THESE FBI actions may be WORSE than the Durham Report

THESE FBI actions may be WORSE than the Durham Report

The recent Durham Report exposed inexcusable moves done by the FBI (and by many others, too). But FBI abuses do not stop there. In fact, Rep. Jim Jordan tells Glenn that recent actions from the agency — like its attempt to CRUSH whistleblowers who speak out — may be worse than the ones Durham revealed. In this clip, Glenn and Rep. Jordan discuss the recent FBI whistleblower hearing, the way the FBI tries to silence anyone who speaks out, and why recent FBI actions hurt more than a presidential campaign — they’re deeply affecting the everyday American, too…


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JIM: I'm fine, Glenn. How you are today?

GLENN: I'm actually kind of positive today. I think you are.

JIM: Good.

GLENN: Doing a great job and a great service. I think there are several of you now in Congress, that I actually trust and believe. You're actually going to do something.

So thank you for that.

JIM: Thank you. Well, thanks for all you are doing, if we go to the word out to the American people.

GLENN: So, Jim, tell me -- first of all, you gave your opening dialogue -- your monologue on what you were going to see. And then the Democrats came out, and they said, what you will see are lies, half truths, and fantasies. I've never seen anything like that, especially when you were presenting whistle-blowers.

JIM: Yeah. And these guys are good men, who love the country. And value the Constitution. And the First Amendment. But for guys like them. These guys and other guys like them. We wouldn't know what they did with parents at school board meetings. We wouldn't know about what they're doing to pro-lifers praying in clinics. We wouldn't know about Catholics attending mass at the Richmond field office, viewed them as radical extremists.

I mean, we wouldn't know about those things, but for guys like this. And the fact that they were willing to come forward, shows just what good people they are.

And coming into the Constitution, and to the oath they took.

But then what they faced, the retaliation.

I mean, they literally tried to crush these guys, particularly Mr. O'Boyle and Mr. --

GLENN: It's crazy.

JIM: Yeah, it's so sad. But for them, we wouldn't know the things we know. And wouldn't be able to be in the position for going after these agencies and the appropriations office, which is what we have to do.

GLENN: So I did a special last night on the reckoning of the Biden crime family, and one of our listeners wrote in. And wanted me to ask you today, is there a way to help these whistle-blowers.

I'm concerned for them and their families.

JIM: Yeah. They have -- they get to keep. It's not go fund me. There's ways, that I should have that information.

GLENN: Okay. I will get it from your office, and we will share it.

So what is the -- the next step here? Because we had -- we had the dossier come out. Yeah. No. Not the Steele dossier. We had the Durham report come out. Thank you. And the media is blind.

JIM: Yeah.

GLENN: And to me, this shows how deeply in trouble this nation is. You have intelligence, CIA, FBI, Justice, the White House, Congress, all of it dirty, like majorly dirty.

JIM: Well, I don't think -- it's funny how the good Lord works. Because of the Durham report, we didn't have to have scheduled this hearing where we have these whistle-blowers coming forward.

So understand the Durham report. He said as clearly and as straightforward as you could say, that the FBI, I think the best line was, the FBI failed in its fundamental mission of fidelity to the law. They didn't follow the law. There was no evidence. No probable cause. No predicate whatsoever to want to investigate. They did it anyway. They did it based on a fake document, a document they knew was false.

At a time they used it. They go to the court to get the warrant, to spy on a presidential campaign. That's terrible.

They put the country through all three years of craziness. That's terrible. But worse than that, it's what's happening today.

Because today is not just women who are oppressed. It's the American people. And it's what I just said.

If you're a pro-life Catholic, they view you as radical.

i mean, if you're a parent speaking up for your kid, they view you as a terrorist.

It's like, you have to be kidding me.

So that's what -- but I just found it interesting. That those two big pieces of information, came out on the same week. Underscoring how dire of a situation. How real of the situation it actually is.

