Glenn’s COVID pandemic takeaway: ‘Authorities’ know ‘JACK SQUAT!’

What's the one thing you learned from the COVID pandemic? What's the one thing you'd take away from the experience as you — and the world — moves forward? Glenn says his takeaway is that the crisis showed us exactly what 'authorities,' 'officials,' and politicians really know: NOT MUCH! Sure, some of them may have been working hard in the best interest of the American people, trying their best to find the correct answers. But at the end of the day, they were just as clueless as the rest of us — from masks, no masks, social distancing, inflated infection rates and more. It's time we stop blindly trusting those in government because the vast majority of the time, they're just figuring it out as they go…

New Video Hints Saudi Arabia Helped Plan 9/11. Why Release It NOW?

New Video Hints Saudi Arabia Helped Plan 9/11. Why Release It NOW?

Shocking video from 1999 was recently unsealed in a lawsuit by families of 9/11 victims. The video has been in the possession of the FBI and it shows a man filming locations in Washington, DC. The man, who the FBI has identified as a Saudi intelligence agent, discusses a “plan” that required the scouting. So, was the FBI aware of Saudi involvement in 9/11? And why was this footage released NOW?! Well, Glenn has a theory: Saudi Arabia is threatening to end the petrodollar? So, is this a threat from the United States in response? If so, Glenn says, “this is another step towards global war.”


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GLENN: Yeah. Now, I want to take you down a road.

I want to take you to a 60 Minutes report that just was released. And it shows a videotape that was made in 1999. Listen.
Saying, translated. Oh, beloved. Brothers. Reading to you, from Omar Al-something or another.

We great you, the esteemed brothers, and welcome you to Washington, DC. Washington, the American Capitol City.

And we come back once more to this building, whose name I do not know as of yet.
However, I will provide you with the results soon.

I will get over this, and I will report. I will report to you in detail, what is there. He is showing the Washington monument now.

No comment here.

Because I did not know this place exactly. And that's the front of the Smithsonian building. I am transmitting this, only what I see, their cars. Who are they?

You said, you said, that this was needed for the plan, or something like that. I couldn't read it fast enough, but he talks about the plan.

Now, there's a whole 60 Minutes, and we'll tweet it out for you. Whole 60 Minutes episode, or segment on this videotape. And this has just been released.

Now, the 9/11 investigators, one in Phoenix.

And one, I don't remember where the other one was.

Were talking about how this tape has been known.

We've had it. We've had it.

And it was just buried.

And the 9/11 victim's families, got access to this, for their trial against Saudi Arabia.

But it was still quiet!

Nothing happened. Why are they releasing this tape now? Why would the United States government release a piece of 9/11 evidence, 23 years after 9/11?

Why would they hold that, and just now release it? There's no such thing as a coincidence, by the way. This isn't just like, oh, you know what, I was going through a box of tapes in my closet. And I just found this.

It's not that. What is it?

Let me tell you a little bit of history, first. I open up -- I think it's episode number three of my new podcast on history. The Beck story.

Telling the story of black Tom. I've told this story before.

But if you really want to hear the whole -- the whole story on it, you just listen to the -- the podcast.

But black Tom was a place in New Jersey that was making armaments. And it was a -- a storage depot and a shipping depot. Where they would get all the armaments. They would make some there. They would gather armaments from all over the country. And then they would put them on a ship in New Jersey. And they would ship it overseas, for World War I, before it was declared World War I.

It was about 1916. 1915. 1916. And the Germans didn't want us making munitions.

They didn't us to be involved in the war. And the munitions were killing them. Literally.

So they sent a bunch of spies over.

And they targeted a bunch of different places. One of those, was the black Tom factory.

Well, it was just a couple of miles away from the Statue of Liberty.

The Germans went in, at night. Set it on fire. And the first explosion happened, I don't know. 11 o'clock, maybe at night. And it registered a 5.5 on the Richter scale.

Okay? Every piece of glass was broken for I think 2 miles, 3 miles. The shock wave was unbelievable.

Then a few hours later, another part of the black Tom. Because it was burning out of control.

Another part took off. And this was explosion after explosion after explosion. And shelves were being launched. Because of the fire.

One pierced the skin of the Statue of Liberty. And if you've ever wondered, why we can't walk up the arm of the Statue of Liberty, and go stand on the torch. It's because of the Black Tom explosion.

It shook the Statue of Liberty so hard, the arm came loose. And started to lose its strength. So no one has been allowed up in the arm, since the Black Tom explosion. So this was a very big thing.

Wilson, however, blamed it on the manufacturers, blamed it on big business. Blamed it on people that didn't care about their workers. Didn't care about the community, et cetera, et cetera. Even though, that he knew it was Germans. But this was right before the election.

He was promising America, we wouldn't get into war. So he held his tongue on it. And he blamed it on others. And said, well, we're investigating still.

Well, the investigation, the end of the investigation was announced. In 1941!

