Al Gore’s CRAZED rant, Greta’s ‘fake’ arrest, & HARMFUL electric cars?

It’s been an interesting week for the environmentalist crazies. During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum yesterday, Al Gore went on an unhinged rant, saying that we’re ‘boiling the oceans,’ causing ‘rain bombs,’ and spreading xenophobia due to climate-related refugees. Plus, was Greta Thunberg’s recent arrest in Germany FAKE? And does the production process for electric cars actually HARM the earth more than gas-engine ones? Pat and Stu discuss all this, plus more…


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PAT: How much have you missed Al Gore? I mean, he hasn't been around it seems like, in a while, right?

STU: There's one, and only one reason that I miss Al Gore. Which is your impersonation of Al Gore. Because without Al Gore not being in the news. There's no reason to do it.

STU: Right. There's no reason to do it.

He's almost like your other impersonation. People that are already dead. Most of the people you impersonate passed away a decade ago.

PAT: We lost them. We lost them.

STU: There's been no new impersonations, necessarily added to the repertoire for a while.

PAT: It's been a while. It's been a while.

STU: This is why I always -- if Al Gore needs a medical fund. And if he ever gets sick. I will be there to help him. Because I want to make sure that one person --

PAT: We have a living person that I can impersonate here. You want to keep that going. You definitely want to keep that going.

STU: Yes! Excited about it.

PAT: This is him on climate activists. Cut eight. He's very impassioned.

VOICE: There's another divide, increasingly between those who are old enough to be in positions of power, and the young people of this world.

Greta Thunberg was just arrested in Germany. I agree with her efforts to stop that coal mine in Germany. Young people around the world are looking at what we're doing.

They look at the world, and they say, oh, you have a climate denier in charge of the world bank.

So why are you surprised that the world bank is completely failing to do its job?

What do I say to these young activists that they train around the world when they come to me and they say, are you okay with putting the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world, in as the president of the COP? There's a lot of blah, blah, blah, as Greta says. There are some meaningful commitments, but we are still failing badly.

STU: We haven't heard the gravel-y Al Gore thing for years.

PAT: Yeah. Since probably: He betrayed this country. He played on our fears. I love that one.

STU: Right. I forgot about that.

PAT: Yeah. It's been a while since we've seen that.

STU: So he's jumping on the Greta bandwagon now?

Isn't it over? Because you saw her carefully orchestrated arrest, didn't you?

STU: I did. That was incredible.

There's a new angle on it. Cut six. Here's Greta being arrested. Yesterday, we showed a clip of one of the angles.

Well, they did a second take on it.

STU: Good. Good. That's how all arrests happen. Standings there -- she's just laughing.

PAT: They're just milling around. She's having fun. Because this is all orchestrated. This is all planned. And they're --

STU: They're literally posing for photos with Greta. The police. We think. I mean, I would not be surprised if --

PAT: I don't even know if they're actual police.

STU: Right. Yeah, it's possible. Although, I did hear she was briefly detained for this incident, in which she is standing in the middle of the field.

PAT: Well, that's where she was detained, is right there.

And then they walked through the mud. And then they eventually just let her go. And she walks off.

And I don't think she even was taken anywhere by police. I mean, it was such a hoax. And then Al Gore trying to say, she was arrested, because of her actions. Get out of here.

STU: Oh, stop it.

PAT: It was all planned. It was all choreographed. It was a pathetic display of an arrest. But Al was pretty angry. He's mad at climate deniers. This is cut nine.

VOICE: Enough already. Enough. And I don't want to get sidetracked on to what needs to happen. But we need to scale up climate finance. But we need desperately to scale down anti-climate finance.

PAT: Thank you.

STU: Of course. Yeah.

VOICE: And we are still subsidizing the burning of fossil fuels, globally, at a rate 42 times larger than the subsidies for renewables --

PAT: That's a flatout lie.

VOICE: We need leadership at the World Bank. We need them to scale up the leverage and vastly increase the amounts that are committed. And we need to rein in the anti-climate activities of the fossil industry.

STU: I love this. Even the psychopaths of the World Economic Forum are sick of him.

PAT: Yeah. They need new leadership at the World Bank, because I guess the World Bank isn't doing enough for climate change.

Is that what he seems to be saying to you? Because that's what it sounds like to me.

What do you want the World Bank to do about climate change? Bizarre. Bizarre.

