Don’t Bring Back 'Classic War' — Here’s What a War With North Korea Would Look Like

President Donald Trump’s powerful State of the Union speech Tuesday touched on a number of international issues, particularly the escalating tensions between America and North Korea.

On the show today, Glenn praised the president’s speech, saying …

Whoa, back up. Did you just say Glenn Beck praised President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address?

That’s right. Glenn said, and we quote:

“I thought the State of the Union last night was absolutely exceptional.”

And on the the topic of North Korea, Glenn added,”Donald Trump is really good at posturing and he’s scaring the crap out of North Korea right now. It’s either posturing or it’s real … and it’s working.”

What if Trump isn’t posturing, or Kim Jong Un decides to strike first?

“If war actually does happen with North Korea, it will be unlike anything we’ve seen since World War II,” ventured Glenn. Because of technological military advancements and the use of special forces, wars conducted in the past few decades have had relatively few casualties when compared to what Glenn coined as “War Classic.”

“North Korea has been preparing for war with the United States for over 50 years. They have the fourth largest army in the world with over a million soldiers. They have the largest paramilitary reserve force; it’s nearly 6 million people strong. [They have] the most heavily built up surface-to-air missile defenses the world has ever seen outside of us,” said Glenn. Kim Jong Un would likely order nuclear missile strikes against the US, South Korea and Japan, many of which we could intercept, but unless we could intercept all of them, millions of lives could be lost.

“Chemical, biological, nuclear attacks, they’d all be on the table. It would be a mad dash to find North Korea’s estimated 20 to 25 nuclear warheads before they were launched on South Korea, Japan, and/or the United States … that would put casualties topping several million,” said Glenn. “Kim Jong Un’s final Hail Mary would probably be to launch his unknown number of ICBMs and hope that they hit something in the United States. North Korea would eventually fall, but the ultimate carnage would rival photographs from Stalingrad or Hiroshima.”

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