Kate Steinle's Father Isn't Buying THIS Defense for His Daughter's Accused Killer

Imagine taking a walk with a loved one on a peaceful day only to watch them fall to the ground with a gunshot wound and die. That’s Kate Steinle’s father’s real-life nightmare – and he’s reliving it again while testifying in court.

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and convicted on four felony counts before the incident, is on trial for her death. The defense’s claim on his behalf is that the Mexican national found a gun wrapped in something and picked it up, causing the gun to accidentally go off and ricochet off concrete to hit Kate Steinle.

Her dad, Jim Steinle, isn’t buying it, and neither was Glenn on today’s show. Watch the clip (above) for his emotional take on the story of a senseless death that mostly likely would not have happened if San Francisco had followed the rule of law.

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GLENN: A simple picture captured an idyllic moment in time: Smiling facings of a father and daughter, family friend, shining in the California sun. Right there, on the coast of California, it couldn't have been a more idyllic, beautiful day.

This happy picture brought sadness to the courtroom, because the photograph was taken only moments before Kate Steinle was killed by a bullet in the back.

Her father said, with his lower lip trembling uncontrollably. She was having trouble breathing all of a sudden. And I couldn't figure out what was happening.

Kate couldn't have known it at the time, but her fate was sealed when she just passed by a homeless man on Pier 14 in San Francisco.

The trial is resuming today. The trial of this homeless man, accused of shooting Kate.

His name is Josea Inyez Garcia Zarata, but he's also known as Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez.

He's pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. His lawyers argue that the shooting was just an accident. He fired recklessly into the crowd, single shot. It ricocheted off the peer. Into Steinle's back. He didn't know what he was even doing, according to the prosecution. He was spinning around in a chair on the pier. And he just -- he happened to find this gun. And he just -- he just pointed the gun accidentally, and it went off. it really doesn't matter if it was an accident or not, Kate Steinle is dead. The Steinle family will forever mourn the loss of their daughter. And it's all because of Garcia Zarata, should not have been on Pier 14 on that bright summer day. He shouldn't have been in California. He should have never stolen that Sig Sauer that he claims he found on the pier.

He shouldn't have been in our country. If our immigration laws were actually enforced, you wouldn't know Kate Steinle's name. But she would be alive today.

Instead, her name is known as the tragic sequence of our broken immigration system.

The trial starts up again today. Our prayers go out to the Steinle family. Our prayers go out to the jurors. Our prayers go out to Juan Francisco Sanchez. And our prayers and our hopes are that justice will be done.


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