They announced the investigation and the results of the investigation, with FDR saying, you -- you may remember that black Tom, well, we did investigations on it, at the time. And we found that it was German sabotage.

And now, we have the Japanese among us. And we're worried, about Japanese sabotage.

So we need to round them up!

So news that was about 25, 35 years old, or so.

Was now being brought up again by another president, and applying it to something else.

Now, let me ask you again: Why is this video being released now?

So, Stu, do you have a theory as to why?

STU: I mean, want really.

It's such an out of nowhere story.

GLENN: Yeah. Do you have a theory why it was held?

STU: I mean, protection is the thing that would come to mind. Is it that simple though?

GLENN: Protection for what?

STU: I mean, the Saudis? The relationship there?

GLENN: You're -- you're starting to. You're warm up.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: What does our relationship provide?

STU: I mean, many things, right? I mean, the -- the stated thing, of course, being protection against terrorism and such. But also, of course, resources and stability in that region. At some level.

And --

GLENN: What is the main thing we get from Saudi Arabia?

STU: I mean, energy is --

GLENN: Uh-uh. The petrodollar.

When we went off the gold standard, we made a deal with Saudi Arabia. Because people were starting to say, I'm getting off the dollar. This is not stable. They're going to spend into oblivion. So we made a deal with Saudi Arabia, and said, you make sure that all oil in the world is sold with US cash only!

That -- that made the whole world say, I've got to have a reserve of US currency, if I want to have oil. Okay?

What happened just a few weeks ago? They're getting off the petrodollar.


They're starting to side with Russia.

And they're getting off the petro dollar.

This is us, going and now setting up war, not necessarily with Saudi Arabia. But if our finance -- financial house collapses, and it collapses today, because there's no shock to anything. It's just a house of cards. And it blows over. Everyone will point the finger and say, see. These policies suck.

You destroyed the country. However, if we have an emergency. If we have a plague, if we have war! Well, then it's the war's fault.

It was Russia's fault. Remember? The gas prices were Russia's fault. Not his fault. Russia's fault.

STU: Putin price hike.

GLENN: Putin price hike.

This is sending a shot over the Saudi bough.

STU: And so this is essentially us saying, hey.

We have this --

GLENN: You want to play this game.

We'll play this game.

STU: Of course, when you have that type of relationship, and, you know, ammunition that you're hold. It's a scary place when you start using it.


The point of it is the threat of it. Right? Right?

You don't want to be using it.

GLENN: You never use it.

STU: You're far down the road if you're using it.

And that's terrifying.

GLENN: Correct. And the winner, the winner never has to use that stuff.

The winner is, that's all right.

You go ahead. You go ahead, take your shot.

I'll wipe you out.

And we're taking a shot.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Is Saudi Arabia saying, that's okay?

We're part of BRICS now.

When we'll dump all of your treasuries.

And we'll wipe you out. Go ahead.

Play this game!

This is another step towards war.

Why Would Biden Give Trump THIS Major Advantage in their First Debate?!

Why Would Biden Give Trump THIS Major Advantage in their First Debate?!

After winning a coin toss, President Biden’s campaign team had an important choice to make: They could either choose which podium Biden will stand behind or whether Biden will have the last word at his first presidential debate with Donald Trump. Glenn and Stu are shocked to find out that they chose … the podium. So, why would the Biden team allow Trump — who they call a danger to democracy — to have the last word?! Is his entire campaign team that incompetent?! Glenn and Stu discuss this, along with the other weird rules for CNN’s debate.


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GLENN: Donald Trump is going to be debating Dr. Death really, is what I'm calling him. He's just -- he's deadly. He will walk out on stage.

He will just wipe the floor with Donald Trump. I think that's what we should start saying. Because we're setting expectations so low for him, and so high for Donald Trump, that unless it is, you know, something where it's body blow after body blow after body blow. And it's done perfectly right after Donald Trump, he will appear to be the loser. I think people's expectations now are just, he didn't fall asleep.

He didn't fall asleep.

STU: I think it's a real worry. You know, because that is how people look at this situation, in a lot of ways. I do think though, it is hard to -- I don't know if you can blame people who are saying these things. And setting these expectations.

Because I think at the end of the take, those expectations were set by Joe Biden. When he, you know, waddles across the stage and can't get a sentence out. I don't know how you hide it.

I don't --

GLENN: Because that -- you know, look, as bad as the State of the Union Address actually was.

It looked good, because he had -- you know, he was like pounding on the desk. You know, that's got to stop. And he was awake and alert. And could form sentences for most of it!

You know, that is the expectation. And I think they -- and I have no proof of this. But it's happened before, with presidents, and you don't know about it for 20 years. Or 60 years. In FDR's case.

They juiced him up. You know, they'll go out and they will give him. Hey, is Dr. Nick around?

Make him perform. And so he looks good in -- he looks better.

STU: Right.

GLENN: Then what he really is, I think.

STU: His biggest moments have not been his best moment.

