Here's What It Would Mean If the Government Controlled the 5G Mobile Network

What’s going on?

The Trump administration is considering a sweeping change in the name of national security: a federal takeover of the 5G mobile network. A PowerPoint deck and memo from a senior National Security Council official say the country should have a “centralized nationwide 5G network” in the next three years.

Axios reported:

“The memo argues that a strong 5G network is needed in order to create a secure pathway for emerging technologies like self-driving cars and virtual reality — and to combat Chinese threats to America’s economic and cyber security.”

So, the government would control the entire 5G network?

That’s one option presented in the memo. Axios reported these two possibilities:

  • A single network is built and paid for by the government.
  • Wireless providers build their own 5G networks that compete.

What does this mean for me?

Federal control of the 5G network would be unprecedented government control in an industry that has been historically private. Given the government’s track record of surveillance abuse, slow service and wasted taxpayer funds, a federal 5G network could be disastrous for Americans who depend on their phones every day.

Glenn’s take:

“Whoa, is that a good idea. If we could just cut the phone company out as the middle man, then we’d have a network that could be wide open to the NSA 24/7,” Glenn said sarcastically on today’s show.

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GLENN: There is one universal progressive truth, and that is crisis creates opportunity. Crisis creates opportunity.

And if there isn't a crisis, create one, and there's your opportunity. That's the way every progressive and big government scheme takes -- takes flight. Every time. There's a crisis. Got to do it. Have to do something. Can't stand around. These people don't want to do anything. The threat of a crisis is what gave us the federal income tax. The threat of an environmental catastrophe gave us the EPA.

The horror of people dying in the streets, even though people weren't dying in the streets, gave us Obamacare.

And now it's the fear of China. It is causing our government to consider nationalizing the country's mobile network.

Oh, well, wait a minute. Hang on just a second. Whoa, is that a good idea. If we could just -- if we could just cut the phone company out as the middleman, then we'd have a network that could be wide open to the NSA 24/7. How great is that!

Private companies like AT&T and Verizon, built the networks that you use to make cell phone calls and surf the internet on your i Phone.

Call clarity, internet speeds -- I mean, have you noticed how fast we are advancing?

From third generation or 3G, in 2010, to 4G, almost immediately after.

But now there's a global race for 5G. And the government is scared to death that China is going to beat us.

No. No. An elite memo, the plan lays out two options. Here's one, the US government pays for and builds the network. Builds the network.

That's fantastic. Of course, they're -- they're going to have access to everything. But they have to.

They would then rent the airspace to private carriers. Now, what could go wrong? What could possibly go wrong?

First of all,, I mean, just the structure itself, government always does it better.

Now, the second -- the second option is a private company. I mean, you could build a network. But what do private companies do right? How is this a hard decision?

The leaked memo actually states that having private companies build the network isn't even a real option because it would take too long. And wait for it. The Chinese, you know. The Chinese. They could hack into it.

But the government, oh, they're not going to hack into anything. We've never had hacks into anything. I mean, you really want to talk about something that's really locked down. Ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz, boy, I tell you. There's security online in the Capitol.

Every time you're forced into one option, it is due to a bogeyman. This time, it's China.

We all need to take a step back and take a deep breath and realize we're being manipulated here. This is America, we don't nationalize private industry. We incentivize and promote competition. Because competition is good.

The last time we -- we nationalize an industry, we got the TSA.

Do I need to stick a finger where a finger shouldn't be, to really have you understand the TSA is not working out? Show me almost anything built by the government, and I'll show you a private company building and maintaining it better.

The communications industry should be going crazy over this. Not only would this significantly hurt their business. But it is a huge slap in the face. The government is saying, we don't believe you.

The government doesn't believe you? Well, we haven't believed the government in I don't know how long.

We don't believe you could get this you done. We could get this done. Oh, my gosh. If that is not laughable to every American, we're in more trouble than I thought we were.

We're in trouble.

Let's -- let's not fear what's difficult and challenging. Let's not -- let's not let anyone else use our fears to have us do things that are positively un-American.

If the government does this, you might as well call the new 5G network, the people's network. Or the Democratic people of the republic's network. How is that one?

Let's give it a good, you know, people's dictatorship, communist kind of homage. Let's give it sort of a name where we really understand what it is. Here's a phrase that should be going through everybody's mind: Quote, he who fights with monsters should be very careful, lest he thereby become a monster.

We're turning into those things that we have always feared. If we do this, we're no better than the Chinese. The government will have greater power to do exactly what the Chinese do to their people. Listen in on calls. Track internet usage. Monitor GPS.

Imagine all of the application's 5G, when the G stands for government. Imagine all the applications 5G will have on our lives in the next decade.

You only need to remember one thing: Who we are. Who are we?

We're Americans.

We build it. Not the government. And as with all progressive power plays, this isn't about any tangible or real threat. This is about control. Do not give it to them.


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