John Kelly Sent a Clear Message by Escorting Scaramucci Out

General John Kelly has been named White House Chief of Staff after Reince Priebus was fired only six months in. What does his entrance mean for the Trump administration? Best-case scenario, it will stabilize the administration and eliminate the “clown elements” of a White House in turmoil.

Tuesday on radio, Glenn analyzed Kelly’s new role and how he’ll affect a volatile White House.

“By bringing General Kelly in, it’s going to bring stability," Glenn stated. "General Kelly is one of the most amazing generals in the history of our country."

A former Marine who previously served as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kelly sent a clear message with Scaramucci's firing.

"Why would you escort him out?" Glenn asked.

Perhaps Kelly believed Scaramucci to be a loose cannon who might make a beeline for the president if given the chance. Instead, Kelly acted decisively.

"I want to show everybody in this building, I have the authority," Glenn said.

Because of his illustrious military background, Kelly will likely be a reassuring influence on President Trump.

“I think this is going to help us be able to see where the president is headed,” Glenn said.

GLENN: Yesterday, I started working on a chalkboard. We did it -- kind of threw it together yesterday for the TV show. And we were working on it as the Scaramucci thing unfolded. We started earlier in the morning. And then the Scaramucci thing happened, which none of us saw coming. And had to -- you know, it's airtime. So I go on the air. And it wasn't quite right. I want to share this. If you happen to have a subscription to TheBlaze, go there now. This is an important chalkboard. And I'll try to explain it to you fully on radio. It's easier to understand if you can see. But let me explain what I believe is coming in 2018 and 2020, beyond.

So what comes next? What does all of this mean?

I believe this is what -- what comes next is predictability. I think this is going to help us be able to see where the president is headed. And I believe some of the clown elements of this White House are going to come to an end. Because it's not just Donald Trump. It is Reince Priebus -- anyone could walk into the Oval Office at any time while Reince Priebus was there. That's insanity. Everybody needs to go through the chief of staff. You just don't walk into the Oval Office.

So it was a clown show. It was very divided. By bringing general Kelly in, it's going to add stability. General Kelly is one of the most amazing generals in the history of our country. The Marine Corps loves him, for a reason. He's a good, loyal guy who brought order to the Marine Corps.

So I want to explain the four sides of Donald Trump. And I want to explain why I think these things are coming and what all of this means. But let me first say, General Kelly, the reason why I think he took this job, he has no political experience working and wrangling Capitol Hill and trying to get all of the votes and knowing exactly who the president should be talking -- that's not his skill. He's a general. It's not his skill.

That's what the president was hoping from Reince Priebus, that he would be able to wrangle Capitol Hill. But we've also seen in the actions of the president, he doesn't really care about that either. He wants it -- just give me some bills to sign. He's not actively involved in the bills. He's just a guy who is like, "Okay. Tell me what you've got. Here's where I want to go. Tell me what you've got. I'll help you if I can. I'll tweet some things. I'll give a speech. Whatever." But he's not actively involved.

This is always an important role for chief of staff, to be able to connect the White House with the party. The general doesn't have that. The general doesn't want that. This is a general who is a legend. Why would he step into a job that he wouldn't like, would really want, and in a place that you have a good chance of failing just because you're watching the last six months?

Had an argument with somebody at the studios -- you know, just a friendly discussion. With somebody at the studios, Friday night, before General Kelly. Guy came in. He said, "I think they're going to -- I think Donald Trump thinks that General Kelly is going to do it." And I said, "He'll do it." He said, "No, he won't. He has no experience. He wouldn't want that. Why would he step down?"

Because it's the commander-in-chief who is in trouble, while the country is in trouble. And the commander-in-chief is coming to him and saying, "I need your help." And Kelly can wrangle -- look, it's like a -- it's like a -- it's like kids have taken over the White House. And I think he can make those kids, "Shut up, sit down. You're coming through me. This is the president of the United States. The commander-in-chief. Knock it off. It's not about you. It's about the country." I think he can do that in spades. And when his commander-in-chief said, "I need you, and I need you to do this," I think Kelly said, "Okay. But listen, we're doing this my way." I ran the Marine Corps. I can run this house. But I can't if you usurp me. If you go around and you don't follow what I need -- what I need is everything must run through me. And I have final say. I will -- I will consult with you. I'll tell you where I'm thinking. But if I need to make a decision, I'm making a decision. And you got to back me up.

I think because Donald Trump -- there is a part of Donald Trump that really likes the honor of the military. Likes the way the military operates. And I think he also gets, by default, the respect of men he respects, and they treat him the way Donald Trump expects to be treated. Yes, sir.

Good or bad, no judgment there, that's what Donald Trump likes. He respects our military. He believes our military is full of good guys. He likes the honor of that. But he's also getting, by default, that, yes, sir, no questions asked. You are the commander-in-chief. Yes, sir. And he loves that.

So he gave that deal to John Kelly. When John Kelly saw the latest outburst by Mooch, he had to have had a conversation with the president and say, "Mr. President, this is craziness. We can't have have this kind of stuff. And he's a loose cannon, he's got to fall in line." And Donald Trump most likely said to him, "Do what you want. I made that deal with you." Now, this is a very big one, I think. And it's going to work out to Donald Trump's favor in some ways. Whether Donald Trump eventually sees it that way, I don't know. But if it works out, it will only strengthen General Kelly, which will only make what I'm about to tell you more predictable. So I do think it happened exactly the way it's been described by some sources. Where Mooch came to him and said, "I don't work for you."

"Yes, you do. Get out." And had him escorted out.

Why would you escort him out? Because, A, you think he's a loose cannon. And, B, you think he might make a beeline for the president. I want to show everybody in this building, I have the authority. I have the authority.

And what I say goes. Now, there are people in the White House that are celebrating that. And there are people in the White House who do not like that, especially people like Steve Bannon, who we'll get to in a minute. Steve Bannon and, you know, General Mattis, General McMaster, and General Kelly, they're not fans of the Bannon wing. But that's an important part of Donald Trump's psyche. And I want to stop there and then take it and pick it up. And I'll tell you the four pieces of Donald Trump, how they all fit together, who is playing what role, and how this John Kelly move and what's been happening with the G.O.P. on health care makes Donald Trump more predictable. And you may like it, you may not like it. But I believe it to be what is coming our way, good or bad.


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