GLENN: So Jonathan Turley had an op-ed out. I just read it this morning. How Congress could have the final say on the Russian collusion scandal.

In the Durham report, it shows that people like what's his name? Elias.

JIM: Yeah. Marc Elias.

GLENN: Yeah, Marc Elias from the DNC, he wouldn't participate. Wouldn't talk, wouldn't give anything.

And Turley is saying, why don't you start giving the screws to these guys. And offer immunity. Now, I don't think there's a chance that Marc Elias will turn on anybody. But it's worth a try, isn't it?

JIM: You know, that's interesting. He's Mr. Democrat. He's the guy. He's the man in that area. So I don't know. But that's an interesting strategy.

I haven't read Turley's piece. I really respect professor Turley. So I'll read that.

GLENN: So do I.

JIM: I don't know. I will have to give it some thought. But I do think we should begging -- in our investigative report, in our oversight work, we should begging focused on getting every single fact, and getting that information, the truth to the American people.

Because if you don't have all the truth on the table. And do our constitutional duty of oversight. Then you're not on the position to make the case. Which we will have to make, which we have to do.

When it comes to appropriating money, we're going to have to change how that sounds. We will have to limit funds. We will have to say, you can't use funds for certain things.

We will have to tell the FBI, ain't no way, you will get a new headquarters for how many hundred million dollars. Are you kidding me?

There are those kinds of things. But you make the case when you show what they want.

GLENN: So when you're going through all of this, you're not getting the documents.

Christopher Ray, the other day, was just unbelievable to watch.

Well, I can't talk about that document.

What do you mean, you sent a letter to us. We asked for the document. You're not getting anyone, in Congress, getting the documents that you're demanding. You have oversight. And they -- they seem to feel like they have oversight over you.

JIM: Yeah. Yeah, so two quick points: One, you're exactly right. When the Founders put this great nation together, three separate equal branches of government, if there was one branch that was supposed to be equal to the other, it was supposed to be the legislative branch, and in particular, the House of Representatives. Because that's the body closest to the American people. Every two years, the American people get a chance to throw us out. That is a good thing. That's a healthy thing.

That's why the Founders said, that's the body where all the taxing and funding bills have to originate. So we're supposed to be able to tell the executive branch, hey, we need information, to do our job, when it comes to legislating and appropriating. So give us the darn information.

Second, when we've had these struggles. Sometimes you go to court.

We went to court for a witness, we wanted to give in the whole Alvin Bragg crazy situation in New York. And the court ruled in our favor, and we had Mr. Pomerantz in for a deposition, just last week.

So sometimes you have to go to the courts, to get what you need. So we will continue to press, whether it's subpoenas, what have you. For documents, or for people to come in for an interview. We will continue to press here. But we have to in the end. The only thing that gets people's attention.

The only thing that gets people's attention is the money.

You have to go after the money. It's that simple.

We will have to do that, here in the next couple months, if we go through appropriating these agencies in the federal government.

GLENN: Well, you can do that, even if they don't pass a budget.

Does Congress have control of the purse strings still?

JIM: We sure do. It will be a fight with the Senate. It will be a fight with the White House.

You know what, you had an FBI who is retaliating against good guys like Garrett O'Boyle, Marcus Allen, Steve Brennan.

I think it's worth the fight.

GLENN: Yeah. And I think you would have the American people squarely behind you.

I think Congress with the people like me.

I don't really. I don't care for the Republican Party.

But they're better than the Democrats. But I don't want to give a dime.

I would give a dime directly to a candidate. But not to the Republican Party.

People like me, are seeing, I think, are starting to see, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Something is different.

And there's just a few of you guys now, that are standing up.

And I have to say, I am shocked at McCarthy. I did not think he would have the spine.

I would like to see that continue, but he seems to be doing a lot of good things. And his poll numbers are going up.

JIM: Yeah. No. You know, Glenn, I talk about this all the time. We make his job too complicated. What did you tell the people you were going to do when you ran for the ballot, and ran for the job.