STU: And could we possibly be spending more money on climate research and finance? I mean, these companies get -- we were just throwing trillions -- we just passed a giant bill where there's trillions of dollars going to these countries. We're constantly doing this. And no money, going to actually look for energy sources that work, and are inexpensive and reliable. None of that happens at all. This is such a bizarre stance.

Al Gore, I think, at this point in his life I think is looking for relevance more than anything else. The screamy voice only comes out, when that's what he's doing.

But the idea that they're not getting enough money for this crap. What are you talking about?

I mean, think about Solyndra. We -- like, oh, we've got circular solar panels.

Oh, here's $20 billion. How much do you need? Circular solar panels, here they are.

Here you go. Let me just throw a bunch of money at you. Oh, you're out of business. Oh, that sucks.

PAT: Oh, well.

STU: Every electric car purchased in this country, they receive $7,500 off. And, again, there's been some restrictions on models over the year. But generally speaking, this has been true. And the average person who buys one of these cars, is a six-figure earner.

Why on earth will we subsidize people who make six figures to buy fancy cars? It makes no sense.

PAT: And nobody ever talks about that either.

STU: No. And, of course, nobody talks about what goes into the production of the electric vehicle. Which is so not friendly to the earth. It's way worse than the combustion engine vehicles that are produced. And it's going to take decades and decades to catch up to all the -- all the problems with -- with -- with the electric cars to offset those with any kind of environmental relief, that they're looking for.

It's just -- it's impact. There's nowhere -- what are you going to do with all these batteries, at the end of this vehicle's life. Where are you going to pile those up?

STU: So many problems here. And of course, a lot of the research shows that, yes, during production, electric cars, much, much worse than internal combustion engines.

PAT: Much worse. Yeah.

STU: And the number of miles you need to drive for this to equal out, when it comes to environmental effect. Again, is in the six figures. You have to go over 100,000 miles in the electric car, before it even comes close to paying itself off.

PAT: Amazing.

STU: And, again, I have nothing against electric cars.

PAT: I don't either. We have talked about this so many times.

STU: Some of these Teslas are great. Obviously, Elon Musk is not an enemy of the right. I cheer with them to do well.

PAT: They look great. They drive great. They have incredible acceleration.

STU: Yeah. The Corvette e- ray is out now. Or just been introduced.

I just talked about this for tomorrow's Stu Does America. We'll do a segment on it. And it is zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

PAT: 2.5.

STU: 2.5 seconds.

PAT: Wow. Wow.

STU: And it is basically in a way, a hybrid. They put an electric motor on the front wheels. They're using the same 600-horsepower on the back wheels. It's All-wheel drive. First Corvette ever.

And to me, I like the internal combustion engine, I like the sound it makes. That's just my thing. I like the electric cars. They're cool. But they're not my daily driver. That's not what I want as a daily driver.

This thing, again, is using that technology, and making a ridiculously fast car. But, again, it's a 100,000-dollar car. And it's certainly not environmentally friendly. It's still a Corvette.

You know, it's not getting you good gas mileage.

PAT: Right. And you still have to plug it in the wall outlet of your house every night, right?

STU: This one is more of a hybrid design. So it's not like that.

PAT: All right. But the full electric, like the Teslas and stuff. You have to plug in. And that's costing us energy.

STU: Yeah. And it's also thousands of dollars potentially in retrofitting your house for the right type of plug. If you drive it enough, you have to have the faster charger.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: You know, I have a friend who has a Tesla, and he doesn't drive it a lot. So he's able to plug in the normal plug and it's fine.

But if you drive it as your normal everyday car, you have to -- you know, look into between 600 and $2,000 of retrofitting your house to get the right -- the electrical outlets to make this thing charge. Either that, or you'll be waiting days.

The Porsche electric, if you plug it into the normal plug. This is the Porsche Taycan. Which is a beautiful car. It's a great-looking car. But if you plug it into a normal outlet, and it's very low on battery, it could take about three days to charge.

PAT: Oh, that's not bad.

STU: Just the three days though.

PAT: Just so you don't have anywhere to go in three days. You're fine.

STU: Again, we all work from home. Do Zoom calls.

PAT: They're just not practical. That's why I don't have one. It's just not -- I really -- when we test-drove that Tesla that they brought here, several years ago. And we experienced that, I really wanted one.

I really did.

STU: Really fast.

