58 BILLION to Ukraine but using VETERAN funds for border?!

If there’s something that’s going to make Glenn LOSE IT, it’s this: the Biden administration — with Congress’ recently approved 40 billion — has approved in total 58 BILLION dollars to Ukraine since March. That’s just 5 billion away from Russia’s YEARLY military budget. So, why then did DHS Secretary Mayorkas make it seem during testimony last month that there are not enough funds to adequately secure our southern border after Title 42 is lifted? So few funds, in fact, the Biden administration may plan to divert money from the already struggling VA! Our veterans deserve better, our national security deserves better, and the thousands of Americans who have been directly impacted by the border crisis ALL DESERVE BETTER than this…

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GLENN: So the disinformation governance board, that the media has still not reported on, CBS Evening News, ABC News, NBC News. Still have not told the people who are watching those broadcasts, anything about the disinformation governance board.

This is to spread the -- or to tackle the spread of misinformation in the US.

And they have now come out and said, they are specifically going to focus on Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S. Mexican border.


So the ministry of truth, needs to control the narrative, and tell us what we can or cannot talk about on two stories. Russia, Ukraine, and our own border.

Well, let me do both right now. When it comes to almost anything the government does, it is best to always look at it through the eyes of corruption, greed, and death. And I know that sounds morbid, but we are no longer living in the country that we all grew up in.

When it comes to big government, that's true north. Where is the money going? Where is it being diverted from? Who is suffering, because of this?

Those are the questions, that you have to ask yourself. So let's just stick here for a second, with Russia, Ukraine, and the border. And let's see, where the money is going, where the money is coming from.

Who is going to suffer because of it? Last night, I had a graphic on, that showed the military aid from February to March. To Ukraine, in the billions of dollars. Yep. It's up. If you're watching TheBlaze right now. You can see it.

The United States is way out of balance. No other country in the world, even comes close to what we have already committed.

So we first stepped up, and we committed, I don't know how many billions. Then Congress approved. 1.5 truly dollar budget. And that approved another $14 billion in war aid for Ukraine. So by the end of March, we had -- we were all in. $18 billion. Okay?

Two weeks ago, Biden stepped up and said, we need another 33 billion. But the Democrats in Congress, who apparently now like war, the Democrats in Congress said, no, no, no, no. We need to give it 40 million. The president, out of control president, 33.

Congress was like, no. It has to be 40 billion. So $40 billion. Now, that takes, if they pass it in the Senate today, that takes the entire budget up to 58 billion dollars. That we have sent over to Ukraine, if they pass this today. 58 billion.

I know these numbers don't make any sense to a lot of people. Because it's just numbers now. But let me put it into perspective. The entire defense budget, for Ukraine. Their entire budget for a whole year, is 6 billion.

This is almost ten times the amount of their entire defense budget. So you know, the Russian Defense Department has a yearly budget of 63 billion dollars. We've -- we're sending 58 billion, the Russian you go yearly defense budget. Is 63 billion.

$5 billion more than we will have sent in just a couple of months. And it's not going to end there.

And, by the way, where is the money coming from? Who is suffering?

Well, first of all, where is the money? Where is the money going?

The details in the Senate bill, a little murky. But they have to get this passed right away. The funds, we do know, are going to the State Department. And they include things like food insecurity. I don't want anything going through the State Department. So in total, we're looking at $58 billion of your money.

Going into a country that we can't even find on a map. And, you know, the Lindsey Grahams and the Mitch McConnells, and the Chuck Schumers are all saying, and Joe Biden. There's no exit ramp. There's no exit ramp for Putin.

So, in other words, this only ends with him leaving. That's it.

What the hell are those people -- did any of us vote for this?

Any of us?

So $58 billion. Because we have to help the people. And soldiers of Ukraine. Okay.

Keep the $58 billion in mind. Because this is really going to piss you off. DHS secretary Mayorkas, addressed Congress last week. And all, but admitted, they didn't have adequate funding to address the border crisis. Now, we're sending $58 billion over. That, by the way, would double the -- the budget for the border. Double the budget, again, on the border.

So we don't have the money. We don't have adequate funding to address the border crisis." I wonder where the money is going.

So they have to cut costs. I am not making this -- this will -- your head will explode.

They are going to divert costs. The Biden administration. Is taking money from the VA.

Now, already, our veterans get seconds. We are defector VA funding, and doctors and nurses away from our vets, to the migrants at the border. So we can take money, that we don't have, $58 billion. And send it to Ukraine.

The hell -- what is wrong with us? Now, some Republican lawmakers are attempting to fight this. Most people haven't even heard of this. And this is how the atrocities at the border go unchecked. Biden sweeps it all under a rug. The mainstream media covers it up. And, meanwhile, people suffer and die. And in this case, it's not only the people on the border. But it is also our veterans. In VA hospitals.