If you get elected, if they put you in this job, go do what you said. And Kevin McCarthy is doing that. I think our team is doing that. The most important thing is what you just said, we have to continue to do that. We have to continue to do that. That's our mission. Do what you told the American people, you said you were going to do.

GLENN: So there's one thing that concerns me on the budget. That is the expanded Capitol Police role.

Now, everything I understood from the Capitol Police from the last administration is, this is Nancy Pelosi's police force.

So whoever is in charge of the House. That's their police force.

They have expanded way beyond the Capitol.

They have new offices now in Florida.

In California.

They are now turning into an intelligence force.

Pentagon has given them things to collect intelligence on Americans.

This is way beyond their scope. And I don't know about you, but I don't trust the -- any other police force with intelligence capabilities. No more. No more.

JIM: Yeah. Look, the rank-and-file offices -- I talk to him all the time.

Coming in, different buildings. Wonderful guys. Do the Lord's work.

Like good local police officers do the Lord's work.

But you're right. We don't need these officers around the country. We don't need this expanded, surveillance capabilities. So I agree with you there.

I think that's where the country is.

And I would have to check with the people's office. But I don't know what speaker McCarthy is going along with that.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you. I will tell you, in the Republican's annual appropriations bill, they have an increase of $46.3 million more than last year. Which already last year was a 22 percent increase.

That's got to stop. Got to stop.

JIM: Yeah. We'll take a look at that, too.

GLENN: Do we finally have the Congress and the Republicans that will stand and not blink on the budget?

JIM: I am just saying. I really do. Because the spending went up so dramatically. We don't have to get up to all the numbers. We're set to run a deficit. Of a trillion and a half.

$1.5 trillion this year. What?

It's so out of whack. We have to spend less than what we spent before. If we can do that. They get back to lower levels. That would be the first time in my time in Congress.

Maybe the first time in modern history. Where the next Congress, didn't spend more than the previous one.

If we can actually reduce spending and begin to show the country and the economy and the world, that okay.

They're at least going to kind of rein this in, and get a handle on it, and begin to pay back some of this debt.

Get to balance at some point. If we can do that, then we'll be fine.

But if we just keep the crazy stuff up that the Biden administration is doing. I worry about the dollar staying as the reserve currency, which is critical for our country.

And a host of other things. That is on this path. I think we will get to where we're spending less, after the crazy increases in the Biden administration.

GLENN: So one last thing, the church committee did the Lord's work, if you will.

And tried to reign things aback in.

And it's gotten worse than it was back then.

Do you -- do you think that this Deep State, whatever you want to call it? The people that have no fidelity to the law or the Constitution, can we save the Justice Department, the FBI, the intelligence community? Or is it too far gone? How do you see this working?

JIM: Here's the key measure, I think this Congress. That will tell us if we can get things back in the right direction or not. That's the FISA renewal.

The 702 program of FISA is up for renewal. If that gets passed, and we just keep doing the same old thing. Because understand the church commission brought a lot of good facts to light. But the church commission gave us the FISA court and the FISA process.

That's a problem. That has to change. That's up for reauthorization this year. If we fundamentally change that, if we get rid of this ability for them to quierie that database that they get. Where they're -- the 3.4 million Americans had their information queried, information that was picked up when they were surveilled. But they talked to some American.

And then they got the Americans -- that's the kind of stuff. If we don't change that, then I'm very worried. But I think we will change it.

I think yesterday's hearing showed that. When you have the FBI gauging some of the things. That will be a critical test. And, of course, as I said a couple of times. What happens during the appropriations and the spending process. The power of the pure is important. That's the power that resides in the Congress and specifically, in the House.

We need to make sure we use it.

GLENN: I will tell you, I found out just the other day, that this program now has a bigger footprint than Fox news does. Which blew me away, when somebody gave me the stat to me.