Which has been something -- I guess give them credit for whatever cocktail they've come up with.

GLENN: Right.

STU: I don't know. I will say though. What I'm saying is, I don't know if you can blame like conservatives for pointing it out.

Like, it's -- it's like, the setting of expectations, is a rhetorical device, right? You can put it out there.

And you can adjust that slightly. But I just think the American people see it. And that's what they expect. So the fact that he exceeds those expectations. I don't know if that can be manipulated on a party's messaging on the other side.

It will be interesting to watch. Because I honestly -- he really does need. You know, Biden took this debate. And kind of threw it out there. Like, I'll do this with you anywhere, any time.

And Trump is like, okay.

So he's taken on a bunch of weird rules. There's a bunch of strange stuff going on.

GLENN: First of all, they're sitting down.

STU: Yep.

GLENN: There's no audience. You can't interrupt one another.

I guess they're shutting Donald Trump's microphone off.

I mean, all the things that would -- that would help Donald Trump, have been taken off the table.

And now, the press is saying, I don't know why Donald Trump would do this. I mean, every -- every rule is in Biden's favor. Yeah.

Because he knows that when it comes to inflation, cost of living, war, everything else, you don't -- he doesn't have a lot to defend here. You know what I mean?

He's going to have a hard time defending it, if he was crystal clear, even on meth! You know, whatever it took, give him meth!

And he was just great. And thought he could fly. He still would lose on the facts. And I think Donald Trump was like, all right.

We'll take you.

I don't care what your rules are. Fine.

STU: No. And he has to. He has to.

To get in the -- you know, the same room of Joe Biden, in front of the American people is crucial for Donald Trump.

And he has to defend stuff like the border. We've talked about this for a while, going back now, a couple of World Series.

We're now finding out, that hundreds of thousands of people have come in these additional legal pathways. It's something we talked about on the air, at the time. To ease the, quote, unquote, pressure at the border.

The Biden administration went in there and said, basically, well, fly direct into these cities. And make appointments. And we won't count those as people coming into the country.

And that's happened now, with hundreds of thousands of people. The numbers just came out. They're really high. As you might expect.

And these aren't people that were counting them. When we're talking about how many people are crossing the border illegally. And coming through with asylum and all these other things that they're complaining about. They just took those people that would have been at the border, and flew them into Cleveland. And they're like, well, that solved the problem at the border. No. That didn't solve the problem at the border. Let me ask you this, Glenn. From a strategy perspective. I think this is fascinating, and I don't really understand it, and maybe you do. You know, when you go into overtime of a football game, right? You have the coin toss.

The coin toss, you have a choice as to what you want to do with that power. If you win the coin toss, you can either pick the end zone you're going to defend, or you can pick whether you get the ball first or second.

And, you know, the only time you really want to pick, when you're talking about what end zone to defend, is if maybe super windy conditions, you can make the argument. You know, but generally speaking, you never pick that one.

You pick whether you want to get the ball first or second, because that's the more important thing. So with this debate, they did a coin toss. And the decision was similar here. They had a choice. Joe Biden won the coin toss. So he was give up a decision to make.

Number one, you can pick which side of the stage you can be on. Left's podium. Or right's podium.

Or which -- I mean -- or --

GLENN: That's the one -- I can guarantee you, no matter what the or is. He picked that one.

STU: Or you can pick whether in closing statements, you go first. Or you go last.

GLENN: You go last. That's the one --

STU: The obvious choice here, you go last, right?

You have the final word in front of the American people.

GLENN: Right. You go last. If Donald Trump says some crazy thing about Hunter Biden at the last second and his closing statement. You would have a chance to answer it. You would have a chance to have the final word of the American people here.

What a big advantage that is, right?

Joe Biden won the coin toss, and picked the right podium. And now Donald Trump will be making the final statement in the debate. Do you have any concept as to why he would do that?

GLENN: No. Let me throw another wrinkle into this. Joe Biden must make that decision. Okay? It wasn't like they called Joe up. Hey, we won a coin toss.

STU: Coin toss.

GLENN: And, you know, here are your choices.

I know why --

STU: The right side.

GLENN: This wasn't done by him. It was done by most likely a committee or something.

This is not just his senility. It's --

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: From the people who brought you the end of the Afghani war. I mean --

STU: You think it's incompetence.

Because my other thought was, maybe they are thinking? And let me throw this out there.

Whatever drug cocktail they're pumping into this guy. He has to be pumped up after that first 40 minutes. By the end, it will be a disaster.

And the last thing that they want, is the final vision of this debate, to be Joe Biden going.

GLENN: That is -- that is a possibility. That is a possibility.

However, you know, the closing statements, if you have the last word. And you know he's going to be bad.

You're suspecting that he's going to be.

All Donald Trump has to say, for his closing statement is, look, I understand you for inflation. I understand what you're going at the gas pump.

I understand how you feel about your safety. And the border.

