Holy Cow! 45 Percent of Republicans Think This About Free Speech?

In a shocking new poll, 45 percent of Republicans surveyed said that the government should be able to target and shut down media outlets publishing “biased or inaccurate” stories.

“Americans, you better pay attention to this,” Glenn warned on radio Monday.

The survey from New Economist and YouGov asked if people “favor or oppose permitting the courts to shut down news media outlets for publishing or broadcasting stories that are biased and inaccurate.” Of those surveyed, 45 percent of people identifying themselves as Republicans said they favored the statement, while 20 percent opposed allowing courts to shut down news outlets for perceived bias.

“Small government and conservative principles have nothing to do with this,” Glenn said. “This is fascism.”

Democrats swung the opposite way, with 18 percent of self-identified Democrat respondents being in favor of such policy and 39 percent opposing court intervention. A surprisingly high percentage of Republicans, Democrats and Independents didn’t understand the dangers of government censorship enough to say, with nearly half of Independents saying they were unsure.

GLENN: Forty-five to 20. Forty-five percent say, yeah, the judge -- a judge should be able to say, "You have too much point of view," and shut down a newspaper or a news organization, television station, cable company, online -- whatever it is. "You have too much of an opinion."

Holy cow. Americans, you better pay attention to this. First, they came for the labor unions, and I said nothing because I wasn't a union member. Remember how that ends?

And then they came for me and no one was around.

So you want to start giving people the right to shut people down if they have too much of an opinion. Well, what about talk radio?

45 percent of Republicans are for this. Only 20 percent of Republicans are against. The rest are I don't knows.

How is that even possible in today's world? Well, I'll explain.

It's possible because so many people have done so much to discredit themselves.

Do you remember talking about a time that people won't know what to believe or who to believe?

Too many people have discredited themselves. And now it's up to you. And now, hopefully, you have some credibility left and you can say to your friends and family, "Don't go there. Don't go there. I know it feels good, but don't go there."

Why wouldn't people just shut down talk radio? Why wouldn't they just shut down the talk radio that they don't like? Why not shut down Fox News?

Republicans are thinking that they can shut down CNN or NPR or I don't know what. MSNBC. Too much of an opinion. But where does that stop? Who decides? The mob? The judges? The judges? You want court systems, the same people who have helped get us into this mess, the same people who don't understand the Second Amendment, you want them to now start to parse the First Amendment? The same court system that said that O.J. Simpson wasn't guilty? I don't.

Small government and conservative principles have nothing to do with this. This is fascism. The First Amendment is there because the world has gone through this time and time and time again. How many things do we -- do we have to see in our own lifetime? How many things do we have to read in history books, and for that not to be relevant?

Well, nobody reads history. Nobody is paying attention.

Okay. How many things do we need in pop culture, to tell us that this always leads to dark places? How many people watch Games of Throne -- of Game of Thrones? Couple weeks ago. 17 million. Broke all records.

Have you noticed what life is like there? Do you think that's protected speech?

What happens when you -- when you shut a news organization down? Do you think those people just go away, or do they find other ways to communicate? Do I now have to shut them down on the internet? Do I now have to shut them down as individuals? And if they still won't be shut down, if they still go around town and there will be a town cryer, and they're just saying it to their friends and anybody else who will listen, do we have to jail them? How do we silence them?

This is a disaster. Shutting down news organizations that are publishing stories that are biased or inaccurate. How are we going to decide which -- what is inaccurate?

We can't even -- we don't -- how do we define that? Half of the country is saying that -- is saying that something that the president's son himself released wasn't released or wasn't true.

Well -- so is -- reporting on that, something that is a verifiable fact, that what is it, 45 percent of conservatives don't believe is a fact? He released it himself. He released it in advance because the New York Times was coming out six minutes later.

I could understand if you said, I don't believe the New York Times. But now you're saying that something that Donald Trump Jr. did, didn't happen. And if it did, it was fake. Why would he release bad information about him?

The righteous didn't suddenly become righteous, they just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else. So how do we solve this one?

Well, we have to start teaching the Constitution. We have to start teaching history. And I thought that we needed to spread it. I thought we needed to get it outside of our own circles, but we don't. We need to be rock solid in our circles. We need to start teaching critical thinking.

You know who the best critical thinker I know is, is a guy who grew up with Torah studies. I think the best critical thinkers honestly are those who went through Torah studies. Maybe we should just start teaching the Torah.

That gets your God and your critical thinking.

We're sicker than we presumed.

There was -- there was a quote -- I've been saying it lately a lot. A friend told it to me. And I can't remember who it is. It's -- it's like Xerxes or somebody from, you know, a billion years ago. Some Greek. And what he said was, in a nutshell, people don't rise to the occasion. They don't rise to the level of expectations. They don't.

They rise to the level of their preparedness and knowledge. Now, think of that. Think of all of the people that rose to the occasion in the darkest hours. They were always the people, Abraham Lincoln, who had gone through something in advance and really prepared themselves. Knew who they were. And prepared themselves.

Corrie ten Boom. She grew up in a family that afternoon exactly what it was. And her father prepared the whole family for those times. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, that's what he did for a living. He had something in him that allowed him to think differently, and he started to think about the future and what was coming. And before it hit, he had already decided, "I'm not going there. I'm not going there. What am I going to do?"

We are -- we're living in a time right now where people are struggling. And it's Maslow's hierarchy of needs. And what's on that first base? If you look -- can you one of you guys look this up real quick?

Maslow's law is -- you know, the hierarchy of needs is -- is, you know, I've got to have food and water and shelter. Protection. That's the baseline.

And you -- it won't allow you to look at anything else. If you don't have that baseline, you don't have the privilege of looking toward anything else.

Do you have it, Pat? What is it?

PAT: Food, water, warmth, rest. Basic needs.

Safety needs. Security and safety.

GLENN: That's the next level?

PAT: Yeah. Then after that, belongingness and love needs. Intimate relationships and friends.

Just above that, esteem needs. Prestige and feeling of accomplishment.

And then at the top, self-actualization. Achieving one's full potential, including creative activities.

GLENN: Okay. How many times do I talk about, we were born for this time? That's self-actualization. That is, what am I here for? What is my purpose?

There are so many people that are down at the bottom all over the world that are looking for food, water, shelter, warmth. Then they're at security.

That could be jobs. That could be, I need my health care so my whole family doesn't crater. I've got a terminal illness, or I have an illness, or my son or daughter has an illness.

Do you think Charlie Gard's parents were thinking in the last six months about self-actualization? All they were thinking about was saving their child's life. That's it.

If you have the ability now to be thinking about, "I'm here for a reason," you're a lucky one. And you're going to become more rare. You have to now say, "Who am I going to be when the time gets trouble for me?" And it's not enough just to think about it. You actually have to prepare for it.

And while you're doing that, we have to go help the people at the bottom, the people who don't have the ability now to think beyond, "Look, I'll do whatever I have to do. The media has got to shut up because we've got to get things done."

They can't see past what the media is doing. And so they just want to get something done. And we've always been against, "No, no, no. You don't just get something done." Somebody's got to do something. If we could just save the life of one child. That's never worked for us. But it's working now.

Because we have massive pain inflicted on a lot of Americans.


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