Glenn SCHOOLS the left on the TRUE meaning of 'fascism'

The Washington Post — which decided to review Glenn’s book weeks after its release — apparently has a problem with how Glenn and coauthor Justin Haskins define fascism. So, in this clip, Glenn gives The Washington Post (and the rest of our far left media) a lesson, breaking down exactly what ‘fascism’ means AND why the Joe Biden administration is a perfect example of it today...

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GLENN: Oh, I know. And we've got a lot on the plate. And I want to start with this. And I don't want to make this self-serving. I want to make sure that this is understood. That we are making sure that everyone understands basic terminology. Basic systems of government.

And you can come out with the absolute facts, and you decide, which is which. Okay.

The Washington Post came out yesterday with a story. Glenn Beck is resurrecting rhetoric that is long falsely targeted Democratic presidents. This is strangely, after, what? Twelve weeks out. Fifteen weeks out. The book on the great reset. The Washington Post decided, not to do a book review. Because it's pretty clear, the guy didn't read the book. But it's not a book review. It's instead, an attack on me. Again, calling me Father Coughlin, which I -- oh, if anybody, but you progressives knew who he was, it would be so effective.

But only you guys know who he is. Because you gave birth to him. Anyway. The Washington Post says, according to the right-wing commentator, Glenn Beck, President Biden is a fascist. In his latest book, Beck and coauthor Justin Haskins warned that Biden is aligned with a cabal of international elites, plotting to create a new kind of fascism that resembles Nazi-era controls on businesses in Germany.

How is Biden promoting this takeover?

As far as Beck and Haskins are concerned, it's through his Build Back Better economic plan. Those are just efforts to combat climate change. And coronavirus mask and vaccine mandates. Is that what the Build Back Better plan is?

Because I think the people, you know, maybe all around the world, involved in the economic forum. Let's say the prime minister of Japan, who also ran on his Build Back Better plan.

Or the Build Back Better plan, that Boris Johnson ran on.

I don't think it's about mask mandates. But maybe that's just me. This alleged plot -- no. It's not an alleged plot. It's right there. If you read the book, you would see the 50 pages of fine print footnotes, quoting them. You're not having to look at a conspiracy theory or anything. I'm just quoting That's all I'm doing.

So it's not really my theory. Anyway, the alleged plot, would probably surprise Biden. Biden is surprised every day, he still wakes up.

His support for labor unions, increased corporate taxes, and higher minimum wage, are widely opposed by the very same bankers and big businesses that Beck and Haskins assert are backing the fascist team. This guy is -- he's living in 1972. He has no idea what's happening in the current business world. Or he's just -- he's either a useful idiot, or he's a propagandist. Even the Beck claims don't make sense. They don't make sense?

How do they not make sense? That's weird. You know what doesn't make sense, that it's the number one best-selling book in the nation. Has been for weeks. Yet I'm 15 on the New York Times best-seller list. That doesn't make sense. The Fox News host, is the sixth most popular talk radio show in the country. Wow.

Actually I think I'm 15th in the New York Times. And I believe I'm 12th in talk radio.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Equally important, Beck is tapping into deep, historical vein of conservative thinking.

Right-wing media, used remarkably similar and sometimes even harsher rhetoric against Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the 1930s.

Conservative commentators frequently compared Roosevelt to the tyrannical Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin, who were terrorizing their countries and menacing the world during his presidency.

First of all, you wouldn't know that Josef Stalin was terrorizing his people, because the New York Times was covering up all the atrocities. The New York Times was saying that Stalin was great.

TIME Magazine, Mussolini. He's great. So before we move on, let's figure out what fascism actually means.

Now, from Merriam-Webster, you have a political philosophy. A movement, or regime, such as that as the fasciste, that exalts nation and often race above the individual, and stands for centralized autocratic government, headed by a dictatorial leader. Severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.

Okay. Who is suppressing the opposition?

Who is the one calling parents who stand up and say, I don't think this should be taught. Who is the one defining them as terrorists?

Who is the one that now -- I love Bezos, what a joke. By the way, have you seen his new building, in Virginia?

The new -- it's, again, phallic-shaped. I don't know what the deal is with this guy. It's more like a pig. It's like a -- anyway, so I don't know what it is about these guys. Where they seem to miss -- in fact, just yesterday, do we have Jen Psaki, on -- on Twitter and how we really should -- are we still going to talk to these people. Are we still going to make lists of who should be banned, and not? Listen.

VOICE: To a public health crisis. I'm wondering, regardless of ownership. Would the White House be interested in working with Twitter, like it has in the past. To continue to combat this kind of misinformation?

Or are we in a different part of the pandemic, where that kind of partnership is no longer necessary?

VOICE: Well, I think we engage regularly with all social media platforms, about steps that can be taken. That has continued. And I'm sure it will continue.

GLENN: Stop. Stop. What is she saying? What is she saying?

We contact social media regularly. And they have said it in the past, to give them lists of names, of people that should not be taken seriously. And maybe the algorithm should be changed.

By the way, Stu, did you see I gained 100,000 followers on Twitter, just last night? Isn't that crazy?

Isn't that nuts?

STU: No. I did not see that.

GLENN: Yeah. People all over the country. Conservatives are finding that their Twitter numbers just went up overnight.

STU: Hmm. That's really weird.

GLENN: Anyway, fascists believe. Now, this is according to Wikipedia. Tell me -- this is Wikipedia. Remember, run by Marxists. This is Wikipedia.

