Antifa Protesters Cause More Chaos at UC Berkeley

Glenn is worried about chaos and division again.

Today, he talked about a riot at UC Berkeley that involved a skirmish between a “Patriot Prayer” rally and an Antifa “Victory March.” Antifa leader Yvonne Felarca, a 47-year-old middle school teacher, was arrested on suspicion of battery. A guy with purple hair and a light saber was also reportedly involved.

“I have no idea what they’re protesting, why they’re protesting,” student David Marquis said in a video recorded at the demonstration. “Now I have more work to do last minute because I cannot go to math class today.”

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: Okay. So let's start here. Let's -- let's name the times in life when you need a tent. Can we do that? I think when you're camping, you're a Boy Scout, maybe you need a tent. Maybe if you're getting married outside? Having a big celebration, party. Or you're setting up a circus. But that's about the only times that you need a tent.

The tent that was put up at Berkeley for the latest protest was totally different. This tent is an empathy tent. Oh, man. Doesn't that make you feel all warm inside? An empathy tent, I love that. We should have those everywhere.

Now, in the empathy tent, it was designed to give opposing forces a safe space, to flesh out their political disagreements in a peaceful empathy tent.

Now, the right-wing group Patriot Prayer was speaking on campus. And, you know, when you have a prayer group, you need an empathy tent.


You also probably need some armed guards around those people praying. So they were speaking, and the leftist group, unlike the prayer group, the leftist group called by Any Means Necessary and Antifa showed up. What could possibly go wrong? You've got a bunch of people praying and people who follow the idea of By Any Means Possible. Good thing they had a tent there. Because it wasn't long before the representatives from both sides were placed into the tent.

Guys, guys, guys, come on, everybody into the tent to talk it out.

Well, of course, in today's world, at Berkeley, talking turned to yelling, which turned to pushing, which turned to fighting. Almost immediately, the brawling escalated to the point where the empathy tent toppled over. Police officers had to rush to the scene. Four people were arrested, including an activist for By Any Means Necessary. What?

Yvonne has been arrested. She wasn't -- she wasn't using any means to get her point across, was she? Yvonne has an interesting profession for an extreme left-wing activist. She is a, oh, what do you call it? A middle school teacher.

Now how confident do you feel in the future of our country, right? She was arrested on suspicion of rioting, obstruction, and battery. This is not Yvonne's first arrest, and this nonsense really didn't come cheap. You don't get an empathy tent, just any old tent. This protest comes after UC Berkeley preemptively spent $600,000 to ensure protests didn't turn violent when Ben Shapiro spoke on campus.

Over half a million dollars? Think of how many empathy tents that money could buy.

We live in a world now where apparently people with different opinions can't talk to each other in a civil fashion, at all. We live in a world where it costs $600,000 to stop middle school teachers from becoming violent. And even when you spend all that money, that doesn't work.

We live in a world where empathy tents exist. Our inability to be considerate human beings is making our world a much more dangerous place.

VOICE: So I came down here to say -- to go to math discussion. And I see all this (bleep). I have no idea what they're protesting or anything like that. And if you look at them, it's ridiculous. You've got a guy with purple hair, with a (bleep) lightsaber talking about Hitler. Like, it's hard for me to take any of this seriously. The only impact this has on me is that now I have more work to do last minute, because I cannot go to math class today.

GLENN: Oh. Oh, wait a minute. You had a guy with a lightsaber. And how was he dressed? With the purple hair?

Berkeley has once again shown us, it's not a bastion of education. It's a circus, which in the end, makes that tent appropriate, after all.


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