Who We Really Are: 'America Has Been Given a Great Gift, a Reprieve from the Hatred'

A woman threatening to jump from a beam on a New York subway platform was stopped by a kind stranger who was brave enough to walk to her while 20 feet up in the air.

“He actually cared enough, whoever he was, to help her,” witness Michal Klein told CBS2 outside the Broadway-Lafayette subway station, where the incident occurred. “A lot of people seemed to be like, ‘Oh, it’s New York,’ and kept walking.”

On radio Tuesday, Glenn contrasted that incredible story of kindness and courage with incidents involving hatred and violence from Nazi and Antifa rioters. He also detailed some of the strange exhibitions at this year’s Burning Man festival; Planned Parenthood has contributed a bizarre funhouse that celebrates abortion, featuring an obstacle course with “a sperm-shaped tether ball, “a leaky condom,” “a big freakin’ bible” and a coat hanger.

“Now let me ask you this: Which one of these are we?” Glenn asked.

At a time when people are struggling to survive record flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey, we need to consider what kind of people we are and what courage we have.

“America has been given a great gift, a reprieve from the hatred, and a chance to see who we really are,” Glenn said. “There’s too much real pain going on in the world.”

GLENN: I believe that we are being given an opportunity to actually see the truth of who we are as a country. Antifa, Nazis, Berkeley -- all of that, everything you're seeing on television in the media, that's all a lie about who we are.

We can talk all you want, you know, about the Confederate states and the Confederate flag and the statues and whether they need to go and whether they need to be pulled down. None of that makes any difference when Americans are in trouble. And one of those Confederate slave states, the evil state of Texas, is, again, leading the way, showing America who Americans really are. A great opportunity for us to look and say, "You want to be one of those guys, or you want to be with these people?" One is good and lifting up, and one is tearing down. I don't know about you, but to me, the choice is really clear. And we begin there, right now.


GLENN: I want to talk to you briefly -- because I don't want to dwell on this. I just want to give you a couple of stories that I saw yesterday, that I think are important. Because I want to put -- I want to put Martin Luther King's words to the test, that America, when they see the difference between good and evil, black and white -- when they are put side by side, Americans will always pick good.

And I've wondered, "Is that true?"

Because everything we see on television is bad. Everything about us is bad. And I've wondered, "Will we be able to choose good anymore?"

Let me just give you a couple of examples, and you tell me.

Leftist group, Antifa, Occupy Trump, they now say they are going to do a month's long resistance against Donald Trump, beginning November 4th.

Resistance protesters will begin a multi-year Occupy Wall Street-style demonstration in major cities across America. They are calling themselves resist fascism.

When you look into this group and these people, you see what they really want. And what they really want is not a resistance of fascism, but their own style of fascism.

You then have Antifa and the violence that is going on in Berkeley. And then Burning Man is right around the corner. Burning Man, which seemed to be like, you know, kind of a fun thing when it first started. Kind of a cool thing. Fun.

Now has turned into into hate the rich. People are throwing raw sewage on the tents of the rich people that are there, calling them parasites. And here are some of the things that are happening at Burning Man: Slutty Mini Golf. Hosted by Camp Slut Putt. Burners are invited to come play around in Slutty Mini Gulf. May the biggest slut win. Polegasm, get yours. The event page doesn't define exactly what that means. But I think you can figure out.

There's another one that I don't need to say the name, listed under adult-oriented activities. Offers various ways for women to find intense physical pleasure.

Then there is Camp Beaverton's Lesbian-ish Lending Library. Pick up a good book, share one of your favorites. Trashy lesbian romance novels.

Man-to-man play. Adult 18, gay, bicurious men 24/7. To Down-Low Club's discreet air-cooled tent for erotic man play.

There's the Spank Bank. Have you been naughty, or would you like to be?

The Sex Cult. Spanky's University. And a day spa that I can't tell you. And here's one that I think is interesting, sponsored by Planned Parenthood: Rebirth your burn. The birth canal. Planned Parenthood is proud to present a new birth canal for you to shed the sins of yesterday and be reborn into the dust. Spend a meditative moment in our womb of a dome, and then climb into the canal and be delivered. Squeeze your way through the start, and start the rest of your new life. It won't hurt, or much.

Nearby bar opened from noon to midnight. Bring your own sins. You have to navigate an obstacle course of contraceptive devices through an interior orifice. Twisty turns of the birth canal, reproducing something that we all have in common: The moment we entered into this self-reliant, dusty life. You have to jump over a big freaking Bible, through a coat hanger, and climb a set of stairs to nowhere, and you can chill in the room.