JIM: Testimony to your good work.

GLENN: No. What's happening is all the mainstream media is dying. And shows like minds and others are all growing.

JIM: Right.

GLENN: I don't know if we could turn this corner, even five or six years ago. But I think if you guys just keep going, we're going to turn a corner. We're going to turn a corner. Because the mainstream media extent have a lock that they used to have.

JIM: Well, said. And praise the Lord for that. And the second thing I would say, the American people, smart people. They have common sense. And they hear common sense. And they hear good information from people like you, and a bunch of folks like you.

That makes a huge difference. So thank you for what you're doing.

GLENN: Likewise. Stay the course.

JIM: All right. Buh-bye.

GLENN: Jim Jordan.

Nerdrotic: Why “The Acolyte” Proves Disney HATES Star Wars Fans

Nerdrotic: Why “The Acolyte” Proves Disney HATES Star Wars Fans

Disney’s newest Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” has received some of the worst fan ratings in the franchise’s history — 14% on Rotten Tomatoes!. But is it because of racism, as the show’s star, Amandla Stenberg, suggests? Or maybe, as media critic Gary Buechler of‪@nerdrotic‬ believes, it’s because “The Acolyte” destroys Star Wars lore left and right. Gary joins Glenn to break it all down, from the “lesbian space witch” plot that somehow made Glenn defend midi-chlorians to how the show seems to prioritize DEI requirements above good storytelling: “Disney doesn't understand Star Wars fans … They hate the fans. And they actively hate Star Wars.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: The one and only, Gary Buechler is on. Nerdrotic is what he is known as. And he has been hysterical, on the new Star Wars series from Disney+ called The Acolyte.

I haven't seen it. But I have heard about it, and I have heard my friends talking about Gary, and his conversations on it.

Disney is actually blaming him for the loss of credibility on that new space thriller of the space lesbian witches. And YouTube has actually dinged him. And is giving him strikes.

Because he is a hatemonger. Because he doesn't like the lesbian witches in space.

Gary, you're here to answer for yourself, brother. What's happening?

GARY: I'm here to answer for my sins against Disney. Thank you for having me on, Glenn. And that is happening to -- it's not -- it's random. But it's happening to a lot of YouTubers. And commentators. And I'm not sure if you're aware.

The star, Amandla Stenberg yesterday released a diss track against Star Wars fans, and she is copyright claiming, and dinging everybody on YouTube as well for her blatant attack on the Star Wars fandom, which is always, you know, just a great strategy, which, oh, by the way, never worked.

GLENN: Yeah, I know. It's really great.

Look, I'm a star of this new show, you know, from just this legacy that have been loved for 50 years.

And I'm a big Star Wars fan. But all the Star Wars fans, they really suck a lot. They really -- they're crazy. They don't know, you know, talent when they see it. They don't know a good story line. Yeah, that's the way to attract those -- those loyal viewers, every single time.

I saw the Rotten Tomatoes.

The -- the -- the experts tell us that it's absolutely fantastic. 84 percent.

The average audience score is 14.

GARY: That's a bit high in my opinion.

GLENN: Yeah.

GARY: So --

GLENN: Tell us the story first. What is the story?

GARY: Oh, the story of The Acolyte is as you said, there is a coven of lesbian space witches, who magically conceived identical twins without a father, through a power of not the Force, the Thread. By the way, somebody needs to call Darth Povich because the twins don't look anything like mom. They don't have horns.

And they were split up at -- at the age of like -- I would say it's eight or nine. And they haven't seen each other for 19 years. Yet they have identical haircuts.

GLENN: Really? What are the odds of the hair cut thing? Really? That's crazy!

GARY: Well, you know, a good hairstylist keeps her secrets, so obviously she isn't telling either one that they're going to the same one. But...

GLENN: So before we get into more of the lesbian space witch thing, which I think America and the world has been crying out for, for a very long time.

GARY: Yes.

