How to fix SCOTUS | Alan Dershowitz | Ep 83

Legal scholar and defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has a message for partisans dividing America: "A plague on both your houses." He voted for Hillary Clinton. He endorsed Joe Biden. He's a man who is basically the Forrest Gump of American judicial history. Look up a big court case over the past few decades, and you'll probably see him standing in the background. He's represented notorious clients like Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst, Harry Reems, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and yes, Donald Trump. It's made him a target for both the Left and Right. He describes himself as a "civil libertarian," and that's probably why he and Glenn get along despite their opposing politics. His story is like a history lesson, spanning half a century. It also just might be the key to bridging the political divide. Alan explains why he trusts the Supreme Court despite losing high-profile cases there and how he played a "teeny tiny role" in Trump's Middle East peace process. At 82 years old, Alan is still a fighter, and while it annoys him that he has to defend his legacy and reputation against accusations surrounding the Epstein case, he says, "I will win!"


Glenn: Energy crisis will be FATAL & the left DOESN’T CARE?

The far-left has HIDDEN its disastrous energy policies within the Inflation Reduction Act, Glenn says, and this energy crisis WILL be fatal to people all around the world. But the left doesn’t seem to care. In this clip, Glenn explains some of the catastrophic consequences from their energy programs that may be coming soon (he also details MUCH more on this topic in his latest Glenn TV Wednesday Night Special, which is available now on YouTube and on Also, Glenn previews an upcoming podcast episode with Governor Ron DeSantis, who spoke about energy policies as well (catch the full interview on YouTube on Saturday).


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GLENN: Hey. A power shortage.

We've been talking about this. Existing power plants, are projected to retire at a faster pace than installations of new units. This is from the epic times. Dependence on renewable projects are threatening widespread power shortages, according to a new report by the Regional Power Transmission Company, PJM.

They are going to be -- they are going to be really, really short on power soon.

And we kind of told you why that is happening. We -- I think broke some news. I don't know of anybody else who has reported on this.

But, you know, there's got to be somebody out there, that found this, besides us.

But the -- the Inflation Reduction Act, is nothing but a Trojan horse. And that is closing down our power plants. These companies are given billions of dollars. Your money. Billions of dollars. To shut down the operating coal-fired plants. And then build something else.

But what makes this really, really insidious. Is to get all of the money, you have to destroy or dismantle your power plant.

So power plants are going up for sale.

And some of them are selling dirt cheap.

These things take years to build. If not a decade.

And they cost billions of dollars. And they're being sold for scrap metal. That's good, huh?

Isn't that good?

And so I told you, there is a way you can do help. It is in the form of a bill, that was just passed in Utah. They're working on a similar one in West Virginia.

I urge you to ever to read all about it. Watch the TV show from last night. My Wednesday night special, on Blaze TV. Or listen to the first hour of today's podcast.

Because I outline exactly what is goggle. And this is -- this is a big one. There's lots of things we can pay attention to. This one, literally is lights out, if we don't -- if we don't act on this.

In it -- in the bill, you will see, that they don't just want to encourage new energy.

They are blocking the path, by destroying our power plants.

No one in their right mind. Even if you are agreeing, no one in their right mind, that cares about society, cares about our country, cares about human lives, nobody goes after all of the oil, all of the gas, and then shuts down operating coal fire plants, to replace it with wind and solar. You will have brownouts and blackouts.

People will die. People will die because of this.
And when you see your own government doing it to you, and without your permission.

We didn't have a big debate on this. In fact, what little debate we had, was in the build bang better bill. And in the green new deal. And because we did have a little bit of debate on that. And there was some sunshine on that. We all said no. And they knew they couldn't pass it. So they had to hide it in the Inflation Reduction Act.

That's where this came from. This is the Green New Deal, and Build Back Better.

And just relabel the Inflation Reduction Act.

If these people will do this to their own country and their own people, do you really have a hard time, Stu, thinking that these people would sabotage the European and Russian pipeline for gas?