I understand how you feel about all of these things.

You just heard him. Is that the vigorous leader that's going to solve these problems?

I mean, there's just no way. I would never let somebody have the last word.

STU: Right.

GLENN: In a debate. And especially, if you think he's going to be like...

STU: It's -- that's an incomprehensible one. I mean, does he -- he thinks that highly of -- that's my good side. I want to be on the right side. What --

GLENN: That is a possibility.

STU: That is possible. I guess.

GLENN: Hookers tell me all the time, this is my best side. I'm going to get that sex worker vote this time. I'm telling you.

STU: That's a weird development. I'm telling you. I cannot understand that at all. But we are less than a week away from that debate. Never happened this early. This is a very, very strange situation that happened in June. All these rules. And the dates. All these things.

I think we were initially designed for Trump to say no.

To say -- I will make these rules and requests so ridiculous. I'll be the guy who will say, I wanted the debate. He will be the guy that says no.

GLENN: Absolutely. Absolutely.

So that way, he didn't have to debate later. Because I offered a debate.

He wouldn't do it. And most people wouldn't have remembered that it was in June and everything else.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Donald Trump had no way. Nowhere to go, but to say yes. And I think he's eager. I think he can't wait.

I mean, the chance to sit in front of Joe Biden. You know, the only problem is, I wish it was -- I wish it was actually fair. We would have a drug test beforehand.

You know, and -- and these guys would actually talk about things, instead of just pounding on each other.

Because Donald Trump would win -- anyone would win against this guy's record. Anyone would win.

STU: Yeah. And there was a report from I think it was Maggie Haberman from the New York Times. Who, again, is a left-wing journalist.

So you could say, maybe this is inaccurate. But she does seem to have a lot of sources inside the Trump camp.

And her point was interesting. And I think hopeful. If you are someone who wants to see Joe Biden no longer be president. Which is, Trump has told confidants, that he regretted cutting Biden off a lot in the first debate 2020. We pointed that out, at the time. Like, you needed to give Biden.

GLENN: Let him hang himself.

STU: Right. You needed to give him that space.

And he didn't. Because he was trying to be aggressive. And trying to cut him off.

And saying he was lying about this. Which he was doing at times. But you also have to give Biden room to look horrible. All the things we know he loves on a daily basis. The American people need to see that. And he regretted that from the 2020 debate. If that report is true, it's good. I think he's being thoughtful about the strategy here, which is really important. This is a really important day.

GLENN: I think he is.

You know, Donald Trump, he knows television.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And he just knows it.

Biden's DHS "Secret Police" Wanted You to Rat Out Your Neighbors?!

Biden's DHS "Secret Police" Wanted You to Rat Out Your Neighbors?!

In a move right out of communist East Germany, news has broken that the DHS’s Homeland Intelligence Experts Group wanted to turn mothers and teachers into informants who rat out their neighbors for “domestic extremism.” The since-disbanded panel was trying to collect information on Americans and “get into local communities in a non-threatening way.” And at one meeting, suggestions on how to do this included re-classifying political dissent as a “public health” crisis. Or, they could always get corporate America to snitch on their employees! If that’s not the Stasi, Glenn warns, what is?!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Stu, for the life of me, I looked at this story, and I just didn't recall it at all.

And I think this is -- this tells you something, that we have so many things going on in our country right now.

That a story this big, could elude us, or just talk about it once and then move on. Listen to this.

STU: Here. To be clear, this didn't elude us. It was actually in the show prep. If you're a subscriber to the newsletter, which gets all the show prep we do every day. You got this on September 21st, 2023, it was the lead story, that day in our prep, and we talked about it. But, you know, you're right. These things just come and go. Because every day is a new catastrophe.

GLENN: Yeah, listen to this one.

The Biden administration since disbanded Homeland Intelligence Expert Group, which reminds me, make sure you listen to the new podcast.

The Beckstory comes out tomorrow. Is it the third one or fourth one?

And it's all about experts, and how these experts. It's all part of the progressive plan for the last 100 years. The world will start making sense to you, like it's nobody's business. So, anyway, it's the homeland's experted group. They plan an influence operation, to persuade mothers and teachers to inform on dissident parents. And students suspected of domestic extremism. Now, as we told you after the passing of the Patriot Act, be careful. Because terrorism can be one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. And we're seeing that. We're seeing that all the time. If you are standing up and you're standing up peacefully, you can go to jail. You can go to prison. You can stand up peacefully.
And, in fact, kneel down and pray in front of an abortion clinic.

And you can go to jail for ten years.

But you can burn down an abortion clinic, and they don't even look for you.

The panel created in September of last year, was to provide Streisand and perspectives on intelligence and national security efforts.

I'm quoting.

They included the Obama era, CIA director. John Brennan.


How many times have we seen his name come up, and it's all related to bad, oppressive stuff?

Also, the X director of the national intelligence agency, James clapper.

