Why Is the Uranium One Scandal Still Making Headlines? Here's What You Need to Know

All this week, Glenn’s chalkboard series on Uranium One has been walking us through the events which led to the dubious deal to sell American uranium to Russia. In part one, Glenn discussed the value of uranium and answered the question: why did Russia want the uranium in the first place? Part two revealed what the FBI knew before, during, and after the deal went down. And in part three, we learned how the Clintons were involved with the scandalous deal and just how much they gained by seeing it through.

Haven’t we heard this all before?

Tonight on the final show in the Uranium One series, Glenn explains why this story keeps making its way back into the headlines as new revelations and additional evidence emerges.  Of course, we all remember last October when the House Intelligence Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee started a joint investigation to look into the Obama-administration approved Uranium One deal.

Shortly after the investigation announcement, the Justice Department granted the FBI’s informant permission to testify before Congress about his role in the Rosatom investigation. The informant turned out to be ex-lobbyist William Campbell who had passed information from former director of Rosatom, Vadim Mikerin, to the FBI for years leading up to the investigation. Campbell’s lawyer said her client would discuss his work “uncovering the Russian nuclear bribery case and the efforts he witnessed by Moscow to gain influence with (former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) in hopes of winning favorable uranium decisions from the Obama administration.”

On Jan. 12. 2018, the Department of Justice issued an 11-count indictment against Mark Lambert, the former co-president of a nuclear fuel transportation company in an alleged bribery scheme connected with Uranium One.

Glenn’s take:

“There are many different layers to this saga and it isn’t over yet. In fact, it may just be getting started,” said Glenn. “Ultimately, the Uranium One story is a cautionary tale about the importance of our government’s checks and balances, and how even those break down when the system grows this massive and out of control.”

Watch the clip above to hear Glenn run through the details of the far-reaching Uranium One scandal that involved the Clintons, the US government, and a nefarious Russian nuclear energy domination scheme.

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