Civil war coming in Lebanon? Beirut people RIOT after explosion against Hezbollah & Iran control

If the international community cannot find a solution to the growing tension in Lebanon, a disastrous civil war may be heading there soon. That's according to Chief Operating Officer for The Nazarene Fund, Rudy Atallah. He tells Glenn that the violent riot in Beirut following the deadly explosion occurred due to overwhelming frustration: the Lebanese people do not want Iran controlling their government through the terrorist organization, Hezbollah. After all, if Hezbollah did not control all the seaports in Beirut and if they did not use the warehouses there to store weapons, missiles, and ammonium nitrate, the explosion -- which devastated 85 percent of the city's Christian community -- may never have occurred.


Glenn's PLEA for America, 10 years in the making | Renewing the Covenant Part 1

For the past 10 years, Glenn has felt a calling to urge America to renew its covenant with God. So, for 40 days, Glenn took his audience on a journey to restore our understanding of what it means to be in a covenant relationship. And now, he's urging Americans to take the first step forward because "there are only two paths: total destruction, or turning back to God." But before he revealed the oath to God that he took, and asked his audience to join him in, Glenn wanted to explain how we got here: What is America's covenant with God and what happened when it was renewed in the past? But he also stresses that this is not something to do lightly.


MUST WATCH: Communism survivor SLAMS Biden DOJ for targeting citizens

Representative Victoria Spartz (R-IN) recently tore into President Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland for using the Department of Justice to target and intimidate Americans. And after seeing the video, Glenn had to have her on the program. Rep. Spartz joins Glenn to explain why she's so disturbed by the government's treatment of people who were at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 and intimidation of many other average Americans who disagree with progressive policies. But she believes that in reality, "these people are afraid of the American people" and this is a political battle that we can win.

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Why We Don’t Recognize Real Nazis Anymore | Konstantin Kisin | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 202

"TRIGGERnometry" co-host Konstantin Kisin grew up in the Soviet Union, so he knows what tyranny looks like. These days, it’s huge mobs of pro-Palestinian protesters prowling the streets, celebrating Hitler — literally. As Kisin tells Glenn: “The people who’ve spent seven years calling people Nazis can’t recognize actual Nazis when they see them.” He suggests that they be rewarded with a one-way ticket to Gaza. Speaking from his home in London — where hundreds of thousands of anti-Israel Brits marched in solidarity with anti-Semitism — Kisin warns Glenn that the situation is about to get even worse. Throughout this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” he exudes a palpable unease as he charts the telltale signs of a further societal demise, from the indoctrination that has overtaken the education system and the lack of religion to Russia’s war in Ukraine and the terrifying rise of anti-Semitism. He describes his evolution from a centrist-leaning political commentator to someone who sees the far Left for what it is: hateful and dangerous. But Kisin and Glenn’s discussion is not all doom and gloom. Kisin, who’s interviewed notable guests like Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher on his podcast, thinks that a course correction has already started taking place. For example, he tells Glenn why the collapse of the mainstream media is a good thing and why people should be hopeful that social media will someday be as taboo as cigarettes are today. He’s also optimistic about the future of comedy, especially here in America: “People are realizing that wokeness is not the solution to the crisis of meaning and purpose that many young people are suffering.”

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Part 3 | ‘Chosen By Allah’: The Truth Behind Iran’s Mission to DESTROY The West | Rumors of War

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently told Hamas it would NOT enter into the war against Israel and that the terrorist group had not given Iranian officials any prior warning of its attack on October 7th. Hmm…do we REALLY believe that? Because, in reality, Iran has not only been funding Hamas for years, but it has also publicly declared a mission to destroy America — and its allies — ever since it became a theocratic nation decades ago. Iran is willing to use any means possible to complete this goal…nuclear weapons included. But why? Why is there so much hatred against the West and its allies? What’s fueling this goal? In this three-part series, which originally aired in 2011, you’ll learn about the history and the dangerous ideology behind Iran’s every move, the way Democrats and the Obama administration facilitated its progress, and just how close Iran is to its nuclear war goals…