I mean --

STU: No. Right. It's -- they're doing it, as part of public policy to their own people. Why would they care about another country?

GLENN: Right.

STU: We don't know for sure.

GLENN: No. We don't. We don't.

We have no idea, who did it.

There's some credible evidence that we did it.

And then the New York Times is coming out saying, it was a pro-Ukrainian group, that did it.

STU: No one is saying, what they said initially, by the way, which is that the Russians did it.

Which, of course, didn't make sense at the beginning.

GLENN: Right. Right.

So it was some shady group or the United States. That's really what it's down to.

And I wouldn't doubt if the United States trained or supported. Or some of the money that we just sent over there, just kind of disappeared. And ended up in the pockets of some oligarch. Who funded it. So we didn't have to directly fund it.

But the people that are running the world right now. Don't have a problem with people dying.

They don't have a problem. If they can get their stuff passed through, they have such a utopian view, that it's going to be great for all mankind, some day.

And they don't mind, if people die along the way.

STU: Bigger if I need to fry.

GLENN: Got to crack a few eggs. You know.

STU: It really does seem like that's part of the goal. Or at least a -- a -- an acceptable speed bump on the way to the goal.

GLENN: Sure. Sure.

Let me -- let me play a couple of things.

This is from the podcast, that airs, beginning today, on Blaze TV. And will come out Saturday. Let me play the one on -- where is it? The energy. Cut 17. Here is DeSantis on energy destruction.

What we're talking about.

VOICE: How stupid can you be to try to neutral our own ability to reduce our own energy.

GLENN: But they're doing it.

VOICE: No. I know. But how does it make our country stronger to be relying on.

GLENN: It doesn't.

VOICE: And here's the thing: Biden will not want it done here. He'll go beg Maduro for oil. He'll go beg other people for oil.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

VOICE: You know, everything we produce in terms of fossil fuels, it's done so much cleaner here than it is in these other countries. Are you kidding me?

So it's all -- it's all for them to exert more control over us. That's what this is all about. And the good thing about it, is some of this stuff, I think can be remedied through changing some of the bureaucratic rules. There's a lot of people out there in these industries, they really want to get going again. But they just can't get under the current circumstances.

GLENN: Texas is thinking about making it -- their own bank just for energy.

VOICE: Yeah, and Florida, look, I have -- private-owned investor facilities.

They have to make money.

And I have some that are doing more solar. We don't have subsidies, anything like that. They're doing it. It's economical in certain situations. Fine. Yeah. Fine.

GLENN: I have solar on my house.

Don't force me to do it.

VOICE: Here the thing: When I had Hurricane Ian come through. You know, we had millions of people knocked out of power. We had 52,000 linemen get it restored.

Largest restoration, fastest in history.

I needed oil and gas. You know, I just -- wasn't -- the wind and solar. We're not going to get those people going again. You had the habit. We actually had some people who had the electric cars. And some of them were catching on fire. Because of the saltwater and all that stuff.

But if you can't charge it, you're having that tank of gas in your truck or your car, can mean everything. So we are not going to be without fossil fuels in our lifetime.

And if we try to go without fossil fuels in our lifetime, you will see the standard of living plummet. You will see our security plummet, and it will be a disaster.

GLENN: We will be Venezuela.

Let me play -- let me play one more thing. Because what I said, a minute ago. That they don't have a problem with people dying. Is a pretty horrible charge to make on somebody.

But listen to what he talked about, when he said, I was talking to -- stop, please.

When we were talking about Dr. Burkes (phonetic). Remember Dr. Burkes? COVID?

Listen to what he says. Cut 13.

You talk about this in the book, with Burkes, and it's a little terrifying, when she said, well, this is just our kind of little science experiment.

VOICE: Very much so.

GLENN: Can you tell that story?

VOICE: So the White House task force was hammering me for the first really thee months, because they wanted me to be clamping down harder.

And, you know, she -- so I called, Deborah, tell me when in American history, has this been done. And what were the results?