Help me out, Stu, on what you think maybe the Washington Post is missing here.

Fascists believe that liberal democracy. Let me define that. Liberal democracy. Means that people who believe in the maximum amount of freedom, before anarchy. Okay?

STU: Not like liberal in our current political sense.

GLENN: No. That was FDR that changed that, okay? He changed that to get rid of the constitutional argument. So a liberal democracy, is what I believe in. Okay?

The fascists believe that a liberal democracy is obsolete. Now, which side is it that says, that's an old, dusty document. The Founders are irrelevant. All the Constitution is irrelevant. Who is that?

The second sentence, they regard the complete -- listen to this. They regard the complete mobilization of society, under a totalitarian, one-party state, as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict, and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.

Now, how many times have you heard them say, global warming? This is a war.

How many times have you heard the Biden administration say about The Great Reset, that this is going to be a war that lasts for decade?

Why is he saying that? Because he needs to -- let's see. Complete mobilization of society. Under a totalitarian one-party state. Does anybody doubt -- does anybody doubt that the fascists or progressives in either party, wouldn't mind offing the other party, and say, yeah. It's all Republicans. It's all tells me. You would have a few Republicans. But you would have the majority of the Democrats. You certainly would have AOC, and Bernie, and everybody else. Okay. They also say a fascist state is led by a strong leader. Okay. They got me there. Okay. And marshal law of government, composed of the members of the governing fascist party. To forge national unity, and maintain a stable and orderly society. I would say that that's what happened during covid.

Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative.

Huh. Isn't that weird!

Like violence on January 6 was negative. But violence for BLM was not negative. They view political violence and war, as a means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Hmm.

Mark my word. That's going to become very important this fall. It might even happen after the Supreme Court issues all of its rulings. They are going to go batcrap crazy.

And I believe they're going to just try to burn this whole thing down. They also advocate a national economic self-efficiency, through protectionist, and economic interventionist policy.

What have you been hearing lately? The lie from them. This global thing is not working. We've got to -- we've got to really come back to our nation. I mean, I'm saying that for common sense.

But what they're saying is, that's why we have to globalize even more, through the Great Reset. They're using the terminology. But they're saying, but we're going to globalize even more. We're just going to cut half the globe out.

The extreme authoritarianism, and the nationalism, often manifests a belief in racial purity, or a master race.

Now, I think the fascists. That's why the book says, 21st Century Fascism, not 20th century. Because the fascists then were saying Jews.

And, by the way, fascism doesn't always include race. Doesn't. It often leads to that. People because are generally evil. That want to rule everybody's lives.

And generally nuts, and so they have to get rid of the people. And so they just get rid of more and more people. Anyway, you don't have to do that. But it also depends on who the fascist is.

Hitler was crazy nuts. Hated the Jews. So he blames it on the Jews.

That generally comes from a socialist standpoint. You know. Marxism. Hatred of the Jews. Kind of goes hand-in-glove. But Mussolini didn't. He didn't hate the Jews.

In fact, he really, really despised Hitler for that. And you know what is weird? Let me read this again. The extreme authoritarian. And nationalism, of fascism, often manifests in beliefs of racial purity, and a master race, kind of like white people are bad, no matter what they do. And black people, or people of color, are good, no matter what they do. So we've lost all reason, and we've lost Martin Luther King's idea of race doesn't matter. Who is pushing that race matters?

And that there's a bad race? Who is pushing that?

Is that the left? Or is that the right?

Hmm. Also, fascist regimes have been led to commit genocides. Massacres. Forced sterilization. Oh. Is that the left or the right? Was that the liberal Democratic person, or was that the progressive, that did that?

I don't know what you're missing, Washington Post. Other than logic, facts, history.

But it's good to know, that I must be getting under your skin.

I must have. For you to get a call to say, hey, could you write something on this book? For you to get that call from, I don't know who your overlord is. It must mean, that this is causing them some problems.

And I would just like to say, the book is available, wherever you buy books. You can get it online or go to and get it. It's called The Great Reset. Joe Biden and 21st century fascism.


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The back story

Prior to Denise's on-air interview, Glenn's producer contacted Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey, and University Health Network CEO Dr. Kevin Smith. She inquired what was being done regarding Stephanie's death, including the security guard who dragged Stephanie down the hospital hallway, and the security guard who altered the security cameras to avoid capturing the confrontation.

Their responses were disappointing, to say the least. Premier Ford's office did not respond. The University Health Network, the hospital chain where Stephanie's death occurred, simply wrote:

UHN will not comment on a court's decision nor on matters of individual employment or discipline.

The response indicates that the hospital network won't do anything proactive regarding the staff responsible for Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and UHNCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

The office of Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey essentially "wiped their hands" of any responsibility regarding Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and Attorney General Doug Downey's officeCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

As Glenn said, the response is simply from a "weasel" who wants to avert any responsibility from his office.

Though these offices attempt to divert responsibility, Glenn puts it simply: Stephanie Warriner was "killed for improper mask wear..." in a hospital, where she should have received treatment for her underlying condition. Instead, she was pinned against the wall, dragged through the hallway, and died.

We have to hold these parties responsible.

Graphic showing contact information of Doug Ford, Doug Downey, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Justice Sean Dunphy.Glenn Beck / Staff, International Insolvency Institute, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, University Health Network