British Teaching Tool for Kids Compares Suffragettes to Terrorists

If you could ask a terrorist six questions, what would they be? That's just one of the exercises suggested in Talking About Terrorism, a controversial teaching resource published in England just weeks before the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.

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The booklet teaches that some people commit mass murder because they believe they're being treated “unfairly and not shown respect.” It offers historical examples of “terrorists” whose ideas were deemed extreme, but later turned out to be progressive --- you know, like women campaigning for voting rights at the turn of the last century.

The Suffragettes used violence and were called terrorists. Today many people think of them as brave women and admire their struggle for the right to vote.

"I would think in a place like Europe, Britain in particular after last week, maybe you may teach terrorism with things like, wow, people who kill other people are bad --- especially when you kill the most innocent among us," Doc Thompson said Tuesday, filling in for Glenn on The Glenn Beck Program.

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DOC: Doc Thompson in for Glenn Beck today. Thank you so much for joining me. I'm joined also by Brad Staggs. You want to follow him on Twitter. It's The Blaze Brad and Brandon Morris if you want to follow him on Twitter and today we're using the #whatIlearnedtoday. But we're also going to be using the #KidsTerrorismBooks. You think of some old titles that maybe kids books that they've read over the years, and you have suggestions. Kids terrorism books because over in England, they have a new teaching resources for kids for how maybe he teach kids about terrorism.


DOC: I would think in a place like Europe, Britain in particular after last week.


DOC: Maybe you may teach terrorism things, like, wow people who kill other people are bad.

BRANDON: Are bad. Right.

DOC: Especially when you kill the most innocent among us, as well. Stuff like that. But that's not how it is, Brandon.

BRANDON: No, it's not. It was released just before the Manchester attack. But at the same time, this is a teaching tool for teachers who it basically encourages them to tell their students to write a letter to a terrorist, ask them six questions. If you could ask a terrorist six questions, what would then?

BRAD: Wow.

DOC: Okay. Wait a minute. Write a letter to a --

BRANDON: Write a letter to a terrorist.

DOC: Will these be delivered or just posted? Because if you say, hey, write a letter to a terrorist, then we'll track it.

BRANDON: This is about writing a letter to your congressman like we were encouraged back when -- no, write a letter terrorist.

DOC: Dear Mr. Terrorist, why are you blowing me up?

BRAD: Why do you want to kill me?

BRANDON: Yeah, so they're -- they're also saying -- this is contained in the pamphlet that they hand out. Use violence in recalled terrorists, the guide suggests. Many people think of them as brave women and admire their struggle for the right to vote.

DOC: What?

BRANDON: So they're basically saying one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist idea.

DOC: And they were mentioning the suffrage.

BRANDON: Right. Comparing the people who fought to right for freedom is the same as going around killing children.

DOC: If I remember right, the Ariana Grande concert in 1911, I think that's where the women blew up the --

BRANDON: That's right.

DOC: And killed some 20 some people; right? Saying right to vote.

BRANDON: She was going crazy on that --

DOC: And Susan B Anthony, the suicide bomber. You remember her. She was with the vest and all of that.

BRANDON: She said votes for women and then killed them all.

DOC: What are you --

BRANDON: This is the stupidest -- don't get me wrong, England can be a very backward country when it comes to certain things like free speech and whatnot. This whole entire going forward the sympathy for terrorist thing, which is just infecting Europe to the point where.

DOC: I get throughout history people have practiced civil disobedience. I get that. Sometimes they cross the lines. Sometimes people do things that broke the law. Maybe even a little bit violent. I've never condoned those.


DOC: But even so, there is a huge leap from that from even clubbing somebody in the street to blowing up children at a concert. I mean, that's insane. That bleep is light years ahead.

BRANDON: And you know what? These are the -- this is the same radical Islamic extremist that believe raping a woman in the street because she's wearing -- this is a game to them. I think it's called Vada Rush or something like that. I mean, raping a woman in the street because she looks like a westerner. That's a game to them. They're going to compare that to the suffrage?

BRAD: Again, we're going to assign logic to the place where there is none.

DOC: The Suffragettes are fighting for women rights, female rights. You're justifying the way they treat women, which is cover up, you can't drive, you can't vote.

BRANDON: Exactly.

DOC: When you take progressive ideology, which is also this extremist ideology, and you lay out their values side by side, they do not run parallel, they conflict. They are in conflict because the ideas are failed. And that's a perfect example of it right there. So also, write a letter to a terrorist then. And then there are other ideas that you -- questions you should ask them.

BRANDON: No, they didn't say what questions you should ask them. Just if you could ask any terrorist six questions, then you should. But it's supposed to be structured in a question and answer format just talking about terrorism to kids. That's the whole point of it. And there -- like the whole point is to make them seem more human.