Because I kind of feel like, we're flying blind here.

We may be doing things that may be damaging.

She said, it's kind of our own science experiment, that we're doing in real time.

And that didn't sit well with me. You're a citizen of a republic. You're not a Guinea pig.


VOICE: And so I think that -- there's a whole bunch of other things that I talked about in the book.

You remember the George Floyd riots, the epidemiologist.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

VOICE: Because people were saying, you've been telling people, you have to stay in your home. And like in Florida, they were killing us. Even in those early days, you know, when we were following federal government guidelines loosely.

But we were following some. We were playing golf. I mean, the villages, they're setting record for golf.

People are boding all this stuff. They were so mad at Florida for doing that. People on the beach. All that stuff.

That was their position. You are killing people, if you leave your house. So then all these people -- thousands of people are protesting.

Two thousand of these epidemiologists write a letter saying, we do not condemn these protests because of COVID. Indeed, we think they're vital for public health, because they're fighting --

GLENN: Right. It's a bigger disease than COVID.

STEVE: Exactly. So that's when I knew.

This public health -- this public health clan of people, they are sing. I mean, they are -- they are ideological captured, and these are not people that should be anywhere near the levers of power. So I basically, from that point on, I would exclusively listen to a very handful of people.

You know, Bhattacharya from Stanford. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard. Scott Atlas. Sunetra Gupta from Oxford.

Then my Surgeon General, Jill Lattapo, we brought in from UCLA. Great.


Biden’s Secret War on Our Energy EXPOSED | Glenn TV

Did you know there is a hostile takeover of American energy happening right under our noses? We all laughed at the Green New Deal. “That would never become law here in the United States!” conservatives said. So the Left was smart and repackaged the takeover into something more friendly and benign. “Reducing inflation.” Sounds great, right? WRONG! The Inflation Reduction Act took the Green New Deal, broke it up, and scattered it across the myriad pieces of government bureaucracy. Programs to destroy U.S. energy were hidden like horcruxes within multiple layers of government, and Glenn reveals them ALL. In a preview of 21st-century fascism, the government is partnering with private companies and funding the CLOSURE of reliable energy all over the country. Power companies are all but given ZERO choice. It’s probably happening in your state and town right now. But some states are starting to push back. Glenn gives you tools to stop the Left’s secret war on energy dead in its tracks.


Tucker Carlson on Jan. 6 video: ‘I know DECEPTION when I see it’

Tucker Carlson tells Glenn that the American people deserve better. It’s CLEAR the U.S. government is lying about something concerning January 6th, 2021, and the video footage Tucker has unveiled during his Fox News show this week proves it. ‘I know deception when I see it,’ he says, ‘[and] they’re ALL lying.’ Tucker explains why these lies aren’t about power or politics, but they’re about dignity and self-respect instead. He details major consequences facing Americans due to these lies, and he reveals whether others in the mainstream media have reached out to him for access to the footage as well…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Hey, Tucker, how are you, man? Tucker.

TUCKER: Hey, Glenn. How are you doing?

GLENN: Good.

TUCKER: Luckily, I'll still cut off.

GLENN: This -- winner talking about this earlier today. I recognize what you're going through right now.

TUCKER: I know you do.

You're one of three people in the world, you understand.

GLENN: It is crazy. It is crazy to watch it from the outside.

So Tucker, first of all, can we just get this out of the way?

Are you saying that this was a peaceful event? Or are you saying this was a --

TUCKER: Well, of course not. Of course not.

I tried to be pretty -- I wrote those scripts myself. So any -- you know, any overstatement or errors of fact, are my fault.

But I tried to keep it specific. We focus odd a couple of individuals. Three. And they're Jacob chancily. The QAnon shaman. Brian Sicknick, the capitol police officer who died after January 6th. And Ray Epps, the mysterious figure on camera, promoting violence, who was for some reason not -- put on the FBI's Most Wanted List, and pulled off, and thanked by Democrats for his service. And we have said each of those stories, in light of the new tape that we reviewed.

