Heartbreaking Details About Victims of the NYC Attack Emerge

High school friends reuniting for the 30th anniversary of their graduation. A mom with a baby and a 3-year-old. Because of the hatred of a terrorist attacker, their families are mourning.

On today’s show, Glenn shared the stories of the victims of the attack in New York City this week and reminded people that we cannot ignore the threat of Islamic terrorism.

“This attacker’s fantasies? Shared by thousands and thousands of others,” Glenn warned. “He’s not alone. It will happen again.”

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: It had been decades since Aerial and his high school friends got together to catch up. Thirtieth anniversary of their graduation was approaching, and Ariel came up with a plan. He's a successful steel mill owner in Argentina, and Ariel had some money saved away for once in a lifetime holiday. And he decided, I'm going to pay for all of my former classmates' travel to New York. And we're going to celebrate in style. Group of nine friends, having a blast, doing touristy things. Riding bikes in downtown Manhattan.

When the unimaginable happened. A terrorist hell-bent on murdering whoever he could, rammed his truck into the bikers. Five of these friends were killed.

In addition to the five friends from Argentina, three others lost their lives on Tuesday. Nicholas cleaves was a 23-year-old software developer who recently started his first job out of school. The world was at his feet. Darren Drake, 32-year-old project manager for Moody's Analytics. His parents knew something was wrong, when they couldn't reach him hours after the attack.

They frantically drove to Bellevue Hospital, where they were confronted with their worst fears. And Decadt, 31-year-old from Belgium, he was just vacationing in New York with her mother and two sisters. Her three-month old and 3-year-old sons are now motherless. Why?

Because of one man's selfish and delusional fantasies, these eight people are dead. Their families are suffering an unthinkable pain. And the scary thing is, this attackers' fantasies, shared by thousands and thousands of others. He's not alone.

It will happen again. When will we stop arguing with each other and start naming this hatred by its real name?

Islamic terrorism. It's the first step to stopping it.


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