GLENN: Tell me who is in charge of this disaster in space. Who did they get to -- to run this?

GARY: Oh. Former personal assistant to Harvey Weinstein, Leslye Headland is the head writer on this show.


GARY: Yeah, I know. It's shocking. That somehow, somebody connected to Harvey Weinstein can get work.

GLENN: Yeah. I would think they would be in the federal witness protection program myself.

But they might even turn them down. The -- so she -- she found work, after being the personal assistant. So the one that was lining up all the hotel room meetings and everything else.

She's now the head writer of the lesbian space witch show.

GARY: She is. I think the term is Judas goat.

I think that's -- she got a job by begging for it on the red carpet. When she was famously asked what's your favorite Star Wars. And she said, all the Star Wars. Obviously, not knowing a single thing about it.

Later, she's come out and claimed, that she does.

And she's written this entire story, that not only passes the Bechtel test. It passes any DEI requirement with flying colors for lack of a better description.

GLENN: So go ahead.

GARY: No. Ultimately, it's -- it's the story, Glenn.

What -- what Disney loves to do is conflate whatever happens on Twitter, and any kind of complaints. With like real criticisms of this show.

And ultimately, despite all the obvious, quote, unquote, diversity. Which is just meant to exclude, well, white man. Let's be real.

And it's just a bad story, that destroys the lore. And that's what Star Wars fans are mad about. It goes back to the past and it undercuts Anakin, his entire redemptive arc, the specialness of Anakin and the prophecy. And every time they release another minute of Disney Star Wars, I can't even call it Star Wars. It's Disney Star Wars.

On D+, it destroys more lore, and that's what the fans are upset about.

The thing is, this has been going on for years now, Glenn. You can go back all the way now to the force awakens. And it seems to come to a head on this show, for some reason.

When I think it probably could come to a head five other times. Six other times.

GLENN: But why this one?

I mean, they -- have they just been like, you know what, we've tried suddenly to kill this thing?

Let's just finally kill it.

CHARLIE: Right. They found a way to kill something again! It's pretty amazing.

I would argue that Obi-Wan Kenobi is much worse, as far as destroying lore.

Obi-Wan, his sole purpose was to watch Luke. They had a show where he takes off on Luke twice, follows around a little baby Princess Leia, who never mentions meeting him as a kid.

And fights Darth Vader twice. So it really shouldn't surprise anybody.

But I guess this show is -- I would equate it. Oh, go ahead.

GLENN: No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We have a delay and I'm -- I forget, I'm so excited to talk to you about this.

The -- the -- I never thought I would be in a position of Defending midi-chlorians. But this one kind of throws all of that out. Right?

GARY: It kind of does. I personally am not a fan of midi-chlorians. And never will be.

GLENN: Oh, I hate it.

GARY: Absolutely hate it. But I guess Disney Star Wars has proven, things can always get worse. And the biggest victory comes with the prequels. Like the prequels are now looked at which more fondly than they were before, thanks to every bit of Disney Star Wars, Lucasfilm has created.

But with this show in particular, it's just hit the zeitgeist.

Because I would equate it to the marvels from last year. It was just so predictably bad. And that it still beat our very lowered expectations of how bad it would be.

And it's a show, if you see it, it's contradictory.

You have characters, contradicting each other. None of it actually makes any sense in -- for storytelling-wise. You spend your first two episodes establishing a character. Then you go into a flashback for an entire episode. That really doesn't tell you anything new.

Then the last episode was 27 minutes long. Without previously being on credits.

And nothing happens. Absolutely nothing happens. And, oh, by the way, it cost $180 million to produce.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

What is -- what has happened to Disney? I mean, besides all of the DEI crap.

They just -- the greatest storytelling company ever, cannot seem to tell a story anymore!

CHARLIE: No, they are creative bankruptcy personified now.

And they were on the top when Bob Iger decided to buy a bunch of franchises.