PAT: But it's just not -- it's just not practical. Because especially then. There was nowhere to -- I mean, there are very few places, that I knew of, at least, to go charge it. And when you did go charge it. Like if you have one -- and we do have some movie theaters, where you can park your car, at one of the charging stations. And then you're -- you know, you're at the movie for two hours or whatever. And then you come out. And it's mostly charged.

STU: And look, that's cool.

PAT: That's great.

STU: I like movies. But I can't stop to see one every day.

PAT: Exactly. Exactly. Now, if I drive from here to Houston, I will have to, first of all, find the specialty places where they have these charging stations. And then sit there for, I don't know. An hour. Forty-five minutes, at least?

STU: Yeah. And some of the fast chargers now are doing a better job. And, look, it is improving. And I find it fascinating that the left has now come to a position to where -- and I don't know if you noticed this, places like the movie theater.

Where they do give you these nice parking spaces with the charging thing.

And I think they're closer than the handicapped spots.

I think they would rather have people who can't walk. They're actually preferring and spoiling the people in their electric cars.

PAT: Yeah, they are.

STU: Over the people who don't have legs. We are at that point now in our society.

Oh, yeah. Look, sure. You don't -- you're in a wheelchair. It's very difficult. But I will say, you're killing the climate in your minivan there. So screw you.

PAT: So the Tesla park is closer than you.

STU: The rich person in the Tesla, who spent $130,000 in their plaid. They will walk very comfortably three steps to get into the movie that's right. You on the other hand, we're putting you on the bottom of the hill. I hope your arms are strong to get up it.

Because that's on the other side of the lot.

We put you on the other side of gravel.
There's some boulders in the way. You'll get there eventually. We have faith in you. You're handicapable.

PAT: You know, maybe you brought some people that can carry you over all that. All the obstacles, they'll just lift up you, in the wheelchair. And carry into the building. That would be perfect.

STU: Exactly.


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For example, did you know there was also a white, European slave trade? That Thomas Jefferson intended to get rid of slavery during America’s founding? That only two colonies voted against including the abolition of slavery in the Declaration of Independence? Glenn sets the record straight on some of the history forgotten by "The 1619 Project" — a “project” that evolved from “journalism” by Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times into curriculum for school districts in all fifty states and into a documentary series airing on Hulu.

"The 1619 Project's" premise is that America was founded and built on slavery alone and continues to suffer because of this ultra-racist foundation. It dovetails perfectly with the critical race theory blanketing America’s education system, for which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being raked over the coals this week after blocking a high school Advanced Placement course on African-American studies.

"The 1619 Project" is a political agenda dressed up as history and gets so many historical facts absolutely WRONG. Glenn takes you into the American Journey Experience vault to reveal artifacts from one of the largest private collections of pilgrim and Jamestown history. He’s joined by Elijah O’Neal, the head of the education department at the American Journey Experience, who brings the evidence to debunk the LIES about America being pumped out in the news, in our classrooms, and now in our living rooms.


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How a HORRIFIC COVID mask dispute in Canada led to this woman's DEATH

Denise Warriner is on a mission to find justice for her sister’s awful, 2020 death. Recently released CCTV footage shows 43-year-old Stephanie Warriner sitting in a wheelchair in a Canadian hospital. Warriner, who suffered from COPD, lowered her COVID mask because she was struggling to breathe. A horrific confrontation then occurred between Warriner and several hospital security guards. The men then move her seemingly lifeless body to another area of the hospital. She died two weeks later. Denise, who for THREE YEARS has been urging Canadian officials to try those responsible for her sister’s passing, joins Glenn to detail her efforts and the lack of action from Canada she’s seen as a result. Plus, she explains how YOU can get involved…

The back story

Prior to Denise's on-air interview, Glenn's producer contacted Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey, and University Health Network CEO Dr. Kevin Smith. She inquired what was being done regarding Stephanie's death, including the security guard who dragged Stephanie down the hospital hallway, and the security guard who altered the security cameras to avoid capturing the confrontation.

Their responses were disappointing, to say the least. Premier Ford's office did not respond. The University Health Network, the hospital chain where Stephanie's death occurred, simply wrote:

UHN will not comment on a court's decision nor on matters of individual employment or discipline.

The response indicates that the hospital network won't do anything proactive regarding the staff responsible for Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and UHNCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

The office of Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey essentially "wiped their hands" of any responsibility regarding Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and Attorney General Doug Downey's officeCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

As Glenn said, the response is simply from a "weasel" who wants to avert any responsibility from his office.