And in the first case, I merely made the point, that here's a guy, Jacob Chansley. A Navy veteran. He's doing four years in prison for some species of domestic terrorism. But none of us were ever showed what he did to deserve four years in prison. Now we know.

And there's videotape of him being led around by Capitol Police, into the Senate chamber.

And at one point, they try one door, it's locked. On his behalf, they're trying to get him into the Senate chamber.

And they lead him in. It's on tape.

Then he goes into the Senate chamber and immediately says a prayer out loud of Thanksgiving for the police officers, who let him in.

GLENN: Okay. Wait. Wait. Wait.

He is -- he is being escorted by the police. But the captain of the Capitol police said, just last night, that this was to de-escalate the situation.

TUCKER: And I'm sure there was a lot of deescalation going on. I'm speaking of a very specific case. Where there was not deescalation. This was something else. I can't guess what it was. I merely put the video up. And drew my conclusions. Of course, viewers are welcome to draw their own.

Here you have is a guy, who is walking alone. There are no other protesters in the frame. And there are canine armed Capitol Police officers around him. They don't stop him. They don't try to slow him down. They don't bring him to an exterior exit. They bring him -- they lead him, trying different doors into the Senate chamber. At which point, as I said, he says a prayer, justly, of Thanksgiving for them and their assistance.

Now -- and, again, I can't even guess as to what motive it is, what we're looking at here. But I know what we're not looking at, an act of violent terrorism.

And yet, this guy is doing four years in jail. And I'm trying not to use profanity on your show. But what the heck is that, for real? What is that?

And don't tell me it's something that it's not.

And so the main conclusion that I drew, is that Chuck Schumer and the horrible Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, filthy man.

And Mitt Romney, and Thom Tillis, and Senator Cramer. They're all lying.

They're all lying. And a lot of them are Republicans. Why are they lying about what we can see plainly?

And why didn't they want us to see it?

And again, I can't sort of fill in that blank. I can't answer that question. I know deception when I see it. It's demonstrable. It's proven. And they should, I think, be asked to explain themselves.

Like, it's not enough to say, oh, it's the worst insurrection since Gettysburg or something. Okay. Fine. Stop with the overstatement by hyperbole. And just explain to me, what I'm looking at on the screen and see it, you know.

GLENN: Tucker, because I've been in this situation before. Let me ask you: If I came to you and I gave you some edited footage of something.

And I said, no. Tucker, this is what it is. You're not going to believe this. I mean, I'm going to show you some stuff.

But this is an armed insurrection. This is really bad. Let me show you. And I've edited some tape and given it to you. If that turned out that I edited out the things that you found, would you just kind of go quiet, or would you come out and blast me to smithereens?

CAROL: I would feel deceived.

And, as you know, you worked -- you've worked in television most of your life.

You've worked around pictures. You know their power, and you know their capacity to deceive.

Nothing is more fleeting than pictures. You think you're seeing the whole story, you're not. And all of us who work in this media, know that.

And so I think keeping people above all -- and moving people, anyone who works around pictures is very aware of their power and their capacity for deception.

And so we're suspicious. Okay. You showed me those pictures. You whipped me into a lather.

But is there something you're not he showing me?

Did you edit that? And so from the very first day, I wanted to see all the video.

And I don't understand why other -- why is MSNBC and CNN.

And, you know, NBC News. And CBS. Why is no one else interested? I don't know.

GLENN: It's beyond not interested.

They -- if they were innocent of -- of this. If they were just saying, hey, we're just reporting what we have been told, and what we were given, I would feel very deceived.

And I would be the loudest in the room saying, release all of it to me.

Because what I just saw, doesn't match what you gave me.

Why aren't they standing up and defending their own honor and integrity?

