German 'Bordoll' Begs the Question, Don't Real Men Want More Than Just Plastic?

From all reports, yes. Evelyn Schwarz, 29, is the owner of Bordoll, the first brothel in Germany to have only sex dolls.

The 11 dolls cost her £1,786 each but seem to be earning their keep. Schwarz estimates that “70 percent” of men who come to the brothel return for more, and each silicone hooker can be rented out up to 12 times a day.

What’s even more horrifying is that some married men seem to think their visits are normal – even getting their wives to drive them to the brothel.

The Mirror reported:

Surprisingly, Schwarz said that the wives of many brothel visitors are reacting “with tolerance” to their desires and are often seen “waiting outside in the car” while their husband is having sex with a doll.

Shouldn't real men want more than just plastic?

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: A woman waits in her car outside a dingy street in Dortmund, Germany. She's annoyed. She checks her watch. For what seems like the thousandth time, she's waiting for her husband. She's been waiting now over an hour. He said it wouldn't take long. It's been over an hour.

Where is he? He, on the other hand, is having a great time. He is in the first ever sex doll brothel, aptly named a bordeaux. It's the very first of its kind. Paying customers can have their way with one of 11 dolls, that are now on rotation.

Since opening, Evelyn Schwartz, the 29-year-old female owner says the dolls are booked up to 12 times a day. And she's proud to report that the customer satisfaction is high. Seventy percent of the men return for a second visit.

Her business is booming, thanks to her loyal clients and the tolerant wives that wait for their husbands outside the bordeaux. She also reports she only had to replace one doll after a customer broke it.

Some, like Evelyn Schwartz, claim that using sex dolls is not harmful. But it's actually beneficial to one's health.

A UK report recently found that a significantly high number of Brits say that sex with a robot or sex with a doll isn't cheating. It's not like another human.

People truly feel this way. Or is it just convenient? So what's the consequence of this behavior?

Well, with AI, only time will tell. One of the consequences, so far is it reduces the very act that creates life into a simple reaction. It's the difference between a sex doll and a potted plant. It degrades the relationship between a man and a woman. It's going to become more and more dangerous. It will become more dangerous than the porn industry.

Why would anyone have the incentive to pursue a real woman? I mean, you have to listen to them. You have to listen about their day. Why? When I can have a dream woman. She'll sleep with me. She'll only talk to me about the things I want to talk about. She knows everything. She knows my every want. Thank AI.

Is this the beginning of the inevitable slide into West World? Are there any men out there still trying to put in the effort, who are still trying companionship? Still want companionship? Love, respect, a friend? Somebody who sees the value of a woman more than just a piece of plastic.