That will -- will suffer. Because we have to help the Ukrainian soldiers.

Things are getting really bad. And last night, on my TV show, please, if you haven't subscribed to Blaze TV. Please, do it right now. Please. The things that my team. I have the greatest team ever. I do.

From -- well, I was going to say Stu. All the way across.

I have Stu --

STU: And the greatest team ever.

GLENN: No. I have Stu and Ricky who are my executive producers on both radio and TV.

And I could not ask for better executive producers.

And everyone down the line -- my researchers, all the way down to interns, fantastic.

What pays their salary is this show. But also, TheBlaze. And every time you subscribe, you help TheBlaze. You help pay for specials and -- and research that sometimes takes months and months to do, before it gets on the air. So please, subscribe to TheBlaze TV. You'll save if you use the promo code Glenn. This is what I showed last night. Stu, I want to hand you a penny. And be careful.

Because there's something on it. It's only flour. But can you describe how big that flour dot is.

STU: Okay. I'm looking at the penny. Got good old Abe Lincoln's face on there. I would say that the dot goes from Lincoln's chin to his eyes.

GLENN: Okay. On a penny.

STU: On a penny.

GLENN: Okay. That's about twice the amount that should be on this, for this case. That is the amount of fentanyl that will kill an average sized human.

STU: Really? That?

GLENN: That.

STU: That's insane.

GLENN: It's -- it's like -- you -- I mean, that's crazy. You got -- you have more flower, on the top of, you know, one of those rolls that you get, that has a little flower, that you can scoop off.

It's less. Much less than that.

STU: If this was salt, I would be able to count how many grains.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: Really easily.

GLENN: So what I'm going to show. And what I want to describe to you. I have two packages here.

And they are 1 kilo each.

And you have seen when drugs come into the country. You have seen packages, much bigger than this, right?

STU: Oh, sure. Yeah.

GLENN: So how would you describe this? It's a kilo. About 6 inches by seven.

STU: If you went to a bake sale. And there's a loaf of banana bread.

GLENN: A little smaller than banana bread.

STU: Wider though.

GLENN: Yeah. So that kilo will kill 500,000 people. Two of them will kill a million people.

If you have 5 kilos, which I have now on the desk. And it's not really a problem to stack it up. If I have 5 kilos of fentanyl, I can now kill 5 million people. Let me put that into perspective.

STU: Maybe 10. Ten kilos would be 5 million. You said one was 500,000. So ten would be 5 million.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay. So that's what I have here. Ten.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Yeah. What's on the desk here is ten packages. That would kill 5 million people. Let me put that into perspective.

The Germans, I would need two more kilos, and I could kill as many as the Germans killed of Jews. So you know, this stuff is so dangerous, that Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security put fentanyl, on the weapons of mass destruction list. Fentanyl, if your doctor ever gave you fentanyl, my wife picked up a fentanyl patch, when I had just gotten out of the hospital. This was like ten years ago.

And she was reading the box. And she was like, oh, my gosh, I just picked that up, and threw it away. And it says, don't touch the patch. Without gloves.

Because just toughening the pad, you can get too much fentanyl, and die.


It's insane. Weapons of mass destruction.

I could kill every single person in Los Angeles, by dumping this into the water supply.

If they give you fentanyl, they tell you, if you don't use all of them, do not ever dump them in the toilet.


Because a half -- what is that?

Maybe. I don't know. Ten tablets, could threaten the water supply. Imagine -- Stu, I mean, how many times?

There was a box of fentanyl in a car, in the backseat, that had come from drug smuggling on our own border. It was found in Georgia. It was enough to kill every single person in Georgia.

We now know, that there are terrorists within coming over. We now know, that random, has U.S. dollars, because we gave them a billion dollars!

We just flue it over on a pallet. Do you think maybe somebody has looked at our open border, the crazy amounts of fentanyl, and looked at this and thought, I could kill every man, woman, and child in Chicago. All I have to do, is put it into the water supply.

Tell me we have no problems on the border. Tell me, this is about helping people. Helping children. Children are being sold into black markets.

Last night, we showed you pictures of kids, that had been given sleepy medicine. So they could go across the border. Time and again. Over and over.

So they'll be quiet. There is so much fentanyl, in this country. That this year, the number one killer -- the number one thing that is killing 18 to 49-year-olds, is fentanyl. Not covid. Think of this. The number that we have is I think 106,000 here in the last year. And it's only getting worse. 106,000. Wow. And these aren't our old people, that we had to stop school and everything else. These -- these are kids, at 18. And they're dying at record rates! And you don't hear a peep about it.

Instead, we're debating today, whether to send almost the entire yearly defense budget, of Russia, over to the Ukraine!

I don't know about you. But I have had enough.


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