TUCKER: Well, that's it. That's it. Oh, God. I'm so grateful you said that, because that's the core of it. It's not even -- thank you for saying that. It's not even about politics, partisanship, power, it's about dignity. It's about your own self-respect. I'm an adult man, I'm 53. I have four grown children. I pay my taxes. I'm a citizen, lifelong of this country. You can't lie to me. You diminish me if you do that.

If I allow you to lie, I'm no longer a free man. I'm a slave.

And that has to do with me.

It's not even about you.

If I have self-respect, then I cannot allow that to continue without me saying something about it, because I respect myself. I hold myself to higher standards.

You know, I'm not Mahatma Gandhi. I don't want to overstate my virtue. I'm not very virtuous actually. But I do have some standards of self-respect. And they don't. And it's shocking to me.

GLENN: You called the January 6th committee members liars.

Besides suggestions that, you know, Sicknick was murdered.

Not even suggestions. Claiming that.

Do you -- make the case that they're liars.

They didn't just -- you know, fib a bit. And eat around the corners. These are full-fledged liars.

TUCKER: Well, that was the stunning part to me. I've been in Washington my whole life. And my dad worked for the government. So I had a root level trust in government. Or a trust in government.

But the whole thing can't be fraudulent. Because I know the people who work there. My dad is one of them. I'm very much from that world.

So my default setting is they're not lying about anything. I never assumed that. So I was shocked to learn, that they were lying intentionally. And the way we know that, we have a very specific way of knowing that. Which is when January 6th committee researchers looked at video. They bookmarked it. They left an electronic mark on the video they watched. So we know what they watched. And then we watched it.

And so there is video of Chansley, of Ray Epps, and of Brian Sicknick, that we know they watched, that was not included in the report, that was never mentioned in the hearings. A year and a half, a thousand witnesses, 850-page report, and this video, which overturns the story they were telling, proves it was a lie.

They saw -- so I'm always hesitant to go to motive. Who understands people's motives?

You can only really guess about them.

But in this specific case, we know that they lied. And that just blew my mind.

I mean, you know, some of these guys -- if Adam Schiff lies, I think Adam Schiff -- there are spiritual forces surrounding Adam Schiff.

Like, I think he's a force of darkness. And I mean that. But is Benny Thompson evil?

I have trouble believing. I've known Liz Cheney for 25 years. Is Liz Cheney actually a liar? I just always assumed, she disagrees on the issues with me.

No, it turns out Liz Cheney is actually, affirmatively a liar.

She knew information. She withheld it, because it challenged the lie that she was telling to the public.

That just completely -- I mean, call me naive. I guess -- I'm sure everyone listening is like, how stupid are you?

Well, I guess kind of stupid. Because I was blown away by that.

GLENN: So I know you don't want to go into motivation. But this is a pretty large lie. I don't want to use big lie. Because that's what Schumer used. And Hitler used.

But it's a pretty large lie. What is the motivation?

TUCKER: Well, if you -- you know, again, I can only speculate. But I know the effects of the lie. And they're not small.

This -- this is an event, that was a complex event, many facets. And they simplified it immediately, into a good versus evil tale, as they do with everything. Partly because they lack nuance and imagination, but partly because this was a tool they were using for a purpose. It was a cudgel they were using to beat down their opponents and grab more power for themselves

And in effect, what it did, was change the definition of terrorism from something that exists in other countries, and is aimed at us, to Republican voters. Populist voters.

I shouldn't say Republican. Because Bernie Sanders voters. Trump voters.

Anybody who questions the legitimacy of the current power holders, is now redefined not as a political opponent, but as a terrorist.

And that has very specific consequences. It means all of a sudden, you can harness the world's law enforcement organization. The FBI. And the Intel agencies. CIA.

NSA. Defense intelligence. All of them. And you can harness them against your political opponents.

And that's exactly what they did. Not just in the hundreds of people that went to jail. And almost 100 who are still in jail without trial.

Political prisoners. Six months later. But all the other people who are just political activists, who have views. Honestly, people like you, like they can read your text messages.

They did read mine. NSA read my text messages, and then threatened me with them.