And everybody was calling him this massive genius when he just went on a shopping spree. And never bothered looking into what it takes to cultivate these franchises and keep them around.

What it took to keep them around for decades. You know, it's not being talked about as much. But they have a Dr. Who Show, that they're now in charge of, running around with Acolyte.

It's a race to the bottom with both of these.

GLENN: I love Doctor Who. And their -- and their --


GLENN: When did Disney buy into Doctor Who? I hate the BBC, but how did the BBC even let that happen?

GARY: Well, they were about to cancel it because the first female doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, by the way, wasn't a hit like they suspected.

GLENN: Oh, no. What a surprise.

GARY: Yeah. What a shock. So they decided to bring back Russell T. Davies, who had brought the show back in 2005. And it was extremely good and popular. And it's just proved that you can't go home again, and how much has changed in entertainment, Glenn.

I -- post-2016, you have the guy who originally brought it back. Made it a worldwide sensation.

Making the worst Doctor Who now.

And, of course, it's filled with things like pronouns.

And we had -- it's not even the first like male kiss. You know, gay kiss. In Dr. Woman WHO. But they gave this one to the doctor. And made it more prominent with the first black gay doctor. And they're in this trap now.

Instead of giving the fans what they want and just making good entertainment, they have to abide. You know, and the BBC started this much earlier on back in 2012.

The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, which is all the DEI stuff. And it prevents them from telling a good story. They have so many rules on themselves.

So with the corporatism, it goes back to Disney. With the corporatism, they really can't take chances anymore.

And this even goes beyond woke entertainment. They just need to have this built-in audience, to spend money on anything. And in my opinion, overspend.

And what makes things insane is they paid so much money for this built-in audience, that they immediately decide to piss off. Not only with their story telling. They come out and gaslight the fandom, with a term that's a real term called fan baiting. Which is to start controversies online, so people are talking about their show.

And, again, I haven't seen an example of this ever working. But they've been doing it now for seven or eight years.

GLENN: We're talking to the Gary Buechler.

So we're talking to Gary Buechler about Nerdrotic. Or he's -- he is Nerdrotic online. We're talking about the new Disney show. You know, they omitted they had a secret gay agenda. And I really don't care. And I really don't care.

But God, stop preaching to us, and stop trying to make it look like the whole universe is, you know, lesbian space witches.

Because it just ain't. It's just not.

And, you know, I used to think, that George Lucas was the biggest problem to Star Wars. Because he would introduce things like Jar Jar Binks. Like, oh, jeez. But at least he cared about the story. At least the story of the force was consistent. And it built on each other.

Not anymore!

GARY: No. Not anymore. This was a basic story of good versus evil, and it doesn't work in the modern nihilist times that we're in. Where, oh, it's gray. And the Jedi are bad. George was a genius. George is at the top of his craft -- he -- there will never be anything like him again.

Was he the best storyteller? No, he actually had a lot of help with the original trilogy. Not much help with the prequels. But he still -- when he's putting in half the effort, he's better than everybody in Hollywood.

And he's looking much better nowadays too. Unfortunately, with Bob Iger, with Nelson Peltz and because he's an old man. Right? He's in his 80s. He doesn't want to rock the boat. He made a lot of money on this Disney deal.

A lot of money. But Disney doesn't understand Star Wars. They never will.

And more importantly, they don't understand Star Wars fans. And they actively hate them. Which has been kind of the undercurrent.


GLENN: No. I don't think they understand anybody.

I really don't. I don't think they understand their own Disney fans.

You know, the children in their families. They don't understand any of it.

They act as though they do hate them.

GARY: Because they do. And forgive me. This isn't Glenn's fault. This is my first radio interview. And I apologize. And thanks for having me on, Glenn.

They hate the fans. And they actively hate Star Wars. And they're now calling the fans racists and bigots for pointing out inconsistencies of lore, like normal fan stuff. Stuff that fans have done forever and will do Trevor.

