Watch: FL Sheriff Objects When Dana Loesch Cites CNN Report in CNN Town Hall

What’s going on?

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spoke to people affected by the shooting in Parkland last night at a town hall hosted by CNN.

Why didn’t the authorities flag the shooter?

One of the questioners was Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who argued that police officers need more control to be able to take away weapons from people and put them into mental health facilities.

Loesch wanted to know why 39 visits from law enforcement to shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz’s home and reports that he was threatening people were not sufficient evidence. Why did Florida authorities miss these red flags?

Where did the statistic come from?

Israel denied that law enforcement could have known that there was a problem and questioned the “39 visits” number. Ironically, it was CNN that reported last week that Broward Sheriff’s deputies had been called to the Cruz home 39 times since 2010.

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

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