Now, these were the guys, that during the 2020 election, were showing their credentials. Hey, I mean, want you to know, I'm a bigwig in the intelligence department. And let me tell you, this Hunter Biden laptop, that's dangerous Russian disinformation.

Okay. Conservative nonprofit, thank God for American First Legal, alleged in November, in a lawsuit in 2023, November. That the group was stacked with Democratic partisans. Now, listen to this.

This is how this thing was stopped. It was stacked with democratic partisans, and violated the federal advisory committee act, because of its lack of balance!

The Biden administration's inappropriate influence over it, and its lack of public notice and participation.

DHS agreed to disband the group and to provide American First Legal with the internal records as part of an out of court settlement in May.

I just want you to know, they don't stop these things. They rename them. They break them up. And they do them in other ways.

You can't say you were a lover of our democracy. And you're trying to save democracy, and put a secret council together, that is encouraging people to look at political dissent, and report on those people. So the government can do something.

In the notes from a September 2023 meeting, the Brennan Clapper group discussed ways for the Department of Homeland Security, to increase efforts to collect intelligence on Americans across the country.

And to get into local communities, in a nonthreatening way. Members noted, quoting, Americans have an ambivalent feeling of telling on each other, citing the failure of see something, say something.

No, we don't -- we're not ambivalent about that. We don't want to do that!

If I see somebody that is breaking the law, and I think they're doing something that looks like it might be terroristic in nature, yeah.

I will call the police.

But I'm not snooping and spying on my neighbors. The problem, one attendee summarized was, quote, how do we get people, or how do people safely report a concern about their neighbors?

One solution proposed at the meeting, was to reclassify -- listen to this.

One proposal was to reclassify political dissent as a public health crisis.

And to encourage Americans to report family members, or neighbors to the federal government, if they displayed any concerning behavior.

Yeah, well, here's some concerning behavior.

Trump Derangement Syndrome. Here's some concerning behavior: Putting together the Stasi. Here's some concerning behavior: Allowing illegals and gangs to come into our country, rape and kill our children, and still do nothing about it.

Who do I call for that? Quote, to get a mother or a teacher to come forward, it needs to be a public health catcher's mitt. So -- so they're saying, a Trump Derangement Syndrome. They're saying, if you disagree, it's because you have mental health problems.

Now, Stu, what was one of the ways that the Stasi and the Nazis could get people at the beginning, before they just said, we don't care.

To get people off the streets, who disagreed with them. Where did they put some of those people before the concentration camps?

STU: Hmm. Where did they?

GLENN: Asylums. Asylums.

STU: Yeah. That's very true.

GLENN: They put them in the crazy house. Because they were just crazy. Because to go against what is good for the common good, is clearly some sort of mental health disorder.

If DHS could not convince mothers and teachers to become informants. One member of the group suggested that the feds, listen to this, should turn to corporate America, as a resource of intelligence on their employees!

May I ask, what more information does our government need on us as individuals?

They already know -- we know that they are listening to us.

Now, I don't mean that they're actually. Somebody is on the other line, actually listening in.

They don't need that. They now have AI. And key words.

So if you're on the telephone.

And you're talking to somebody.

And you mention the word assassination, that key word highlights it. And that record is pulled out.

And that's when it's analyzed. We already know they're doing this. We already know, they track. If you're a person of interest, and be careful on what that means.

If you're a person of interest, what can they do?

Well, they'll go in to your social network, and they will see. And we know they're doing this without being people of interest.

Just topics that they find disturbing.

So if you're online. They will look, where did that idea come from?

They'll do a tree, and they'll do a tree to all of your friends and relatives to see who is spreading this.

They're doing that. What other information too they need, from corporate America?

My gosh! Have you ever worked for a really vindictive person?

Have you ever worked at a place where your bosses were just scumbags? Can you imagine if they had the power to report you to the federal government, on just any old thing?

They said, that the corporate America should be considered as a resource of intelligence on their employees. Because there is an industry ecosystem. Companies are internally collecting open sources.

Can we engage and use those products?

Plans have strong echoes of East Germany's secret police agency. The Stasi which relied on a network of unofficial informants to report friends, families, and neighbors as potential dissidents to the socialist regime between 1950 and 1990.

So do you know what happened? Do you know why, when people come here, the thing that people used to say about America, is they're so trusting.

Americans are just so open. And they'll invite you into their house.

And, you know, they'll just talk to you.

And there's nowhere on earth like that.

Do you know why! Because we've never had a Stasi.