And Hollywood is having a very hard time in -- in the social media era. We've seen the death of the movie star. And, quite frankly, it's because we got to know them.

And now it's based on property. Right?
And they don't want to take the time to understand these properties. And you can't use the old model of, oh, well, we can just change stuff, and nobody is going to care. No. A lot of people always cared. Now you're going to hear about it, a lot. And you have to figure this out, or you're going down.

GLENN: Gary, thank you so much for talking to us on. He's one of the largest pop culture voices on YouTube and social media. And the establishment, Disney, and everybody seems to be afraid of his voice. Because he's -- he's just speaking the truth that we all know.

What the IDF Just Said About Hamas Should "TERRIFY EVERYBODY"

What the IDF Just Said About Hamas Should "TERRIFY EVERYBODY"

The IDF’s head spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, recently claimed that Hamas can’t be defeated because it’s “an idea rooted in the hearts of the people,” and we can’t destroy ideas. But Glenn has a few questions: Does that mean we shouldn’t have destroyed Nazi Germany? Should we have allowed Hitler or Stalin to take over the entire world? Naziism hasn’t been eradicated…but its government has. What about theft and looting? Those are “ideas” that we haven’t defeated. Should we just stop policing? Because that worked great after the BLM riots! Hamas, just like Nazi Germany, is more than an idea, Glenn argues. It’s a GOVERNMENT that MUST be defeated.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So this is trending on X, right now. And it's about rear admiral, Daniel Hagari.

He's the IDF spokesman. And you've seen him possibly in press conferences and interviews. And video clips. Trying to show the world what Gaza really is like.

The terror tunnels under the houses and the streets. And the yards of deep and hundreds of miles long, and filled with weapons and workshops and schools.

And the weapons and the UN facilities, the command posts under the hospitals. Missile launchers everywhere.

That's what he's been doing. And he's seemed really solid. Until last week, he was in, doing an Israeli TV interview.

Sorry, it wasn't last week. It was this week. And he said, whomever thinks it's possible to destroy Hamas, is wrong.

Hamas is an idea. Whomever thinks it's possible to make it disappear, is wrong.

What? No.

You're wrong. First of all, Hamas isn't just an idea.

Ideas grow and grow, until they become almost an entity.

This is the demonic embodiment of timeless, ageless hate. It is a culture of death and child sacrifice.

It is one of the worst evils humanity has ever produced.

And it starts with the Nazis!

Yes. Its core ideas.

But Hamas is more than just an idea.

It is like the Nazis!

That was more than Mein Kampf.

Stalin's USSR was more than Marxist ramblings. Yes, all of the ideas were at their core.

Yes. Naziism is an idea. And we haven't wiped Naziism out.

After all of this time, it's still here. And it's thriving in Hamas. And other places, in the Middle East.

Yes. Hatred dies hard. And, no, we're -- we no longer need reminders that anti-Semitism is incredibly difficult to get rid of. Thank you very much.

Yes. We still had murder. We still have violence. We still have rape. We still have theft.

Not even the Ten Commandments could do away with those. Not even God himself might have something to do with the way God created us and gave us freedom of choice. It has something to do with human nature, I'm pretty sure.

But should we have given up on eradicating the Nazi part of Nazi Germany?

Should we have stopped at Berlin's gates? You know, we can't win. Naziism is an idea. It can't be eliminated. There's really no point.

We should stop this. Should we have done that?

Should we have allowed Stalin to take the whole world? Should we end all policing, like they're starting to here in America? Because someone will always steal and murder.

I don't know if you've seen that. Where they're trying to do things like that.

It's not going real great.

I'm up here in the mountains.

The mountain West.

And we're mowing our lawn, in front. We just have field grass.

We mowed the front of the lawn around the how. So no rattle snakes are right up against the house. Well, there will always be snakes.

Yeah. But shouldn't we at least try to keep the snakes away?

