will make a great nation out of you. I will bless all people through you." So he sent Abraham from the land of the Chaldeans to Canaan. And he formed a nation through Abraham . . . Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob . . . and David, the line of kings. And he said he would bless all people.

And so Christ you can trace his lineage through David, through Abraham, all the way back, and he will reign forever in the Promised Land. And he came originally to the Promised Land, which was guaranteed to Israel as an everlasting possession.

And as you say, they were dispersed many times. And after 2,000 years -- most -- most nations are -- lose their identity, national identity after three, four, five generations.

After 2,000 years, the Israelis -- the Israelites came back to the people -- to that land. And in 1948, it was reestablished, as you know.

GLENN: We haven't been scattered and we've almost lost our identity.

DAVID: Yes. And then those five or six Arab nations around Israel tried to destroy that tiny little nation, and it reared up and kicked their rear ends. Is that not totally exciting? Is that not God at work? And they kept trying to do it, 67, 73. And Israel tried -- that's why I know. I was just in Israel ten days ago. First time I had ever been, which is, as you know, a spectacular experience.

GLENN: How did you write three books on the Bible and now is the first time you went to Jerusalem and Israel.

DAVID: Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? I don't know. I rely so heavily on what other people -- the other people's studies.

GLENN: It's a totally different -- it's a game-changer in life.


GLENN: If I could -- if I could be king and say, we're going to spend money on one thing, it would be, everybody should go to Israel.

DAVID: Yeah.

GLENN: It will change your life. Your understanding of the world. Your understanding of your place in it. God. Everything totally changes. Totally changes.

DAVID: Yes. And this idea -- see, Israel ought to give back some of the land. The land they took -- after being attacked, the Golan Heights after seeing Syria -- they can't afford to give that land back. Because they don't want to destroy other nations. The other nations want to destroy them.

GLENN: Jeffy and I stood at the top of the Golan Heights. You know that cliff?


GLENN: And we stood up there. And everyone was talking about the Golan Heights. They should give the land back. Until you stand on that land --

JEFFY: It's unbelievable. No way.

GLENN: You stand on that land. Yeah, you stand there, and you're like, that's suicide.

DAVID: Suicide.

GLENN: You cannot do it. It's suicide.

DAVID: Plus, Israel tried to give back some of the land and establish a two-state solution, and they reject it. They want to be victims. No offense to any people out there listening, but it's a fact.

GLENN: It's true.

DAVID: And I don't understand why we go through this charade of --

PAT: And nobody even knows they were given a country at the same time. Palestine was set up when Israel was set up. And they rejected that. And very few people even know that.

GLENN: Three times. Three times.

DAVID: Right. Very true.

GLENN: Did you see -- I hate to promote somebody else's stuff, just like David did. But what the heck --

DAVID: Don't mention the name.

GLENN: Yeah. Dennis Prager. Prager University.

DAVID: He's awesome. He is so great.

GLENN: Awesome.

What that guy -- he just had lunch in town, and he was doing a fundraiser for, you know, his university.

DAVID: Yeah.

GLENN: And so I went. He didn't know I was going to show up. And I -- we bought a table, and we all went from the office.

And I'm sitting there, and the look in his eyes when he walked out, and he was like, "Glenn Beck."

And I said to him, "What you've done, Dennis, I could only dream about doing. I feel like a worm when I look at how he's actually impacting the culture." But he did something on Israel about the two-state solution. Who actually is trying to settle it, and who wants to be a victim?


GLENN: And it's brilliant in three minutes.

DAVID: In fact, Dennis Prager is one of the clearest thinkers and communicators. I resent him.

GLENN: You know what it is? Honestly, I think -- you spend much time with Jewish people?

DAVID: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

GLENN: Their intellect -- because of the way they learn the Torah.

DAVID: I totally agree. How about Ben Shapiro? I hate him too.

GLENN: You know, the word Israel means to wrestle with the Lord. And that is in their heritage. They -- they wrestle -- and so intellectually, they're just rigorous.

DAVID: In fact, Ben Shapiro told me -- in fact, I hope I'm not misquoting. I apologize if I am. That his rigorous training in the Torah and reading it, is really what helped him through Harvard Law School, make Harvard Law School easier. And, of course, he's so smart, it wouldn't have mattered. But...

GLENN: I will tell you, I think there's a direct correlation between smart and Torah school.

DAVID: I think there's -- good point. Plus they're disciplined too. So disciplined.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Wow, that sounded racist, didn't it?

DAVID: At least it was a compliment.

GLENN: All right. Back with David Limbaugh. His new book is The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospel.


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