Though these offices attempt to divert responsibility, Glenn puts it simply: Stephanie Warriner was "killed for improper mask wear..." in a hospital, where she should have received treatment for her underlying condition. Instead, she was pinned against the wall, dragged through the hallway, and died.

We have to hold these parties responsible.

Graphic showing contact information of Doug Ford, Doug Downey, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Justice Sean Dunphy.Glenn Beck / Staff, International Insolvency Institute, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, University Health Network


Glenn: Far-left is RUINING COMEDY

The far-left ruins nearly everything is touches. Thankfully, as proven in a recently released statement from M&Ms, large corporations are beginning to learn that consumers are tired of their woke policies. But there’s still one, major component of society that’s at risk of succumbing to the far-left’s cold, evil touch: Comedy. In this clip, Glenn explains how the left is RUINING comedy because it makes you happy and they HATE that you can enjoy life with them…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I want to talk to you a little bit about the loss of meaning. This is one reason, I just when we such high suicidal rates now. Is because nothing is true. Nothing means anything.


Nothing. Nothing.

And the things that are given meaning, are ridiculous. Okay?

Like, for instance, race. It's ridiculous. Why are we arguing about race?

Race doesn't make a difference. Nothing. Nothing.

It's the -- the merit inside of each of us. It is what you do with your life.

Everything that is given power today, is meaningless. And it's all part of that woke culture.

Last year, and I can't -- I can't take this. And I'm going to be going to address this once. Last year, the M&M spokescandies. There's no such thing as a spokes candy.

Got a refreshed look to reflect today's society. I don't know about you.

But as I'm getting ready to watch a movie, and I see the M&M guys strapped to that rocket, about to go off, all I'm thinking is, can we stop with this stupid commercial?

I've got my box of M&Ms. I want to watch the movie. I don't ever really fear for their life. But maybe that's me. Yesterday, the M&M brand continues, quote, to evolve, to reflect a more dynamic progressive world, that we live in.

Now, our lives were destroyed by, you know, the women -- you know, the womanly green M&M. And our life has been made much richer, when she became nonbinary. I don't know about you. Yesterday, the M&M Mars company made a statement announcing an indefinite pause on their spokes candies. Because they realize that even a candied shoe can be polarizing. Which is the last thing that M&Ms wanted, because they were just trying to bring people together. Really?

So their new spokesperson is Maya Rudolph, who spent three years on Saturday Night Live. You can find her funny or not find her funny. You know, whatever. The company says, they chose her, because they want to make things fun again. And she's still inclusive. Really?

Because here's the problem. You could have Jesus. But the minute Jesus comes down and your candy company says, say these lines, and they're woke lines, you know, a lot of people will be turned off by that. So you really stopped being inclusive. Name one figure that is inclusive right now, that's not polarizing to at least half the country.


The reason why, because you have to play the game. If you're going to work for these companies, you have to have the right words, acronyms, slogans, you know, race.

This is inherently noninclusive. But I digress. So they're making this statement. And what a surprise. Right before the Super Bowl. And companies are learning, go woke. Go broke.

We're tired of companies trying to do more, than what we're asking them to do. When it comes to M&Ms. Here's what I want you to do: Make a yummy chocolate candy.

I don't even care if it melts in my hand. Because I got past that lie of yours, when I was seven. They do melt in my hand.

But they're yummy. You and your stupid spokes candy make no difference in my life, or the life of anyone in the world.

Your candy might. But the spokes candy doesn't.

No one ever, anywhere, in all of time, will say, you know, I was a once a little girl who thought I couldn't make it. But then that candy company put their yellow M&M, in comfortable sling back shoes, instead of the go-go boots. And I realized, I can do it. I am important.

It's not going to happen.

Now, go woke, go broke. Also applies to comedy.

The new woke Velma, people are surprised this is a disaster. I didn't even have to watch it. I could have told you, it was a disaster.

This is the HBO Scooby-Doo spin-off, which do not even include Scooby-Doo. Shaggy has been replaced by a black man named Norville. Fred is the only white character. So he's evil. He's a privileged misogynist. Who can't dress or feed himself.

Velma is a black Asian. And Daphne is half Asian and half white. And they're both bisexual. Obviously, there's more than one lesbian kissing scene.