Couldn't we try to -- I don't know. Take them at least remove those that are right at your -- the feet of your children? Or under your children's bed for the love of Pete?

Or will you just say, you know, there's always snakes.

Honey, I'm not going to mow the lawn. There will always be snakes.

Are you seriously suggesting that we're not better off, than we would be, had we left the Nazis in power?

Or if the USSR hadn't lost the Cold War Are you Seriously trying to say, that we wouldn't be better off? Yeah you're right.

Their ideas are not dead, and maybe they will never be.

But Nazi Germany is dead. And the world is immeasurably better for it.

It's not just an idea. It's not just an entity now.

It's a government!

Shouldn't we not try to take Hamas?

Take out every last member, we can.

Deny it both rule over territory. And the ability to harm anyone ever again?

You know, well, it's just Israel. Israel. Israel. Really? Really?

Do you think that when they're done with Israel, they'll stop with the Jews? History has shown that we can. You know why we fight communism so hard now?

Because the left infiltrated our -- our schools, our media, and everything else.

And white-washed the Soviet Union. Stalin was worse as Hitler as far as death toll.

But we don't watch documentaries about Russia all the time. Do we?

I don't know why.

But, boy, they've made quite a killing on the Nazi stuff. And maybe it's because the Nazis had snappy uniforms designed by Hugo Boss.

Maybe it's because a -- a -- a country we could relate to, was one of the scientific wonders of the world. Suddenly went dark and insane.

But we've taught it over and over again, how bad that is. And, yes. That idea still is around.

But we're not fighting a government.

This, I think was a huge boost to Hamas' morale. And that of its friends.

And poison for the Israeli morale.

Are they in a fight that the IDF itself doesn't think it can succeed and win?

If you're fighting and you don't believe that you can and will prevail, then you will not prevail.

Think about all of those who have fought and died and bled. The hundreds of thousands of Israelis, still displaced from their homes, almost nine months in.

The millions who fear and pray for their relatives and friends in uniform. The millions more who understand, that if Hamas doesn't die today. If we don't take out this snake and mow the lawns and cut the heads off of all of them we can find, it will come back tomorrow. And maybe bring some trends. And do worse than last time.

Was this message approved? By his government?

Because the government is supposed to be in control of the army.

The government said, the security cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has defined the destruction of Hamas military and governing capabilities as one of the goals of the war.

The IDF, of course, is committed to this. Okay. This should terrify everybody, not just Israelis. Because at best, this is politics.

Israelis trust the IDF, to the rank of colonel. Anybody above that, is political appointments. You know, at least as much as their military merit appointments.

They don't trust them, just like we don't trust ours.

We trust our soldiers.

But when you get on top of the Pentagon. It's all politics.

Same thing.

Except, Israel's government is in real trouble.

It may fall, the parliamentary system and all.

Netanyahu's chief rival has left the war cabinet now, during a hot war, for obviously political motives.

At worst, this is a sign of one more very serious breakdown in the West's moral fiber.

This time, it's -- it's the last useful fighting force in the area!

This isn't about refugees.

This isn't about territory.

This is about good versus evil.

Civilizational. Existential.

Not just for Israel. The West is riddled for supporters of Hamas.

And they're clones. They're marching in our own streets!

Do you think if Hamas is reenergized it's going to be good for America?

Our common enemies there are a openly and often, that they intend to take down the great Satan.

Not just the little one.

Israel is the little Satan.

We are the great Satan.

They will come for the -- as they say, the Sunday people. Not just the Saturday people.

If Israel fails in this, the world will be darker for it.

But it will not stop there.

They will come for the rest of us.

This -- I don't even. Spokesperson is all I can.

It's wrong!

We must stand.

We have to take out the monsters. And defend the house.

PROOF the DOJ Is Running Election Interference for Joe Biden | Ep 360

PROOF the DOJ Is Running Election Interference for Joe Biden | Ep 360

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