Okay. That's what they're doing. Now, let me tell you another Story: Rockport, HEP Texas, Saturday. The residents affected by Hurricane Harvey, they went to a storm shelter in Rockport. It was in disarray. Nobody knew what to do.

The guy who was in charge was a 29-year-old guy. He had no medical expertise at all. He was actually a screenwriter. He had moved to Rockport from Lexington, Kentucky, three months ago, where he was living with his father, a cancer survivor.

He went to a shelter to find out how he could help ahead of the storm on Friday. After realizing there were no supplies or management at the shelter, he stepped up.

Texas emergency medical task force, when they arrived, they asked who was running the shelter, and everyone pointed to him. He was the only one able to update on the situation.

The shelter had 126 people at last head count. Six were medically fragile. Four needed oxygen. Two needed hospice care. He was able to recruit 15 people, most of them under the age of 21. He assigned them to 30-minute shifts. They got people together into the shelter. The pooled food and water. They plugged leaks from the incoming rain.

He without any experience, without anybody asking, he just stepped up and got it done. But it's not just here over and over and over again stories of heroism, instead of the situation like it was in New Orleans, three days into it, where people were looting and shooting at the helicopters. Instead, Houston, Texas, one of the most diverse cities in the nation, is pulling together.

But also in New York City. Michael Klein. He was on WCBS. Said: She was walking up the stairs of the Broadway Lafitte HEP Subway Station, Saturday. She saw two people sitting in a dangerous place above the trains. There were beams about 20 feet high, 5 feet apart. She said, I really couldn't tell if they were laughing or if one person was crying. I thought they were friends. I wasn't sure. My first thought was: How did you get up there? Why are you goofing off? This is so dangerous." She asked another passenger what was going on.

The girl said, "See that girl? She just climbed over the railing. She went across the beam. She was saying suicidal things." And that guy who apparently doesn't know her climbed over the fence with her, walked out on to this beam, put his arm around her, and was comforting her.

Now, let me ask you: Are you going to climb over a fence? You going to walk a tightrope across a beam, 25 feet above the deadly subway trains in New York City, to go try to rescue a girl that you don't know?

Now, let me ask you this: Which one of these are we? And I guess I know, we are both. We have in our society both. But which one do you want to be a part of?

Do you want to be a part of something that is so shallow, that your -- that your accomplishment in life, with all of the things that are going on, your accomplishment in life is to come up with a birth canal where you're challenging people who are going to a bar to try to navigate over the big freaking Bible and a coat hanger.

With all the things in the world, do you want to stand with the people -- be them Nazis or Antifa, do you want to be the one that is standing with them, that is talking about why that statue, of the guy who started the Klan, should be up or shouldn't be up? But not just discussing it in a logical way and using, you know, the usual American ways of solving problems, instead, you want to be the ones shouting at each other?

I don't think so. None of us do. We all want to be the person on the beam. But not all of us can be.

Not all of us have the courage. I don't have the courage to be the 9/11 fire firefighters. I don't have the courage to be a regular firefighter. I don't have the courage to be a cop. But we all want to support the people who do walk out on the beam.

We want to be there and cheer them on and be inspired by the ones who do run up the stairs into a burning building. The ones who do stand in front of the bad guys, quite honestly. And protect their right.

America has been given a great gift, a reprieve from the hatred, and a chance to see who we really are. If your media source is not giving you the opportunity to see those things and to not make this about politics, to not make this about party and partisan and policy, I don't know about you, but I'm done with all that. There's too much real pain going on in the world to spend our time and our day just worried about that.

My daughter and I were having a conversation. She said, "Dad, I just want to make a difference. That's all I want to do. I want to know that when I get up in the morning and do, that it matters."

It's so funny, I told her, I said, "Honey, I want you to come back to work, and I want you to read what I wrote on my glass window." I use it as kind of a white board. I said, "I just wrote something on there, just today." This was last week.

I want to do something that matters. We're all like that. Here's an opportunity.

I'll tell you what we have going on on the ground. We're going to take you to Houston here in a second. But if you want to get involved, please, go to That's I'm going to tell you the things that Mercury One is doing. One hundred percent of all of the proceeds, going right directly to the people I'm going to tell you about, the people who are already out on the ground, who were in semi-trucks on Friday, staging water and blankets and everything else.

You have helped us develop one incredible network of good people that can help. You want to make a difference and you have five bucks to donate, you can: Do that now.


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