We've never had to worry about our neighbors on the payroll of the federal government, turning us in. A month. We did. During Woodrow Wilson. We did all of this, for three years, under Woodrow Wilson. And it is why there wasn't a single progressive elected for ten years. Because it took our breath away! Thanks to American first legal, we're able to get the Biden's team personal documents, outlining the strategy to monitor and intimidate any dissenting views. It's shocking to see such intolerance and paranoia in written form. The Revelations are the first installment of what the AFL is calling the Deep State diaries. They promise that many more documents obtained are going to be released soon. Now, you want to talk about releasing documents, here's the other thing, that our federal government is doing. This is why Stu and I lost track of this story, until -- until AFL came out and sued and won! Because there's so many of these things. Let me tell you something else. If you believe in democracy, one man, one vote, which we have that portion, when we go to vote for a representative! That's why we're a representative republic. A democratic -- democratically elected representative, government. A republic. Anyway, if you believe one man, one vote. Then you should be the strongest person on voter fraud. You should be the number one person saying, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I believe the people and the people alone should decide.

Then you should be the strongest in standing up and saying: And no one should be able to influence that! Notice they tried to take the money out of it. Okay? But they leave all of those loopholes open for people like George Soros. And as long as their party is doing it, it's fine. I don't want my party doing it. I don't want any party doing it. I want one man, one vote. There's no reason our elections are not secured by block chain, right now. There's no reason for this.

But let me go a step further. Let me tell you some of the details of the voter access, executive order.

Ten-second station ID. Okay. So one of the first executive orders that Joe Biden put in, was his voter access executive order.

And what this -- what this -- let me say this. All that we know, is that it was an all government executive order. So every branch, every -- every part of our government, was ordered by the president, to make sure that they can give and grant voter access, to as many people as possible.

Now, we have -- we have sued the government. We, as people, have sued the government for it. We have issued FOIAs. Watchdog groups. Election integrity advocates.

They suspect that Biden is using taxpayer money to further his campaign for reelection. This is executive order 14019.

The executive order requires all federal agencies to use federal funds, hmm. Biden bucks. And resources to promote access to voting.

Even though it promotes the executive order, the Biden administration, as benign.

The Biden administration is taking a variety of measures to order -- to make sure that this is under wraps. That their voter registration plan is kept from any kind of daylight.

In particularly, the administration is steadfastly denying Freedom of Information Act request. And battling in court, to hide the details of how the executive order is being implemented.

Why wouldn't you want people to know, how you're making voting easier?

The administration is even invoked presidential privilege on two occasions. One, involving a public records lawsuit, by a watchdog organization.

Voter integrity groups. Again, like American first legal foundation, is also filing lawsuits attempting to find information about Biden bucks.

Even when the Biden administration does provide documents in a response to an information request about Biden bucks, the executive order, the documents are redacted, in an outrageous way.

In at least one case, all of the communication that we -- that was FOIAed, was blacked out, except for two words. Those two words: This is.

That's all they would allow you to see. Information about how the USDA is registering voters is especially important.

Since it deals with predominantly Democratic voter groups, such as welfare recipients.
One concern is the USDA may be issuing letters to the state agencies, that administer SNAP and WIC programs, instructing them to conduct voter registration activities in a partisan manner.

The Biden administration is also refusing to be transparent about its listening session, discussing the executive order.

Held notoriously, with partisan far left organizations, such as the George Soros Open Society Policy Center.

They are not being transparent. Does that mean that they're doing something they're proud of?

Does that mean they're doing something that you're going to be happy about?

When they are just opening up the borders and letting anybody in, and they'll tell you all about it. But they won't tell you about what they're doing to register voters, as the federal government. Problem. Big problem.

Nerdrotic: Why “The Acolyte” Proves Disney HATES Star Wars Fans

Nerdrotic: Why “The Acolyte” Proves Disney HATES Star Wars Fans

Disney’s newest Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” has received some of the worst fan ratings in the franchise’s history — 14% on Rotten Tomatoes!. But is it because of racism, as the show’s star, Amandla Stenberg, suggests? Or maybe, as media critic Gary Buechler of‪@nerdrotic‬ believes, it’s because “The Acolyte” destroys Star Wars lore left and right. Gary joins Glenn to break it all down, from the “lesbian space witch” plot that somehow made Glenn defend midi-chlorians to how the show seems to prioritize DEI requirements above good storytelling: “Disney doesn't understand Star Wars fans … They hate the fans. And they actively hate Star Wars.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: The one and only, Gary Buechler is on. Nerdrotic is what he is known as. And he has been hysterical, on the new Star Wars series from Disney+ called The Acolyte.

I haven't seen it. But I have heard about it, and I have heard my friends talking about Gary, and his conversations on it.

Disney is actually blaming him for the loss of credibility on that new space thriller of the space lesbian witches. And YouTube has actually dinged him. And is giving him strikes.

Because he is a hatemonger. Because he doesn't like the lesbian witches in space.

Gary, you're here to answer for yourself, brother. What's happening?

GARY: I'm here to answer for my sins against Disney. Thank you for having me on, Glenn. And that is happening to -- it's not -- it's random. But it's happening to a lot of YouTubers. And commentators. And I'm not sure if you're aware.

The star, Amandla Stenberg yesterday released a diss track against Star Wars fans, and she is copyright claiming, and dinging everybody on YouTube as well for her blatant attack on the Star Wars fandom, which is always, you know, just a great strategy, which, oh, by the way, never worked.