And I brought this to members of Congress. They had a hearing on it. NSA admitted they did it, and then nothing happened.

The director of the NSA is still in office. Like, nothing happened. And you realize, wow.

Being the largest organization in human history. Our own government, has been harnessed as a political tool. It's like the one thing you can't allow.

And we have allowed it. And it's happened with the complicity of Republicans. Certainly, with Mitch McConnell's complicit.

And that's just mind-blowing. And then it's like, well, what do I do now. I'm not going to leave America. I'm from here.

I love this country. I have four kids. I'm not going to go anywhere. I'm going to stay here.

But you really start to feel like, I've always thought I was a very patriotic person. Fly the American flag. Believe in the country. And all of a sudden, like the power centers in the country.

The -- the government, which is supposed to be nonpartisan, serving all the citizens, that's turned against me, like I'm some al-Qaeda member from Balukistan, or something? Like, what? It's very bewildering, I will say that.

GLENN: I think part of it is because we forgot what Washington said, which is government is like fire. You control it, it's fine. It controls you, it will burn everything down.

And we confused our love of the principles, of our country, with the love of -- and trust of our government. Trust the principles. Not the government.

Back with Tucker Carlson in 60 seconds.

We're moving into a moment in our country's history that might be remembered as the time when the republic fell.

I hope not. I hope to God not.

But this thing needs to be unplugged, and plugged back in, and restored to factory settings. It has to happen. I don't know how.

But it has to. We in the meantime, need to make sure that we have an alternate economy.

And we're working and supporting people who are supporting us. And working towards the same thing. And that is the restoration of our principles. In this country.

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So, Tucker, what is it that -- what -- if -- because I think you're making points that I understand. But the left intentionally is misunderstanding them. And trying to direct the conversation, into places that you're not -- you're not suggesting. What is the message that you want people to walk away with this week. What's the point of what you're doing?

TUCKER: That you're being lied to, and you deserve better. Your government is not allowed to lie to you. That's against the law. They're not allowed to lie to you.

It's the government. And you should demand better. And I would say specifically. I've alluded to it a couple of times. For people who are not, you know, supporters of President Biden.

Who think the system needs reform.

That it doesn't represent them. Serve their interests.

Those people are Republican voters. Because they have no options. They vote for the Republican Party.

Third party in a meaningful way.

And so, very specifically, they have to demand more from their own representatives, or else democracy isn't real. So representative democracy. That means, your will is expressed through the votes of the people, that you vote for to go to Washington on your behalf.

And that is absolutely not happening.

Their priorities are in a different universe from the priorities of their voters. You don't see that on the left.

Democratic politicians make some effort to represent their own voters. Republican politicians do not.

Mitch McConnell has zero interest in what you think about anything.

And that is -- that is a structural problem with the party.

And I don't know what it -- likable, what to if I cannot it. I think part of the problem is that Republican voters don't like -- the donors don't like Republican voters. They clearly don't.

You know, and the biggest donors to the Republican Party, think Republican voters are disgusting. That's a huge, huge problem. That's not true on the other side.

So I don't know. But, you know, there's kind of nothing you can do about Merrick Garland, if you're your average voter. But if you're a member of Congress, it's like not even bothering to listen to what you care about. You have a way to replace him. It's called a primary. And I don't know why that never happens. I mean, I really don't understand.

Adam Kinzinger would still be serving in the Congress, if he wasn't redistricted out of his seat. What is that?

Were the majority of Republican voters, in his district, on his side?

No. But he would have gotten reelected.

So there's a problem with our system. And I hope that could be better.


Glenn: THIS is the ONLY way to restore trust in America

Newly released footage of the January 6th riot, which was aired by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday, shows that Congress’ January 6th committee LIED to America during its findings last year. But it doesn’t end there. In this clip, Glenn details 3 other stories that show just how badly the left has destroyed trust in America. In fact, Glenn says, the implosion of trust IS here. And there’s only way to truly repair the damage the left has caused…