DOC: Okay. There's a failure if you think you can actually have a conversation with a terrorist like this because they're so far gone, it doesn't matter. Anybody that could do this, they're out of their minds. And then if there is a question, you could sit down and ask them, it's one question. And that's it. Why are you being such a dirt bag? That's it.

BRANDON: Okay. So one of the things, it teaches one reason why people commit mass murder. Which, by the way, they call a type of work. Is because they believe they are being treated unfairly and not shown respect.

DOC: And this is, again, a teaching tool.

BRANDON: This is a teaching tool for kids.

DOC: Okay. Well, this is the reason -- if it's a teaching tool in a new book, kids terrorism books. Get that. Use that #KidsTerroismBooks. You have to suggest a title via Twitter. Brandon, I get that there are many people who lead people to this. It's not just I want to be an extremist.


DOC: First of all, there are a lot of people that are just crazy.


DOC: They're just nuts.

BRANDON: Absolutely.

DOC: There are some driven by extremist ideology. Some of that if you take it back a step comes from their poverty and lack of education. This is true. This is all over the Middle East. These people have been brain washed not for generations, for millennia. I'm serious. For thousands of years. Every generation going back as far as you can count has been brain washed a little bit more. And it's built on control.


DOC: It's poverty that forces some people into doing bad things.

BRANDON: Here in America, you can see the exact same thing. Where is crime highest? In low wage areas with zero education.

DOC: And without education. But we still don't justify what they do. And that's what's lost here on this. I can have a is discussion with the crazy people who wrote this book and suggest we talk to kids about this because those are valid points. We can sit down. I agree. And there's a way to handle some of that. Where are you in this teaching tool starting with that's wrong. It's bad. They must be punished. At times, they must be stopped with force. Because that's part of the equation as well.

BRANDON: Yes, exactly. I completely agree with you on that. After every terror attack, you have this entire slew of people going in and a saying, well, they have their reasons. Not all Muslims. And they are correct. But at some point in time we have to realize that this call for peace and prosperity and love, love -- no, it won't. Sometimes you have to stop things with a bullet.

BRAD: They want you to die, and there is no way you can negotiate with someone who's starting point is wanting to kill you.

BRANDON: Exactly. And they have been trained from birth to want to kill you. There is no convincing them otherwise.

BRAD: Nope.

BRANDON: This is their -- this is in their blood. The only thing they're going to understand is a bullet. That's it.

DOC: Unfortunately, the economic situations in these poverty-stricken countries and the lack of education leads to a lot of these people being rulable. That they are easily ruled by dictators. It sets it up. And then when you tie in the religious factor, their faith to it where you can claim as this leader that you are anointed by god to treat people poorly, you know what I mean? It's easy to control. Again, it's learned behavior. It's just what you know. There are cultures that eat disgusting foods. It's because you do at birth, and it's just what you know.


DOC: There are reasons we do things in America. Have football on Sundays or whatever, it's just ritual. We do these things. There must be both sides of the equation. I believe that we must meet some of this terrorism with force, with strength. But I believe we also have to understand and help as much as we can. Educate, deal with the economic situations.

BRANDON: A lot of these people do get into terrorism because they don't have any other option.

DOC: Right. But we need to make sure this of you that are screaming for this after Manchester and what is likely going to come to America, whatever six months, a year, we'll see another terrorist attack. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. That you also get there has to be a level of force. And the problem is a lot of people that are soft on terrorism do not understand that. They only want to go into the sympathy mode. You're missing out if you don't understand that I get that. Overnight last night, there were two separate car bombings in Baghdad. One outside of an ice cream parlor that killed 27 people. It was a car bomb that went off around people just getting ice cream and killed 27 people.

BRANDON: No headline. This is the if I say time I'm hearing.

DOC: And there was a second one in Baghdad same day in a busy day during rush hour killed 12 people. Both of them wounding dozens other. They killed 39 people in two separate attacks. We had 22 people killed in the Manchester, and we know about it. I agree with we identify Americans first. We identify the west secondly, and it just goes from there. Because we understand them. Our cultures are closer. We understand them more. But if you cannot look at the attacks that happened in Baghdad because those people are different and say that's a problem as well, these attacks happen all over the world. A lot of times in the Middle East, and we don't even pay attention to it. If you're upset that those children were killed, if you look at other terrorist attacks, and you really empathize or sympathize with the people that are killed and say this is horrible, people were killed, then you have to say it about those people as well, even if those people are Muslim. Even if you don't understand those people. The true fact is that ISIS and the extremist Muslims out there that are killing people are killing more Muslims than anybody else by far.


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