GLENN: Yeah, I know. It's really great.

Look, I'm a star of this new show, you know, from just this legacy that have been loved for 50 years.

And I'm a big Star Wars fan. But all the Star Wars fans, they really suck a lot. They really -- they're crazy. They don't know, you know, talent when they see it. They don't know a good story line. Yeah, that's the way to attract those -- those loyal viewers, every single time.

I saw the Rotten Tomatoes.

The -- the -- the experts tell us that it's absolutely fantastic. 84 percent.

The average audience score is 14.

GARY: That's a bit high in my opinion.

GLENN: Yeah.

GARY: So --

GLENN: Tell us the story first. What is the story?

GARY: Oh, the story of The Acolyte is as you said, there is a coven of lesbian space witches, who magically conceived identical twins without a father, through a power of not the Force, the Thread. By the way, somebody needs to call Darth Povich because the twins don't look anything like mom. They don't have horns.

And they were split up at -- at the age of like -- I would say it's eight or nine. And they haven't seen each other for 19 years. Yet they have identical haircuts.

GLENN: Really? What are the odds of the hair cut thing? Really? That's crazy!

GARY: Well, you know, a good hairstylist keeps her secrets, so obviously she isn't telling either one that they're going to the same one. But...

GLENN: So before we get into more of the lesbian space witch thing, which I think America and the world has been crying out for, for a very long time.

GARY: Yes.

GLENN: Tell me who is in charge of this disaster in space. Who did they get to -- to run this?

GARY: Oh. Former personal assistant to Harvey Weinstein, Leslye Headland is the head writer on this show.


GARY: Yeah, I know. It's shocking. That somehow, somebody connected to Harvey Weinstein can get work.

GLENN: Yeah. I would think they would be in the federal witness protection program myself.

But they might even turn them down. The -- so she -- she found work, after being the personal assistant. So the one that was lining up all the hotel room meetings and everything else.

She's now the head writer of the lesbian space witch show.

GARY: She is. I think the term is Judas goat.

I think that's -- she got a job by begging for it on the red carpet. When she was famously asked what's your favorite Star Wars. And she said, all the Star Wars. Obviously, not knowing a single thing about it.

Later, she's come out and claimed, that she does.

And she's written this entire story, that not only passes the Bechtel test. It passes any DEI requirement with flying colors for lack of a better description.

GLENN: So go ahead.

GARY: No. Ultimately, it's -- it's the story, Glenn.

What -- what Disney loves to do is conflate whatever happens on Twitter, and any kind of complaints. With like real criticisms of this show.

And ultimately, despite all the obvious, quote, unquote, diversity. Which is just meant to exclude, well, white man. Let's be real.

And it's just a bad story, that destroys the lore. And that's what Star Wars fans are mad about. It goes back to the past and it undercuts Anakin, his entire redemptive arc, the specialness of Anakin and the prophecy. And every time they release another minute of Disney Star Wars, I can't even call it Star Wars. It's Disney Star Wars.

On D+, it destroys more lore, and that's what the fans are upset about.

The thing is, this has been going on for years now, Glenn. You can go back all the way now to the force awakens. And it seems to come to a head on this show, for some reason.

When I think it probably could come to a head five other times. Six other times.

GLENN: But why this one?

I mean, they -- have they just been like, you know what, we've tried suddenly to kill this thing?

Let's just finally kill it.

CHARLIE: Right. They found a way to kill something again! It's pretty amazing.

I would argue that Obi-Wan Kenobi is much worse, as far as destroying lore.

Obi-Wan, his sole purpose was to watch Luke. They had a show where he takes off on Luke twice, follows around a little baby Princess Leia, who never mentions meeting him as a kid.

And fights Darth Vader twice. So it really shouldn't surprise anybody.

But I guess this show is -- I would equate it. Oh, go ahead.

GLENN: No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We have a delay and I'm -- I forget, I'm so excited to talk to you about this.

The -- the -- I never thought I would be in a position of Defending midi-chlorians. But this one kind of throws all of that out. Right?

GARY: It kind of does. I personally am not a fan of midi-chlorians. And never will be.

GLENN: Oh, I hate it.

GARY: Absolutely hate it. But I guess Disney Star Wars has proven, things can always get worse. And the biggest victory comes with the prequels. Like the prequels are now looked at which more fondly than they were before, thanks to every bit of Disney Star Wars, Lucasfilm has created.

But with this show in particular, it's just hit the zeitgeist.

Because I would equate it to the marvels from last year. It was just so predictably bad. And that it still beat our very lowered expectations of how bad it would be.

And it's a show, if you see it, it's contradictory.

You have characters, contradicting each other. None of it actually makes any sense in -- for storytelling-wise. You spend your first two episodes establishing a character. Then you go into a flashback for an entire episode. That really doesn't tell you anything new.

Then the last episode was 27 minutes long. Without previously being on credits.

