Fringe GOP Candidate Says He's Not Anti-Semitic, Tries to Prove It With This Bizarre Move

What happened?

Paul Nehlen, a GOP congressional candidate challenging House Speaker Paul in Wisconsin, has been under fire for his fringe views and tweets that are seen as anti-Semitic and/or racist. He decided to put an end to the criticism … by tweeting a list of verified Twitter users he claims have “attacked” him in the past month, categorizing each as a “Jew” or a “non-Jew.”

Who thought that was a good idea?

Nehlen and … no one else, probably. He was supported by former White House adviser Steve Bannon and Breitbart News when he ran against Ryan in the 2016 GOP primary, but even Breitbart pulled away after Nehlen appeared on a white supremacist podcast in December.

“‘Swindler’s List’? Paul Nehlen just went full-blown Nazi and it’s ‘effing INSANE’” was Twitchy’s take, while the Daily Wire reported, “Anti-Semite Paul Nehlen Makes List of Jews. Internet Destroys Him.”

Glenn’s take:

A simple pro-tip from Glenn on today’s show: “Don’t make a list of Jewish enemies, or any other list of enemies based on, you know, ethnic background.”

People like Nehlen have always existed, but unfortunately, now they have social media to help them spew hate.

“This guy’s a flameout,” Glenn said. “He is grasping for anything to help him keep afloat as he aims for Ryan’s House seat again this year.”

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GLENN: I got a quick general tip for life. I think it's universal. Don't make a list of Jewish enemies or any other list of enemies based on, you know, ethnic background. Just a bad idea. Never really works out well.

Yesterday, former congressional candidate Paul Neilan, the guy who lost overwhelmingly to Paul Ryan in the 2016 Wisconsin Republican primary blamed Jews for attacking his America first positions. He used Twitter to post a spreadsheet of the names including whether the person is a Jew or not.

Really, very -- no, it's classy. He claims to have received 81 personal attacks on Twitter in the last month. Wow, only 81! I mean, whoa.

Of those 81 Twitter attackers, he said, 74 are Jewish. Which can only mean one thing, of course, say it with me. Vast Jewish conspiracy.

STU: Conspiracy.

GLENN: Right. To ruin the popularity that Neilan thinks he has. It could also be that Neilan just hates Jews.

By the way, his research pretty much sucks. As it turns out, several people on his list weren't actually Jewish. Which, huh, who would have thunk it. You know, maybe Mr. Neilan hasn't gotten the calipers out and measured people's heads. So that could be.

He also posted charts of photos of people who work at CNN, NBC, New York Times, NPR, Fox News, complete with Stars of David on their photo to point out the Jews.

He said that Twitter made him delete those photos. He's trying to portray himself as a victim of censorship and oppression.

Look, I believe in the freedom of speech. You can say what you want. Even this kind of speech is abhorrent. There's always been people like Neilan, and there always will be. The difference now is they have this megaphone of social media. So the question is, why engage with a guy like this?

He's spewing hate. You know, people just can't take it. They want to fight back. But you're never going to win the argument. You're not going to change his mind. Pointing out that he sounds kind of like a 1930's Nazi isn't going to suddenly make Neilan say, oh, you know what, I kind of do sound like a Nazi. Oh, I didn't know about that. I should reevaluate my belief of Jews.

This guy is a flameout. He is a flameout politician. He is grasping for anything to help him keep afloat as he aims for Ryan's House seat again this year.

You have to keep an eye on people like this, especially when organizations like Breitbart gave him his own column for a while.

Don't help him trend on Twitter. He's a former darling of Steve Brannon and Breitbart. He is part of the whole psycho alt-right white nationalist fringe that guys like Bannon have been trying to bring under the wing of the Republican Party. These guys are crackpots. They're dangerous.

But the left would love America, to think those crackpots are part of mainstream conservative thought. They're not.

Conservatives and Republicans, you can't run fast enough from people like Paul Neilanand the alt-right.


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