Another scene features teenage boys kissing. And there's plenty examples of doinks. Sexualizing children.

So what happens when you let woke bullies take control of what should be considered funny?

See, they do what they always do. They don't write comedy. Because they don't believe comedy is funny.

They believe comedy -- you're not supposed to laugh. You're supposed to clap angrily. Yes! Finally!

They're making out. Yes. That's what their comedy is.

Now, I'm not against satire. Laughter is the test of truth. A joke is playful judgment.

It conceals the ugliness of the world. And it uncovers the ugliness of the world.

And leftists. Boy, they are not a group winning many beauty contests lately.

This is literally the subplot of one of the Velma episodes. Now, weird thing is that even the left, doesn't like the Velma show.

They don't like it. They got making out lesbians, and the white guys -- they don't like it. The telegraph called it the most hated TV series on TV.

It has four episodes out. Velma is already -- already the worst rated TV show in IMDB history. Its audience score is six.

But as always, the left isn't taking responsibility for their bad behavior. A review in Forbes said that Velma is so bad, in fact, that it's spawning conspiracy theories, that creator Mindy Kaling, made what is essentially a parody of what the right-wing thinks left comedy is really like.

What? What a stupid plan that would be. It's a common tactic, if a woke comedy fails, which it always does. They blame us. Conspiracy theorist.

The left loves to whine about the dangers of right-wing humor. I don't know if you saw this. But the European Union just released an 18-page report. The European Union. That's a government body, by the way.

An 18-page report, on how right-wing comedy is a weapon.

Now, if a conservative, or a comedian just accidentally stumbles on a conservative joke, even by accident. Wait a minute. I didn't mean that.

No. I voted for Obama.

The left immediately destroys that person. And that joke, he meant that literally. He meant that.

When -- when he was drawing Yosemite Sam, and he was shooting. He meant that all people are like Yosemite Sam, and they should kill all people that are not like Yosemite Sam. What are you talking about?

The gist of their right-wing comedy argument is conservatives shouldn't be allowed to make jokes.

Because their humor is actually a complex. And when they say complex, they mean a mental illness. Literally, it's a mental illness.

And all they're doing is calling for violence. Ironically, a Pew study from 2020 proves kind of the opposite. I'm quoting.

White liberals disproportionately suffer from mental illness. Let me tell you, it's not even a competition. Masks? That has become a mental illness. There is -- there is no reason to wear a mask. That -- that fraud has been exposed long ago. Why are you still wearing a mask?

You have a mental illness at this point. They claim that conservatism is incompatible with political humor. And that liberalism suits it quite nicely. They say conservatism supports institutions. Which is ridiculous. Because at this point, the leftists are the institutions.

You know, they're at a drunk, at a karaoke bar. I can sing.

I'm so much better than you can sing.

I mean, they think they are capable of humor, because as the author about the book of right-wing comedy wrote, liberals are inherently free thinking. So here's what all of this is really all about.

Liberals don't like the fact that you can laugh. You know, what they hated about Ronald Reagan the most? He was happy.

He was funny. He was normal. They hated that.

Hated that. He makes jokes.

Oh, my gosh. They hate -- you can have fun, without them. That you can be successful, without them.

They hate what makes you happy. They hate what gives you meaning in life.

They hate what would give them meaning in life.

They really hate that we can laugh about ourselves.

They don't do a lot of laughing. I don't know if you've known that. I don't think I've seen many of them really laugh. I've seen them, ha, ha, ha, that's right. You stick it to them. I have seen that a lot.

Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live. He said in an interview, the reason why SNL tends to roast conservatives more than liberals, is, quote Republicans are easier than Democrats.

Democrats tend to take it personally. Republicans think it's funny.

There is nothing funnier, to me, than someone wrecking me.

You'll hear that a lot on the show. I pay these guys a lot of money. If it bothered me, it would stop, would it not stop, Stu?

STU: Oh, yeah. I built my career, on making fun of you.

GLENN: Exactly right. And who encourages it more than anybody else?

STU: You do.

GLENN: Exactly right. If you can't laugh at yourself, then what -- who are you?

Who do you think you are? The M&M Mars company?

With their dopey spokes candy? That's important.

That's really important. You know, so we're going to give them a message of hope and inspiration and fun.

See, conservatives think that their sincerity on their spokes candy, is funny.

They don't get the joke