And nothing happens. Absolutely nothing happens. And, oh, by the way, it cost $180 million to produce.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

What is -- what has happened to Disney? I mean, besides all of the DEI crap.

They just -- the greatest storytelling company ever, cannot seem to tell a story anymore!

CHARLIE: No, they are creative bankruptcy personified now.

And they were on the top when Bob Iger decided to buy a bunch of franchises.

And everybody was calling him this massive genius when he just went on a shopping spree. And never bothered looking into what it takes to cultivate these franchises and keep them around.

What it took to keep them around for decades. You know, it's not being talked about as much. But they have a Dr. Who Show, that they're now in charge of, running around with Acolyte.

It's a race to the bottom with both of these.

GLENN: I love Doctor Who. And their -- and their --


GLENN: When did Disney buy into Doctor Who? I hate the BBC, but how did the BBC even let that happen?

GARY: Well, they were about to cancel it because the first female doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, by the way, wasn't a hit like they suspected.

GLENN: Oh, no. What a surprise.

GARY: Yeah. What a shock. So they decided to bring back Russell T. Davies, who had brought the show back in 2005. And it was extremely good and popular. And it's just proved that you can't go home again, and how much has changed in entertainment, Glenn.

I -- post-2016, you have the guy who originally brought it back. Made it a worldwide sensation.

Making the worst Doctor Who now.

And, of course, it's filled with things like pronouns.

And we had -- it's not even the first like male kiss. You know, gay kiss. In Dr. Woman WHO. But they gave this one to the doctor. And made it more prominent with the first black gay doctor. And they're in this trap now.

Instead of giving the fans what they want and just making good entertainment, they have to abide. You know, and the BBC started this much earlier on back in 2012.

The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, which is all the DEI stuff. And it prevents them from telling a good story. They have so many rules on themselves.

So with the corporatism, it goes back to Disney. With the corporatism, they really can't take chances anymore.

And this even goes beyond woke entertainment. They just need to have this built-in audience, to spend money on anything. And in my opinion, overspend.

And what makes things insane is they paid so much money for this built-in audience, that they immediately decide to piss off. Not only with their story telling. They come out and gaslight the fandom, with a term that's a real term called fan baiting. Which is to start controversies online, so people are talking about their show.

And, again, I haven't seen an example of this ever working. But they've been doing it now for seven or eight years.

GLENN: We're talking to the Gary Buechler.

So we're talking to Gary Buechler about Nerdrotic. Or he's -- he is Nerdrotic online. We're talking about the new Disney show. You know, they omitted they had a secret gay agenda. And I really don't care. And I really don't care.

But God, stop preaching to us, and stop trying to make it look like the whole universe is, you know, lesbian space witches.

Because it just ain't. It's just not.

And, you know, I used to think, that George Lucas was the biggest problem to Star Wars. Because he would introduce things like Jar Jar Binks. Like, oh, jeez. But at least he cared about the story. At least the story of the force was consistent. And it built on each other.

Not anymore!

GARY: No. Not anymore. This was a basic story of good versus evil, and it doesn't work in the modern nihilist times that we're in. Where, oh, it's gray. And the Jedi are bad. George was a genius. George is at the top of his craft -- he -- there will never be anything like him again.

Was he the best storyteller? No, he actually had a lot of help with the original trilogy. Not much help with the prequels. But he still -- when he's putting in half the effort, he's better than everybody in Hollywood.

And he's looking much better nowadays too. Unfortunately, with Bob Iger, with Nelson Peltz and because he's an old man. Right? He's in his 80s. He doesn't want to rock the boat. He made a lot of money on this Disney deal.

A lot of money. But Disney doesn't understand Star Wars. They never will.

And more importantly, they don't understand Star Wars fans. And they actively hate them. Which has been kind of the undercurrent.


GLENN: No. I don't think they understand anybody.

I really don't. I don't think they understand their own Disney fans.

You know, the children in their families. They don't understand any of it.

They act as though they do hate them.

GARY: Because they do. And forgive me. This isn't Glenn's fault. This is my first radio interview. And I apologize. And thanks for having me on, Glenn.

They hate the fans. And they actively hate Star Wars. And they're now calling the fans racists and bigots for pointing out inconsistencies of lore, like normal fan stuff. Stuff that fans have done forever and will do Trevor.

And Hollywood is having a very hard time in -- in the social media era. We've seen the death of the movie star. And, quite frankly, it's because we got to know them.

And now it's based on property. Right?
And they don't want to take the time to understand these properties. And you can't use the old model of, oh, well, we can just change stuff, and nobody is going to care. No. A lot of people always cared. Now you're going to hear about it, a lot. And you have to figure this out, or you're going down.

GLENN: Gary, thank you so much for talking to us on. He's one of the largest pop culture voices on YouTube and social media. And the establishment, Disney, and everybody seems to be afraid of his voice. Because he's -- he's just speaking the truth that we all know.