Why Have Police Given Us 3 Timelines, No Motive for Las Vegas Shooting?

It’s been nearly three weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, and we still have more questions than answers. What was the gunman’s motive for firing into a crowd of tens of thousands of people? Why wasn’t he stopped after first shooting a security guard? How did it take so long for security to make it to the 32nd floor after multiple rounds of gunfire?

Jesus Campos, the security guard who was the first person wounded by the Las Vegas shooter, shared more details from his story with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in an episode that aired on Wednesday.

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“Compos is the most significant eyewitness to the attack,” Glenn said on today’s show. His theory was that the Mandalay Bay Resort has something to hide for the sake of their business.

“I think what they’re covering up is the hotel just really dropped the ball,” he said.

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GLENN: Okay. I didn't think this was even possible, but the Las Vegas investigation continues to get even more bizarre. It has been three weeks, and neither the FBI nor the police have given us a possible motive. We haven't seen a single surveillance video, a photo. On top of that, not only do we not know what's going on, but the police seem not to know either.

They released three different time lines for the attack. All three seem to revolve around and conflict with the time hotel security guard, Jesus Campos entered the shooter's room on the 32nd floor.

Now, Campos is the most significant eyewitness to the attack. So everyone is trying to get his story. He was set last Thursday to do just that. And all the Marilyn news outlets gathered at the Vegas hotel. Minutes before the interviews were set to kick off, he just vanished.

The security union rep was told that he was taken for a minor emergency clinic for health reasons. But that's the last time anybody saw him. Not even his neighbors knew where he was. Until yesterday.

When we found him, on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres show. So hang on.

Here we have the key witness in the worst mass shooting in modern history. The investigation is being questioned. The time lines for the attack are in conflict. The man who could clear all of this up is interviewed on a comedian's talk show?

Was 60 Minutes busy? I mean, was this to ensure no hard questions would be asked? I want you to know, I'm not a conspiracy theorist on this at all. I think what they're covering up is the hotel just really dropped the ball. I don't think there's any conspiracy. I think it's just people covering their own butts. And that's how the interview played out yesterday: No hard questions were asked. He told his story. It was compelling. His account of the events seemed to confirm the third time line police released last Friday: He was dispatched to the 32nd floor at 9:59. He was shot in the leg by Paddock around 10:04. The massacre began at 10:05. He was also quick to add that he radioed for backup as soon as he was shot.

And this isn't to knock Ellen, but had this been, oh, I don't know, even Anderson Cooper, he might have asked why it took the officers 13 minutes after he was shot, to reach the 32nd floor. Is there only one elevator? It was also two minutes after Paddock had stopped firing on the crowd.

An investigative journalist might have said, why? Why was it taking so long? Did the hotel take their time informing police? That seems to be the critical question.

Ellen made sure to mention that this was the only interview Campos would give. Who made that decision? Are we going to get the full story on this?

We may never know. But as every day goes by, this story just gets weirder and weirder.


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